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Savannah Georgian. (Savannah, Ga.) 1822-18??, December 17, 1822, Image 3

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Liverpool Coal, Suit, and Potatoes, I ^QIl SALE. Alio an excellent Hot Chronometer, by Litherland, whose er ror ami rate «ro accurately ascertained. A.p- A. L. MOLYNRUX. ply lo dec It 14 Laiuiing F ROM ship Tbonias Fowler, and for sale by the Subscribers, Coils Cordage Do Bale Hope Heavy Ravens Duck Common do do Sheolings Russia Duck Broad Diapers, Uc. L BALDWIN & CO, dec 13 16 • Planters’ Patik. December 4, 1822. K\ N election for thirteen Directors on wA the part of the Stockholders for the ensuing year, will be held at the Ranking room on Monday the 6th of of January next, being the first Mo nosy thereof, agreeable to the chsrtorof the Rank. The poll will be opended at 10 o’clock, A M. JNO. F. LLOYD, Cashier pro tem. dec 6 10 BILLS ON NEW- YORK, 4 13 to 60 days sight— fur sale by SAMUEL WRIGHT,-. Who bus for sale, • ks hhds prime St Croix Sugar 23 qr casks superior Teneriffe Wine 20 boxes 7-8 and 4-4 Irish Linens, in whole and half pieces 10 boxes Jaconet, Cambi ic, and Rook , Muslins dec 12 15 Just Received, And in Store, S IX pipes Cognac Rrandy 5 pipes H Din 5 do Jamaica Rum 10 casks Porter 6 kegs Lead 6 do Shot 25 kegs Harris’ No-1 Tobacco 10 kegs Ladies Twist do 25 boxes Raisins 10 do Cheese—-For sale by A MORGAN, nov 9 104 Jones* upper wharf. For Side, 1 ANDREW LOW fc? CO. 4 O riF.CF.S Cotton bagging, suitablefor VCIAVK received, by Che ships Geo** a, square hales UJ Oglethorpe, and other recent shiv- 10 pipe*' choice Pico Madeira wine in- »!s from Englandahd Scotland, the greater proportion of their usual supply of titled to Debenture 50 Legs Ren James Harris 1 crooked Grand Tobacco 60 boxes fresh Raisins 100 hbli Whiskey 3year* old 4 puncheons 5th proot Jamaica Rum cutter Nelaon’s cargo 10 bigs Almonds 10 cases Glass ware, assorted Rales of Sheetings A auantity of Marble Slabs On a liberal credit. S. R PAKKMAN. dec 11 114 Hunter’s wharf. Just Received, A ND FOll SALli-by L. HILLS, No 29. Dolton’s Range. New Orleans Sugar Northern Gin .. - Whiskey Applfc Brandy Northern Rum Best Goshen Rutter and Cheese Buckwheat Flour in half barrels Prime Pork . Potatoes In bnrfcls Diyed Apples in do » White Beans id do Young Hyson Te^fc English Mustard * Stoughton’s Bitters, in boxes of one dozen each Loaf Sugar * , Pimento 10 M. Best Spanish Segars dec 12 |lp 15 , Fall & Winter Dry Goods, which they offer for side at a moderate ad vance for Produce, or on their usual accom modating te ms for approved papers and by the ship Emily, daily expected from Li verpool, they will receive an additional aa sortment, together with casks of London bottled Porter in quart and pint bottles, Crockery, Glassware, and some other bulky articles. Now in store, ami offered for sale,* few pieces of best Baltic Hemp Cotton Bugging, 12 inches wide, cot 19 To Carpenters and Builders. mJlB. Subscriber keeps constantly on X hand a large assortment of MAnooA\x, mutable for stair handrails and bannistesr ; alao PinnAj, Boards, and Veneirs, for cabinet Tinkers use, -all on reasonable terms. Or ders from a distance will receive strict a- tent ion. J. W. MORRELL, Whitaker-street.opposite Col. Shcllnian's. nov 15 til 1 • Notice.. J\ N Election for five Trustees will be &Uk held at the Independent Presbyterian Church, oh the first Monday in January ItL'Xl. Poll to open at 12 and close at 2 o’clock. OLIVER BTURGE9* Chairman board Trustees, dec 7 11 , Dividend No. 20, Planters* Bank, Dec, 2, 1822. T HE Board of Directors of this Rank have this day declared a Dividend of 3 per cent, for the last six months, the same will be paid to Stockholders on and after Friday next. JNO. F. LLOYD, cashier pro tem. dec 4 rc 8 Notice. T HE Partnership between James John ston U ffen' tj IV. Hills, and Jacob Will- tax, under the firm of Johnston U IliiU, wits dissolved on the 2d August last, l»y the death of the senior partner. The-subscri- hew will continue the business as partners under the firm of Johnston & Hills. HENRY W. HILLS. JACOB WILLCOX. Savannah, 9th Dec. 1822. dec 11 14 Selling oil'at Cost. T HE subscriber wishing to bring his bu siness to li close, takes this opportu nity to offer to the public at wholesale and jetail, his whole stock of Clothing & Dry Goods -, At wholesulc an extensive credit will be given, with good endorser* or town ac ceptances, and at retail.good bargains can be obtained for cash, via: A general assortment of’ the most fashion able Hats and Clothing, consisting of Trunks blue and black Dress Coats Trunks Frock, Waterloo* and Box Coat* of various colours Trunks blue, black, olive, drab, grey, and slate colour Cossack Pantaloons Trunta Linen and Cotton frill’d and plain 8hirta Trunk* blue, black and cassimere Vests Trunks Men and Boys' Tartanplaid cloaks from 5 to £12 Trunks meriiio, worsted, and flannel Gen- men’s Shirts and Drawers Trunks Hoslries, Consisting of Silk, lambs, wool, worsted and large size Yarn Stock ings Kilmarnock an "Scotch caps Gentl men’s Fur Travelling caps Gusts Water proof Ha's A variety of Negro Clothing, consisting ol round Jackets and Trowsers, from 4 to $6 per suit. Great costs, Pea Jackets, Monkey Jackets, red Fiannelandcheck Shirts Bales 3 3$ point Blsn&ets Do White Plains - Cases extra fine Irish Linens Cases large use Silk Umbrellas Cases Men’s shoes. Apply at my S tore, five doors East of the City Hotel. PETER DREGB. dec 9 lib 12 || FRENCH GOODS AT WHOLESALE. QfpilE Subscribers have just received new assortment of French Dry Goode fij Bet turners imported direct via New-York* which they offer Wholesale on liberul terms, among them are, White, Black, and Red 7-4 and 8-4 Merino Shawls Do do do 4-4half and square Merino Handkerchiefs Black Silk Velvet and Mode Black, White, Blue and Pink Satina Do do do do Florences Plain Lustring and Satin Ribbons, N# 13 to 12 ;, Pearl Edge do do No 1$ lo 16 Rich fig’a Ribbons by setts, No 6-l$t£-22 Black Velvet Ribbons, No 4 to 100 White aud Black Silk Braids 7 Black, Plain, and Striped Silk Galloons Plain and Embroidered Silk Hose White and Black Silk Gloves Black, White and cul’d snperf. Kid Gloves do do do do Ueaterdo Silk Suspenders and Garters Funcy4-4 Silk Handkerchiefs Black and colored Sewing Silk Dandy 4-4 Silk Handkerchiefs Superfine Gdt edge Paper Pina Antique Oil, Pomatum Fine Rose Soap, Honey Water Very Superior Cologne Water, Uc. BLANCHARD, BROTHERS & CO, Andcnoil's iiuildingon the Buy. nov 4 91 BOMBS TUPPER IUS FOR SJiLL, A/|j\ BARRELS Newark Cider U\J 30 kegs go I'd quality Butter , ] 3<ju bushels Pn.^tuea # 25" do Oal9 20 bbls Apples 1 pair Card Tables, 2 Bureaus and v 1 Work stand 20 boxes cotton Cards No 10 — 50 do No 1 Soap 3'J do Cider Bbls No l and Mess Beef, lic. dec 14 p i7 For Sale, { Juet lan<U n g from ship Thomas Fowler, from Boston, * K?(€5* BARRELS No 2 Mackerel J (Qr 22- do No 3 do 25 kegs fu st quality Boston Butter Granbcrties, Apples Fears and Nil's find in Store, JMackerel, Candles, Soap, and tjthdeira Wine in boxes JOHN CANDLER, dVc 13 16 Jones’Building*. ItavANvaxe. N. B. WEED § Co. yiTJAVE Removed to No 6 Gibbons’ Build- Wvl ings, where they have just received, and are now opening, a terge and general assortment of - Hardware and Cutlery, Among which arc 3 casks Tab/e Knives and Forks 2 do Pen, Pocfcet, 2 b/.ide aud Dirk Knives 2 do //and. Panne land Back Saws 3 do S. S. Knob Loots I do Mortar LocAs 1 do Sloe* Locks, from 6 a 21 In ches /ong 3 do Pad Locks 1 do Wood Screws 20 casks Trace chains 2 do Socfcet Spades 1 do Grubbing Hoes 10 gross Morris’ patent Liquor cocks 1000 pair Hook and Plate Hinges 2 ; 0 dozen Plough lines 60 casks cut Nails 10 do wrought Nails lo cases Cnrpentcr’s Planes 10 boxes Boers’ Axes Also, Anvils, Vices, ca9t Iron Stoves Pot* and Ovens, Brass A ndirons,Shovel and Tongs, cloafc and curtain Pins, commode Knphs, Brass and Iron Bed aiul Table cas- or*, and curry Combs. Together with almost every other artic/e in the Line, aU of which are offered for ao/c Low, for cash or town ncccptanrca. dec 2 Ik fi it » The Subscriber H AS removed to the store lately occu pied by Messrs Bulloch li Dwuvody, where he continues to transact FACTORAGE AND Commission Himness, and offers for sale 50 tierces NEW HiCE, together with the following articles: Cask* of B. B. 8. Porter Whole and half bbls Fresh Flour Barrels Mess and Prime Beef Boxes fresh Raisins y Hyson, Gunpowder and Souchong Teas Coffee Loaf, White Havana, and Brown Sugars Cognac iPandy Jamaica and W. .India Rum Holland Gin and Whiskey Sperm and Tallow Candle* Soap in whole and half boxes Sperm, Linseed, and Tram Oil* Spifc* s, G-jpper and wrought Nail* Cut Nails from 4d to 20d Together with an assortment of Ship Chandlery, Hardwme, and Paints. WILLIAM P. BOWEN. nov 29 4 TORTOISE SHELL, Ivory ani\ Horn Combs, Ingrain Carpeting, 8fc* 5rpH B Subscribers offer for sale by the il dozen, an invoice of Tortoise Shell Combs of all sizes, Very fine Ivory Combs of all sise* Mocfc lortuise shell combs do do 4 bales Ingrain Carpeting by the bale or piece * 2 bales Domestic Plains do do — mo- 300 Ih Sewing Twine 2 cases Double and Single Barrel Gun* 3 Cables, from 6 iu 10 inches BLANCHARD BROTHERS U CO. Anderson’* Building on the Bay, nov 15 101 ’ Notice. P ERSONS having demands against the late Rev Walter Cranston, are request ed to render them duly attested, to W% B Bulloch, for settlement. MARY CRANSTON. dec 2 n. 6 For Liverpool, ♦fit Tl* e<>|.prr bottomed new firat Bll> rve.hip MINKUVA, J. I.. Wilton ■, will w.nt about 400 hale, tn com plete her t.rgo. For ftriglit ol unie, ap> plyVo WILLIAM GASCON. dee II 14 Eighty Bales Cotton kS Are w.nted tofi'ltiptheahip DOR$*E r, for Liverpool. Apply to A. L. MOLYNBUX. doe 14 17 For Ncw-York, * Th* tldn > CHARLOTTE, Captain Sims, Can take Iront 50 tn IDObulfi Cotton on deck, ifimmediatt application is made on board at Tat lor’s wltnrf, or to C. C. GIUSWOl.D. dec 12 15 For Liverpool, fbe ship LIVERPOOL PACKET, Captain Bw'kett, _ Will receive immediate dis ch For freight of 506 bales Cotton, apply to the captain on hoard, or to JOHNSTON li HILLS, dec 11 x, 14 For Havre, The fine aiul fast milling brig E A Q L E. B. Cuok, jtuster, _ ____ Having part of her cargo engaged, will meet with all possible d snatch. For freight or passage, apply to the Captain on board at Moore's wharf, or to DUUAMEL 8c AUZE. dec 6 10 For Liverpool, The new fi at rate ship PIONEER, m W> master, " Am Will commence loading for Liverpool immediately. For freight of 400 lialss, apply to WILLIAM GASTON. dec U 14 For Liverpool, The fine sub^ianiial ‘t*d brig Kuroukd. . Captain' H ootihovse, WiU have inmitdiate dispateb. For fiTight. which will be ta*en low, apply lo the Captain on bounf at Wallace's wharf or to JOHNSTON li HILLS, dec 11 x 14 For Liverpool, The ship AFRICA, Copt inn J.kiuton, A regular trader, is now rcii- ly to receive a c.l^u, a great part of which is enf-aged. Vor^ninht uf the remainder, apply tn the Cupitio on hoard at Juhn,ton’s wharf, or to ' JClllNSTON if I1ILLS. dec II 1.14 For Liverpool, The well known fast sailing coppered ship JUNO, John Dank, Master, Has commenced loading and is intended to be dispatched before the Chriatmaa holidays. For tVeight, apply on board the ship at -Jbhnstdn's lower wharf, to captain Doak, or to S. B. PARKMAN, dec U 114 Hunter’*) wharf. For Liverpool, The ship OGLETHORPE, Chtirtts Juync, muster, Will commence loading tills day, aud reooive dispatch. Fof freight or patiMge, apply on boaixi at, Johnston's wharf, or to BENJAMIN BURROUGHS, dec 9 12 4 PUBLIC SALES. For Baltimore, The schooner HIT'I'Y PltANKI.IN, 1 llPthlntl, M.UIgr, Will he dispatched without de* lay. 1'iir freight or pus.»(.«, appiy to cap. taut Whcldon on hoatil, at Junes’ upper wharf, or to HALL, HOY! & CO. dec 4 8 For Bcaulbrt and UieOeataS’ The fust Miltnir sloop TEI.KURAPH, JosinU Bovkn, Muutr. Will meet with dispatch—Far treit-hl or pansajje, havinyf good aecumuio- datums,apply lo the Captain on board.I Bulloch's wliart; or to IIALL U MF.IC3. dec 9 13 Mess Pork, pOR SALE by doc 16 p 18 G.C. GRISWOLD. Notice. t BjP IE Copartneiship I...Vctnfore cviatlng 4A between, j he Subsciibera, un.ler the firm of Elias Hast li Co. is this day dis solved by mutual consent. The hudmis of the firm will he settled by Elias Bln*, who in duly authmtod Vo receive all debts due the Concern. ELIAS m iss. { CHARI EU li WIF.LTAM9, New York Elian Bliss will continue the Factorage tmd Commission bnsinesR on his own a^- eftunt, at JVb. 14, Mongin's Buildings. dec 16 l 18 ’ Fot Liverpool, ' The well known coppered British .hip BLUC HER. 7fo4«r/ J. fitter Muter, Has three-fourth. other cargo id Will meet with d>ap,tch. For treigltt oV 250 bales Cotton ut passage, ap. ply to the Captain on board, at Hunter’s wharf or to JOSHUA MILNE, dee t 12 For Liverpool, The new Philadelphia built capper bottomed .hip DELAWARE. Aim /Jumihoh, Mutter. TTiH commence loading on the 9th in9i. an.l he dispatched as sonn .. laden. .For freight of 409 bale. Cotton or passage, apply lo WILLIAM GASTON. dec 7 U PERMANENT ENGLISH SCHOOL. —W\ IV» wt — MR. BOLLQUGH R ESPECTFULLY informs the public in general, that he has opened his school in' Broughton Stieet in the room next door to Lego’s Ball Room ; where youth * trf^iroth sexes, will be thank fully received and carefully instrucied in til those several branches tmualy compiis- cd in a correct English Education. For particulars reference may be had to Jlcv. James O. Andrew, Hev, Georgi White, Mr. Isaac D'Lyon aud Mr. De Vu- lera. • dec 16 z 18 Just Received, AXD FOB SALE, PIPESCtpe Madeira Winc,oi»su- peri-ij; quality 5 Tons Swedes Iron, aborted 25 boxes Ptitcnt Sperm Candles 50 bbls Pilot and Navy Bre id 2, casts Fme .Straw Bonnrts S. MANTON, dec 10 13 Bice's vbarf. GENERAL Crockery Lstablishment. —w\w»w\'— * QrpiIE Subscriber is ertqtffiely grateful to 4A a l'beral public who have patronized hm exertions, unremittingly employ’d since the fire of 1820, to raiaiin establishment in the line o£ business he..has aelectqd, fully ml. qiiate to *11 their wants and even their luxtu'ies t and having ntpiled lumself of the summer- monllis, to tlic assortment now appearing as complete and as splen did as any in the Southern country, he con fidently asks in its behalf, their support. They will find from th<* present date, at the Store, corner of Bay Lane aud Whitaker street, war the Bay, Mbrriioh's Building, a general and complete assortment of India and Staffordshire Ware, Including CUT GL.viS of all descriptions' China Breakfast Sets Liverpool Dining Sets India Dinner Services Water Plates Beefsteak Pans And every other article^useful or luxuri ous, which is to be had in similar establish ments at the North; and in order to comply with theTtimea, he has reduced his prices and equalized them with those uf Philadel phia and New-York—the exchange and freight only added Sets of articles-adapt, ed to the approHching Christmas festivi ties, may be had as above, and orders re ceived »nd forwarded for tiie completion of an\ brokcli sets. JOHN THOMAS. N. B. Careful l’acIters constantly re tained, ami articles dehvcrjd.t the homes of purchaser., dec li t. 16 The Subscriber, I NFORMS his friends and the public gen erally, that since the death of Mr. Wil son. (his foreman,) he has engaged Mr. W. Nkwtow, of Loudon, and late from New York, to superintend the TAILORING BU SINESS. His ability and experience in that line, he confidently expect* will ena ble him in *11 cases to give general satisfac tion to those who may favor him with their custom. Every article of gentlemen's apparel, Naval and Military Uniforms, lie. will he made in the neatest and moat fashionable manner, and warranted of the best work manship. ALSO, Ladies Habits, Pelisses, and Cloaks, made up In a new style. He has just received in addition to his former stock an extensive assortment of CLOTHS, Cassimeres and Vestings, OF ALL DESCtttrnuNS. —ALSO— A general assoi tmrnt of lleatty Made Clothing, COMSlfiTlNO OF Extra super. Blue and Black Coa's do do Blue, Olive, Claret, and Par son’s grpy mixed Frock Coals Blue, Black, Grey, Drab, Wellington Mixt, and other fancy colored Cloth and Caaai- mere Pantaloons Lamb’s Wool and Merino Shirts Angola Shills, a new article worth looking at Men and boy’s Lamb's Wool Stockings Ladies Merino Chemises, Uc. Ike. WlTUiLAHUE AShOPTMlXT OF Seamen's § Negro Clothing, u iiicb are offered very low for cadi J P. SE I ZE N. II. The beat of workmen, and a suffi cient number uf them have been engaged in New-York by Mr. N. iu order to he ! punctual in his undeiUking. dec 14 |rb 17 For Liverpool, The fast sailipg copper’d ship LADY GALLATIN, 360 Tons Burthen, Isaac Harris, Master. Is intended to be dispatched without delay. For freight or passage, having good accommodations, apply to cap tain Harris, on board at Boltons central wharf, or to ' HALL, HOYT 8i CO. nov 11 97 For Greenock, The well known Britinh ship THREE SISTERS, James Bell, master, Will be dispatched immedi ately. For freight of 100 bales Cotton or passage, apply to captain Bell on board, or to JOHN H. RFID & CO. t»ox 37 3 For Havre, Tiie first class copper'd ship HESPEIIUS. Archd. JH* Corked, master, Having two thirds of her cargo e.ugagfed, will meet with dispatch. For freight of the remamder or passage, having elegant furnished accommoda tions, apply to the Captain on board at Hun ter’s whirl, or to SAMUEL WRIGHT. dec 6 10 By George Scliley, THIS HAY, inh inti. .1 II o'r.lncV, 1 II ill be so'd in front of Us Auction htore, Sunil, y a- -irltxof GROCERIES. U 19 B) VJiiKLT 6j Minton. THFs DAY 174li ins', at II o'clock. On Boltons Centered wharf Landing from Schooner Andrew Jackson 50 Puncheons Rum 20 Mid* Molasses 40 hbls Muscovado Sugar*. Term*—All Suin'*under—over that amount 90 day*for approvedendora- ed hole*. dec 17 18 By Baker Minton, THIS DAY 17th"mat. 1 at half past 10 o’clock, at their Auction store, A general assortment of DRY GOODS, dec 17 IB By Baker & Minton. TO-'HllUOW. 18 it ,„»t ,t ti t’ciiick At the store of Mr. George Gordon will ,u).l hr .old A <niiint Ity of M»liofc»ny herd. And J bole, venier, l.»iidcd from .hip Cotton Plant, in Onto- !>rr last, and suldio pay freight and expen- ces. dec 17 16 Gentleiften’s Over Shoes, At the %u o/Mo Mill HOOT, PTanh ink- Market'Square, O NK ce OdiUt-mm’. Over Shoes— Those who hove nut .upplied them, selves with the above article, will do well, to call,a. the weather is very damp an* unpleasant. One case Gentlemen’, superior Mororcq Boots, of. quality not to be disputed. ALSO, On, enso’. Water Proof Bootee, uf a prime quality. For s.ic low, by R, L. MILLING, dec 13 Je 16 1 PITCH PINE, XeYVow Pine & Cj^nss LUMBER, FOR THE (TEST LYDIA MARKETS. i 1AUGOK3 nfUie very best quality, and \J of all description, of the above named Lumber, (40 lo 6u feet in length, If requir ed) can. atthe (bcrtc.t nonce, be fumiali- ed at the ' UPPER Darien Steam Saw Mill, in the State of Georgia, on the moat rea sonable terms. Vessels drawing not over 12 or 12 and a half feet water, can load with great fucil ty atthe Mill by an inclined plane, thereby getting the lumber on board clean and dry | and from fifteen to fifteen and a hail leot water, can be carried over Doboy bar. now rendered as safe as any in the United States, from the beacons and buoys there plaoed. v An abundant supply of Cypres*. Shingles, and Red and White Oak Hogshead Staves, can be obtained. There being a RICE MILL attached, Rice either in whole or half tierces, can be bad when wanted, for assorting a cargo. Orders or Communications addressed to the Agent of the Upper Darien Saw Mill, at Darien, Georgia, will be promptly at tended to. nov 25 109 For Providence, tX. Hie packet ship Sk> GEN CARRINGTON, William Martin, master, Has half her freight enga ged. and will meet with dispatch. For remainder or passage, apply cu board at Moore’s whsrf, or to S. MAN I ON. Who has received per said ship, undfor sulc, 120 kegs first quality Butter 20 bbh Mass Beef 20 half bhla M<**m Beef 50 bbls Pilot Bread 50 do boiled Cider 100 casks Lime 100 boxes first sort Herring 20 half bbls No 1 Mackerel 20 »r|;« Currant Wine, suj.e rior quitbiy 4cs 14 U Mr. I. T. HUTCHINS, 1 71 MCOURAGEl) l>y the (tattering sue- ;J cess which attended hi*first course of i.citson* on Mnemonics, and the urgen 1 so licitation of a number of Gentlemen, is in duced to open a second school, A* soon as a sufficient number of Scholars are pro cured. Ladies and Gentlemen desirous of at tending, are requested to leave their names at Williams’ Reading Room, or with Mr. Wash, Preceptor of the Academy. Public notice will be given at the time and place of commencing. Mr. II. will attend at the residence of such, as are desirous of taking private ics sons. RECOMMENDATION. The Undersigned having attended course of lectures on MnemummdcH, de livered by Mr. Hctchins, express with much gratification, the advantage they have derived from h 1 * tuition, and believe the system he hag adopted to be c alculated tn assist the faculty ol memory in an eminent degree. By J. B. Herbert fc? Co. TO-MORROW, 18th inar. at 11 o’clock. Will be sold be fore Our Store, 4 pipes I! iltainl Gin 10 hhdn N O ^ugavt 20 bbls No 2 Beef 30 do Wliiskev ' 5 chests Hyson Tea 20 hhU Cider SO qi boxen Spanish Segar* 20 pieces cotton Bagging 5 hhds N O Rum 10 hug* Pimento 10 do * Coffee • 3 boxes Cotton Card* Terms cash ALSO, \ bale Caroline Plaids 2 cases Negro Cloth dec 17 19 Terms at sale By J. B. Herbert and Co. TO-MOHUDW, IHth itist. will be .old be. fore oui' Slnrc ,t 11 o'clock, 10 bbls. 10 b.H’bbls S Hess Fork 10 bbb No 1 > *" 10 do Vo 2 $ Shed dec 17 • 1» Term, mil By George Hchley, On the first Tuesday in Febvunvy next, W ILL be sold without reserve; at 12 o' clock, In front of the Court-Hoiue, that valuable trust Lot, desigiyatvd-in (to© plan of the city by letter Q. wilh the build ing thereon, known as the old Presbyte* rian Church. dec 14 17 Terms cash. Administrator’s Sale. Old and Suptrior .Madeira K'LYE. }■. B. Herbert § Co. On FRIDAY; th^ 20th*inst at 11 o’clock, WiU be sold at the store formerly occupied by Thomas Gardner, deceased. 825 bottles Madeira Wine, of the Louisa Cecilia’s cargo, of the impor tation of 1816; belonging to the estate of i'homas Gardner. Sold by permission of he honorable the court of Ordinary, and by order of the Administratrix. —also— 10 Demijohns old Jainuica R;im dec 6 19 Terms cash Thirty Dollars Reward. A HSCONDKU since 27th ult. from his employment as apprentice to Messrs Clw k and Luffbenugh, m»«on., my Negro buy SY, or SYFHAX, ebont 10year, old ; , slim fellow, not very black, t.lltative Slid plausible, but not very shrewd; fond of dress, mid much of e beau on Sunday* and holiday.. He h.dLno particular mark! by which I could designate him—but he is pretty well known about town. From tak ing . Rood many clothes, I suspect he lies loft the place. Ceptain. of ve-sel. ere cautioned to be vigilant, that he does not m»ke hi. escape on board. The above re ward will be paid on hi. delivery in jail, or to L. KOLLOi K. dee 7 11 " A A UooCL CAvavvc®. THE NORTHERN BAR-ROOM, 0 M Rice’s wharf, now in complete order for «uch, mid calculated to embrace the Grocery busine.s, is offered to Let for the coming season, the present oc cupant leaving it from circumstance, and u preference to a different pursuit. To a good tenant (and to aave trouble none other need apply) it will be rented low, and the stock on hand may alio be had, if required. I'rnay any thing further in praise of the above, than to observe ita central situation, would be superfluous, considering that that alone must recommend it u one of the fir.titanda of the kind in this city. For particulars, enquire on the premisei. dec 10 | 13 Jiunes Eppinger, Abel Fu.r, Samuel I'. Iluute, J U Juud'iu, (ieurgt Denney, deck* iV A*. J. lliryard, John A* Hunter, Oils. L. Hirtlelt, JY. F. L'rowslt, H'in. W, WW». Bowles’ Patent Bedsteads. ff\ N assortment of the above construe- JT<A tion is ready for inspection it the Furni ure Store of the Subscriber, in which the long desired improvement in the mode of maA\ug Bedstead* is doubles* ac complished ; it may be set up in one mi* mile, and taken down in (be same space of lime without the use of tools, and does not contain the least harbour for bug* or dirt. A further description is deemed unneces sary, as the improvement must stand on its merits. The Subscriber being authorised to sell thorn in this plico, will u ooive orders for them at his store in Whitairer street, oppo site Pol. Shellmsu'*. • m>y 10 1103 J. W. MORRILL.