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Macon Georgia telegraph. (Macon, Ga.) 1836-1844, February 18, 1836, Image 1

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jjj. A E. E. BARTLETT. JIMCOJT, GEOIiGFeL, TLFUMttUM1*, FEBMtfTMtY IS, 1836. A elaiue X.— _ 4O. 8UU.SU.i>t lU.I. sS ;>oLtAlU,Jwid»* auranee. trill pay forthe pa- * ‘ utJir. Fiv* Dollars, paid in advance, will pay !*"!!!; irn r tiro years. Tzs Dollars, paid in advance P r .,, t L the paper Jit* yean. **'rjwM irifAi* *« months after the year has 1 "‘--l, T.trte Dollars and Fifty Cents per annum ^ rhsrgfJ. V nul P«W until <Ac end ojTrta ;gar. Dollars per annum teill be charged—with interest i>EW DRUG STORE. S>21. H. 2.GO&2& ITTJ AS just received a large assortment of DRUGS JUL A MEDICINES, at the Store one door below •v ■ B. Johnston’s Jeiyelri r which be will sell at ino derate prices; among which are PAINTS, Whits Lead, Red Lead. Black Lead, Litharge, Verdi- VVARE HOUSE and C O III Iff 1 S S I O Iff Business. FJi HL undersigned begs leave toinionn his friends A JSL public generally, tliat he wiil continue the above business in all its various branches at the old stand for merly occupied by Bennett A Carter in East .Macon. ^. a „. ul „„„ e? , erul . he onera Oi the uaual iacilitie* in business by gris, Chromic Green, Chromic Yellow, Spanish Brown, if. making liberal advances on produce stored with him, Yellow Ochre, Stone Ochre, Umber, Vcuetian Red, ™ not exceeding o.w hundred ,cords, half sh, P n »ent* to his friends in Savannali^Charlcston,; Lampblack, Rosepink, Terra do Sienna, Vermillion ' r ,,r tircirc brevier lines, trill be 'inserted one time or , ,** io , His U are Houses are conveniently sit- Prussian Blue, Osborn's water colours. ***’"»:" men more than one insertion is given, "“ le “ near Uie nver. and remote from other buildings * - ■ which renders them quite secure front danger by fire. Insurance enn be effected at lowest rates if required. The undersigned will give his whole attention to the above business and hopes to receive a portion of pub lic patronage. A General assortment of Groceries will be constantly kept on hand and sold at the lowest prices. sept9 II II. K. CARTER. tkrroftct- Venus of Advertising’. .«»art. or rwaccm,..., r. One dollar, men more t'!J s f,r the .first, and !*) * j fvn thick * deduction of i t • . rf . rents for each continuant) ? if onefourth teiU be made, when lid is advance pity thrlrry. * Wtrlg idea . fj r Ttcr»ty Dollars per annum ; and (*5, (or -«larger space—payable quarterly 1'herrprusrs of our business, and the state .. M |drrrtisers will be allowed two snnarcs in rack n.»—- — - — • anil in the same of the times, ttpart. tint these' terms should he rigidly adhered tv. YORK & DARIEN Line o f Packets. ^ XL BRIG Amelia Strong. J. Chace, Master. b>*T. Premium, Mr. Matthews, “ Darien, C. P. Buckley, 44 ■ f is? •• “ Macon, A. Bibbins, “ a'cl.r. D. II. Crane, T. Baker, 44 . I fi(>0 .| sud -iihstantial vessels, well calculated for the | £ ,vitli good accommodations for passengers, and ( v, ri‘)iic'‘d commanders, One of the vessels will al- ,v i'v. lie at each end of the Line to receive freight, and will ail regularly once a week. Shippers by this line C3U gifoct Insurance at live eighths per cent and they in rely upon the vessels being regularly despatched. Tj\ eiiiscrilters are also agents for several Steamboats ., regularly during the boating season between Darien. HawkinsviUe. and Macon, and are induced to ^ lfV , |i w t they can givo great facilities in forwarding ,. m |, .1,.,lined forthe interior of the State. * 1IAW S & MITCHELL, Agents. I)«rim. 1st July. 1835 3 GROCERIES, WARE-HOUSE, ami Commission v . Business. ( ^1 l O. JEWETT & Co. respectfully inform their W friends and tho public generally, that they liuve added the Ware House and Commission Business to that heretofore conducted by them. Their Ware House is conveniently situated on second street, near- OILS, Linseed, Sper-o. Whale, and Train Oils, and SpLs. Turpentine, Copai, Japan, Coach, Leather, dc Picture Famishes. BRUSHES. Flesh, Ilair, Hat,'"’raining, Varnish, Furniture,Tooth. Paint, Nail, Coin Shoe, Scrubbing, Sweeping. Dus ting, Velvet, Whitewash, Clothes, "Horse, and Velvet Brushes. PERFUMERY. Cologne, Rose Honey, Florida, Lavender, A Orange Flower Wate.. Aromatic Vinegar, Bears’ Oil, Antique Oil, Cldorine Tooth Wash, Cream Soap and other Shaving Soaps, Wash Balls, Drop Lake, Essences of Rose and Cedrat, Extrait dp Meil, Flake White, Hair Powdrr, Orris Root, Milk of Roses, Oils of Orange, Bergamot. Cedrat, Cinnamou, Lavender. Neroli, and j Roses; Oxy-chloriue Lofton, Pearl Powder, Pomatum, JYE vv GOODS. WM. H. BlJaDSAIsL., H AS Just received a new and extensive as sortment of ' DRY GOODS, KEASYEWUUSE C&OTHZ&G, HATS, SHOES, (,c which ho is ffToriiig for sale at reduced prices Tor Cash Only. HIS STOCK.CONSISTS, IN PART, OF TUF, FOLLOWING: Super Saxony, Blue, Black and Fancy Colored Broad Cloths Blue, Black, Mixed and Fancy colored Satinetts English Merinoes Duffle,’Point and Hose Blankets Scarlet, Crimson. Green and While Flannels ly adjoiiii;*g lheir store. All cotton consigned to them, I Powd^r P.I^ Pres^^^ £ncy vE culler b > tin. planters or dealers in the article, or or- als. Tonqnin Beans, Vin de Rouge, Vegetable Rouge, ders to sell or buy in tins market, will be promptly &. Macassar Oil “ pioitrrr steam Uoai /Line. I I »;! transportation to and from Macon, is now I complete order. A superior new Steam Bo; r.i k\l -David Crockett" with two powerful Engines ln j first rate freight boats hare been built since ibc close of tho last season and placed on the line. Slam limit Pioneer, Copt. Uoorlwin, “ “ Davit Crockett, “ M'Cormick will plv regulaily between Darien aud Macon, one of liic n li- iving" Darien about once a week with freight txMK III low. ~ Sum 3aat ©^41X11113X011, Capt. Bomtell, H.ilriin constantly between Darien and Savannah tU'la.Iorl the greatest despatch to Cotton. T.ia <nb.-rribor's whole attention is devoted to facil rating transportation between Macon and the Ser 1’mK He lus invested a large sum to put his line 5i tii- tnait eo uplete order, and believes that his arrange lit. giv in. despatch to freight and keeping it in {til order, while in liis cart-, will mako it the inter* »i'C itton .Shippers mid .Merchants ordering goods, tc Miitimie their thvors. li II irieu he has secure and convenient Warehouse fcriFcepiion of Good*, and his IViurires thorc are covered with sheds, ttiirh i-mhles him to keep all Cotton shipped on hi Bun mi lor shelter and protected from the weather wade landed for reshipment. JAMES R BUTTS ill'K. UoLCOVtaic, Peck, A Co., Charleston. I',, t*. Butts, Savannah, J. T. Rowland, Darien !). !5 Halstead, HawkinsviUe. Hjcoii, Vov. I - , 1H3J —22 Macon Steam Float Company. tarass* Stf.-i.nlioat SUPERIOR, Capt. tJeorge Willcox, tlo. EXCEL, “ J. L Willcox. T HIS company have now their line of Beats it: coiii|ile!« order for freighting. They have it o- ' ■ added to their line called the Superior n-ii ten Tow-Boats. T.i • li cits will run regularly betwa* n Macon an.i De.cii, one of the steamboats leaving Darien even h-or-i.x Jays with tow-boats. The company have -iveen tow-boats, all firstrate boats,built expre.,s- lj i'"rt!w navigation »»r the Otuntilgee and Altamaha tac.->; ,||.t>e increased facilities will enable the coin- the means of giving the greatest despatch to is’.inn or goods shipped by their line. fn-i have a Steainbnnt and a number of Sloops, l»carry cotton and merchandise between Darien and Pinnuvh. atul Darien and Charleston. There are ['m. fire lirst rale Packets running regularly between •if.-n and New York, which conns to Hawes A WRelic I, of Darien. Agentsfor the above Hoots : J. GODDARD, Macon. jiovcK, IIkvrv «St Walter, Charleston, j- Baldwin A Co. .Savannah, Ih'vssA Mitchell, Darien. ''to- K. KoBEttrs, HawkinsviUe, 'Leon. ’Ll;h Dec., ISitfi. 2(5 UrttiHlgee Steam Uoat Company. "v promptly attended lu. They have also a convenient close storage house for the reception of merchandize Jrom the country; the receiving and forwarding of which, will receive a particular share of their attention. Liberal advan ces will be made on cotton stored, or on shipments to any market, when desired. They also have on hand, aud expect shortly to re oeive a large and general assortment of GROCERIES, DRY GOODS Such as St. Croix and PortoricoiSt Havanna sugars, Cuba. Rio and Java cofTee. Liverpool salt, Swedes Iron, Noils, Brads, cast, German aud blister steel. Heavy hemp Bagging, Bagging twine twilled sack ing, Oznnburghs, Negroes cloths, shoes, hats, raps, claoks. Powder, shot, and lead, saddles and bridles, ■Sets Blacksmith tools, casting-*. Hardware, Calicoes. Flannels. Blankets, Wax Calf skins, &c Which they will sell on as good terms as can be had in this market. 11 Sept 10 AGE AC Y A AD 0031 \ 1 ISSlOJN BW&IIVSS&S. IN DARIEN. 1II HE undersigned returns his thanks to his friends A r or the liberal support which he has heretofore • ercivnd from them in the above line of business, and -olicits a continuance of their patronage. His arrange ments for conducting business, and particularly in gi ving despatch in receiving and forwarding produce A merchandize and protecting them while in his-charge, are at least equal to those of any others in his line. He will spend the summer ill and iii the vicinity of Darien, and any business addressed to him will receive his per «i>nal and prompt attention. u» • TJOHN T. ROWLAND. 15 tloz. Gen lie men* s Flats, I N Oil sale very cheap. The subscriber desirous of disposing of his entire stock of 11 ATS, will sell ; em at nry reduced prices, and many of them at the isnal cost at the manufactory. nov 18 WM H BURDFALL. The .TFncon dot It in:? Store I ts removed to the store lately occupied by .Messrs Myrick, Napier A Freeman, next to Mr Win B i -hnsun’s Jewelry store, where may be found a good Assortment of Clothing. Flats, Hoots, Shoes and Faucy Articles- consisting in part of n blue, black, brown, green, olive inixt and silver grey Frock Coats ■’ino blue, black, brown, greeu, claret and olive Dress Coats trown. green, mixt and silver grey Coatees super drab mixt brown and green Over Coats 'etershaut over and Huniiug Coats—Ladies’ Cloaks iontlcuieii’s carablet Cloaks, moleskin Hu tiling coats Satinet and beaverteen round Jackets, J’autaioons and Vests of almost every description .'otton and woollen nolt .Shirts and Drawers, Flan- iel. Canton Flannel, plain and twilled Cotton Draw- s. Linen and Colton Shirts. Flannel Shirts, Collars, insom*. Gloves, Hosiery. Russian Belts, Black ital- n and white Cravats, Cotton, worsted and Gum El- -ticsuspenders, a great variety of Stocks, Umbrellas 'loth. Fur. and Hair Seal-skin Caps. .10 eases Hats, Fine Boots and shoes, India Rubber hoes. Ladies India Rubber shoes. Also Fine blue, black, invisible green, and Royal purple loth*. Buff Cassimere, Tailor’s Trimmings, Milita ry Trimmings, &c. »Vc., all of which will be sold at reduced prices for cash. .Macon oct. 22. 21 HORACE FITCH. A- Macassar Oil. DYE STUFFS. Annatto, Cudbear, Fig Blue. Fustic, Galls, Indigo, Madder, Nicaragua Wood, Alum, Turmeric, and Ground Logwood. MEDICINES. Acetic, Citric, Oxalic A other Acids, Acoustic Oil, Alcohol, Nitrate of Ammonia, Concentrated Liquor of Ammonia, Atkinson’s Depilatory, Balm of Columbia, Patent Barley. Breastpipes, Brimstone. Cayenne Pep per, Spanish Saffron, Aminoniaret of Copper, Sago, Emetine, Cicuta Plaster, Ext. Aloes. Cinchona, Col- oeynth. Elaterium, Jalap, Kahinca, Nux Vomica, Rhu barb, Rhatama, Lead, Savin, Sarsaparilla A Cubebs, Dandelion, Valerian, Opium A others. Phosphate of Iron, Red Oxyde of Iron, Tartariz’d Iron &c.-Ginger Powders. Hamilton’s Elixir, Magnesian. Aperient English Calomel, Hoffinau’s Anodyne, Oii’d Silk or Hat Case; Iodine, Jujulie Paste, Lactucarinm. Lan- rets, Patent Lint, Ltipulinc. Lobelia. Medical Spoons. Acetate and Sulphate of Morphia, Mustard. Oils of Caraway, Copaiva, Croton, Fennel, Wintergreen. Se neca. Denarcotised and Powdered Opium, Phospho rus, Piperiue. Pocket Instruments. Hydriodate «!k Ox y-iijuriate of Potash, Potter’s Catholicon. Liquor of Po tash, Dragon’s Blood, Seatons, Stoughton’s Elixir, Strychnine, Powdered Valerian, Rhiibarbnriue, Sali- cine, Sanford’s Bark. Lac Sulphur, Syrup of “Liver wort, One Stethoscope. Swann’s Panacea, Scidlitz Powders, Tamarinds, Tincture of Colchicmn. Wine ofCoichicuni, Trusses. Turbith Root. White Hellebore, Colchicuiu Seeds, Acetate "f Colchicmn. Aromatic Carbonate of Ammonia ; an Assortment of Patent Me dicines. and all others in common use, Garden Seeds, and Shop Furniture for Physicians.— ALSO, Couching, C upping, and small Scaling.Tnstrunisnts; aud one second hand set of Amputating and Trephin ing Instruments. April 29 MA CON T HE subscriber having made arrangements with some of the most extensive Carriage Manufac tories in the nothern cities, will have on hand, and be constantly receiving, the coming season, a" extensive assortment of CA RRIAGES, BAROUCIIE& and vehicles of all descriptions, which will he of the be«t workmanship and materials, and whirh will be sold on as good terms us can be purchased in any city in the Southern country. Also, an extensive assort ment of SADDLERY. HARNESS. and every other article appertaining to our line of busi ness. Persons wishing to purchase would do well to give us a call. WRIGLKY & HART. Opposite corner from Washington Hall. 3ept 2 tun 11 1 H-i company will bo prepared to commence bu- siun.-s, earlv in ibe next scasou—They will have | file afl'.irkets between New York, and Darien and > nv --,.|s lo forward goads from Darien to Macon pTiieaieiitsin New York, Charleston, and Savannah, ■ w U-luthorised to coutract for the delivery of goods : Macon, at a freight agreed oil without inlurmedi- rtfrirge am) ||)s agent in Macon will receive cotton 'Table in Savannah, Charleston, and New York— •tfoaipany’s vessels and boats, will he of first class -•srtperienced commanders, and no expense will be to must lira patronage oftlio public. I’ll. It YONGE A f»ONS, Agents in Darien. 1«35 4ft F. F. LEWIS, MSRCSAKT TiLiaOS, H AS taken die stand a few doors above the Clo thing Store of Mr. L. Fitch, on Mulberry street where he combines to carry on the Tailoring business. He assures all those who may furor him with their custom, that their work will be none at the shortest notice, and in the he«t manner. He has on hand a supply of the best materials in his line, consisting of CLOTHS, Blue, Black, royal Brown, CJaret, Raven, Green, Ac. CASSIMERES,—A good assortment. VESTINGS, A good variety of the best quality. Petersham, and a complete assortment of T. i IL OR’S TRIMMINGS. He respectfully solicits a share of the public pat ronage. Macon, Oct 30 1834—24y SUGAR, COFFEE, Ac. /j) /f\ IIHDri. prime rit. Croix Sugars, "SJS '-iJr 20 barrels N. Orleans do 100 do Canal Flour, 100 do Howard st. do 125 pieces Hemp Bagging, 30 bags Cuba Coffee, 20 half qr. casks Malaga Wine, 50,000 Ilavnnnah Segars, of the best quality, For sale by 14 30 REA A COTTON Just received l&O Bags prime green Coflee 25 hhdsst Croix P. R. aud N. O. sugar 6 Boxes Loaf sugar 10 hhds Molasses 50 bids N E Rum 30 44 superior Whiskey Jamaica mid st Croix Rum Hoi. Gin, Cog. Brandy Sperm and Tallow Caudles, soap, starch,Chocolate, &c. ALSO Salt, Iron-Castings, Bagging, Bale Rope, together with a complete assortment of M ? ancy, and Staple Dry Goods. Jan. 2), 30 L. RUSSELL. A FLOCK * MOLASSES. barrels Canal Flour, 8 lihds Cuba Molasses, new crop, just received and for sale by , REA A. COTTON. In Store, 50 hlids .St. Croix Sugar, prime quality, 150 hags Coffee. 200 pieces Hemp and Tow Bagging, 5 rt ,000 Havanna Segars, choice. 2(5 liMIMISSlOiN BUSINESS, At Barieji, Ga. [|illi: undersigned have resumed business as -l bou>, and will ua heretofore pay prompt atten- 10 ail business entrusted to their care. Wa believe j Fnude arrangements that will euable us at nil | 10 forward goods for the interior with the least Pralile delgy, by steamboats when the river will ad-; or in extreme low river by small flats or lighters, | r ! e *pre»sly for that business. On our wharves 1 [' WS 44 Storehouses, calculated for tho storing of cot- Jtemoraf. CHAXI&1S& © IZaFBSZiSi H AS removed to the new Fire Proof Buildings corner of Mulberry A Second Street, where wiil he found a good stock of Staple Dry Goods, H its. Caps, and Shoes, with a ge'-eral stock of Gro ceries. Iron. Silt. &c. for sale at the market prices. Macon nov. 4th H;Ci. Ift -1V bid- Canal t-lour, S&sP I0 halfbbls do 20 Kegs laird, 50 Boxes Cheese. . . —, , 10 Half bids Nol Mackerel, , •' , 'east possiblo expense, and our opportunities : j„ p , received and for sale by K ’ r,VJrd r °K°n inland or coastwise, are not exceed- nov . 5. |&55. ift CHARLES CAMPBELL. 1 auy other House. ^ ... j Fire proof Buildings corner Mulberry A Second st larien \i on ^ MITCHELL. HE copartnership heretofor eexistiug tnider the T n ’ May ao. 1835. 40 j «S* firm of Shotwell, Drown A Co. is this day dissolv- ,FF'RJHM.vioit Unsiness, Ffarirn. cd hy mutual consent. The business will be contind- >• I- ni.ersigned have formed a Copartner hip e d kf II. !e J. Shotuxll, who will settle the accounts. I J :i « niri.’V oimmiiMM ■ toribe purpose of transacting a geiieral Com '•"a and oilier business under the firm of »]„SNOW A ROGERS. ’ I, . ' ir "‘-f'-'ces to their friends, and tho public hr 'F 111 tho above business. Forwarding Goods ■ '"tore to and from the interior of the State, will Macon, Dec. 31st. 1835. HARVEY. SHOT WELL. WM. G. BROWN, JACOB SHOTWELL. 27 Hump Oil. Save 44 > ,44 " 4 ‘»'umrior 01 U.e oww. w... , Gallon- Wirner strained Lamp Oil very attention. It may; be proper to handsome-just received and for sale . "‘“toy Iwve no connectJon with any of the a ,.na,mr,. ■n luu,oortation]i ne9; Goods forthe inti r’or will ' "hipped bv iliose who will probably give I,.,/"toto-tdespatch. ISAAC SNOW, ■ iW GEO. T. ROGERS cj ! "dersigned tenders his thanks to bis friends u>( i "" ''beral patronage he has for many yen's ''I'inii.'" 3 r* Hre ' ''to® 1 tlie same seal with ti y, * ‘tohvidiwl capacity he nppliod himse'f, will if v .r. Ft, . * n protecting tliose interests which l)-iri«n ,, l ^' 4 <-‘d to the new establishment, 2 J ■—E 183(5 ISAAC SNOW. by II. A J. SHOTWELL. Jan. 14. 30 Oppositsthe Central Hotel. OFF, 1 AM determined to sell nly entire Stock of Goods which comprise almost every article suited to the trade of this place. Merchants anil Planters will do welltocall- Nov 1ft 21 IMVIO I’AI.ST 4 " y^LMANAGKS FOR 1836. to Gross, Dozen, or single, for sale by CHA3. CAMPBELL. jfcsurance. rjElHE Insurance Bank of Columbus, will insure B Cotton on the River, and also take a few risks against Fire in this city. Apply to ROBERT COLLINS. Maeon. Oct. 27. 1834. 19 Job Frintinar done at tbi& Gtbcc .Veto Store—Fresh Goods. T ill’, subscriber is now opening, on second street, next door to Patrick A Martin, aud nearly op posite the Commercial Bank, a complete assortment of Staple and Fancy DRY GOODS. Which will be sold at prices intirh reduced, being bo’t on reasonable terms and cheap, they wiil be sold ac cordingly. His stock comprises in part os follows: WOOLENS. 8-4, 9-4 and 10-4 London Duflil Blankets—10-4 and 12-4 tine Mackinaw do—Negro Plains and Liuueys— super blue, black, brown mixt Cloths—Fine and com mon Satinets, assorted colors—superfine Valeniia and Toilinet Vestings—super white and. red Flanuels—do Merino do. STUFFS. Black and colored <5-4 Meriuos—do do Borabazetts— fine (5-1 Bombazines—Pink Katinet—figured Circas sians. COTTON GOODS. super and common plain and twilled Calicoes—swiss. Jaconet, Mnll and Book Muslins—black and colored cambric Ginghams—Irish Linens in j pieces very fine —colored and white Homespuns—Rmvcn cassimeres and checks—birdseye and Russia Diapers—Linen cambric Ilkfs, Russia sheetings, Ac SILKS, Blark super Poi de soie silks—do Italian Lustring do —rich colored silks very cheap—Levantines, sarsnets and sinchews. HANDKERCHIEFS. Mandarin, Ileriiinci, embroidered Romani, Bagdad, rich satin, figuered Thibet, embroidered Thibet wool and martin gauze Hkfs—rich figured gauze Ribbons— Handsome thread Edgings and Quiltings—Blond Ed gings and Bobinet Laces—and many other articles, which cannot fail to give satisfaction os to price and quality. • dec 17 25 ARCHIBALD McARN Printed Snlsbury do Canton and Saxony and Gauze do llamask Table Diapers Birds Eye and Russia do Scotch _ do Black, Blue aud coloured Bomhazettes do do do Circassians Negro Cloths Linseys Bleached and l’uhleache<! Shirtiugs & Sheetings Hamilton' Jeans Black -Italian Lustring do Gros'de Swiss do do Naples do do Beilin do Sinchews and Sarsanets Colored Gros de Naples Black and colored Florences do Italian Crapes Merino Mantles aud Square Shawls Common, Thibet wool. Valentin, Silk Damask and twisted Silk Shawls Hcrnahi, Muslin, Crape, Gauze and Gros de Na ples Dress 1 Id kfs Ladies and .Misses Bonnets — Irish Linen* and Lawns Cotton Cassimers Beaver Fustians English Moleskin Aprou and Furuituro Checks Domestic Plaids and Stripes Bed Ticks FloorCloth Baize Green Frieze (Roth Furniture Dimity Russia SheetingBear Duck Cambric do Bleached Dowlass Ozuaburghs Bangup Cord Coitor Yarn Colton, Worsted and Lambs wool Hosiery Black and rolpred Cambrics Satin and Gauze Garnitures Blk aud col’d Lustring Ribbons D irk aud li^ht col'd Prints and Giugbums Lace and Gauze Veils Fig’daud plain Bobiuot Lace Thread Laces Cambric, Saxony, Swiss, Mull, Nansook and Book Muslins I inen Cambric Udkfs Pongee, Indian Flag and Spittlcfield Udkfs Carved ami plain Shell Combs Gentlemens English Buck, Beaver and Goat skin Gloves Ladies Beaver, Goat skin and Silk Gloves Bead Reticulos S.eady-made ©lcthiagi Superfine blue, black, invisible green, Adelaid, olive brown and green Broadcloth Dress Coats, Superfine blue, black, brown and green Cloth Frock Coats, Superfine hloo, olive, green and mix’d. Cloth Coattees, aud blue, steel mix’d and fancy colored Sattiuet Coattees and Frock Coats. Super, blue, black, invisible green, drab, brown, olive, and green Cloth Pantaloons, Blue, black aud fancy colored Sattinet Pantaloons, Youth’s cloth and satlinet Dress and Frock Coats, do d<i_„ do Pantaloons. Black and blue Cassimere, black and colored Velvet, black Florintine, black Bombazine, dark and light colored Valentin, English Silk, colored and white Merseilles Toilinet, Swunsdown and Sattinet Vests Camlet Cloaks and Great Coats, Mixed, brown Cloth A Patershatn Box Coats Lyon Skin Overcoats. Fine Linen Shirts, Collars, Bosoms, Socks. Ac. Negro Clothing. Men’s dk Youth’s Fur Hats, do. do. Wool do. do. do. Cloth. Seal A Hair Caps, Fine Boots & Shoes—Negro Shoes, &c. &e. Oot. 15. 17 8 CG.IJK, COFFEE, FE O Fit, £tc. &v. JSf Bv*X^S Whitts and brown Hayauila augurs, (? jy *-& 123 bags prime green Coffee, 20 bags new crop Cuba do. 100 bbls Canal Flour, 20 qr casks .Malaga Wine, Received by Ocmnlgee Co’s boats, and for sale oi: accommodating lorni- !>y ilEA & COTTON. In Store. 39 hhds St Croix Sugar, 20 bbls New-Oricans do. • 53 ha f boxes and 8ti qr boxes best Spanish Cigars, , ’ 6 boxes Tobacco. Aid a "tea-- quantity of Bneginc. Feb 11 33 AE W R001x», JTnst received by Oieott cf Ells. P OETRY Or yFG, toe Darden's and l>avent- try’s, Tbarleston’s Tales, the Rambler in North America, Reminiscences of th * Rhine, Downey’s let ters, Crockett’s. Tour, Life of Dani-l Websier, Crock et's Life of Van Bureu, Life of Sir Walter Scott, PaulUlrie, Conti or the Discarded, complete«eUs Mrs Sherwood's works, do Miss Edgeworth, do Family Li brary, 'do Boys’ a-d Girls’ Library, do Hannah Moor’s, do ii win’s r. ork*. do Coopers, do -ir Walter Scott’s, Canning’s select speeches, Bnlwer’s uniform edition Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Jesuit Jugglery, all of Abbott’s works, do Sims, complete works of Mrs lie- man’s, Curiosities of Literature, Pilgrims of W'ajsiiur- hain. A so a large stock of School Books, Almanacs, and Stationary, Blanks, Globes, Ac. Arc which they oiler wholesale and retail. Liberal discount to teach ers. Jnn 28 .‘>.1 To Southern .fJerchunts. SI ALLOCU A RATESi Att. 234, Pearl st. New-York, R ESPECTFULLY invite the attention of South ern dealers to their stock of Goods now receiv ing for their spring sales, they have materially increas ed their stock of French f-ilk 'Goods and Fancy arti cles, as also, the varions kinds of .Muslins, Swiss Goods, Collars, Capes, Ac. Ac. which, together with tiler cxteiijivc stoex of staple. Foreign and Domestic !>»’> Goods, comprises an assortment probably e- qnat to any. ever offered in the city. The utmost ex ertions will be made to give, lit all respects, entire sat isfaction lo those who may favor them with their trade. .!.•» ,0 33 2m A •’n,.» r a-.j-Aj O.i' FOM SvFFuld. FBI Ht subscriber being desirous to remove to the 3 West, oilers for sale the LAND whereon he j now lives containing about (500 acres situated on both sides of Walnut creek, and on the stage road, six miios from Clinton, and about -ev-n miles from ^[acon. It is a healthy situation and tolerably well improved — Any person wishing to purchase will do well to call and examine the premises. P. PHILIPS. June CO. fell 1 33 3t NOTICE. A i.l. instalments on lots purchased of leased from, tho Mayor and Council of the city' of Macon, past due must bo paid to the City Treasurer on or be fore the first day of March next, or they wi!’ be consi dered. i.u fact forfeited and will be sold for the benefit of the City. By order of Mayor and Council. Feb 6 33 S.'O. LIPPITT, C. T. EMPirCATJOJl'S FWJHE Monticello Female Academy, commenced J5. its operations on Monday, the first February, under the superintendence of Mr. W. II. DUN T, ns principal, with the assistance of Jfrs Host, Miss M. A-Tavlob and Miss M. S. Taylor From their ex perience and celebrity as teachers heretofore, we have every confidence in asking the patronageof a generous public. The unusual locality for health, presents an inducement for students at u distance. Board can be had on good terms, either in the family of the princi pal or in the vicinity. Monticello, Feh. 2, 1838. * M CHAMPION, 3t 33 Secretary to the. Trustees F. A. HEAD QUARTERS* 6U* Div. G. Makio.v, Jan oaky, O RDERED, That Jas. M, Hracewei.i., of Haw- kinsvillc, be, and is hereby appointed Judge Advocate this Division, with the rank of Major, he is to i>c obeyed and respected accordingly. By order of Maj Get\. Wimberlkt. 32 JNQ. G, 3LAPPKV, Inspector ClHWJoiF Isitei::; S;;tc. Fostponcd Shft. I’ILL be sold ou the first Tueridajt in March next,, at the Court House in the .town of Knoxville, Crawford county, ihe following property, viz: One Lot oflaiid No. one hundred A ninety three, (193) in the sixth district of Crawford county, levied on as the property of Moses. Gfddina to «tt : s‘y sunaiy small fi fas issued from h Justice’s court :n the county’ of Pubiski in favor of Jinx. Rauls & Co. w said Mus es Giddiiis—property -pointed out by the plaintiff-— levied aud returned to me by a constable. 31 Jan.25. WAI. ii. FILES.^D. Sk'J. Also will be said as above- The interest of Ephraim Lovett in five Negroes now in possession ■ 1 Mrs .Mary Lovttt, viz: Uana a woman, and Carouse, i.ticinda. Mage, and Ifcimy, the four last named children—the above interest sold to satisfy a fi fa front Cl .iwf,-»-d superior Court, Reuben Turner v.-; said-Lphraim Lovett- Terms of sate cash. WM. CAMPBELL, Sh'J. Also wiflbc sold as.aboze, on thcji(st Tuesday in April, One Lot of Istitl in tlie first disuiet of Craw ford coun ty, No 103, levied on ns the property of Elijah Will lams to satisfy a fi fa issued from tlie superior court o - Morgan ocuiity in favor of Edward Williams. Prop erty pointed out by Jas M Harris. n-b t WM. CAMPBELL, sheriff. Houston Sheriff'Sale. O N thefest Tkestlay in MARCH next, uililesoh before the court house door, in tho town cf Perry, Houston county, between the lawful hours of sale. Twenty acres of lot ef Land, No, 174, in the 15th district, to satisfy a fi fa from a justices court, ill favor of John B.. McCarter vs Walter J,. Campbell, John Stapler, Wn>: N. L. Crocker and Koherf-Peacock, se curities of Flint river Academy—levied on and re turned to me hv a constable—property pointed out by Robert Peacock. JOHN C. MOUNGER, Jail 28 Sheriff. ■ POSTPONED SALE. Wth \e salt! asaioct, Lot No 20, in the ninth district, to' satisfy a fi fa from a justices’court in M i'kes county, in favor of John B. Smith vs John Hail, Jesse' Balt and Charles ■ Dood, together with other fi fas—levied on and return- toine by a constable. JOHN C. MOUNGER, Jail 28' sheriff^ Pike Sheriff Sale. B EFORE the court house in ZebulOn, Pile county, trill bn sold, on the first Fucsday in APRIL, next, within the usual hours of sale, The west half oflotof Laud No nineteen (19,) in thj third district of originally Monroe now Pikccpvtrrfto satisfy a mortgage Fi fa issued from thesuperior court of Pike county in favorof Ulsy Biiprifivs Benjamin Bnntin, properly pointed out ijrniortgage fi fa. jan 28 JOS.41. SHIVERS, sheriff. _ Carroll Sheriff Sale. la *711.1. he sold at Carrollton, Carroll county, c:i the ® V first Tuesday iit MARCH next, within the law ful hours of sale, l.ot of Land No 114 in the 4tli district of said coun ty, levied on as the property of John S Adams, to sat isfy a Fi Ta issued from the superior court of Troup county in favor of Ilcnry II Lumpkin vs said Adams. Property pointed out bv plaliuiff-s utorney. inn 28 ' J : »H-N PEA dip sheriff. PAINTING. H OUSE Painting, plain and ornamental, either in the city or country. Chairs repainted and ornamented. Lookingglass or picture frames gilded or bronzed Signs painted, and Fancy painting of various des criptions will be done bv applying to J. II. & W. 8, ELLIS. FRENCH MERINOS. FTA REEN, Blue, Brown and Crimson Merinos, "Uff Coloured and Black Merino Circassians, Merino Prints. Furniture do. White and red Flannels, with a variety of Eng lish and American Staple Good*, just received and (or sale cheap by CHAS. CAMPBELL. B ills o f Excha n ge O N Savanuah and New York, at sixty and ninety dava, will bo discounted by . Jan 14 30 REA A COTTON. swuini’s Panacea, Indian Panacea, 1*OTTEFPS CsLTJFOEICO.V, A supply ju«trac’d by H & J SHOTWELL. wVcir Boohs anti Stationary. J UST received—among which are the Token for J83I5, New Novels, Ac. Wo have Watts & Rip- pou, Dorsey’s choice Village Hymns, Ac. Gamuts for Flute. Piano Forte, Violin, die School and clas sical Books of all kinds, Miscellaneous do. Law and Medicine do. Blank do. Almanacks by single doz or groce, very fine Paper of all kinds. We invite out friends and the public generally to call on us, as it is tho interest of all to support a respectable Book estab lishment among us. dec 3 23 OLCOTT & ELLS. HE Subscriber will make liberal advances on 3 Cotton shipped to his friends in Savannah. Charleston, Philadelphia. New York or Boston nov. 5, J83C. ROIIT. ~ R EA A COTTON will make iib-tai' .--va-.CfcB on Cotton shipments to Savannah or New Y- '. 1-m <4. 09 TO .HECU AAICS. T HE subscribers having m-eri appointed a com mittee. hy the Trustee* of the “ Macon Fe male University,” for the purpose of contracting for the erection of suitable edifices forthe same, hereby givenotice, that they will receive proposals until the first day of March next, for making and laying the brick alone. It is supposed it will require from six to eight hun dred thousand brick to complete the buildings at pre sent contemplated. The proposals must be -made by the “ thousand brick. 1 ’ laid in the wall, including every material ex cept lime. The use of a brick yard, convenient to'the build ings, has been already procured for the use of the un dertaker, which, it is supposed, will, proportionably diminish the to«t of the work. Bond and security will be required from the under-, taker for the faithful discharge of his duty. E- HAMILTON, ) K. COLLINS, f J. COWLES J- Committee. II. G. LAMAR, I GEO. JEWETT, J Robt. Auo. Beall, Sec. All communications, post paid-, to be directed to the secretary Feb 4 32 II. B. lATTESOKi , For Ira it Fainter, ILL apply such time as is not employed V * on Portraits, to paiutiug Landscape, Poetical ami Historic.!! subjects for parlors, Ac Those having sketches of their own, can depend upon having them faithfully transferred; and those wishing designs from particular passages will bn accommodated. A few pictures of this class, now on hand, for sale, among the number, an original, just finished, from 81>ak*i)eare’s ‘- Merchant of Catic*,”—subject. Loren zo Sf Jessica. Lovers of the art are invited to call. Rontn hours from ft o’clock morning, tiil 4 o’clock, evening. Feb 4 32 U. W. R IEEIMIIAR, Jr. H Fortrait Fainter VS arrived at Macon, and may be found from 1) till 5 at the room over Mr Burdsalt’s store on Mulberry ■ c xts—ratoiea’ i-.rnune Capes, white do, Sqiur- jL’ rel tail Boas, Ladies' Opera Ties for the neck. Also just received. Men’s and Boys’Seal Caps. 14,’ Cases low price Napped Hats. G do Satin Beaver do, 3 do super line Fur, do. Gent’s Fur Tippits, 300 pair Gent’s dancing Pumps. Tho above will be sold at a large discount by the Case or dozen. Jan.6, 1830 ' 29 ISAAC NEWHALL. Next door to the Post Office. .m ittfi. uttU f t- ntnission Business. f Tttke this method of itiforuiiug my friends ami the public generally, that I have taken up the above business, and rasp c-tfiilly solicit a share of patronage. Alt Goods consigned to me shall be strictly attended to. according to directions, dec 24 2« C. L. HOWLAND, Eamp Oil. W INTER Straiued Lamp Oil just received and for sale by CHAS. CAMPBELL.,1836 28 Lb* Pork and Bacon, 100 do New Lard, for stile DAVID RALSTON 900,000 bv 28 7 F RUNAWAY ROM the subscriber in September last, a negro boy, named Charles, -bout 17 years of age, of black complexion, toleiubiy well set, cf rather slow speech—formerly belonged to the late Robert Flour noy, of Houston county. His mother '■till lives near Perry. I will give FIFTY D* 1LLARS for his appro- liension, and if he has been stolen or inveigled away, Fiftv Dollars mare, for proof to convict the thief Monroe co Feb 10 AMBROSE CHAPMAN. ICT The Savannah Georgian will publish the above weekly, four limes To Cabinet linkers. Thomaston Cabinet llare House for sale. T HE subscriber being desirous of leaving th-s part of the country offers for sale the well known stand m the town of Thoma->ton. including shop, lot benches, lathe, lumber house, Ac Ac. with every con venience for carrying on theabove business. For fur ther particulars. inquire of the subscriber in Thomas ton. jan 28 3J WILLIAM POWERS. G .1 Fin E vV s EE D S. A SUPPLY of fresh GARDEN SEEDS jnst re ceived—Also, The Gardener's Man- act. with instruction* (or cultivating Garden Plants, Ac.—Price 12J ct«. For sale by jan 1 28 J. H- A W. 9. ELLI9. WOOL HATS. Received thisday 8 CASES of Wool HATS, and 3 do. 1st and 2nd quality Hue Fur Ilats, .4 do. boys Boots. ISAAC NEWHALL. Next door to the Post Office. Dee 3. 23 KEY Linsey—Red dp. Mixed and Blue stuui ^JT Cassinott; Mixed Twilled Kerrey | Negro Shoes ; Blankets 1 Red and White Flannels. ISAAC NEWHALL. Next door to the Post Office. Macon. Nov. 26. 22 Scull Shoals nSaxmiactUx’ing Co. MYRICK, NAPIER A FREEMAIT H AVE received a snppiy of Cloths and Yarns from the above Manufactory, of superior fab- rick which they offer to Merchants and Planters at the ' Factory prices. Macon Sep 3 1835 HOST, T WO notes o( hand for $30 dollars each, and one for $11.50, making $7150—made by Henry Crew about the 2Cth February, 1835, payable to the' undersigned one davafier date. Crawford county, 9th Feb 1836 :« ‘It J. n KlffTMND 10 For sale by £ime EDMUND RUSSELL. HOST uAi. CriiatuwsLAMi, A PROMISSORY note of hand, made by Ander- cm son Baldwin,of Monroe county, payable to ire, date not recolldcted, duo tlie first day of January, 1836, for tlie sum of three hundred and ninety three and 6-100 dollar*, with a credit endorsed on the hack of said note of the sum uf sixty-eight dollars and twenty cents. Also, a note of hand, sighed by A. 9. Rucjcer. of Forsyth, payable to me, for sixty dollars, due the 1st day of January, 1836, and given fur house rent. AH persons are f-'rewarned not to trade for the above de- -cribed notes, as they belong lo me. Feb 8 33 2t THOMAS T. NAPIER. 17RING mvabsence,Col. HENRY G. LAMAR S.F will act as mv general agent. Feb 11 33 3t JOHN BASH. LAMAR. W.i are authorised to announce JAKE?- ■ W, ARMSTRONG, as a candidate for Colo 1 nel of Bibb connty-. Feb 11 33; Fayette Sheriff Sale. CFOKt the court house in Fayetterillc, Fayette county, on the first Tuesday in MARCH next, tctll be sold, within the lawful hours of sale, ■ One spoltsii stnd Horse, levied on as the property^ of John 11 Junes, to satisfy an execution in favor of bamuel Cone sen. vs John II Jones and James Jones. Lot of L-nd No twelve (12,)' in the fourth district- of originally Henry now Fayette county, whereon Malcoine Belhune now lives, levied on as the proper ty of Malcome Bethune, to satisfy an execution in fa vorof John Cargiie vs said Bethune. Lot of Land No oiie hundred and twenty three (123,) in the fourth district of originally Henry now Fayette county, levied on as the property of Janies Lanier, to' satisfy sundry Fi Fas, bamuel Darden and others vs said Lanier. * ALFRED BROWN, sheriff,. —also, will be sold as above— 22 acres acres of the north west corner oflot No 131 in the 7th district of Fayette county’, levied on as the property of Uriah Glass, to satisfy a Fi Fa in favor of’ T fi King vs said Glass. A. McliRIDE, drp shff. Bints Sheriff Sale. » N the first Tuesday in APRIL next, vtill he sold before the court house door in the town of Jackson, Units county, within the legal hours of sale, 50 acres of land levied ou as the property of Joseph Parker, i: being part of lot No. 22. in the 4th district of Monroe county when surveyed; now Butts; and the north half df said lot, to satisfy a fi fa from a Jus tice’s court of said county, in favor of Jeremiah M’- G'lendon, vs said Joseph Parker. Property painted out by plaintiff. Levied and returned to me bv a con stable. JAMES W. WATKINS, Sh'ff. Jan. 22. 31 /Feetry Tar Collector's Sale. B EFORE the Court house t n the town of McDonough Henry county, will be sold, on the first Tuesday in APRlli next, between the lawful hours of sale, the follow ing Lots of Land, vv so much thereof as will satisfy the Tax for the year le54, and costs, viz •' Forty acres. No file, 3d dist 1st sec Cherokee, giv en in by lliUtum T Crews, tux 4(>J ceni-s, and cost. 2O24 acres, No 57, 7tli dist Henry. ly ing on Walnut _ creek, the property of Robert X. Fleming, tax 3Eij c. One Lot iu the town of McDonough, the property- of IVhiificUl Huff, tax 4.>j e.» 49 acres, No 782 16th dist 2d sec Cherokee, as the property at James Allen, tax cents. 190 acres, i!Hi 9tli aisl 4ili sec Cherokee, as the property of Richard Knight, tax oo^c. 2024 acres, .No 110 5o dist Henry, as Ihe property of James G Perryman, tax 73£ c. 41; acres, No 12912th dist 1 it see Cherokee, on Nim ble Twig creek, as the property of John 11 Skinner, tax 42i c. 40 acres, No 272 12th dist 1st sec Cherokee, as the property of Thomas II Yarborough, tax 2IJ c. li.O seres, No IT- 4 9iii dist 2d sec Cherokee, as tho property of John C Henderson, tax 47jJ o. 160 acres, No 197 12th dist od see Cherokee, as tho property of .Barnabas Godwin, tax 18£ c. returned by Alsa Bc\ eas as agent. 40 acres. No 637 2d drit 4th sec Cherokee, as the property of Presley G Detwnport, tax 874 c. 40 acres, No 1121 2d dial 4th sec Cherokee, as the property of Keaton Upchurch, tax 25 j c. 1»-0 acres. No 143 oth dist 1st sec Cherokee, as the property of Moses,T Caps, tax 35 j c. 2024 acres, No 64.17tli dist DeKalb, as the proper ty ot John C Gorham, tax odj c. . 2024'acres, No 4ft 1st dist'Campbell, as 610 proper ty of John C■ Cannada, tax t.oitj c. 40 acres. No 6b6 19th dist 5d sec Cherokee, as the property of William Fleming, tax C5J c. 50 acres, No 22 3d dist Henry, gs the property of William Moor, tax Sl| c. 2024 acres, No 206. 8th dist Henry, on Tus&ha wa ters, as the property of John Fruition, tax 38| c. 40 acres, 478, 3d dirt 1st sec Cherokee? as the pro perty of Silas B Duckhauoh.tjtX 254 c. jau 28 HL’utf LONG I NO, t c. n c. H « & -'bri K.-gs White Lead, Si- 160 Galls. Linseed Oil, 30 do Whale do 100 do Lamp do 150 do Spirits Turpentine-, Copal Varnish, Furniture Varnish, Litharge, Chrome Yellow, Chrome Green. Umber. Ivory Black,•Frussiati Blue, Vermillion, India Red, Pans Greet?, Verdigris, Smalts all colours White Frosting, Venetian Red. Spanish Brown, Red Lead, Yellow Ocre, U biting, Glue, and Gold Leaf—Just received and for elae by nov. 5th 1835. J9 CHARLES CAMPBELL.- ' Fire proof Buildings, corner of Mnllierr'y aud Second jy , -S ,f F i . V G F V F AAA PAIR Gentlemen’s Dancing i'umpy. 'J 100 do Ladies’ fine Prunella ahuKirf Slippers, French pattern, bv Jan 1 28 ISAAC NF.WHALL- 3UPPL Y of Rowand's Tonic Jliixturo, a certain cure forthe Fever and Ague, just received and for sale by J. II. A W. S ELLIS, e? jurte 16-52 Cotton Avenue. Maeon-. . NOTICE- 7 T HE firm of Wood A- Camp is this day dissolved" f -jj by mutnal consent. Tlie business will becoutin- ued by Thomas Wood,.who isduiv atttborized to close the business of the concern. THOMAS WO D, Macnn Oct.20lb 183.'. fT)WARP C AMP.v F WIFSON i» a candidate- aw lor Colonel of Bibb Cotinty;- 32- A