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The morning news. (Savannah, Ga.) 1887-1900, June 11, 1887, Page 6, Image 6

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6 GEORGIA AND FLORIDA. NEWS OF THE TWO STATES TOLD IN PARAGRAPHS. Now a Lumpkin Lady Swallowed a Wrong Dose—How They Manage in Madison County—Echols’ Murderer Makes a Very Sensational Confession —Convicts Recaptured. FLORIDA. The Gridin .Yeuw has in preparation a big railroad edition. Atlanta is now supplied with the new two wheel Gurney cab. The Georgia melon has begun to march northwards. Rome’s new furniture factory started up in full blast Monday. Only ten counties in the State report an average yield of oats. The building boom in Columbus is just getting under good headway. More honey is being brought to Athens this season than ever before. Horseback riding is getting exceedingly popular - with the ladies of Athens. Thomas Tucked of Pomona, had his mule killed by lightning Sunday afternoon. Captain Napier, of Pomona, has shipped over fifty crates of peaches this season. There is some talk of a game of base ball between the Columbus lawyers and the doc tors. There is talk in Columbus of another cotton factory to be erected on the east com mons. There is a handsome young man in At hens who lias courted every young lady living on his street. It is reported that another paper will he started in Monroe in opposition to the Wal ton. News. A drove of several hundred sheep were driven through the streets of Aruericus Wednesday. Oconeo county will save fully SI,OOO by having anew deal on its court house, say's an exchange. A company of home capitalists speak of buying a rock quarry near Covington and going to work at once. Senator Colquitt is the guest of Mrs. Hurst, of Columbus. His visit to that city Is simply one of pleasure. Alligators are reported in large numbers in the Flint river, near where the new rail road bridge is being built. A prominent cotton buyer of Americus estimates the cotton receipts of that place tfer next season at 45,C10 bales. The Gentlemen’s Driving Park Associa tion of Atlanta has received its charter and organized with a capital of $25,000. The prospect for a large grape crop in the Pomona section continues good. Only a few of the finer sorts are reported as rotting. Down about Thomasville it is treason to say anything detrimental to the LeConte pear, or to call it by its old name, Sand pear. The camps of the G., C. <fc N. railroad have been removed to a punt near Thur mond’s race track several miles below Jug Tavern. “Atlanta has suppressed faro tanks and base ball pool rooms. Ought she to tolerate the proposed bucket shop?” queries the Daily Journal. It is the general impression that an Athens man should be appointed to the agency of the Northeastern railroad in Athens, says the Banner-Watchman. A number of wealthy citizens propose to provide an adequnte water supply for Athens, and are now contemplating the early erecttbn of water works. Since 1537 $7,000,000 worth of gold has been mined in Lumpkin county: silver not ac counted for, probably to the amount of $1150,000, is estimated to have been realized. Commissioner Orr, of Atlanta, is sending out circulars to the teachers throughout the State giving full information concerning the approaching session of the Peabbdy In stitute. All ot Rome's city tax-payers are notified that June 15 is the "last day given by Coun cil for (laying city tax now due. Executions will be issued after that day against all de faulters. The annual stockholders' meeting of the Enquirmr-Sun Publishing Company will be held at the office of that company in Colum bus on the second Tuesday (14th) in June, at 8 o’clock p. in. Lumpkin Independent: A lady in town •wallowed a dose of chloroform liniment a night or two since thinking it was a cough mixture. She will light a lamp the next time she goes to take medicine. The line of the Western Union Telegraph Company from Augusta, via the Augusta, Gibsou and Sanaersville railroad, has about reached Sandersville, and wiU tie completed to the office, ready for use, during the week. Atlanta burglars use chloroform now. P. H. Mohan, a clerk there, was recently robbed bv its means of a gold watch and chain, S2O in money, an Alabama drum mer's license, a thousand-mile ticket on the Central and some valuable papers. Rev. Charles Davis, who is assist ing in the services at St. Luke's church, in Columbus, was a sailor for fifteen years, and visited nearly every port of the globe. He entered the religious field in New York, where he ■was connected with the Port Society of that city. On Tuesday evening Ed. Wool ridge, of Willis. Tex , and Miss Katie Cook, one of Atlanta's fair daughters, were married at the home of the bride in Atlanta The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Dr. Strickler in the present* of relatives and friends. The Board of Directors of the Piedmont Fair has just closed a contract for the pyro- displays, to be given three nights during the exposition, with the New York parties who furnished the displav at the opening of the Brooklyn bridge. The fire works for three nights’ will cost $7,000. Mrs. Williams, wife of an Acworth mer chant, was struck by lightning and killed in her garden on Wednesday. The accident happened in the afternoon. * The lady is said U) nave been hanging out clothes on a line at the time. It is presumed that the line was of iron wire, and attracted the death bolt. On Monday next the Albany Cornet Band will give ah excursion down the river on the steamer Ada and n picnic and barbecue dinut rat Blue Spring. The band is under a heavy expense while employing a teacher, an i the ooject of Monday's excursion and pi'-nic is to raise money to meet current ex lieases. Athens Banner-Wa'chman'. As Madison is tr. only wet county in this section, all of the whisky men are moving there to open tmsmexs. "We learn that at least half a float*! more barrooms will bo put up along the Clarke county line, and it is thought u wn ;<*&; house will lie built and drummers I*d oc the rood. MarriN l. st the residence of the bride's father -• Rsrm >nv Grove. Tuesday morn i-tg V. lijiim S M.ze and Miss Ella Neal. Bei '- H_ Cartledge officiated. Mr. Mize air# i? county's most prosperous i Heims':vi while Miss Neal is ‘ : . • -t 1 emitifill and daugbhm. F' L. !>;•*:■ ’ iu-- vi. has just return • >t'. sv p v 'l* '* arid Atlanta, where ** uas teem m • to* bicycle touma '—*■ Jfcr WJTfc*- my* ttwre will lie 100 Wtswu-!t*f..rsjD so-j that Macon Wu-s n> in trauma,* Mr. *V ■ " • .> . y tortk&L AxtoKamk. fm tfe* imrttxmagnti m A&j*uU> id '** *r it %m>- Mint ftjMDi |l^ UT fJIMPt:. l.iyt \ y £ ctfeatstf levy Vsma % - i*r V. graxr. wwt vsfmA aUjutin* waur ia*s urswv* a a-wid* y*,, < trews* btatMMt wad rw >.*} with t,a* he wgrty 4UIL. 7 AUK Ijvrrw.n* *0: The citizens of Woodbury held a mass meeting Tuesday night in the old Masonic hall to take steps to incorporate the town. Woodbury is one of the most thriving towns on the Georgia Midland. It is grow ing every day. New and handsome stores and residences are being erected and the town is rapidly growing to be a city of uo small magnitude. The Atlanta firemen’s annual parade and inspection took place Tuesday afternoon. The procession was -headed by a hand of music, after which came a number of car riages bearing the Mayor and members of Council, while the engines, hook and ladder, reels, etc., brought up the mu - , A large number of people wore on the streets watching the parade. The Commissiodbrs of Oconee eouuty arc going to have anew deal on the building of the court house, %-\ll the bids have leon rejected, and they will advertise for bids up to Aug. 1. The contract will be awarded on tlie second. O. F. McKee will commence suit against the county for dam ages, as he has the papers showing that he was given the contract, and ordering him to get up his securities. On Thursday last the Southern Rifles, of Talbotton, held an election for commissioned officers and the following were elected: J. M. Heath, Captain: E. L. Kimbrough, First Lieutenant; J. M. McCrary, Second Lieu tenant; S. D. Maxwell, Junior Second Lieu tenant. The New Bra says “the boys are to lie congratulated on the election of so clever a lot of young men as their officers. Capt. Heath will <lo all he can to make the com pany one of the best.” Jastice, the Townes county murderer, and Ayers, the Harmony Grove burglar, have both been recaptured. They were seized four milas from Clarksville, in Habersham county, and were returned to Gainesville Wednesday. They were traveling along in the big road in the day time when dis covered. Ayres, when searched, had two saws hidden ill his clothing. One was sewed in the back of his vest, and the other in the front lappel of his pants. It is supposed these were the tools It# used in making his escape. A man by the name of Ward, hailing from Norwood, attempted suicide at Greens boro, Tuesday evening. When discovered he was lying on Main street in a profound stupor. He was carried to the “Corry House” and physicians were summoned who succeeded in arousing him to consciousness. When questioned he acknowledged to have taken 120 grains of hydrate of chloral. He said he came to this iKiint with the deliber ate intention of ending his existence. He gave as a cause for the rash act financial embarrassment. He is said to have been in the asylum in time past. The Atlanta branch of the Salvation Army is arranging for a big time this week. Cherokee Sam, the saved Indian, in his buckskin costume, Col. Light and the cru sade band will arrive soon and give a boom to the meetings, which will be held nightly at the barracks, on West Alabama street. Dodgers are being scattered about the streets containing the announcement of the services, and the statement that, “silver offerings will be taken at the door to avoid a break in the meetings.” On Sunday afternoon at 4 o’clock a great salvation bap tism will be conducted at Lynch’s rock quarry by Col. Light. We are glad to thus have our sister city so well taken care of. It was learned that the firm of C. J. Me- Oampbell & Cos., of Chicago, had effected a lease upon the room occupied by Phelan's Cotton and Produce Exchange, Atlanta, and would open a similar business there within a few days. Mr. Phelan received a dispatch from the parties inquiring as to whether or not the exchange fixtures were for sale*, and at what price. He considered that this is a matter for his creditors to pass iqion. as they are to receive the proceeds, and submitted the question to them at the meeting. It is also probable that this same firm will succeed Mr. Phelan at Montgom ery, Selma. Birmingham, Savannah and Charlotte, t hough this has not yet been de cided upon. At all events Atlanta will soon liave another full-fledged bucket shop. The Georgia Roller Mills, of Athens, owned by Taylor Bros., started up on Monday lost, and are working like a charm. Mr. Hugh N. Taylor carried a sample of his meal around town and showed it to the mer chants, and the consequence was that they all gave him large orders. In fact, as one merchant remarked, it was by far the best meal seen in Athens in years. It is as white as the driven snow, ground ns round as shot, and is as pure as can be. Nothing but the finest Missouri red-cob corn is used, and be fore subjected to the rollers every faulty grain or foreign substance is removod by the most improved machinery. They liave a guaranteed capacity of 1,250 bushels per day. It is undoubtedly one of the largest and finest mills in the South, and the meal ground there will take the country. Commencement exercises of LaGrange Female College liegan on Monday morning, June t>. They were very largely attended. On Monday afternoon eighty-two fine speci mens of painting and drawing were dis played. the work of this year. On Monday night there were recitations by the sopho more class. On Tuesday morning the first division of senior class read essays. They were addressed by Rev. J. \V. Lee, of At lanta. On Tuesday night a very fine opera entitled “Twin Sisters” was rendered splen didly. • On Wednesday morning the second division of senior class real essays. They were addressed bv F. H. Richardson, Esq!, of Atlanta. On Wednesday night the an nual concert and levee occurred. All the pupils acquitted them selves with credit. The following young ladies received medals: Miss Dusky Burton, of Whitesville, On., a medal for excellency in art; Miss Annie Moate, of Devereaux, Ga., a medal for improvement in art. Miss Dusky Burton, of Wliites vllle, a medal for improvement in music; Miss Jennie Evans, or LaGrange, a medal for excellency in vocal and instrumental music; Miss Annie Cole, of LaGrange, a complimentary medal for excellence in art, abd Miss May Kincaid, of Talladega, Ala., also a medal. The commencement exercises were largely attended. The negro arrested and placed in the Clarksville jail, charged with the murder of Mr. Echols, at Cornelia Junction, has con fessed his crime. He says that the deceased and himself wore both intimate with a mar ried white woman living near the defiot, and they had a difficulty about her, that re sulted in Echols driving the negro from the house. This rankled Edward’s heart nwl he swore to lie avenged. On the the night of the murder he saw >lr. Echols start for the house of his mistress, and waylaid him on the side of the railroad, at a place where lie knew that that the deceased must (wuis. About D o'clock Echols, on his return home, jiassed the spot where his foe lay in wait for for him, with murder in his heart and a loaded pistol iu his hand. The victim was unconscious of danger, and with the kisses of the depraved creature fresh on his lips, walked into the trap. Edwards raised his pistol and tired, the first shot taking effect. This was quickly followed by four other shots, a’id not satisfied with tins, seized his rival, and dragging him into tho woods, proceeded to deli tierately pound his head to pieces witii tho bludgeon found near the scene of the murder. It was r cruel and dastardly deed. The miserable woman that caused tilts tragedy has fled the neighbor hood, and is thought to lie concerned in the murder. FLORIDA. Bartow is to have a steam laundry. Jailor Fallon re(v>rte fifty prisoners now in tho Duval county jail. New Uinyrna has established a quaran tine guard at Mosquito Inlet. Seven hundred very fine watermelons ar rived in Jacksonville Friday from Kissim mee. Straw berries are a drug in the market, at Green Cove Springs, at from 6c. to Bc. ]ier quart Over I.OUO crates of tomatoes were •hipped from Palmetto to Chicago Last Sat wr4T. The thermometers marked the fit!* )••.* \ rseafnrd Thursday. It was the hot tssft A u*e nsiea. THE MORNING NEWS: .SATURDAY, JUNE 11, 1887. J. D. Tillis, of Fort Meade. Folk county's tax collector, has been quite ill at his home during the past wi'ok. Sanford has an election on June 25 to elect, an Alderman to fill the unexpired term of Alderman Marks, resigned." The South Florida Railroad Company has had the lots and river front at Tampa under its control thoroughly cleaned up. The Woodbridge ice factory has estab lished an agency in Sanford, which will be under the management of J. C. Bell. The Florida Railway and Navigation Company's road is now completed to Plant City, and daily trains will soon run there. W* H. Miller and M. Somers, of Seneca, are going into the grape culture extensively. Mr. Miller will put out 2,400 vines of differ ent varieties. The workmen on the Summerlin Institute at Boston are progressing finely with their work, and the walls have reached a height of about ten feet. M. J. Hi no, of Parish, reports his orange trees as being in full bloom, thus having ripe ones (last winter’s fruit), half grown ones and blooms at the same time. Fish receipts reported at Pensacola Mon day were 140 bunches of red snappers, by the smack Charles Henry, and 100 bunches of red snappers by the smack Haley. The copartnership heretofore existing be tween W. H. Fletcher and B. B. Atwood at Sanford has been dissolved by mutual con sent. W. 11. Fletcher will continue the busi ness. A. C. Aldrich, Orlando’s City Engineer, has just returned from Narcoossee. He brings with him the skin and fangs of a six-foot rattler which he killed during the trip. Last Saturday night a colored man sam pled some jewelry in Paul Rehnberg’s store at St. Augustine’, and on his exit a gold watch was missed. He lias escaped with the boodle. Four hundred hands are engaged ih the northern part of Marion county cutting right-of-way and getting out bridge tim bers for the Silver Springs, Ocala and Gulf railway. Col. W. T. Forbes, representing the Florida Sub-Tropical Exposition manage ment, wall address the citizens of Sanford Monday evening next at 8 o’clock p. m, in the interest of that enterprise. Father Swembergh, expects, to settle a colony of Catholics in the vicinity of San ford on lands owned and now being sur veyed in suitable lots by the Florida Land and Colonization Company. The colony will be named St. Joseph's. The finishing touches arc being given to the Welborue building at Sanford. The clock has arrived and will adorn the cupola erected for it as soon as it can be placed. The offices already taken in the building will be occupied by about July 1. John Blake, while raking over the St. Augustine Hotel ruins a few days ago, found a fine gold watch. Tne watch was in good order, with the exception of the case tieing discolored. He also found the same day a gold ring uninjured. The Governor appointed, by telegraph, last Tuesday, Dr. D. C. Ferguson, Dr. F. M. Wilson and Capt. J. N. Hooker, of Bartow, Dr. Janies Thompson, of Fort Meade, and Dr. F. L. Brooks, of Lakeland, a county board of health for Polk county. John M. Beggs, an old landmark, and for eleven years Clerk of the Circuit Court, died at Madison Thursday, after a lingering ill ness from a complication of afflictions. He was universally esteemed and respected for excellent Christian character and gentle manly demeanor. New post offices have been established at Kanapaha, Alachua county, Earleton, Alachua county, anil Hawkinsville, Orange 1 county. The post office at Cedar, Hernan do county, has been discontinued, and the mails will in future go to Lenard. On June 24 Plant City will celebrate in grand style the completion to that place of the Florida Railway and Navigation rail road. A big time is expected. Prominent speaker from different parte of the State have been invited to be present, and cheap rates will be secured on all the roads, so ns to allow those who may wish to do so to at tend the celebration. The Tampa Board of Health have estab lished quarantine camps on Ballast Point, where all passengers from Key West, Havana or other infected ports will be held for fifteen days. The Plant Investment Compnnv furnish the tents, cote, etc.. and will establish telephone connection with the station and Tampa. Should a case of fever break out a physician will go there and re main until all is well again. Sanford Journal: Mr. Max Myerson re turned from New York Thursday afternoon His trip did not. result in the bringing back of C. P. Johnson, who was arposted ui that city some ten days ago on a telegram from Marshal Wheeler, of Sanford. Legal steps were taken which Mr. Myerson could not overcome, and Johnson will return when his own sweet will dictates. He. says he will be in Sanford in a short while. We will see. The building of the Sanford Catholic church has been awarded to W. T. Cotter, of that place, who will at once take steps to move the needed material oil the church lots. Father Swembergh will have a fine engraving of the new church executed by a Chicago firm of art. and says that he will present a copy to each and all who will do nate not less than $lO to his church fund. He has commenced to take up the subscrip tions, and has met every where with hearty responses. The closing exercises of the Tampa graded sshool, took place last Friday night at the Opera House, in the presence of one of the largest crowds ever gathered together in Tampa—the spacious hall being taxed to its utmost to hold the relatives, friends and others who were present. In the rear of the stage were the mottoes formed in the ever green, “Strive to be wise.” while just back of the footlights hundreds of beautiful bo quets were arranged, sent in by the friends and admirers of tne young ladies. The ex ercises were very interesting. The Florida State Pharmaceutical Asso ciation effected a permanent organization at Jacksonville, Thursday night, by the elec tion of the following officers, viz: Presi dent. Dr. H. Robinson, Jacksonville; First Vice President, W. A. Rawls, Tallahassee; Second Vice President, E. Delouest, Ocala; Third Vice President, H. C. Cushman, Pen sacola: Secretary, J. A. Conover, Jackson ville; Treasurer. J. M. Dixon, Titusville. On motion the constitution and by-laws, as adopted, were ordered to be printed under the supervision of the executive committee. St. Augustine Press: John Blake, who has been engaged in raking over the ruins of the Bt. Augustine fire for several weeks, has made many valuable recoveries. The latest was on Tuesday morning, when he found a Indy’s brooch, set with twenty brilliant diamonds. This was a small fortune itself. It was promptly turned over to Capt. Vail, who knows the owner. Wince he began his operations Mr. Bioko has discovered and t linn'll over jewelry and watches amounting in value to upwards of $2f1,"00, and vet probably not one-quarter of whut was lost will ever be found so as to be recognizable. Tampa Jon null: One of the most brutal and bar ha rous acts we ever knew to lie per petrated was committed Sunday night by a man named Garner, a Justice of the Peace, who resides in Ybor City. It seems that Garner bought ahtrseu few days ago—a poor, broken-down animal—and in riding him out of town he didn’t step lively enough to suit this merciless driver, who unjolntnl the animal's fret and stabix-d it in several places, and left the horse by the roadside to oi . wh ire ;!••• poor b art lay suffering until Sunday night. A man who’would willfully injure or maltreat a (>oor, dumb brute in worse than inhuman; he is a dastard and a fiend, and swift punishment should tie metis) out to him for the perpetration of such an atrocious deed. At the regular meeting of the Orange City Council Monday evening, C. F. Austin was elected City Attorney and Dr. 11. S. Affgro City Physician. After the Council meeting, the Board of Health met and or ganized and appointed a committed, con- sisting of the Mayor and City Physician, to confer with the business men of the town and report as to the sentiment in regard t<) establishing a quarantine. This committee reported at n late meeting of the hoard that it was the almost universal wish that a quarantine be declaixvl, which was accord ingly done. The Mayor was authorized to apixiint as many health officers as ho deemed necessary. The same eommitte* was instructed to report a set of rules an! regulations to govern the lioard, and defiue the fines, penalties, etc. The cleaning-up idea lias evidently struck every town in South Florida, brought, about,, no doubt by the fever in Key West. On this subject the Orlando Sentinel temarks: “The Sentinel can certainly complitient the oft-abused City Council upon one thing, and that is the thorough manner in which they are having the city cleaned up. Men and wagons have been busy all the weekcutting down weeds, raking up old rubbish, burn ing it up, etc. If the good work toes on until the city is thoroughly cleaned there may he no fear of sickness on the part of any one during the summer. Don l let it stop, gentlemen, until every cornel is ex amined and found clean. See that disin fectants are freely used, the back yards and all other hidden hooks thorotighly cleansed, and there may be no fear of sickness.” The Sanford Water Works Conpany have accepted the franchise granted them by the City Council several months ago. Mr. F. H. Rand, of the Florida Land and Colonization Company, has let the contract to Maj. Louis McLain for the construction of a reservoir fifty feet in diameter and from eighteen to twenty-four feet deep, on the grounds of the company, at the pump house. This reservoir will lie constructed of brick and cement, and will lie perfectly water-tight. This huge cistern will be supplied from the water works lake, two miles from Sanford, and from it the water will be pumped into the tanks, which will be kept full all the time. The tanks will be used only for domestic supply, and in case of fire the water will lie forced directly into the mains by a million gallon pump of latest design, which will furnish ample pressure. Anew pump-house will be constructed, and in it wall be placed anew boiler and tils new pumps. Mr. Rand expects to have the new system in working order by early fall, and, to secure this end, worn will begin at an early day. One of the completest bams for the Flor ida climate has just boon completed for H. G, Hubbai-d, of Crescent City. The lower part is boarded while the upper part is lat ticed, the roof extending out over all about three feet. The carriage, feed and harness rooms and hay loft have close floors, while the stable part is outside, and so arranged as to give the animals plenty of room with out need of their being haltered in their various places. The samo gentleman is hav ing a large two-story and a half man sard roof (Queen Anne style) frame building erected on the same prem ises. The timbers are unusually large, and the house will be, without doubt, one of the best built and most complete in all its appointments of any in Putnam county. Its cost will approximate $15,000. When this building is completed, Mr. Hubbard’s place will well be worth a visit from all Florida tourists. He has nearly every sort of fruit, shrub and flower that can be grown in the State—some very rare plants from foreign climes, obtained at great ex pense, and all artistically planted out, with meandering walks, pools, waterfalls and shady bowers. Times-Union: Air. Joe Burroughs, bag gage mastei - of the Savannah, Florida anil Western railroad, and his assistants, were thoroughly frightened Wednesday after noon. During the day a large iron-bound t runk had been left on the platform near the baggage-rooin to be checked, and a short time.before the time for the train to leave one Of the men turned it upon end so that it would be convenient to check when the owner came and identified it. The man lifted it up hastily and allowed it to drop over on its end suddenly, and as it fell a loud report as of the explosion of a pistol was heard. All looked in the direction of the) trunk, and as they did ,so they saw a dense black smoke pouring out of every crack. They did not hold a i-ensultatioh or make an examina tion. It suddenly flashed upon the minds of all that the trunk was loaded with dyna mite, and with one accord all hands set out in every direction, moving as they never moved before, for they expected every mo ment to be senbfiyiug through the air unle'-s they got out of the range of the dynamite before the grand explosion took place. After remaining away some minutes they began to venture cautiously back to the baggage room, when the trunk was carefully lifted and stowed away in the baggage car, after which all hands felt relieved, but not en tirely until the train pulled out of the depot and "reached the junction in Lavilla. They then breathed easy. Alexander vs. Kaiskb is a case now before a Massachusetts court. BROWN’S IRON BITTERS. SHOWS Fitters Combining IKON with PCBK YEGETABUS TOSICS, quickly and completely CLEANSES and E> BIOSES TUB BLOOD, quicken* the action of the Liver and Kidney*. Clears the complexion, make*: the akin smooth. It does not Injure the teeth, cause headache, or produce con stlpstlon—ALL OTHER IKON MEDICINES DO. Physician* and Druggists everywhere recemmend it. Db. N. S. Runouts, of MiHon. Mu*., ssys: “ I racoßiiuenA Rrmin's Iron Bitters as a valuable t-.ruo for enricbiaa -he blood. nd remavin* all dyspeptic symptoms. It does no* hurt tho teeth.” DR. R. M. Dm.zrLL, Reynolds, Ind,, says: ”1 have prescribed Brown’s Iron Bitters in esses of anieraia and blood diseases, also when a tonic waa needed, and It has proved thoroughly satisfactory." Mn W*. Brass, 36St. Mary St„ New Chicane, La., says: “ Brown’s Iron Bitters relieved mo in a cose of blood pottonina. and I heartily commend it to those needing a blood purifier. Mb. W W. MonahaS, Tuncnrabia, Ala . sacs: “ I have been troubled from childhood with Impure Blood and eruption on my taco—two bottles of Brown’s Iron Bitters effected a perfoct cum. I cannot epeak too hwhly of this valuable medicine." Genuine has above Trade Mark and crossed red line* on wrapper. Take no other. Made only by BROWN Ull MH ALfO.. BALTIMORE, Mlfc COTTON GINS. Tlie Mason Cylinder Cotton Gin. * $ . r';. LM ® y? .1- " ...u. uar"'*wi '■* Tlio new praooaa of ginning cotton wit limit saws. FOR FULL PARTICULARS * I ADDRESS iiW® CYIIXDER CIN 1(1 COMPANY, . Charleston, S. C. SHIPPING. OCEAN STEAMSHIP COMPANY . - ■ FOR New York, Boston and Philadelphia. PASSAGE TO NEW YORK. CABIN S2O 00 EXCURSION' <*> STEERAGE . 10 00 PASSAGE TO BOSTON, CABIN S2O 00 EXCURSION 33 00 STEERAGE 10 00 PASSAGE TO PHILADELPHIA. (via New York). CA81N.... $29 50 EXCURSION * 3 00 STEERAGE 12 50 rpHE magnificent steamships of these lines 1 are appointed to Bail as follows—standard time: TO NEW YORK. CITY OF AUGUSTA. Capt. J. W. Catharine, SUNDAY, June 12, at 10:30 a. m. NACOOCHEE. Capt. F. Kempton, TUESDAY, * June 14, at 13:30 r. a. TALLAHASSEE, Capt. W. H. Fisher, FRI DAY, June 17, at 3 p m. CITY OF SAVANNAH, Capt. F. Smith, SUN DAY, June 10. at 4:00 p. M. TO BOSTON. GATE CITY, Capt. D. Hedge, THURSDAY, June 16, at 2 p. m. CITY OF MACON, Capt. W. Kelley, THURS DAY, June 23, at 7 a. m. TO PHILADELPHIA. [FOR FREIGHT ONLY.I JUNIATA. Capt. S. L. Askins, SATURDAY, June 11, at 10:80 A. M. DESSOUG, Capt. N. F. Howes, SATURDAY, June 18, at 3:30 m u Through hills of lading given to Eastern and Northwestern points and to ports of the United Kingdom and the Continent. For freight or passage apply to C. G. ANDERSON, Agent. City Exchange Building. Merchants’ and Miners' Transportation Corny. For Baltimore. CABIN - sl2 50 SECOND CABIN. 10 00 THF STEAMSHIPS of this Company are are pointed to sail from Savannah for Balti more as follows—city time: JOHNS HOPKINS, Capt. Foster, MONDAY. June 13, at 2:00 p. m. GEORGE APPOLD. Capt. Billups, SATUR DAY', June 18, at 4:00 p. m. JOHNS HOPKINS. Capt. Foster. THURSDAY, June 28, at 7:00 p. m. GEORGE APPOLD, Capt. Billups, TUESDAY, June 28, at 2:00 p. m. And from Baltimore on the days above named at 3 p. H. Through bills lading given to all points West, ail the manufacturing towns in New England, and to ports of the United Kingdom and the Continent. JAS. B. WEST & CO.. Agents, 114 Bay street. S K E " Steamer St. Nicholas. Capt. M. P. USINA, Vl T TLL LEAVE Savannah from wharf foot of Lincoln street for DOBOY. DARIEN, BRUNSWICK aud FERNANDINA. every TUES DAY and FRIDAY at 6 p. m., city time, con necting at Savannah with New York, Philadel phia. Boston and Baltimore steamers, at Fer nandina with rail for Jacksonville and ail points in Florida, and at Brunswick with steamer for Satilla river. Freight received to within half hour of boat's departure. Freight not signed for 24 hours after arrival will be at risk of consignee. Tickets on wharf and boat. C. WILLIAMS, Agent. For Augusta aud Way Landings. From JUNE 9th until further notice the STEAMER ETHEL, Capt. W. T. GIBSON, Will leave for AUGUSTA and WAX’ LANDINGS Every Monday at O P. M. Returning, arrive at Savannah SATURDAY at Sp. m. W. T. GIBSON, Manager PLANT STEAMSHIP LINE Tnmpn, Key MTest, Havana. SEMI-WEEKLY. x SOUTHBOUND. Lv TiUhn Monday and Thursday 8:30 p. m. Ar Key \\ est Tuesday ami Friday 4 p. m. Ar Havana Wednesday and Sarurduy u a. ra. NORTHBOUND. Lv Havana Wednesday and Saturday noon. Lv Key West Wednesday and Saturday 10 p.m. Ar Tampa Thursday ami Sunday dp. m. Connectlgtg at Tampa with W est India Fast Train to unh from Northern and Eastern cities. .. For stateroom accommodations apply to City feicket < mice S., F. A W. R'y, Jacksonville, or U|tßt Plant Steamship Line, Tampa. t'. D. OWENS. Traffic Manager. H. S. HAINES, General Manager. May 1, 1887. (•ItAIN AND PROVISIONS. Cargo Eastern Hay! WESTERN HAY. 30,000 bushels CHOICE MILLING WHITE CORN. 6,0"0 busliols MIXED CORN. 80,000 bushels HEAVY MIXED OATS. 100,000 pounds WHEAT HRAN. 100.000 FRESH CORN EYES. 1,000 bushels COW FEUS. CLAY, speckled, white and mixed. Grits, Meal, Lemons, Oranges and. Vegetables. STOCK FEED, ETC., ETC. Call for price* on carloads. T. P. BOND & CO., J3O liay Hli eaL RAILROADS. B O HEDULE' CENTRAL RAILROAD. Savannah, Ga., May 92,1887. ON and after this date Passenger Trains will run daily unless marked t, wnieU are daily, except Sunday. The standard time, by which these trains run, is 36 minutes slower than Savannah city time: No. 1. No. 8. No. 5. No. 7. Lv Savannah .7:00 am 8:90 pm 5:15 pm 5:40 pm Ar Guyton 6:40 pm ArMiUen 9:40 am 11:03 pm 7:30 pm 8:45 pm Ar Augusta. .t1:46 pm 7:15 am 9:35 pm Ar Macon I:3opm 3:2oam Ar Atlanta 5:30 pm 7:30 am Ar Columbus .5:50 pm , Ar Montg'ry 7:09 pm Ar Eufaula., B:6opm Ar Albany. 2:45 pm - -. Train No. 9t loaves Savannah 2:00 p. m,; Ar rives Guyton 3:00 p. m. Passengers for Sylvania, Wrightsville, Mil led geville andEatonton should take 7:00 a. m. train. Passengers for Thomnston, Carrollton, Perry, Fort Gaines, Talbotton, Buena Vista, Blakely and Clayton should take the 8:20 p. in. train. No. 2. No. 4. No. 6. No. 8. Lv Augusta 10:00 pm 0:00 am .... .... Lv Macon.. .10:35 am 10:50 pm Lv Atlanta.. 0:50 am 6:60 pm Lv Columbus 6:25 pm Lv Montg'ry. 7:25 pm 7:40 am Lv Eufaula. .10:18 pm 10:49 am Lv Albauy.. s:osam Lv Millen 2:28 pm 3:10 am 8:00 am 5:20 am Lv Guyton.. 4:08 pm s:olam 9:27 am 6:55 am Ar Savannah 5:00 pm 6:15 am 10:80 am 8:05 am Train No lOt leaves Guyton 3:10 p. m.; arrives Savannah 4:25 p. m. Sleeping cars on all night trains between Sa vannah, Augusta. Macon and Atlanta, also Ma con and Columbus. Train No. 3, leaving Savannah at 8:20 p. m.. will stop regularly at Guyton, but at no other point Pi put off passengers between Savannah and Millen. Train No. 4 will stop on signal at stations be tween Millen and Savannah to take on passen gers for Savannah. Train No. 5 will stop on signal at stations be tween Savannah and Millen to take on passen gers for Augusta or points oh Augusta branch. Traiu No. 6 will stop between Millen and Sa vaunah to put off passengers from Augusta and points on Augusta branch. Connections at Savannah with Savannah, Florida and Western Railway for all points in Florida. Tickets for all points and sleeping car berths on sale at City Oiliee, No. 20 Bull street, and Depot Office 30 minutes before departure of each train. J. C. SHAW. G. A. WHITEHEAD, Ticket Agent. Gen. Pass. Agent. East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia R.R. GEORGIA DIVISION. The Quickest and Shortest Line BETWEEN Savannah & Atlanta. COMMENCING March 13, 1887, the following Schedule will be in effect: EASTERN LINE. Fast Night S., F. &W. Depot. Express. Express. Lv Charleston 3:45 a m 8:30 p m Ar Savannah 6:41 am 7:00 p m Lv Savannah 7:06 am 8:45 pm 1:30 pm Ar Jesup 8:42 am 1:05 am 3:20 pm Lv Jesup 1:45 am 3® pm Ar Brunswick 5:45 am 5:35 pm LvJesup 10:20am 1:00pm Ar Eastman 1:57 pm 1:27 am Ar Cochran 2:88 pm 2:llam Ar Hawkinsville. 8:80 p m 12:00 noon Lv Hawkinsville.. 1 0:irTam 1:35 p m Ar Macon 4:05 pm B:4sam Lv Macon 4:05 pm 3:55 a m Ar Atlanta 7:45 pm 7:15 a m . Lv - Atlanta lToOp m 7180a m Arßome 4:00 p m 10:30 a m Ar Dalton 5:27 pm ll:49 a m Ar Chattanooga 7:00 p m 1:25 p m Lv Chattanooga .. 9:30 a ill 9:lspm Ar Knoxville 1:50 pm 1:10 am Ar Bristol 7:35 p m 6:45 am Ar Roanoke 2:15 am 12:45 pm Ar Natural Bridge. 3:54 a m 2:29 pm Ar Waynesboro ... 6:20 am 4:20 pm At Luray 7:50 am 6:43 pin Ar Shenando’ J'n.10:53 a m 9:85 pm Ar Hagerstown 11:55 p m 10:30 pm Ar Harrisburg 3:30 pm 1:20 am Ar Philadelphia.... 6:50 pm 4:45 am Ar New York 9:35 p m 7:00 am Lv Hagerstown 12:50noon Ar Baltimore 3:45 p m . ...... Ar Philadelphia... 7:49 p m Ar New York 10:35 pm Lv Roanoke 2:2oam 18:30 noon Ar Lynchburg 4:9oam 2:3opm Ar Washington 12:00noon 9:40 pm Ar Baltimore 1:27 p m 11:35 p m Ar Philadelphia... 3:47 pm 8:00am Ar New York. .. . 6:20 pm 6:90 am Lv Lynchburg 6:15 am 3:05 pm Ar Burkville 9:20 am 6:27 pm Ar Petersburg 11:10 am 7:15 pm Ar Norfolk 2:25 p m 10:00 pm Via Memphis and Charleeton R. R. Lv Chattanooga... 9:25 a m 7:10 pm Ar Memphis 9:15 pm 6:10 am Ar Little Rock 7:10 am 12:55 pm Via K. C., F. S. and G. U. R. Lv Memphis 10:45 am Ar Kansas City 8:30 am Via Cin. So" R'y. Lv Chattanooga. . 8:40 a m 7:10 pm Ar. Louisville 6:45 pm 6:30 am Ar Cincinnati 7:00 pm 6:50a m Ar Chicago 6:50 ain 6:50 pm Ar St. Louis 7:45 am 0:40 pm Pullman sleepers leave as follows: Jesup at 10:30 p m for Chattanooga, Atlanta at 7:30 a m and 1:00 p m for Chattanooga. Rome at 1:05 p m for Washington via Lynchburg; Chattanooga at 9:16 pm for New York via Shenandoah valley; Chattanooga at 9:30 a m for Washington via Lynchburg; Chattanooga at. 7:10 p mf or Little Rock; Brunswick at 7:50 p m for Atlanta. B. W. WRENN, G. P. A T. A., Knoxville, Tenn. L. J. ELLIS, A. G. P. A., Atlanta. Charleston & Savannah Railway Cos. CONNECTIONS made at Savannah with Sa ' vannah. Florida and Western Railway. Trains leave and arrive at Savannah by stand ard time tooth meridian), which is 80 minutes slower than city time. NORTHWARD No. 14* 38+ (id* 78* Lv Sav'h .12:26 p m 4:00 p m 6:45 a m 8:33 p m ArAugusta 13;30pm Ar Beaufort 6:08 p m JOiluam Ar I’. Royal 6:20 pm 10:30am Ar Al’dale.. 7:40 p m 8:15 p m 10:So ain . Ar Cha'ston 5:00 p m 0:20 p m 11:40 a m 1:35 a m SOUTHWARD. 33* 35* 57* Lv Cha’ston 7:10 a m 3:85 p m 4:OUa m Lv Augusta 12:35 pm Lv APanle.. 5:10 am 3:07 pm Lv Royal. 7:ootun 2:oopm Lv Beaufort 7:IS am 2:15 pm Ar Sav'h.. . 10:15 a in 6:53 p lu 6:11 a m •Daily between Savannr.h and Charleston. ♦Sundays only. Train No. 78 makes no connection with Port Royal and Augusta Railway, and stops only at Ridgeland, Green Pond and Envenel. Train 1 i stops only al Yemasseo and Green Pond, and connects for Beaufort and Port Royal daily, and for Atlendnle daily, except Sunday. Trains 35 and 06 connect froifi and tor Beaufort and Port Roys! daily. For tickets, sleeping car reservations and all othor information apply to W.M. BEEN, Sp'clal Ticket Agent. 22 Bull street, and at. Charleston ami Savannah railway ticket office, at Savannah, Florid* and Western Railway depot C. 8. GADSDEN, Supt. Juke 9, 1887. FOOD PRODUCTS. FOREST CITY HILLS. Prepared Stock Food for Horses, Mules, Milch Cows and Oxen. Made out of pure grain. Guaranteed Sweet and Nutritious. Bond,Haynes&Elton RAILROADS. Savannah, Florida & Western Railway, [All trains on this road are run bv Cent.., Standard Time.] tr * l r pOIF. CARD IN EFFECT MAY 15 1 Passenger trains on this road will run a. 9. as follows: ’ WEST INDIA FAST MAIL. READ DOW%. READ p® 7:06 am Lv Savannah Ar 12 06 12:30 pm Lv Jacksonville Lv 7 007 r 4:4opm Lv Sanford ...Lv 115.? 9:oopm Ar Tampa Lv 8:00nS PLANT STEAMSHIP LINE. JjSOTI V. Ke, w„ t XV H Sat iIU ' S .am ( **.. Havana " Lv ( Sac' Pullman buffet cars to and from New Yn.i! aud Tampa. * NEW ORLEANS EXPRESS. 7:06 am Lv Savannah Ar 7-5 „„ 8:42 a m Lv Jesup Ar 6. : 18d£ 9:50 am Ar Way cross Lv s;ospn| 11:20 a m Ar Callahan Lv 2:4?n~m 12:00 noonAr Jacksonville Lv 2:05 n m 7:00 am Lv Jacksonville Ar 7:35 pn, 10:15 am Lv Waycross Ar 4:40 pm 12:04 p m Lv....... Valdosta Lv 2:56 nm 12:34 pm Lv Quitman Lv 2:28 n m 1:22 pm Ar Thomasville Lv 1:45 p m 3:35 p m Ar. Rainbridge Lv ll:2sTn| 4:0-1 p ill Ar Chattahoochee Lv lTlsoTm Pullman buffet cars to and from Jacksonville and New York, to and from Waycross and N; w Orleans via Pensacola. EAST FLORIDA EXPRESS. 1:30 p ra Lv Savannah Ar 12:06 pm 3:2opm Lv Jesup. Lv 10:32m 4:40 prn Ar Waycross Lv 9:23 a m 7:85 p m Ar Jacksonville Lv 7looam 4:15 pm Lv Jacksonville Ar 9:45 am 7:20 p m Lv ..Waycross Ar 6:Vfa m 8:31 pm Ar Dupont. Lv s:3oam 3:25 p m Lv Lake City ArlfblsTm B:4spm Lv Gainesville Ar 10:30am 6:55 pin Lv Live Oak Ar 7:10 aia B:4opm Lv Dupont ...Ar s:Bam 10:55 p m Ar Thomasville Lv 8:25a m I:22am Ar Albany Lv I:2sam Pullman buffet cars to and from Jacksonville and St. Louis via Thomasville, Albany, Mont gomery and Nashville. ALBANY EXPRESS. 7:35pm Lv ......Savannah Ar 6:loam 10:05 pmLv Jesup Lv 3:90 am 12:40 a m Ar Waycross Lv 12:10 am 5:30 am Ar Jacksonville Lv 9:oorp m 9:00 pm Lv Jacksonville Ar 5:30 ara I:osam Lv Waycross Ar 11:30 pm 2:3oam Ar Dupont Lv 10:05pm 7:10 am Ar Live Oak Lv 6:55 pm 10:30 am Ar ...Gainesville Lv 3:45 p m 10:4.5 am Ar .... Lake City Lv 3:25 pni 2:55 a m Lv Dupont Ar 9r3Tp m 6:30 a m Ar Thomasville Lv 7:00 p m 11:40am Ar Albany Lv 4:oopm Stops at all regular stations Pullman sleeping cars to and from Jacksonville and Sa vannah. THOMASVILLE EXPRESS. 6:QsamLv. Waycross Ar 7:oopm 10:25 a m Ar Thomasville Lv 2:15 pm Stops at all regular and flag stations. JESUP EXPRESS. B:4spm Lv.. . . .Savannah Ar B:3oam 6:lopm Ar Jesup Lv 5:25am Stops at all regular and flag stations. CONNECTIONS. At Savannah for Charleston at 6:45 a m. (ar rive Augusta via Yemassee at 12:40 p m), 19:9# p m and 8:23 pm; for Augusta and Atlanta at 1 :00 am, 5:15 p m and 8:90 pm; with steamships for New York Sunday, Tuesday and Friday; for Boston Thursday: for Baltimore every fifthdoy. At JESUP for Brunswick at 1:46 a m and 3:35 p m; for Macon 10:30 a m and 10:00 p m. At WAYCROSS for Brunswick at 10:00 am and 6:05 p m. At CALLAHAN for Femandina at 2:47 p m; for Waldo, Cedar Key, Ocala, etc , at 11:27 am. At LIVE OAK for Madison, Tallahassee* etc., at 10:58 a m and 7:30 p m. At GAINESVILLE for Ocala, Tavares, Brook* ville and Tampa at 10:55 a m. At ALBANY for Atlanta, Macon. Montgom ery. Mobile, New Orleans, Nashville, etc. AtCHATTAHOOCHEE for Pensacola, Mobile, New Orleans at 4:14 p m. Tickets sold and sleeping car berths secured at BREN'S Ticket Office, and at the Passenger Station. WM. P. HARDEE, Gen. Pass. Agent. R. G. FLEMING Superintendent South Florida Railroad. Central SLtanciarcl Time. ON and after MONDAY, Slay 23d, 1887, train* will arrive and leave as follows: •Daily ‘Daily except Sundays, ;Daily ex cept Mondays. LIMITED WEST INDIA FAST MAIL. Leave Jacksonville (J.. T and K. W.) *12:30 p m. Sanford 4:40 p m: arrive Tampa #:00 p m. Returning leave Tampa 8:00 pm, Sanford 1:00am; arrive Jacksonville (J.,T. and K W.) 6:30 am. WAY TRAINS. Leave Sanford for Tampa and way stations + 8:40 a m Arrive at Tampa +1 1:35 pm Returning leave Tampa at +: 9:00 am Arrive at Sanford -tl 2:00 p m Leave Sanford for Kissim mee and way stations at.+lo:2o am and 6:00 pm Act ive at Kissimmee at f l:30p m and 7:06 p m P-eturningieave Kissimmee +6:oOam and 2:15 ptn Arrive at Sanford +B:2oamands:3spm +.Steamboat Express BARTOW BRANCH. Lv Bartow Junction.. .+11:46 a m and * 7:40 p m Ar Baa-tow 12:55 p m and 8:40 p m Returning Lv Bartow, .t 9:80 a m and * 6:00 p m Ar Bartow Junction... 10:10amand 7:lopm PEMBERTON FERRY BRANCH. Operated by tha South Florida Railroad. •Leave Bartow for Pemberton Ferry and way stations at 7:15 a m Arrive at Pemberton Ferry at 9:50 a in •Returning leave Pemberton Ferry at 5:00 pm Arrive at Bartow at 8:00 p m tLeave Pemberton Ferry 7:ooam Arrive Bartow ll:2oara •Leave Bartow 12:40 p m Arrive Pemberton Ferry 4:50 p m SANFORD AND INDIAN RIVER R. R Leave Sanford for Lake Charm and way stations.. s:sopm Arrive Lake Charm. 7:15 p ra Returning— Leave Lake Charm 6:80 am Arrives at Sanford 8:00 a m SPECIAL CONNECTIONS. Connects at Sanford with the Sanford and Indian River Railroad for Oviedo and points on Lake Jesup, with the People’s Line and Deßary lane of steamers, and J. T. aDd K. W. Ry. for Jacksonville and all intermediate points on the St. John's river, and with steamers for Indian river and the Upper St. John's. At Kissimmee with steamers for Forts Myer* and Bassinger and points on Kissimmee river. At PembeFton Ferry with Florida Southern Railway for all points North and West, and as Bartow with the Florid* Southern Railway for Fort Meade and points South. STEAMSHIP CONNECTIONS. Connects at Tampa with steamer "Margaret for Palnni Sln. Braidentown. Palmetto-Mauv tee aud all [Hunts on Hillsborough and Tamp* Boj * Also, with the elegant mail steamships ’Mas cotte" and “Olivette," of the Plant Steamship Cos., for Key West and Havana. Through tickets sold at all regular stations to points North. East ami West. Baggage checked through Passengers for Havana can leave Sanford on Limited West India Fast Mail train at 4:40 p m Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, connecting same evening with steamer at Tampa. WILBUR McCOY, General Freight and Ticket Agent. SUBURBAN RAILWAY. City and Suburban Railway. Savannah. Ga., Slav 81. 1987. /AN and after WEDNESDAY, June Ist. tha " " following schedule will be run on the • '*■ side Line: LEAVE ARRIVE LEAVE ISLE I*AVE , CITY. CITY. OK HOPE. MO.NTOOMERI *1:00 ~6:M 6:25 I- 10:25 | 8:40 8:15 I 7:50 3:25 j 2:00 1:80 I 1:® +7:15 | 6:40 | 6:15 I 6 _ There will b<> no early train from Isle of Hop* on Sunday morning. •For Montgomery only. Passengers for I*” of Hope go via Montgomery without ext™ cliarge. Tltls train uffords parent* a cheap ex euruion before breakfast for young dP** with nurses. „ •On Saturdays this train leaves city at ■ j** p. . ' J. H. JOHNSTON TO*!iSMENSH|| manh/vxl. eta. I will od a raloabte eonUiuin* full narticaiar* for htun* our*. ~ char**. Addrtw Prof.F. 0. FOW LEB, MvoAaa Cs*