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The morning news. (Savannah, Ga.) 1887-1900, May 03, 1887, Page 3, Image 3

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CHEAP ADVERTISING. ONE CENT A WORD.! ADYEHTISEMESTS, Jo Ho.-rf* or ] more, in this column inserted for OXfJ C'EXT t WOltD, Cash in Advance, each insertion, Evrryb’dy who has any want to supply, anything to buy or sell , any business or accommodations to secure; indeed,any wish to gratify, should advertise in this column, PERSONAL. X rrHOS. leek, foreman and composT- I TOR. formerly of Orlando, and more re roiitlv of Savannah anil Wilmington newsnaper ,; s will please again forward me address. G. E. BRYSON, Editor “Daily Key of the Gulf,” Key West, Fla. __ tJHORTY—Come down to-night, I would like O to see you on business, L. WHIP M ANTF.P. \NXED. a salesman to represent a manu- V\ faeturer of grocery specialties to the re tail and wholesale trade of Savannah, to work on commission with a view to a salary. Address, stating experience and full particulars, Box 200, rhiUicothe, Ohio. -.-j-r a young hoy who wants a home \\ ‘toclerk in grocery store: small salary. Apply corner Waloburg and Burrqughs streets. ATI7 ANTED, a white woman or girl to Nurse \\ ‘ and assist with Housework. Apply at southwest corner of Henry ami Habersham. r anted, three first-class Carpenters at the \\ PEIRCE PATENT STONE AND BUILD ING CO., foot of William street. vi'’'ANTED an experienced Installment Col \\ * lector.’ C. McUARVEY, 114 Bryan street, after 9 am. AT7ANTED, a bookkeeper. Address, stating \ V salary expected, P. O. Box 81. _____ VvtaNTED, at once, a No. 1 bread baker to \\ take charge of shop; none but a sober man need apply; good wages. J. D. BRADY, 122 Whitehall street, Atlanta, Ga. HI7ANTED men. women, boys and girls to VV earn S7O per month at their own homes; a nice light, easy and profitable business; costly outfit oT samples, a package of goods and full instructions sent for 10c. Address H. C. ROW ELL & CO- Rutland, Vt employmknt W ANTED. 'IX7ANTED, by boy IS years old position in VV * office- writes a good hand and correct at figures. Address Q. Morning News. MISCELLANEOUS \V ANTS. ™ XX T ANTED, a gentle horse to drive in a pony VV phaeton two or three times a week for the summer months. Address, with particulars, G., No. 152 Gaston street. XX T ANTED, salesman traveling in the South VV to sell a superior grade of Vinegar Asa side line. For particulars address J. M. PAT TERSON, Windfall, lud. ROOMS TO RENT. I' X)R RENT, two nicely furnished rooms, en 1 suit or single, with or without board. 38 Abercorn street. "VTOELY furnished room on first floor. 43 la York street, first door east of Habersham. I TOR RENT, a flat of two rooms, or separate; hydrant, on place beautifully ventilated; terms moderate. 89 Congress street. FOR RENT, four rooms in one of the coolest houses in the city. WILLIE. HOUSES AND STORES TOR RENT. FOR RENT, the Buckingham House at the Isle of Hope, with bath house: artesian water on place. Apply to THOS. HENDERSON, 138 York street. I TOR RENT, house on Tattnall, between Harris and Liberty streets, with all modern im provements. GEO. W. PARISH, No. 193 St. Julian street. I [TOR RENT, store No. 149)4 Congress street, formerly occupied hv C. F. Graham: pos session given May Ist. For terms, etc., apply to MEINHARP BROS. & CO. • FOR SALE. O'* ARDEN HOSE at Bc. per foot. Just received T a large stock of plain and wire wound Rub ber Hose. Lawn Sprinklers, Nozzles and Reels for sale cheap. NEIDLINGER & RABUN. FOR SALE, Laths, Shingles, Flooring, Ceiling, Weatherboarding and Framing Lumber. < ifflee and yard Taylor and East Broad streets. Telephone No. 211, REPPARD ft CO. VEIL LINGER * RABUN are still selling ■* ’ slightly soiled Buggy Harness, Trunks and Satchels very cheap. Imported English Saddles at half price. tTOR SALE, at DR. COX'S STABLES, one 1 young mare; sound; very promising. % ( 'HEAP SALE OF PLANTg.—I like to clear V my overstocked greenhouses of soft plants, a Geraniums, Basies, Fuchsias, etc., to make room for other stock. I will sell them for the next two weeks at any price. A. C. OKLSCIUG, Ixivers lane. WILL ARRIVE May 3, 1837, at Ph. COX'S ’ ’ STABLES lot gentle Texas Horses and Jlules, extra size; a few nice matched Horses; one pair nice Mares, closely matched; several Coys Ponies, perfectly gentle. ETOlt SALE.—ROSEDEW Lots, 00 feet on - Front street along the river and 500 feet deep, at $125, payable $25 cash and sl2 50 every wx months, with Interest. FIVE-ACRE Lots in the T'U'N OF ROSEDEW, with river privileges, at HOO, payable s2ocashandsoevorv three months, with interest. Apply to Dk. FALUUANT, 151 bouth Broad street, !> to 10 A. *i. daily. _____ ~ LOST. r OST.on Sunday, a setter bitch puppy, white w, fu. brown ears and brow n spots all over tody- Finder please ret.m-n to 95 Bay street. CPECIAL NOTICE—PHOTOGRAPHY—Prices reduced. Petltes $1 50. Cards $2, Cabinet per dozen, and larger work in the same pro portion. J. N. WILSON, • miscellaneous? ATOTICE. Carpets taken up, slip covers, furai !■' Jure upholstered, mattresses and patier n g done. 1 am for the lowest price. A. buss, Practical Upholsterer, 21? St. Julian St. TTIGIILY nutritious and delicous, Iron l’hos -11 Phorated Mead, HEIDT’S new temper ance drink for 'B7. 70" RBTUBH TUBULAR uoiLEH for •o sate cheap. GEO. R. LOMBARD & CO., Augusta, Ga. \\ ANTED, everybody to just try ft, the eom ' mg beverage or ’B7; Iron Phosphorated Mead, at HEiryrff j V bul to call and see OUT < ,'hil-Iren's Oar f riages. Our goods are bought direct I™* factories arid it enables us to sell them jewel- than you can buy’ at any public sale. We “J-o carry complete line of house furnishing spdds at NATHAN BROS.. 180 < ongreaa atrt mother recommuicnds BORACINE; u J P roV6n ts chafing nnd Is one of the best face fowlers, 25 cents a package. JJAlit 55-H, DOUBLE ENGINES cheap * GEO. k. LOMBARD & <-i) . Augusta, (in. 1(1 RETURN TUBULAR BOILERS and Kn cheap nnd good. ÜBO R. LOM A CO,, Augusta. Ga. FOOD PRODUCTS. ■ST m ILLS. Prepared Stock Food for Horses, Mules, Milch Cows au, T Oxen. Made out of pure gra in. Guaranteed Sweet and I Nutritious. BondjHayiies&Elton HIDDEN dr BATES S. M. H. IASON & HAILII IMPROVED UPRIGHT PIANOS With Their Improved Method of Stringing, PATENTED JULY &i, 1883. CHARACTERIZE!! BY BRIGHTEST, PUREST TONES, GREATEST DURABILITY, IMPROVED METHOD OF STRINGING. The Strings being directly secured to the iron frame by metal fastenings, will not require tun ing cue-quarter us often as I’ianos on the old system. This new mode of piano construction was in vented and Introduced by Mason & Hamlin in 1882, and has boon fully tested and proved,many excellent experts having pronounced it the “greatest improvement made in pianos of the century." For fifty years manufacturers have realized the disadvantages of vv rest-pins set In wood to fasten the strings of pianos, and have been seek ing to find some better way of securing them. Especially has this been the case in Europe, where a number of patents have been taken out for devices securing the strings by metal fasten ings directly to the plates. Until the Invention ot the Mason A Hamlin Cos. not one of these has proved practically successful; but the constant striving of piano forte makers for this improve ment shows its importance. The lack of re liability of iron set in wood to fasten the strings securely, exactly and permanently, has been the most serious difficulty of piano making from the beginning. Not forgetting or underestimating the great improvements effected from time to time in pianos, or the great excellence recently attained by best makers, it yet remains that the improvement of greatest importance of all, without which very highest excellence could not he attained, has not been successfully accom plished until now. Every piano Of their manufacture will illus trate that very highest excellence which has al ways characterized their Organs, and won for them highest awards at every great world’s in dustrial exhibition for nineteen years. Cata • logues of Organs and Pianos free to any address. WARRANT.—Each Piano will be accompanied by the fullest warrant. Determined to achieve the very highest reputation for their piano fortes should defect develop itself in any one the company will he more, eager to correct it than the purchaser can be to have them. Pianos $l.O I MnnrtlI _ Organs $5 f MoDthly hidden & Bales S.M.H., W ATTAINT IN'All. Q-A. PIANOS MOVED. SHIPPING, Packing or Unpacking by.expe -1 ’ rienced New York Piano Movers. Work done safely, quickly and without damage to premises or instruments and at low prices. PIAINTOS TUNED. I> Y the year or single tunings, and when we > take charge of instruments by the year we make no additional charge for strings or slight regulation of actions. There is economy in em ploying good tuners. Slr. H. N. MOORE still looks after this branch of our business. Xj_ 33. s. nvc. ZHI. HATS. HATS! HATS! HATS! LaFar’s lew Stpre, 29 BULL STREET. Men’s Hats, Youths’ Hats, Boys’ Hats, Mackinaw Hats at 50c. DUNLAP'S FINE HATS, black and pearl color. Nascimento's Flexible, Comforta ble Hats. Conductors' Caps, Military Caps. Fine Dress Shirts, plain or pleated bosoms. Men's Summer Undershirts and Drawers at 50c each. % Fine Half Hose, 25c. Fine Linen Handker chiefs, $3 per dozen. Scarfs, beautiful patterns, 50c to $1 per dozen. Lawn Ties, in white [and fancy patterns, 20c per dozen. Suspenders, Valises, Collars and Cuffs in variety. Elegant Yachting Shirts. Yachting and Ten nis Shoes. Silk find Gloria Cloth Umbrellas. Fine. Men's Garters, Patent Buttons, Studs and Sleeve Holders. Anything, from a nice Night Shirt to a full Suit of Clothes to order, at LaFar’s New Store, 29 BULL STREET, HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. J. E. FREEMAN. A H. OLIVER. Freeman 8c Oliver, FURNITURE, Watting, Refrigerators, Stoves, Crockery and House Furnishing Goods. 192 BROUGHTON STREET. Furniture Stored During Summer Months. WINES AND LIQUORS. Wines, Liquors, Etc. B. Select Whisky, per gallon $4. Baker Rye Whisky, per gallon $4, Imperial Choice Rye Whisky, per gallon $3. Pine Apple Choice Rye Whisky, js-r gallon $2 Old Rye Whisky, a pure article, per gallon $1 50. Brandy from $3 to $6 per gallon. Gin from $1 60 to $5 tier gallon. Rum from $1 -V) to 83 per gallon. Wines from $1 to $3 per gallon. High Life Cigars, Very Fine. Try Them. Groceries at Cost ami a fraction above. Don't fall lo give me a cull. A. H. CHAMPION. ii.ucmv IBS. fWA® LOVELL & SONS' 150 Broughton, and 138-110 State Streets, DKAi.rna ik General Hardware. Cotton Hoce, Kedzie Filters, Hose Reels, Ice Cream Churns. Plain and Spray Nozzles, Fluting Machines. RICK. Heed JLliee. 700 Bushel* 'WUiITTC SEED. FRED. M. HULL. MANHOIHI liWuilLl). lie iTeipaturo Decay, Nervou* Debility, Lost Manh-~iil. etc., having tried iti vain every known remedy, lias dUeovorcd a simplenelf-onre, which lie will inti FREE to his fellow sufferer*. Ad dress ('. J. MASON, Poet Office Box 3178, New York Cilv. 'IRE MORNING NEWS: TUESDAY, MAY 3, 1887. AUCTION SALES FUTURE DAYS. | Commissioners’ Sale. Daniel R. Kennedy, Auctioneer. TTNDER AND BY virtue of a decree in the l case of HENRY TALMADGE and CHARLES C. SOUTHARD, substituted trus tees, complainants, and THE REPPARD LAND. LUMBER AND SAW MILL COMPANY OF GEORGIA, defendant, in Chatham Superior Court, made by the Honorable A. P. Adams, Judge of said court , April 25th, 1887, we will pro ceed to sell to the highest and best bidder, ou THE FIRST TUESDAY IN JUNE, 1887, it being June 7th, in front of the Court House in the city of Savannah, Chatham county, Georgia, during the legal horn's of sale, the following property to-wit: -, All those lots of land in the Seventh district of Worth county, Georgiu. each containing 490 acres, to-wit.: 193, 190, 197, 244, 171.352,354,350, 881, 399, 400, 401. 402, 403, 448, 470, 858. And all those lots in Pierce county, each con taining 490 acres, to-wit: 300. 180, in the Fourth district, and 22, 24 and 09. and the eastern half of 25 in the Eighth district, and 350 acres of lot No. 50, being all of said lot with the exception of 25 acres sold to John Baxter, and 23 acres sold to Freeman Johnson, ami 40 acres sold to John E. i 'avis, and 50 acres sold to Wilson Brewton, in the Ninth district. And also lot No. 3 in said Ninth district. And all those lots in Wayne county, to-wit: 230. 237. In the Third Ustrict, containing each 490 acres, and all that tract containing 720 acres, near Station No. 3, on the Macon and Brunswick R. R.. and being a part of tlio Martin portion of the williams Survey. And all those lots of land in the Seventh dis trict of Clinch county, containing49oacres each, to-wit: 103, 170, 19(1, 200, 210. 207, 217, 230, 237, 240, 202, 209, 270, 272, 282, 287, one-half of 285, 290, 292, 294, 300, 307, 309, 312. 831, 330, 344 , 317, 385, 866, 367, 870, 371, 374, 378, 400, 494, -108, 281, 409 413, 340 acres of 420, 421, 427 , 428, 450, 435,477, 511, 518; and 415, 401, 402, 505, 500, 507. 508, ia the Eighth district : and 254, 203, (308 being the in correct number), 351, in the Tenth district; 451, 452, in the Eleventh district; 10, 20, 21, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 57, 00, 02, 83, 101, 104, 122, 118, 170, 187, 200, 208, 214, 217, 233, 230. 213, 266, 270. 280, 282, 283, 287. 292. 307, 310, 11:52, 348, 383. 415. 482, 4A3, all in the Twelfth district; and lots 14, 17, 18, 23, 30. 50, 51, 55, 58, 60, 91. 98, 01, 175, 400,119, 413, 414, 415, 475, 514, 54-8, 555. 558, 560, 000, 002, 003, 608, 009, (HO. all in the Thirteenth district. And all those lots in Echols county, each con taining 490 acres, to-wit: 00 and 142 in the Twelfth district, and 149, 236, 444 anil 035 in the Thirteenth district. And all those lots in Ware county, containing each 490 acres, to-wit: 40, 223. 28-1, 297,298,299, 300, 301, 302, 489, 492, 615 in the Eighth district; and 100, 533, 624, 623, 627 in the Twelfth district; and 333, 406,407, 408 and 409, in the Thirteenth district. All that lot of land in Charlton county, con taining 490 acres, to wit: 348 in the First district of originally Wayne, now Chariton. And also the timber, leases, rights, privileges in and to the following lots, each containing 490 acres, to wit: In Clinch county: 260. 271, 281, 315, 310, 327, 328, 329, 318, 333, 335, 852, 350, 353, 354, 355, 356, 357, 358, 359, 302, 368, 304, 307, 373, 875, 376, 379, 380, 381, 382, 883, 381, 3H5, 387, 388, 894, 395, 397, 398, 399, 401, 402, 405, 407, 410, 411, 412, 414, 418, 419, 422, 424, 425,420. 430,431,432,433, 434, 430, 411, 442. 443, 444, 440, 447, 418, 449, 451, 452, 453, 454, 456, 457, 458, 4*!, 404, 405, 471, 472, 475, 476, 478, 493, 501. 502, 503, 504,512,513,517, 518, in the Seventh district: and 64. 80, 81, 131, 135, 130, 190, 191, 308, 341, 340, 318, 349, 371, 372, 374, 373, 375, 418. 419. 420, 423. 441, 446, 447, 449, 454, 488, 489, 490, 491, 493, 49-1, 514, 515, 510, 517, 519, 520, 521, 522. 527, 653, 554, 558. 589, 590, 591, 692, 593, 594, 595. 597, 599, 001, in the Twelfth dis trict : and the following part lots in the Seventh district, each containing the number of acres set opposite its number, to wit: 360,390 acres; 381, 125 acres: 433, 245 acres; 388. 245 acres; 382, 225 acres; 448, 280 acres; 302, 245 acres; 388, 245 acres; 451, 200 acres: 472, 245 acres; 476,245acre5; ■317, 20 ) acres: and the following part lots in the Twelfth district, to wit: 420, 120 acres; .552, 390 acres; 583, .327 acres; 517, 225 acres; 527.170acre5; 599, 100 acres; 519, 125 acres; 554, 245 acres. And on lot Oi in the Thirteenth district of Clinch county. In Echols county: 64, 65. 68, 69, 70, 71, 72. 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81. 143, 144 in the Twelfth district; and 1,2, 3, 4,0,04, 00. 69, 71, 72. 74 in the Thirteenth district; and 524 and 525 in the Eleventh district. In Ware county: 282, 328, 329. 852, 360, 28-1, 310, 361, 376, 341, 377, 378, 386. 386, 405, 406, 423, 424, 425, 420, 450, 449, 451, 452, 453, 454. 460, 407, 470, 49! and the east half of 407, containing 245 acres: and 100 acres of cast side of 422 in the Eighth district, and 07 in the Twelfth district. In Clinch county: 559, 501, 562,568.564, 565, 569, 583, 587 and 588 in the Twelfth district. In Worth county: 382, 262, 383, 385, 312, 355, 351, 339 and 340 in the Seventh district. In Wayne county: 179, 180, 204, 205, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211, 332. 233. 231 and 235; and the follow ing fractional lots: 148, 100 acres; 2.59. 307 acres; 260. 249 acres: 291, 193 acres, and 262, 134 acres in the Third district. And all the right, title and interest of the Reppard Land, Lumber and Saw Mill Company of Georgia in and to the property, lands, tene ments. hereditaments, privileges and easements conveyed by the several deeds and leases of the said Reppard I-and. Lumber and Saw Mill Com pany ol Georgia, subject to the limitations and restrictions in said deeds mentioned. And all that certain steam saw mill known as the Hackton Mill, in Wayno county, Gorgia, be ingat or near station No. 3. on the East Tennes see, Virginia and Georgia railroad, Macon and Brunswick Division, together with all the boil ers, engines, pumps, machines, tools and all other appurtenances of whatsoever kind unto said steam saw mill in any wise appertaining. And also all that certain steam saw mill known as Reppardia, located in Pierce county, Georgia, toget her with all the boilers, engines, pumps,ma chinery, tools and all other appurtenances of whatsoever kind unto said steam saw mill in any wise appertaining. Terms of sale, onsh; purchasers paying for all papers; confirmation by the Court. HENRY TALMADGE, CHARLES C. SOUTHARD, Commissioners. Garrard & Meldrim, Solicitors for Complain ants. Sanaxxah, Ga., May 3, 1387. "UKINTKK AND BOOKBINDER. ORDERS FOR RULING, PRINTING, BINDING, OR BLANK BOOKS, Will always have careful attention. GEO. X. NICIIOLS, PRINTER ANI) BINDER, 93Hay Street. LEGAL SALE-. CHATHAM SHERIFF'S SALE FOR "fiTATE ANI) Cl HJNTY TAXES FOR THE YEAH 1881. TTNDER and by virtue of sundry tax fl. fas. U for the year IHKO, issued by the Tax Col lector of Chatham comity in favor of the State of Georgia and against the following named persons and the projierty hereinafter described, and said tax fi. fas. turned over to me for col lection, I have levied upon the property of each of saiii defendants, and I will offer the same for sale at public outcry before the Court House of Chatham county in the city of Savannah, on the FIRST TUESDAY IN MAY. 1887 during the lezul hours of sale, to satisfy said tax fl. fas. Terms cash, purchasers paying for titles. JOHN T. HONAN, Sheriff Chatham County, Georgia, Alexander & Sons, W. K.—Three hundred nnd fifty (350) acres of land on Bear Island, Chatham county. Pell, William -Eastern half of lot number thirty-four (84) Mercer ward, city of Savannah. Cockshutt. David Western half of lot num ber fourteen (111 Troup ward nnd improvements, city of Savannah. Luflinrrow, Eat. 51.—Lot number thiriy-two Columbia ward, w ith Improvements, city of Sa vannah. Sack, Anna 51.—One hundred and sixty (160) acres, three mile* on Waters road, ''hatbam county. Suck, Henry M., Agent—One hundred nnd sixty (160) acres of laud on the Waters road, Chatham comity, Ga. Schley, children of John-Lot number thirty six Jackson ward, nnd improvement*, city of Savannah. Shealock & 00.. John—lxit* of land known oh numbers 2*l, S7, 28 und 29, Middle Oglethorpe ward, city of Savannah. Thompson, children of E. M.--Lot number four Monterey ward and Improvements, city of Savannah. McDonald, Peter—One hundred and sixty acres or land near number or.e and a half Cen tral railroad, Chatham county. Small, Charles P. Part of lot number thirteen Wvlly ward and Improvements, city of Savau n. ill. Wilson. Analse -Lot number two Berrien,ward, with improvements. Foreman, estate T. It.—Lot of land number (32) thirty-two Atlantic ward, city of Savannah, ixmoaru. Adams. Isaac—lmprovements on lot (No. 81) number tbirty-one Middle Oglethorpe ward, ollv of Savannah. Martin. William—Half part of lot number aev onteen Screven ward, ami improvements, city of ! Savannah. Whaley, HotUe—l'wo-thlrds (%) of lot number twelve, TiaStee'* garden and iimirovetnenU, JOHN T. Rt 'NAN, I Sheriff (J, Cos, LEGAL SALES. DILLON TRACT FOR SALE' NOTICE. City of Savannah, Office Clerk of CocNcn, ) April 23. 1387. f The following resolutions were adopted hv the City Council of Savannah at meeting of April 20tli, ISS7. ’ FRANK E. REBARER, Clerk of Council. resolutions. By Alderman R. D. Bogart: Resolved, That all that portion of the tract of land lying south of Seventh street and west of Barnard street, recently purchased by the city of Savannah from F. X. Mousseau et al.. known as part of Dillon's tract, be sold in front of the Court House of Chatham county at public out crv to the bighorn bidder, ou tbe FIRST TUES DAY, being the THIRD DAY OF 51 AY ne\i, be tween the usual hours of Sheriff's sale, begin ning at 11 o'clock a. m. That the several blocks of lots in said tract be valued nt such a valuation as to aggregate the nun of seventy thousand ($70,000)dollar*; that each of the said blocks Im put up for sate at such valuation as may be fixed, and no block shall ho sold at u less valuation than that fixed thereon as the minimum price therefor. That the Committee on City Lots be charged with the duty of fixing the valuation on the said blocks to l>e sold, and ;he same shall !r< sold by the City Marshal under the superintendence of said Committee on City Lots as above directed. Terms, either all cash or one fourth cash, one fourtli first of September. 1887, balance first of September, 1888, interest at 7 per cent, on defer red payments. Mortgage to secure unpaid pur chase money, purchasers paying for title. Be it further . , . Resolved, That the Clerk of Council publish the foregoing resolutions daily until day of sale. Adopted. Office City Marshal, | Savannah, Ga.. April 23, 1887. ) Under and by virtue or the above resolution of Council, 1 will sell the above described land in front of the Court House in the city of Savan nah, Chatham comity, Ga„ to the highest and best bidder between the hours of ll a. ni„ and 2 p ill. o'clock ou tko THIRD DAY OF MAY, 1857. ROBERT J. WADE, City Marshal. This Ala'll 23d, 1887. NOTICE. City of Savannah, j Office Clerk of Council. > April 2sth. 188;. | rTSHn following resolution was adopted by the 1 City Council of Savannah at meeting held this day. FRANK E. REIIAREK. Clerk of Council. By Alderman Haines — Resolved, In the matter of the sale of the Dillon tract, under resolution adopted by Coun cil at meeting of April 20,-1681', that tbe blocks be numbered by letters from north to south, commeiufing&’om Barnard ami S.-vyutli streets, the first block, lettered “A*.' “J” being omitted- The first t ier of Mocks from north to south be ing A, B, C, n/md E. The second tier from north to south being F, G, 11, I and K The third tier from north to south being L, M, N and O. The fourth tier from north to south being P, Q, it, Sand T. The fifth tier from north to south being U, V, W, X and Y. The upset price shall he as fixed by the Com mittee ou City Ix)ts, as follows: Block A $ 5,500 Block B 5,000 Block C 4,500 Block D 3,500 Block E 2,000 Block F 4,400 Block G 4,200 Block H 8,000 Block I 2,400 Block K 1,300 Block L 4,400 Block M 3,000 Block N 2,400 Block 0 1,200 Block I> J 3,000 Block Q j 2,500 Block K 2,000 Blocks 7..T*. 1.000 Block T 800 Block U 3,600 Block V 2.800 Block W 2.600 Block X 2.00i) Block Y 1,400 $70,000 Note —Maps lettered as above and with valu ations placed thereon can be seen at tbe office of the Clerk of Council from 9 a. m. until 2 p. m., and from 4 to 0 p. m. daily. CITY COURT SHERIFF'S SALE. TTNDER and by virtue of a ft. fa. issued out of U the City Court of Savannah, in favor of JOHN B. GORDON, Governor of the State of Georgia, against JULIUS KAUFMANN and HENRY WETHERHORN, sureties of Noah Camp, and levied by William P. Bailey, late Sheriff of said court, on all that lot of land on Tybee Island, in said county of Chatham, known by the number thirty (30) in the plan of lots laid out on the sea front of said island by John R. Tebeau, Surveyor of the county aforesaid, for John Screven and Thomas F. and George I'. Screven, having a front toward the sea beach of eighty (80) feet, more or less, anil u depth of two hundred (200) feet, more or less, bounded toward the north bjjflj tot of laud known- as number twenty-nmciiJKL, the property of thp Tybee im provement Company; toward the east by what is known o-s the 'Strand,” which runs north 17 (legs, east toward tbe south, by a street called Fifth street; toward the west hv a street called Main street, a* descrilied in u deed from John Screven ot ul. to Joseph B. Reedy, bearing date the 21st day of July, JS79, and recorded in coun ty records of said county hi Book 4X, folio 1-59 aral 100, together with all the improvements thereon. I will ofTqrnaid property ar public out cry liefore the Court House door of Chatham county, in the city of Savannah, for sole on the, FIRST TUESDAY IN MAY, 1887, during the legal hours of sale, to satisfy said fi. fa. Terms cash. Property pointed oul by piainJiff'K attor ney. L. L. GOODWIN, Sheriff City Court of .Savannah. CHATHAM SHERIFF'S SALE. tTNDER and by virtue of a mortgage fl. fa., J issued out of Chatham Sum-rior Court in favor of Charles 11. Olmstead & Company vs. Abraham Sheftall, I have levied upon lhe fol lowing described property of tbe defendant: All that certain tract of land situate in the Eighth district of Chatham county, Georgia, containing fifteen hundred (1,600) acres, more or less, aud known as Gum Swamp plantation; said land bounded on tbe north by Little Ogee eliee river, on tbe south by lauds of Sheftall, east by lauds of Abraham Sheftall, and west by lands of Tillman and II •lli.lay, being the laud on which defendant now resides; and ulso that cer tain tract of land in said county and State on the Ogeechee canal, containing five hundred (SOU) acres, more or less, and bounded on the north by lunils of Sheftall, on the south by Great Ogeechee river, on the east by lands of Messrs. Baker and Sheftall, and on the west by lands of Thompson and Dickerson. Aud I will offer the said above described property lor wile at public outcry, before the Court House door of Chatham county, in the city of Savannah, ou the FIRST TUESDAY IN MAY, 1887, during tbe legal hours of sale, to satisfy said mortgage fi. fa. Terms cash; purchasers paying for titles. JOHN T. 'toNAN, Sheriff Chatham count) , Georgia, CITY COURT SHERIFF'S BALKS. ITNDI.R ami by virtue of an execution issue- J ing out of tin! City Court ot Savannah, In favor of It. .MYERS ,v BROS. vs. 11. C. D. SUh- TKK. the proper* v hrein after mentioned was levied upon by William P. Bailey as Sheriff of Haiti City Court, ua She property of the defend ant, viz.: All the southern portion of lot No. (281 tw eenty tlin-e, Currrytown ward, *ltuale lying and Ixung In the City oil Savannah and county of Chatham, (he said portion of said lot twenty-three (28) having a front on West Broad street of twenty (20) feet two aud one-half Inches, by a depth of aeventy-one (71) ft-et and one (1, lrieh on Charl ton si reel, together with all the Improvement*. And I will offer the sc id above described prop erty of tie-defcn.lurt tor sale at public outcry 1 a-fore tbe C-ourt House door of Chatham county in the City of Havaunah, on the FIRST TUES DAY 4N JUNE. IXB7. during tlie legal hour* of sale, to satisfy said fi. fa. Terms cash; purchasers paying for titles. L. L. GOODWIN, Sheriff City Court. Al t 1 ION SALES TO-11A 5 . ' ADMINISTRATOR’S SALE 1. n. LaltOtHE'S B>o\H, Auctioneer*. By virtue of an order granted by the Honorable the Court of Ordinary of ChntUam county, we will sell in front of the Court House door, (hiring the legal hours of sate, on TUESDAY, the 8d day of .May. 18S7: Southeastern part of lot No. 21 Jnckimn ward. South part of lot No. 22 Jackson ward, und improvements thereon. West part of lot No. 21 Jackson ward, aud im provements. Middle half of lot No. 28 Currytown ward, and improvements. 15 acres of land ou the Voruon river, Chatham comity. Ga. Tbe above U sold for distribution and pay ment ot debt*. GEO. H. ROUNDTREE. Admimesrator and. b. n. c. t. a. on estate of Isaac Marsh. Terms cash,.purchaser jau uk for papers. AUCTION SALES TO-I>AY. Three Tenements At Auction. I) WIKI; R. KKWIiUY, Auctioneer. TUESDAY, May 3rd, nt 11 o’clock, at Court House, I will sell Six frame houses and lot situated on the northeast corner of Gwinnett and Cemetery streets. There is a store attached to this prop erty which is a good stand for business. This property pays a bj* Interest. Farm and Improvements at Auction DA3IKL R. HEWEDV, Auctioneer. At Court House, May 3d, at 11 o'clock, A well located farm situated six and three quarter miles from t In* <, ity on I In* White Bluff road, this side and adjoining: the church prop erty, containing twenty-three acres of pood land, with a very nice two-story frame dwelling in good order. —ALSO— A one-story frame store, good water and a good stand for business. Tho land is adapted to most any crop. ValnaUe Beal Estate At Auction. IIAMEL IS. KEWEBY, Auctioneer. TUESDAY, May 3rd, at 11 o'clock-, nt Court House, I will sell that very desirable property known as Lot No. <l3 Jasper ward, situated on the south east corner of Whitaker and Charlton streets, together with the improvements, which consist of a brick dwelling, a brick store, and three frame houses, nil under a good rental. Avery successful business has been carried on iu the store for a number of years, and the location is first-class. Size of lot 100 feet on Whitaker and 80 feet on Charlton. Can be treated for at private sale. ___ FINE PROPERTY AT AUCTION. DANIEL n. KENNEDY, AUCTIONEER AND REAL ESTATE DEALER. MAY 3d, at Court House, if not disposed of previously, I will sell Lot number 21 Warren ward, size (10 by 90 feet, and improvements, which consist of a large double frame dwelling in good repair, and a store, which is separate and on the corner. This lot faces east on I“rlce street and ram hack on St. Julian and Congress 90 feet. The dwelling faces north on St. Julian street; large yard and plenty of room for additional buildings. This piece of property offers extra inducements as an investment. _____ ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. DANIEL H. KENNEDY’, Auctioneer. Under and by virtue of an order granted by ihe Honorable Court of Ordinary of Chatham county, April term. 1 will sell l>forethe Court Woknsvttftor, in the city of Savannah, on the Wats’ft TUESDAY IN MAY NEXT, betweeu t be .tjtMiai hours ol'sale, the following property, to tho estate of Julia S. llart ridge, All thoseeertnm front, lots or parcels of land mm|Utrid t i7,w)d 8, situate, lying and being in tbft Visage of Beaulieu. Also, garden lots mini br,s b. f aud S of the village of iieaulieu; seven aiT'T of high land (more or less) lying on the nitft hwest of said front and garden lots, and he twteeti them and the adjacent mai’sh land, and an Undivided half part of twenty acres, more or less, of the said marsh land, lying northwest of said last mentioned highland, and being an ap pendage to the Beaulieu lots, and all lining in Chatham county, Georgia. Sold for distribution among the heirs. GAZA WAY HARTRIDGE, Administrator estate Julia >S. Cartridge. VALUABLE PROPERTY At Auction. I. D. LsIIOCHE’ti SONS, Auctioneers. On TUESDAY, the 3d day of May, 1887, we will sell, during the legal hours of sale, before the Court House door (unless previously disposed of at private sale), Lot No. 1 Middle Oglethorpe ward, bounded on the north by Orange street, on the east by Ann street, oil the south by Zubly street, on the west bv lot No. 2. together with all the improve ments "thereon, namely: Prick Store and Dwelling on Atm and Zubly streets. Small House on Ann street. Store and Dwelling on Ann and Orange streets. Tw o Dwellings on Orange street. The above Improvements are now under good rental. Lot measures 01 feet by 112J4 feet, more or less. Terms at sale. Three Lots on First Street at Auction. I. D. Laßoche’s Sons, Auctioneers THIS DAY, in front of the Court House we will sell 3 lota on southwest corner of First and East Broad streets and improvements. Size each lot 30 feet by 100 feet more or less. —ALSO— -2 lots Nog. 41 and 12 Tan Yard Tract, 50 feet by 150 feet. Cliihtl) Building at Auction. By Robert H. Tatem, Auctioneer. Will be sold before the Court House on TUES DAY, May Scl, at 11 o'clock. The building known oh the Beaman's Bethel, situated on the corner of Congress and Mont gomery streets. The Jot Is ((oxoo and fee simple. Tills build ing will suit for a branch ehirrh, mission school or a library, or for public t all for socie ties. Terms one half rash; balance in one nnrl two years, with interest at 7 per cent, l’urc baser paying for titles. The Furniture, consisting of 24d Chairs, with movable seats. Organ, Desk, btove. etc., will he sold at auction next day (Wednesday!, at 11 o'clock, on the premises. WARM AT AUCTION. r Ily ROBERT H. TATEM, Auctioneer. Will lx; sold before the Court Bouse on TUES DAY, May Bd, at 11 o'clock, The brick warehouse Nos. 198 and 198 north side Bay. between Barnard and Jefferson streets. Tim building front* on Bay street 43 feet and runs back 73 feet. It has three floors and all accessible to dray*. Terms cash, purchasers paying for l dies. _ MUG LOT AT AI H'IO.Y Ry ROBERT H. TATEM, Auctioneer. Will be sold before the Court House on TUES DAY, May Bd, at 11 o’clock. Dot No. 21 Choctaw ward, on the southwest corner uuie Jones and V eat Boundary streets. AUCTION SALES TO-DAY. Valuable Property FOB SJVX.E. By J. McLaughlin & Son. Turn J. RE OFFERED nt public outcry, if not * I previously disposed or at private sale, be fore the Court House, Savannah, Ga.,ou TUES DAY, May 3d, at 11 o'clock k. M. : Lot and Improvements No. l Warren ward, now used as a cotton warehouse, having large storage capacity. Lot and improvements No. 5 Second tythlng, Reynolds ward, being a desirable stand for a wholesale grocery or other large business, with an unusually flue'collar, and having ample room for commercial offices in the upper stories. Lot and improvements Wharf Lot No. 8, east of Lincoln struct and west of tho Savannah Rice Mill, 150 feet front, more or less on the river and extending back to the line of Bay street. Tfiims -One-third cash, ono-tliird in one year, one third in two years, with legal interest from date of sale, payable semi-annually, or all cosh, at the option of parties buying. Deferred payments to be secured by mortgage on the premises. Purchasers will pay for conveyancing and titles. Bids and )xipers subject to approval of the executors GEORGE L. CORE, ABRAHAM MINIS. WILLIAM HUNTER, Executors F.stal(' Edward Padelford. Administrator’s Sale. by j. McLaughlin * win. TUESDAY, May 3d, before the Court Hotufe, ("GEORGIA, Chatham County, Will lie sold X under an order of the Court of Ordinary of Effingham county, at the Court House door of Chatham county. In the city of Savannah, on the FIRST TUESDAY IN MAY NEXT, within the legal hours of sale, for cash, the following property to wit: One tract of laud in Chatham county, Georgia, containing four hundred and forty -four (444) acres, more or less, known as the Bates land, and bounded on the west by lamia of Marshall, oast by Cloud and south by Farmer. Purchaser paving for papers. Sold ns the property of Annie li Jaudon, late of Effing ham county, deceased, for the benefit of the heirs and creditors. For further information apply at the office of J. McLaughlin A Sou, w here plat can be seen. TERMS CASH. April 4, 1887. WILLIAM A. JAUDON. Jr., Administrator. Valuable Real Estate AT AUCTION. I. D. Laßoche's Sons, Auctioneers On TUESDAY, the 3d day of May. we will sell during the legal hours of sale, in front of the Court House, the following valuable property: House and Lot on Gordon street, second east of Barnard street, fronting qn Chatham square and having all modern improvements. House and Lot on Waldburg street , between Jefferson and Montgomery, same being two story dwelling, handsomely finished, having gas and water all through; located In fine neighbor hood. Ground rent Lot on Henry and Montgomery streets, con taining two 2-story houses on,the front and two 1-story houses on the lane. Lot on Bolton street, second west of Lincoln street, having two nice houses on the lane. This is one of the most desirable lots on the market Store and Dwelling on southwest corner of St. Gaul and Grange streets, together with dwelling on St. Gaul street. Six Small Houses and Half Lot on southwest comer of President and Randolph. Good pay ing property. Located near where tho Tyliee railroad depot will tie. And also that beautifully located Lot on the west side of Barnard street, between Hall and Huntingdon streets. Fee simple. ADMINISTRATOR'S BALE. 1. D. LnROOIIK'S WINS, Auctioneer.. By virtue of an order granted by the Honorable Hampton L. FerrilT, Ordinary of Chatham county, w e will sell before tue Court House door, during the legal hours of sale, on TUES DAY, May the 3d, 1887: All that tract or parcel of land known as lot No. 3 White ward, 1 sung a subdivision of lot No. 2 White ward, containing a frontage on Gwin nett street of thirty-one feet and six inches (8. feet (i inches), and running back ton lune one hundred and ten foot. (Ill) fret). The above Is sold for payment of debts and distribution. Terms cash, purchaser paying for papers. WALTER MEYLKIt, Administrator estate of Ann Meyler. AUCTION sale- FUTURE DAYS. UNDERWRITERS’ SALE. 3y J. McLaughlin £ Son. On WEDNESDAY, 4th May, 1887, at 12 o'clock, at the wharf foot of Lincoln street, we will sell. • 2 large Life Boats, Row Locks, 11 Ash Oars, 1 Compass, 1 Ball. 2 Globe I-amps, 1 Mast, 1 Davy Lamp, 2 Water Breakers, 1 Wood Bucket, 2 Rudders, 3 Iron Buckets. Saved from the British steamship Ben Hope and sold at auction for account of whom It may concern. Terms cash. RICHARDSON A BARNARD, Agents. Fine Steel Engravings, Etc. By J. McLaughlin & Son. On WEDNESDAY, 4th May, 1887, at 11 o’clock, on Bull street, under tho Screven House, • A CHOICE COLLECTION OF Steel Engravings, Oliographs and Oil Paintings, Beautifully framed In Natural Oak, with Mas sive Gold Leaf Gliding. The pictures will be on exhibition on Tuesday evening. I;#-Sales each morning at 11 o’clock and in evening at 7:BU. Ladles respectfully invited. No ft-servo whatever; all must bo sold. UNDERWRITER’S SALE. BR. BARK POHONA By J. McLaughlin & Son. On MONDAY. 91b May, 1887, at E lly's Wharf, foot of Bull street, at 12 o'clock. The Hr. Bark Pohona. Jamison Master, 793 tons register, classed A1 English Lloyd, two years to run; copper fastened and newly cop tiered last September, with all her tackle, stand ing rigging, chains, cables, anchors, sails, beats, water (auks, irqies, etc., and other appurtenances usual on n vessel of her tonnage. Said hark damaged by a collision with the O. 14. S. Co.’s steamer Chat tahoochee; condemned by a board of survey, and ordered to lie sold at auction for account of w hom it may concern. Complete inventory can be seen at office of Holst A Cos., on board, with (’apt. Jamison, and at office of J. McLaughlin & Son. This vessel ia well worthy the attention of speculators, as she can be repaired for a very small sum. HOLST & CO., Agents. MANLYS— LiK*2Wlßßal’.* owr nw Ulna r*t**s u Child* !<► ’ AlXbllUt* W*Civy. *<ldn<N fit Cfmlel# Uadlcat ( .sUtuaM a. X. r. H. DORSFTT’S COLUMN. VERY DESIR ABIT RESIDENCES —lB THE— Eastern Portion of the City.' C. H. DORSETT, Auctioneer. Will offer at the Court House, during the usual hours of sale, on TUESDAY. May sth, 1887, If not sold previously at private sale. Two residences, either separately or together, situated on the southwestern corner of York and Habersham streets, fronting on Columbia square. Each house contains nine rooms, bath room, numerous closets and usual conveniences. Terms can be made easy if purchaser desire* to obtain time on a portion of the purchase money. Further particulars if needed can ba obtained from the auctioneer. i CROCKERY, Glassware, Tinware, Etc. C. H. DORSETT, Auctioneer. I will commence on THURSDAY, May sth, 1887, to close out at public outcry at the stand ol MATHEWS BROS., No. 15(4 Congross street, tho entire stock of Crockery, fine and common Glassware, Tinware, Lamps, Household Goods, Etc. The Sale will be commenced at 11 a. h., and continue until the entire stock is sold. Sec future advertisements as to a partieulaf enumeration of goods to be offered. C. P. -MILLER, Assignee. The Real Estate Market Continues Good. My sale* for March and thus far In April have been exceedingly good. The number of transactions compares favor ably with any month of the one hundred and twenty-five that I have been in the business. 1 expect to sell more during April, May and June t D- V.) than 1 havo ever done before. The people of Savannah continue to show an abiding faith in her future. Try and make your selections from the list be low. If you are very particular and cannot, let me know what you want and 1 will find it for you, C. H. DORSETT, Real Estate Dealer. Dwellings, Etc. Two-story residence on liasement, beautifully located, on Gordon street, near Drayton Rtreet. The location of this property, the size of the house, its si/foundings and conveniences ail unite to make it a desirable purchase. Brick residence on Jones street, east of Whit aker, suitable, for a small family. The location is admirable and the terms of payment as easy us can be desired. Three fine residences, prices ranging from $12,000 to $25,000. Location and particular* given privately to bonu fide inquirers. Briok residence on Taylor street. Fine chanc* for a home. Three bedrooms, hath, two parlors, back piazza, dining-room, kitchen, servant* 1 room, and brick outbuilding. Renting for ten dollars per month. The location, between two car lines, near the churches, schools and park, convenience of arrangement and price recom< mend this to those who debire to buy a house, a* well as to Investors. Avery convenient residence In the Eastern part of the city, fronting on a square, immedl alely upon a car line. Every convenience, hous* large and convenient, neighborhood good. Another snug residence, price $l,lOO, on Duffy just west of Wost Broad; party leaving the city. Avery noat and convenient cottage, with quite u large yard, on Second avenue, near Bull street. This is a "nice" place, in a locality thalf is increasing in popularity every day will im a short time increase largely in value. - • Four new two-story cottage*, with hath room* in each. In the eastern part of the city. Just the place for those employed in that section ol the city. Snug aud comfortable. A good invests merit, where the choice of tenants should bo possible. A eupltal three-story residence near the Mat*' ket. All the conveniences, large rooms, wid* halls, bath room on each floor. Property ia good order. A commodious and well arranged warehouse, one story on the Bay level and one story oo River street level. Well adapted to cotton, heavy groceries or other merchandise. The exi tension of the River Street railroad (C. R. R. a* tension) will bring cars up to this property. The very valuable property adjoining tha Pulaski House known as the Pulaski Stable*. This property rente readily at a rate which will pay u good Interest on the Investment. SucS "ligihly located property, in the ceutre of tho business circle, Is seldom offered, and the care* ful attention of Investors is directed to it. Building Sites. Another very desirable site for a dwelling, b ing several feet higher than the laud on the east side of the purk. Is ou Ihe south side of Hall street, near the residence recently purchased by Mr. Randolph Axsou. This lot Is 41x180 foot. On Junes street, facing south, near Lincoln, 1 have a lot fcbtlOO, with two small houses on th# reer. Tb sls n’splendid location for one or two brick residences. Gwinnett street, in view of the possibility of having an asphalt pavement at an early day, has grown wonderfully in popularity. I have just sold the last Improved property that Iliad" Ol) this Street, but have one lot on this street which Is wonderfully low, southern front, 82x1301 A limbed number of lots on the hill on Ow ln nett mid West Broad have been placed In my hands for sale. These lota are 40X1CW and will only l>e sold to approved purchasers, but wBl lie sold at low prices to secure a good neighbor' hood. Aii examination of tile plat at my office w ill demonstrate tho low prices wo have put upou this property. Avery cheap lot (secured by a payment of one hundred dollars) Is that on New Houston street, near Burroughs. The rate at which this section Is being de veloped Is truly Y> ooderful. The poople went just to have realized that this te oti" of the litgnent points tn tho city. A fine class of residence*, neat, comfortable and sightly, but not pretentious, are being nice this section until it Is scarcely | A finecortw ■ lot near the line of Burrougb* tRHHCjymt beyond Anderson this is an invest, meat that Is hound to pay a profit U> tint - 3