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Macon Georgia telegraph. (Macon, Ga.) 1836-1844, February 04, 1836, Image 1

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II AC ON ,j * E. E. BAETIETT. .TMCO.V, GEORGIA TItUJKSD.MF, EE BRUTUS. V 4, 1833. i*** ,1,1a* o* fluuwnpliou. t ,‘ oU .un,;Mi<<i« adeanee. icUl pay for the pa- I'll 1,(6 p IVS DoLi.ins, cofrf in adeanee, will pay wars. Ten Dollars, paid im advance paper fire years. „ tj „,,il ,cithiu six months after the year has f tu( , Dollars a.vt Fififij Cents per annum i/V* If not paid until the end of the year. Jl ^nJLirs per ann»m trill be charged—trith inlcnsl r- ~sf AKE HOUSE L ® . >§ - and commission Business. T IM' undersigned bags leave to infornihis friends & public generally, that be will continue the above •business in all its various branches at (lie old stand for merly-occupied hv Iienucu & Carter in East Macon, tvborc he offers a" the usual facilities in busiuess by ; malting liberal advances on pr iducc'stored with- him, 1 VeJIow tk-hre, siwio Ochre, Umber, Venetian Hod, its not exceeding one kindred teards, half "r on shipments to Iiis frier.dsiu Savanuali.jCliarlesion, j Lampblack, Rosepiuk, Terra do Sicuua, Ycrmiiiiou. v**'* V < Dollars p iw*’ Tcl ., us of Advertising , net's lint exceeding our hundred .t* rir .... l.rrrwr lines. trill hr inserted i\EW DRUG STORE. £S. M. H AS just received a large assortment of DRUGS it MEDICINES, at the Store unc dour below \V. 15. Jottssros’* Jcwnr.nv, which he will sell at uio derate prices ; amen; which are . TAINTS, Wiii'a Lead, Red Lead, Black Lead. Litharge, Verdi gris, Chromic Green, Chromic Yellow, Spanish Brown water colours. H JSR-W GOODS. WM. II. B’Jill)HALL. AS Just received a tictj; and extensivo as sortment of DRY ROODS, asAsirmsg c£cmxmc», HATS. SHOES, Sfe, which he is olcring for sMeat rcdaeetApKccs /•’or Cash Only. SIS STtlCt: Cujtim, JJ> PAKT, OK THE KOU.OWINO : riupor Saxony, liiuci Black and Fancy Colored A N ACT to establish, change and regulate election precincts in the *e vend counties in this Slate and punish those who may attempt to defeat the same.- Sec I. lie it enacted by fhe. 'Senate and House of Rr- -•rest ututiecs'ofthe Stale of Gtorgia in Gtswr.l Assent-, ily met, and it Is hereby enacted by life authority <-J the Volume X.—Number 33. mamamm Crawford if.lics’iS'* Saie. Fostpoiscel TSctfie. It.L he sold ini the fast Tuesday in March next, ut the (. Until Home in tic town of hm-xvilis. Crawford cuuuix .Hie piopo;/. w < fee Let of laud No. one ® diftii ninety throe, lit;-i;i ti,r s.xiii distiivt of Craw ford county, levied if”’■!: i jr ar space—payable ouarterly. rc'rvr ns.-* ofour business, and the state of the times, *T'terms should he rigidly adhered to. justrt,»«< ,!,m ,rrm YORK & DARIEN Line of Pa* /ids. GROCERIES, IV A it E- - II O U S 12 ana t'ammissiou Business. KO. JEWETT & Co. re.-peclfnlly inform their , . \r I I v adioii.i'g their store. All cotton consign*' BRlli Atnoha Siring. • ; • * ’ | either hr tfiu pfuulers or dealers in the art: Premium, . )[*■ „ d 6rs to iel!or WSv in this market, will be w Darien, U. I\ Uwektey, _ „ „ , .Macon, A. Bibhitis, >Vl.r. 1). 15. Crime. T- Baker, “ . A , u „| substantial vessels, well calculated for the ({awk'iisviilo, and .Macon, and are iodneed la ! blvrethal thoy can give great facilities in forwarding 1 ■j. destined forth.) interior of the State. f IIAWES & MITCHELL, Agents, f rurUii. 1-t Julf. |8A> B ■ pioneer Steam ISo-itt Esttt. I t .)d transportaiion to and from Macon, is now in * complete order. A superior now Steam Boat called -David Crockett" with two powerful Engines, jn j .ever 1! first rate freight boats have been buiit since :(!e close of Uio last season and placed oil the line. Steam Hunt Pioneer, Capt. Goodwin, “ “ Baoid Crockett, “ JU'Connick, w jjj pjy regnlatly between Darien and Macon, otto of th •111 leaving Darien about once a week with freight Ixu’.s m tow. Steaia 3aat eHARStSSTOSS 1 , , „ Capt. Donnell,, rvre at least equal to those of any others in bis line, ,vi|) M n constantly between Darien and Savannah,'— 1 " 1 *• ;»:» .n-«r n u ,idatlbril the greatest despatch to Cotton. Tne subscriber's whole attention is devoted to fiicili- tjiiag transpartaUon between Macon and the idea j’ort.. 1 la has invested a largo smu so put bis line in die newt complete order, and believe* that his armngc- a'til* for giving despatch to freight and keeping ir in ■ 11 order,wliile in his care, will make it the interest ufCotton Shippers and Merchants ordering gomls, to roalinue their favors. At Darien ho has secure and convenient Warehouses for reception of Good*, and his Wharves there avo caver ad with shads, enables him to keep all Cotton shipped on his friends and the public generally, that they have added the Ware House and Commission Business to that heretofore conducted by them. Their Ware Ilonse is conveniently situated on second street, nenr- AU cotton consigned to them, iclc, or or- promptly attended lo. They have also a convenient ciose storage house for the reception of merchandize from the country ; the receiving and forwarding of which, will recei ve .iberal ndvan- shipmeuts to shortly to rc- DRYGOODS Such a*. St.Croix and Tortorico& iluvaunu sugars, Cuba. Uio and Java coffee. Liverpool salt, 6'wcdes Iron, Nails., Brads, east, German mid blister steel. Heavy hemp Bagging, Bagging twine twilled sack ing. Oznabnrghs, Negroes elotbs, slides. haL=, caps, claoks, Powder, shot, aud lead, saddles and bridles, Wt* Blacksmith tools, castings. Hardware, Calicoes. Flannels. Blankets Wax Calf skins, Ac. Which titev will soil on as good tortus as rati be had in this market. 11 _5Vpt_J0 A G10 -\ V Y A $ D COM M1 SSiOiY IX DARI EX. f El HH undersigned returns hi* thanks to bis friends H f or the liberal support which he has heretofore received from them in the above line of business, and solicits a continuance of their patronage. His arrange ment* for conducting business, and particularly in gi ving despatch in receiving and forwarding produce & merchandize and protecting them while in his charge, arc at least equal lo those of uuv others in his line. Hfc will spend the summer in and in the vicinity of Darien, and auy business addressed lo him will receive his per sotial and prompt attention. inn r.rt JOHN T. ROWLAND. Krusues. PERFUMERY. * D. a ' B: *'h Table Diapers Cologne-, Rose Honey, Florida, lavender, Ac Orange ! J**)"® nuti Kussm do • s \Vat6. \roiuatieVinegar,Beats’ Oil, Antique) Scotch i.o Oil, Chlorine Tooth Wash, Cream Soap and oifier ■ Black, Jiiuc ar.d colouttni Botubazeites Shay iug Soaps, Wash Balls, Drop Dike, Essences cf; do do do Cis cassrttt 1 Ro.caud fedrtt, Ex trait de .Meil, Flake Wliile, Hair j N„gro Clotlis Powder, Otri* Root, Milk of Roses, Oils of Orange, Liuscyu Ucrsanipt, Cedrat, Cinuanion, Lavender.^Naroli. and p, ieRl < le(J alM , Unbleached tShirtiug* &. Slteeliug Roses: Oxy-chlorinu Lotion, Pearl Powder, Pomatum, Powder Puffs, Preston Sails, Pink Saucots, Fancy ri als. Touquin Beaus, Viu de Rouge, I’egetable Rouge, «Sr Macassgr Oil. DYE STUFFS. Anitatio, Cudbear, Fig Bhte. Fustic, Galls, Indigo Wood, Alum, Turmeric, and ] Jl, Nitrate of Ammonia, Concentrated Liquor of! . «u.,„-t- mia, Atkinson’s Depilatory, Bidm of Columbia, j *} cnan -»^ntlCT an. .1 \ ^ l Bariev, Breastpipes, Brimstone, Cayenne Pep ; ’ ntntnou. I nthet wool. Valentin,.. 1 !.L sj./r : * -PC wJ-rtnrl Itpufn:! Kiilf Shairk S NOK 1 1 disc 4.) etoz. Gentlemen's Hats, sale very cheap. The subset iber desirous of posing of hi» entire stuck of HATS, will sell them at rcry ndttced prices, and tnauy of them at the ttsttal cost at the manufactory. nov 18 _ WM II BCRDSAI.L. t'hc .tiacon Clothing Store I S removed to the store lately occupu d by Messrs Myrick, Napier & Freeman, next to Mr Ifni B Johnson’s Jewelry store, \\ hero "may be found a good ’ assortnic-nl of Jinn under shelter an.I protected from the weather, while lauded for redi'pmeut. JAMES P, BUTTS A >H. iltn.counK, Pcck & Co., Charhstnn, K. P. Ut’vrs, Savannah, J. T. Rowt.xxn, Darien D. B. HaUfoad. Jl.nvkitisville. Macon, Nnv. IS, IN’, t —02 .llacan Steam tfort f'snipantf. 4! SUPERIOR, Capt. George Willcox, EXCEL. " J. L. Willcox. EdlH18 contpiny have now their line of Beats in 8. complete or I :r for freighting. They have a uc.vst'-amlmt added to their line called the Snprrior. anil ten Tow-Boats, fiic But* will rail regularly batwn-n M icon and Darien, on • of tlm •.imhoats leaving Darien every -..•• or six day* with toy.-boat*. TI10 company have mvv sixteen tow-hotis, .ill tirstrate boats,bnilt expre.-s- h for the mvigation o r the Oo.n’tlgee and Altauiaba r.vcr*: these inerea-ed facllitio* will enable the com- •ny the m ' im of giving the greatest Despatch to or goo;l* diipped by their lin-J. Tii w h.ivi> a Ste.unbMf and a number of Sloops, to 1 .irrr rotlou a:: ! urtrelmndi-e l» *tweeti Darien ami Savaainh. and Durian and Charleston. There are live iirst rate Packets ruauiil.T regularly Iwacwi Bid-a :> :.! Navv Yoric. which come to Hawes A Merli-i, of Darien. Agents,for the abort Hoots : J. GODDARD, Moron. ISovr:-. Hr.s-nv A- Wat.TEft, Charleston. !.. tku.mviv Sc, Co. Sav.nuiali, Muvt-.V MiTC.’ff.r.t., Darieii, Ek 1. K. Rookhts, Hawkinsvi'le, Macon. 24ill Dee., I8:k r .. 2<i :e t xt e atemti SScn; t Co mpaa y. Clothing, Hats, Boots, Shoes and rancy Articles- connoting in partoi Fiuc blue, black, brown, green, olive mix! and silver grev Frock Coots Fine him:.' black, brown, greet!, claret ar.d olive Dress Coats Brown, green, mixt and silver grey Costers Super drab mixt brown and green Over Coats Petersham over and Hauling Coat.*—ladies’ Cloaks Gentlemen’s cambiet Cloaks, nmle-skin II noting coats ■Satinet and beavorleon round Jacket*, Pantaloons and Vaxts of almost every description Cotton and woollen nett .Shirts and Drawers, Flan nel, Canton Flannel, plain and twilled Cotton Draw ers. Linen and Cotton Shirt*. Flannel Shirts, Collars. Bosom*. Gloves, Hosiery. Russian Belts, Black Ital ian and white Cravats, Cotton, worsted ami Gum Fl- i :lic suspender*, a great, variety of Stock*. Umbrellas Cloth. Fur. and Hair Seal-skin Caps. Ill) crises*, Fine Boots tnJahocs, India Rubber Shoos, Ladies India Rubbernboes. Also Fine bine, black, invisible gre«n. and Royal purple Cloths, Buff Cassitnare, Tailor’s Trimmings, Miiitn- ry Trimmings, dtc- Ac., nil of which will be sold at reduced prices for cash. Macon net. 22, til HORACE FITCH. F. F. LEWIS, H A:-' taken the stand a few doors above the Clo thing Store of Mr. L. Fitcb, on Mulberry -trci-t where ho continues lo carry on the Tailoring lntsiue*if. He assures all limse who may favor him with their custom, that tlieir work Will .In. done at the shortest notice, ami in the best manner. He ha« on band a supply of the best materials in his Tne, consisting of CLOTHS, i:i:;e,%l.tck. royal Brown, Claret, Raven, Greer, Ac. CAdSJMFRU.S.—A good assortment. 3esa T X2£as, A good variety of the best quality. IVt' <-"ham, and a complete assortment of r.//DOR'S TRIMMINGS. - He respectfully solicits a share of the public pat ronage. Macon. Oct T.0 1834—21.1 ,jk FLOtK A IROLASSES. barrel* Canal Flour, 8* Cuba Molasses, new crop, just received nnd for sale bv RF.A «5fc COTTON. in store, 50 hlulsSt. Croix 8ttgnr, primequalily, 150 bag* Coffee. 200 piece* Ilcuip and Tow Bagging, r/*,000 ilavanna -Segar*. choice. ‘10 .Madder, Nicaragua Ground Log a end. MF.DTCINF.9. Acetic, Citric, Oxalic & other Acids, Aconstic Oil, Alcohol. Ammonia, Patent Ba; pet, Spanish" Saffron, Aminoniaret of Copper, Sago, Emetine, Cicitta 1‘laiter, Ext. Aloe*, Cinchona, f.’ol- ocynth. Elaterintn, Jalap, K thinca. N'ux Vomica, Rhu barb, Khatauia, Lend. Savin, Satsaparifln Jl Cubcbs, Dandelion, Valerian, Opium Sl others, i’hosphate of Iron, Red Oxyde of Iron, Tartariz’d Iron Ac. Ginger Powders, Hamilton's Elixir, Magnesian Aperient English Calomel, Hoffman's Anodyne, Oil'd Silk or Hat Case; Iodine, Jujube Paste, LactiiearTtni, Lan cets, Patent Lint, Lupnline, Lobelia, Medical Spoone, Acetate and Sulphate of Morphia, ilustanl, Oils of Cara-.vay, Copaiva, Croton, Fennel, VVintergreen, Se neca, Denareotised and Powdered Opium, Phospho rus, Piperine. Pocket Instruments. Hydriodato & Ox y-muriateof Potash, 1‘otter’s Cathulicon. Liquor of Po tash, Dragon’* Blood, Seaton*, Stoughton’s Elixir, Strvchninc, Powdered Valerian, Rhubarbarine, Sali- cine, Sanford’s Bark, Lac Sulphur, Syrup *f Liver- wdrt, One Slelboseope. Swaim’s Panacea, Scidlitz Powder*, Tamarind*, Tincture of Colchicum, Wine ofColc'iicum.Trusses,Turbitli Root, White Hellebore, Colchicum Seeds, Acetate "f Colchicum", Aromatic Carbonate of Ammonia ; an Assortment of Patent Me dicine*. and till others m common u*c, Garden Seeds, and Shop Furniture for Physicians.— ALSO, Couching, Cupping, and small Scaling, Instruments; ami one second fraud set of Amputating and Tre.phin ing Instruments. April 20 MACON Hamilton Jenna Black Italian Lust ring do * Gros de Svr»«- t’o d'* Naples do do Berlin do Sitichetvi and S-trs«uei) Colored Ore* do Naples iilnck and colored ifloreotos do Italian Crapes big i-a.iic, That from anil after the pas-age of (hi* am afi election's for Coveri:or, ir.«:nibcTs of cong<mein- { ... .. ... ... . : bars of tire legisiature, electors to vote lor frcsklciij >"> :l ' : d-e propeity nf Sieves Oiudiu:; M*t!i>ly Minute and’Vica Pr.vhlent of tho UHito.l States, sod ail enuu-. sued! it I-; issuedIVem » Justice’* court in “** totfray tv .idieer*. in the cnuiiti- s. to wit: Gvrj.'.ire;;, «> Prn.-.*:,i in i'avnr Ravel.- & vs *md -Vi™ - Hall, Clark, DaKatb, Early. Hancock, Cherokee; Tal- e* Giddin*—property pint-ted iH« by t«e* hot, lio-tiUotk Franklin, "Meritrctli -r, l.lbari* <.;<*.•! levied and reUire.ed lo tire_by a coti>l».hk.v-til - • Jones, Cr.rwilird, Decattvr. Walt,irt, U;ts»i(i, (.btiitphe;!, •' Jcn.V.J. M M. JL 'J ILLS. l!. Sh'Jf. .M nseogee,, Putuaiu and New lots, si: ill anil m;y ' Also trill boobl ti3 abort . . ha hq'(iat trie following places, ev-lusivo of tho s#x ; eraf; Oun Lot ot land tu tho first Jisttitit o! Crnvvfnrdci.tijl- ;iluces cf iioUiing elections in tiie afortesttid eottiiiies ;d- i I}'. J6vae:l nn tut lie property of I lijnh Y» imams to, ready cslahlislsod n law, viz: ' i*fva ti ih issued from tM superior cupit,of A! in the coumy of Gwinue'.t, a*, tho bcti te cf Jame.-.'. co.;;:iy in fiivor of .M. P.: .Sparks. . , Gerdau ; i ■ . vkt- s0 Tacvz , - r lit the cot niy or Hull,:i the houseufJ-dm i>. Floyd; ' Tire interest of ) phraiin l.ovetl: itl b.vp ^y.-grors la theco»iu:yof Early, at llitvicitse of William Xi ii- nuWin possession of .Mrs Alary T.t ’. "T. * it: Ly. lianis, in the 4th district, and owe other at Dili* at, ’ 1 ' woman, aivlCaroline, l.itcmtla.. Alat r-, and ff. nl.y.* Cleita bars’ mdis in the oth district of said cottuiy; : fo arlast flamed children—the aboytt Utter act sold to In the coiilny oi' Hancock, at the store house of satisfy a 11 'fa lio.n Cniw(i-rl sttpertor Court, i.culitkn Charles Aledleca, and one olhe: - a: Poplar Hill, at the j ’Punier vs said Ephraim I.oveit. Termssif tale* cask. house of Thomas Youngblood ; t 1*. ll..t€A)IF)lhIllm4>|f.j in the county oF Jloriwether, at the house of Elias ilk Dam isk and twisted Silk rihawls Mernaui. Hfuslin. Crape, Ganzsanrl Gnu de Na ples Dress Hdl.fs ^ f.adtei and Misses Kontiels Iri*h I.incnt and Lervns Cotton Caxsimers Heaver Fustians English .Moleskin Apron aud Furniture Checks Domestic Plaids and Stripes Hod Ticks rglH. , coin 1 any will he prepared toci»mti»en<’B bn- 3. *itte.*s, early in the next season—They will have a m.c of Packet * between New York, and Darien and vessels to forward goods from Darien to Macon - flic agents iu New York, Charleston, and Savannah, lie authorised to contract for tho delivery of goad* ii Macon, at a freight agreed on without inioinedi- avrjj irgoaud the agent 111 .M ieoti will receivecotieit iloiivvMbletu Savannah, Charleston, and New York— fas com pony’s vessels and bux-s, will be of first class 'v ta fvpariouced commanders, and no expense will be •pared to n*o«stihe patronage ofthe public. I’ll. R. YONOKJt .SO\8, Agents in Darien. m.iv vfTlh l^lto 4!) ' COaU31iSSl<T\” ISIMJN i At A*aricn, Ga. . d1l!K undersigned have resumed luisincs* as a- „ — —,-- 4 hove, and will a* heretofore pay prompt alten-} Hats, Caps, and Shoes, Willi a gc eral stock of tiro timi lo all blffines* entrusted to tlieireare. Wi believe ; eerie*. Iron, S »U. vVc. lor sale at the market prices, vvo have made arrangements that will citable tis at all : .Macon nov. 4th 18.35. U) fan.:* lo forward good* lor the interior with the least j imi-Canal i .om, pas'ihle delay, hy steamboats when the river will ad-1 10 half bids do 1 ail. or in extreme low river hy small fiat* or lighters,-* •_>() Kegs Lard, hail! expressly for that business. On our wharves 1 50 Boxes Cheese, ate largo Storehouse*, calculated for tho storing of cot- j jo Half hid* No T Mackerel, beiyit the least possible expense, and our opportunities • j nfl received and for sale bv - ta forward cotton inland or coastwise, are not exceed-j nov. 5. 18:4ft. 19 CHARLES CAMPBELL, cd by any other House. ! Fire proof Building* corner Mulberry ,\e Second si. Remo rat. % charts c&asPBE&i; M AS removed to the new Fire Proof Budding* comer of Mulberry & Second Street, where .will hi; found a good stock of Staple Dry Good.*, HAWES Darien, Slav 2ft. 18.15. 40 & MITCHELL. IJ* HE copartnership hcrelnfnr eexuiing under Uie -f firm of Shottrcll. lirotcn tf Co. is this day tiissolv- i'oittmission Business, ttarien. J cd by mutual content. The business will he contimt- T HE Undersigned have formed a Uopartncr-hip od *v It. tf J. Shot well, who will settle the accojuilt*. forthe purpose of transacting a purpos, tnis-ian and other bnsiues enerai Com under tin- film of , SNOW&HftBEKS, •a l off.'r their services to their friend*, and iho public gvB*rally, i;i the above business. Forwarding Goods and produce to and frouillie ituerior of tho State, will a-c ivo particular uttentiou. It tuny be proper to "isle that tliey bave no coiuierticn with any of the itaiisporintionliues; Goods fortb.e interior will •away* 1,3 shipped by ihose who will probably give win the greatest despatch. ISAAC SNOW. Lin l.Jslia 28 t;K<>. T. ROGERS npilE. Undersigned tender* his thanks to hi* friend? -3. for the liberal patronage lie ha* for njiytyyea s rc.l, ami assures them ihat the Kime gi ui with V. 1 t li iuiii* iudiv oa parity he applied nbnsclf, will y ‘ r ‘‘ cl hi* eli'ort* in |iro!(*cting thoso interests which aivv be rotifidud 10 Urs now establishment. 8' _ P'lrien. Jm. I. irtlfi ISAAC SMYlV. ALMANACKS FOR 1H36. * Tho Giu.-'h, Dozen, or xinglo. Jor sale !>y CHA8. CAMPBELL. HARVEY SHOTWELL. WM. G. BROWN, JACOB SHOTWELL. M-fotl, Dee. 31st, 18115. Eamp Oil. Gallons Winter strained I.ainj) Oil very A&3S 4p handsome—just received nnd for*sale byII. &J. SHOTWELL. Jm,. 1-1. Urt Opposite the Central Hotel. SEEEM'G OFF. 1 AM determined to sell my entire Stock of Good*, which Comprise almost every article suited to the trad.) of this nluce. Merchants and Planters will d< well i» call. Nov. 19 21 DAVID RALSTON C .ViiTSOlN.—All persons are cautioner 1 against irespa.-siug on Lot of I*1 ud No 294. 3*1 district of Wilkinson county, an the law will be rigidly eufor. ced against all violators, jan ’z0 lip ;?0 JON \. HTANFORD. ^[>0,000 bv 28 7 .’.bs Pork and Bacon. 100 do New Laid, for sale DAVID RALSTON. T HE subscriber having rande arrangement.* with some of the most extensive Carriage Manufac tories in the iiothcrn cities, wiil have 011 hand, and he constantly receiving, the coining season, a" extensive assortment of, CAII It I \ GES, BA R< >UCHES, and vehicles of alt descriptions, which will he of the best workmnitshipjilid material*, and which will be sold on as good term* as can be purchased in any city in the SonUicrn country. Also, an extensive assort ment cf SADDLERY, HARSESS. and every other article appertaining to our line ofbusi ness. Persons wishing to pnrehase would do wei! to give ns a call. WRIOLKYA HART. Opposite corner from IVashington Hall. Sept 2 -(im II sTgaM, COFFEE, 4c. XD.-TK HHDS. prime St. Croix Sugars, 20 barrels N. Orleans do 100 do Canal Flour, ICO do Howard st. do 125 piece* Hemp Slagging. 30 bag* Cuba Coffee, 20 half qr. casks Malaga Wine. 50,000 Hnvannah Sugars, of the best quality. For sale by J.,„. 14 30 KEA & COTTON Just rcccirrP~ qj j|v aw Bag* prime greeh Coffee g «•t-sjp’ 25 hbds st Croix P. R. and X. O. sugar 6 Boxes Loafsngfor 10 hhd* Molasses 50 bbl* N E Rum 30 '• superior ’,VhL*key Jamaica and st Croix Rnm H0t. Gin, Cog.* Brandy Sjicrm aud Tallow Cund'es, soap, starch.Chocolate, Arc- Sail, Iron-Castings, Bagging, Bale Hope, together with :i complete assortment of t'annj, and Staple Dry Goods. Jan. 21. 50 K. RUSSELL. AVtr Store—Fresh Goods. rspt HE subscriber is now opening, on second street, JL next door to Patrick «& Martin, and nearly op posite the Commercial Bank, a complete assortment of Staple anti Fancy Dll Y GOODS. Which will be sold at price* much reduced, being bo’t on reasonable terms Slid cheap, they wiil be sold ac cordingly. Hi* stock comprise:, la p!»rt as follows; WOOLENS. 8-4, 9-4 and 10-4 London Duthl Blanket*—10-4 and 12-4 fine Mackinaw do—Negro Plain* and Linseys— super bine, black, brown mixt Clotlis—Fine and com mon .Satinets, assorted colors—superfine Valeutia and Toilinet Vestings—super whito and red Flannels—do Merino do. STUFFS. Black and colored (>-4 Merino*—do do Bomhazolt*— fine 0-4 Bombazine*—Pink Ratinct—figured Circa*-, tians. COTTON GOODS. wtperand common plain and twilled Calicoer—swis*. Jaconet, Mull and Bonk Muslins—black and colored cambric Ginghams—Irish Linen* in j pieces veryfine —colored and white Homespuns—Rowcn cessitneres ami checks—birdseye aud Russia Diapers—Linen cambric ifkf*, Russia slieetiugs, Arc SILKS. Black super l’oi do snie silk*—do Italian Lustring do —rich colored silk* very cheap—Levantines, sarsuct* nnd sinehew*. , HANDKERCHIEFS. Mandarin, Ilerninci, embroidered Roman], Bagdad, rich satin, figtiered Thibet, embroidered Thibet wool and martin ganze Itkfs—rich figured gauze Ribbons— Haml-'onic thread I dgings and (iuilling*—I!loud Ed ging* and llobinet Laces—anil many other articles, which cannot fail to give satislhetiou as to price aud quality. dee 17 25 T~- ARCIHBALD MiARN. FloorCloth Baixo Green Frieze Cloth Dimity Russia ShretinjrBear Duck Cambric do Blenched Dotvlass Oz.uaburghs Bangup Cord Conoi: Yarn Cotton, \Yor*ted and '.ambs wool Hosiery Blark and colored ('amlirtcs .Satin aud Gauze Garnitures Bik and col’d Lustring Ribbon* D*rk am! light col’d Prints and Giit-hams i.Hce sod Geuze Veils Fig’.land plain Bohioet I.ace Thrcnd Laces t'erabric. Saxony, Swiss, Mull, Xansook and Book Muslins ! inen Camfiric iK'kfs Pongee, Indian Flagand Spittlefield lldkfs Carved and plain Shell Combs' Gentlemens English Buck, Beaver and Goat akin Gloves Ladies Beaver, Goat skin nnd Silk Gloves Bead Reticules B,oady-aiAde Olothiag. 1 Superfine blue, black, invisible green, Adelaid, olive j brown and green Broadcloth Dres* Coats, j Superfine blue, black, brown and green Cloth Frock l Coats, Superfine bine, olive, greon and mix'd Cloth Coattees, and bluo, steel mix'd and fancy colored SaUinet Coattees and Frock Coats. Super, blue, black, invisible green, drab, brown, olive, and green Cloth Pantaloons, Blue, black and fancy colored Sattinet Pantaloons, Yonth’sclofiian;! aatlinet Dress and Frock Co-:.;, do do do Pantaloon*, Black and bhj® Cassimon-, black and colored Velvet, black Florintine, black Bombazine, dark and light colored Valentis, English Silk, colored aud white Marseilles Toilinet, Swansdown and Sattinet Vests Camlet Cloak* and Great Coats, Mixed, brown Cloth * Pater.-hara Bex Coats Lyon Skin Overcoats. Fine Linen Shirt*, Collars, Bosoms, Sock*. «Lc. Negro Clothing. Men's* Youth’s Knr Hate, do. do. Wool do. do. do. Cloth, Seal tfc Hair Cap*, Fine Boat* Sc. Shoes—Negro Shoes, Ac. &<:. Oct. I* 17 FaINting. H OITSF. Painting, plain and ornamental, either in the city or country. Chairs repainted and ornamented. Jojokingglass or picture frames gilded or bronzed Signs painted, and Fancy painting of various dcs crintions will be done by applying to ' J. II. & W. S. ELLIS. F our mouths after date application will he made to the Honorable Inferior Court of Twiggs cjunty,when sitting ns a court of Ordinary "or leave to sell the real estate of James Desbazo, Jai; of said county deceased. Nov. 2. 185-5 RICHARD PESIIA/O, Adm'r. jnv)UH inoutlis afler date ••pphcution wiil bo maue — (o tlte Ilptjerable Iuicrior Court of Twiggs B.judley; oa lot.No- ioU, in the 1 lih disirict; In the county of Franklin,, at a place hv the nan; ’ of King’s Betii li; In tiio county of tionston, fotirprecittcls. one iii Uie 511*1 district, one in file Jnfttli. one i:i the i'tUth, utm" one iu tho thdfotrif t, G. M. lor said county—and a. tliv several |;la-e* of boldieg justice* courts iti *;t;d d.".- irifls; in the county of Clark, fit the place of iioltliug jus tices’ court in the Atlieu*district ot said eoutitv ; in the county of iilbe: t, at the store house of A«.> bobb*. in the coanty of Cass, at the house of J. G. B. .4- dam*; iu tiie county of VYaiton, at the btiase of Wiiiiam Wil'iamsou, in the 415th district, G. .M. . In the county of le e, at the boast! of Efias Hodges; in the county of ,ti ;:»cogee. a! tiie !.">t;se of Jtyav* U. Ulenii; in the county cf Putnam, ;-t Perryman’s slore, ir. the liftdtli district, (/. M. 8ec. 8. And be it farther enacted by the authority a- foresaid, That the election precinct hciotuiore estab lished at the house of Jesse Green, in the county of Cherokee, shall, from aud altor the pa-sage of this act, be changed to the house of Edward Tovvast dfi—the election precinct heretofore cstiihiished at the hon-e of flansion Sheriii’Sate. O N t’lc.fir t Thesdcy in MARCH nt-jt, trill vesold before the court house door, in the tairv cf - Ptrty. Houston cdttnty, between the lawful hours of sale, Twenty'acres of lot 0/ Land, No. 17L iu.tKo 1'ih district, to satisfy trfi-fa from a justice:! cmirt. iti filter of John I>. McCarter vs' Walter L. Campbell. John Stapler, Win. N. L Crocker.and Robert 1'<;:trock, st- ettrities of Flint r Ver Academy—‘levied on and ri - 1 flirted to rite by a constable—property pointed out by Robert Peacock. JOHN C-' MOCNGiR, Jan 23 Strrif. vostpoxes ,*At,r. I fill be sot,l ,is<;.V re, J.ot No 20, in the ninth district, lo satisfy a ti fa from a in.-lioe*’■ court in \V ilkes county, 111 favor cf John B.Btniih vs John Ball, Jesse Ball and Charirs Deed, together with other fi fas—levied i.ti and retttrr.- to me bv a constable. JOHN C. MO( NGHK. Jan 23 sheriff. 'Me Sheriff Sale. , r EFftilE the court house <w Zebu!on, Pibe corny, trill be said, cm the first Tyred try in APRIL next, teh'tiin the usual hours of sole, The west haltoflot. of Land No nineteen (19,) in the third district of oriainallv Muuroc now Pikeceunty to itisfy a mortgage Fi Fnisaoed Irony the siipniioreoitr'. , . .... . of Pike county in favor of LIsv Buntin v* Benjamin George Pecuus shall after he passage of tins act, be BlinUn property pointed out iu niort.ragc ti ta. changed to the place ot bolding justice* court* in sa:d 28 jq^ H. ^UlYhllS, shcrifi. J Carroll Sheriff Sale. ’’E'SET’II I, be s'rid at Carrollton, Carroll county. Ojt.thr, first-Tuesday in MARCH next, tdihin the low- ful hours of sale, Lot of Gaud No 154 in the 4th district of rah! coun ty. levied on as the properly of John 8 Adams, fa sat isfy a Fi £’a issued from the stiperitir court of Troup, county in fiivor of Ilenry II Lumpkin v* raid Adtin*. Property pointed out bv-plaintiff's attorney. ja*t 28 ' J'HIN DEAN, dry> sheriff. district—and the precinct heretofore established at t.:e house of Jaino* Diamond, in Rockbridge district, is hereby abolished. Tiie election precinct heretofore established in the 17th company district, in Libettycounty, shall hereaf ter bo held at Biid’sstoro, in said county. -The election precinct iu the 47fiti< district, G. M. die house of Curley Grateboesc, to the store of M.& J. Warren, in said district, in the county of Newton. The election precinct heretofore established at the house of Alexander Cnbir.ess, in the 53i th district, (' M. Upson county, iu future shall be held at the lurtl: of Alfred II. Brown, iu said county. The election precinct heretofore established- at the house of Whitman II. Owen*, in tho county of De catur, bo removed to the house of Lyman Shepherd, oil -Spriug creek, in said county. That an election precinct be established at the house of John Sowell, iu thecounty of Crawford, and at tho house of Mary Hammock. The election precinct heretofore established in the 301st district, G. M in the county of Jones, at the house of Mrs. Baldwin, be removed to th it of Mid way Post Office, the place of holding justices’ courts and muster* for said district, in said county. In the comity of Cobb,atthe place of holding justi ces’ court in the 851st district, G. M. Fee. 3. And be. it further enacted hy the authority of the same,' That the election precinct in the 1'Jth dfi-uiot of Bryan bounty,: ow held at the house cf John Ro ger* in said county, be, and tiie sank 1 is removed to the house of Jacal Shuman, any lkw lo the cent wry not withstanding. Bee. 4. And it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the election*that may be held at the several pre cincts established by this act, shall be conducted in "the same way, and governed hy the Same law that is now in fin ce, regulating elections in tho aforesaid counties, or other ftuinties Slaving election reeinct*, any law to thecontrarv notu ithstanding. jO-iLPir DAY, Speaker of the House of Represent,Oircs. •ROBERT M. I t,'HOLS, President of the Senate. Assented to, December 2u, 1835. 2t 31 WILLIAM fiCllLliV, Governor. county, when sitting as A court orOrdinMy, for leave to sell the lauds and negroes belonging to tho estate of Joshua D. Bostick, late of said county deceased. nor. 2. 1835 LUCINDA BOSTICK, Adm'x. lf> ~ HARDY DURHAM. .IrfciV gTlGUR months after date application will be made ® to the court of Ordinary of Bibb county for leave to sell three fifth* of Lot of Land No )t> in the 8th dis trict originally Troup now Merriwother county, be longing to the orphans of William -Pace, late of said dec 10 SFBOURN HIXSON, guar. comity deceased 24 tCfiiJUtc month* afterdate application will he made * * to tho justices of the court of Coweta county wh<*n sitfng for ordinary purposes for leave to sell all the negroes belonging to the estate of James Carson, deceased, of said county, for the benefit of the lega tee*. JES3B RHODES U % Dec 5 3 \ '' ! A N ACT to permit the elections for Colonels to be hold at the various election precincts iu the seve- cr.-il counties of this Slate. Section I. Beil enacted by tke Senate and House of ieprcscntatiecs of the state of Georgia in General As, sembly n et, and it is hereby enacted by the authority afore said, That lioin and immediately after the passage of this act. it shall and may be lawful for all elections for col-nbls to be held at the various election precincts in this State; any law, usage or custom to the contrary notwithstanding JOSi.lI DAY, Speaker of the Houscof Rip rose n tat ices. HUBERT M ECHOLS, President of the Senate. Assented to, December 22, 1835. 31 2t WILLIAM SCHLEY, Fajcttc Mimt« ^aK'v , „ B EFORE tie court house m I’uytttivi-Ic, -Ojtllf county, on the first Tuesday hr MARCH ocet, rail tic sold, within the lawful kc-urs ej snlc, __ One -potted stisd Ilor.-e, levied <m as the property of John II Jones, lo satisfy an execution in tutor ol Bairtuel Cone sen. vs John it Jones aui James Jones. Lot of Land No twelve (12,) in the fourth district of originally Henry now Fayette (county, v. hereon Malcome Betbune now live*, levied on as tfca proper ly ofMalconte Bethtiue, to satisfy r.n. execution in fa- vor of JoJm C'argilc vs said Bcthuue. Lot of I.aOdNooileluratlrfcd and twenty three (ltiflA iu the fourth district of origiaaliy ilonrv oow Fa'Kttte county, levied on as the properly of James I.anter, to satisly sundry Fi Fas, Samuel Darden and others vs said Lanier. ALFRED BROWN,' sheriff. —rdso, will be sold as ahorn— 22 acres acre* of tiie north wee! corner of tot No 134 in the ‘7lh district of Payette county, levied, on ti* the property of Uriah Gla.*s, to satisfy « Fi Fa iti lavor ot T f) Kina vs said Glass. A. McilliiDI-- acp shff. the inferior court 01 , .i-c ...., urposes, for leave to sell To Ca'tistrl JUtahern. - Tlwmarta* Cabinet Wan House for sale, T IIE subscriber being desirous of leaving the part of the country offers for sale the wefiknowu stand m the town of Tiiomaston, including shop, lot benches, lathe, lumber house, A c dec. with every con venience for carrying un the uhovo bnsine**. For fur- thcrparlicolars, inquire uf the subscriber in Thqmas- 7re.*paTsTug on J ot of l^iid No 204. 23d district «*». jan 28' 34 'WILLIAM POWERS. fi 4 U It Mi -V S EED S. A SUPPLY of fresh GARDEN SEi 1)8 iu*t re- NL ceived—Aiso, The Garthliar's .Tlttn- rtel, with ins; ruction* for cultivating Garden: Plant*, Ac.—Price 124 «*• For sale by jan 1 28 J. II. & \V. 8. I.LLI8. ri lnotiin.- ® to the h morabl' when lot of land No 125 in the 3Jdistrict of originally Mon- roc now Pike county, it being the real estate of James Crawley a aiinor, JAMES CRAWLEY’, dec 17 ' 25 Natural Guardian. f jlUUK ntoritli* after date, application will be made to the houoniblc Inferior Court of Talbot coun ty, -vliere silting for ordinary purposes for leave to soli the Land and Negroes belongiug Ut the estate of John Riley, late of Talbot county, deceased, for the oenelit of the heir* and creditors of said deceased. JOSEPH RILEY. Adm’tr. Dec. 2ft, 183.5. dec 31 27 4tn TffNuUlt liioinns alter dale, application win tie made K 1 to tho honorable the Inferior Court of I’ike connty, when sitting for ordinary purposes, for an or der to sell all the real estate, and the negroes of John Akin, sen late of said county, deceased, for the ben efit the of licit*, iec. JNO. AKIN, jnn. ? , Nov. 7. 1835 29 . WILLIA M AKIN. T OUR Mouth* after date, application will be made to the Court of Ordinary of Baldwin coun ty for leave to seii part of tho Negroes belonging to Mary !( Jordan, a uiinot. Jan 8. 1830 25 WM. B. JORDAN, Guard'n. P‘ F OUR mouths after date, application will be mane to tho .Court of Ordinary of Bibb County firr leave to sell the land and Negroes helongiu Estate of James McDonald, late of said County dec’d. JEMIMA McDonald. Adm'x. im 14 GliF.EV McDOVM.O. h.l ** A AG 4' tQ j„oipbit the eiupioyuieut of staves and A free persons of color from Compot^jding or dis pensing of medicines iu druggist and apothecaries’ stores, aud to compel druggists and apothecaries to keep arsenic and other dangerous poisons under lock’ .md key, Ac. Section 1. Ih it enacted by the Senate and House of Reprc scuta tires of the state if Georgia tit General As sembly met, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same: That from aud after the first day of Juuuary tiext. any person or persons having in his, iier or tlieir employment, auy slave or free persons cf color in any apothecary shop or druggist store iu this Stale, in the apothecary branch of their business, iu putting up. componndiua or dispensing, purchasing or vending any drug or drugs, or medicines of any discription, kind or sort, whatsoever, shall be guilty of a high mis demeanor, and on couviction thereof many court hav ing cognizance of the same, shall be fined tho stun of ono hundred dollars for the first offence, and for every ■ ibscquent oifcnce shall be fin**d in tile sum of five Hundred dollars, one half of said fine to go to the in- formor, and t«e other half into thecounty treasury for county purposes. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted hy the. authority- a- foresaid. That every druggist or apothecary, or any o- tlier person or persons vending any medicines of a poisonous quality, shall not vehd the same to any per son ar persons of color, under tiie penalties aforesaid. Sec. 3. And be it further endeted by the authority a- foresaiJ, That nothing in thisact shalibc so construed, as to prevent druggists and apothecaries from employ ing auy uegro or free person of color, in that brunch of tlieir business which does not require them to open their clmgs or medicines, or compound or dispensing the same, but they may be permitted to employ said persons to perform Che laborious part of their work, under the immediate ditection and control of some white person. Soc. 4. And be it further enacted by the authority a- foresaid, That all laws and parts of laws, militating ; gainst this act, be and tbe same are hereby repealed JOSEl'H DAY, Speaker of the Hawse of Representatives. ROBERT M. ECIIOLS, , President tf the Scnato. Assented to. December 26. 1835. 2ft 2! WILLIAM SCHLEY, Governor. JButl* Sheriff Sale. O N the first Tuesday in MARCH next, v.dlbitcld before the court house door in the. town of Jackson, Betts county, within the legal hears of sale, JOIj acres of ianj levied oaasthe properly of Jos eph Parker, it being the one half of jot. No. *2, in the 4th district of Monroe county when surveyed, now Gluts; and-tiie north half of said lot. lo satisfy t Sft front a Justice's cotilt of said connty. in favor oi'Jetc- uiiuh M’Gleaduii, vs said Joseph .Parser. Property pointed out bv plaitiiilff. Levied and returned to me by a constable. JA3ILS. W. 'WATKINS, Sh'f. Jan. 22. til Henri/ Fax Collector's «ale. B E r OKL the Court house in the tcu n a) McDonough I fenry county, will be. sold, an the first Tuesday ta APRIL next, between thclaufnl hours of saic, thejoUotc- ing Lots of Lund, or so much thereof as kill satisfy the T<ue for joe year 1834, aud costs, biz: Forty act os, No 918,3d eist 1st sec UhcrpkcO; pre en ia b’j William T Crews, tax 40| cent*, and cost. 2024 acres, I\'o 37, Till (list Henry, lying on W alinst crock, the property of Robert X■ Flint ing, ux 28J c. One i.ot in the town of McDonough, »!;<: property of H’hiijictd Huff, tax 435 c. 40 acres, No 782 lGth drst'id sec Cherokee, as the- • properly of James Allen, tax -accents. ^ j 160 acres, .No iftii 2th dist 4th yc<: Uhetpk-o, r_s ti-.c- properlvof iiichara Rdight, tax 354 c. 2o24 acres, No 110 fid dist Henry , as t5eproperty off James G Perryman, tux 7'U c. 40 acres,No J23 13th dist r a sec, on Nim ble Twigcraefc, a* the pro^erjvol^ John U Skinner, tax I2i c. 40 acres, No 272 12th dist 1st see Cheroki e, ns tiie. property of Thomas H Yarborough, tax ~-'.S c. 130 acres, No J12 Dili dist Vtt sec Giiciuttec, as tiie, property of John C Henderson, tax •! < 3 c. 160 acres, No 107 t2th dist ;:d sec Cherokee, a* the property of Jlarnabas Godwin, tax 184 e. reluiued by AKi.i Bcveas as agent. 40 acres, No 037 2d dist 4th sec CberoLce. as the- property of Presley G Hereupon, tax 854 c- 40 acres, No 1121 2d dist *tn sec Cherokee, as the property at'Keaton tpchunh, tax 20^c. i=*4> acres, No 143 ti;h dut 1st sec Cherokee, as the property of Moses T Caps, tax 354 c - 2324 acres, No 64,17 lit dist Dclvulb, as the 'proper ly of John C Gorham, tax 384 c. ' 2024 acres, No 4ft 1st. dist Campbell, asths proper ty of John G. Cannada, tax l,u3|[ c. 40 acres, No 686 Ifitli doit 3d sec Cheioker., as tha property of William Fleming, tax (ie$ c. 50 acres. No 22 3u dist Henry, as the property Of William Moor, tax 314 c - 2t/2A acres; No 2ho, 8th di.-t Henry, on. Tiisnha wa ters, as the properly of John Freeman, tax 38}'c. 40acres, 478, 3d dist 1st sec C'hcrokeo, as the pro-- norty of Silas B liuehhattau.lux 2,i4 c. jan 2*1 HUGH 1.0.M1INO, t.c.h c. 1 31OU K months after date, application will bo made to tho Court of Ordinary of Bibb county for lii the’ leave to sell tho Kca! Estate belonging to the orphans UTtuuu iiiuiitif alter Uaie. appiuanou wm 1,1 11... T M? to the Inferior -Courtof Bibb county, when sit ting for ordinary purposes, ior leavo to soil the real e- stute belon*'t«g’to Carolino Spruce, a minor J in. 18.'30 J\’T'-'S W. Gk' -'S. Guar MNuilrt Jiolithn niter date, liMmuA Will 1:01'iR.ic Jc t» the honorable tiie Inferior Court of Pike comity, when sitting for ordinary j>nrj>o*os, for leave to sell ail the Estate of John Johnson deceased. WILLIS J. MILNER. ? ., , F. LI All W. WELLS, \ A!lm s ' Zclmlou, Jan. 15..1334 30 if Joseph Wood late of said con 11 tv deceased, fill I t. 183(1 2ft REBKGCA WOOD Gxsr. r »U!t month* after date .application will be made to the Inferior court of Stewart county when fitting for ordinary pnrpotes. for leave to sell the land ami Negroes bolott: iug to the estate of Al exander Nelson, lute of said comrtv deceased.. 3« THOMAS S. CHAPPELL. ? . (Ws Jan, tf. AV1LUAM NELSON. 5 I AtJUR mouths after dote appiieition wilt be made to the Inferior court of Twiggs county sitting for ordinary purposes for leave tv sell a hit of fttud in Carroil county, drawn by the orphans of Robert Reyn old* late ofsaid county. Jail. 19 30 THOMAS S. CHAPPELL,Guar. HEAD QUARTERS, ©-ii Millcdgcetllc, January 13, 4ThRDERF.D, That the following persons be. tied Yw they are hereby appointed Aias de-camp to the Commander-in-chief, • vvitli the rank of Colon, ), and that they be obeyed and respected accortlitigly, tq vvK Norman' McDonald «r MiTum.-ti EZEKIEL LESTER «f Buiko. ROBERT ATKINSON of Jefti-rxmr ROBERT WILLIAMS of Columbia. FREDERICK L. BROOKING of H.icco4i * BOl.LI.NG IL ROBINSON of Baldwin JAMES DUDLEY THOMAS of Cl,if PAUL JOIfP.S SL.MMLS of Wilkes ANDREW S LIDDELL of Jackson THOMAS MORRIS of Lranldin- Wit.LI AM G. SMITH «.f Jones- DAVID J. BA ILLY, of Butts WILLIAM W. WIGGINS ofTW"; THOMAS HILLIARD of Ware- ^ Pi:TER II. COFFEE oFTe-fnir HENRY TLMOSELJ Y oflfaboif WH.UA.M M. YAR.YUMrfLumpkifr' OS8IAN GREGORY et Bibb ' BENJAMIN F. ITARRG9 of Monroe** JAMES M. FLOWERS of Troup EDMOND B. THOMPSON of C’aintilhdff JOHN DU I. olTarly JAMES L. BURKES ofTnlh.v TUBMAN WALTHALL, t ’.‘.rnkfing*- CHARLES D. DAV ! • Walton JE. ZACHARIAII B. HA'CRi ;\ 1. 0 fCax» WILLIAM V BISHOP ofMuriav SAMUEL'PARIS of W . k. r By the tcmmaiiiRx in«1 i, fi. J. \Y. LUMPKIN,sec.