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The morning news. (Savannah, Ga.) 1887-1900, April 16, 1887, Page 3, Image 3

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T),rtVX WITH THE CZAR! 'KE CRT OF THE STUDENTS OF RUSSIA. 4n Ksciting Incident in the University "* () f st. Petersburg:—The Sensation paused by Reading a Vacation Essay -Long Live Liberty. y,om the Chicago Xeics. Xe ver tor tL<* last tln-ee years has the pro e;or of history of the University of St. , tersburg seen as large an audience in his . ]oss ns on last Feb. 2 As he took Ins seat >n the little platform the historiographer of >ijs majesty the Czar was startled at the li’ht of hundreds of heads instead of the r ,;al dozen of bespectacled young men be n e him. But lie subdued his surprise, rened a volume of some memoirs, and, ad dressing himself to the audience, asked: ‘What is the order of the dnyi” ‘ Reading of vacation essays!” replied half i dozen stentorian voices. The students had jest returned from then- Christmas vaca tion. On the morning of Feb. 2 it was given mtin the corridors of the huge university suilding that the “historians” were going to tave sorre fun. Each student, therefore, lurried to the historical class, and the large Jail was soon crowded with young represen atives of ail the races that form the vast Dopulation of Russia. There were also a mod number of young female students, •ommonly dubbed' female Nihilists, with ipertacies and nonchalant appearance, in ■he hall. Serenity and juvenile recklessness winded the checkered gathering. They •racked jokes, laughed, narrated vacation experiences while waiting for the opening of "he class, but silence set in as soon as the jrofessor made iris appearance. After mus jering the audience for a few minutes, the professor said: "Let those who have writ !en their essays come forward and read ” A half-dozen students stepped up to the platform. One read a tiresome essay about he history of the Rascolriiki, the Greek Catholic; renegades in the provinces of Tscher signft' and Kursk; another read some thing about the ancient history of Crimen; rtbers followed with kindred historical ■ketches. Finally, a slender young man, n-ith long, blonde hair, a smooth, pale face, mri blue spectacles, began reading a paper •ntitled “From Ancient History.” He pre faced his essay by a few remarks, saying ■.bat 'he strictly followed the old classic (enters—Tacitus, Suetonius, Dion Cassius, i'elieius Paterculus, Seneca, Fhilon, and others. He read in a sonorous, passionate poire as follows: "A vast empire, composed of most hetero geneous parts, which are kept together by liere force, extends from the cold northern soarshes and forests to the green shores of •he warm southern sea. It takes up a con iiderable portion of the globe, tens of mil lions of men form its population, but its en ure administration is concentrated in the aands of one man. One man has unlimited, aneontrolled sway over this gigantic em rire. Many years reigned the old Emperor Tiberius, and he reigned not without glory, is some of his devoted literati—for instance, Velleius Paterculus—say. In the ever-rest ess western provinces a dangerous uprising ras quelled—an uprising caused withal by ihe thievery and piracy of the officials sent there hv the government as well os by the patriotism of a conquered and oppressed na- Bon—l mean the uprisvag of Julius Floras uid Julius Sacrovirus, of which Tacitus narrates in the third chapter of ids annals.” (Prolonged cheers and cries of “Bravo!” and ‘Hurrah for Poland!” interrupted the rouug render, as he in a matter-of-fact man er pronounced the last sentence.] When lileuco wus restored he coatinued: “Sueto nius. in his book on Tiberius, chapter 113— lUo Tacitus and Dion Cassius—tell us that ome reforms were brought about during bis reign, especially in judicial affairs, which were in a total state of corruption before. It i* Interesting to know under what cir cumstances his reign began. Julius Ciesar. the predecessor of his father—the fact that Tiberius was only an adoptive son of Octa vius Augustus makes no difference—-was a civilized, polished, good-natured gentleman, who knew how to make friends. He cov ered himself with inun >rtal glory through bis campaign in France, where he'destroyu! t vast army of the Gauls and vanquished a most celebrated general-—Viricievtoriv. [Cheers and cries “Napoleon!"] Caesar’s mccassor. ["Nicholas!” remarked some body from the audience.] Octavius Augus tus was a cruel merciless man with an iron will and austere character. He mounted his throne after having stained with blond it* steps by putting t., death and banishing dozens of lovers of liliertv. He was hated. The people groaned under his oppression, the numberless wars he engaged in were luceessful but a disastrous military catas trophe, which resulted mainly from the ra -I*PITV aiK l incapacity of his generate, clond j , the last days of his career—l mean the Meat of the legions of Quinotillus Varus. , iou mean Sebastopol!’’corrected one ol' the hearers. ] Dion Cassius and Tacitus re lato that the dentil of the Emperor occurred inner such suspicious circumstances that .up people lielieved he was poisoned. His ptedocesior was an elegant lover of women: “ was ai rode liliertine. When his son jvo- Cjfl'.med himself Emperor he was hailed with r-’ ”5’ i' l ” people. By introducing some re •otrns, as stated above, and doing a little ■aaiYl elevating the Inwar classes, he soon on the reputation of a liberal-minded man. p nation woke up from her long slumber: i cry one breathed easier; a fresh, healthful I :t )vrvaried the literature; a host of rourig, gifted writers and poets entered the public arena, and many a field whore for us songs of slavery were hoard resounded ►oiigs of freemen. But this state of affairs not last very long. The great Roman •t■ nuclei's, Suetonius, 1). Cassius, V. Pater 115l 15 nri y Tacitus, are authorities for the _ (Brnent that Tiberius changed his mind .m!! 1 , Ca-sar, the young heir ,[i '" rpn >,. a loose but talented youth, died, .j , 1Ml ? , *T sal '> his younger brother, inherit w both his throne and his bride, and that 1.,'" lnr l wdh practica! sense, as willingly into the arms of Drusus as she was go . 2! e Cu ' ,ls ' "he [Applause and p ®h p now the Empress of all the tic I, m *' V"' h’Hger the Eni|)eror reigned h " of his jK-ople. Tacitus y’ “tonally : The government sinipressed tksn.r°i 1 1 wr *to' r - s most favoroil by the taiinl 6 ' ™°* <Y ’ U, ' K '‘, h-s efforts proved a |i,l . ' ”he suppressisl hooks were puli i> Pa “ton C ea 'i in secret. How foolish is tiie thi-ir of those wlm lielieve that. u, :x:rj ar thu *** ■ s,> w-at h numb the memories of the generations ~* ersecuiion tile.ays magnifies the 'nil ' I”lent*. Rulers who practice such In.E, 1 '? m,” practicing them (or their own ty- ' V UK ,r the glory of their victims. II n disappointment IVdlowed, when everv l':/l V" 'i' ,lt ! Vl> ” f tovedom wa* suppressed. XL: H • *‘ Ktin b> ms' that, their most 1, Wiol hopes were nothing but dreams, toJ; T; 1 n (protest by means of petitions, Hi ]•, K ,l "h dcnionst mt ions. Dungeons, 1 ,v ’ ni, ‘l banishment was the answer iiL ('•criunent gave. The uumlieni of the eutea grew larger from day today, nf inn to form coiispiraeiea, Mnd a net 'ov„,l’,V° vol " tlfi * , y “rganizationa soon ’or ti‘.. mntry, Women worked lie mn V tyranny ns ardently aa icitso." .v r " "*• growing revolutionary -tl i '. n i K°veriinient had but one reply *• cnf 1 . , lUmdrada of men and lttf T "‘ re drugged into the courts, and, Tis n ' I’tV'eM, sent to tile hangmen. A um. rations of tli.* executionera began. Po. , :, r " I‘rn-torlan chicltam" were a.v Inc4'. ,in , * ! “'no of ,Uh' southern pmq Aftai „ „ Sp f, in • IPWWm r was ieiaw ' several at p "•'" maaaj A ilwiMWiii iing system ,", ,at !“ r " nWMwI, which de- 'if “<ea*UHi.of inn.-ent SS' ermr mmpifUm- Kaocv i the most refined and excessive debaucheries, while a reign of terror was instituted in the by his favorite, Sejanus [“Gen. Gourko!” remarked sonieliodv, under a storm of laughter]. Such was tlie condition of affairs in the vast empire during the years T‘J and SO —I mean in T7U and TSO of the Roman era. [Tremendous applause and laughter.] According to Tacitus, especially one event in Tiberius’ life overwhelmingly impressed him. One dnv the vaults in the dining-parlor of the palace fell in. a numlier of men perished in tne ruins, and the Em peror himself came near being killed. The old Emperor began to think seriously of death. He saw the deplorable condition of affairs in ills vast domains, and knew that ;t would become still more deplorable after his death. He knew well that his successor was a cruel idiot, a heartless villain, but he could not help it, and left everything to fate. Nothing could save the tyrant. One day he was assassinated in spite of all the vigilance of the police, and the ferocious Caligula became his successor. A coward, brute and fool, he strangled those who, through the removal of the old tyrant, helped him mount the throne: and—what an outrage and disgrace!—among others a woman [roaring applause and calls: “Sophia Pcrovsku! J, Enma Nffivius, was beheaded. The empire, having been liberated from the old tyrant, fell in the hands of the young, vile and abject coward. The reign of terror progressed—greater precautionary measures were taken for the safety of the new tyrant. But all is in vain. The God of vengeance whom the crowned idiot worships is keeping His arm stretched out to the tyrant himself. It will reach him even in his place of hiding and knockoff his head at the first opportu nity. Vainlv he surrounds himself with spears, swords and rifles, with spies, denun ciators and hangmen! Vainly regiments of guards watch his palace—even among them Brutuses will Lie found, and he will lie mur dered by the officers of his guards, as it is stated by Flavius Josephus and Suetonius!” An irresistible outburst, of enthusiasm fol lowed the reading of the paper. Frantic ap plause and cheering roared through tlie en tire university building. The endeavors of tlie professor, whoso Or was as pale as that, of a corpse, to restore order were in vain. He hammered frantically and fried to speak, but his voice was drowned in the storm of cheers. The young man who just finished reading remained standing at the platform. Ilia face blushing and his white forehead wet from perspiration. Each student jumped from his seat to the platform to shake hands and to embrace him. The large hail was soon filled with people. Everybody who happened to be in the university building came to witness the uproar. Cries or “Down with tyranny!” “Down with the idiot!” “Long live liberty!” rang through the hall. Suddenly the doors of the hall and the entire building were taken possession of by gendarmes, and in throwing a glance at the windows everybody could discover the presence of several squadrons of Cossacks in the streets. Fifty students were arrested, but a few days later all but th e obtained their freedom. The author of the essay — his name is Andreas Tusliin—was banished to a little village in the province of Archan gelsk. This episode created a great sensa tion in Russia. The essay, a translation of which is given aliove, was printed secretly ami distributed throughout the entire coun try. It is a remarkable s|iecimeu of the means and ways by which tiie censors are being fooled in the land of the Czar. The professor would never have noticed its trea sonable meaning if it was not for the out - cries and cheers of the enthusiastic gath ering. LIQUOR LICENSES. 1887. lipß LICENSES. M First Quarterly Statement. City or Savannah, j Office Clerk or Cocncil, - April 12th, 1887. I r |”IIE following is an alphabetical list of all 1 persona hocused to sell liquor published un der provisions of section 14 of tax ordinance for 1887. FRANK E. REIiARER. Clerk of Council. A. Asendorf, Cord, cor. Liberty and East Broad sts. Asendorf, Frederick, cor. Tattnall and Gordon st. lane. Asendorf, Peter A., cor. Habersham and Jones st. lane. Asendorf, John M., cor. East Broad and Charl ton sts. Avrenettv. Eli. No. 17-4 Bryan street, Anderson, ■). M. Randolph st., near Brough ton st. n. Buttimer, P., cor. McDonough and East Bound ary sts. Byrnes, Geo. F., cor. Houston and Congress sts. Brown & Mikell, cor. Congress and West Broad streets. Branch, S. W„ S.W. cor. Broughton and Whit aker sts. Ulsclioff. John M . eor. Farm and River sts. Harbour, Joseph S. F., cor. New Houston and Barnard sts. Barbour. R. T.. cor. Price nnd Hall sts. Berg, Henry, cor. Bull and River sts. Brown, Writ. 8., No. 182 Bryan st. Backman. George. No. 21 Jefferson st. Bostock, Thos. N Bro., cor. Lincoln and River sts. Boldridge. Geo.. No. 24 Price st. Bossell, Nellie L., cor. Jackson and Randolph sts Uonaud, A., cor. Charlton and Whitaker sts. Cosman, J., & Cos., cor. Price and South Broad sts. Cooper. William G.. No. 28 NVbitaker st. Cole, Wm. H., No. 21 Drayton st. Champion, A. H.. No. 1M Congress st. Cooley, TANARUS., <t Cos., cor. River anil West Broad sis. Cole. Wm. 11, cnr. Indian si. aud Coffee alley. Chaplin, w H, No. 01 Ahereorn st. Connolly, Mary M, No. 23 South Broad st. 0. Ilerst, George, S. W. cor. Charlton and Jeffer son sts. Dailey, J F., cor. Farm and Mill sis. Ilierks, W. C. A, cor. Jefferson and Hall sts. Daniels, Edward E, No. 3 Houston st. Demers. Annie, cor. Indian and Ann sto. Doyle, M. J., cor. St. Julian and Barnard. Diets, Wm., cor. West Brood and Minis six. Dub, 8., Screven House. Dieter, Geo., Jr., Waters road, near Lovers lane. Kntelman. Albert H., cor. Charlton st. lane and Price st. Egan. .Michael, cor. Huntingdon and Mercer Kntelman, Martin, cor. South Broad and Ar nold sts. Kntelman, Martin, cor. Randolph nnd Cleburn Eicholz, Emanuel, cor. Liberty and Wheaton sts. Eiitelinan, John F., cor. East Broad and Lib ert v sts, Kntelman, Peidrick, cor. Bay and West Broad sts. Kntelman. J. H 11, cor. East Broad nnd Broughton sts. Killers, Geo, cor. Farm and Mill sts. Elsinger, TANARUS, cor. lluliersham and President sts. Enright, Thos. H, S. W. cor, Drayton and Broughton sta. Fehrenhnch. Henry, cor. President and Roy nolds sts. Finn Bros, cor, Huntingdon and West Broad sts. Fox. Gustave, No. 107 Broughton st. Farrell, Ellen, Bay street, third door from Ann st. IL Grimm, John, cor. Randolph and Wheaton sis. Gerken. Claus, cnr. Walker and Guernrd as. Gerken, Claus, Wheaton st, near Liberty st. Guitelman, D, Gordon and East Broad Cs Oenuindeli, (Jeo. A, cor. HI Juliaiiand Whita ker sts. Galls, Benj, cor. Whitaker and Liberty st. lane. Gefkin, John, eor Rnynolils and Jackaon sts Urewe, F. R, Ogeecheo read, near Battery Park Grass, Joseph J, agent, one. Waidburg and Burroughs sts Graham, C F, No. 43 Congress st. Garbade. II W, cor. Burroughs aod Gwinnett st lane Godfrey, ft. 8, eor. Liberty and Reynolds sta H list ins, J. ft.. Motion st, near Crawl Una Junction I K Imken, Martin O, nor. Whitaker and An* 4r rs< hi su ' tlcii*. Jdbn A , fi L tor. Frit# and booth Ihoad sts SAVANNAH MORNING NEWS: SATURDAY, APRIL Ifi, 1887. LIQUOR Ll< EXBES. Hirsch Bros., No. 21 Barnard st. Ht: s, Herman, cor. York and Montg, mery sis. Harms & Meyer, fi. K. cor. Liberty and Ran dolph st*. Helniken, Martin, cor. South Broad and Hast Broad sts. Hickey. J. TANARUS., No. 1W Bryan street. Houlm&n, Patrick, cor. Congress and Haber sham sts. Ham, Ed. Y., cor. Drayton and York st lane. Ham & Haar, cor. Slate .and Drayton sts. Henderson, J. M.. Bay lane, near Bull st. Hanson, Christian, Thunderbolt road, at Toll Gate. Heemsoth. H. F., cor. Pine and Farm sts. Helniken, John 11., cor. Whitaker and South Broad st. lane. Hoboken, J. D., cor. East Broad and Charlton sts. Horrignn. Mary, cor. Bryan and Houston sts. Haar, F. 11.. cor. West Broad and Bolton sts. Houlihan. Thos., No. 1 Bay st. • Hodges. Geo. I).. Marshall 1 louse. Henuessy, M. P.. No. 81 Bay st. Hughes, Obadiali A Cos., cor. Farm and Harri son sts. Harnett. M. L.. Harnett House, N. W. cor. Brvan and Barnard sts. flart, J., Bro., No. 11 Jefferson st. Houlihan, Thos., cor. Abercorn and Anderson sts. I. Immen, John H., N. W. cor. Jones and Haber sham sts. Immen, John, cor. Bryan and Whitaker sts. J. Jachens, Fred. H., cor. Bay and West Broad sts. Johnson, J. Z., cor. Zubly and Ann s**. Jackson, Andrew, No. 22 Whitaker st. Johnson. Joseph, No. 5 East Broad st. K. Kuck, George, No. f8 West Broad sts. Kuck, John, cor. Drayton and Jones st. lane. Kuck, John, & Cos., cor. Taylor and East Broad st*. Keenan, Thomas. No. lf>4 Bryan st,. Kriegel, Louis, cor. Charlton and Jefferson st. King. Fred. cor. Price and Jones sts. Kramer, Henry F., cor. New Houston and West Broad streets. Kelly, John, cor. Broughton and Fast Broad sts. Kaufmann, Julius, No. 100 Broughton st. Kelly, T. Mary, cor. President and East Broad sts. King. T. Catherine, cor. Williamson and Mont gomery sts. Kelly, John, cor. Houston and South Broad sts. Kuck, 11. F., Ogeechee road, \\ mile south of Anderson st. Kohler, Clias., No. 178 St. Julian st. Kikiser, Augusta. White Bluff road, near An derson st. L. Lender, John, No. 22 McDonough st. Lavin. Michael, No. !•> East Broad st. Lubs & (iarsves, cor. West Broad and Duffy sts. Lynch, John, S. E. cor. Whitaker and Taylor sts. Jjeaoy, Ellen, No. 0 Bay street. Lester. I. 8., No. 21 Whitaker st. Lee A Martin, No. JKV4 Jefferson s‘. Lubs, J. F., cor. Sims and Purse st*. Ligbtbourn, J. I r .. No. 15) Jefferson st. Lane, James, S. E. cor. Bay and Habersham sts. Lorch, John, cor. Huntingdon and Jefferson sts. I/mg. Nicholas, No. 10 Barnard st. •Lang, Nicholas, cor. Broughton and Barnard sts. Lang, John 11., Price and York st. lane. >f. Murkens, John, Thunderbolt road, near Toll Gate. Mcßride, James, S. E. cor. South Broad and Price sts. Meyer, Emily, cor. Reynolds and South Broad sts. Meitzler, Ann, No. 107 U Congress st. McCarthy, Michael C., cor. Wheaton and Reyn olds sts. Malloy, Thos F., cor West Broad and Gwin nett sts. Moeller, Peter 11., S. E. cor. West Broad and River sts. Moelilenbrock & Dierka, cor. Whitaker and Jones st. lane. Monsees, C. H., Huntingdon and West Broad st s. Manning, Patrick, No. 0 Drayton s'. Meitzler, Jacob, No. (is Jefferson st. McMahon, James J., cor. Congress and East Broad sts. McGuire. Rosa, cor. Farm and Olive st*. Meyer, Catherine, S. E. cor. Price and Charl ton StS. Magi**, Thos., cor. Habersham and Bay lam. McCormick, Wm„ on Indian st.. near Farm st. Murphy, L. James. No. MS Bryrn si. Moore. Ella, No. Houston t. V Noonan, M. C., East Broad and Pen*}* sts Nelson, J. G. A Cos., cor. Whitaker and Presi (lent sts. O. Ohsiek. Charles, cor. Pine and Ann sts. O'Connor, Kate, cor. Montgomery and Gaston sts. O'Byrne, Janies, cor. Bay and Montgomery sts. < PDriseoll, Bridget, cor. Bay and East Broad sts. P. Prchmann, R.. No. 113 Bay st. Pratt, A. L., Railroad and West Boundarj* sts. Precht, Henry, cor. Habersham and Charlton Sts. Pearson A Spann. No. ihm Congress st. Palmer, Francis, cor. Lumber and Sims sts. Q. . Quinan. D. J.. No. 3 Bull st. Quint, A. A Bros., Lovers Lane and Randolph sts. Quint, A. and Bros., S W. cor. Drayton and Me Done mgh sts. Quin, Timothy, cor.West Boundary and Indian st. lane. 11. Rocker, John, & Bro., cor. West Broad and Jones st. Rosen brook, It. D.. cor. Anderson and Whita ker sts. Rocker, Christen, cor. West Broad and Berrien sts. Ray, Wm. 11., foot of East Broad and River sts. Rosejibrook. R. 1)., No. ISO fit. Julian st. Renken, Herman, cor. Indian and Farm sts. Ren ken, Herman, cor. Bull and Anderson sts. Itenken, Herman, cor. Bryan and Ann sts. m. Sullivan, John Pulaski House, Bull at. Ktcinman. S.. No. 22 West Broad st Sanders, Henry, 183 South Broad at. Smith, George W., No. 21 Bay st. Schwarz. George, No. 172 Broughton st. Sauer. Henry, cor. Jefferson and I!ny sts. Suitor. Martin W„ cor. Price and Taylor sts. Suiter, llunry. cor. Liberty and Montgomery sts. Seiler, Charles, Concordia Park, White Bluff roctl. Struck, Herman W., cor. West Broad and Henry sts. Schroder, George, cor. Little Joues and Purse sts. Sien, John. cor. River and Reynolds sts. Suiter, H. F.. No. .83 West Broad st. Seheibing, Wm„ cor. Liberty and Drayton st.s Schroder, E. A. M., cor. West Broad and Lib erty sts. Schroder Bros., eor. Bay and Farm sts. Schroder, John H., cor. Barnard and River sts. Sullivan, John, No. 188 Congress st. Sclmenernaun, Dedrich H., cor. East Broad and Bolton sts. Setnken, Henry, cor. Bay and Fjist Rrond sts Selieide, J. K,. cor. Farm aud William sts. Steffens, Wm„ cor. West Broad and Waldburg sts. Schweirenbach, R„ N. E. cor. Margaret and Farm sts. Schweihert. J. F.. No. 4H Price st. Schroder, Henry, cor. Habersham and Brough test sts. Schwarz, Philip, No, 182 Bryan st. Strauss Bros.. No. 22 and 22V6 Barnard r.t. Stahmer. J . cor. West Broad and Taylor sts. Sexton. Surah. cor. Price and Huntingdon sts. Smith, Alice, eor Farm and Margaret sts. Slater, Moore \ Cos., No. IKB Congress st. Swift, W. H.. S. E. cor. Broughton and Dray ton sts. T. Tletjen, John F., cor. West Broad and New sts. I’. Ulmer A Copeland, cor. Jefferson and St. Julian sts. UmlMich, C. A. H-, No. 11l Broughton st. V. Vonderbreling, William, cor. Jefferson and York st. Isue. VoIU-ra, Win., cor. Pine and Farm sts. N Walsh, Frank R., S. W. (tor. Harris and West Broad sts Widirenlterg, William A No. tvi Broughton st. Walsh, (Vella, cor. Bryan and Ann sts Whltenmn, James K . No 28 South Broad st Welllwock.Geo cor. Harrison and Walnut *t Wilder, J If., cor. New Houston and Lincoln st* Wnmock & Williams, cor. West Broad and Orange sts. Werner, Catherine, eor Price and Hull st* Witte, (Jeo. H., eor Anderson and Middle Ground Road Ward, J K .cor River and McGuire *t* Wade At Carr, eor. Price and Bay at* WaltJen.C. J and Bro , eor Wayne and Jef fere in sts WoruU, J. If., cor. Huntingdon aud Barnard sta. \ Vbanes, a M„ N lui Hay t. VSilken, Ann, Reynold* at, tout d non troiu CHEAP ADVERTISING. j ONE CENT A WORD. .4 1) l r KIi TJSEVESTS, 15 U'nnL- or more, in this column inserted for OXE j CEXT A WORD, Cash in Advance, each insertion. F.rer’ibodg who has any want to supply, anythin <j to buy or sell, any business or accommodations to seen re; indeed,any wish to gratify, should advertise in this column. personal. 1) m:TY who wrote anonymous letter yester ilny sij'nnl “A EItIEND. .vill |ii.'usn nrei*pl tlmiiks for adviee. Write attain. Everything in confidence. HELP WANTED. AtfANTED, a solr, industrious colored man to sell poultry on tho streets on commis sion; must furnish good reference: will 1. fur nished with city badge. Apply corner Cemetery aud Duffy lane. TV7"ANTED, at the Marshall House, a girl to Vi do house work; one who is willing to work; apply immediately. GKO. D. HODGES, W.-ANTF.I). a hoy, to deliver packages, at S. t , KH( U SKOFF’S, Broughton street. \\7 ANTED, men. women, boys and girls to > > earn S7n per month at their own homes; a nice, light, easy and profitable business: cost I v outfit of samples, a pivekago of goods and full inst met ions scut for 10c. Address 11. C. 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LMR RENT, Store No. 14746 Congress street, P formerly fccupied by (’. F. Graham; i*>s session given slay Ist. For terms, etc., apply to M KIN HARD BROS. & GO. IT' OR RENT, with privilege of, build ing lots in Brownville, fioutlivilh* and East land, at 50c. to Si a month. Lots to lease nexir Whitxxki r and Anderson streets. Apply to Dr. I. A FALLTQANT. 1M South Broad street. FOR Bi.LE, • v - - - \\ ” K ARE SELLING slightly soiled Buggy Harness, Tninbs and Bxigfx very cheap. Imported English Soddkw at half prioo. NEID LINGHIi A 14ABUN. . IT'OR SALE.—A handsome 8-stop Kimball Or gan. good as new; very cheap. Apply third door east of Easi Broad on Wheaton street VN eligible lot for side to a party desiring to build a private residence. Apply northeast corner (iaston and Lincoln streets. / vNE CARLOAD extra choice Red and Yellow * " Bananas ivceivctl this day by A. H. CHAM Pit >N / ( ARDEN HOSE at 10c. per foot. Four and * * eight xirm Lawn Sprinklers, Host* Seels. Mystic, Magic, Lowell, Neptune. Boss, Plain and Stopcock Nosizlexs, for sale cheap. NEIDLIN GER & RABI N SALE CHEAP. Whitehall boat, twen ty-one feet long: equipments in perfect or der. Address P. O. Box 3'Hi, Charleston, S. C 1 o 5-ACRE LOTS, two miles from city on 1< ’ Waters road; $125 each. I. D. IoaROCHE'S S( 'NS. IT'OR SALE, pure Gasoline in any quantity. FREEMAN &. OLIVER, 192Broughton St. SALE, a Dredge; light, strong, worked by two men: double engines, roomy boiler, Havwnrd bucket; all grnl as new: bargain if sold soon. ARLINGTON BRICK AND TILE (/< Jacksonville, Fla. )R SALE. Lat bs, Shingles, Flooring, Ceiling, Weather*warding and Framing Lumber. Office and vanl Tavlor un<l East Broad streets. Telephone‘No, 211. ‘ RKRPARD A CO. PHOTOGRAPHY. • VJ PF< T\L NOTICE -PHOTOGRAPHY i’riefs reduced. Petites *1 50, Cxirds $2, Cabinet ?3 per dozen, aud Larger work in the same pro portion. J. N. WILSON. 21 Bull street. OISHOP. the Pioneer Photographer of re ft dueed prices, is still rushing things four fine Cabinet Photos only one dollar. West Broad and ( Jaston. BOARDING. V LARGE, pleasant room, with boxird, cun bo had. 15 Liberty street. \I”ANTED, hoarders at 200 South Broad ▼ street, also table boarders; delightful south rooms: terms reasonable. MISCELLANEOUS. Highly nutritious and delicious.— The popular beverages Phosphorated Mead and improved Root Beer at HEIuT'S. NOTICE. We are again on deck. That P. Soup, Etc., to-day, at DAN QUINAN'B,3 Bull •treet. r pRY THEM. The popular temperance drinks 1 of *H7- iin proven 1 lvot Reer, Phosphorated Mead at HKIDT s. ANTED Persons suffering from all vnrle v \ ties of Piles to use * , H^^morrhoideon.* , Only infallible cure known to the medical pro fession. One box makes complete cure. Failure unknown. Hundreds of testimonials. §1 per box. Address ILEMORRHOIDEON” COM PANY, P * > B md, Va. NOTICE. -All | persons having drunands against the estate of Charles L. Deljftmotta will present the some at once to Mr. M. J. bolomons, 118 Bryan street. M. A. De LA MOTT A. nON'T fail to call and see our (*hildren‘s Cnr riagiw. Our goods .ire bought direct from factories and it. enables us to sell them lower than you can buy at any public sale. We also carry complete line or house furnishing goods at NATHAN BROS., IHO Congress street.. no not fail to examine our st<*ek of Wagons, Buggies and Harness before buying; you will sxive money by it. SALOMON COHEN. i 8M ALL LOT of fled Bum i\ ness greatly reduced in price English Saddles at. half price. NEIDLINGER & RA- Bl \ STEAM POWER Oane NUk and Bvaporatora for sale by G. K. LOMBARD A CO., Augua ta. (in. THE largest variety of Top and Oixen Buggies I very cheap by BaLOMoX COHEN. I I A Ll/H Chill Cure at LI PPM AN BROS * will I 1 cure the worst cam** generally the first day. J F you ore in want of Rohes. Horse I Blankets. Wagon, Buggy or Team Horn***, Indies', (huit*' or Bfvn Soxldles arid l)ridlv<. Mill or Gin Belting of any kir:l, Trunk* and Traveling Hags frm the to the finest grades, you will find a nice, well Mdertod stock to chooae from at W. B MKLL A (NJ.’fi, t#v* Congreaa afreet EDUCATIONAL. Martyn’s Commrcll College. |* BIXTH HTHEET WaafateKtrat, ft {• IV. til,) vote. (. -44. filly i.wful OUHMMIP nuJuv. Hun H<i tenu* nur rate, at max •*"• terms Ut> mtuilmraUtu, I*", t.-i tmmlui uuwra. **• , #7. limit,* 11, eg i LUDDEN fr HATES S. M. H. L. & B. S. M. H.i Two More Immense Purchases •A-KCrejiu* i tiK iJL Value §IO,OOO Cliickermg Pianos. r |MIF <lr>manl for tho world ronmvned ('HICK I EKING TIANO has increased so materially that wi find it necessary to carry A VERY LARGE STOCK to moot the want* of our natrons and friends. FIFTEEN OF THIS MAKE ALONE ON HAND AND MOKE COM INC Unequalod facilities now offerei for selecting. New England Organs Wo handle THE M ASON A HAMLIN. HACK AND ORCHESTRAL and HAY STATE OR (t \NS. and have* so orowdod these manufactur ers with orders that they are “ohock a block, and we find it necessary to make a largo nur chase of NEW ENGLAND GROANS with width to help out in supplying our homo trade, while our outside orders am tilled direct at Factories with our regular lines as heretofore. Splendid stiH*k on hand. The steady increase of our Piano and Organ trade* in Snvannartt is a most gratifying evidence that our efforts to please are duly appreciated. "ONE PRICE To ALL. AND THAT THE LOWEST KNOWN," means business, and wins its way to confidence every time. Pianos and Organs for Cash and on Easy Installments. If you want to save money aud get the best give us a call. Luddon & Bates Southern Music House, Savannah Gra. PIANOS MOVED. VJHIPPINO. Packing or Unpacking by expe i ' ricrieed New York Piano Movers, Work * done safely, quickly and without damage to premises? or instruments and at low prices. PI AN < )S TUNED. {)Ythe year or single tunings, and when wo > take eLarge of instruments by the year we make no additional charge for strings or slight regulation of actions. Theiv is economy in em ploying good tuners. Mu. 11. N. MOORE still looks after this branch of our business. X.-&S 18. S- UVE. B[- cjx>thTng. Our Elegant and Handsome Line —OF— Clothing —FOR— Spring Wear IK NOW READY AND ON EXHIBITION. r PHF public are cordially invited to call and I inspect it whether to purchase or simply to see the styles that will prevail the ensuing sea* son C samples from which to make selections for Garments to Order hr- . been pronounced perfect in the extreme and will be shown with pleasure. THOROUGH AND ENTIRE SATISFACTION IS ASSURED TO ALL CUSTOMERS. JL fill I 1. “THE FAMOUS” HAS KNOCKED THE WIND OUT OF HIGH PRICES FOR CLOTHING. Before purchasing a Spring Suit it will pay to look at our stock, all of our own manufacture. THE FAMOUS NEW YORK CLOTHING HOUSE, 140 Congress street, shows this season the prettiest line of Suiting*at the lowest Possi ble Prices; also a fine line of Straw Hats and Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods. SOAP. SOAP! STARCH! IF YOU WANT GOOD VALUE IN SOAP, SOAP, SOAP, STARCH, STARCH, STARCH, COME TO STRAUSS BROS., 22 and 22 1-2 Barnard Street. Soap by the box. Starch by the box. Soap hy the dollar's worth. Starch by the dollar's worth. Soap by the nickel's worth. Starch by the nickers worth. Large Stock. Low Prices. Strai iss 1 sros., 22 and 22 1-2 Barnard Street. McDonli k Ballantyno, IRON FOUNDERS, i Machinists, Boiler Makers Blarksiniihs, - asm ri ri araa or HTATIONARY and PORTABLE ENGINES, VERTICAL UNDER RUNNER nd TOY RUNNER CORN HILLS oUOAK MILLS aud BANK <>u hand and for o sate, all of the brut material and l**eat urleM Alan Ageuta lot the t ’bteaao Tire and Spring Work*, ami the Imfnorad KhhMUMU jMmVmtm. AU wvwaor aiwu-W t AUC l lOS SALES FUTURE DAYS. RECEIVER’S ' SALE* Steamers Bridgeton and Florida ■ AT AUCTION. By J. McLaughlin &; Son. On THURSDAY, the 28th April, IKS7, at tho CuKtom Hoime, in the City of Savannah, at 12 o'clock, 1 will sell THK STEAMER CITY OF BRIDGETON a* aha now Ilea at Georgia and Florida Inland Steamboat Company's Wliarf, Savannah, 499 15 100 tons burden, condensing lieam engiiu*. 10 im*hes cylinder and 10-foot stroke; cylindri cal boiler 14 5-12 feet in length and 12 feet di ameter, of lawful iron; length of hull 171 7-10 teet; depth H 2-10 feet: breadth, 29 3-10 foot, 17 sTnto rooms, with all the fittings and appurte nances belonging to a steamer of her size as per inventory. —ALSO - After ah've sate, THK STEAMER FLORIDA, of the Ohio river style of passenger and freight boats; built at lMttshurg. hy Keea, in IKSi); 137 (W lik) tons burden; 53 feet wide over guards: 30 feet width of hull; IKS feet length: 9 feet depth; H fi feet draft of water She has two high pres sure engines; cylinders 24 inches diameter, n feet stroke; 1 steam fire pumn: 2 hand file pumps; 1 doctor pump for feeding ooiler, 1 donkey ls*iler; 43 staterooms, together with all tlie furniture and i*qui’pment for a steamer of her capacity, as per inventory. Her engine is one of the finest ever turned out at Pittsburg or olsowhore. and no expense was sparod in the construction of the boat. The Florida lies at her wharf in Jacksonville, Fla , where she may he. Inspected. Further par ticulars can lx' had by application to me in Jacksonville. Fla., C. Williams. Agent at Si: van nail for Florida Railway am: Navigation Com pany.or at the office of J. Savannah, Ga., where inventories can Ikj wen. Terms at side. H. R. DUVAJ., Receiver Florida Railway and Navigation Cos. LEG VL s A LEB. CITY MARSHAL'S SALK. (Tty Marshal's OrficE, \ Savannah. April 12th. 18H7. i I N pursuance of city ordinance will lx* sold on I April 10th, IHH7. at 11 o'clnok a m. at the city pound One sorrel mare, with white star in nice, lame in front foot said mare having been impounded ten days, and in which time she has not been claimed. Proceeds of sale to be dis posed of as provided by ordinance. Terms cash. KOBT J WADE, City Marshal. HOSE* RUBBER HOSE FOR Garden anil Street Sprinkling, WITH PATENT NOZZLES. All Sizes and Prices. HOSE REELS AND Sprinklers. —FOR SALE BY John Nicholson, Jr., 30 AND 82 DRAYTON STREET, s AANNAH, K<> RUIA. RUBBER HOSE 1,000 FEET RUBBER HOSE Garden Hose Reels, Magic Spray Nozzles. • FOR SALE LOW BY I Palmer Bros MILLINERS. SUN BONNETS! Orders Taken for Sun Bonnets i • ———— FELT LAMBREQUINS yards lone. half yard wide, stamped, fl; elaborate . designs, $1 35. FELT SCARFS, stamped, 54 inches long, IS inches wide, stam]ied on both ends, 50c. ART MATERIALS furnishod at lowest prices. STAMPING DONE on short notice. MRS. KATE POWER Ht. Julian and Bull Street*. HARDWARE. EDWARD LOVELL k SONS' ISS Broughton, and 13S-140 Slate Streets, DEALER* IN Genera! Hardware, 1 Plowsand Stool Shapes, Agricultural Implements, HUMS. HI’OKKH AND KIMS i BAR, BANO ANO HOOP IRON, TURPENTINE NUI'I'LI KK. ~ ' —■■■ IMIKHTAKPH. W. 11 Dix dl UNDERTAKER DEAL** I* AU, SISKS O COFFINS AND CASKETS, 1 U Bull *UkI BntdMMMM UUAtif * eava*au. mwiktivA ( . H. DORSKTT'S COLUMN. The Real Estate flaitet Continues Good. My sales for March and th'ifl far in ,prt| have been exceedingly good. The number of transactions compares favors ably with any month of the one hundred 0.1)4 twenty-five that l have been in the business I expect to sell more during April, May and June (I>. V.) than I have ever done before. The people of Savannah continue to stow .itk abiding faith in her future. Try and make your selections from the list oe low. If you are very particular and cannot, let mfll know what you want and I will find it for y vtv. C. H. DORSETT, Roal Estate Dealer, fl Dwellings, Eto* Two story residence on basement, beautifully j located, on Gordon street, near Drayton sin* <>v The location of this property, the size of tbfl house, its surroundings and conveniences afl] unite to make, it a desirable purchase. Prick residence on Jones street, east of Whiif - aker, suitable for a small family. The is admirable, and the terms of lAaymeuL as as can be desired. 7 H Three fine residences, prices ranging $12,000 to $25,000. Location and given privately to bona fide inquirers. fl Prick rosidonoo on Taylor street. Fine chanoflN for a home. Three liort rooms, hath, two parlors* * back piazza, dining room, kitchen, servant4H| room, an<i brick outbuilding Renting for dollars per month. The location, between car lines, near the churches, schools and parkls convenienca of arrangemeut aud price mend this to those who desire to buy a house. <4 well as to investors. Avery convenient residence in the Kastertilbj part* of the city, front ing on a square, imined ately upon a car line. Every convenience, housCi largo and convenient, neighborhood good. I Small house with good yard near the ne| jail. Trice is low, $1,300, and the location go*xtf| and getting l)ett<*r every day. . A n.'at and very roomy cottage on r>uff|fl stroot, near Burroughs, lot 30xlW>. House wejH built and in good ropair. (Jan be had at a gain during this month. > Another snug residence, price on DufMfl just west of West Broad ; i>arty leaving the citjijj 1 A two-story frame dwelling south of Arid erf*' son st reet, between Drayton and Bull streptaE southern front, containing five rooms, and ha* good yard. Trice $1,250. i I Avery neat and convenient cottage, quite a large yard, on Second avenue, near f>uH street. This is a "nice" place, in a locality thaC; is increasing in popularity every day and will in| a short time increase largely In value. Four new two-story cottages, with hath in each. In the eastern part of the city. .tir*W the place for those employed in that section oft tlie city. Snug and cornfortuble. AgoodimesM rumt, where tho choice ri tenants should bit possible. dtOk wyytyiM A capital thraauitory : esidenoa near the Harw>, ket. All the convenience*, large room*, halls, batli room on each floor. Iroperty hH good order. A commodious and well urranged one story on the Bay level and one storv o River street level. Well miapteil to cot.tong heavy groceries or other merchandise. The ex* tension of the River .Street railroad (C. R. R. ex* tension; will bring cars up to this property. Tlie very valuable property acijoiniug tna Tulaski House known as tho Pulaski Stable*, Tills property rents readily at a rate which will pay a good Interest on the investment. Such eligibly located property, in the centre of the business circle, is seldom offered, and the care* ful attention of investors is directed to it. Building Sites. The finest building lot in the Wooden District on the market to-day and the cheapest is that/ on the corner of Hail and Barnard street* Another very desirable site for a dwelling, oe ing several feet higher than tho land on the east side of the park, Is on the south side of Hall street, near the residence recently purchased by* Mr. Randolph Axson. This lot is 41x130 feet. On JoncH street, facing south, near Lincoln, I have a lot (10x1 no, with two small houses on the rear. This is a splendid location for one or two brick residences. Gwinnett street, In view of the possibility of having an asphalt p.iv.cnent at an early has grown wonderfully in popularity. I Ju .t sold the last Improved property that I on this streel, hut have one lot on this which is wonderfully low, southern front 32x1 j A limited number of lot* on die hill on Gw net! and West Broad have been placed in bands for sale. These low are 40x100 and will only lie sold to approved purchaser*, hut will l> sold at low prices to secure a good neighbor, hood. An examination of tho plat at my office will demonstrate the low price* we have put uiwa this property. A very cheap lot (secured by a payment of ore* hundred dollar*) is (bat on New Houston ntnvt, near Burroughs. The rate at which this section Is being do. veloped is truly wonderful. The people seem just to have realised dial this I* one of the highest |!nt* in the city. A tin* i lass of residences, neat, comfortable and sightly, but not prdtsndous, are being erected all over this section until It !• scarcely recognisable.' , A ffno corner lot near the llna of Burrmigh* sum. ju*t he>sid Anderson this Is so he. nsent that is hound U isty a |**t ta rh* huyar. I At Ugytua othLtsviUcy Uts Assist hit m 3