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By ML BARTLETT. .F/./CO.V, GEORGIA, THURSO*!If, SEPTEMBER 1, 1836. Volume X.-—Nitii;J-or 62. TROT HILL. THE undersigned informs' hi* friends and those of the late firm of Cutter tf Cornwall, that he in tends re* liming the M 1'cnih oi subscription. Three Dollars, paid in advance.will pay for the pa per one year. Five DoliaR*.paid in advance, will pay for duffer two year*. Tax Dollars, fid in advance mill f y for the paper Jive yean. When n >t pent wUtun six months after the year has commenced. Three Dollars anti Fifty Cents per annum uiU be charged. If not paid until the end of the year, Fonr Dollars per annum uiU be charged—with interest thereafter. w jp. Terms of Advertising. Ahcrtisenexts not exceeding one hundred words, or 12 brevier lines, (considered a square,) will be inserted one tims for One dollar. When more than one insertion is r . . • . , , .. given, To cents for the first, and 50 cents for each sub-1 8 h c . om P ,e ! e -, which J? “ ,d ’. * r ' J low for ready pay, he will be ready to receive Cotton HVrrr House X Commission Business, at tlie store next above the one recently occupied by T. J. Chase, on the margin of East Macon, known as the town ofTroy. He further informs the public that he has bought the Goods, Ac. and having now on the way, from New York, andotherpUces, Dry Goods and Groceries, sequent insertion Sheriffs, Tax Collectors'and Coroners' Sales art chat ged by the levy. Yearly Advertisers will be allowed two squares in each paper for Twenty Dollars ft annum; ana in the same ratio for a larger space—payable quarterly. On all accounts for Advertising. Job Printing, Sec as well ns for subscription, Interest will be charged tchrn not sett! d within the year .Veto Tor A X Darien Eine of Packets BRIG Amelia Strong, J- Chace, Master ATT*. Premium, Mr. Matthews, jujrflC new “ Darien, C. P. Bnckley, g* “ " Macon, A. Bibbins, Schr. D. B. Crane, T. Baker, AU good and substantial vessels, well calculated for the trade, with'good aecoinnioil.itions for passengers, and experienced commanders. One of the vessels will al ways be at each end of the Line to receive freight, and will sail regularly once a week. Shippers by this line can effect Insurance at five eighths per cent and they may rely upon the vessels bains regularly despatched. The subscribers are also agents for several Steamboats lo run regularly during the boating season between Darien, Hawkinsville, and Macon, and are induced to believe that they can give great facilities in forwarding goods destined for the inferior of the State. HAWKS, MITCHELL & COLLINS. Darien. 1st July, 1835 3 __Agents. ~~ Macon Sicatu Boat Company, Steamboat SUPERIOR, Capt. George Willcox, do. EXCEL, “ J. L. Willcox. T HIS company have now their line of Beals in complete order for freighting. They have a new steamboat added to their line called the Superior, and ten Tow-Boats. The Boats will ran regularly between Macon and Darien, one of the steamboats leaving Darien every five or six days with tow-boats. The company have now sixteen tow-boats, all first rate boats, built express ly for the navigation of the Ocmulgoe and Altamaha rivers; these increased facilities will enable the com pany the means of giving the greatest despatch to cotton or goods shipped by their line. They have a Steamboat and a number of Sloops, to carry cotton and merchandise between Darien and Savannah, and Darien and Charleston. There are also, five first rale Packets running regularly between Darien and New York, which come to Hawes & Mitcliel, of Darien. Agents for the abore Roots : J. GODDARD, Macon. Rovck, Hevuv &■ Wat.ter. Charleston. Baldwin &. Co. Savannah, Hawks, Mitchem. & Collins, Darien, Geo. K. Roberts, Hawkinsville, Macon, 24th Dec., 1835, 2l» Ocmutgee Steam Boat Company. T HIS company will be prepared to commence bu siness, early in the next season—They will have a hue of Packets between New York, and Darien and »:eam vessels to forward goods front Darien to Macon —The agent* in New York, Charleston, and Savannah, will he authorised to contract for the delivery of goods in Macon, at a freight agreed on without intermedi ate charge and the agent in Maeou will receive cotton d liverahle in Savannah, Charleston, and New York— T!ia company's vessels and boats, will be of first clnss with experienced commanders, and no expense will be sjiarnJ to meet the patronage oft he public. PH. R. YONGE& SONS, Agents in Darien may 27tli 1835 49 Slimmer XM'atl Arrangement oT~Use early in the fall, and be prepared to make odvances— He would particularly notice to his friends the great advantages his Warehouses have over those in the dense part of the city with regard to Fire, they being detached from other buildings and at a distance from any street or lane, and well enclosed May 5 45 tf IF. S. CUTTER Notice. S AMUEL CLARKE surviving partner of the firm of W. & H. Bryson, has taken into partnership Francis McTeirand Robert H. laiwrence The busi ness will be continued at the old stand, under the firm of CLARKE, McTEIR A Co. on the same liberal terms as heretofore. The under signed will give his personal attention, end solicits a continuance of former favors. All debts due to, and claims against W. & II. Bryson, will be settled bv the new firm, SAMUEL CLARKE Ware House X Commission Business THE SUBSCRIBERS inform their friends, and those of the firm of W. & H. Bryson, that they will continue the business under the firm of Clarke, Sic Teir & Co. at the stores occupied by W. & II. Bry son; all Cotton stored with ns will be insured from fire, free of expense to the planter, which will make onr Warehouse more safe than any fire-proof Ware house in the city. The rates of Storage will be cus tomary. Liberal advances will be made on Cotton and Produce, and oil Cotton consigned to us by cus tomer.. will be sold free of commissions. The Receiv ing &. Forwarding businesswill be continued as here tofore. We hope that a strict attention to business will merit a continuance of the patronage so long exten ded to the firm of W. & II Brvson, CLARKE, McTF.IR & Co. Who have on hand, and offer for sale on their usual liberal terms, the following, and also a large assort ment of every article in the Grocery Eiuc, which business ihey continue on the same extensive scale as conducted heretofore by W. &■ H. Bryson. 1000 pieces best Hemp Bagging. 50 do Osnahurgs, 150 do Cotton Osnahurgs, 700 llis hemp bagging Twinfe, 110 hhds Sugar, 40 do prime Molasses, 500 bags prime Coffee, , 100 do green and white Java Coffee, 200 kegs cut nails, assorted, 5000 bushels cleau Liverpool Salt, 650 sacks do do. in good order, 700 bids assorted Domestic Liquors, 6 pipes Cognac Brandy, 4th proof, 5 pipes pure Holland Gin, 2 lihds Jamaica Rum. 100 bills and qrcasks of different kinds of Wines 10.000 lbs rock Balt, 10,000 lbs Cnstins, assorted, Also, a fall assortment of Smiths' Tools. Augusta, July 20,1836. 57 2mp NOTICE. T HE subscribers having purchased the entire Stock of .Mr. Isaac Newbail, now offer for sale, at ve ry reduced prices, and on very accommodating terms, 60 cases Routs and shoes, of all descrix>Uons, 14 cases fine fashionable Hats, 662 pieces American and English prints, 2-cases silk and Gingham Umbrellas, 50 doz palm leaf Hats. Blankets, shirtings and sheeting, aud various other articles. Also constantly receiving NEW GOODS from the manufacturers. Merchants and Planters will do well to call and examine, as they can be sold less than they can be bought in New York and laid down here, by 10 per cent. C L HOWLAND, July 7 54 N G PHILIPS. N B. The Auction tf Commission Business, will be conducted at the same staud, next door to the Post Office. The patronage of the public is rp-nr'cifnllv solicited. O L HOWLAND & Co. Commission Business, Darien Ga. T ill-. Undersigned give notice that they have this day united their interests in this place, under the firm of Rowland, Crane &. Shackelford, for the purpose of transacting Commission Business. Particular attention will pe paid to receiving and for warding produce and merchandize. One of the firm will remain in Darien daring the summer months with efficient assistance, and as they will have a nuinSor of small boats running to their address, will be able to give despatch in forwarding merchandize addressed to them for the interior. They respectfully solicit the patronage of their respective friends and the public. Darien June 1. JOHN T ROWLAND H A CRANE 3in i F R SHACKELFORD oi merchants’ insurance Company Macon. Capital Stock 100,000 Dollars! A COMPANY, under the above title, has recently lieen founded with an actual cash capital of One Hundred Thousand Dollars, to be paid on the first of Octolier next, at which time they will commeuce taking marine risks to and from the city of Macnn. to any port or place in the United States; the capital stock will be held ready at all times to meet any losses that m»v be due from tbecompany. The claims of this Company, when contrasted with those of other distant offices, heretofore having done much business here, justifies the belief that this local institution, based as itis, will be liberally patronized, particularly when the terms are as liberal as in auy o- ther marine offices. James Goddard, President. Wm. B. Parker, J, F. H. Wellman Thos. Taylor, June 16 51-tf James Rea, Secretary. d, Pi ;i Directors RjSnfiOTfASu J.A.&S.S. VIRGIN Watch Makers S( Jewellers, Would inform their friends and the public, that they have remov ed their establishment to Cotton Avenue, to the store recently oc- £ cupied hy J H & W S Ellis,drug- “* gists, where they will he happy to serve any who may favor them with a call. They have in addition to their former stock, just received from New York a large aud splendid assortment of Watches, Jewelry, &,c. of the latest fashions, which they will sell cheap for cash—consisting of gold and silver levers, anchor es capement, duplex, lepine, alarm and vertical Watch es, of the best quality; gold, silver and steel guard Chains, Seals and Keys, Ear Knobs and Drops, Breast Pius, Fiuger Kings, gold, silver and steel Spectacles, gold and silver ever potnted Pencils, silver table, tea, salt and mustard Spoons; Sugar Tongs, soup aud cream Ladles—all of which will be warranted free from alloy ; silver Cups, butter Knives. Castors, sil ver plated ami bronzed Candlesticks, Trays and Snttf- ers, Musical Boxes, Accordians, Flutes. * Flngeolctts, Fifes, Drums, &c. Swords, sword Canes, Knives and Pistols, among which is Ruggles’ pocket Rifle, that will shoot fifty yards with precision; Gold Foil, Den tist Files, shell, silver, gilt and horn Combs, Card ca ses, Pocket Books and Purses, silver Snuff boxes, sil ver Toys, stiver Thimbles, Scissors, coral, gilt and glass Beads, steel Pens, and a variety of other articles usually kept in their line. N. B. We have the best of materials for repairing Watches of all kinds. S. S. V’s practical knowledge of the business induces him to think that he can. and will give satisfaction to all who may entrust their work in his hands. .Spoons A c- engraved- Oct-1 Watches, Jewelry, Silver Ware, Sc, C. G. St. JOHN ’^'^7‘ATCII Maker & Jeweler Cotton Avenue op- T HE subscribers have formed a copartnership uti der the firm of SHACKELFORD, BOAG A Co. for the purpose of Importing aud transacting WHOLESALE DRY GOODS BUSINESS. They will open a large and extensive stock of Goods (direct from Europe) suited to the Southern market, about tho 1st of September, in Faber's block of buildings at the comer of Fraser’s Wharf and Fast Bav. J. M. SHACKELFORD, W. S. BOAG. Charleston, July 26 58 9t Pioneer Stctim A Pole Boat Line. T HE proprietors of the above line notify their friends and the public, that they will have rnn- niug on tho Altamaha and Ocinulgee river* during tho summer and fall months, four or five Pole Boats, particularly adapted tu low stages of water, and which will be aided by Steamboats when the water will per mit. Shippers hy this line may depend upon every at tention being paid, and exertion used to give despatch lo property shipped by it to anv of the landings on said rivers'. J. T. ROWLAND, Ag’l Xaeon. AGENTS. Me*sr* Holcombe, Peck & Co. Charleston. E. I*. Butts, Esq.'Savannah. Rowland, Crank & Shackelford, Darien. Halstead, Taylor & Co. Hawkinsville. Macon. June 30 1 6m JCOTICE. THE “Steamboat Company of Georgia,” offer to shippers unusu al facilities for transportation of ) Goods and produce between Sr v. imtah and Augusta. Having three first rale steam 'ts of speed and light draft of water, with a full set of tow boats, the Company will be enabled to despatch three sets of tow boat* per week, with a navigaHe riv- w. and in the event of a low river their new iron steamboat Chatham, it is expected will be enabled to roach Augusta at all times if there should be three feet water ti the channel oftbe river. Their other steamer*, Cherokee and Georgia, drawing not over three fee' 6 inches, can, at any time, other than the lowest state of the river, ascend to Au- Susta. With these facilities for the convenience of the pub lic. tho Steamboat Company rely upon the continu- mc -of the patronage of the public, witli nit assurance WARE HOUSE AND commission b usiness. Iflyrick, Napier & Free- mail inform their friends and the ^ Jm public generally, that they are enlaig- ing their Ware House adjoining their store on Cotton Avenue, and will have ready for the reception of cotton hy the commence ment of the ensiling seasou. All cottou consigned to ilieinby Planters and others, dealing in the article, or orders to buy and sell <u the market, will be pr< mptly attended t They likewise inform those Merchants ho forward their goods by Macnu, that they have a irge and safe Brick Store, for the reception of mer chandize, and will receive and forward all goods con signed io them. Their charges in every in tance will be as low as is customary in the city. Liberal advan ces will be nride on cotton stored with them or ship ped by them lo any other market. Havitigotie of the partners of their firm (Mr. A. R. Freeman) located in the city of New York for the pur pose of affording the necessary facilities to their busi ness in Macnn they respectfully inform Merchants and others who have business to transact in that city, that he will be prepared to attend to any Commission Business «ith which he may be favored. They em brace the present opportunity to return their grateful acknowledgements to their friends and tlie public for past favors, and solicit a continuation of their patron age. in addition lo their present stock, they will receivg carl v this fall a fine usssrtinent of Dry Hoods, Groceries. Hardware, Cutlery, Halt Rope, Heavy Hemp, Cotton Hogging, Readymade Clothing:, Ac. Ac, Ac. suitable for the full trade, all of whicli they offer for sale on the most reasonable terms Macon, August25 61 tf WARE HOUSE AND New Store—Ercsh Goods. T H E subscriber is now opeuing, on second street, next door to Patrick & .Martin, and uearly op posite the Commercial Bank, a complete assortment i>f Staple and Fancy DRY GOODS. ! Which will he sold at prices much reduced, being bo’t on reasonable terms and cheap, they will he sold ac cordingly. Ilis stock comprises in part us follows: WOOLENS, 8-4, 9-4 and 10-4 London Dutfil Blankets—10-4 and 12-4 fine Mackinaw do—Negro Plains and Liuseys— super blue, black, brown mixt Cloths—Fine and com mon Satinets, assorted colors—superfine Valcntia and Toilinet Vestings—super white aud t ed Flannels—do Merino do. STUFFS. Black and colored 6-4 Merinos—do do Bombazotts— fine 6-4 Bombazines—Pink' Ratinct—figured Circas- posite Washington Hall, Respectfully in forms his friends and the public, that he has taken the store formerly occupied by the Hawkinsville Bank where he is now opening a new and splendid assort ment of WATCHES & JEWELRY of the best qual ity and latest fashions selected with great taste and judgement expressly for this market, among his assort ment may be found Gold pocket Chronometers splen did Gold Duplex, Patent Lever's and Ruby Cylinder Watches with Extra Jewels and iudepenentseconds of the most approved makers and rated to suit the clim ate and a general assortment of Ladies & Gentlemens Gold and Silver Patent Levers Lepine and plain AVatches. Fine Gold Chains, Seals, Keys, Ear rings Breast Pin 1 ? and .Finger rings. Gold and silver ever pointed pencils, Gold and silver spectacles, silver spoons, pen and pocket knives dirks, canes, pistols- &c. &c. Together with a great variety of other arti des kept in hisline N. B. Ho has selected the best of materials for re pairing watches and will give satisfaction to those who may favor hint with their custom. A share of public patronage is respectfully solicited Oct 27 18 ■ffUST RECEIVED from New-York, aud for Sir sale bv SMITH, RODGERS 6? Co. 50 bags and 50 barrels prime green Coxfeg, 20 hhds prime St Croix sugar, 30 bb!s Rum, 30 bbls Whiskey, and 20 bbls Gin. AVe will also sell onr DRY GOODS, a splendid as sortment, at, or about Cost, as we wish to turn our at tention to the cotton and grocery business. Julv7 54 ‘strike the lyre again.” REA A COTTON, OFFER for sale on accommodating terms, J te A Pieces HEMP BAGGING. 200 barrels ('anal & Philadelphia Flour, fresh ground, and warranted sound, 205 bags and 20 barrels Coffee, 67 hhds St. Croix and P^rto Rico Sugars. 90 barrels do 50 boxes Brown and White Havanna do 90 hhds Cuba Molasses, 56 barrels Gin, 75 barrels Rum, 20 barrels Pork, 30 hhds Bacon, assorted, 10 tierces Rice, 14 boxes Sperm Candles, 20 boxes Tobacco. 30 M Sugars, of the best quality. July 20 56. Sir Walter Scott in Italy. In hit declining yenrs, Sir W. Scott w-u Ukrn to Italr, in tlm hope that tho interesting ohjccta there presented to him, mightre*. toi-e the dormant energies ofhiimintf—but in vnin. \Vhile there _ hie constant cry wnt, “Take tne hotao!” See Reminiscence* | of Sir \V. Scott in Fraser’s Magazine. C APT Marry Rtf’s complete works in 1 volume, Pencilling3by the Way, Gilbert Gurney.a novel, in 2 volumes, The Naval Sketch Book, 2d sories, Life and times of Rienzi. Spain revisited, by the author ofa year in Spain, Private Life of Lafayette; Rienzi, Adventures of a Rifle Brigade, . Cotton on the Religious state of the country, Tomlin’s Law Dictionary, Milford’s Pleadings, &c. &e. Just received and for sale by June9 50 JAMES S. OI.COTT Commission Business. THE undersigned respectfully in forms his friends and the public gen erally, that he has become proprietor of the large and commodious Warehouse in East .Macon, formerly occupied by Messrs Hamil ton & Hayes, where he will transact the above busi ness in alfits branches. He will make liberal advan ces on Cottou stored with him, or on shipments to any of his friends in Savannah. Charleston or New-York, when desired; and by his unremitted attention to bu siness. hopes to receive such share of public patron age as his exertions and accommodations may merit. D. FLANDERS. The subscribers have entered into copartnership un der tlie firm of FLANDERS & COOK, and will, in addition to their present stock, constantly be receiving from New-York and Boston, a large pud mic tui uie pairiiuasc vi uic iiiaiiuu, wih• «n ttwm-Mvw . ° . . r OU the part of the Directors of tlie Steamboat Com- * COTTON GOODS. super and common plain and twilled Calicoes—swiss, Jaconet, Mull and Book Muslins—black and colored cambric Ginghams—Irish Linens in j pieces very fine —colored and white Homespuns—Rowen cassimercs and checks—birdseye and Russia Diapers—Linen cambric Ilkfs, Russia sheetings, Ac SILKS. Black super Poi de soie silks—do Italian Lustring do —rich colored silks very cheap—Levantines, sarsnels and sinchews. HANDKERCHIEFS. Mandarin, Heminci, embroidered Romani, Bagdad, rich satin, figuered Thibet, embroidered Thil>el wool and martin gauze Hkfs—rich figured gauze Ribbons— Handsome thread Edgings and Quiltings—Blond Ed gings and Bobinet Laces—and many other articles, which cannot fail to give satisfaction as to price and quality. dec 17 25 ARCHIBALD Me A BN. Monroe Rail Road Notice io Stocfchotders. HE Board of Directors of the Monroe Rail Road T Company have resolved, that the third instal ment of Ten Dollars per share be required to be paid on the 28th day of October next, and a fourth instal ment of Fifteen Dollars per share be reqnired to he paid on the 5th day of January next. Those stock holders who are desirous to do so, can pay an addition al instalment on the day that the founh instalment is called in. and be allowed interest thereon at S per cent until tlie fifth instalment be pa-ri. Forsyth. July 23 57 AU f,KD BROOKS, See. MW SrKliNG CLOTHING HORACE FETCH I S now oponiug at the s|ore opposite th» Washing- Hall, a new and handsome assortment ol Spring ainl Summer Clothing, which bus been made up by L. Fitch, and will besold cheap for cash, consisting in part of Super black., brown, green and olive camblett f. Coats, “ *• “ “ dress Coats “ “ •’ “ bombazine, f. do, “ “ “ “ “ dress do “ “ “ “ summer cloth, Brown and white grass linen frock coats & coattees, Brown aud white German and French linen do. do. black aud green bomazine coats, pants. French & German lin. do bl’k &■ green camblett do lasting A Circassian do olive &, brown do do Dutch and mixt do br’wn& white grassliii do white and buff mersailles do do drilling do vests, do do imp. cord do do do valcntia do linen & doe skin do fig. rib. mersailles do crape dril. & honey comb plad & spotted do do punts. do it fig’d shelly do merino, casinier. lasting do English & French silk do cantoons aud cord do bl’k & fig’d velvet do cloth & casitnere do Florentine and bombazine with a general assortment do of common do with a good assortment of white & grass linnen short common do Fine linnen and cotton shirts, linnen and cotton drawers, Augolu nett shirts and drawers, &c. &c. Also, stocks, collars, bosoms, gloves, cotton, random, linen, black and white silk half hose, black horse skin, buck skin, black and white silk and linen gloves, sus penders, a variety, Spittilfield, pongee, flag and ban- dia hdkfs. Italian plait), fig’d and red bordered cravats, white do. stripe rousian belts, braces, fine brown linen, (for childrens’ aprons) blue, black and green broad cloths, white drilling, bombazine, and merino cassi- were, fine palm leaf hats, common do, children’s leg horn do. and caps, also, a large assortment of Hats, Shoes, Boots, ifc. which I invite my friends and public to give me a call at the store next door to W. b. Johnson. march 31 40 HORACE FITCH. Shoes. 3 CASES Gentlemens tine Calf, sewed, Brogans 3 do stout Kip pegged do 1 do fine calf. Boys do 1 do stout sewed Men’s Shoes 1 do Ladies Pritnella Slips Just received, and forsale low hy Aug25 61 tf C. L. HOWLAND & CO. pany, tliat every attention will be paid in tho protec tion of property aud giving despatch to the same. Aug 13 (}0 5t WM. TAYLOR. . President S. Ii. Co. of Georgia. Business, Darien DR 1* GOODS X GROCERIES. 1 _ Commission UIE Undersigned have formed a Copartnership lor the purpose of transacting a general Com- taissien and other Easiness under the firm of SNOW «V ROGERS, “ltd olTertheir services to their friends, nud the {tublic generally, in the above business. Forwarding Goods and produce to and from the interior of the State, will frceive particular attention. It may be proper to •bic that they have no connection with _ any of the i »» comprising Hats, Shots, riaddlery. Iron, salt. Bag ging, and every otheY article in that line of bnsinesa Tneir friends and the public generally, are invited to give them a call, at tbe store formerly occupied by D. Flanders. D. FLANDERS, July 28 57 3m H. L. C«»OK WARE HOUSE COMMISSION BUSINESS, f HE umlersigued continues to transact the Ware JH _ jj_ House and Commission Business, situate cett- ,s ier.o transportation lines; Goods for the interior will j tral to the Cotton Market, on the comer of Cherry and be shipped by those who will probably give i Second streets, within a few feet from Cotton Avon e, ihcni the greatest despatch. ISAAC SNOW. formerly occupied by James C. Morgan. Liberal ad- _*nl,H)36 28 GEO. T. ROGERS I vaaces will be made on produce or other articles stor- fo. .. .. ... ed or shipped. Cotton will be sold from wagons or Commission Business. Darien. „ tore Bt fenta per bale, and stored at customary ' undersigned have resumed business as n- ^ ^ GRIFFIN. hove, and will as heretofore pay prompt atten- ,!n n to all business entrusted to their care. We. believe have made arrangements that will enable us at all "oi' s to forward goods for the interior with the least po-iiiblo delay, by steamboats when the river will ad- 'tit, or in extreme low river by small flats or lighters, ’Uilt expressly for that business. On onr wharves r ° hrge Storehouses, calculated for the storing of cot- Aug25 '"'at the least possible expense, and onr opportunities “ forward cotton inland or coastwise, are not exceed- 6m , WARE HOUSE AND - 1< I hy any other House. Darien. May 20, 1835 HAWES. MITCHELL & COLLINS. COMMISSION BUSINESS. THE UNDERSIGN. D will con- tinue to transact the above business, at S the Ware House occnpiedby him last season. Grateful for the liberal patronage re- LEATIIER. ceived from his friends and- the public, by strict aiten tion to business confided to his care, he hopes to merit a share of the public patronage. lie will make liberal advances on cotton stored with and Third RALSTON, 4 N assoitment of Harness, Bridle .and Upper l^a-- him, or on shipments to Savannah, Charleston and ‘her. for sale by CRAFT &. LEWIS. New York. A. E. CHICKERING. -' Jl|| y 14 55 ' Macon. August 11 59 6m 4 , " TO RENL Store-House on the corner of Cherry ai streets, 40 by 52. Apply to august Ip DAVJD RALS We are authorised to announce the name of ABNER HAMMOND, Esq. a can- idaia for Tax Collector for the euauing year. ' t Aug 25 61 For Sale* '0*0^0 HLWKHluLLard, 61 hbds St. Croix Sugar of superior quality, 50 bags Coffee. 7 45,000 lbs Swede Iron, 100 kegs Nails, assorted, 25 hhds choice Molasses, 150 whole and half bbls Canal and Ricnmond Flour, 5 pipes pure II. Gin and C. Brandy warranted pure and three years old, 20 bbls old Monongaliala Whiskey, 5 proof, 75 bbls pure Rum, and 20 Gin. 41 DAVID RALSTON. Plain and Ornamental Painting:. T ilE subscriber has taketi the shop formerly oc cupied by Mr. Thos. McCleskev, nearly oppo 6ite the new market, and is now prepared to execute all kinds of House and Sign Tainting, Chair Painting, Oil Nut and Burnished Gilding, Gilding and Glazing, Paper Hanging, Enamelling seals. Having in his employment gome of the most effi cient workmen to be found in the State, he will be a- ble to undertake largely and execute with neatness. April 4 6m 41 DANIEL T. REA. WM. H. iHJKDSALL, VS Just received a new and extensive as sortment of Seady-made Clothing. Superfine blue, black, invisible green, Adelaid, olive brown and green Broadcloth Dress Coats, Superfine blue, black, brown and green Cloth Frock Coats, Superfine blue, olive, green and mix’d Cloth Coattees, and bine, steel mix’d and fancy colored Sattinet Coattees and Frock Coats. Super, blue, black, invisible green, drab, brown, olive, and green Clotii Pantaloons, Blue, black and fancy colored Sattinet Pantaloons, Youth’s cloth and satlinet Dress and Frock Coats, do do do Pantaloops, Black and blue Cassiniere, black and colored Velvet, black Florintine, black- Bombazine, dark and light colored Valentia, English Silk, colored and white Merseilles Toilinet. Swansdown and Sattinet Vests Camlet Cloaks aud Great Coats, Mixed, brown Cloth & Patersham Box Coats. Lyon Skin Overcoats, Fine Linen Shirts. Collars, Bosoms, Socks, &c Notice. T HE undersigned has connected JAMES D. CARHART with him in Mercantile Business. at the store located on the corner of Mnlberry and Third streets, and the business in future transacted by that establishment alone, will be distinguished by the i title of W1H, B, PARKER & Co the said J. D. C. being the Company and having an in terest in the said firm only July 7 54 tf WM. B. PARKER An aged man sat sighing lu a lofty marble hall. Where gorgrc jaly the setting ray Of a southern sun did fall. The perfume of the citron grove* Swept o’er his brow fu vain. It woke not in his slumbering mind Its energies again. And bear ne hence, hr murmured. The sunshine is too bright, T'io flowers are too fragrant. For my spirit’s raylr.s night, A t-eutlc wind comes whirperiogo'er The ocean’s breast of foam, ' It hatha sweet, but mournful voice. Come homo: it cries come homo! 1 know this land is toTcly, It once made bright my dreamt. Cut 1 sigh for Scotland’s glrns. Wild rocks and rushing streams. The dreams that haunt my pillow now. Speak not of thee, oh Rome, They have a voice, one only voice. Come home, it cries, come home I listen to the nightingale, Weary of Its sweet lay. The blackbird sings much sweetar. In the gloaming far away. Thn wild strains of a prison bird Float through this marble dome— I know the burden of its song. Come home, it cries, come home: Angnst. Dust on thy mantle'; dust. Bright Summer on,'thy livery of green ) 1 A tarnish, as of rust, Dimmcth thy brilliant sheen ; And thy young glories—leaf, and hud, and Cower; Change coinath o’er them with every hour. Thee hath the August snn Looked on with hot, and fierce, and braasy face - And Still and lazily tun. Scarce whispering in their pace. The half-dried riTulets, that lately sent A shout of gladness up, as on they went. Copartneirsihip.- T HE undersigned have formed a connexion for the transaction of a general FACTORAGE and COM.MISSION BUSINESS in this city, under the firm of COOMBS & DOUGHTY. JOHN S. COOMBS Savannah, June 1 50 E. W. DOUGHTY. PAINTS AND OIL. 6^ AYs/f^ KEGS No 1 and 2 White Lead /m slF'a#' 300 galls LinseetJ Oil With a general assortment of Groceries, for sale, at the lowestjmarket price. July 28 57 CHARLES CAMPBELL. BACON. F OR SALE a superior lot of Bacon, just received from Tennessee wagons, and a furtbe, supply to arrive, all of which will be sold on liberal terms. Jnlv7 54 tf WM. B. PARKER & Co. rglHE partnership heretofore existing tinder^ the firm of Saltmarsh Sf Ocerton is this day dissolved by mutual consent. O. Saltmaish is authorised to re ceive and liquidate all demands in any way connected with said firm. O- SALTMARSH, Janpary 1,1836. 3mp 54 IV. H. OVERTON. Molasses /fl Hhds best quality family Molasses just re- TfcXjr ceived aud forsale by June 9 50 SMITH, RODGERS & CO. g’! HE Subscriber will make liberal advances on Cotton shipped to his friends in Savannah, Charleston, Philadelphia, New York or Boston nov.5, 1836. ROBT. COLLINS. Eamp Oil. fcfjjX/h Gallons Winter strained Lamp Oil very handsome—just received and for sale by H. & J. SHOTWELL. Jan. 14. 30 Opposite the Central Hotel Eatest style Drab Hats. GEO. A. KIMBERLY H AS now on hand, and in progress of manufac ture, an assortment of the above named HATS which for style and quality cannot be excelled ; and a prices lower than usual in this market, march 17 3 Lime For Sale. 4 PPLY to WILLIAM DA MEL, who has made arrangements for a quantity, and will be deliv ered at his shop, or by the load, at any place in the city for cash. April 25 44 WM. DANIEL. Notice. B ILLS of the Farmers Bank of Florida, payable at the agency in Perry, will be received in pay ment for goods, or accounts due the snbscrher. Aug. 11 59 CHAS. CAMPBELL. APPLE VINEGAR for sale by Flamc-likr, the tong mid-tiny— M'ith not much of sweet air an bath atirr’d The down upon the spray. Where rests the panting bird. Dozing away the hot and tedious neon, With fitful twitter, sadly out of tune. Seeds in the sultry air. And gossamer web work on the sleeping trees: E’en the tall pines, that rear Their plumes to catch tho breeze. The slightest breeze from the unfruitful Wcat. Partake the general languor, and deep rest. Happy as man may be, Stretch’d on his hack, in homely vine bean bower. While thn voluptuous bco Robs each surrounding flower, And prattlingchildhood clambers o’er his breast, Tlie husbandman enjoys his noon-day rest. Soberly in the shade. Repose the patient cow nod toil-w orn os ; Or in the shoal stream wade, Sheltered hy jutting rocks: The fleecy flock, flv-scourg'd and restloss, rush .Madly from fence to fr nee, from bush to bush. Slow, now, along the plain, Creeps the cool shade, and an the meadow's Tho kine arc forth again. The bird flits in tho hedge ; Now in the molten west sinks tho hot sun. Welcome mild Eve—the sultry day U done. edge; Pleasantly, cotnest thou, Dew of the evening, to the crisp'd up grass ; And the curled corn-blades bow. As tbo light breezes pars, That their parch'd tip: may feel thee, and expand, Thou sweet reviver of the fevered land. So to the thirsting soul, Cometh the dew of the Almighty's love, And tho scathed, made w hole, Turneth in joy above, To where the spig-it freely may expand, And rove, untrammel’d, in that 'belter land.’ Longevity of the (Quakers.—Tho last number of the Moral Reformer, in an nrticlo under the above caption, says, it is stated in the obituary fif th# Society of Friends for 1834, that out of more than 200 adults recorded in it, the aces of full o;.e third or more of 80 persous, are front 70 to 97 years of age, preseming an average of eighty- five years ; full one fifth being from 80 to 97 years old ! The Quakers are •• temperate in all things”—except in longevity. The average age of man being 33, a large numbef of “ roues," bott vivants,” and “ debauchees,”must “shuf fle off this mortal coil” at a premature ago to give room for the encroachment of quaker lives, upon the dominions of Old Time, as authorised by the apathetic aud equable course they pursue, divested of all excitement or excess. April 26 44 I. F ' W. ft FJ.LTS- Lamp OI!, ^ a superior quality, May 5 35 G. W. PRICE & Co. LBS prime Bacon, 2000 lbs Lard, May 7 l2 45 For sale bv CRAFT & LEWIS. Summer ClotliiuK ^~^F almost every description, May 5 45 G. W PRICE & Co. T Wool. HE subscribers wiH pay caRh for 2000 pound* -lean wool. CRAFT <Xr LEWI- PIECES heavy Hamp. for sale by The Norwich (Ct.) Aurora, relates a curious anecdote, consisting of the following facts ; A poorly dressed man entered one of the churches of that city a few Sabbaths ago. when one of the congregation directed him into the gallery for a seat; a moment after a well dressed stranger entered, and he was invited hy the same indivi dual to a seat at the head of his pew ou the broad aisle. lu a few minutes the services were com menced, when the clergyman read from the 2nd chapter of James—“For if there come into your assembly a man with a gold ring, iu goodly ap- parH, and there come iu also a poor man in vile 'raiment; and ye have respect for him that wear- eth the gay clothing, aud say ttuto hira sit thou here in a good place, aud say to the poor, stand thou litre, or sit here under my footstool,” &c. 200 45' CRAFT & LEWIS. A Nstr Stork or /SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, JUST RECEIVED BY H. BURDSALL, A T the new Fire Proof Buildings, corner of Mul berry aud Second streets, including the follow ing; Summer cloth, Bombazine, Grass Cloth, Grass and Brown Linen Circassian and Rouan Cassimere FROCK COATS. Summer Cloth, twilled Merino, grass Cloth, grass and brows Linen, and Rouan Cassimere COATEES. Summer Cloth, Bombazine, Erminet, Cyprus, wor sted and Valentia Crape, Napoleon Cord, Angola Cas simere, brown and grass Linen and Drilling Fancy Drilling, Pongee, Mexican mixt, Rouan Cassimere and Jeans PANTALOON’S. Boys summer Cloth, grass Cloth, brown linen, and Rouan Cassimere FROCK COATS, COATEES and PANTALOONS. White and buff grass Cloth, buff and brown Linen, Pongee, Rouan Cassimere aud Jeans ROUND JACK ETS. A large assortment of fancy VESTS. Fine Linen Shirts, Silk under Shirts and Drawers, &c. &c &c. WASHINGTON HALL. THF. Subscribers have taken that com modious and well known public house in the City Qf Macon,—tlie ilashington Hall, lately occupied by Mr. M. D. Huson.— By die unremitting attention of both of them, they flatter themselves that their House will ob tain for diem a general patronage from the Public.— They have secured the valuable services of a Lady, whose reputation as a manager of a public house, is ilArior to no one in the State. Their tables will be famished with the best the coun try affords, and their bar with the choicest liquors. The Stables are attended by careful and experienced Osders. M'USTIAN & MOTT. Feb 5 1835 36 Hints to Stage owners.— The Royal Court has confirmed a judgment of the Civil Tribunal, w hereby a sum of tweuty-five thousand francs was given as damages to ftl. Collet de la Mairc, a merchant of Paris, for the injury he received from an overturn, near Paissy, in one of the diligences of the Xlessageries Royales, in consequence of the wheels being defective.—Galignani’s Mess. CENTRAL HOTEL, Macon, Georgia. T IIIS establishment is now under the control of the subscribers, who pledge themselves to reu der comfortable those who may call on them. PETER J. WILLIAMS, Feb 25 35 JOHN D. RAMEY. Fi F. LEWIS &. T. F. NEWTON, Merchant Tailors, H XVL entered into co-partnership under the firm For Sale. A comfortable dwelling house with out buildings complete, situated on Poplar j JSL S. of Lewis & Newto'x, for the purpose of trans street and Cotton Avenue, a delightful) acting business in their line. situation with oncor two lots and fine wa- They expect to have on hand trom New York, in a .ter, will be sold on reasonable terms for I short time, a general assortment of Cloths. Cassi- cash. For terms apply in Macon to May 26 * 48 IVSi: DANIEL. Stores for Sale. THE subscriber offers for sale his store building on Cotton Avenue, now occupi ed hy Robinson & Morgan. Also, the superior store (with dwelling tenement attached) on Mulberry street, adjoining Mustian &. Mott’s Hotel, and which was for. merly owned by Wm. H Burdsall. h For further particulars applv to aug 4 68 tf JOHN RUTHERFORD meres, Vestings, &c. Which, together with the stock on hand will make their assortment complete. Also, a gcueral assortment of Rcadv-Made Clothing which will be sold low for cash They solicit a share ofthc public patronage^ i. F. LEWIS, T. F, NEWTON. Aug 18 60 HJttS. ANN F ' TAYI.OR & Miss MARGARET HARVEY will open School, at their fa ther’s residence; on tho first Monday in September. Aug 11 59- GLOBE TAVERN, Clinton, a ones County r Ga. fB^HE Subscribers (late proprietors of the ■ Clinton Hotel,) tender our thanks to our friends aud patrous for past encouragement, ami respectfully beg leave to annouuce to the public, that we have temoved to the commodious House known as the globe tavern, situated in the business part of the town, and fronting the Court-House. Having leased this stand for several years, with the intention of renewing the lease or of pur chasing the property, we consider ourselves per manently located, aud shall continue to improve onr accomodations as th.e comfort 9/customers shall require. Our House is now open for tho reception of Travellers or Boarders. We shall at all times endeavor to keep such a House, as will ensure public patronage; and we hope to afford such ac commodations as will prove satisfactory to those who call on us. The usual great promises of good TABLES. BARS, &c. we thiuk unnecessary to particular ize.—Good Lots aud other conveniences for Dro- Love and Money.—An old officer of rank died lately in the Canton of Ilarcoun, bequeathing a large fortune to his nephew, on conditiou that ho married vithiu twelve tnonihs, but not a young lady to whom he was known by the testator to be attached. The year was drawing near to a con clusion, when the uepbew took the expedient of marrying an old woman of eighty-five, with whom he of course does not cohabit, but whoso poverty he has converted into comparative afflu ence. The two lovers are waitiug auxiously for the doatb of the good old woman.—ib. Suicides at Paris.—The number of suicides at' Paris durittg tbe year 1835. was two hundred and twenty-nine, of winch seveiity-thro^ wtro com mitted by females. The women principally des troyed themselves by suffocation from the vapor ofcharcoal, forty-seven of the above having ta ken this means; not one haviug killed herself by any sharp or poiuted weapon. Sis have died from throuiug tKemselves out of windows ; huF only four meu have chosen this death. Amooff- the suicides by men, twenty-four have effected ii by fire-arms; seven by sharp weapons; seventy- one by suffocation from the fume* of charcoal jr seventeen by drowning : thirty-two by hanging,- a death which has been chosen hy nine women.- Poison was takeu hy four men and four women- The numb t of suicides between seventeen iim£ thirty years of age, was seventeen, of which four were females between twenty and thirty : there were fifty six, of which twenty-three Were by women. After thirty, the women are less given to suicide; but they eoutinuc to be ni.rr.erous- aiuong the men up to the age of fifty.—iX. 'Xg.Tsj li vers, readily furnished i January 20, 1834 WOOD & WEEKE8. ID tf Justice. r or Ireland.—The proprietor of a 1 aud Jerry shop,named the Thistle, in die nei horhood of the London docks,wishing doubtless to get as many of the Irish laborers to become cus tomers for his beer as I10 possibly could, lias 1 ;ie following notice painted in large letters on a board affixed to his house: "Justice for Irkuan r> :-*t the (bar of the Thistle, three pence per pot.”—Herald. r r ’ "