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Savannah Georgian. (Savannah, Ga.) 1822-18??, December 17, 1822, Image 2

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(iKOltGIAM 81V.INNAII. «- l- 1 1 ' Tl'RSDAY MOtlNlNO. LKC. 17, IHSi. The folloWiiijf L»itica were elected on Cotton *! Mobile, 58lb tilt, oW,7 » 9| i JJ.rfracf (tvm "TV JTnynl R(t«Ut' new, 9 * !»*, <*( Ikmernrtf, Oct. R. * On Sunday hat, i Coin <uily Stmkf killed on Pl«ntafion liufw't l)n r«*u, iu<’a*uri ng 14 fret 13 in- chei tiiCHtnh rcnce in ihe natural si7.»* Jut the body; bot at the Momach w.** Tlt _ i «lit*9rn«k<*«l to Ihe rnormoutt-ige of 31 Maj. D. prater, and M. M. Dox, F.*q of ifiuhei. Oil opening it woi found lu Buffalo, N.JV. have turn indicted, throne runlfljtl **n A ligaior, retenlly hwh! The yellow tV'« r continued »t« ravage!, in Ncw-Orleam*, up t» the l‘Hh Oituhrr^j there ftcrc 1J deaths on thfc 15tb, autl JJ on the loth. baturdav last.» board of Manager* of tlv principal, fttnl the other as ■econd,for ] ^ ct J ,,, P u **l‘ ,, |* h/mnjr com i ' mp.imn I i.lnl iiii«aoii inir It loot likitu Savannah Female A»jluin, lor the unu ingyear. Mrs. Noel, first Directrest, Mi a. Stilca, fecund Direclresa, Mrs. M inter, Treasurer, Mrs. J. Llo)d, Secretary, Mr:.. Wall, Odr»* 1 (oa aid, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Anderson. Miss Walluce, Mrs. Marshall, Mrs. I. Bullock, Mrs. T. Lloyd, Miss Demure, Miss Andbrson. The case of the “ Apollon” was opened in the Federal Circuit Court yesterday, and the arguments ol counsel will proba bly be heard to-day. The rase now be- fbre the Court is one for damages against Mr.Clark,the Collector ol St. Mary’s, un der whose orders this vessel was aetzod. two years since ; and is ol considerable interest from the altair having been matte One ol national concern. By last night’s tim'd, l«»rn that the Committee on the attuir oi Governor Cluj-k ond Col. Hammond, reported on Wednes day last, recommending a vote ol Censure on the conduct of* lus excellency, and tlmt the subject Was to have becti taken op on Monday, -(yesterday.) Two hun dred copies of the report were ordered to •be printed. We have received the re turn of the votes for Bank Directors on the part of the state, in this city •and Da tum. The following is the result, b 1'ATD BANK. rlcdlcnging a citizen of that village to fight a duel pending the late election. Two tnen named Stephen Burringtnn and William Burlington, belonging to Mas" sachttsetts, have been apprehended at New. port, attempting to pass counterfeit notes The tonnage employed in the Quebec trade lust year was 102,786; in the pre sent 145,942. The number of emigrants during !tlic present year is 18,491, being 1310 inure than last y ear. The subscription to the family of the late Mr. Emery, a favorite performer in London, amounts to no les, a stun th«n f.f tem th uumd pounds, Mia Coutts, toe wi dow ol i.te rich banker, formerly M ss Melon ul the Theatre, has subscribed 100/. and a guinea a week. meiiced) and measuring Gleet long by 28 inches circumference. From the appearance ol Ihe nock ot the Al 11glint, it is undent thut the Snake destroyed him by entwining round that par; and so severe leeimd to be th. 'constriction, that die even of the Alligator were actually started from •heir sockets ! !! For Chariest on via Beaufort, I'D'll'. ,.f.m boat COLOMBIA, Captain yl Hlnehnan, will Ifl.vB *hi» fnrOkirie.- |..,I Vi. Hrmf.rt THIS MOIINIVG, it II ■.’clock, For pillage uPfrciKlH uf h.'iH, '.rk.^e.t apply on bo.rd .1 tile lnwci vhsrfi or to S. II. F1SKE. dec 17 eIS Wm. Davies lJd O. Sturgos 85 Geo. SUrl.-y UU M. Blown 63 V. B. U'llloch 1.18 C. Kelsey 38 Ed. Harden 101 Mr, Jurvii 4 A. U. Fannin 99 ■Jlie first (lx .re elected. •PLAN I EilS’ BANK. C. Dalcer lit) J.I’. Williamson 56 f. S. Bulloch 87 J. 11. Morel 4U The fit.' two elected. UAHIEN BANK. Cray Til Dunwoftdy .JIT) y.iweU 131 Spalding 67 A '.kin son '117 'Wood 18 Troup 11T The fir,I .five elected. The following gentlemen were e!,rted directorial the August. Bank on the’2d tmlaui i Thoma, Cumtnlng, John Carmichael, Itichaid Tubman, Jacob Dunfnrtlr, Hugh Nesbitt, John Bones, Julin Campbell, John Cormick,- J.ine, Ti, , James Gardiner,* Anderton. Watkins. Angus Martin,* •Tulin Moore, On Ihe next day Mr. Thomas-Cummii’g ww rc.elccteil'President. , New Members, It w ill be considered singular tt» future flay, ;ihat in this, when'so much is talked ol'liberality of sentiment, liberty 'of eon* science and universal toleration, it should have been found nccrssimy,- by statute, to attempt “ to extend to the eitixctii" of n$ state in the American Union, " The same, civil rights and religious privileges, that are oqjo) cd under the Constitution of ihe Veiled States.” Yet, such an sot is con sidered necessary in Maryland, where cer tain classes of the community are disabled, by a disbelief in the orthodoxy of the Church, from the rights of citizens. A hill, fi'om whose title the above quotation is an cxtiact, has been introduced into the Maryland Legislature, and we hope, tor the credit of our country, it will pass. ACarrncc.a paper of October 14th, contain, u new of the govern ment, ilaietl on the lUtli of that month I'Cttutntmit the trade vii It the putts ot Venv/.ueia. Masters of ye»,c!s entering the ports, ate. fn present a manliest ex pressing Ihe inatks, numbers and class of Ihe packages they may have on hoard, the pvt,.on* to whom they be- long by whnni shipped, and the con signees- No master will be itllmvod to land until lie can pi count such a statement antler oatli. Persons ir.teicstcd in the cargo, n.u.l make their vtity til the custom house within 24 hours after the vessel ambers, il (hey reside in poit—if uul pi port, (us in Cairoccas,) within 48 houis. Eight working days are allowed for a vessel to discharge her cat go Should the unlading exceed Ihts time a gunnl will be put on huurtl at the expend) ot Ihe captain or shippers. Articles not found in the ntanilcst will bu.seized as clandestinely intro duced. Masters of outward bound vessels, must also piescnt itrd swear to a manifest Ol the csrgu on board the same as on entciiug—and if any sas picibn exists as to the truth nt such manifest, the vessel will be detained fur examintinn. In case any excess be found on board, the whole cargo to be forfeited. • Mercantile Advertiser. Little Hock. (Arkansas,) Oil Ifi — We ui e inl.itimul that a y.uing man by the name of Lewis Dawson, («hn w is one of the party composing Col (lien's late hunting anil trapping ex pedition to the Uocky Mountains,) teas unfortunately killed last winter by a while boar. He was pursuing 'he bear through a thicket, when the lurious animal suddenly sprung oh him from its hiding plare, and killed him before if could be dvspitched by his companions, who esme instantly in Ilia gcli. f Mr. Datrson resided fm a considerable time at Arkansas, and was a steady, industrious, and honest young man. Die i non of Ihe Circuit nfthe Unt ied Slates.—Yesterday the'Circuit Court lor this District met uncording to adjournment, nml Judge Story pronounced a decision in the case of the United States vs Tappan amt ('fliers, which is supposed to have an important bearing upon the inter course df merchants with (tie Custom House. Wo did not hear this opinion delivered, but understand it relates tu the construction of the revenue law puss'din 1818—the mode of attccr t,lining the cost 'of mevch indue in foreign countries, so as to assess the ad valorem ^luty—Hie power and authority of the collector with respect tothn appointment of appraisers and the duties and extent of power belong ing tn thnse nlBrerj. We hope to give this opinion in extensoin our next pa per.—Iloston Ev. Oaz. For New-York, I lie ztminch ship LYCURGUS, J It. JJaley t m.itter, to **tl 25lh insl. eight ol 150 bsks, apply on bond, t or to ckc 17 F»I>VV1N BARTLETT- P 13 For New-York, 'Tile lust Milieu packet brig PAN THE A, Cuptuin Bradley, Will fail the dsy utter lo-morrow, t i nui oiUv) wind him] weather pet milting. For freight of’Cotton on duck or passHge, having handsome accommotisiiuns, appi) to the Master on board al llall, Hoyt U Co’s wharf, or to ISAAC COllEN. doc 17 p 19 For Darien and Turtle River, The iiftw packet sloQp FLORA, Itnggi, J\hut8r % * A regular trader, will sail on'Sa* Fir freight or passage, apply on boatyi, or to <H 17 p 19 MILLER y FORT, Hunter's wharf. For Jefferson and Great Satiila, The regular itucket Hoop $ PART AN, Gib's, •Master, Will sail on Saturday. For freight or passage, apply on board, or to MILLER & FORT, dec 17 p 19 Hunter's .wharf. For Sale, amtlF. comer lad No. 31, llrown wsrd, tl I ranting on .Chipp.w. mpi.rr, lit. the p operty ofth* Frv.tiytciian Church i die mnft pteoia-t .ml health) vitn.ttun m th. city. GEORGE GORDON. dec 17 1.19 The Legislatures of the State, of Geor gia, South Carolina, North Carolina, VIA ginia. Mar) land, FcnnsyLaniaj and Kea- tucky, are now in session- Among the applicationt to the New York Film the JN, Orkant Cnmmt' ci.i! • Intelligen ce}', A ovemhev t6. It is natural, at tliia season of the yeat> to look fur n revival of busi- neai | hut the cnntinuaiicc of the "ickiiesd, together with tint lotv pri era of our piinerpaf staples abroad, are the greut causes which operate to render the times dull, dur Iiev-e is lined with vessels from abroad, anil a number are below, which are ex pected up daily—some have disclt tig- vir, others art-dischatging—ami most "I litem are up for freight, which at this tune, is extremely low. ' The pre sent rise in the river has brought down a greater-number of fl.t boats Itstt is common so early in the sru- 8"it; and-has, from the quantity of pioilure bi'iiuglit to the city, caused a considerable depression in the -pj ices ol such-arlicl ’s ; ami if many mute boats should arrive, we anticipate a still greater fail. V o hope in a very fevrdays tn be enabled to ttnnuunce the return to the eny uf health and its prosperity In Cotton, after diligent inquiry, we have not been able to hear ol the salt of a single hate: our present spoliation* are nominal, nor do we ex pect that the prices will he fixed be fore the arrival of some prime Louisi ana must of the cotton yet brought itoour market is very inferior io quali ty (u the first brougltt down last year. \ ' I AYn> Haven, Dec. 3—The gale on Saturday night and, morning Rills on England, pOR SALE, Iry dec 16 19 GEORGE KEtPII. At Athens, the far-lamrd Toprple of Minerva Patthcnos, which had been built under Pericles, b y Icrinia and (Calibrates, has been consecrated ns a Christian Church ! The Temples of Er echthru* and Pan have also bent set sport as Churches where CbtuRiens now worship! The pedestals of cir. lumna constitute the altars, for the present. An' order or the Senate ol Corinth, requires all young.Greeks who are m.w studyiug -in IJ'orttiany and'Prancei iu prosecute ,|hpif ytudies with diligence, inasmuch as (heir na tive country stnnrls in need of enlight ened, anti-well educated men. The Central Committee, which had been appointed in 1819, to investigate the revolutionary and secret plans of cetfain political-Unions in Germany, and to report thereon to the German Diet, have been very uclive in the dischalgc of said duty. Much lime, money, pens, ink and paper, must have been vh.stnl in litis deletlnble employment, The indefatigable Com miner have produced no less than thirty two “volumnious'’dis«erlatious on the subj ct; and Hie developemeut of many plans, and views of sundry combinations and sotitics, who fed. indignant at the bold attempts of the Holy Alliance,” and who, by the uowarantable arts of their rulers, have been driven to extremes, will not improve the! states of things, nor subdue the spirit of rational iiberty in Germany German 'Correspon dent. 42 inch Bagging, R ECEIVED on consignment, ofthe first quality. Apply to MILLER ii FORT. due 17 p 19 EXCHANGE On Providence and Boston, JjpOU SALE, in atom to suit purchasers, OURAY TAFT. dec 17 f9 REMOVAL. Orp’fE undvrriRiied has removed to John- <11 ston’n Square, next door Tvest of the Goi.uri Ball, in the Brick-building of Thomas Butler, Esq. His professionai-sei vices are tendered to the public. RICHARD LEAKE. dec 17 P 19 Xttg\»\Auvc for vo« in(u>r|u»uLti«u\ of new quiie severe iu our harbour. 8e blanks i» one for an act of incorporation un* I fernl vtt«iel9 br»*ke Irotw their moor der the name ofthe »Huir C«Mi»Jhndt.” jttgk, amt ^sustaiued some damage.— v'ith a capital of 100,000 dollars. Whe ther Uie applicant be inje.tor earnest ^t; is clearly a .Saving business. The legislature ef New.Jerscy have ad journed, after pawing acts for ti'e incor poration of sundry Hanks, for the preserv ation o(grouse, giving themselves §3 per diem, and rejecting a bill for surveying die route of a Gaoal, which would hare been of immeii.e benefit. A paper of that wtatc says, that a proper epitaph for that would be the inscription that “ They lived unhcloved and died unla- menUd'” JTavun Von Homboldt, who has formerly aerved in au Anglo German Legion, is tj Welling through the south of Germany, for the purpose of enlisting the phllanthro pic exertions of the Masonio Lodges in Jivor of (be, Greeks !< It is said that he hss met with grest sotcess; and, that two fiatives of Hellas have lately passed through Vienna, Frankfort, Ac on busi pess relative to the -concerns of Greece. he btig Eagle drove Irtuo the end ol ,ong wharf agai. st Tomlinson’s Rriilge, and was badly ehalcd. The lehr, tleaprr draeg'*! tier anchor*, and w.-nt afoul of the I’acket Emeltoe ; both vessels lost their huwsprits, and were otherwise hijured. Others lost boats, booms, ike. tie. A large-quan tity of wood was swept from the .wharf; the sea making n breach over it. The wind was from S. W. The steam-boat United States rede out thegalein safety,in Black Ruck har bour. Protection of Agriculture.—About the close of the ye.r 1819, aspects cle was exhibited io the Uniied'<S'ktes, which deserves to be put oq, record ; 38-characteristic of the spirit of the times. So tar as ilep.-nded on fair and liberal prices, agriculture must be re garded as then prosperous. By the treasury re'urus, tobacco averaged through that year 8110 per hogshead —flour 88 per bane—upland cotton 22 rts. per lb—pot ashes per ton 8150 — Rice pei tierce gA8—and all other agricultural article! to proportion. Anecdote of Lord MttitsfieW mtd Mr- Dunning.—Mr. Dunning (after- wards Lord Ashburtou) when plead ing before Lord Mansfield, was in terrupted by hipt, saying. “ Brother Dunning if this be law 1 will go-home and burn my books.” Th which the other replied, " Y.-ur Lordship had better redd them first.” 0j* The friemla and acquuine'e of Ftr. Mian Aikin, Esq..are respectfully invited to uttoml his funeral, ut 13 o’clock* This Day, from his late residence ill Columbia- gqunre. Mrs. R. T. SHEARER R ESPECTFULLY informs her friends hih! the public generally, that she has remov’d from her establishment in Hroughi* on-street to Market squate, opposite Mes srs If, Inylii Co. where she ia now open ing a new ami elegant assortment of AUlr\.VvVi\YV\ And FANCY Articles, Direct from Charleston per schooner Mar garet, consisting in part of tbe following articles, viz r 1 case Elegant Leghorns 3 cases Straw Bonnets 1 case containing Velvet and Silk Hats and Bonnets, Turbans, Caps, 'Fea thers, Flowers, Uibbons, £#c. All of which will be sold on very scconv noriating terms. -Leghorns bleached and <t^’ed in a very superior style,' having an e- legant milliner to superintend her business, dec 17 II 19 T FOR SALE, HOSE valuable Rice and Colton'Plan between the little and great Ogeechie Hi vers, and distant between ten and twr’— miles from Savannah. Ttie swamp the city. They will be sold befo Cou.t House in Savannah, on Tuesd 23th January next, al 11 o'clock, if not pre viously disposed of at private sale. Tht Flat is in the hands of Mr. George Schley to whom reference may be .had foi particular information. years on a bond and mortgage of the pre- iLasm LUlTKIt BAGS Keinaiuitiff at HtlHams* l.itevuvy <pid Com* tneiviul Heading Hcoih.} . Shin Juno, % U Parkman, Liverpool, 24tyDec. Brig Chatham, S l» Parkman, Liverpool, 24th Dec. M Alt INK. tout Ot Suit daYAUit.- ARRIVED, Schr Margaret, Pitts, Charleston, 1 day, with Hour and cotton bagging, to Miller &. Fort, and to M'Kcnzie & Hernandez. ^usienger, Lewis Levin. Sloop Union, Salowicb, Sunbury, 2 dftyk, with rice and S I cotton, to Wm P Bowen, Bulloch & Dun\voody t and S & B Sides. Sloop Spartan,USibbs, Satiila, 3 days, with S I cotton, to Johnston &. Kills, John M'Nisli, and Miller & Fort. « i.i ahm> r«»n this ronT, At New.Urlcans, 2ith ult. sloop Susan ‘Butler. MOBILE, Nov 23—Arr brig Mainer, Whitmore, Boston 26 da\s, lit 2-3 5 long SJ frpoke Colombian armed schr La Ccn- vella, Uopuer, w itb her tender on a cruiic. date. dec 17 fire 19 HUGH ROSE. To the Public. ASSERT without fear of contr , thut die evidence of Alfred Y. said Grand Jury. I do also assert, that if the Grand Jury made their presentment!. No. 7, on the evi dence Of the said A. Y> ude and 1. Ruck hill, they have stated what was not the truth. And J do furthermore assert, that the imputation of barefaced oppression ofthe person fclluded to by said Grand Jury, to wards the above mentioned colored peison was unjust, illiberal, und not convr.t; the crime of not being a native born Georgian is admitted, gltbough the honoiable Giand Jury are not themselves ail native burn ieorgups* A. CITIZEN, Whose name i» with ti e Editor. * dec 17 19 Christ Church. STpilK Peft* in this Church not held in <L& foe simple, will be rented on Satur day next, the .ilst tnst, at 10 o'clock, A. M. Ihe highest bidders to have the first choice. W. T. WILLIAMS, Treasurer, dec 17 b 19 A Uniform Coat and Hat, J kF the Chs'ham Artillery, of an excel- x " lent qualit) and but little worn, be longing to the indigent widow of a decea- sed member, nr* offered for s *le cheap Apply at the office ofthe Georgian, dec 17 19 CAjnNEL coal, I70U SALE, by r J. P. WILLIAMSON. ct 29 Drafts on New-York, Phila delphia, and Boston, flROR SALE—try is JOHNSTON a IIILLS. dec 11 l.14 T'X-c.Yiange On Providence, R. I. I^Ott SALE—by i? ». A. CONDY, dec 11 14- Rice's Wharf. For Sale, A PRIME Young Negro Man—for eba- racier and price, apply at this Office, dec 14 p 17 Drafts on Philadelphia, A T SIGH'I'.—Fot 1 sale by A NICHOLAS U NEFF, dec U 17 DRAFTS On Boston or Charleston, TIN sums and sight to suit purchasers— U For sale by DANIEL CARNEY, Jr. dec 16 p 18 Flour and Loaf Sugar. ^|/FVT\ BBLS. Richmond sup. Flour, tminded Cunningh ttu tj Gallego, landing tiom sebnoner Cornelius. /.V STORE, 10 barrels Loat Sugar For. sale by CUMMlNG & GWATHMRY- dec 13 t 16 EATONTON GTQHE Subscriber resumes the practice of %J> the Law in Oakmtiigee district, and the County of Munroe, and will give the most vigi.ant attention to all buviness in- truited to his charge. - C. B STRONG. nnv 23 i08 BOARDING. A FEW Gentlemen can be handsomely ijL accommodated with Board, in u private family, a fow steps from the City Hotel terms moderate. Apply at this Office, nov 27 3 . Drafts on Philadelphia, 4 T 5 to 90 days Sight, in sums to suit 1% purchaseis. Fur sale by PERKY & WRIGHT, dec 13 116 Notice. VT 0 debts contracted by the crews ofthe i-X British brip-s Cumberland and Ardent, will be paid by tbe Captains or Consignee, dec M 14 N. E. Rum and Butter. •IfY BARREI.S N England Rum 50 kegs Butter Landing from brig. Eagle, and for sale by S A. CONDY, itrv 30 5 Rice's wharf Plains ami Porter. CASKS London Porter U 40 pieces White-Plains, common and (Ui|iei-ior quality. For sule at low prices, by GEOBGE SCHLEY, No 1, Comme icerow. dec 13 u16 Rum, Gin, /rri BARRELS N E Ufom OVJ ‘J5 bbls India'Point Gift 250 qr boxes Spanish Sugars 20 qr casks Currant Wine, of a su perior quality Landing from brig Hope O Polly, and for sale by - S. MANTON, nov 13 99 Rice's wharf. 100 doz. WOOL HATS, TUsT received and for sale by the Sub* •1 scribers—who have on hand, and are constantly receiving HATS of every Iciud and quality, of the latest fashions; all Of which will be sold on the most reasonable terms. BUTLER & SCRANTON, Gil dan's building, Market-sq arc. dec 7 rc 11 , Scotch Ale. F TIERCES 8^ doz, each, superior fine Edinburgh Ale Two tierces 83 doz. each, Pale Edin burgh Ale e Just received, /and for sale by WILLIAM SCARBROUGH, s Williamson's Building, n dec It 14- Steam Bout in future, will arrive . here on Sunday, Wadutaday, and Fri« la\, nml dep art for Augusta nn 'Tuesday, I lu.rwlgv, and Hamnlay, ut 7 o'clock, A. M. Ins u-r»i gement will contitiuc until the EARLY ft M'KENZIE, 16 Proprietors. dec 13 Codfish and Mackerel. F OR Sale, landing from the schooner Traveller from Marblehead, 200 boxes New Coc’fi-th 20 bbls No 3 Mackerel JOHN CANDLER, dec 16 p 13 Jones' Builumgs. F‘ and Floor Cloths. )R Sale,at GEORGE STOPS’ Ca net Ware room, Broughton-Street, For Sale, * TTjJOR Cosh or approved endorsed Notes, J? Lots No 11, 834, Green ward,* No 1 »nd 2, Washington ward ; No 7, Columbia ward, with tbe improvamenis Merton. Al su a tract of land about 4 miles from Sa vannah, on the Ogeeche road. Apply to DUDLEY G. WOODBR1DGE. dec 10 || 13 Brown Stout, fyc. CASKS very superior London B. 23*0 Stout '200 bushels Lancashire Potatoeis 200 do Turks Island Salt in barVrls For sale fow, by i MACKENZIE U HERNANDEZ, dec 12 ||il$ Exchange Dock. The Subscriber OFFE/iS FOB SALE. HAMPERS Scotch Potatoes 10 kegs Loch Fine Herrings JOHN M'RAE. dec 7 ill Just Recivcd P*' brig Panthea, and for sale, OfliVFk GASES Gil), superior quality. JvJ S. MAMON, ue< ’4 17 Sugar, Coffee, 6jc. mm 50 boxes Neg r0 25 bbls Loaf Sugar 10 M. American Sugars ■10 M. Spanish do 50 bags prime Green Coffee 100 kegs and qr k«*gs of best 1 Rifle Powder.—For sale by L. H. SAGE & CO. ffoc 14 17 Telfair’s whnrfl For Sale or to Let, 7I1HE urtexpired lease of the half Lot, he- JL ing the corner of Broughton and Jef- ferspn streetB, with the Buildings erected thereon, consisting of two separate Frame Stores and Lodgings, and a Fire proof store and cellars, being excellent stands for all kind of busiuess. For terms, applv to PETIT DE VILLEKS. Factor, Mongin's wharf, dec 14 eu 17 For Sale, 7WHE Southern half of Lot No 10, comer 'JL of Dray ton-street, Anson ward ; upon which there is a commodious house, lately occupied by Doctor Read, immediate pos session can be had. If not sold at private it will be put up at public sale, on the first Tuesday in January. For terms, apply to GEORGE SCHLEY. dec?14 17 Wants a Situation. 4 YOUNG Gentleman who has been sometime in Georgia as a private Tu tor, wishes to engage as a teacher in a pri vate Family j he'teaches the English Lan guage only. Apply to the Editor of the Gkokoian. dec 9 eu 12 Notice. A LL persons are cautioned not to trust tbe crew of the British brig Waterloo, ,as no debts contracted by them will be paid by the Captain nr Consignee, dec 9 12 For Rent, AN accommodating terms, that large and' vf commodious house situated von corner of Jefferson and Bay-streets, opposite t\lie Washington Hall. Also the house at pre sent occupied by Doctor Furtli, and situa ted opposite White's Hotel. Possession giv en immediately- Inquire of S. Pbiibhick. nov 30 5 V MRS. DKPASS * 7JTAKES this method of informing her iL _ friends and the public generally, that she has removed from her residence West Broad-street, to the house formerly occu~ pied by Mr. Box in Drayton street, nearly opposite Mr. Wl Williams', where she will as usual, teach the Piano with Singing^ &c- in the most fashionable style The reduction of her prices will make it an ob* ject for young Ladies, (who feel a disposi tion) to acquire these beautiful accomplish ments. N. B. Written or oral communication! re ceived as above. 4- d 'C 4 8 Independent Presbyterian. Church. FVVH08E Persons who purchased or rent* J. ed Pews in this Churcn, at auction on Thursday, the 5th inst. are requested to call on the Subscribers and settle for the same. BAKER U MINTON. dec 12 15 To Planters. PIECES Baltic Hemp Bagging 42 / inches wide, at 52cents 197' pieces Plains, lower than ever of fered here for the last eleven years. For sale by THOMAS WALTON, dec 5 9 ... Curtains, complete 7 Suits of Elegant Chintz do. 1 Drawing Room suit of Curtains, com plete Large Assortments of t Floor Cloths, with a variety of Blinds of all Jcscrip tions. Carpets and Curtains made up ia the newest fashion. dec 13 d Ini 16 Gotton and Ship Brokerage. T HE subscriber otters his services u. llie Purelrose and Sale ol Merelrandize. particularly Colton, and iu procurmp Freights tor vessels. His Counting Room is in Mongin’t fluie Bulloch?ij Build nge Air. 19. EDWIN DABTLST1. dee 13 Hlfi