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Macon Georgia telegraph. (Macon, Ga.) 1836-1844, April 21, 1836, Image 1

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MACON GEORGIA TEJL Rv W. B4BTLETT. .ii.ico.v, gporgi.i, TiiURsn.ii', .ipnn, i, i83«. Volume X.—ftnmler 13. " 't'erius of Subscription. T.TRKE Doiamw. *■**«■ France, wdl pay for the pa- * ‘ ue,,,. Five DoLLAni, pan/ in advance, will png !r " ? r two years. Teh Dollars’. jmM in advance >. the paper two gear*. * »■" ,,,3nji * "/ ,er ,Ae » w,r *« TAree Dollars and l\1ilg Cents per annum “’ u k charged. If not paid until tie end of the year, pjllars per aanutn will be charged—with interest thtrcajlera Terms of Advertising, fmantn not czccalikg one hundred .n.arc or twelve brevier lines, will be inserted one time / i)*r 'dollar. H'hcn more than erne insertion is given, ■-'rests for the first, and 50 cents for each continuance, 'jlfrom which a deduction of one fourth will be made, when pax Collectors'and Coroners' Sales arc chat- ^Ycartg Advertisers will be allowed two squares in each f fj r Twenty Dollars per annum; and in the same Vjio for a larger space—payable miarterly. Tlr f rarnsrs of our business, ana the state of the tunes, rjuirr. that these terms should lie rigidly adhrrrd to. GROCERIES, W A K E • II O II S £ , anti Conimissiote Business. G 1 EO. JEWETT & Co. respectfully triform their T friends and the public generally, that they have added tlio Ware House and Commission Business to that heretofore conducted by them. Their Ware House.fa conveniently situated on second street, near ly adjoining their store. All cotton consigned to them, m , jCi~ j i if either by the planters or dealers in the article, or or- iJeertiscmcnts ' dors to sell or buy in this market, will bo promptly attended to. They have also a convenient close storage house for the reception of merchandize front the countiy ; the receiving and forwarding of which, will receive a particular share of their attention. Liberal advan ces will be made on cotton stored, or on shipments to auv market, when desired. They also have ou hand, aud expect shortly to re ceive a large and general assortment of GROCERIES, DRY GOODS Such as. .St. Croix and PortorjcoA HaVatiiiastigars, Cuba. Rio ami Java coffee. Liverpool salt, .Swedes Iron, Moils, Brads, cast, Gcrmau and blister stoc|, •• Heavy'hemp Bagging, Bagging twine twilled sack ing, Oznaburghs, Negroes cloths, shoes, hats, caps* clanks, lfowdcr, shot, aud lead, saddles and bridles; •Sets Blacksmith tools, eastings, Hardware, Calicoes, Flannels. Blankets, Wax Calf skins, &c. Which they will sell on as good terms as cau be had in this market. 11 .Sept 10 V VOUIi rfc DARIE Line o f Packets. BRIG Amelia Strong, J. Chaco, Master, Premium, Air. Matthews, J new " Darien, C. P. Buckley, Macon, A. Bibbms, ” „Jif. D. B. Crane, T. linker, “ All good Slid substantial vessels, well calculated lor the trade, with good accommodation* for )ia» englrs, amt experienced commanders. One of file vessels will al ways lie at each end of the Lind to receive freight, and will sail regularly once a week.’ Shippers by this line ran effect Insurance 'at fivo eighths per cent and they may rely iipou the vissfijs being regularly^ despatched. subscribers are also agents for several {steamboats u run regularly during ' the boating season between Darien, llawkinsville, and Macon, aud are induced to b.-Iieve that they ran give great facilities in forwarding ciods destined for the-interior of the Suite. 1 • HAWKS dt AI1TCIIF.LL, Agent; Darien, 1st July, 1835 3 . Pioneer Steam RoalUne. F lit transportation to and fiom Macon, is now in complete orilcr. A superior new Steam Boat railed “David Crockett" with two powerful Engines, and several tirst rate freight boats have been bjult since l!u> close of tlio last season and placed on tlio line. limit Pioneer, L'apt. Goodwin, “ « David Crockett, “ M'Cormick, will ply regulnily between Darien and Macon, ono of them leaving Darien about oiico a week with freight boat* in tow. — _ ^ ^ Staam 3 oat CHAStliBSTOlKr* Capt. Donnell, will run constantly between Darien and Savannah, and atTord the greatest despatch, to Cotton. The subscriber’s whole attention is devoted to fac.ib- luing transportation between Macon aud the Sea Ports. He has invested a large sum to put his line in the most meals good order,.. .— of Cotton Shippers and Merchants ordering goods, to continue their favors. At Darien lie has secure and convenient Warehouses for reception of Goods, and his Wharfs there are covered with sheds, which enables him to keep all Cotton shipped on his Boats under shelter and protected from the weather, while luuded for reshipment. JAMES R BUTTS Ament*. Holcomb*:, Pkck & Co., E. P. Butts, J. T. Rowland, J). B. Halstead, Macon, Nov! 18, 1834 —22 .lstetitu anti Commission Rttsine**, Darien. T HE undersigned returns his thanks to his friends 'or the liberal support which he has heretofore received from them in the above line of business, and solicits a continuance of their patronage. Ilis arrange ments for conducting business, and particularly in gi ving despatch in receiving and forwarding produce A merchandize and protecting them while in bis charge, are at least equal to those of any others in his line. He will spend the summer in aud iu the vicinity of Darien, and any business addressed to hiiu will receive his per sounl and prompt attention, l x-i",_v jnne 15 1835-53 JOHN T. ROWLAND. JLIite of Singes liettveen Ilarien anti .llaeon. Twice a week—via Perry's Mills, Flournoy's Mills, Jacksonville and llawkinsville : PHI HE public ore hereby informed that this Stage is B now in full operation. The proprietors have made a contract xvilli the Postmaster General to carry the Mail bstween Darien and Macon; aud they are now miming their Stages twice a week between both cities.' ’ “ The Stage leaves Darietion every TUESDAY and SATURDAY morning at 4 o’clock, and arrives ut IIA WKINSVILI.Eoi. each TIIURSDAYand MON DAY morning, so as to meet the Mobile, Now-Or- leans and other Western mails. The Mail fa ducat A! AGON on each Thursday and Monday afternoon, and at DAKII'.N each Thursday and Simdaygflerooor.. JOSEPH S. PAGE. ParioiV. March 21 4*2 3t Agent fur Proprietor* o-it coinplelo order, and believes that ids arrnngo- ; for giving despatch to freight ami keeping it in order, while in ins care, will make it thu interest ■4? Charleston, Savannah, Darien llawkinsville. .llaeon Steam Rout Company. N»£»'Jg.gsfri#iS Stramboat SUPERIOR, Capt. George Willcox, do. EXCEL. ” J. L. Willcox. rfllll^ coinpauy have now t’toir lino of in B complete order for freighting. They have a new steamboat added to their line called the Superior, and ten Tow-Boats. The Boats will run regularly betwo-n Macon and Darien, one of the steamboats leaving Darien every live or six days with tow-boats. Thu company have now sixlueu low-boats, all first rate boats,built express ly for the navigation o r the Ocmnlgee and Altatnalia rivers; these increased facilities will enable the com pany the means of giving the. greatest despatch to cotton or goods shipped by their line. They Inure a Steamboat and a number of Sloops, to carry cotton and merchandise between Darien aud Savannah, ami Darien aud Charleston. There are also, tivo first rate Packets running regularly between Darien ami New York, which como to Hawes & Aiitchel, of Darien. Agentsfor the above floats : J. GODDARD, Mat-no. Bovce, Henry & Walter', Charleston. 1.. Baldwin A Co. Savannah, II twits A Mitchell, Darien. (■r.o. K. Roberts, llawkinsville, Alaron. 24th Dec., 1835. htiUEb, Ac. A Frcsl* Assortment .Just Open cel. ZOftOO prior sale by J. NF.WHALL vit, Ladies' Seal, .Morocco, Prunella and Lasting Slips, walking aud Bootees. Walking Bolivar fox’d Bootees, kl’k and col'd. Leather slips, ties, walking and Bootees, Alisses' col'd lasting. Bootees aud Slips, do Leather, Kid and Lasting Slips and Sandals Childrens’leather, col'd, prunella A morocco Shoes, Gentlemen's Bootees, * >.\ford ties aud low quarter tine Shoes, Russet! and black buckskin din Seal skin Pumps, russett and bl'k Slippers, Eight Boots and j Books, 500 pair Rubbers, Coarseand common shoes of every di.-cription. Also, 300 Packages of Dry Goods, - CONSISTING OF Brown and bleached Shirtings and Sheetings, Cal- licnes, Satinctts, Cassimers, Blankets aud Flannels, l‘J0 doz. palm leaf fluta, 10 cases low price fur Hats, 3 do best quality do. 4 do fine satin beaver do. 30 doz. good wool do. <lingham and silk Umbrellas, Ilavanna Cigars The above are slutted in lots to suit purchasers on the most favorable terms Next door to the Post Office. march 22 30 Ocmuizee Steam Roat Company. 1HS company will be prepared to commence bn- SL siness, carly in the next season—They will have a line of Packets between New York, and Darien nnd steam vessels to forward goods from Darien to .Macon —•The agents in New York, Charleston,and Savannah, will be authorised to contract for the delivery of goods ,iu .Macon, at a freight agreed on without iiitormcdi- ute charge and the agent in .Macon will receive cotton deliverable iu Savannah, Charleston, ami New \ork— The company’s vessels and boats, will be of first .class with experienced commanders, and no expense will lie spared to uicettlio patronage ofthe public. PH. R. YO.N’G .I A SONS, Agents in Darien. mav 27th 1835 4ft C< Ml31 IssTUjN HUsij* lasts, At Darien, Ga. , jqtjllF undersigned liavo resumed business ns n- bovc, and will as heretofore pay prompt atten- n nil busiuess entrusted to their care. Wi believe we have made nrrangeineiiu that will oufcblo us at all times to forward goods for the interior with lluvleast possible delay, by steamboats when the river will ad- ’mit, or in extreme low river by small flats or lighters, built expressly for that business. On our wharves are large Storehouses, calculated for the storing of cot ton at the least possible expense, and our opportunities to forward cotton inland or coastwise, arc not exceed- j cd by any other House. _ 1 HAWES & AHTCHIXL. Darien, .May 20,1835. 40 Co::tmission Ret si ness, Ilarien. T ‘mi U^twpo^ofraSug a geS cS! TtmUy Dollari KoxvaTcT. firm Jr I U ROKI ' ra " oUton ’ Carro “ coiro, >'“ D A Xisl of fi.oltors R E.MAIMM; jutbu Post Oificc in Clinton, Ga. on the 1st April, 1830. A—Boler Allen 2, Wiu. H. Atwood 2, Julius Alphi- erd. .Madison Adnins. ’ . B—James Barnes 2, Samuel Bentley, Johu Baker, Stewart Boyiugton, Wui. Bull, Solomon Baker, Clark Ulaulbrd 2, H 11 Broom. C—M C Comer, John F Coiner, Dr Peyton CIc- meiiN, Sutton Childers, Win Chiles, George Clark, G L Chappell, Martha Caldwell. Johu Chapman, Ri chard Card, Johu Caps. D—ltobt Drawhon, II W Dorsey, George Darbcy, Helen M. Dumas, Michael Deloch.' E—R S Fatten. E—Eaten Flewellen 2. Samuel l’ackler 2, Joseph Flowers. G—Wiley Glover, William Gauldcn, Morgan Grif fin, John Gum, Joseph W Grilfitii, James Gelpin, Dr P B Guyton. II—K l/ogan, Allen Ilnbson, Amos or Daniel Hicks, John D Ildage, John II Holiaday. J—Joshua James, William Johnson, .Miss Elizabeth Jones, Alary C Jones, Thos J. Jackson. K-rWty Ivey. L—Thomas Lightfoot, Thos Levingston, James I.owerrv 2, Jeremiah Loyd 2. Jv—E C Aloore, Jn:ees .Manning, Warren Alassen- galc 2, tDiver Morton. Stephen Moonahom 2, Ransom Mitchell, John .Marsh 2, Lewis .McLendon, Nancy McCrary, F Alathexvs, Rory .McNeil, John AleCrary, Amos Alr.Milliou, J Mizcll* A Co. Mullens tfe Carter, John Alasscngalc. Alatliew .Mathis, \Y B L .Mitchell, •Mrs Elir-dbcUi Moirif, Samuel Aloncrief, Gideon Ala- son. P—John Paulk, Burton Paul, Nathan Passmore 3, J C Parker.-'on, James T Pallerson, W II Pope. It—I) F ltcnfroe, Stephen Kcufroc, Syrus Robin son, A Richardson. S—S W Smith. Ephraim Saunders, Ohio* Smith, .Martha Simmons, Jpsse Short, Young Smith, Win Smith, James Scales, Roht Sims. V—John Verdell. W—James or Thomas Wammack.Jas Wadsworth, Joseph C White 2, Isacc Willinghsm, Wm Wheatley, John Williams. Willis Wilder, John B Watts, Auder- son Weekes, Jacob Watson, Allen Wheeler. Z—John S Zacbcrv. 42 JAA1F.3 SAIITIJ, P. AI. ULOHUIA—Units county. James B. Tomlinson tolls hefore C. M. Coody, Justice of the Peace, a stray JBInck ?I:irc, right hind foot white, and a small scar in her face, and a ring round her neck, about ti years old. ap- pr.ii-ed bx xi in. Gilntorc and Pollard Payue, to forty dollars. 2!st .March. JOHN GOODMAN, c. i. c. April 14. 42 J$EW DiltJG STORE. M. II. LOOMIS ■ H AS just received a large assortment of DRUGS ]L JL &■ -MEDICINES, at the Store one door below W. B. Johnston’s Jewelry, which he will sell at mo derate prices; among which are PAINTS, Wliite Lead, Red Lead, Black Lead, Litharge, Verdi gris, Chromic Green, Chrbtnic Yellow, Spanish Brown Yellow Ochre, Stone Ochre; Umber, Venetian Red, Lampblack, Rost-pink, Tefra de Sieritra, Vermillion Prussian Blue, Cfabom’s water colours. OILS, Linseed, Spcitn, Whale; ttnd Train Oils, and Spts, Turpentine, Copal, Japan, Coach, Leather, A. Picture Tarnishes. BRUSHES. Flesh, Hair. Hat. '"raining, Varnish, Furniture, Tooth, Paint, Nail, Com Shoe, Scrubbing, Sweeping, Dus ting, Velvet, Whitewash, Clothes, Horse, uud Velvet Brushes. PERFUMERY. Cologne. Rose Honey, Florida. Lavender, Sc Orange Flower Wate.. Aromatic Vinegar, Bears’ Oil, Antique Oil, Chlorine Tooth Wash, Cream Soap and other Sha\ ing Soaps, Wash Balls, Drop Lake, Essences of Rose and Cedrat, Extrait de Aleil, Flake White, Hair Powder, Orris Root, .Milk of Roses, Oils of Orange, Bergamot, Cedrat, Cinnamon, Lavender, Neroli. and Roses; Oxy-chlorine Lotion, Pearl Powder, Pomatum, Powder Pufis, Pieston Salts, Pink Saucers, Fancy vi als, Touquin Beaus, Vin de Rouge, Vegetable Rouge, &. Alacassar Oil. DYE STUFFS. Annatto, Cudbear, Fig Blue, Fustic, Galls, Indigo, .Madder, Nicaragua Wood, Alum, Turmeric, and Ground Logwood. MEDICINES. Acetic, Citric, Oxalic & other Acids, Acoustic Oil, Alcohol, Nitrate of Ammonia, Concentrated Liquor of Ammonia, Atkinson’s Depilatory, Balm of Columbia, Patent Barley, Breastpipes, Brimstone, Cayenne Pep ncr, Spanish Saffron, Ammouiaret of Copper, Sago, lime tine, Cicuta Plaster, Ext. Aloes, Cinchbna, Col- ocynth, Klateritim, Jalap, IColiinca, Nux Vomica, Rhu barb, Rhatania, Lead, Savin, Sarsaparilla & Cubebs, E niidelion, Valerian, Opium & others. Phosphate of ou, Red Oxyde of Iron, Tartariz’d Iron &c. Ginger Powders, Hamilton’s Elixir, Alagnesian Aperient English Calomel, Ilofiniau’s Anodyne, Oil'd Silk or Hat Case; Iodiile, Jujube Paste, Lactucariiim. Lan cets. Patent Lint, Lnpiiline. Lobelia, .Medical Spoons, Acetate and Sulphate of Alorphia, Mustard, Oils of Caraway, Copaiva, Croton, Feiinei, YVintergreen, Se neca, Denarcolised and Powdered Opium, Phtfaphb- rus, Piperine. Pocket Instruments. Ilydriodate & Ox y-muriate of Potash, Potter’s Catholicon, liquor of Po tash, Dragon’s Blood, Seatons, Stoughton’s Elixir, Strychnine, Powdered Valerian, Rhubarirarine, Sali- cino, Sanford’s Bark, Lac Sulf>hiir, Syrup of Liver- xvort, Otie Stethoscope, Swaim’s Panacc-a, Scidlitz Powders, Tamarinds, Tincture of Colchicum, Wine ofCoIcliicuin, Trusses, Turbilh Root, White Hellebore, Colchicum Seeds, Acetate «f Colchicum, Aromatic Carbonate of Ammonia ; an Assortment of Patent Ale- dicines. and all others in common use, Garden Seeds, and Shop Furniture for Physitidlis.— ALSO, Couching, Cupping, and small Scaling.Instrnmcnts; and one second hand set of Amputating and Trephin ing Instruments.April 29 Jl’etc Store—Presh Guilds. T HE subscriber is now opening, on-second street, next door to Patrick & Martin, and uearly op posite the Commercial Bank, a complete assortment of Staple and I'anty DR Y GOODS. Which will be sold at prices much reduced, being bo’t on reasonable terms and cheap, they will be sold ac cordingly. Ilis stock comprises in part as follows: WOOLENS. 8-4, 0-4 and 10-4 London Duffil Blankets—10-4 and 12-4 fine Mackinaw do—Negro Plains dud Lfnseys— super blue, black, brown mixt Cloths—Fine aud com mon Satinets, assorted colors—superfine Valcntia and Toilinet Vestings—super white and red Flannels—do Alerino do. STUFFS. Black and colored 6-3 .Merlucfa—da dh Boiubazetts— fine 6-4 Bombazines—Pink Ratinet—figured Circas sians. COTTON GOODS. super and common plain and twilled Calicoes—swish. Jaconet, Alull and Book Aluslins—black and colored cambric Ginghams—Irish Linens in j pieces very fine —colored and white Homespuns—Roiven cassinicres and cjiecks—birdseyc and Russia Diapers—Linen cambric Hkfs, Russia sheetings, &c SILKS. Black super Poi de soie silks—do Italian Lustring do —rich colored silks very cheap—Levantines, earsnets and sinchews. HANDKERCHIEFS. Alandarin, Herniiiri, embroidered Romani, Bagdad, rich satin_, figuered Thibet, embroidered Thibet wool and martin gaoze Hkfs—rich figured gauze Ribbons— Handsome thread Edgings and Quiltings—Blond Ed gings and Bobiuet Laces—and many other articles, w hich cannot fail to give satisfaction as to price and quality. dec 17 25 ARCHIBALD McARN. GROCERIES, Ac. S F. DICKINSON has just received, • 30 hhds St. Croix and Porto Rico Sugars. 125 bags prime green coffee, 25t bills N. E. itum, Gin and Whiskey, 100 Canal family Flour, 100 Irish Potatoes, (yellow) 200 sacks salt, 20 tons Iron, assorted, 10 do assorted castings, 20 bbls cider. Cognac, peach and apple Brandy, Monongahalaand Irish Whiskey. Holland Gin, Jamaica Rum, all sorts cordials, Aladeira, Teneriffe and Malaga Wiiles, J rtl- kohol. Porter, clarified Vinegar, crackers, cheese, Her ring. Macketel, smoked salmon, Alolasses, Rice, Buck Wheat Flour, Raisins without seed for cooking, do in boxes. Lemon syrup, Loaf and Lump sugar, Tobacco, chewing do in papers, Spanish nnd Americau cigars, long nines do. snuff, 50 boxes sperm and tallow can dles, 50 boxes bar and shaving soap, starch, pepper, spice ginger, cinnamon Pearlash, salt petre, indigo, copperas, chocolate, tea, matches, wrapping paper, bed cords, brass, brass hoop and iron hoop buckets and tubs, measures, coolers, Ac. pint and half pyit flasks, straws tumblers, decanters, blacking, grindstone, lamp oil. powder 50 bags ass’d shot, nails, plough moulds, ^ceding hoes, trace and halter chains, sifters, coflcc mills, shovel and tonga; fire dogs, waffle irons, smooth ing irons, fry pans, tea kettles, cart boxes, axes, cotton enrds. Ac. Ac. Macon. Jan. 27 32 I*lain and Ornamental Painting. fin HE subscriber lias taken the shop formerly oc- JL enpied by Mr. Thos. AIcCIcskev, nearly oppo site the now market, and is now prepared to execute all kinds of - , - House nnd Sign Painting, Chair Painting, Oil Nut and Burnished Gilding, Gilding and Glazing, Paper Harlghljfv •" • Enamelling seals. Having in his employment some of the most effi cient workmen to be found in the State, he will be a- ble to undertake largely and execute with neatness April 4 Gni 41 DANIEL T. REA. ir friends/ nud the public #«£**!. w ho was confined in the same for debt.— ment ions Forward ■ Goods | TheTfbflVe reward will be given for the apprehension it interior O! the ; ite. will of Moore and delivering him m the ahenffor U0- j ud wifi < /rive SNOW & ROGERS, an,I offer their services to their friend: generally, in the above business, ami produce to and from the int* receive particular attention. It may be , j , Mate that they have no connection with mi' , •"-fleam transportation lines; Gooifa fortlie in: always ha shipped by ihoso who will prolabS) them the greatest despatch. ISAAC SNOW-. _Jan J, I8;t6 28 3 GEO. T. ROOERg- The Attention of the Public TS respectfully called to a vorv extensive assortment M of NEW GOODS, now opening by the subscribers al their new store cor nerof Cotton Avenue nnd Cherry street, which are offered on very liberal terms at wholesale or rC.’djl.— We are also receiving n very largo stock of Ready made (.'lottiins, suitable Cor the season, cnmprfaing almost every article . oi fir geutlemsn’s wear. April 13 42 FORT, 1IAMILTQN A WILEY. te the night of the 22d .March last, James B. orof saidcounty. JOHN DEAN,Sheriff. April 7 2t 42 Trcasnry Dcnarti^ont 4 ■ -' ' • "t' cb c- J ti'atclies, Jctrdry, Silrer Ware, Sc. C. G. SL JOHN W ATCH Maker & Jeweler Cotton Avenue op posite Washington Hall, Rcspectftilly in forms his friends aud the public, that lie has taken the store formerly occupied by the llawkinsville Bank where he is now opening a new and splendid assort- f WATCHES A JEWELRY oftlic beetqual- and latest fashions selected with great taste and judgement expressly for this market, among his assort ment may be found Gold pocket Chronometers splen did Gobi Duplex, I’atenl Lever's and Ruby Cylinder Watcht with Extra Jewels and indepeuenisecontls of ho m<»t approved makers and rated to suit the ciini- te and a general assortment of Ladies A Gentlemens told and Silver Patent Levers Lepine and plain batches. Fine Gold Chains, Seals, Keys, Far rings reast Pin-and Finger rings. Gold and silver ever ointed pencils, Gold and silver spectacles, silver moo*. p< n and pocket knives dirks, canes, pistols, ic. Ac. Together with a great variety of other arti- es kept i.u his line N. B. He has selected the best of materials for re airing wu’ches anil will give satisfaction to those who my favor him with their custom. A shan if public patronage is resDectfully solicited. QctZl H , WM. H. BUKIXSAJLL,, Afc Just received a new aud extensive as sort ment of* DRY GOODS, READS 1VIADE Cl,®TZlZX-3£r, HATS, SHOES, S,-c. which Jto iso.Teriug for sale at reduced prices For Cash Only. HIS STOCK CONSISTS, IN PART, Or* THE * FOLLOWIKO '. Super Saxouy, Blue, Black and Fancy Colored Broad Cloths Blue, Black, Mixed and Fancy colored Salinetts English Merinoos Duffle,. Poifit and Hose Blankets Scarlet, Crimson. Greeh and White Flannels Printed SaJshury do Canton and Saxony and Gauze do Damask Table Diapers Birds Eye and Russia do Scotch do Black, Blue aud coloured Bpmbazetfes do do dW' Circassians Negro Cloths Liusevs Bleached and Unbleached Shirtings & Sheetings Hamilton Jeans Black Italian Lustring do Gros de Swiss do do Naples do do Berlin do Sinchews and Sarsanetf Colored Gros do Nrfplos " Black and.colared Florences do Italian Crapes Meriuo Mantles aud Square Shawls Common, Thibet wool, Valentin, Silk Damask and twisted Silk Shawls * ' Hcrnani, Muslin, Crape, Gauzoand Gros de Na ples Dress Hdkfs Ladies aud Misses Bonnets Irish Linens and Lawus Cotton Cassimers Beaver Fustians English Moleskin Apron and Furnituro Checks Domestic Plaids and Stripes Bed Ticks FloorClolh Baize Green Frieze (’loth Furniture Dimity Russia SheetingBear Duck Cambric do Bleached Dowlass Oznaburghs Bangup Cord Cotton Yarn Cotton, Worsted and Lambs wool Hosiery Black aud colored Cambrics Sittin and Gauze Garnitures Blk aud cql’d Lustring Ribbons Dark aud light col’d Prints and Gingjiams Lace and Gauze Veils ■’ig’dand plain Bobiuet Lac© Thread Laces Cambric, Saxouy, Swiss; Mull, Nansook aud Book Muslins .inen Cambric lldkfa Pongee, Indian Flag and Spittlefield Hdkfs Carved aud plain Shell Combs Gentlemens English Buck, Beaver aud Goat skin Gloves Ladies Beaver, Goat skin aud Silk Gloves Bead Reticules ' Ready-made Clothing. iiperfinc blue, black, invisible green, Adelaid, olive brown and green Broadcloth' Dress Coats, Superfine blue, black, brown and green Cloth Frock Coats, ■ Superfine blue, olive, green and mix’d Cloth Coattees, "find blue, steel mix’d and faucy colored Satlinet Coattees and Frock Coats, Super, blue, black, invisible green, drab, brown, olive, and green Cloth Pantaloons, Blue, black and fancy colored Sattinet Pautaloons, Youth's cloth and satlinet Dress and Frock Coats, do do do Pantaloons, Black and blue Cassintore, black and colored Velvet, black Florentine, black Bombazine, dark and light cblbrcif Vaiefitla, English Silk, colored and white Merseilles Toilinet, Swatisdowii and Sattinet Vests Camlet Cloaks and Great Coats, Mixed, brown Cloth & Patershara Box Coats. Lyon Skin Overcoats, .••••' FilmI-incn Sinn., folisr-. ll.^whs, Socks. Ac. Scull Shoals IHfonufocturing' Co. MYRICK, NAPIER A FREEMAN H AVE received a supply of Cloths aud Yams from the above Manufactory, of superior fab- rick which they oflifr to Merchants and Planters at the Factory prifea.' Macon Sep 3 1835. — 10 * Good itud Evil. BV S. C. GOODRICH. When man from Paradise was driven, And thorns around his pathway sprung, Sweet mercy wandering there from Heaven, Upon those thorns bright roses flung. Ay—and as justice cursed the grputidj She stole behind, unheard, unseen— And while the curses fell around, She scattered seeds of joy between. And thus, as evils sprung to light, And spread, like weeds, ilieir poisons wide, Fresh healing plants came blooming bright, And stood to check them side by side. And now, though Eden blooms afar, And man is exiled from its bowers, Still, iMeicy steals through bolt and bar, And brings away its choicest flowers. The very toil, the thorns of care, That Heaven in wrath for sin imposrs, By mercy ciianged, no curses are— One briugs us rest, the other roses. Thus joy is linked with every wo— Each cup of ill its pleasure brings; The rose fa crushed, but then vou know The sweeter fragrance from it springs. If justice throw athwart our way A deepuiug eve of fear and sorrow, Hope, like the 1110011, reflects the ray Of the bright sun that shines to-morrow. And Mercy gildswith.stors the night; Sweet Music plays thro’ weeping willows; The blackest caves with geins is bright, And pearls illume the Ocean billows. The very grave, though clouds may rise And shroud it o’er with inidtffglitgloom, Unfolds to faith the deep blue skies, That glorious shine beyond the toiub! thatiny factory 111 the mu «i- iSfil w,.s prepared! and all the beet raised by me or contracted fur. so as to produce 1500 lbs a day of browti sugar, and the same refined. The first entry of the allies into France, caused the total min of uiy estab lishment. Up to 1816 political events were un favorable for sngar making, but from that year this manufacture was itsumed, and has never ceased to increase aud improve ; it is now com puted that over 300 suvb manufactories exist, producing together yearly from 16 to 20 millions of pouuds of brown sugar. $ow sir, sjnee the making of sugar cf beet be gins to attract the attention of some agriculturcrs of this country, I deem it of inturcst for them,- and to gratify the curiosity of others, bcrctostato what wero the .calculations made in Frauce in 1832. (the latest date of |hy information} and add a few observations respecting the benefits ouc may derive by the mere culturo of beets in this coun try. It.isgcnera|iy.admitted; vi/., ..., That otic ton (20t)0 lbs) of beef delivered at the Factory costs, $3 That the expenses to work one ton of beet for obtiiiuiuing its sugar, $4 Fashionable Xfat & Cap &tore MULBERRY STREET, MACON- T HE Subscriber having estabiisbsu iiiuiseff in Macon with a viewttr*a permanent residence, and taken the store recently occupied by Mr. F. F. Lewis, directly opposite die Central Hotel, will keep constandy on hand'n general assortment of . Mats, Caps, Pars die. comprising every variety of style aud quality, usually called for at a similar establishment. Among his as sortment may be fotmd -• '' Beaver, Satin Beaver, Otter, Castor Roarara and " wool Hats; Metis Fur and Hair, Seal Caps, Boys black, blue and brown cloth Caps, Boiubazine do black and drab silk plush a now style, Merino and Circassian Ac Ac, From his long experience and personal attention td thd business of manufacturing hats in some of die most extensive establishments at the north, ho is ena bled to assure all those who may favor him with their patronage that he can furnish thtm-with an arti cle which fur cheapness, nearness and durability shall be fully equal if not superior to any before ofiered in the soudicrn market, As his work will be principal ly manufactured at his establishment in Macon, when desired he will finish hats to order in any style to suit die purchaser. From the facilides thus obtained aud from assiduity aud attention to liis business he hopes to_ deserve as he trusts he will receive a liberal share of patronage. Oct 7,1835 * GEORGE A KIMBERLY U’lVanted Beaver, Otter, Muskrat-and Raccoon skins -» He expects iu a few days to remove to the store now occupied by Mr E B Weed ty IWy Aunt. BY UOLMES. My aunt! my dear unmarried aunt! Long years have o’er her flown; Yet f.till she strains the aching clasp That binds her virgin zone; I know it hurts her—though she looks As cheerful as she can; Her waist is broader than her life— For life is hut a span. My aunt—my poor deluded aunt! Her hair is almost gray; Why will she train that winter curl In such a spring like way ? How ran she lay her glasses down, And say she reads as well, When through a double convex lens She just makes out to spell ? Her father—Grand Papa! forgive This erring lip its siuifas— Vowed she should make the finest girl \v ithiu a hundred miles. He sent her to u stylish school; ’Twas in her thirteenth June; And with her, as the rules required, “Two towels and a spoon.” They braced my aunt against a board, To make her straight and tall; They laced her up, they starved her down, To make tier light and small; They pinch’d her feet, they singed her hair. They scrcjv’d her up with pins— O ( never mortal suffered more In penance for her sins. So whenmy precious aunt was done, My granefaire brought her back, By day-light, lest some rapid youth Might follow on the track. Ah: said niy gmndsire. as he shook to me powder in his pan. What could this lovely creature do Against a desperate man ? Alas! no chariot, nor barouche, Nor bandit cavalcade. Tore from the trembling father’s arms His nil accomplished maid. For her how happy hud it been! And Ueaveil had spared to me. To see one sad. uugalliercd rose On my ancestral tree. That SOOOlks beets will yield 7901bs brown sugar, costing $7 Thus, one pound of brown sugar, good quality costs? cents. By a comparison of the expenses of culture iu various parts of France, and on various soils nod situation, the average expenses of cultivating there the extent of an American acre of land, arc as follows: Rout and taxes §5 60; ploughing, and harrowing $2 88; manure 1 93; sowing £0 cents ; weeding and hoeing $2 40. gathenug.ffl 60; carting $2 56; fai’fncr’s profit $4. Making a total of §21 46. The prodoce vnries according to the quality o£ the" boil, the quantity of manure used, "dbil ’tha care bestowed on the culture- 'as wc have taken the average of the expenses, so wc imtsltakc thd average of the'produce, which is of 7 tons.— Some lauds yield ns much as 15 tens. The four dollars profit the'FrcticIi farmer de rives from this cultbrc, on every acre, is far from being tb'aonly cue; the others arc, _ , 1st. The good state in which tjte field is left after gathering the beets—no further manure bc- I ing wanted for lllo suc-ceediug crop, which corp experience has proved to h« always more abitn; daut and of a better quality when succeeding (bo ' culture of heels ; owing to die destruction ol the, 1 noxious weeds, caused by weeding the beet when young, and preveuted from growip^/hy the thick foliage of the beet when strong. 2d. The facility afforded the cultivator to ap ply to ihc culture of beet, lands which he former- ly'let lie fallow, and cousqucntly, wdjiout additional expenses of rent and taxes, deriving as g-ood a revenue from this land, as from any other producing the most. 3d. The advantages the cultivator derives by the purchase from the manufacturer, of the pu mice of beet at a price not Jiigher than boet» ( when experience lias proved this pumice is w orth for him fifty per cent more ; for the fact, it is alter, all hut beet—deprived of two thirds of water, and consequently a more nourishing food for tle, perfectly fitted for fattening them, producing wonders in that respect; which could uot be ex ported from beets iu their natural state. The following is a statement of the receipt and expenditure of a sugar establishment, as reported to the Society for the encouragement ot manufac ture in France. The whole work w as performed in 91 days. Purchase of 500 tons of beet delivered at $3 20. - - - $1600 00 1638 days work of men at 20s. 455 do. pf women at 13s. 364 do. of children at 5s. For extra work during the night, 40 cubic feet wood lor fncf daily, (28 cords 3 100 at $16 7-100 per cord,) Sundry materials for manufacturing pur- 400 40 109 20 473 20 posps, - - Food for 18 oxen used in the mill. Interest 011 $3000 at 15 percent for wear and tear, - - Rent for buildings, Total, Deduct for Molasses sold for $320 125 tons Pmtiico at $3 20 40$ Value of some materials left, 30 Produce of 50,000 lbs brown sugar at $0 0 6 7-10, ' - $3380 00 Sale of 36,000 lbs 1st quality at $0 15 - - $8400 Sale of 14,000 2d quality at $0 ID - 1400 6800, New Goods. T HE subscribers are now receiving their usual apply of SPRING GOODS, consisting of a great vanety of Fancy and staple Dry Goods, Ac. Their customers, and the publicgenerally are respect fully invited to call. ■ . , April 4 41 GEORGE W. PRlUE, A. Co: - Goods at Costl t m lHE subscriber wishing to cioso his present stock JL 4 of Goods by the first of July, is now offering his Goodsat cost. . His stock consists ofa general assortment of Fduey and staple Dry Goods, China Glass and Crockery ware. Hardware and Cutlery, Hats, Boots Shoes, Ac. Ac, Tailoring done as usual. 37 A. P. WILLCOX. Mulberry street near Washington Ifall. March 10 For Sale, 250,000 \8JSZU 61 hhds St. Croix Sugar of superior quality, 50 bags Coffee, 45,000 lbs Swede Iron. 100 kegs Nails, assorted, 25 hhds choice Molasses, 150 whole nnd half bbls Canal and Richmond Flour, 5 pipes pure II. Gin and C. Brandy warranted pure nnd three years old. 20 bhlb old Monongahala Whiskey, 5 proof, 75 bbls pure Rum, and20 Gin. April6 44 DAVID RALSTON*. BEET ROOT SUGAR. The manufacture of Sugar from the Beet Root, fa beginning to claim attention from the cutcrprisitig cap italists of New England, as it has for many yea's done from the French Government. In Frauce, it is 110 longer regarded as an experiment—successful results having established the manufactory of Beet Sugar a- uiong 61c permanciitaud lucrative sources of national revenue. We are not sanguine that Beet Sugar can ever be made to a profit in the Southern States. Our climate is not so favorable to the culture of the root as a more northern one; and if it were otherwise, the scarcity of 1 capital and the high price of labor, would operate as an effectual bar to the success of the project. Notwithstanding which, the experiment of our Nor thern brethren in this new undertaking is regarded xflth interest, and every light on the subject is desira ble. We therefore make no apology for publishing the following letter. From the Boston Daily Advertiser and Patriot. Manufacture of Beet Root' Sugar.—\Vo arc indebted to Mr. Isuard for the following interest ing communication, accompanied with a number of documeuts, which wc regret that wo have not room to uotice at the present time, any further than to say that they fully confirm tho statements contained iu the letter. Boston, March 28, 1836- T<o the Editor of the'Daily Advertiser: Sia—If you should judge tlio present commu mention worthy of atteution, it is at your dispo sal. In Older to satisfy yourself concerning the authenticity of my statements, 1 subjoin docu ments for your perusal, when at leisure. 1 Tho manufacture of Sugdr of Beet lias ceased to he an object of ridicule ; tho advantages that France draws from it are palpable aud great, and the benefit which the manu acturcrs derive from it aro now such that tho French Minister of the Treasury has proposod to lay a tax upon it.— France owes this new branch of industry to that great man whom she will hdtlor through all times; for, had it not been for bis sagacity and pnwerfu 1 assistance, it would have shared the fate of many other improvements, lying Jor ages, or dying iiri their iufancy, once prououticed by ordinary men visionary projects. The discovery that beet coutaius a perfect su gar remained for sixty years without any useful application; many attempts however bad been made to derive the benefit of it: hut those having made these attempts, being rather fffoa of Science than men of business, having operated only upon a small scale, with purely scientific views, and having made no calrnlations, either of expendi ture* «r results, they had no grouud to proceed upon. I undertook to solve that problem, audio that effect made the.first,- in France, an experi mem on a large scale, and by a sufficient reward* induced a chemist to assist me. The result of this experiment was transmitted to Napoleon on the 19th of .March, 1811, and h\ liis order rendered public ; anil though the hirib of his son took place 011 the 21st of the same month, on the 25th following appeared the de-» C'ee. u copy of which is among the subjoined documents. By this decree, as you will per ceivc, bo created six experimental factories for the manufacturing of sugar, he appoints ine the director of one of them, which factory he gives to me iu property, as n reward for my labor, and * r. ; , ji i:i._ for having (iwrftctonne) improved the process for 1 please more than by telling tho truth h-e obtaining sugar of beet. Such was my zeal, nest man 813 GO 163 60 450 00 120 00 $4130 00 750 Profit, $3420 90 Should this uotico ho favorably received, I have at your disposal a few particulars lespectitlg the cuftivatiou of beets. I am respectfully, sir, your most obd’t ser’vt. MAX’N 1SNAIID, French Vice Consul for Boston. Canal Travelling. Mosqutors, S,'c.— "Wo hava uot much more of this Cedar Swamp to get through, 1 hope ?” inquired I, seeking for sotnqt consolatory iuforination. “About fifty miles mbre, 1 gnesr." was the re ply of my compauiou, accompanying each word with a hard slap on the back of liis hand, or on Ins cheek ot- forehead. “Thank ffcaveii!’’ I involuntarily exclamied, drawing mv cloak closer about mo, although the hoat was-killing ; “wo shall, after that, escape, in some sort, I hope, from these legions of mosqui toes?" “1 guess not quite,” replied tho man ; “they are as thick it uot thicker, iu the Long Swamp." “The Long Swamp!’’ I repeated: “what a horrible name for a country! Docs the canal run far through it?” “No, not so-very far, only about 60 miles.” “We’ve then done with swamps, 1 hope, my friend ?” I inquired, as he kept puffing and slap ping ou with unwearied constancy. “Why, yes, there’s not a heap more swamp, that fa to say, not cioso tolhc line, till wecouio to within about fop? miles of Utica.” “Aud is that one as-inucb infested with these infernal insests, ns arc tho Cedar ana Long" Swamps?” “I guess that is the place above a*l qmtoes,” replied the man., grinning, till) real gallinippers. emigrating North for the -ummor all the wav from tho Bahzo and Red River. Let a roan go to sleep with liis lioad iu a cast-iron kettle among tbim chaps, and if thotr bills don’t make a watering pot of it before pwr- nine. Joe’s dead. They’re strong enough to life die boat outofMic canal, if they could only ge£ uuderneath her.” Power. The amount of Basik Capital in Uiogity,pf Bust u (Ma a.) is much gfcatertba'u we had sup posed. By the semi-annual report pf dividends p ivablt the first of tills month, «c find the uura- -pr of Banks to be twenty-eight, with capites varying from $1,300,000 to $500,0C0 each, (otifc only being l-elow the last mentioned sum ;) tlid ^regale capital of all Ute Banks being $13.- 159,000. The aggregate amount of the sitiA- ; ,iniual dividend on this amount of capital is $543,- 000. being very nearly at the rale of sixperqcta, a year.— Nat. Int• • Praisee.vcry body, light or wrong, and you will in-i.rt ninm than hv leliinc thc truth like an ho-* for mos- Tltim’s £'2fr " L