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Savannah Georgian. (Savannah, Ga.) 1822-18??, December 17, 1822, Image 4

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Emerson's Elastic Razor | •« • Strops, IlF. a new Invent, ami <»n an improved C A plan I and i c highly lecumnw.ndtd tu it*c nuollo. For Mir by ANHON PARSONS, Drtill'lli No 8, G.bboiu' Buildings, nnv 30 5 Sheriff's Sales. Oithtfut -S,, in winy of,11’ the Jiist Tuesday | W I'luins, Cloths, Scutch I’ltids, 1 .11VK bait ft heavy blue Plains , 2 l•nlco low priced stout Blue cloths 1 do mill drab mid Bint Cnstinteret l caw real Scotch latino Fluids Juit receiv’d tier chip Atlantic-tor sale by BAKER Z. MINTON. nnv IB i B JOHN MOORHEAD ,.gH leave to inform hit* friend* in Geor | (hut he ha* established himself pcuniuu nlly In this city as a Cowunvsstou Mwclwitti I'lic fc»l. «ik* fcouilunt Prutlucc will be in.. niincipal business, in the ol \\hicl\, be.bcliove. lie can do 111. friends just cc -he idles on (lie reputation eat. blinded during a ion* residence m Suvun nab, on (lie it li fence. In Ins Iriend., .ltd diligent attention, to continue the cinili deuce «l' iliose who may be pleased to U- vor liim *ilb ibcir Inmni aa. j\ew Volki 28//i October, 1822. Reference in Savannah—Messrs Cumminu U (iwvriiMt.r. Reft renco in Augusta—Joint Moon*, Esq nuv H Ire Classical & English School. 11EA 111' MacVOM'M'ELL I n*ruitMb In. Fi lends mid tlm Public i hat he will re-open l'« Hclinnl tor Vuniig I.ndioi anil ticiitbiincn, on Monday neat, the Mill in.l, at 9 o’clock, A M. in On- room under Solomon 1 * Lodge, near lilt- Old I’rcabyletiall Church, oct 10 Insurance against Fire. OTJliUi Avita Insurance Company, Hart ii t.ii'u, continue lo insure Ileuses ami Bidding*, icicliaiuliz*, Furniture, amir llmr pi operly, including Vtimli in port, their Uargois, ko. uga list loss or dumugc by Fn», for any term tioni one month to one or mi re year*. The condition.'! which aft* moderate, may “bu known on application in the subscribe who is authorixi d agent, and is empowered to issue policies without Hit* dehy incident to other agencies oiTh'u nature. The company umieilnke in ull cases to pny the (till amount, of the actual Ions, pro vulcd it does not rxcyul the amount in sured. The premiums aic reasonable, aim should oiler u strong indue- ment to an) person having properly at hazard to pluo u in security, oct ;U b8 9. MANTON. Jnnuat y urxt, 11.1. he sold it the Market Home in thu town of 81, Mai > 'a, btlWfCn the hour* ol tenuiid lour o’clock ol that day, |‘*o Nigra Children, all the right, title interest in il,«m, belonging to Frtmow to satisfy nn eii-cotion in lavur ol ji.ic, Williford U Co v». Francis Young, opert)’pointed out by Plaintd!’** Attor. \ i also to satisfy tin execution *0 favor Ktao Ofewsnnd Ann Bcssent, Aumims* trs ur’s of A bruin Ucssent, deceased, tit. si ret Demon. GKOHCB !.ONG,n rcc. Si. fury's, ,Yrv, JO, 1822. tlecf f II Georgia-—Camden County To oil whom it mil}/ concern. yTOJIK. ' A9, niWcHter Bryant applie* \/«f to Honorable the coiiK of Ordi nal y, tor Letters of Administration on the state ol Marv l)r>not, late of the said comity, deceased. These are therefore to cite and admoniih all und singular, the heirs and creditor* of said deceased) to file their objections (ifsny they have) in the Clerk’s /Mice of the court of Ordinary, on or before the lirst Monday in January next} otherwise Letters will be granted to the applicant. Witness the Honorable William Gib son, one of the Justices of the said court, litis3 Hli November, 1822. fL S.] JOHN BAILEY, c c o c c. dec 7 f U Sheriff's Sales. On the fust Tars dry in January next, W ILL*be sold at the Court house in the town of Jefferson,between tbe hours of ten and four o’clock Of that day One Tract of Lund containing 158 acres, lying iu the county of Oinideu. Alsuano- Ikt tract, lying in said county, containing 200 acres more or less, levied oil aa the pin- petty of William llrown, to sutiMy an Kx|f oulion iu lavni ol Joseph I h'-m •** 8 jc’y. JAMES NIB LACK, us co. dec 7 11 ' Spanish Scgars, TN whole. Halt, a uI q -alter U.ixes, of v« JL iy superior quality, received from II Vann, a.iti for sale by JOHN II. IIB1D ii CO. nnv 13 Bb t Nolicc. -OTpHE Subscribe) *' Furling Machine nt 'Lil Yaumcraw, is now in rend mess to re c« ' e Cotton to he compressed or repacked Abo Produce received on Storage j up T)J> to Slvphed Parr, at the machine, or It, h J. HABERSHAM, nov 20 p. For Sale, 1 Finsr llaiu lnipiwi .1 SODA MA J\. t itlMjk with stiver vent, and in com ])h‘te order. The mue.hmuiu so IWnned a to be easily portable--being put togethe in such a munner, as tube taken tonic cos with perf< c' cune. Apply atllie ollici Of the (ii.o ioU!*. (1 j* The editor of the Augusta Clironl cle will inaert the above three times, and wend his 11:11 to this oflice. nnv 1 89 M avtjVc ¥ aeAorj. DAVID HITTER, New*Haven, Conn. TT - El’.l’S on hand rt great uss-irtment .IV Momiments, Grave stones, Tomb I hies of White and Gold Shaded marble, Fancy Tables \ Oval, squared, and circular ChimneJ' pieces; (Jhimncy Slabs for cings, heat ths, Uc. All orders strictly tended to. Mr. IS A.VO COHEN is hi* agent for Sa vannah, any person there, wishing for ci ther of- the above articles, can have u view of i hook of Monumental Drubs, in the n cat atylc, and the prices will be made Amow u by him. nov 19 cf Georgia-—Bulloch County. | tty AVi/ h'runnlif, cle> k of'the com I of Dr- \Unmy.Jor the county of iInline \ and state nfori i m, I, \V^#HKUF.AS, Aaron Cone of the said v// county, applies for Letter* of A lmi. nuti ation on the Estate and effects of Wil liam Lop*-, lute of said county, deccssad. These are therefore to cite and admonish- all uimI bigular, the kindred and creditors of the said deceased, lo file thc ; r objec tions (it any thei liavel in my office, on or Indore the first Monday in January next,, otherwise letters of Administration will he graiiLd to the applicant. Given under my hand and seal this tu enty-sixth dry of November one thotisund eight hundred iS twen ty-twu. [L. 9.] ELY KENNEDY, ccodc dec 6 10 .ncis H. Nicoll, ^ and Co. I Case Circuit Court United States, Dt& tnct of Georgia. Georgia—Bulloch County. tty Ely Kennedy Clerk of the Court oj Or dinary, for the county of Bulloch anil Mate ufmet aid. \1L/ IIEItEAS, I.evicy Jone.sof the ssjd v v County, applies for Letters of Ad ministration of the Estate and efiects of Uenjumin Jones, late of said county, de ceased ; these are therefore to c tfrond ad monish all and singuinr, the kinorud and creditors of the said deceased, to iiie their objections (if any they have) in office, on or before the first Monday in January next, otherwise Letters of Administration will he grunted to the applicant. Given under my bond and seal this 12th day of Nov *>.iber, one thou sand eight hundred und twenty- two. [L. S ] ELY KENNEDY,cco n c dec 6 10 W. Scarbrough and others. J Chamhert, 13/A September, 1822. P IIOCEsS having issued in this cause, returnable to the term of this court in December next; and it being ref re sented that John Wifiu.mS. Gil- lett, Samuel Yale*, Andiew Low, and John llogue, defendants in tbe said cause, reside without the limit* of the District of Geor gia: It is ordered, that the said John Has- Idt, Wdiiam S., Samuel Yates, John llogue und Andrew I.ow appear ut the term of this court to be holdrn at Savan- nail in the term of December next, town, swur to the plaintiffs on the merits of then said petit-on, and that « copy of this or der be published iu one -*f the gazettes ol this slate for three month*, und that the plaintiffs have leave to take such further proceedings ks arc prescribed in ther in such case made a»-d provided. J., District Judge. True extract from the minutes. GEO GLEN, Clerk. Savannah, Stf!. 13,1822. sep 14 Notice.- A T the expiration of nine montl * fi om thi' -ltttc, I dull apply to thr imnnndde the Justices of the Interior court of Cha tham county, for leave to srll the following t eal ami persons! property I,el! by the lute U J. llmiitou intrust, vi^ . Ccdur Grove plantation, containing up wards of 1200 acres, situated in the district of White Bluff. One Tract of Lam), containing aO acres, near the above. May Island, containing 100 acres, more or (ess, situated on the nturslus of Little Ogechee river. Also, between 65 and 70 Slaves. FAT. HOUSTON, May 13, 1822, ua’m’r, it. J. Houston. may lt> % Administrator's Notice. A Id. I*. rsoiH indebted to the estate of Eliaubelli lloM inan, dec. are requealed .. iinikt* payment, and thoae to whom the state is indebted, will pb use present their laims agreeable to law, to 'll. W. 1.EAC1I, Adm’tr. dec 12 |p 15 Anti-Syj>hilitic Tills, DOCTOR D FI IT HELOT, Jltul Hold at Ins store on the Buy, j| |H K great rffieacy I theKe Fills in the <«JL cure of all the symptom.! of s retain uiheascin both sexes, has been ncknowlcdg ed for more than twenty years by numbers! of patients throughout the. United State*. They i^|c warranted free from any kind (4 mercurial picparation, and the patient who uses thorn may attend to his business and follow hi* own regimen or diet without in- comenicocy or injuring tiieit effect. The subscriber ims f.q * pared a fresh sup ply of tbene^ills—they are sold with print- ed directions for use, at $6 per boa; one or two of which is generally sufficient for u I perfect cure. JOHN B. BERTHELOT. or.l 24 Sheriff Sales Coniimied. On the first Tuesday in January next, \4</ILL be sold at the Court house in the vV Town of Jefferson, Camden county, between the hours of ten and four o'clock of (hat day, All the improvements on Ten acres of Land lying on Great Satilla river, con sisting of a Log house, he. levied on a6 the property of John Beasley, to satisfy an ex ecution io favor of llopkms ZJ Sco t. Also, tbe improvements on 7 or 8 a- ores of fenced hmcl, situate in Little Satilla Neck, consisting oi Houses. &c. levied on a* the property of James Tumbling, to sa tisfy sundry executions returned by aeon- stable.--Conditions cash. Jefferson, Nov. 5th, 1822. G FORGE LONG, d.s.c. c. nov 16 fW2 In Equity, October, Sessions 1817. Sllcrifl’ Sides. On the first Satuiday alter the first Tues day, in January next, W ILL be sold at the Market house in the town of St. Marys, between the hours often and four o’clock of that day, One Negro Hoy named Feter, levied on mb the property of Daniel Vaughn to satis fy nn execution in favor of James Thomas, pi operty pointed out by the Defendant.— Conditions cash. Si. Marys, Camden coun ty, Nov. 7th, 1822. GEORGE LONG, n. s. c. e. nov 16 fl(J2 Laurel Hid Toll-Mill. DTIUIE Toll-Mill on Mrs. Ancrum’s plan- U tat on bus been completely repaired lately, and is now ready to work is we’I as any other mill on tha river. The rough- rice that will be sent to the. mill wdllic kept separately in dry and safe stores, and shall he beat with the utmost care and economy, and the barrellawill be nlwa> a de livered in good order. Empty barrels, macldNf prime boated staves, will be furn ished at the mill when required. 'The terms for cleaning Rice will be the same as at the other toll-mills. Those planters who will engage to have their cro| s beat at that mill, and keep her supplied, will have 200 tierces, or us much less as they please, beat ut one turn. Applications con cerning the mill, to he made to Archibald Brebner, on the Plantation, or iu Savan- •nub, to PETIT BE VILLENS, sop 10 rpf Factor, Mungin’s wharf Soda Holders. J UST received, Messrs Lynch & Clark's • Soda Powders, in Tin boxes. Fi sale by o AN%).V PAUSON3, Druggist, N u da*c 9 12 8, Gibbonsl buddings. Saratoga l oiigass Mineral Spring \>atevs, 'JUST received per brig Joseph, an ad ♦# Jitional supply, in Qnan ami pint bot tits, well racked in suit and straw, war ranted in order—for sale by ' ANSON PARSONS, DmggVt Gibbons’ building ■dec 9 1- Notice ami Caution. W HEREAS 1 have been informed that John oarnuchan und Peter Mitchell of this ci^y have by sundry deeds recently mortgaged and aligned to dive,* persons either their indivhfciul creditors, creditor* of the lute-Hi m of Gsrnochan it Mitchell, or oilier*, all or sundry the property and estate, both real and personal, of the said firm, Htj well ns their own individual pro- pert) and estate, consisting together of I homes, lot*, lands, stoves, wharves, negroes, he. in Savannah and Da-icn in Georgia, or the ik'ighboihood thereof, and elsewhere with their interest or shave in the stock of the lower steam null near Darien, and sundry shares in the United Slates Bank otulother banks, us will iis sundry debts due to them in various places, besides lands, lots, negroes, Ike. in the territory of Florida, and particularly one large tract of land bought of Forbes U Co. lying be tween the rivers St. Marks and Apalachi cola in the territory of Florida aforesaid. 'Thesearc hereby to caution the public a* gainst purchasing any part of the said pro perty or estate so conveyed, or any other property belonging lo the said Carnochnn -"J Mitchell, or cither of them, ne 1 hold pri or motlgngcson the greatest part thereof, which are on record in the registry in Sa vannah and Darien aforesaid and in Char leston, S. U. iwl equitable leins on *)1 the property of said John Curnochan n « IVtcr Mitchell. WILLIAM CHRIS .iE. June 8 fl2 Sheriff's Sales. On the first Saturday after > he first Tuesday in January next, \t V/ILL be sold at the market house in \/Jf the town of 8t. Mary’s, between the hours often and four o’clock of that day, Ofte Negro Boy named Frank, levied on as the property of Matthew W. Bessent to *m isf’y an execution on foreclosure of a mortgage in favor of Lawrence if Thomp son, GEORGE LONG, nscc oct 26 Sheriff Sales, O ii the first Tuesday in January next, W ILL be sold at tbe Cutirl house in the town of Jefferson, Camden County, between the hours of ten and four o’clock, of that doy, A Tract of Land on Cumberland Island, known by the name of the Plumb Orchard, containing nine hundred and sixty acres, more or less, levied on as the propeity of Charles Ward, to satisfy his 9tate County and Poor Taxes for the years 1820 and 21. Amount due $J2 50 and cost,—Jefferson, Camden county, Nov 8th, 1822.* GEORGE LONG, D. s. c. c. nov 16 f!02 In the Circuit Court of the United States, In and for the District of FeuilS’jl van in, in the third Circuit. BETWEEN Joseph Marx and Joseph' Marx and George Marx, citizens of tbe slate of Virginia, who sue as well tn their own names as in behalf of such other Per- sdpa, Stockholders ofthe latip Bunk of the Unit ed! States heretofore nukied, as shall come in aid become Parties hereto, contributing to th^ Expenses of this Suit —fCumplaiiudUs. AND, Dftvid Lenox, Elias Bou* dinot, Robert Smith.jQS. C. Fisher, Joseph Sims, Archibald McCall, Paul Sicman, Samuel Coates, Henry Pratt,GeorgeFox, Puflchftll Hollingsworth, John S'ille, Thomas M. Willing, Horace Binney, George Harrison, Abijuh Hammond, William Bay ard and Oliver Wol- cott, citizen of the State of Pennsylvania, Trus tees ofthe lute Bank of United States. NI) now, to wit, this twent y-third day of April, one thousand eight him dred and twenty-two, this cause came be fore the Court, on a Mandate from the Ho norable the Supreme Cou’t of the United States for fill ther proceedings. Where upon it is ordered and deert ed—That the holders of Notes of the late Bank of t|ie United States, bring them in for payment ul the late Hanking House of said Bank in the city of Philadelphia, before the ele venth day of April, A D. 1823, ar.d that on that day this Court will make a final Decree for Distribution of the funds re' served in the hands of the defendants for payment of said Notes ; and it is further ordered and decreed, that the Clerk cause this order to be published m one public newspaper in eacli of the following places, to wit:—Philadelphia, Boston, New-York, Baltimore, Norfolk, Chailtaton, Savannah, aiul New Orleans, at least once a week, for nine calender months, before the said ele venth day of April next. A true copy. I). CALDWELL, Clerk Cir. C.- The Editois of the Boston Evening Ga zette, at Boston, of the New-Yotk Lin ing Post, ai New-York, of the American, it Baltimore, of the Norfolk Herald, at Norfolk, of the Charleston City Gazette, at Clm^:ston, of the Georgian, at Savannah, unci of the Louisiana Advertiser, at New- Orleans, are requ* sted to insert the above in their respective gazettes once a week, for nine calender months, before the 11th day of April, 1823, and to forward their hilts, as soon thei eaberas may be, to tlu subscriber, accompanied by an affidavit proving the pubheaton, conformably to the foregoing order, may 9 D. CALDWELL, Clerk Cir C. Notice. N INE months after the date of this no tice, application will be made to the Honorable the Justices of the Inferior Court of Liberty County, for permission to sell the real estate ot l.etty Carter, de ceased, for the benefit <f the heirs and creditors of the laid- deceased. LIGHT TOWNSEND, Adtn’or. augl5 < v Notice. N INE months after date application will be made to the honorable the Justices ofthe Infenorcourt of Camden county, for leave to sell ull the lands in said county oelonging to the estate of John King, late of Efiinghum county. SARAH KING, adm*rx. April 5, 1822. §a* Clark county, Ga npril 6 J. To the Public. CARNOCHAK and P. MITCHF.L are sorry to he again brought before the public by a second notice of Mr Christie’s, who has undoubtedly claims against them, which, when finally liquidated on die de cision of tbe suit now pending, they will try to satisfy, as soon a* possible thereafter. The deeds under which Mr Christie claim* an exclusive right to all the real and per- Georgia—Camden County. W HEREAS, Elihu Atwater, esquire, administrator, applies forletteis of dismission from the estates of Colonel Wil liam Scott, deceased, John Campbell, de ceased, and Havens Waterman, deceased. These are therefore to cite and admonish all und singular the kindred and creditors of said deceased persons, to be and appear ut my oflice on or before the first Monday in January next, and shew cause (if'any) why said lelt<*. s should not be granted in term* ofthe law. Given under my hand and seal, this 22d June, 1822. [l. a ] JOHN BAILEY, c. c. o. c. c, j-'yi s»nal miutci.f U Milchel,'arc I Georgia Camileil CoUlltV. considered as informal, unjust und illegal, • « T . 0 .! J • • " \V IIERIJAS, Mrs. Louisa C. Shaw, Ex- ▼ » ecutrix, applies for letters of dismis- llence they haw* been brought and are still before the co ni, uqd other deeds have been executed and recorded, conveying the property for the use of all their credit ors, Mr Chriatie included, without any trust or reservation beneficial to C. if M. or their families; and if thfc be not agreeable to that gentleman, it must nevertheless appear lair and equitable to the public and all who have a sense of justice. The Trustees under the late deeds are anxious to sell the Lands in Florida, alluded to in the notice of Mr Christie, and to ap ply the proceeds to the immediate payment of purt of hia demand, and deposit a suffi ciency thereof to cover alibis claim, sub ject to the decision of the court—but his oppos'tiou to any reasonable sale, as one in terested in his own right, whilst injuring all parties concerned, ifiiist be borne until a (de can be made under an order of court. June 10 Editors of papers who insert Mr Chris* u*’a notice, will please insert the above until bia is withdrawn, ami forward their bills to the Savannah Republican Office, where they will be promptly paid by P. M. sion from the estate ofGenetd Nathaniel Green, deceased These are therefore to cite and admonish all and singular the kindred and creditors of said deceased to be and appear at my office, on or before the first Monday in Janaary next, and show cause (if any) why said letters should not be granted, in terms of the law. Given under my hand and seal, this 22d day of June, 1822. [l s.] JOHN BAILEY, c. c o. c.c Administrator’s Sales. By J. B. Herbert & Co. On the first Tuesday in January next. VAVfILL he sold before the Court house in this city, betw een the usual hours, four valuable slaves, viz; London, Laliah, Nelly, and her rl.ild, belonging to the es tate of Samuel Evans, deceased, sold by permission of the Honorable the Cmrt rt' Ordinary and by order of tbe adm.instra tors. Terms cash, nov 23 108 Notice. N INE months after dale application will be made to the honorable the Jus tices of the Inferior court of Glynn county* lor leave to sell ull the lauds in said county belonging to the es'&tc of John King, late ol Eiiingiiam county. Sarah kino, odm’rx. April 5,1822. §a* Clark county, Ga. april 6 Fla* seed FCnurl seedt Filings steel do iron Frankiiuruse Glauber suits Gull* Aleppo do Kino, doJalr.p do Guaiac • do Valerian do Gentian comp'd Vinegar distilled do Squills Valerian root Gulbanum, Ginseng Vitriolated Tartar Gold Thread Vitriol white Gentian root Glass Antimony Ginger Race do pow dered Grains Paradise Gain Ammoniac do Senegal do Arabic do powd. do lLirro do benzoin do Trigac&nth do Gtiuc do Myrrh do Shellac do Copal do Mnsiich do Gamboge do Scamony Hcltbore black do white iliera Pisra Honey, do squills Hofftnans anudy ne Isinglass Iptgiacuunha or Hip- po JiMp Juniper berries Laudunum Liquorice root do powdered do ball do refined Lime water Lead do Magnesia lump do powdereu do small square do calcined Mnnnu Make do sort9 Mczereon, musk Notice. A T the expiration of nine months from nL this date,l shall apply to the honora ble the Justices of tbe Inferior court ol Chatham county, for leave to sell the fol lowing ' eal property of the estate of R. J. Houston, viz: One tract of 354 J acres of Land in Bryan county, situated on Red B rd creek. One undivided fourth part of 1450 acres of Land in McIntosh county, situated on the Alatamahn river. Twelve Lots in the town of Brunswick, Glynn county. v PAT. HOUSTON, May 13,1822. fti/m’r. B. J, II may 16 $ do blue do green Patent Medicinestfa Bateman's drops Hrilish Oil Essence peppermint Stoughton’s bitten Godfrey’s cordial Steer.s Opodeldoc Turlingtons balsoai Daibeya Carminative Pafiys Elixcr X Harlem Oil or medw* cameutuin Gil Wormsccd Pills, Lees N, London Pills, Lees Wind ban? do Anderson# do Hoopers do calomel do opium Opium, orange peel Oxymcl squills Oil Vitriol do Tansey do olives do Peppermint do spearmint 1 do savin do Rosemary do Pencroyol do Origanum do Cit.numon do Worm td do Lavender do Annisseed do Juniper do Cloves do Almonds Ointment mere do Dnsilicon do cerate do simple N,!'.mli Seed * maCC d ® red precipitate Nutmegs Nux vomica Pearl ashes Pearl barley Powdered tin Plaster mercurial do Burgundy pitch do adhesive do strengthening do druchiyon do gum do blistering Quassia do rusp’d Quicksilver Rhubarb root do powdered d« Spanish dies P»nk root Red precipitate ' Rose water, Rosin Rust of Iron Gum elastic, Spatu las Scales and weights Garden seeds in box es, assorted Balm Quito Churohes cough drops,for coughs, colds, consump tions, asthmas, ife• Cephalic Snuff, for catarrhs General Drug and Family Woxchouae. ANSON PARSONS, A’o. 8 Gibbons' Buildings, R ESPECTFULLY informs his friends and customers in this state and South- Carolina generally, that he has established himself in the Drug Line, on his own indi vidual account, unil is opening at this time an extensive and general assortment of warranted fresh imported . Drugs, Chemicals, Perfumery, <Jj*c. Gentlemen Physicians, Country Mer chants and Planters, and all who wish to purchase at wholesale or retail, can be supplied at this Establishment on the most accommodating terms. CATALOGUE. COLOURS, ifc. Prussian blue, 1, 2 Ivory black w, d 3 Lamp black Fig blue, Kings yel-lndigo Spanish t low Black lead, red do Drop Lake, No !Sc2 Litharge NOTICE. A Young Man who has had a-good edu cation, w rites a good hand, and having been long accustomed toactixe business, and understand* well the nature of accounts and book-keeping, wishes employment in some respectable business in this city ; he can come well recommended, and employment is his object, he would not re quire much of a salary. A line addressed to A. B. through the post-office, will be at tended to. oct 13 af Notice. T FIF. firm of Rockwell if Hepburn is dis solved, in consequence of the death of J. L. Hepburn, Esq. The subscribers have formed a connec tion in the Practice of Law, under the firm of ROCKWELL & MORGAN, They will, attend to professions! business, in the Fe deral Court, in the Ocmulgee circuit, and in thoae counties where in the late firm of Rockwell if Hepburn practiced. Them office js in Mdledgevilie, corner ot Jefferson and McIntosh streets, where one of them may be found at all times, when not ou the circuit. S. ROCKWELL. A. A. MORGAN. Milledgeville, June 10, 1822. r june14 Antimony crude Alcohol Aloes sect do hepat Arrow root An nib seed Assafuetida, Allum Angelica root Angostura bark AquaFortis Antimoltial wino Arsenic Acid Muriatic do Nitric do Nitrous do Tartaric do •Sulphuric Marble Mortem Composition do iron do Ivory Injection pipes Ivory Syringes Syringes, boxes do pints, do | pints do male and female Congress!* spring water Lemon acid Soda powders Salts of Lemon Cologne water Wash balls Windsor soap Transparent do Bark yellow, do red Liquid do do pale, do in quill Low’s perfumed do Bals Capevi Naples do do Canada, do Peru Pomatum in sticks do Tolu BaibadoesTar F#ncy Vials Borax rePd Burgundy Pitch Bole Armenia Beeswax yellow do while Brimstone roll do rePd Castor Oil, Ame do W. India Castor, Russia Camphor rePd Calomel pp Canlhariues, do pvdv Camomile flowers Canella alb. Caraway seed Cardamon seed Cascarilla bark • • Cassia, Cinnamon do in pots assorted ■Rose water, lavender assorted Essences ass’d Sal Ammoniac do Volatile do Soda do Rochel!,do Tar tar do Epsom, do Glau- ber do Nitre refined Solut Arsenic, Fow ler's Spts. Ammonia do Hartshorn do Lavender compd do Wine do camphor do Nit. Dulc Sassafras bark Sarsaparilla Castile Soap, white Sponge tii\e Haxall’s Richmond Super fine fresh Flour. C)(\r) BARRELS just received,and con atant supplies will continue to ar rive. Bafrers and families can be accom modated with any quantity, they may wish to purchase. The quality of this Hour is esteemed very superior. Richmond Manufactory CUT NAILS, made of Russia and Swedes Iran, 80 cusits ft urn 3d up to 30d. For sale by PONCE if MACKENZIE, nov 13 lire +;i For Sale. GANG of 50 negroes, they will be sold very reasonably for cash or good town notes or acceptances, having a abort time to run. Apply to JOHN P. WILLIAMSON, tkc 6 u f lo do colored Cloves, Cochineal Colombo root do pow. Chalk prepared . Coriander seed do pow’d Cowitch Cream Tartar, pulv Corrosive Sublimate Carmine Conserve Roses Caustic Lunar Dragons blood Digitales Dovers Powders Epsom Salts, Eng. Ether Sulph Ergot Elder blossoms Emery fine do No 1, 2 and 3 Elixir Paragoric do Vitriol Extract Cicutqr do Gentian do Quassia do I .tail Flour Sulphur do Ucfctciu do coarse Safi ron Spanish do English do American Savin, Senna Ale* Spermaceti Snake root Virg. do Seneka, Squills Stor&x, Salts Harts horn Sugar lead 5}J up Squills do simple Tart Emetic Tapioca Tinct Aloes comp’d do Mynh do Valerian do Snake root do Assaticlida do Bor.zoin comp’d do Cantharides do Seuna do Rhubarb uo baik Uuxhsms do Peruvian bark do Opium do Caitor do Muriate Iron do Columboroo Fluke white Carmifte Terri de senna I* Tiaij. laudanum Antimoniul wine Tinct rhubarb do assafoetidft Bals Capcva Sweet Oil Spts I-avend com do camphor do Hartshorn do sweet Nitre do Turpentine Caiomel ' Jalap Tartar Emetic .... ■OTTI.KS. do Turpentine bpts H&rtshorn Sweet Oil, castor Oil uO sweet Nitre American and W. I. Sundries, Mai corks, bottle oi Patent springTrussct Ess. Cinnamon d* Lavender do Bergamot do Lemon Calc’d Magnesia Epsom suits Rhubarb Peruvian bark Cheltenham salts Henry s calc’d Mag. nesia Stomachic bitters Castor Oil Peragoric Wax tapers Nurembergh do Worm Lozenges Patent Lint Thumb lancets do common do Clewlcys common do Durable Ink Red ink powder * Black do; Pill horfl Red do Red wafers, asserted do crxwn do; do Evans’sTcoth brushes, com mon do silver wire, 3 if 4 rows Cupping and trepan- ing Instruments Male and female si}- •*'$r Catheters \ White leather skin* English mustard, by the lb. in canisters Ground Ginger, race do Cloves, cinnamon Mace Spring lancets Tooth Instruments ass’d Bougies, Gallipots Mucuboy snuff Liquid blacking Black soul ing wax Spanish whiting Rotten stone Pumice do Powdered blue Copperas Vermilion, Chinese do English Verdigris, Jrish Glue Scutellaria, lateriflora, or ScuHcap, SHIPMAN’S - . GARDEN SEEDS, •Assorted in Small Boxes, ell calculated tor Plantation use- Together with a general assortment of Surgical Instruments, Shop Furniture, assorted Phials, &x. ALSO, Saratoga and Ballstoo Min Ail Spring Waters, will be kept constantly on hand in as period state as can be import* A vcav u a ntMU-n ed, dcc-31 fp ANSON PARSONS. Ci ockery. CRATES assorte-.t Crockery, ae. sJVJ/ lccleil particularly for tins market. For sale by HALL, HOYT k CO. nov 25 109 Tide Swamp Plantation. r PHE subscriber ofi'ers for «ale that well- A- known plantation called lU-ewlou immediately below the city of Savat) nnh, containing 239 acres of prime rive swamp*, about ^15 acres under goqjlbarTx and in planting order, and between 1 and 200 acres of high land. Buildings si.fficient fur a gang of a hundred negroes, with barns Ac. Terms accommodating to ig-purcha. srr. For further particular app.j io Me&sr R.kJ. HABERSHAM, or t*J Lhe aubsc,^ ber in Charleston. U. 51. HAIG. nov 16 4102