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Macon Georgia telegraph. (Macon, Ga.) 1836-1844, July 28, 1836, Image 4

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MACON GEORGIA TEEEGRAPH DRUGS ME DXCXNBS, & C S Q> if fresh supply just Received by J * H * & w * *• EUUS, Masonic Hall, Cotton Avenue. Among which are the following HIEDICI1VES, Ac. Sulphate Quinine (fronch) Cantharides, Fly stone, Colocynth, Court plaister, Castoroil (fresh) Sweet oil do Charcoal, pulv. Corks velvet, Calomel, Antimony. Aloes, Rheubarb, Jalap. Digitalis, Opium, Prepared Chalk, Acetate lead, do cupri, do Zinc, Arseniate potassa, Ether sulphuric, do nitric, Nitrato silver, do potassa, Phosphate soda, ao iron, Sulphate iron, do potassa, do soda, do magnesia, Borate soda, Phosphorus, Manna flake, Ointment hyd. potassa,' do Iodine, do Veratrine, do Itch, Oxido mercury, Extract Jalap, do Butternut, Hyosciamus, Gentian, Belladonna, Taraxici, Rhubarb, Nux Vomica, Rhatania, Cicuta, Glycyrrhiza, do do da do •do do do do do Gum Arabic, Sulphate Morphine, Acetate do Iodiuo. Acetic acid, Oxalic ds Citric do Prussic do Tartaric do Ammonia, do (Aromspts) Autimonialis pulv Veratrine, Strychnine Emetine, IUieubarbine, Croton Tiglium, Sec ale cornutum, Oil Sinapine, Oil cantnaridin, Pvrolignoous Acid, Hydriotate Potassa, Peperine. Oil black pepper, Irish moss, .Musk, Chloride soda, Citrated kali, Chloride Lime, Medical mustard, in pots. Opium denurcotizea, Cyanuret potassium, Comp. Tonic extract, Carrageen, (prepared) Spigelia comp extract. Blue moss, Precip. ext. bark, Peruvian do Calisaya do Toxa do Red do Chamomile flowers. Senna, Uva Ursi, Horehound, Sage, African Cayenne, Bayborty bark (pow'd) Blood root, do Coichicum, do Golden seal. Slippery Elm (pow’d) Quassia, Gentian (pow’d) Cort. Aurant (pow’d) Lobelia and seed, Hemlock, Skunk cabbage. Squills, Gamboge, Hops, Mezerium, Alkanet root, Cortcassarilla, do sassafras, Ladies’ slipper. Golden thread, Saffron, Cinnamon bark. Powdered ginger. Root do Curcuma, Mustard seed, Mace, Cloves, Nutmegs. Caraway seed. Anise do Coriander do Arrow root, Aqua Fortis. Anodyne (Hoffman’s) Borax, Black lead, Brimstone, Blue stone. Juniper berries, Cubeb do Oxide bismuth. Bees wax, Burgundy pitch, Balsam copivi, do tola, do Peru, Black drop, PATENT .MEDICINES, Ac. Lees’ pills. Compt fl’d ex’t Pink Root, Opodeldoc, _ by G. W. Carpenter, Chapman’s anti-dyspeptic Palby’s carminative. Pills, Bleaching Liquid, ‘ ’ do " " do do do do do Camphor, Scaramouv, Myrrh, Asafastida, Gttiac, Pearl Barley, Syringes, Honey, Ouo roses, Magnesia, calc’d do carb. Isinglass, Quicksilver, Seidlitz powders. Soda do Saratoga do Sponge. Tamarinds, Wafers, Sarsaparilla, Red precipitate. White do Black do Pearlash, Annatta, Indigo, Spanish float, Logwood, Fustic, Copperas, Spanish brown, Venetian red, Madder, Fig blue, Nutgalls, Alum, Cochineal, Spts Turpentine. Venice do Starch, Salt Tartar, Sal Ammoniac, Glue, Rosin, Jujube paste. T HE Subscribers have resumed the Drug Business, at their old stand, formerly El lis, Shotwell & Co. lately occupied by Mr Win G. Brown, opposite the Central Hotel, under the Arm of H. & J. SHOTWELL, who intend keeping a very general assortment of Goods peculiar to their line of business, together with a great variety of miscellaneous articles that maybe difficult to be found elsewhere. Their Stock is now very extensive, having received by late arrivals nearly all their Fall and winter supplies, a general enumera tion of which could not be given in an advertisement. Some of the Articles received are. (Drugs A Medicines,) Rochelle Salts, Hellebore, Iceland Moss, Flos Ben zoine, Juniper Berries, Lapis Calaminaris, Henry’s Magnesia, Madder. Mace, Cayenne Pepper, Black Pepper, Alspice, Hemlock Bark, Bayberry do, Poplar do, Cinnamon do, Golden Seal, Sumac, Sem. Anisi, AquaAmonia F F F, Sulph Quinine, Sago, Gum | Guiac, Indian Turnip, Skunk Cabbage, Hops, Pep- K irmint Lozenges. Oil Spruce, Acidulated Lemon rops, Coriander Seed, C. P. Castor Oil, Cort Au rant. Cherry tree Bark, White Vitriol, Muriatic Acid, Pink Root, Gum Myrrh, Seed Lac, Seneka oil, Lob elia, Lemon Balm, Sweet Balm, Ext Colocynth, Pul. Gtn Arahic, Ground Race Ginger, Balsam Fir, Pearl Barley, refined Borax, Bole Armenian, Cera Alba, Lunar Caustic, Cloves, Prepared Chalk, Cubebs, C'a- nella Alba, Rust of Iron, Sup. Carb. Soda, Castor, Calamus Root, Cowhage, Mazerion, Sassafras, Bals am Honey, Cumfrey Root, Dragons Blood, Oil Lav ender, Lemon, Bergamot. Ext Bark, do Liverwort, Stricnine, Emetine, Digitalis, F.lm Bark, Flos of El der, Ext Hyoscyamus, Flax seed, Fowlers Solution, Henbane, Uva Ursi, Camphor, Kino, Scammony J Aleppo, Gold Thread, Hydriodate Potass, Mustard Seed, Spts Nitre. Oil Wortnseed. Croton Oil, Olive Oil, Bismuth, Oil silk, Sanfords Bark. Tamarinds, Gum Copal, Syrup of Liverwort, Turkey Opium, Cantharides, Flowers of Chamomile, Oil Pepper mint, Bermuda Arrow Root, sugar Lead, Refined Li' quorice. Ergot. Nux Vomica, Corrosive sublimate Aloes, Gum Arabic, Precipitate, spts Hartshorn, Carb Potass, Alcohol, sarsaparilla, Epsom salts, Nitric Acid, .Ether, Alspice, Popper, Tartarised Antimony, As- phaltnm. Adhesive Plaster, Acetate of Potass, Bals am Copaiva, refined Borax, snake Root, Cubebs, Rhubarb, Ipecac, sem Carni, Cream Tartar, Nut Galls, Isinglass, Magnesia, Mercurial Ointment, Blue Pill, sulphate Quinine, Conserve Roses, Black Drop, Jujube Paste, sal Ammoniac, Bay Rum, Oil Cinna mon, Acetate Morphine, sulph do, Comp Ext Bucha, do of Liver Wort, Ext sarsaparilla, Ext Pink Root* Comp Ext Cubebs, Piperine, Iodine, Butler's Magne sia. Kreosote, Assnfcctida, Nutmegs, Tapioca, Manua, Oil Rosemary, Canadian Balsam, Ext Valerian, salt Petre. Glaubers salts. Concentrated spts Amuiouia. JPaints, Bye Stuffs, Oils. 350 kegs While Lead in oil 35 do Venetian Red do 30 do Spanish Brown do 2000 lbs Soap Stone Paint do 6 kegs Yellow Ochre do 30 canisters Verdigris do 900 lbs Spanish Brown dry 200 lbs Venetian Red do 800 lbs Yellow Ochre do 1500 lbs Spanish Whiting do Red Lead, Chrome Green, Kings Yellow, Verdi' gris, Prussian BJue, Stone Ochre, Rose Pink, Lith urge, Spanish Pumice Stone, Umbar, Lamp Black, Ivorv do, Chinese Vermillion, Black Lead, Chalk, do Red, Carmine, Water Colors assd sizes boxes, Drop Lake, Spanish Float Indigo,Calc’d Plaster, Wa ter Lime, Terra de Sienna, Green Blue and Black Paint mixt. Blue Brown & Green Smalts. Frostings, Blue White Brown and Purple, Gold Bronze, Car mine Saucers, Pink do. Logwood in sticks, do ground and chopped, Fustic, Madder. Camwood, red San ders, Copperas, Brazillctto Wood, Annatto. 390 gals Linseed Oil 400 do Sperm Oil fall strained 350 do do do winter do 180 do Spirits Turpentine 300 do Train Oil 1 bbl Liver Oil, 1 do Neats Foot 1 bbl CopeJ Varnish, Japan do Black do, Picture Varnish. Coach do. ’ Patent ami Compound .llcdicincs Swaims Vermifuge, do Panacea, Thompson’s Eye j Water, Green's Tonic Mixture, Rowan’s Tonic Mix- turc, (forthe fever and ague ) Ilarkcm Oil, Gowland’s Lotion, Potter’s Catbolicon, Barclay’s Comp. Sara- ! parrilla and Cubebs, Dalby’s Carminative, British j Oil, Opodeldoc, Judkin’s Ointment, Lee’s W. Bilious j Pills, N. L. Turlingtons Balsam, Bateman’s Drops * Jesaits Drops, Cephalic Snuff, Aromatic do, Wal- J di’s Tincture or Cough Syrup, Carpenter’s Prepara tions, Henry’s Aromatic Vinegar, Welch Medicara- NEW DRUG STORE. DR. U. LOOMIS AS jnst received a large assortment of DRUGS &, MEDICINES, at the Store one door below W. B. Johnston’s Jewelry, which he will sell at mo lerate prices: among which are PAINTS, Whito Lead, Red Lead, Black Lead, Litharge, Verdi gris, Chromic Green, Chromic Yellow, Spanish Brown Yellow Ochre, Stone Ochre, Umber, Venetian Red Lampblack, Rosepink, Terra de Sienna, Vermillion Prussian Blue, Osborn’s water colours. OILS, Linseed, Sperm, Whale, and Train Oils, and Spts, Turpentine, Copal, Japan, Coach, Leather, At, Picture Varnishes. BRUSHES. Flesh, Hair, Hat,Graining, Varnish, Furniture, Tooth, Paint, Nail, Com/, Shoe, Scrubbing, Sweeping, Dus ting, Velvet, Whitewash, Clothes, Horse, and Velvet Brushes. PERFUMERY Cologne, Rosa. Honey, Florida, Lavender, & Orange Flower \Vate», Aromatic Vinegar, Bears’ Oil, Antique Oil, Chlorine Tooth Wash, Cream Soap and other Shaving Soaps, Wash Balls, Drop Lake, Essences of Rose and Cedrat, Extrait de Meil, Flake White, Hair Powder, Orris Root, Milk of Roses, Oils of Orange, Bergamot, Cedrat, Ciuuamon, Lavender, Neroli. and Roses; Oxy-chlorine Lotion. Pearl Powder, Pomatum, Powder Puffs, Preston Salts, Pink Saucers, Fancy vi als, Tcnquin Beans, Vin de Rouge, Vegetable Rouge, &• Macassar Oil. DYE STUFFS. Annatto, Cudbear, Fig Blue, Fustic, Galls, Indigo, Madder, Nicaragua YVood, Alum, Turmeric, and Ground Logwood. MEDICINES. Acetic, Citric, Oxalic & other Acids, Acoustic Oil, Alcohol, Nitrate of Ammonia, Concentrated Liquor of Ammonia, Atkinson’s Depilatory, Balm of Columbia, Patent Barley, Breastpipes, Brimstone, Cayenne Pep per, Spauish Saffron, Anmioniaret of Copper, Sago, Emetine, Cicuta Flaster, Ext. Aloes, Cinchona, Col ocynth, Elateriiim, Jalap, Kahinca, Nux Vomica, Rhu barb, Rhatania, Lead, Savin, Sarsaparilln & Cubebs, Dandelion, Y’alerian, Opium & others. Phosphate of Iron, Red Oxyde of Iron, Tartariz’d Iron &c. Ginger Powders, Hamilton’s Elixir, Magnesian Aperient? English Calomel, Hoffmau’s Anodyne, Oil’d Silk or Hat Cose; Iodine, Jujube Paste, Lactucarium. Lan cets, Patent Lint, Lupuline, Lobelia, Medical Spoons, Acetate and Sulphate of Morphia, Mustard, Oils of Caraway, Copaiva, Croton, Fennel, YVintergreen, Se neca, Denarcotised and Powdered Opium, Phospho rus, Piperine, Pocket Instruments, Ilydriodate & Ox y-muriate of Potash, Potter’s Catholicon, Liquor of Po tash, Dragon's Blood, Seatons, Stoughton’s Elixir, Strychnine, Powdered Valerian, Rhubarbarine, Sali- cine, Sanford’s Bark, Lac Sulphur, Syrup of Liver wort, One Stethoscope, Swaim’s Panacea, Seidlitz Powders, Tamarinds, Tincture of Coichicum, YVine of Coichicum, Trusses, Turbith Root, White Hellebore, Coichicum Seeds, Acetate «f Coichicum, Aromatic Carbonate of Ammonia ; an Assortment of Patent .Me dicines. and all others in common use, Garden Seeds, and Shop Furniture for Physicians.— ALSO, Couching, Cupping, and small Scaling. Instruments; and one second band set of Amputating and Trephin ing Instruments.April 39 Notice to Contractors for Excavation and Embankment. P ROPOSALS will be received at the office of the Monroe Rail Road Company, Macon, Georgia, on the 4th, 5th and 6th of August next, for Excavating and Embanking about 10 miles of said Rail Road, com prising about 7 miles near the town of Forsyth, and 3 miles immediately adjoining that portion now under contract. For further particulars apply to DANIEL GRIFFIN, Resident Engineer. J. EDGAR THOMSON, C. Engineer. July 7 5t 55 Pratt’s Nipple Shields. T HE Medical College of Georgia at Augusta have given their opinion of the superiority of Doctor Pratt's Nipple Shield to any thing else hitherto offered fur the same purpose, which opinion can be presented if necessary to physicians and others. The opinion of Dr Baber and other physicians in Macon, who have examined the instrument, accords with that of Doctor Dewees and the Medical College of Georgia. The Instrument is for sale in Macon by the subscriber only, price $5, with printed directions. H. LOOMIS. Sign of the Golden Mortar, Mulberry street. Certificate of Doctor De trees. “ Doctor Elijah Pratt: Dear sir—As I feel it a mat ter of much public importance to possess a means of lessening the terrible sufferings of sore nipples, I have much pleasure in being able to say that tne “ Shield” you offer for the preventing and the cure of this mala dy, is better adapted, to this purpose than any I have . heretofore seen. In die two or three instances I have j known them to be used, much satisfaction has been expressed ; «nd I have no hesitation to believe it will generally succeed. I am so well persuaded of this at tins moment, that I cannot forbear to express a wish that our city through the various apothecaries may be supplied with them. I am yours, &c. Philadelphia, Vithjan. 1834. Ws. P. Dewees.” Post Office, Perry, Ga ; July .1, 1835. T HE following Letters were remaining in the Post Office, in Perry. 1st July, 183C. Persons apply ing forletters on the following list, will please say they are advertised. A—Miss Margaret Adams, William H Andrews B—Juab Brooks, Stephen Brown, Owen Bryant, Elijah Butts, Aaron Biowu, S M Bateman, John F Brown, William Bullard, Joseph Barron, James Bus- be, Benjamin Bowers, Robert Brooks, Nathan Bryant, Horace YV Brunson, Thomas Bullard, Win. Brown. C—Peter N Chain, YViley Clark, YViley J Clark 3, Isaiah Chain,Arthur Carroll, E. E. Crocker, James M Crockett, Mr Joseph Culpepper or John Chain, Hen ry C Culpepper, Howell Cobb, Arthur B Carroll, Ri chard Cross, Samuel Carr, Bryan Chisbire, Luis Cul pepper, YVilliam Cnnyers. I)—John Denton, James Dean 3, Robert L. Dun can, Thomas Duffle, Lisha Davis, G M Duncan 3, John C Duncan, Miss Elizabeth Deak, Jepthaw Dunn 2, Joshua Daughtry, J N Dupree. Moses Dunkin. E—Mr. Echols, Esq. Edwin Ellis, Edward Ellis. G—Elizabeth Gilyson, Milton Gartrel), Messrs Ga- ney & Sapp, Sebarn Gammage. II—Augustus Howard, Seaborn Iluckaby, James Heard, Seaton L Harrison, A D Hendricks, Esq. James Holderness. Robert S Holt, Robert Hodges, YVilliam Hails, Caswell Hearn, YVilliam A Hannah, E K Hodges,,Catharine Ilamner, Miss C C Hamner. J—Jefferson J Jones, J J C Jackson, John Jones, Jnuathan Johnson, James Ingram, Nathaniel Johnson, David Jones, Moses Johnson. L—Hngh Lawson 2, Catharine Lloyd 2, Richard R Law, Stephen Long, John Law. M—YVarren B Massey, Nale McCormack, Robert F Misseldijue, Elick Martin, Dr E T McGehee, Miss Sarah Miller, John McKenzie, Joshua Mercer, Capt John M Moore, Elias Mims, Matthias Mount, Charles 31 McCoy. N—Isaac Naress, O—Nathan O’Neal. P—Thomas Price, Henry Pease, Theophilus L Par ker, 31aj. Thos Pace, 3Irs Appliss Perry, John S Pri or, YViley'Pettis. Q—Samuel Quarles. R—John Robinson 2, YVm J Ronaldson, John Row an. 31ordecai Royals, George W Robbins, James A Roquetnore, Willis Roads, Cyrus Robertson. S—John M Smith, Joseph YV Stegar. Jacob Sauls, Riley Strickland. Sheriff of Houston, William Stew art 2, William Sowden, Elias Shipwasli, Polly V Sta pler, David Snmoer, Henry Sumaford, Matthew G Sikes, John Stapler. T—Lott S Townsley 3, Stephen Thompson, Joseph Tillman, Walter P Thomas, YVilliam Jameson, Nich olas Taylor, Owen Tomlin. YV—Sterling C YVilliamson. Thomas 31 Wyatt, Henry YVimberly, Lewis YVooten, Abner YVimberly, Lewis or Simon YVooten, F C YValrond, Thomas YVal- ker, William F. White, Osborn YViggins, Joseph YVest, Jesse YVall, .Mr. Wooten administrator on or Executor of John YVooten, dec’d. Messrs YVimberly & Smith. 2t CHAS. H. RICE, P.3I. d~hN the first Tuesday in SEPTEUnvn belonging to the estate of Benjamin v v , said county deceased Terms on the lata a TH03IAS S. CHAPPPi?’, * June 30 YVM. NELSON ’ 11 - J Ad , TTBrnLL be sold on thTfirerTuSd^-i—* , n ® xt ’ before tbe court house Se P t 'mfc i .- beHton, Campbell county, within the u*’ CtE P- sale, two thirds of lDe Jt gJl hoars * —No. 94, in the 7th district" <AT orHnal!' 8 ^ satisfy one Fi Fa from Bibb Inferior court, in favor of Campbell county, for the bennfi. C °«enrw William WnrtTir'—nninfn^ mil hr YUIllinn, , J t m 0i (fin •’ Bibb Sheriff "Sale. W ILL be sold on the first Tuesday in AUGUST next, nt the court house, in the city of Macon, be tween the usual hours of sale, Fraction No. 1-10, containing 169 acres, more or less, fraction No. 156, containing 25 acres, more or less, al so, one half of lot No. 137, containing 101$ acres, moreorless, levied on as the property of Solomon Groce, to satisfy one Fi Fa from Bibb Inferior court, in favor of Charles McIntyre vs said Groce, undone Fi Fa in favor of Jacob YVaring, from Bibb Superior court, vs said Groce—all lying in Bibb county. Lot No. 8, on the east side of the river, containing one acre, more or less, formerly owned by Dr. Dur- rett, levied on as the property of Thomas J. Chase, to CENTRAL. HOTEL, Macon, Georgia. T HIS establishment is now under the control of the subscribers, who pledge themselves to ren der comfortable those who may call on them. PETER J. YVILLIA3IS, Feb25 35 JOHN D. RAMEY. YVilliam YVaring—pointed out by defendant. One lot of sheet copper, 2 unfinished stills, one lot of tools, all levied on as the property of Henry Au- douin, to satisfy one distress warrant in favor of Chas, J. McDonald vs said Audouin. One Lot and improvements, whereon Goorge 311c- k!ejohn,jun. now lives, formerly owned by Alexander Meriwether, levied on as the property of George Mie- klejohn sen, to satisfy one fi. fa. from Bibb Inferior coart, in favor of Thomas Lowe vs. said Mickiejohn and D. F. Wilson. Property pointed out by YV. Poe, Plaintiff’s Attorney. June 30 H. H. HOYVARD, Sheriff. Also, mill be sold as above, at the same time and place One double mattress; 1 arm, 5 vvindso r and 3 com mon chairs; 1 cushion, 1 trunk and sundries, consisting of shaving instruments, &c. 1 pine box and lot of books, 3 small tables, 2 painted; 1 large bedstead, 1 barrel containing sundry articles, 2 old trunks, 6 large table and 6 tea spoons silver, 5 glass tumblers, 3 strip ed blankets, 1 knife box and suudries, l deerskin, 6 reed baskets of different sizes, 1 slate, 1 map,] pair and-irons, shovels and tongs (brass heads,) 1 common shovel, 1 carriage whip, 1 small square box and cake of tallow, 1 small measure and sugar box, 6 knives and forks, 2 wooden bolls, 3 jugs. 1 large rope, 13 large and 5 small plates. 5 pitchers of diffeient sizes, 1 large dish, 3 night glasses, 1 small mug, 1 large and 1 small bowl, 1 decanter, 5 bottles, 1 ink stand, 1 bedstead, bed and mattress, 1 looking glass, 4 profiles with flames and glass, 1 wash stand, 1 large blowing horn—levied on as the property of Archibald Darrah, to satisfy one Fi Fa ftom Bibb Superior court, in favor of George Cavender, against Joseph Henderson and Archibald Darrah —property pointed out by Kecland Cook. One brick house and the ground therennto attached, on Cotton Avenue, in the city of 3Iacon, it being the house formerly occupied by Samuel F. Dickinson, now by Rufus R. Graves, levied on to satisfy one Fi Fa from Bibb Superior court, in favor of the State of Georgia against llenry C. Byroni and YVilliam Ward— pointed out by YVm. B. Cone. One house aud lot in East 3Iacon, being* part of a ten acre lot, No. 4, where Lewis J. Groce now lives, and levied on as his property to satisfy two Fi Fas from Bibb Superior court, Thomas S. Bennett vs Lewis J. Groce, and one from Bibb Inferior court, II-B. Glo ver, &c. vs Lewis J. Groce—property pointed out by John J. Bennett. One House and Lot, containing one half acre, more or less, joining East Macon, on Cutter’s Hill, where Mrs. Boren now lives, and levied on as the property of YVilliam E. Boren to satisfy one fi. fa. from Bibb Infe rior Court, in favor of Lewis Lawshe vs. William E. Boren. Property pointed out by Plaintiff’s Attorney. The undivided half of that part of Lot number 12 in East Macon, on which the old tavern, formerly occu pied by Mrs. Hdge, stands, now unoccupied, levied on as the property of Alfred S. Bennett, to satisfy a fi. fa. from Bibb Superior Court in favor of Low. Taylor & Co. vs. Alfied S. Bennett; pointed out by Lewis J. Groce. One house and lot in East Macon, being one half a- William Jones, deceased—Terms *1*** day of sale. JA3IES McCRACfm- 0 '*' 0 June 16 52 '' KA <-Klh, Valuable JLaiui~fw^r~r~—^ O N the first Tuesday in AUGUST it, ? . before the court house door xn th. b it'J Lot of land No. 54, in the 14th Perr 1 county sold by order of the honorable'!* 10 ^ court of Houston county, while sittin,% he raf 'hor purposes, it being the real estate of J n fi, ceased, sold for the benefit of the U;. Jacli soa, & Terms of sale, 12 months credit. * 8n<i tre 4lott May 14 48 JOHN ROBERTSOV , N thefirst TuesdaylffAUGtjkf^r-^lL O i> incjirsi tuesaay tn AUGUST— before the courthouse, in Crm! - «u county, xcithin the legal hours, undr ferior court of Bibb county. <nitT °f tit k. Three-fifths of lot of land No. 16 in .i trict formerly Troup nov/ Meriwether r <•»- the property of the orphans of YVilliam o DWy,,0,<i <• may5 45p SEBOURN Hlxsftl * Postponed SalcT ££2r c ”“ ° ! m -*“»■ 4| acres, being? part of fractional lot No « *, Macon reserve, with the improvement* ing the place where the late Joseph the ume of his decease, (being No. 13, tf wS" Also. 4 acres, being a part of lot N 0 . ’ 69 con Reserve, (and No. 10, of YVmdsor “” 5 property of the orphans of said Joseph 3 benefit of all concerned. r ,roo Mor July 5 54 REBECCA WOOD. Gandm, F OUR months after date *ppUc^^~- to the inferior court of Butte count- ■ ting for ordinary purposes, for leave to wri and negroes belonging to the estate ofJamJi'j son, late of Butts county, deceased. Mav» DAVID KI.MBELLJ <9 JOHN ANDERSON. (^’> ere, more or less, it being the south-west corner of a ten acre lot No 4, whereon Mrs. B Hand now liv-?, le vied on as the property of Samuel Leytle, to satisfy oi'e Fi Fa from Bibb Inferior court in favor of Ross & Powell, vs Samuel Leytle—property pointed out by Thos Ross. BENJ. RUSSELL, Dep. Sheriff. June 30 53 Peter*’ do Hunters’ pills. Hoopers’* do Anderson's do British oil, Bateman’s drops. Thompson’s jye water, Godfrey’s cordial. Salts lemon, Worm ten, Effervescing magnesia, Botanical drops. Swaim’s Panacea, Indian’s do Ess Iceland 3Ioss, Cough 3Iixture, Fluid ext sarsaparilla, Syr Liverwort, Comp sarsap. copivi, 3Iead’s Pills, Issue plaisters, Eiixer life, Ginger beer powders. Medicated Oil silk. Digestive Eiixer, Pile remedy, Chlorine tocth wash, Bav rum, Balsam honey, Cough Lozenges, Extract coffee, Cullen’s liquid magnesia, Potter’s catholicon, Rowan’s Tonic 3Iixture, Relfes Vegetable specific, Oil YVormsecd. Ext Buchu, cnbebs & Ext. Boneset, Tonic Extract. PERFUMERY & BRUSHES, Ac Hair Powder, Almond paste. Pearl do Gronud paint brushes, Ruugo, do sash hlilkof Roses, Oval Varnish Cold cream, Camel hair Cream Almonds. Badger’s hair Florida water, various sizes Graining de do do do do do oss'd do do do do do do silver wire, do do do Cologne do do do Flesh Lavender do do do Horse Rose do do do Hair Bears’ oil, Nail YVard’a hair oil, Comb Marrow Pomatum, Tooth Orange Flower YVater, do Macaisar oil. Cloth Spirit of Rose, Scrubbing Camphor soap, Shoe Musk do Emollient do Windsor do do do Brown, Wash Balls, Curling fluid, AntiqUOOtl, Lip Salve, (Persian Otto Shaving do Rose,) Shaving oil. Tooth powdor, (superior) Powder Puff* and boxes, Erasive do Preston salts, Extract Bergamot, Smelling bottles, do Rose, Tapers, do Mask, Dutch cologno, Honey YY’ater. Atkinson's Depilatory. Shaving cakes, SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS, Ac. Amputating cases, Cupping glasses, Trepanning instruments, do do with ai Patent feather Brooms, do do Dusters, do do Brushos, Fitch Tools, Counter Brushes, Hat do Crumb do pump b, Gum elastic catheters, Silver do Seton Needles, Spring lancet blades, Tooth claws. Dissecting do Pocket cases, Spring Lancet*. Evans’ thumb do Dentists’ cases, Teeth keys, do do (moveable but- Gam Lancets, ton/. Medical spoons, Scarificators, Scales ana YVeigbt*, Abscess Lancets, Teeth Files. Tourniquets, The subscribers intend keeping a full assortment of i DRUGS. MEDICINES, paINTS, OILS. SHOP FURNITURE, Ac. consisting of all articles in the line necessary for the3ttpply of qliysiciatu, Plantations or Families. They will be supplied with the best that can be selected out of tho New-York and Philadelphia uitrkvU Order* fraui Merchant* and Physicians, will receive prompt attontion. Jan. 98 31 J. H. & W. S. HLLIS entum, Hygean Syrup, 3Iead’s PiHs, Walker’s Drops, Morrison's Pills, West’s Pills, Rheumatic Medicine, Sphon’s Digestive Elixir, Little’s Lotion, Nipple Salve, Bleaching liquid, Ess Mustard, Citrate ofKalc Consumption Specific, Cerate of Copaiva, Cosmetic Cold Cream, Hays Liniment, Chapman's Mixture, Bullard’s Oil of Soap, Scotts Pills, Hamilton’s YVorm Lozenges, Judkin’s Specific Ointment, Scotch Oint ment, Hoffman's Anodyne. Surgical and .iledical Instruments | Pocket Instrument* in Cases, Silver Spring Lan cets Evans Crown thumb Lancet*, Obstetrical Instru ment*. Fox’s Spring Turnkeys, Teeth Forceps, Cup ping glasses, Tweezers, Surgical Needles, Gum Elas tic Syringes, Metalic do, Stetbeoscopes, Apothecaries Scales and weights, Spatulas ass’d, Metalic Staffs and Sounds, Hair Sieves. Medical Spoons. Brushes Ground Paint Broshes assorted sizes, Varnish do. Sash Tools do, Bndgcr’s Hair Blenders Graining do, Camels Hairdo, Fancy and plain Hair Brushes assor ted, Palters do do, Cloth do do, Ilat Crumb Brushes. Hearth do, Dusting do, Counter do. Shoe do, Hat ters’ Brushes, Table do, Flesh do, Shaving do, Fur niture Brushes, YVhisk Brooms, do Brushes. Glass Ware, Store furniture. WindoYV Glass YVindow Glass assorted sizes from 7 by 9 to 22 by 28 inches, Coach Glass, do Picture Looking Glass Plates, Tincture Bottles from j pint to 2 gallons, do Specie assorted sizes, Salt Mouth do, 1 to 8 oz Vials, Ground stoppers YY'hita and Green Vials assorted, Nursing Bottles, Globe Bottles, Graduate .Measures, Glass Funnels, Retorts and Reservoirs, Proof Glasses Drum Vials, Otto of Rose Vials, Pungents Tubes or Fillers. Glass Lamps, with shades, do without shades, Glass Candlesticks, Suspending Lamps, with shades, extra shades. Cologne, tea ter fancy articles, Soaps Double distilled Cologne Water in fancy and plain Bottles, Florida YVater, Alilk of Roses. Orange Flow er Water, Lavender, Harrogate salts. Pearl Powder, Pomatum, 3Iacassar Oil, Rose water, Oil of Roses, Musk, German Cologno water, Honey water, Preston salts, Antiquo Oil, Transparent wafers, Pungents, (cut glass,) Metalic shaving Boxes, Camels Hair Pen cils, Wash Balls, Otto ofRose Vials, Variegated soap, do Transparent for shaving, Rose soap, do Cinnamon do Ceylon, English YVindsor, soda soap. Conrt Plas ter, Teeth powder. Miscellaneous Kitchen’s Patent Cocoa, Lucifer Matches, Bar soap, Variegated do, Turpentine, Fine and Coarse sponge. Cox's Currying Knives, Clay Pipes, do Glazed, Lamp Glasses, Lamp YVick, Bees YVax, Diamonds, French Chalk, Emery coarse and fine, Black sand, Pearlash. Castile soap, Scotch, Rappic and 3Iacaboy snuff, sha ving Boxes, Honey, Glue, Blacking, Lemon syrup, Barbers shaving Cakes, Chloride Lime, YVafers, Ta pers scaling YVax, starch, sandPaper, Indelible Ink, Corks, Cork Wood, Violin.*, do strings, Bellows, Ma gic Jlatches, Swills. Bath Brick, shellac. Intending to be permanently engaged in this busin ess, the subscribers will use every exertion in their power, to render it worthy the patronage of their old and new customers. Orders by letter will meet the same attention as if made in person. IIARVEY SHOTYVF.LL, JACOB SHOTYVELL. Painting of every description carried on by Ylacon Jan. 14. 29 H. &. J. SHOTWELL. SWAIM’S VERMIFUGE. The most useful Family Medicine ever offered to the Pub lic. No family ought or ettr uill be without it offer a trial. Patent. T HIS well known Anti-dyspeptic aud Worm Medi cine, has proved successful tliese twelve years past, and is universally acknowledged by all who have tried it, to be far superior to any other medicine ever employed in diseases for which it is recounnenned. It is perfectly safe, and no child will refuse to take it. It seldom fails curing Cholera .llorbns, Dys entery or Bowel Complaints, Colic and Bleeding Piles, either in grown per sons or children, and it gives appetite to almost all de bilitated persons. YVorms frequently infest children, aggravate all other diseases, and are the chief cause of fevers, Bowel Complaints, and chronic and nervous dis eases, incident to childhood, which are so numerous aud frequently fatal. It is much to be regretted that thousands of children are swept off, or *» rendered feeble, pale and emaciated through die firststage of life —which leads on to pulmonary complaints, &c. &c. YVorms being especially opt to infest persons of de bilitated digestive organs and emaciated constitutions, much mischief is often done by the ordinary worm medicines, which generally consist of the strongest purgatives—calomel, that destroyer of the constitution liitiers, pink root, or spirits of turpentine, worm see’ oil, dec. Articles of diis kind may destroy worms, but they debilitate tbe stomach, and often materially in jure the general health, without removing the cause. Swaim’s Vermifuge has the peculiar advantage of re moving the cause of worms, by giving vigor anil heal thy action to the stomach, bowels and organs of diges tion—thereby removing measles, croup hooping cough and many other complaints. It is by this means that so many grown persons have beon relieved, by Us use, of dyspepsia, sick head-ache, foul or sour stomach, FOUL BKEATH, coughs, and most of the bilious symptoms, &c. dice. Ac. This medicine will relieve Bowel Complaints or Dys entery, Billions Colic, vomiting, sickness, pain or weakness in the stomach or bowels, loss of appetite either in children or grown persons, in a few hours; and seldom fails curing CHILLS and FEVER or FE VER it AGUE, and Intermittent or Billious Fevers. For sale, wholesale and retail by July 7 5-1 J. H. & YV. 8. ELLIS. GLOBE TAVERN, Clinton* Sones County* Ga« T HE Subscribers (late proprietors of the Clinton Hotel,) tender our thanks to our friends and patrons for past encouragement, and respectfully beg leave to announce to the public, that we have removed to the commodious House known as tho GLOBE TAVERN, situated in the busiuess part of the town, aud fronting tbe Court-House. Having leased this stand for several years, with the intention of renewing the lease or of pur chasing the property, we consider ourselves per manently located, and shall continue to improve our accomodations as the comfort of customers shall require. Our House is now open for the reception of Travellers or Boarders. YVo shall at all times eudeavor to keep such a House, as will ensure public patronage; and we hope to afford such ac commodations as will prove satisfactory to those who call on us. The usual great promises of good TABLES, BARS, dec. we think unnecessary to particular ize.—Good Lots aud other conveniences for Dro vers, readily furnished Butts Sheiiir Sale. vN thefirst Tuesday in AUGUST next, will be sold V before the court house door in the town of Jackson, Butts county, within the legal hours of sale, Hugh Hanoi's interest inn certain negro man nam ed Joe, levied on aud returned to me by a constable as the property of Hugh Hatnil, by virtue of sundry Fi Fas from a justices’ court of Bntts county, in favor of Samuel 3Iaddux vs Simeon Hatnil and Hugh Hamit. Sold under the incumbrance of a mortgage—proper ty pointed out by the plaintiff. June 23. RICH’D Me DUFF, Dtp Sheriff. F OUR mouths afterdate application to the inferior court of Heniy county wL i ting for ordinary purposes, forleave'.to sell tie 1,„7 belonging to the estate of YViley Heflin, late 0 f county, deceased. YVILEY J. HEFLIN June 2 49 gj F OUR mouths after date application iriJJbenjJ. to the honorable the inferior coutt of Bntu mu. ty when sitting for ordinary purposes, for leare toiell lot No 28, in the 3d district of Coweta corny, for & benefit of the orphans of-YVilliam Payne, deceaied 31ay 28 49 ABNER BANKSTON. Gw I jYOUR months after date, application will he ^ to the honorable the inferior court of Firm* January 20, 1834 YVOOD & YVEEKES. 19 tf O Lamp Oil, F a superior quality, May 5 35 G. YV. PRICE & Co. Swaim’s Panacea, Indian Panacea POTTED'S C.lTIIOEICOJS', A supply just rec’d by H & J SHOTYVELL. Insurance. T HE Insurance Bank of Columbus, will insure Cotton on the River, and also take a few risks against Fire in this city. Apply to Macon. Oct. 27 ROBERT COLLINS. ^PPLE yiNEGAR for sale by april 26 44 J. H. & YV. 8. ELLIS. Ten Dollars Reward F OR the apprehension and delivery of C. STRIB' LING, who deserted from the company of Cf.valry commanded by me at Camp Georgia, Alaba ma. after he had been mustered into the service of the United States. E. 3lcCALL, June 15 Captain of Bibb Cavalry. EP I will give an additional reward of FIFTY DOLLARS, lor the apprehension of said Clayton Stribling, whom I engaged as a substitute for myself in tbe Bibb Cavalry, and furnished with a Horse and Equipments.and Sixty Dollars in cash. Heisabout five feet two inches high, fair complexion, middle size, prominent chin, is a cabinet maker by profession, aud has worked in Columbus and in Macon—said ho was a native of Union district, South Carolinn—supposed to be between 25 and 30 years old—of about 135 pdltnds weight. Having sold a horse that did not be long to him. it is to bo hoped the officers of the Law will be on the look out, that this consummate scoun drel may be arrested and treated according to his de serts. JOHN SPRINGER. Ylacon, Jutia 23,1836. 52 NEW LIVERY STABLES .hid Carriage Depository. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA. C 3IINER. respectfully iuforms his friends.that • be has Leased tho YVare-houseand Lot. known, as Burton’s, late Mr. John Rees, near the Planter’s Hotel—and has all those superior buildings construe ted into Stables and Carriage Houses.—Has on hand, end will keep, a general asortment of CARRIAGES for sale of the letest fashions and best finish. His con nection in this branch ofiiis business, is such, as to in duce him to believe, he can offer greater inducements to the purchaser, than any like Establishment at the South. His Stables are all Dirt Stalls—wide, high and airy; can accommodate any number of Horses on Livery from 1 to 200—price per day, each Horse, longer or'shorter time, 50 cents.—Horses and Car riages of every kind usually hired, can be bad on the most reasonable terms. The proprietor pledges him self to do every justice to his Friends—who may pat ronise him. For Sale. 1 Pair of Extra fine Northern Carriage Horses, 7 and 8 years old, of fine blood, price $1200, sold for no fault. 1 Pair Sorrels, 15$ hands high, 6 and 7 years old, fine Travelers, well broke, can be recommended for family use—belonging to a private gentleman who is going to travel, and wishes to sell immediately. 1 Pair Dark Buys, 16 hands high, 6 and 8 years old, sound and gentle—and 1 Saddle Poney, young and sound. AtSO, Two Barouches, I Buggy, 1 Sulky and two Gigs all have been used some.—Sold for cash. May 24 3m. 50 Notice. TAKEN UP by the subscriber, on the 24th nit. a negro woman and female child, who says her name is Chlora, and belongs to James Simms, formerly of Hancock county Ga. but now of Chambers’ county, Ala. The owner can get her by application to me near Unionville P. O. in the Northwest corner of 3Ionroe county, Georgia. JA3IES RAY. Jnly J4 4t $2.25 HELICON SPRINGS. T IIE sub-criber would respectfully advise the public, that his house at this valuable watering place, has been much improved since the last season ; and will be open for fito reception of boarders by the first of June. For the accommodation of visitors, a Hack will run daily between Athens and the Springs. May 21 JOHN JACKSON. Lost or Stolen, A LARGE red calf skin POCKET BOOK, be tween the Central Hotel and the bridge, con taining one Ten Dollar Bill, and other money, but dont recollect the exact amount, supposed to be about .Seventy Dollars, with divers receipts and notes to me, it may be known by ray name on the papers. A re ward of TEN DOLLARS will be given to any per son finding the same and delivering it to J. G. or Skein at the Central Hotel. There is one note in it, to the best of my recollection, on S. B. Fostar, made -payable to Irby Hudson, as administrator on the estate of YVilliam Hudson, for thirty dollars. Jnly 5 54 JOHN GIBSON. T HE partnership heretofore existing under the firm of SaltmarshS,' Overton is this day dissolved by mutual consent. O. Saltmarah is authorised to re ceive and liquidate all demands in any way connected with said firm. O. SALTMARSH, January 1,1836. 3mp 54 YV. H. OVERTON; for Sale. A comfortable dwelling house with ont buildings complete, situated on Poplar street and Cotton Avenue, a delightful situation with one or two lots and fine wa ter, will be sold on reasonable terms for cash. Por terms apply in 3Iacon to 3fay26 48 YV3I. DANIEL. Crawford Sheriff Sale. ILL be sold on the first Tuesday in AUGUST next, at the court house door in the town of Knox ville, Crawford county, between the usual hours of sale, the following property: A negro woman by the name of 3Iary. about 14 or 15 years old, also, a negro boy by the name of Rigden, 8 or 9 years old, levied on as the property of Bryan F. Lane, to satisfy a Fi Fa in favor of Edgar & Carmicha el, and others. YV3I. CAMPBELL, Sheriff. Also will be sold as above. One lot of land, No 96, in the first distriet originally Houston, now Crawford county, levied on as the pro perty of Benjamin Simmons, to satisfy a Fi Fa issued out of a Superior court of Putnam county, in favor of Edward Varner vs said Benjamin Simmons—property pointed out by the plaintiff. June 29 YVM. B. FILES. Dep. Sheriff Campbell Sheriff Sale. POSTPONED SALE. O N thefirst Tuesday in AUGUST neit. will be sold before the court house door in Campbellton, Camp bell county, between the usual hours of sale, the follotcing property: Lot of land No 50, in the seventh district of Cowe ta county when surveyed, now Campbell county, con taining 202<Uacres more or less—levied on as the pro perty of Slade YVarren, to satisfy two Fi Fas issued from a justices court in Sumter county; in favor of Peter Easters vs Nelson Flournoy and Slade YVarren —property pointed out by plaintiff’s agent. April29 JOHN CARLTON, Dep Sh'ff. Houston Sheriff" Sale. k N the first Tuesday in AVGUST next, will be sold W before the court house door, in the town of Perry, Houston county, between the lawful hours of sale, Lot No. 133, in the 13th district of Houston county, containing 202$ acres of land, more or less, levied on as the property of Randal Bennett, to satisfy a Pi Fa from a justices’court of Stewart county, in fav.or of Henry C. Calhown vs the said Randal Ben.iett. 202$ acres more or less, being lot No. 6, in the 13th district of Houston county, levied on as the property of Thomas Barron to satisfy a Fi Fa from a justices’ court of Houston county, in favor of C. F. Smith, ys tlie said Thomas Barron and Joseph Barron. 202$ acres of land more or less, being lot No. 197, in the 10th district of Houston county, levied on as the property of Edward Varner, to satisl'y a Fi Fa from a justices’court of Laurens county, in favor of George YV. Danifel vs the said Edward Varner—pointed outby H. B. Hathaway, the assignee of said execution. 202$ acres of land, more or less, being lot No. 255, in the 13th district of Houston county. levied on as the property of Thomas Barron, to satisfy a Fi Fa from the Inferior court of Houston county, in favor of John Neal, administrator, &c. vs file said Thomas Bar ra 202$ acres of land, more or less, being the lot No. 126, in the 9th district of Houston county, levied on as the property of Drury Smith,, to satisfy a Fi Fa from file Superior court of Newton county, in favor of Samuel J. Bryan, vs Ignatius R. Brook, Drury Smith, John Smith and Hezekiah Speak. 202$ acres of land, more or less, being lot No. 125, in the 14th district of Houston county, levied.on ns the iroperty of Daniel Rooks, to satisfy a Fi Fa from ackson superior court, in favor of Joshua Grinage vs file said Daniel Rooks. June 27. GEORGE M. DUNCAN. Dep Sheriff. county, when sitting for ordinary purposes, fmlnn te sell part of the real estate of Abner Clmmpioi, In* of said county, deceased. May 8 47 WILLIS CHAMPION, Ain't. FRANCIS CHAMPION, Adm’n. F OUR months after date application mil be nudt to the honorable Inferior Court of Campbell county when sitting for ordinary purposes for kite te sell the real estate of YVilliam Sewell late of slid com. ty deceased. L S THOMAS, Ain't. June 9,1836 50 F OUR months after date application will be mult to the inferior court of Pike county, sitting fa ordinary purposes, for leave to sell the land tndte. gross of Frederick Sessions, late of said county, de ceased. May 19 ASA SESSIONS. Adro'r. F OUR months after date application will be mule to the Inferior court of Houston county, sitting for ordinary purposes, for leave to sell nil the red es tate lying in said county of Houston, and a rnpoptl belonging to the estate of YY’iliiamH.Riggine, deem ed, for the benefit of the heirs and creditors of uid d* ceased. JOAb vv. C. HORN, Ain't. July 7 55 GEORGIA—Crawford county. W HEREAS John Blackston applies ft me for letters of Administration on the estate of El bert Powell, deceased— These arc therefore to cite and admonish all ad f»p lar the kindred and creditors of said deceased tobtai appear at my office within the time prescribed bj k* a shew cause if any they can why said letters shnliutn granted. Given under my hand, July 8,1636- 55 B. F. LANE, o. e. e. «■_ GEORGIA: Houston County. W HEREAS Elizabeth C. Chain applies for let ters of Administration on file estate of Joe J. McBride, deceased— These art therefore to cite and admonish gidar the kindred and creditors of said deceased a» at | appear at my office within the time prescribed h shew cause if any they Imre, why said letters siauat* granted. Given under my hand at officn July 7,1836. 55 CHARLES H KICE. e. GEORGIA—Butts -County. W H EREAS Andrew Bickerstaff applies! 0 ®* letters of administration on the estate « **• ber£ Bickerstaff, late of Alabama, deceased, . These are therefore to cite and admonish all**• lar the kindred and creditors of said deceased I*** appear at my office xcithin the time pssscribtdljfft/ shew cause if any tluy can why said letters shsud l granted. < __ Given under my hand, at office, 10th Jane, 51 * JOHN McCORD, cffJL. for GEORGIA : Houston county. W HEREAS John J. Howell «L letters of Administration with the ed, on tho estate of Alonzo C. McBride,decease These arc therefore to cite and admonish all lar the kindred and creditors of said dectaffFu ^ appear at my office xcithin the time prescribed i} ^ shew cause if any they have, why said letters srfin granted. -of Job- Given under my hand at office, this 7“® J / * 1836. 55 CHAS. H- SICEffjA, U NDER an order of the Inferior Court of Pike coun ty sitting for Ordinary Purposes, trill be sold on the first Tuesday in SEPTEMBER next, xcithin the le gal hours of sale, before the court house in Cherokee coun ty, Lot No. 3G3, in the 15th district 2d section, sold us the property of James Lowry, deceased, for the benefit of all concern ed. Terms on the day. ASA SESSIONS, Adm'r. Juno 30 1 GEORGIA, Butts County. W HEREAS, Charles ■& *****£ plies to me for Letters of Admun the estate of Aristotle G. Ddki, 1st® deceased. . Jai These are therefore to cite and adtno ^ singular the kindred and creditor th ceased, to le and appear at snyop* mjj time prescribed by law, to shew cause ^ can lohy said letters shall not be gtan , 0 fjalr. Given under my hand at office this 11 l 1836. 55_ JOHNMcCOR&i^ GEORGI/ffCampbell County: _ W HEREAS, James M'Creckm England, apply to me for Letters ^ 0 f nil tion, on tlie estate of James H. hoos, county, deceased. , , »11 an* 1 ^ These are therefore to cite and adm® ^ l»» gular the kindred and creditors of said and appear at my office within tlrot-iniF law, to show cause, if any they ‘ iave ’ 3 , should not be granted. 4th tt" Given tinder my hand at oince, July, 1836. ' E pB0MAfcf* July 20 notice* «be<? P ur© White Lead and Linseed Oil for sale april 26 44 by J. H.& YV. S. BLLI6. ■MTNDER an order of the Inferior Court of Stexcar county, sitting for Ordinary purposes, will be sold, on the.first Tuesday in SEPTEMBER next, between the lawful hours, before the court house in said county, Two Negroes and 100 acres Land, lying in the Hitchity bend, on the Chattahoochee ri ver, number not known—sold as the property of Alex ander Nelson, late of said county, deceased. Terms on the day. June 30. THOMAS S. CHAPPELL, ? YY f M. NELSON, A LL persons having demands dece^ Sterling Camp, late of Butb ,' bic rjber,I!f“ are notified to render them in to t-ic bT as the law directs, within the time P re POLLY CAMP, A' July 20 . - GEORGIA, Pike County. , 1 L ARKIN Jordan, of Cap!. Ste *yi O.NE.flj before Benjamin Lis»®f» rSSWjVrf MULE, supposed to be t"°.’’I3*25 brands discoverable; appraised D -, ;]oss- and James M. Strength, to sixty-n' e day of July, 1836. Book . o A true extract from the 21 5o H. G. li* July Wool T HE subscribers will W‘jfiisJ l slean wool. CK» \\