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The morning news. (Savannah, Ga.) 1887-1900, April 16, 1887, Page 7, Image 7

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CO M M - Y. Cl All. SAVANNAH MARKET. v.c.—LV report. ri-Firr. of the morning news. \ S.ix ASN-IH, 0.1.. April Jfj, 18S7. (• rv.- 'V!. Till) (wnen.l market- was , B :,; cr ihtrin r tin- week, with few features -inifi-si u) note In any particular department. „ ,hcr bus undergone nil ugreanblecbange, ‘ • is thought will stimulate business in the In no particular branch of trade was t’V-r***' any spec in l activity to be ob- Lrvcsl, anil aside from the moderate shipping 'cement in the filling up ol’ a few back orders, entire market was dull and reflected a very li 'bt'tradc indeed. In tiie grocery trade the business was proportionately much better as c inn si rod with others, but was far from being active In dry goods there was moderate trading going on, nd orders were limited to actual n lirumeais. _\n other branches, both in retail and wholesale circles, report a very light trade doing- and no business of moment is anticipated for ih' 1 balance of the season. There were but few price changes; the most important, how ever were the advances in bacon and coffees. Collections are very slow. The money market has become very stringent and has had much to do with restricting trade. The security market was likewise inactive, owing to the money squeeze. Exchange, both domestic and foreign, is iinn. The following review will show the and latest quotations of the different mar kets at the closing hour to-day: VAI stoheb The market for spirits tur pentine was active and firm throughout the K.'-k which closes with an advance of %c. The r riots were fairly large, which caused holders ii become five sellers at the current quotations. The total sales forSthe week were luliy •>uno casks. Kositi. The market was niiiet but very steady during the week There was only a moderate inquiry tmd a light business was bad. The total sales for'he week were about r.,.00 barrels. In an other e. ilunin will be found a comparative state ment of tin- receipts and exports from tile be ginning of the month to date and lor The same lime last year, showing the stock on hand and cm shipboard not cleared together with the official closing quotations: Corrox -The market continued to show con ti,legible strength throughout the week in I.rices and a very firm feeling pervaded it. (Cher ’’bail this there was nothing in the mar ket to attract attention. There was only a nominal business going on. The demand was f'lir but the offerings were light, and desirable grades scarce. The week closes with prices Ue. higher than a week ago. The total sales for the week were only 565 bales. The following are the official closing spot quotations of the Cotton Exchange: Middling fair \OH Good middling Middling Low middling "J Good ordinary a M> , Ordinary Nominal. sen Wo id—The receipts for the week, up to 4n. in , as reported by factors, were 25 bags, and the sales for the same time SO bags, leaving the stock at 1,097 bags. The market was very quiet and prices fell off slightly in most grades. The bulk of the stock offering is of bad preparation and off in color, but clean cottons are firmly held at tin* following quotations: Common Georgias and Floridas.. .14 Medium 16%(@17 Food medium 1i%i3.18 Medium fine 18%@— pjne 19}4®30 Kztra fine 20%021 Choice 92 to — The receipts of cotton at this port from all sources the past week were 256 bales of up land and 25 bales sea island, against 9,130 hales of upland and 31 bales sea island last year. The particulars of the receipts have been as follows: Per Central railroad. 2,488 bales up land: per Savannah. Florida and Western rail way. 57 bales upland and 25 bales sea island; per Savannah river steamers. 12 bales upland: per Brunswick and Satilla river steamers, 7 bales upland. The exports for the week were 2.151 bales up land and 15 bales sea island: To New York, 1,495 bales upland and 15 bales sea islands; to Balti more, 824 bales upland; to Philadelphia, 46 bales upland: to Boston, 286 hales upland. The stock on hand to-day was 6.127 bales up land and 1.697 bales sea island, against 27.741 bales of upland and 4,272 bales sea island last year. Comparative Statement of Net Receipts, Exports and Stocks of Cotton to the Following Places to Latest Dates. }| Stock on Received since I Exported since 1, 1886. [j hand and on ports. September Ist. jj Shipboard. Great O'th Fn Total \Cstwite 1880-87 | 1885-86 Britain. France. | Ports. 'Foreign. Ports. ! 1887. | 1886. New Orleans April 15 1,685, 04c! 1,634,500 674,7221 314,501 j 344,198! 1.33:1,481 335,080 180,211 1 219,007 Mobile April 15 211,184 ; 235,865! 46,807 i 46,807 170,497) 3,057 30,760 Florida April 15 12,811 19.102 i ! 12,841 Texas April 15| 691,170; 676,950 252.180! 30.352 99.057! 381.581, 304,580 16,498 40,513 L , (Upland ..April 151 757,613' 730.875 226,087 18,618; 243,870) 488,6051 273,110- 6.127; 27,741 Savannah g** j s ',| April 15 ) 27.293 ! 21.305! 1,7+1! .... 1.744 1 24,929’ 1.697 4.272 , l Upland April 15 382.991 466,497 89,979 +1.862 146.156, 276.987 100,799 858 29,93.5 Charleston J S . ( , Apri i 8 i 7,774: 7,545 825* I 825 ! 7,165 1,340! 3.299 North Carolina April 15) 133,794 : 97.208 90,823) 7.960) 10.857) 109,frlO| 18,486 . 2.201: 34,359 Virginia April 15 - 887.634 756,035 413,2019 2,150 12,306; 427.0®) 213,562 1 10,430 37,575 New York . April 15 : 83,505 U0,522| 420,057 ) 40.2091 190.1521 650.418; .. .. | 213,8061 303,231 Other ports April 15 274.01 M 243.262 267,784 j 8.726! 33.027) 309.536). | 33,445 56,271 Total to dale 5,107,988 .. 3,484,214 466.467: 1.076.613 4.(7,386j 1.461.028 i 469.529 j , Total to date in 1886.. I d 4.939,670, i. j j 11 1 750.968 n xu sj Comparative Cotton Statement Of Gross Receipts, Exports and Stock on Hand. April 15, 1887. AND FOR THE SAME TIHE I ..VST Y EAR. I 1886-7. MB4. • Sra j 1 Sea ! ) Island.’ Upland. Island. Upland. Stock on hand September 1 1.149 4.sMi 551 4.2&1S i ! Received this week.. £‘ 2,j6l ! 81 t Received previously j 27,1 W 75! *,081 28.00*.) 728,002 | Total * 28..'j4* m.9oe sjiti 710,4 V 11 Exported this week I 15 2.151 i ..., 5.072 h'x ported previously 2G,65t< *57,024 19,370 707,017 Total ! 26.673 759.::.. IS.SO 712.681 Stock on hand am! on ssiph ip Ifiwii’ii ALsTil 15 J.tiiKj sK.s-tl 1 KMIVSOK CinTiiN AT INTKKIUR PoiMTS, I" \" .m'T.’l"' 1 ~ lni* fur tin* week rnd . 'l' l '" I *uikl stool, <m Imml to-night, nud for “w ssiuie time hurt vonr: <--Week etuling April 1.1, IHK7. -, i , Ilevipti.*. Stock*. f ",' n *1 1*44 IMS# i,;'"’ 1 ’ 1 " mo 1,0*; a.; mt m no m ftlUlj* 1 ■ ■'■■ ■■ ■ 2 *S W I.l*l Na-VlVvilU. asiuM niluillp 41 043 1,475 T,jUU MM 7,M0 51.451 r Work i iidlne M r I lit, Ihwv a , Iterd/ita, Sltlommla. Stork*. 1 454 A, 15# iil>s t "ilma 4(1, 3,kW ;,,UHS m", • 1M V H..VW v","' *. ,W ■;,A.'| k,-l I j"“wy 3*l Mo i,,417 OAtIU *•** W. *3l *MM ‘" l “ 1-. 101 1,475 loUI 4.017 UMUMi THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT SHOWS THE NET RE CEIPTS AT AJ.L PORTS FOR THE WEEKS ENDING APRIL 15 AND APRIL 8. AXD Ft It TEW V: HEX I.A.\T year: Th is Last Last ilVfl Wet*.’ Year. Galveston 1,201 Bu 9 7,741 New Orleans 7,938 18,628 11,275 Mobile 335 519 H4l Savannah 2,610 1,821 9,179 Charleston 1,290 706 6,035 Wilmington 236 212 1,027 Norfolk 1,347 4.1+1 9,625 New York 1,905 2.211 1,8,16 Various 5,333 6.188 12,813 Total 22,205 29,632 59,332 CONSOLIDATED COTTON STATEMENT FOR TIIF. WEEK ENDI.NIi APRIL 15, 1887. Receipts at all U. S. ports this week— 22,205 Last year 59,332 Total receipts to date 5,107,938 Last year 4,929,298 Exports for this week 50,077 Same week last year 81.621 Total exports to date 4,017,820 List year 3,426,813 Stocks at all United States ports 409,529 Last year 756,963 Stock at all interior towns 52,512 Last year 185,101 Stock at Liverpool 983,000 Last year 680,000 American afloat for Great Britain 115,000 Last year 145,000 LIVERPOOL MOVEMENT FOR THE WEEK ENDING APRIL 15, 1887, AND FOR THE CORRESPONDING weeks of 1886 and 1885: 1887. 1886. 1885. Sales for the week... 30,000 82,000 43,000 Exporters took 8,100 3,300 5,300 Speculators took 4,300 7,800 4,000 Total stock 983,000 680,000 1,084,000 Of whit'll American.. 810,000 468,000 797,000 TT imports for week. 63,000 45.000 53,000 Of which American.. 52.000 43,000 +I,OOO Actual exports 15,900 13,800 12,400 Amount afloat, 222,000 234,000 164,000 Of which.American.. 115,000 145,000 100,000 Price 51l ldd 5 l-10d 5 15-l(sd Visible Supply of Cotton.—Below we give the table of \ isible supply, as made up by cable and telegraph for the /Yuan rial and Commcr dal Chronicle to April 8. The continental stocks, as well as those of Great Britain and the afloat, are this week’s returns, and consequently all the European figures are brought down to Thursday evening. But to make the totals the complete figures for April 8 we add the items of exports from the United States, including in it the exports of Friday only. 1887. 1886. Stock at Liverpool 976,000 075,000 Stock at London 14,000 22,000 Total Great Britain stock ... 990,000 697,001 Stock at Hamburg 3,000 4.000 Stock at Bremen 42,000 41,000 Stock at Amsterdam 28,0X1 29,001 Stock at Rotterdam 400 400 Stock at Antwerp 1,200 1,700 Stock at Havre 835,00) 156,00) Stock at .Marseilles 4,000 7,000 Stock at Barcelona...: 46,001 79,000 Stock at Genoa 6,000 14,000 Stock at Trieste 11,00) 4,0)0 Total continental stocks 876,600 886,100 Total European stocks 1,366,60) 1,033,100 India cotton afloat for Europe.. 295,000 207.000 American cotton afloat for Eu rope 342,000 308,000 Egypt, Brazil, etc., afloat for Europe 40,000 9,000 Stock in United States ports... 512,287 800,529 Stock in U. S. interior towns . 111,364 295,908 United States exports to-day.. 13,281 16,829 Total visible supply 2,680,472 2,670,366 Of the above, the totals of American and other descriptions are as follows: American — Liverpool ... 802.000 491.000 Continental stocks 276,000 281,000 American afloat for Europe . 342,000 308,000 United States stock 512,287 800.529 United States interior stocks.. 111,354 295,908 United States exports to-day .. , 13,231 16,829 Total American 2,056,872 2,176,266 Total East India, etc . 623,600 494,100 Total visible supply 2,680,472 2,670,366 The imports into continental ports this week have been 64,000 bales. The above figures indicate an increase in the cotton in sight to date of 10,106 hales as com pared with the same date of 1888, an increase of 45,474 bales as compared with the correspond ing date of 1885, and a decrease of 225,009 bales as compared with 1884. India Cotton Movement.—The following is the Bombay statement for the week and year, bringing the figures down to April 7: BOMBAY RECEIPTS AND SHIPMENTS FOR FOUR YEARS. Shipments this week— Great Britain. Continent. Total. 1887 15,000 51,000 66,000 1886 27,0. X) a 31,000 58,000 1885 14,000 15,000 29,000 1884 88,000 46,000 72,000 Shipments since Jan. 1— Great Britain. Continent. Total. 1887 108,1X10 .307.000 415,000 1886 121, (XX) 274.000 895,000 1885 SI.iXW 197,000 278.U00 1884 281,000 284,000 518.000 Receipts — This week Since Jan. 1. 1887 77,000 691,000 1886 54.000 625.000 1885 85,t0 410,000 1884 69,000 697,000 According to the foregoing, Bombay appears to show an increase compared with last year in the week's receipts of 23.1 XX) bales, and an in crease in shipments of 8,000 bales, and the ship ments since Jan. 1 show an increase of 20,000 bales. FINANCIAL. Money Market—ln demand and scarce. Domestic Exchange— Steady. Banks and bankers are buying sight drafts at % P er cent, premium and selling at <4 per cent, premium. Foreign Exchange -The 'market is firm. Commercial demand, $4 86%; sixty days, J 1851 4; ninety days, $4 84%; francs, Paris and Havre, commercial, sixty days, $5 22)4; Swiss, $5 23; marks, sixty days, 95 1-16. Securities Stocks are quiet, with a firm un dertone. Bonds neglected and rather freely offered at quotations. STOCKS AND BONDS. State Bonds— Bid. Asked. New Georgia 1% per cent bonds, 108 106% Georgia new 6s, 1889, January and July coupons 103 101 State of Georgia gold quarterlies 108% 109% Georgia Smith’s, maturity 1898, ex-interest 122 123 dtp Bands Atlanta 6 per cent 104 110 Atlanta 7 per cent * 115 120 Augusta 7 per cent 105 112 Augusta 6 per cent 10H HO Columbus 5 per cent 98 99 Macon 0 per cent 11l 112 New Savannah 5 per cent, quar terly, July 104}4 105 New Savannah 5 per cent, quar terly. May coupons 105 105)4 Railroad Bonds — Savannah. Florida and Western Railroad general mortgngo tMinds, 6 per cent interest cou pons 110 112 Atlantic and Gulf first mortgage consolidated 7 per cent, coupons January and July, maturity 1897 119 121 Central consolidated mortgage 7 tier cent, coupons January and July, maturity 1898 113)4 114 Geoi*gia Railroad 6s 108 110 Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta first mortgage 112 113 Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta second mortgage 111)4 112% Mobile and Girard, second mort gage indorsed 8 per cent, cou pon:- January and July, maturi ty 1889. ex-interest 105 106 Marietta and North Georgia first mortgage 6 per cent. 100 101 Montgomery and Eufanla first mortgage Indorsed 6 per cent 109 110 Western Alabama Mill mort gage indorsed 8 per cent, cou pons Oct*>ls*r, maturity 1890 106 109 South Georgia and Florida in dorsed - 116 119 South Georgia and Florida sec ond mortgage 112 115 Ocean Steamship 0 percent bonds, guaranteed by Central Kail read 106 100)4 Gainesville, Jefferson olid South ern Railroad, first mortgage, guaranteed . 118 119 Gainesville,Jefferson and South ern, not guaranteed 113 116 Gainesville. Jefferson and South ern, second mortgage, guariui teed 115 110 1 'ohmihuM and Route, first indors ed Oh 106 109 Columbus and Western 0 percent first guaranteed 108)4 109 Augusta and Knoxville railroad 7 pi first mortgage Ismds 10!) 109)4 City aiui Sulairban HAiflNxui, first mortgage 7 per cent bonds 106 110 Railroad Start . - Augusta and Saianiuih, 7 per cant giiaranUs-d I*l6 187 I Yntral common 138 124 Georgia common, ex dividend :xx) 2J Southwestern. 7 per cent, guaran teed, ex dividend I*' 133 < .'uir.d. 6 p-i-cent certificates 104 106)4 Attains and West Point railroad stock .. lUI m SAVANNAH MOTRNTI7G NEWS: SATURDAY, APRTT, lfi. 1887. Atlanta and West Point 6 percent certificates 105 106 Bank Stocks— Southern Bank of tho State of Georgia 195 2CK) Merchants'National Bank 155 160 Savannah Bank and Trust Com pany 91 94 National Bank of Savannah 117 Gas Stocks— Savaunah Gas Light stock, ex dividend 21)4 22 Mutual Gas Light 20 23 Factory Bonds — Augusta Factory 6s 104 Sibley Factory Os 104 Enterprise Factory 6s 105 .... Factory Stocks — Eagle and Phuanix Manufactur ing Company 101 102 Augusta Factory 105 Groniteville Factory 132 Langley Factory 105 Enterprise Factor}'Company .... !5 .... Enterprise Factory, preferred ll O.... J. P. King Manufacturing Com pany 101 .... Sibley Manufacturing Company.. 97 Naval Stores. —The receipts for the past week have been 2.138 barrels spirits turpentine and 6.934 barrels rosin. The exports were 1,582 barrels spirits turpentine and 5,214 barrels rosin, moving as follows: To New York, 1,481 barrels rosin and 1.008 barrels spirits turpentine; to Bal timore, 185 barrels spirits turpentine and 300 barrels rosin; to Boston, 309 barrels spirits tur pentine and 100 barrels rosin; to Philadelphia, 130 barrels spirits turpentine anl 13 barrels rosin; to Riga, 3,3sobarrels rosin. The following are the Board of Trade quotations: Rosin—A, B, c. D 97)00.. E $1 02)4. F $1 07%. (4 $1 10 II $1 20, I £l 40, K $1 50, 5! $1 85, N $2 25, window glass $2 50. water white $2 75. Spirits turpen tine—regulars 35 %c. Receipts, Shipments and Stock from April 1, 1886, to date , and for the corresponding date last year: , 1886-7 > , 1885-6 -> Spirits. Rosin. Spirits. Rosin. On hand April 1.. 2,5+3 77,408 2,116 61,821 Rec’dthis week.. 2.136 6,934 1,873 5,163 Rec’d previously. 2.575 10,402 1,416 4,332 Totals 7,254 94,744 5,405 71,316 Shipments: Foreign — Buenos Ayres 250 3,020 Cronstadt 4.950 Liverpool 3,170 London 500 5,469 Marseilles 3,735 Riga 3,350 Stettin 2,750 Trieste .... 4,640 Coastwise — Baltimore 184 444 641 1,844 Boston 524 328 738 630 Philadelphia 247 13 417 421 New York 1,673 6,766 1,000 2,304 Interior towns.... 301 60 472 Total shipments.. 3.429 80.165 4.118 28,485 Stock on lia nd and on shipboarb April 15 3,825 74,579 1,287 47,881 Rice—Tho market during last week was dull and somewhat nominal. There was very little doing owing to the scarcity of stock, the bulk of which is now in second hands, and is held at fully %c above quotations. Orders from the West arc being refused in consequence of the increased freight rates under the inter state commerce law, and tends to limit transac tions. The sales for the week were about 475 barrels on the basis,of quotations: Fair 3J4@ — Good B%to Prime 4)4@4)4 Rough- Country lots. sclTt 65 Tide water 90@1 10 Bacon - Market steady; demand good; smoked clear rib sides, 9%e; shoulders, 7Uc; dry salted clear rib sides, 9c; long clear, B%c; shoulders, 6%C ; hams, 12%e. Bagging and Tibs—Market quiet. We quote: Bagging—2)4 lbs. 9%c; 2 lbs, 8)ic; l->i lbs, 7%e, according to brand and quantity. Iron ties— Arrow, $1 OOal 05 per bundle, according to brand and quantity. Bagging and ties in re tail lots a fraction higher. Bu-iteiu Market easy; oleomargarine, 14a16c; choice Goshen, 18e; gilt edge, 22c; creamery, 24c. Cabbage—Florida, |3ooaß 50 per barrel; sup ply light; demand good Coffee—The market is strong and advancing. We quote for small lots: Ordinary, 15%c; fair 16%c; good, 17c; choice, 17%e; peaberry, 18V4c. Cheese—Market higher and advancing; good demand; stock light. We quote: llalSc. Dried Fruits-Apples, evaporated, 13c; peeled, 7c; peaches, peeled, 19c; wqieeled, sa7c; cur rants, 7c; citron, 25c. Dry Goods—The market is firm; business fair; We quote: Prints, 4a6c; Georgia brown shirting, 3-4, 4%c; 7-8 do, 5)4c; 4-4 brown sheet ing, 6Sc ; white osnaburgs. Ba9e; checks, 6%a7e; yams, Sic for best makes; brown drill ings, 6-'l4a7Uc. • Fish—We quote full weights: Mackerel- No. 1, $7 50*10 00; No. 3, half barrels, $6 00a7 00; No. 2, $7 50a8 50. Herring—No. 1,20 c; scaled, 26c; cod, saßc. FLour—Market steady: demand moderate. We quote: Superfine, $3 50; extra, JSB 85a4 00; fancy, *1 90a5 15; choice (latent, $5 40a5 90; family, 4 60a4 70. Fruit—Lemons —Stock full and demand light. We quote: $4 26a5 00. Oranges—Market brisk for good fruit; Floridas. $2 50a3 00. Apples— Scarce and poor; good shipping stock, $4 50a 5 00 per barrel. Grain —Corn—Market steady; demand light. We quote: White corn, job lota, 62c; carload lots. 60c: mixed corn, job lots 60c; carload lota, 58c. Oats steady; good demand. We quote: Mixed oats, 46c: carload lots, 44c. Bran, $1 05. Meal. 62)4c; Georgia grist, per sack, $1 50; grist, per bushel, ODyc. Hay—Market steady, with a fair demand, stock ample. We quote job lots: Western. 98c; carload lots, 90c; Eastern, none; Northern, none. Hides, Wool, Etc.—Hides—Market dull; re ceipts light; dry flint, salted, ll)£c; dry butcher, Bfgc. Wool Market nominal; prime in bales, 27c; burry, 10al5e. Wax, 18c. Tallow, 3a4e. Deer skins, flint, 20c; salted, 16c. Otter skins, 25ea$l. Iron—Market firm; Swede, 4)£ase; refined, 2*>ic. Lard—Market is steady; in tierces. 7%c; 50-lb tins, 7%c. Lime, Cat-cined Plaster and Cement Ala bama lump lime is in fair demand and is selling at $1.30 Ist . barrel; Georgia, $130; calcined plaster, ?1 85 per barrel; hail', Sc; Rosendale cement, $1 50; Portland cement, SB. Liqi-ohs—Full stock; steady demand. Bour bon, $l 50a8 50; rye. $1 50a6 00; rectified, $1 00a 1 35. Ales unchanged and in good demand. Nails—Market firm, advancing Fair de mand. We quote: 3d, 94 10; 4d and sd, $3 45; 6d, 3 20 ; 8d $2 95; lOd to 60d. $2 70 per keg. Nuts—Almonds, Tarragona, 18a)c; Ivicas, 17al8c; walnuts. French. 12c: Naples, 16c; pe cans, 10c : Brazil, 10c; filberts, 12c; cocoanuts, Baracoa, $5 25 per 100. Oils—Market firm; demand good. Signal, +sc: West Virginia black, 9al0o; lard, 88c; headlight. 15c: kerosene, I<V; water white, 13)ec; neatsfoot, 65a90c; machinery, 25a30c; linseed, raw. 47c: boiled 50c; mineral seal, 16c; fireproof. 18c; homelight, 18c. Onions—Domestic almost nominal, Northern stock sprouty anil unreliable, $125 ]ier crate; barrels, $3 50: Bermuda crates. $2 75. Potatoes Northern, $2 50a2 75 per barrel. Peas -Demand light; cow peas, mixed, 75a 80c; elav, $1 <x)al 15: s(>ecklad, 91 OOal 10; black eye, $1 25a1 50; white erowder, 51 50al 75. ' Prunes Turkish French, Be. Raisins Demand light; market steady; loose new Muscatel. $2 00; layers, $2 00 per box; Lon don layers, $2 50 |c box. Shot Drop. $1 +i; buck, $1 65. Salt—The demand is moderate and the mar ket quiet; carload lots, 65c, fob; Job lots, 88ca$l , Sugars -The market is steady; cut loaf. standard A, 6ti,e; extra ( b%c. C yellow, s!+e; granulated. 6)41': powdered, I'Y,C Kyruf Florida and Georgia syrups, 30tt35c; tiie market is quiet for stigarhouse at 35n40u; Cuba straight goods, 28c in hogsheads; sugar house molasses. 'XX*. Tobacco-Market dull, demand moderate. We quote: Smoking. 25ea$l 25; chewing, com mon. sound. 25a80c; fair, 30035 c; medium, 38a 50c; bright. 50a75c; tine fancy, 85u'.XX:; extra fine. Ixk-oSI 10; bright navies, 45a75c; dark navies, 40aNX'. Lumber- The demand from the West contin ued good; coastwise and foreign inquiry Is also very active. Prices for average schedules are firmquotation*, with lOtttß advance, while difficult twhediileH can only be placed at con siderably advanced prices. We quote: Ordinary sizes sl3 504u17 00 Difficult sines 16 004 l l ‘SO Flooring boards 16 00®20 50 BhilWtiUT 18 5064,21 50 Timber -Market dull and iiotniual. We quote: 700 feet average $ 0 000,11 00 800 " “ 10 00< tt (10 <mm) “ “ .11 om 1* 00 1,000 *• “ 1* 00fel4 00 Shipping liintsvr in the raft*— 7t>) Feet average $ 6 00® 7 00 HIM) •• ** 7 00® 8 (XI 000 *’ “ H (X)l* 900 1,000 ** “ 9 no® 10 00 MUI UrntsT $1 t s'lew these figures KUEIUHTH. DtBME-lf Hall There are no arrival* at tonnage for eoaetwiae chajSei sifil vessel* are In demand to hssut ready cargoes for Halflmors e*|cnilly The rate* are firm at uuntatkin* Frelgh' llUltt* ere from $5 to $• *t fr>za> this and Use near Oaurgla port* tw Um Cnaea- peako ports, Philadelphia, New York, Sound porta and eastward. Timber, 50c(i/,sl higher than lumber rates. To the West Indies and windward, nominal; to South America, $13®14; to Spanish and Mediterranean (Kirts, sll® 12: to United Kingdom for orders, timber. 27®S8s; lumber, £8 15s. Steam—To New York, §.; to Philadelphia, $7; to Boston, $9. Naval Storks— Dull. Foreign- Cork, etc., for orders, 4s 3d, and, or 3s; Adriatic, rosin. 3s; Genoa, rosin, 2s 19)*d. Coastwise Steam To Boston, 50c on rosin, $1 on spirits; to New York, rosin, 50c, spirits, 80c; to Philadelphia, rosin, 30c, spirits, 80e; to Baltimore, rosin, 30c, spirits, 70c. Cotton—By Steam— The market is steady; offering tonnage in good supply. Liverpool via New York u 1b 6-16d Liverpool via Baltimore bt tb V^d Antwerp via New Yofk %lb )id Havre via New York ¥* lb *|c Bremen via New York jit tb 11-100 Reval via Now York s4®- 11-32d Bremen via Baltimore v ® 6tc Amsterdam via New York One Genoa via New York t*l lb *tjl Boston W bale 1 35 Sea Island bale 175 New York # bale 1 35 Sea Island bale 135 Philadelphia W tale 1 35 Sea Island W bale t 1 35 Balt iniore bale 125 Providence brde 150 By Sail— Liverpool Havre 9-32d Genoa 5-I6d Amsterdam 9 32d Rice—By Steam- New York tp barrel 60 Philadelphia ip barrel 60 Baltimore barrel 6O Boston $1 barrel 00 Vegetables—By Steam—(By special contract) —To New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Balti more, standard crates, 2fXr*; barrels, 40c. With out the contract, crates, 350; barrels, 75c. COUNTRY PRODUCE. Grown fowls $4 jiair $ 65 ® 80 Chickens, )<> to Ti grown 40 (in 60 Ducks ft pair 50 ® 715 Geese f) pair 75 (<4l 00 Turkeys ft pair 1 25 @2 00 Eggs, country, 19 dozen 12)£® 14 Peanuts—Fancy h. p. Va. ft 1b... ® 6)6 Peanuts—Hand picked f) lb (iA 5)5 Peanuts—Ga. ft bushel nominal . <5 to 90 Sweet potatoes, yel. reds 18 bush. 50 lie 60 Sweet potatoes, ye), yams ft Ijush 65 (tb 75 Bweet pot’s, white yams ft bush. 40 (g) 50 Poultry—Market steady; receipts heavy; demand light for grown; half to three-quartqrs grown in good request. Eggs Market irregu lar, with a fair demand; supply good. Peanuts— Ample stock; demand fair; market firm and advancing. Sugar—Georgia and Florida nomi nal; none in market. Honey—No demand, nominal. Sweet Potatoes—Scarce; receipts very light; demand good. SAVANNAH MARKET. OFFICE OF THE MORNING NEWS, I Savannah, Ga., April 15, 4 p m. ) Cotton—The market was very quiet, but steady and unchanged. The sales for the day were only 38 bales. On ’Change at tho open ing call, at 10 a. m., the market was reported firm and unchanged, with sales of 22 bales. At the second call, at 1 p. m., it was firm, with further sales of 16 bales. At the third and closing call, at 4 p. m., it was still firm and unchanged. No sales. The following are the official closing spot quotations of the Cot ton Exchange: Middling fair 10K Good middling : 10te Middling 10)4 I*ow middling 10 Good ordinary 9}^ Ordinary Nominal. Ru e—The market was quiet and business nominal. The sales for the day were only 46 barrels, at about quotations, as follows: Prime 4)f^4)£ Rough - Countrylots 60® 60 Tide water 90® 1 10 Naval Storp.h-The market for spirits tur pentine was quiet hut firm. The sales for the day were 95 casks at Sotqjc for regulars At the Board of Trade on the opening call the market was reported firm at 85)gc for regulars. At the second and last call it was firm at 35)g<' for regulars. Rosin—The market continues quiet and steady. There was a moderate in quiry and only a small business doing. The sales for the day wpre aboutooo barrels. At the Board of Trade on the first call the market was reported steady at the following quota tions: A, B, C and D 97tec., E $1 02)6, F $1 07)£, G $1 10, H $1 20, i *1 40, K $1 50, M $1 85, N $2 25, window gfctss $2 50, water white $2 75. At the closing call it was un changed. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. FINANCIAL. London, April 15, noon.—Consols 10211-16. New York, April 15.—Stocks quiet and heavy. Money easy at'4®6 per cent. Exchange -long $4 Bff)q®4 $6, short <4 87®4 State bonds neglected. Government bonds doll. 5 p. m. —Exchange quiet but steady at $4 @4 88)£. Money easy at 4®7 per cent., closing offered at 4)4. Sub-Treasuiy balances—Gobi, $184,933,000; currency, 15,698,000. Government bonds dull but steady; four per cents. 129)4; three per cents. 100. State bonds dull hut steady. The stock market to-day was by long odaa the dullest for the past two weeks. It was feverish and unsettled, but on the whole heavy. Leaders of the market are doing little or nothing, but London was a conspicuous stiller of its specialties earlj’ in the day, which was taken advantage of by those operating for a decline, who raided the market at different points. The declines established, however, were generally for insignificant amounts, opinions upon the course of prices being very much mixed, with a preponderance on the side of higher figures. Later in the day, when the selling movement had exhausted Itself, a decidedly better tone was manifested in the dealings, though the market at times was positively dull. Jersey Central again Ixicaine the chief centre of at traction, and recorded a decline from the highest figures of 3 per cent. Upon the removal of the pressure, however, a material reaction oc curred. Almost all the general list, with the exception of Lackawanna, which showed stub born strength throughout, yielded more or less in the forenoon. Some of the specialties, how ever, again made material advances, among which may be mentioned San Francisco pre ferred. The action of the Attorney General of l/.uisiana in applying for an injunction against the Cotton Oil Trustfyendered the latter B]ieciaHy weak to-day on heavy sales, but there was a fall from the lowest figures toward the close. The market was weak at the opening this morning, first prices showing declines from last evening s flual figures of from per cent., the latter in Louisville and Nashville and Jersey Central. The market showed feverish ness and irregularity, Jersey Central showing specially wide fluctuations. Ibices were gen erally heavy, however, over the entire list. The decline was continued until nearly noon, when a better feeling was apparent, but the market became decidedly dull. A period of compara tive stagnation in prices ensued, which lasted until about 2 p m., when another general de cline was effected. The market closed on a rally, however, quiet and steady. The general list almost invariably shows a decline, and Jersey Central is down par cent., but in no other case Is the net loss more than a fractional amount. The following are the closing quota tions; Ala. class A,2 to 5.108% eifle, Ist more... 78 Ala. class B, ss. .112%* N. A' Central 112% Georgia 7s, mort. 108)4 Norf. &W. pref.. 53)k N. Carolina 6s 123 Nor. Pacific 2844 N. CanUina 4s .98 “ pref . 60% 80. Caro. (Brown) Pacific Mail 56 consols. Reading 44% Tennessee9s 77% Richmond A Ale.. 6% Virginia 6s 48 Richmond & DanvlSO Va consolidated. 52 Richm'd & VV. Pt. Ch'peake & Ohio. 8 Terminal 40% Chic. & Northw'n.ll9)4 Rock Island. 126 “ preferred 146 St. Paul 98% Pela .Lack & \V.. 136% “ preferred. .120 Erie 34% Texas Pacific 28% East Tennessee, Tenn. Coal & Iron. 16 new 5t0ck...... 18)4 Union Pacific 61 Lake Shore ... trifl N. J. Central 81)4 l. ville & Nash 69% Missouri Pacific 107% Memphis & Char 00 Western Union... 76% Mobile A Ohio . 16% Cotton Oi! Trust Nash. A Chart's 83% certificates. . 51% New Orleans Pa- COTTOg. Liverpool, April 15, noon.—Cotton dull; prices generally in buyers' favor; middling up lauds 5 1116*1. middling Orleans 5%d; sales M.iXXi bales, for speculation and export. 1,000 bale*; receipts 14,4(X) t*ies--JI AmerloiHi. Future* Uplands, low middling claune, April and May delivery 5 41 -64®5 +)-64<l May and June 542 bit*',s 41 id*!. June urid July 5 44-64<1. July and Aiqzost 5 4861®3 $5 64*1, August and Keptem ls*r 5 47-Md, Heptomoar and ifctaibei 5 41A4® 5 9)64*1, October and November u3l 64*1. Hnp temlier 6 49-IMd. Market quiet aim! aomewhat inactive. Tim lenders of deliveries at to day clearings amonnteil to 160 bales new and 1 bale old docket Males for the week Wi&t) bales - American 30.000 bates Mswulators u*k 4.50 U l>ate ex. p*rt**r Look 8.100 bale*. uditaJ n*| nut 9.100 1 Miles; imiHtrU 66,000 bale* Amen* so 52,000 i*stea, BUsdt umtiaici* Amertoaiißlobatea, afloat *22.000 American 115 bate* Ml) ui Tb* sale* of Aioeriean to da war* 5,400 bates. Futures -Uplands. low middling clause, April delivery 5 41-64d,sellers; April ana May 5 41-64d, sellers;' May ami June 5 42 684,sellers; Jime and July 5 1-l tUJ, sellers; July and August 5 46-64d, sellers; August and September, 5 48-t)4d, sellers; Seutein'er and October 5 40-aid.buyers: October and November 5 Sl-64d, buyers; September 5 4*-64d, sellers. Market quiet out steady. 4:00 p. m Futures: Uplands, low middling clause, April delivery 5 41 Old, sellers: April and May 5 41-titd. sellei's; May and June 5 42-04(1, sell ers; June and Julv ft 44-64d, sellers; July and August 5 46-04d, sellers; August and September 5 4S tV|d. sellers; September and October :> 10-64d, buyers; Ootober and November 5 32-64d, value; September 5 49-Old, sellers. Futures closed quiet. New Yobs. April 15, noon. -Cotton opened firm; middling uplands 10%e, middling Orleans 10 13-10 e; sales 30 bales. Futures- Market steady, with sales as follows: April delivery 10 00c, May 10 54c. June 10 01c, July 10 U7c, August 10 73c, September 10 4tc. 5:00 p m.—Market closed firm; holders asking higher prices; middling uplands 10)sc, middling Orleans 10 1310 c: sales 417 bales; net receipts 100 bales, gross 131. Futures—Market closed easy, with sales of os,s>) halos, as follows: April delivery 10 60® 10 08c, May 10 58® 10 54c, Jime 10 02®10 03c. July 10 09®10 70c, August 10 75®10 76c, September 10 42(5:10 48c, October 10 08®10 05c, November 9 93[3,9 95c. December 9 92®9 94c, January 9 95c. Green & Co.’s report on cotton futures says: •‘The market h:ts been fretting all dav under an absence of any increase in orders ana a nervous feeling among local operators. There was some very good buying for awhile at the outset, but an advance of from 5 to 7 points drew out a full supply, particularly for August. The market closed easy at about last evening’s rates or a fraction less " Weekly net receipts 1,905 bales, gross 10,038; exports, to Great Britain 10,795 bales, to Franco 504, to the continent 1,007; sales 3,538 bales; stock 213,806 bales. UAbVKaroN, April 15.—Cotton firm; middling lOWc. Norfolk, April 15.—Cotton steady; middling ''li'altimohk, April 15.—Cotton quiet; middling 10*9c. Boston, April 15.—Cotton steady; middling 1044 c. Wilmington, April 15.—Cotjonflrm; middling IOV4C. Philadelphia, April 15.— Cotton quiet; end dltng 1044 c. New Orleans, April 15.— Cotton firm; mid dling 10^c. Mobile, April 18.—Cotton nominal; middling " Memphis, April 15.—Cotton steady; middling lObic. Augusta, April 15.—Cotton quiet but firm; middling 104*0. Charleston, April 15.—Cotton firm; middling lOV.c. Montgomery, April 15.—Cotton firm; middling 9940. Macon, April 15.—Cotton steady; middling 10c. Columbus, April 16.—Cotton firm; middling Nashville, April 15.—Cotton firm; middling lOV^c. Selma, April 15.—Cotton steady; middling 10c. Home, April 15.—Cotton firm; middling 1044 c. Atlanta, April 15.—Cotton—middling 10c. Now York, April 15.—Consolidated net re ceipt* fgr ail cotton ports to-day 2,007 baler; ex ports, to Great Britain 7,478 bales, to Franeo Shi, to the continent 220; stock at all American ports 469,529 bales. PROVISIONS, GROCERIES, ETC. Liverpool, April 15, noon.—Wheat firm; de mand fair; holders offer sparingly. Corn quiet; demand poor. laird, prime Western 375. New York, April 15, noon.—Flour quiet but firm. Wheat higher. Corn better. Pork firm at 816 60@17 00. laird Ann at $7 6744Q.7 ~°- Frelghts steady. 5:00 L m.—Southern flour firm but quiet; com mon to [pir extra $3 40®4 00. good to choice ex tra §4 10®5 25 Wheat 1 fit 144 c higher, closing, howeqer, weaker, but with a reaction of 44®t£c; So. 8 red, April delivery nominal, May 9244® 0844 c, closing at 9294 c; July 9194®98J40, closing at 9294 c. Corn about 44c higher, closing weak; business light; No. 2. April delivery 50c, closing at 50c, May 49*4®499ic, closing at liS.V ■ July 3044®5044c, closing at 5044 c. Oats 44feMA' higher but quiet; No. 2, April delivery 85® 3544 c, closing at 36c; May 35>4®858f|C, closing at 3544 c. Hops quiet and unchanged; State 11® 20c. Coffee, fair Rio firm at 1 .VHc: options steady. Sugar steady; centrifugal 54*0, fair to good refining 4 9-16®4 11-16 c. Molasses steady; 50 test 1944 c, black syrup 9e. Petroleum, crude 6®644c. Cotton seed oil 3144®38c for crude, ;?)*' for refined. Hides firm; wet salted New Orleans selected 9W®loe, Texas selected Ido. Wool quiet but steadily held; domestic fleece 30 @B7e, pulled 14@84c, Texas 9® 24c. Pork steady and fairly active; mess sls 00® 15 25 for old. sl6 50®17 00 for new. Beef dull. Middles dull and nominal. Lard about. 5 points higher, but only moderately active; Western steam, on spot 87 68, May delivery 87 65®7 69, July $7 81 @7 88. Freights dull. Chicago, April 15.—The wheat market was in a highly nervous condition to-day. The im pending fear of a corner in May delivery caused a lot 01 small shorts to run to cover, and as a result May advanced 194 c to 8644 c, which was the top price for the day. The market eased off to 8544 cat the close. Speculative offerings were very light during the entire session, and the ad vance was apparently not urged by the bull clique, which is supposed to be in complete con trol of the market. Outside Influences appeared to have no bearing wlmtever on the course of values. Receipts continue to be free, but stor age room is nearly ull filled, and this confirms the belief that a corner is among the possibili ties. Parties who had bought at other points, notably St. Izrnis, and sold here were covering freelv. together with an urgent call from other part ies. The aggregate receipts at eleven points were 185,000 bushels, showing a falling off The export movement at seaboard was fair, clear ings from three points being 242,060 bushels. The advance In June and July deliveries was nearly equal to that in May. There was a fair trade in com and the feeling was firmer, largely due to the strength in wheat. Receipts were light, which also tended to impart strength to the market. Prices advanced %e and closed for the day 94c higher than yesterday. Oats ranged 94c higher early, hut reacted and closed at about yesterday’s figures. There was little more doing In mess pork and prices were not quite so strong. A few sales were made at the 25c decline. lard was firmer, but closed at yesterday’s closing pricxMi. Short ribs were s®loc higher. Leading futures ranged as follows; Opening Highest. Closing. No. 2 Wheat— April delivery.. HOW 81U 8036 May delivery . 84)6 80)2 Hsta June delivery. . 81)2 S 8246 July delivery.... 81 jS 83)6 82)4 Corn— April delivery . 3436 05 34J6 May delivery .. 3(1 39)6 9J% June delivery .. 4036 40kl July delivery.... 4134 43)6 45% Oats— April delivery .. 24)6 24)6 24)6 May delivery— 29)6 98)6 254 June delivery... 29*6 2!% tf.t% July delivery... 21% 30 2956 Mess Pork— April delivery. S2O 75 .... .... May delivery... 210) .... .... June delivery... 2100 .... .... ldJU>— April delivery 5 7 35 $7 40 $7 35 May delivery... 7 40 7 15 7 40 J une delivery... 750 7 52)4 750 Short Ribs - April delivery $8 30 $8 35 $8:10 May delivery. . H 35 840 835 June delivery... 8 42)6 8 52)6 8 47)6 Hai.timork, April 15. Flour quiet but steady; Howard street and Western superfine $2 50® 3 10, extra $3 25@8 75, family $3 85@4 50, city mills superfine $2 50(!i8 00, extra sJh2fi7<;3 75, Rio brands $1 50<®4 02 WTroat- Southern (inner but scarce; red 91c, amber 986t96c; Western higher. closing quiet: No. 2 Western winter red, on spot 91W<i$<n)6c. Corn Southern white Steady, yellow firmer; white 47V6<2£48c, yellow 40)6<347c; Western higher but quiet ffr. Eons, April 15. Flour dull and inactive, but holders are firm In sympathy with fl ad vance In wheat The dry woather damage news, firmer and better cables and largely higher price* elsewhere for wheat develoiied a brisk da maud from short#, and the market advanced sharply, after which a slight reaction followed, but this was recovered and the close was firm with advances of He for May, l)6c for June and July, and l)4c for August; No. 2 red, cosh 80)4 <0.31 We tiid, according to location; May delivery rt'i)6i(oßl)6c, closed at Hie: J illy 79)66) *W6c. Oats source but better and higher; cash April delivery *7)6c. May 28)6>a>28)4e, July 26)6e bid. ITovisfons quiet and unchanged, with only lob trade. _ CIMWKATI, April 15. Flour firmer. Wheat heavy; No. 2 red Corn weaker; No. 2 mixed 41W,5A42c Oats qtiiet and firm; No. 2 mixed 31Uc. Pork easy at sl6 75. Lard firm at $7 25 Bulk meats firm and unchanged; short ribs SB2O Bacon firm and unchanged Whisky steady at sll3 Sugar strong. Hogs wank, common and light $4 45465 40, packing and butchers $5 1044,6 80. Lorisvn.uc April 15 drain quiet: Wheat, No. 2redßHc Com, No. 2. mixed 41c. Oata, No 2 30c. Provisions quiet: Bacon, clear rib sides $9 12)6, clear skies fM 50; shoulders $7 00. Bulk meats, clear rili side* $8 60, clear sides Kg, U; shoulders $8 00 Mess pork nominal huh, sugsr cured sll 764512 M laird, choice Nr "isijuna. April 16 —Codtae strong aud burlier; Rinrmgoeaand common to prim* 14)6 i*inus: <on,>ii seed M quiet and weak; *7e offered for crude; summer yellow oil, f o h„ 85V4(|,dnie Ungers steady aud in good demand ; i>>iii*tauH >|so ketiUi. K-ssl fair Ui prim* *<i Sr commoii 4W'BI4Ho; lesjis'sna urutrifiurals off wluie prime ycilow ■ isrglwl Sty Mole see,, steady . leiml*aa ociiinfugsl* siriefiy prune t/. tunf couuuua to |od outli laou ll|Nt Havana, April 15.—The highest price obtained this season at Mantanxoa for sugar polarizing 96 degrees was paid Mouday, $2 02(6 NAVAL STORES. London, April 15.—Spirits turpentine 28s 6d. New York, April 15, noon.—Spirits turpentine firm at 4044 c. Rosin firm at 81 1744® 1 —4k l '. 5:00 p. m —Spirits turpentine nominal at 4044 c. Rosin dull at 81 174a®l 2244- Charleston, April 15. Spirits turpentine firm at 3444 c. Rosin steady; good strained 85c. Wilmington, April 15. Spirits turpentine firm at Ilse. Rosin firm; strained 85c. good strained 90c. Tar firm at $1 10. Crude tur pentine firm; hard |1 20, yellow dip and virgin 82 00. RICE. New York, April 15. Klee steady. New < Irleans, April 15.— Rice steady and firm; Louisiana 394*94440, Fruit and Vegetable Market. The following specials to the Morning News are published for the benefit of our Florida and Georgia readers and those Interested in fruits and vegetables, and can be relied upon as accu rate and reliable; New York, April 15. Strawberries, Florida fancy, 50c per quart; choice, 40®45c jier quart; poor, 25®35c per quart,; strawberries, Charles ton, 35®55c per quart; oranges, Florida fancy, $5 00® 5 50 tier box; choicq, $8 50®4 50 per box; fair to good, $2 50® 850 per box; njssets, 82 00 ®8 (X) per box; Irish potatoes, Florida prime, $5 00®7Otlperbarrel; small, $3 00 per barrel; cabbage, Florida, $250®3 00 jier barrel; pens, Georgia, $1 50® 2 50 per crate; peas, Charleston, $1 75®3 50 per crate; beans, Florida, wax, $3 50 @4 (XTper crate; round, $3 00 per crate; Hat, $2 00®2 50 per crate; beets, Florida, per crate, $2 00® 3 50; cucumbers, Florida, 84 50@5 50 per crate: thmatoes, Florida, $2 50*45 00 per crate; squash, Florida, white, $1 50®2 00 per crate. J. D. Hahiiagen, Eastern Agent Florida Dispatch Line. New York, April 15. —Only 1,500 packages of vegetables arrived by to-day's steamer; and not sufficient to supply the demands of the buyers. All choice marks sold at extreme prices Cab bage, large green heads, £3 50®4 00 per barrel ; inferior, $2 50(5)3 00 per Darrel 7 cucumbers, $5 no ®6 00 per crate; tomatoes, $8 00®8 00 per crate; Vans, wax, sloo®s 00 per orate; round, $3 50 ®4 00 per crate; Hat, $2 50®3 50 per crate; squash and beets, $1 50®2 00 per crate; Savon nah pens, $2 50®8 50 per crate; Asparagus, $7 00(g>10 00 per dozen. Receipts oranges firm; 150 boxes; fancy, $5 00®6 50 per box; russets, $2 50@3 00 p'T box; strawberries booming, 30® 56c per quart. G. 8. Palmer. SHI I*l*l NG 1 NTELLKiENCK. MINIATURE ALSL4NAC THIS DAY. ~ Sun Rires 6;32 Sun Sets . 6:20 Hion Water at Savannah 2;69 a m 3;30 p m Saturday, April 16, 1887. ARRIVED YESTERDAY. Steamship City of Augusta, Catharine, New Y T ork—C G Anderson, Agent,. Steamer Pilot Boy, Phillips, Beaufort (with excursion)—Master. Steamer St Nicholas, Usina, Darien, Dohoy, Brunswick and Feriianditta—C Williams, Agt. ARRIVED AT TYBEE YESTERDAY. Bark Alfen (Nor), Egness, Martinique, P H, in ballast— Holst A Cos. Bark Lincoln (Aus), Cattarinich, Havre, In ballast—M S Cosulich at Cos. ARRIVED AT QUARANTINE YESTERDAY. Bark Juno (Oer), Lindt, St Vincent, CV, in ballast—Master. CLEARED YESTERDAY. Steamship Chattahoochee, Daggett, New York —C G Anderson, Agent . DEPARTED YESTERDAY. Steamer St Nicholas, Usinn, Darien, Dohoy, Brunswick and Kernamilna—C Williams, Agt Steamer Pilot Boy, Phillips, Beaufort—Master. SAILED YESTERDAY Steamship Chattahoochee, New York. Scbr Tom Williams, Satilla river. MEMORANDA. New York, April 13—Cleared, schr Lizzie Dewey, Clark, Fcrnondina. Buenos Ayres, March 6—Arrived, barks Pro gress (Nor), Nielsen, Brunswick; 7th Skaregrom (Nor), Olsen, do; Bth, slop Regulus (Nor), Lowe, Pensacola; barks Amadeo (Hal), Capture, dc; 12th, Forza (Auhi, Pereloh, do; Llbertos (Rns), Eoklund do; 14th, Nevada (Nor), Thorstensen, Fernaudina. Copenhagen, April 8 -Passed, steamship Nym phaea (Br), Brooks. Savannah for Reval. Aspinwall, March 26 Arrived, hark R A Allen, Boggs, Pensacola; April 3, schr Groce Andrews, Andrews, do. .< Sailed Sd, Belle Higgins, Nebinger, Darien. Baltimore, April 18—Cleared, schr Ida Law rence, Ytmng, Savannah und sailed Bath, April 13 Hailed, schr Lizzie B Willey, Willey, Fernandina. Coosaw, SC, AprilJ3—Sailed, steamship Hud son (Br), Bryant, for the Continent. Cape Henry, April 12—Passed, hark Lacurtma (Ital), from Baltimore for Savannah Darien, April 11 Arrived, schr Normandy, Wyman, Savannah. Georgetown. S C, April 10—Sailed, schr Ilattie McG Buck, Putnam. Demerara. Jacksonville, April 13 Arrived, schr Ridge wood, Weaver, Philadelphia. Cleared, sphr Attic (Br), Roberts, Abnco. Arrived at Fort George nth, schr Mary Can non (protMibly Mary F Corson, Robinson, from Perth Amboy). Key Went, April 13 Sailed, stmr Lizzie Hen derson, Nassau; schrs Goodwill (Br), do; Lizzie, Pascagoula; lYicoior, do. Pensacola, April 13—Arrlvod, ship Equator (Br), Crosby, Havre via New Orleans. Philadelphia, April 13—Arrived, brig Jennie Hurlburt, Southard, Pensacola. Cleared, schr Maggie J Lawrence, Grace, Sa vannah. New York, April 15—Arrived, stmrs Trave, Bremen; Britannic, Liverpool. Arrived out, stmrs Allen, New York for Bremen. MARITIME MISCELLANY. Overdue- Schr Henry I) May, Cupt Robert Morris, which left Fernandina March 7 for Phila delphia, is considerably overdue and much anxiety exists. She was seen March 25 short of provisions and w ith a loss of sails by the British brig Kaloval Ooipel, which supplied her tem pi irarilv. Nothing has been seen or heard of her since. She has six men in her crew. RECEIPTS. Per steamer St Nicholas, from Fernandina and way landings—7 bbls spirits turpentine, 72 bhis rosin, 42 sturgeon, 4 kegs roe, 0 bales hides, 1 Is>x sturgeon, 1 bdl sheet Iron, 9 bhis flour, 1 hdl shoes, 1 bhl grist, 34 bbla vegetables, 4 crates beans, 2 pkgs sash. Per Charleston and Savannah Railway, April 15—8 bbls spirits turpentine. 1 ear bananas, 4 cars phosphate rock. 95 caddies tobacco, 10 cases bitters, 4-rilils rice, 15 bags sacks guano, 1 hbl candy, 5 boxes crackers, 2 boxes candy, and mdse. Per Savannah, Florida and Western Railway, April 15 2 bales cotton, 18 cars lumber, 2 ears coal, 258 bbls spirits turpentine, 239 bbls pota toes, 1,084 bills TOSin. 722 bills vegetables. 5,199 boxes vegetables, 381 ibis orange*. 18 bales hides, 2,554 I sixes oranges, 15 cars ties, and mdf* Per Central Railroad, April 15— 475 I tales cot ton, 14 bales ysrn, 154 bales douiesties, 1 bale wool, 33 bales hides, 9 rolls leather, lOlrikgsto beceo, 50 bbls spirits turpentine, 193 bbls rosin, 285 lbs bacon, 118 bills lime, 900 bales hay, 2 bbls liquor, 2 hf bbls liquor, 2,887 bushels corn, 32 pkgs flimit .re and h a goods, 92 head cattle, 25 ears lumiier, 3 cars wood, 1 bbl syrup, 1 car staves, 5 pkg* wisid in shape, 189 tons pig Iron, 1 pkg wax, 1 pkg car tnat'l, 124 pkgs mdse, 1 Iron safe, 31 tales ra|s-r stock, 13 pkgs empties, 1 car stone, 2 pkgs hardware, 4 cases eggs. EXPORTS. Per leamship Chattahoochee for New York —1 188 talcs upland cotton, 153 tales domestics and yarns, 71 ball s sea island cotton, 54 bbls oil, 1,105 bbls rosin, 458 bbls spirits turpentine, 86.5 pieces lumber 4 bales hides, 38 —f fish, 108 hills fruit. 1,283 boxes fruit, 3.024 bbls Vegeta bleu, 1,882 Ilexes vegatables, 10 tons pig iron, 299 pkgs mdse. • PAHHENOKUS. Per steamship City of Augusta, from New York Mias A ’niompson, .1 llrice, Rev W M A Fleming, Rev John A O'Orady, I) A Teller, C V/ Rouse, Mrs J W Teeple, fi II Carnes, aud 3 steer- steamer Ht Nicholas, from Fernandina and landings A Owerlmok, Al> Flag anil wife, Miss Ward, y asao and wife, K Elis worth, H Norman, Mi A Ward, W Brack, Wm Courier and wife, Albert Eaves, Mrs .1 B Wright, K L Oeorge, W A Fuller, Miss l.iuda Fuller, Miss Ida Bigelow, Miss Csceil Weil. Miss May I loudly, Isadore Collat, H Beisinge-. and II dank. Per steamship Chattahoochee, for New York —L Farnley, K T How*, Meat or With* Ooobiri, Mr* ihs/liln and infant, Mr and Mrs C Bull, Mr and Mrs 0 Welsh, Mr* White, Miss C Marciut, Mias (iiitulell. Miss M Murphy, Mrs Hoyden. Mr* K Bryfus and Infant. H I, Sternberg. Mias law -6-y. Mlaa M Haluier Q Ib-iinahi, C lesrt. Mis* IJ Itobiluaiii, Maw Wilder, Mrs A M Ui*rer, J lloguu .1 T Metcalf, Mr and Mrs Twitched, Mr ptj-f Mr Van lluydgrtiury, I, A BUnw, J It hniitb. Ml* L A Allan, I. J Union T W Luitoq, Mr J Unton, 0 I>iH, W W Barney, Mian Ward, Mlaa Emily Ward W U Bn. h P iairiiatrt, K M WMlaw/|ll*i A Maid, Mias M Mnliouougti, Mia* M Hi un, C OaUiule Mias lafes, Mn l/ser, p W U-9,msoi, A Ola rtulrti. Mr ami Mr* * and haaua, B r Head, O V bAHiiluii, V ksAillf*. • Crane, Geo Fuller, Mrs Geo Reharer, J Johnsen. J C Nott, Wm Lewis, If McAllister, John Duff, W H Wheatley, Wm D Unker, C A Merchant, and 4 steerage. CONSIGNEES. Per Charleston and Savannah Railway, April 15—Transfer < >fflee, A II Champion, M Ray, Jno Stafford, H Solomon A Sou, Peacock, H & Cos, Strauss Bros, Leo Roy Mvers A Cos, Jno Walsh, Grady, DeL A Cos, M Pooling. Per steamer St Nicholas, from Fernandina and way landings H Guckenheimer A Son. Mr* M 1) Dixon, J K Clarke A Cos, J S ColiiDS & Cos, A Hanley, Cbesnutt A O’N, Ellis, Y & Cos, L t Tate, A K Altmayer & Cos, E Lovell A Son, B II L-vy A Bro, law Roy Myers A Cos, H Hendrix, M Y Henderson, II Myers A Bros. M Ferst A Cos, Lippioan Bros, J P Williams A Cos. Mika Anni* Muratt, W D Johnson. Per Savannah. Florida and Western Railway, April 15—Transfer office, Jno Flannery A Cos, D R Kennedy, J W Tynan. I>e Roy Myers A Cos, R D Bragdon, Standard Oil Cos, M V Henderson, Bendheim Bros A Cos, Smith Bros A Cos, Frier son A Cos, Decker A F ,D C Bacon A Cos, Dale, D A Cos, McDonough A Cos, J K Clarke A Cos, T B limes, Bacon, J A Cos, II Myers A Bros, G Meyer, W D Himklns A Cos, M Ferst A Co,A Falk A Son, Knvanaugh AB, 8 Guckenheimer A Son, Otis Bros A Cos, C E Stults, Chesnutt A O’N, W B Tedder, Lindsay A M, I) Y Dancy, Weed A C, II II Lewis, Melrihard Bros A Cos. McMillan Bros, Ellis, Y A Cos, J P Williams A Cos, E T Roberts, Peacock, H A Cos, W 0 Jackson, C L Jones. Per Central Railroad, April 15—Fonlg Agt, Juo Flannery A Cos, W W Gordon A Cos, G S Mo- Alpin. Baldwin A Cos, J S Wood A Bro, R -Salas, F 91 Farley, Ellis, Y A Cos, O V Hecker &. Cos, W D Dixon, K Lived A Hon, J G Butler, Dr D Cox, D C Bacon A Cos, Meinhurd Bros A Cos, R H Daniels, M Ferst A Cos, J P Williums A Cos, R D Walker, Ludden A B.C M Gilbert A Cos, H j Eckman A V. M Y Henderson, G Eckstein ACME' J McGrath At 'o lxe Riiy Myers A Cos, H L sfw*A‘ ton, A Ehrlich A Bro, Peacock, II A Cos, A S, McDonough A Cos, W C Jackson. 4.' Per steamship City of Augusta, from Neva* York- A R Altmayer A Cos, H W Branch, AMtKim A S, Byck A H. K Bellringer, O Butler, J B *v9P(U nandez, Bendneim Bros A Cos, T P Bond AfCoA WO Cooper. C H Carson, B J Cuhbadge, Iff < 'ase. .1 H Collins A Cos, A H Champion, C A Ota J T Cook A Cos, E M Connor, O Colien A Cos, Derat, Mrs T M Cunningham, I Dasher A Oq, Dub, M J Doyle, A Itoyle, J A Douglass A (WV jg A Ehrlich A llro. Davis Bros, G Eckstein <SI Q&, -8 Eckman A V, 1 Epstein A Bro, Epstein & W,W ■ Estill, Einstein A L. J II EstiU. M Iterst k QOw.ffSW H Furber, Frank A ('o. Fretwell AN. I. FriaCaßl J Foley, Freeman A O, Klelsclvman A C, MIMHg Frew, J Guckenheimer A Son, Gray A Orß, #•- Gorham, C M OlltieiT A Cos, Grady, DeL A Oflk/BfcJ Gutman, Graham A H, F M Hull, A B Hull, J B, Ilaltiwanger. A Hanley. W B Med A (Jo, Bros, Mrs A T Haines, E L Ilackett, S Kr, W A Jaitdon. J Lyons A Co.I) B I ester, N I aOURus li II Is-vy A liro, Litshiay A M, l.udden A Logan. IJppman Bros, E Lovell A Hon. Livingston, J McGrath A Cos, R D Cos, Mohr Bros.lzs- Roy Myers A Cos, P Meinbord Bros A Cos, A J Miller A Cos, House, A N Miller. Moeblenbrook A D, Nat l Bank, J G Nelson A Cos, G W TeideinaMßßl J C Cos, Wm Hone A Cos, H Miller, Palmer MHH L I‘ut/t‘l. N Paulsen A Cos. K Platshek, P PosHHMi Persso A L, E B Peck, L l’ni-vls, CI) Rogers, w Rohlnsog, J Rosenheim A Cos, Rii'ser A fi. Tbed Raderick, W F Reid, Solomons A Cos, M I 'oval-. sky, J J Reilly, S, F A W Ry, E A Schwa rzjfat , Hpnugfr, H Solomon A HOll, Smith Bros ,* Screven llouse, J(f Sullivan A Cos, L(' St W D Hm lit ills A (>I, C E Hanberg, Juo W Hcheihing, P Tuberdy, J T Hnuptrlne A J W Tynan, Weed AC, D WYdsbein, F A MAC W West, Southern Ex Cos, W, W U Tel Cos, Ga A I’la 1 S B Cos, C R It, stm* Katie. •'UN LIST OF VESSELS IN THE PORT Of SAVANNAH. Savahnah, April 15, btkahsuiph. ; J Wm Crane, 1,470 tons, Billups, Baltimore, Idfriff Jas B West A Cos. City of ‘.ugiista, 2,870 tons, Catharine, M£U York, dls—C G Anderson. f Juniata, 1,320 tons, Askins, Philadelphia, CG Anderson. , Three steamships. barks. ,3 Rosina (Ital), 409 tons, Tomasedi, qt wt g A R Kalas A Cos. J An-ndal (Nor), 124 tons, Olsen, at wtg A K Salas A Cos, Johannes Rod (Nor), 444 tons, ldg— A R Kalas A Cos. Flora (Nor), 473 tons, Liverpool, dis— A R SalM A Cos. Try (Nor), 472 tons, Taraldsen, Liverpool, dlq A R Salas A Cos. Lincoln (Aus), 793 tons, Cattarinich, at Tybae,i wtg— M H Cosulich A Cos. , Elba, 422 tons, Tilton, Baltimore, ldg—J#o Roberts A Cos. j Vidette 540 tons. Tunned, Philadelphia, Idg-JH A Rolierts A Cos. Alma (Ruh),7so tons, Ronneherg, port In SpffH ldg—l) 0 Bacon A Cos. Eviiugeiine (Bn, 834 tons, Green, Cork for cffflH ldg- Paterson, Downing A Cos. , Herzogin Anna (Ger), 476 tons, Carl rope, ldg—B Fattnan. Elena )Ger), 857 tons, Gerber, Europe, Mg—# Fatman. Uedwig Beils) (Ger), 356 tons, Knaach, at qM*i untine, wtg—B Fatman. Actaeon (Non. 550 tons, Nordstrom, BaltiogHH —Holst A Cos. Mhner (Nor), 419 tana, Hansen, Brunswick, tjUgS Holst A Cos. ‘>6 Platon (Kor(, 444 tons, Andersen, Europe, MHj Holst A Cos. Alfen (Nor), 374 tans, Egness, atTybee, Holst A Cos. J Pobona (Br), 799 tons, Jamieson, distress - Hoist A ( 'o. -3 HanJvik (Hw)‘ 536 tons, Ahman, Baltic, JdgM Holst A Cos. Potiqx (Nor), toils, Hansen, at w tg-Stiaehan A Cos. S Gyller (Nor), 189 tons, Ilulvorsen, Etuope, ldgr>] Htrachau A Cos. Chalgrove (Br), tons, Francis, at wtg -Master Jr Scotia (Br), G9l tons, Smeltzer, at wtg--Master. Juno ((}er), 409 tons, Lindt, at Tybce, tWi Master. 'I Twenty-four barks. J BRIGS. V ) Rob/rt Dillon, 431 tons, Hawkins, New YorlrffHj —McDonough A Cos. 4 One brig. * SCROOKKRS. Eiwood Burton, 875 tons, Washington, Sodfei tsirt, dis - Joe A Roberte A Cos. - At Nowell, 211 tons, Crowell, - Jos A Roberts A Cos. , A Denlke, 127 tonH, Townsend, Baltimore. f#ffii Jos A Roberts A Cos. ' Susan H Kttcbfe, 513 tons, Perkins, Roc)OnM| dis Jos A Roberts A Cos. , City of Philadelphia, 307 tons, Burton, phla, dls Jos A Kol>cr!.s A Cos. Annie 8 Conant. 435 tons. Blatchford, lb - -pdri#* dis—Jos A Roberta A Cos. < * Standard, 330 bins, Gram, New York, dis— P-oherts A Cos. Seven schooners. BANKS. :! MAVERICK NATIONAL BA|K) BOSTON, MASS. jH’ CAPITAL f4ofi.r SURPLUS 4 > ’ fl9# Accounts of Banks, Bankers and solicited. ..... our facilities for Collections are and we rediscount for Banks when bnLance®w*|BJ rant It. .... Boston is a Reserve City, and bn lances with u< from Banks (not located In othor Reserve Cities) count as a reserve. We draw our own Exchange on Izmdon an-1 the Continent, and make Cable transfers and place money by telegraph throughout the United State* and Canada. Government Bonds bought and sold, and F.x change- In Washington made for Banks without extra charge. We have a market for prune first-class Invest ment Securities, ami Invite proposals from Ktat*. Courties and Cities when issuing bonds. W>- do a general Banking business, and invite correspondence. p President. J, IS. W. Wi dtK. ('/-shier. KISSIMMEE CITY BANK, Kissimmee City, Orange County, Fla. CAPITAL - - - $50,000 rpRANS VT a regular linking buabtem. Give 1 particular attention to Florida collootlona. lorn Ideme solicited. Issue Excluuige ou New York, New Orleans, Savannah and Jack son v ille Fla lUwhUttit Agenla for Uoutte ft Mo. und Melville, Evans A Cos , of l/nulon, Kiigianil, New York correspondent; The UtHiDoard National Bank. UUOKHRft. ’' wm. T. wii.uxus. w. cvtmtn*. W. T. WILLIAMS & 00., Brokers. <|HDFJIH EIM L'TKlioti tbr New York, / WMMflffW. i* IAZMMEiU IAL btILDING. 7