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The morning news. (Savannah, Ga.) 1887-1900, June 22, 1887, Page 7, Image 7

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COMMERCIAL. SAVANNAH MARKET. OFFICE OF THE MORNING NEWS, i SAVANNAH, (jrA. , June 41, 4P. H. I Cotton—The market continues very dull and entirely nominal. On Change at the midday call, at 1 p. m., the market was reported firm and Unchanged, with sales of 2 bales. The following are the official spot quotations of the Cotton Exchange: Middling fair 11% Good middling uu Middling 10% Low middling 10% Good ordinary 10% Sea Island— The market is still very dull and entirely nominal. There were no sales. We quote: Common Georgias and Floridas 14 @ISU Medium 16%@17 Good medium 17%@18 Medium fine 18%@ Fine 19%(&20 Extra fine 20%|g;21 Choice . 22 @ Comparative Cotton Statement. Receipts, Exports and Stock on Hand June 21,1887, and for the Same Time Last Year. I 1886-87. 1886-86. W"* Stock on hand Sept. 1 1,149 4.304 551 3,298 Received to-day ... 28 .... 12' Received previously 27,324 771,168 23,346 775,016 j . Total 28,473 775,500; 23,897 778,326 Exported to-day .... ....! .... 1,134' Exported previously 27,459 773,285 22,319 770,7 98 j Total 27,459 773.385 22,319 771,9321 IStoek on hand and on ship i board this day 1,014 2,215 1,578 6,3941 Rice—The market was very quiet, but steady and unchanged. There was a very light de mand, and only a small business doing. The sales were about 60 barrels at quotations, as follows: Fair e.... 4%@ — Good 4%@, — Prime 5%@ — Rough- Country lots 60(9, 90 Tide water v 90® 1 15 Naval Stores—The market for spirits tur pentine was very quiet, but unchanged. The sales for the day were only 76 casks, at 82c for regulars. At theWßoard of Trade on the opening call the market was reported quiet at 82c for regulars. At the closing call it was dull at 32e for regulars. Rosin—The market was quiet, steady and unchanged. The sales for the day were about 1,600 barrels. At the Board of Trade on the first call the market was reported steady, with sales of 823 barrels, at the following quotations: A, B, C and D SIOO, E SI 05, F 81 10, G $1 15, H $1 20, I Si 32%, KBl 50, M 1 70, N $1 &5® 1 90, window glass g 2 25, water white S3 50. At the closing call it was unchanged, with further sales of 70 barrels. Saval stores statement. Spirits. Rosin. Stock on hand April L 2,543 77,408 Received to-day 1,103 2,589 Received previously 53,980 122,635 Total 57,626 202,632 Exported to-day 200 4N50 Exported previously 46,015 152,813 Total 46,215 157,583 Stock on hand and on shipboard to-day 11,411 45,069 Receipts same day last year 1,029 2,093 Financial—Money is in some demand, but in ample supply for present requirements. Ihmestic Exchange Steady. Banks and bankers are buying sight drafts at % per cent discount and selling at par@% per cent pre mium. Firreign Exchange—The market is weak. Commercial demand, $4 84%; sixty days, $4 83; ninety days, 84 82*4; francs. Paris and Havre, commercial, sixty days, $5 23; Swiss. $5 2354; marks, sixty days. 94'4- Securities—The market is steady. There is some little inquiry for first-class securities for Investment. Stocks and Bonds — City Bonds— Quiet. At lanta 6 per cent long date, 108 bid. 110 asked: Atlanta 7 per cent 118 bid. 121 asked: Augusta 7 per cent long date, 115 bid, 118 asked; Augusta 6s long date, 108 bid, 110 asked; Columbus 5 per cent, 100 bid, 105 asked; Macon 0 per cent. 111 bid. 112 asked; new Savannah 5 per cent, July coupons, 103 bid, 104 asked; new Savannah 6 per cent, August coupons, 103 bid, 1(3% asked. State Bonds —Market steady, with light sup ply. Georgia new r 6s. 1889, 103 bid, 104 asked: Georgia new 4%5, 106% bid. 107 asked; Geor gia 7 per cent gold, quarterly coupons, 107% bid, 108% askea; Georgia 7 per cent, coupons January and July, maturity 1896, 123 bid, 124 asked. Railroad Stocks— Central common, ex-divi dend, 121 bid, 122 asked; Augusta and Savannah 7 per cent guaranteed, 132 bid, 133V6 asked; Georgia common, ex-dividend. 196 bid. 200 asked: Southwestern 7 per cent guaranteed, ex-dividend, 12854 hid, 129*4 asked; Central 0 per cent certificates, ex interest, 101 bid. 101% asked; Atlanta and West Point railroad stock, 114 bid, 117 asked; Atlanta and West Point 6 per cent certificates. 105 bid. lOij asked Railroad Bonds— Market quiet. Savannah, Florida aud Western Kailway Company general mortgage 6 per cent interest, coupons October, 115 asked; Atlantic aud Gulf first mortgage consolidated 7 per cent coupons, January and July, maturity 1897, 119 bid, 121 asked; Central consolidated mortgage Tper cent, coupons January and July, maturity 1(193, 112->, bid, 118)4 asked; Georgia railftrad 6s, 1897, 108 bid, 110 asked; Mobile and Girard second mort gage indorsed 8 per cent, coupons January and July, maturity 1889. 105 bid, 106 asked; Mont gomery and Eufaula first mortgage 8 per cent, indorsed by Central railroad, 109 bid, 110 asked: Marietta and North Georgia first mort gage 6 per cent, 103 bid, 103*4 asked; Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta first mortgage, 113 bid, 11454 asked; Charlotte. Columbia and Augusta second mortgage, 112 bid, 118 asked; Western Alabama second mortgage indorsed 8 per cent, 108 bid, 109 asked; South Georgia and Florida Indorsed, 118 bid, 120 asked. South Georgia and Florida second mortgage, 114 bid, 116 asked; Augusta and Knoxville first mortgage 7 per cent, 11154 bid, 112*4 asked; Gainesville, Jef ferson and Southern first mortgage guaranteed, 190 asked; Gainesville, Jefferson and Southern not guaranteed, 116 asked; Ocean Steamship 6 per cent bonds, guaran teed by Central raikoad, 105 bid, 106 asked; Gainesville, Jefferson and Southern second mortgage guaranteed, 115 bid, 116 asked, Columbus and Rome flret mortgage bonds in dorsed by Central railroad, 108 bid, 109 asked; Columbus and Western 6 per cent guaranteed, 109 bid, 110 asked; City and Suburban rail way first mortgage 7 per cent, 107 bid, 110 asked; Oglethorpe Savings and Trust Com pany, 106 bid, lCn asked. Bank Stocks—Nominal. Southern Bank of the State of Georgia. 200 bid. 905 asked; Mer chants’ National Bank. 160 bid, 165 asked; Sa vannah Bank and Trust Company. 98 bid, 100 asked; National Bank of Savannah, 122 bid, 123 Oas Stocks— Savannah Gas Light stock, ex dividend, 21U bid, 22 asked; Mutual Gas Light Stock. 20 bid, 23 asked. Bacon— Market very firm and advancing: de mand good; smokea clear rib sides, 9Jic; shoulders, 7c; dry salted clear rib sides, 854 c; long clear, 8%; shoulders, none; hams,l2J4e. Baooing and Ties— Market quiet. We quote: Bagging—2s4 ®>s, 954 c; albs, 854 c; 1 tbs, according to brand and quantity. Iron ties — Arrow, $1 00(3,1 05 per bundle, according to brand and quantity. Bagging and tiea in retail lots a fraction higher. Blttkr— Market steady; oleomargarine, 14® 16c; choice Goshen, 18c; gilt edge, 22c; crcarn euy, 24®26c. Coffee— The market is quiet. We quote for small lots; Ordinary, 21c; fair 2254 c; good, 83c; choice, 2354 c; peaberry, 9454 c. Cheese - Market nominal; small demand; (took light. We quote, ll®lflc. Dtuxo Fruit—Apples, evaiwrated, 18c; Jieelert, 7c; peaches, peeled. Xfle; unpeeiod, 6®<c; cur rants, 7c; citron. 85c. . Dry Goods - The market s Ann; business fair We quote: Prints, 4®0o; Georgia brown shirting, 3-4, 454 c: 7-8 do. s‘qc; 4-4 brown sheet ing, flUc; white OHuahurg*. B®9c; checks, 63i®7t; yarns, 85c for best makes; brown drill full weights: Mackerel - No 1 $7 50®1000; No. 3. halt barrels, nominal; $0 00®7 00: No. 2, $7 50® 3 50. Herrings -No. 1, 20c; scaled. 25c : cod, s®Bj. ... Flo on-- Market weak; demand moderate. We quote: Extra, $4 15®4 35; fancy, $5 00® t, 25; choice patent, $5 25®5 65 ; family, $4 00® 1 70. Fruit— Lemons—Stock full and domand fair. We quote: $3 00A3 7c. . .. ~ Grain—Com—Market steady: demand light Wouuote: White com. iob lots, 64c: carload jots, 63c; mix-ed corn, job lots. 63e; carload lots. 6to. Oats steady: demand good. We 5 -mNed oats. 45c: carload lots, 41c. Bran, 1 15. Meal, 67%c: Georgia grist, per sack, $1 55: gri t, per bushel, 72%,-. Hay—Market steaiiy, with a fair demand, stock ample. We quote job lots; Western, >■ 00; carload lots, 90c. Eastern, $1 10; carload lots. Stic; Northern, none. Hides, Wool, Etc.—Hides—Market dull; re ceipts light: dry flint. 13c: salted, 10c; drv butcher, Bc. Wool—Market weak and declining; prime m bales, 28c; burry, 10®, 15c. Wax, 18c. tallow, B®4c. Deer skius, flint, 20e; salted, 16c. Otter skins, 50e®.4 00. Ikon—Market firm; Swodo, 4%@5c; refined, WC- is steady; in tierces, 7%c; 50-!b Lime, Calcined Plaster and Cement—Ala . 2‘. a^i lm P ** me * s * n f a ' r demand, and is selling at 80 per barrel; Georgia, $1 30; calcined plus* ter, ©1 o 0 per barrel; hair, 4c: Kosendalecement, $1 50; Portland cement, $2 50. ■ Liquoßs—Full stock; steady demand. Bour- J, 1 o'F' 2 ’ 5 ; >0; r >e. ?1 50®6 00; rectified, oo@ l 35. Ales unchanged and in fair de mand. Nails—Market firm; fair demand. We quote: 10d to tSOd, $2 50 per keg. Nuts—Almonds, Tarragona, 18@20c; Ivicas, l<(©18c; walnuts, French, 12c; Naples, 16c; pe cans, 10c; Brazil, 10c; filberts, 12c; cocoanuts, Baraooa, $5 25 per 100. Oils—Market firm; demand good. Signal, 45c; West Virginia black, 9@loc; lard, 60c; headlight, 15c; kerosene, 10c; water white, }3%c; neatsfoot, 65ffi,90c; machinery, 25@S0e; linseed, raw, 51c; boiled, 54c; mineral seal, 16c; fireproof, 18c; homelight, 18c. Onions—Bermuda, $1 759/ 200 per crate; native, $1 00(91 25 per crate. Potatoes—Scotch, $3 00@8 20 per sack; new. $3 00® 5 00. Peas—Demand light; cow peas, mired, 75® 80c; clay, $1 00® 1 15; speckled, $1 00®. 1 15; black eye, $1 25® 1 50; white crowder, $1 50® 1 to. Prunes—Turkish, 5%c; French, Bc. Raisins—Demand light; market steady; loose new Muscatel, $2 00; layers, $2 00 per box; Lon don layers, $2 25 per box. Shot—Drop, $1 40; buck, $1 65. Salt—The demand is moderate and the mar ket is quiet; carload lots, 60c f oh; job lots, 80@90c. Suoar—The market is firm; cut loaf, 6%c; standard A, 6c; extra C, 5%c; C yellow, sVic; granulated, 6%c; powdered, 6%c. Syrup— Flonda and Georgia syrup, 40®.4.3a; the market is quiet for sugarhouse at 35®40c; Cuba straight goods, 28c in hogsheads; sugar house molasses, 20c. Tobacco—Market dull; demand moderate. We quote: Smoking, 25e@$l 25; chewing, com mon, sound, 25®30c; fair, 30®35; medium, 38® 50c; bright, 50475 c; fine fancy, 85@ 90c; extra fine, 90c@$l 10; bright navies, 45@75c; dark navies, 40(®.50c. Lumber—The demand from the West is quiet, owing to fear of effect of interstate com merce bill; coastwise and foreign inquiry is only fairly active. Prices for average schedules are firm at quotations: We quote, rob: Ordinary sizes sl3 50@17 00 Difficult sizes 16 00@21 50 Flooring boards 16 00® ,20 60 Shipstuff 18 50® 2! 50 Timber— Market dull and nominal. Wequote: 700 feet average $ 9 00® 11 00 800 “ “ 10 00®11 00 900 “ “ 11 00®, 12 00 1.000 “ “ 12 00®14 00 Shipping timber in the raft -700 feet average $ 6 00@ 7 00 800 “ “ 7 00® 800 900 “ “ 8 00® 9 00 1,000 “ “ 9 00@10 00 Mill timber $1 below' these figures. FREIGHTS. Lumber—By Sail—There is good business offering coastwise for vessels to arrive, but tonnage is in fair present supply Freight limits are from $5 00 to $6 25 from this and the near Georgia ports to the Chesapeake ports, Philadelphia, New York, Sound ports and eastward. Timber, 50c@$l 00 higher than lumber rates. To the West Indies and wind ward, nominal; to South America, sl3 00®14 00; to Spanish and Mediterranean ports, sll 00® 12 00; to United Kingdom for orders, timber. 27@285; lumber, 413 15s. Steam—To New York, $7 00; to Philadelphia, $7 00; to Boston, $9 00. Naval Stores—Dull. Foreign—Cork, etc., for orders, 2s 10%(1, and, or, 4s l%d; Adriatic, rosin, 3s; Genoa, rosin, 2s 10%d. Coastwise—Steam— To Boston, 50c on rosin, $1 00 on spirits; to New York, rosin 50c. spirits 80c; to Philadelphia, rosin, 30c, spirits 80c; to Baltimore, rosin 30c, spirits 70e. Cotton—By Steam—The market is steady; offering tonnage in good supply. Liverpool via New York In 3-16(1 Liverpool via Baltimore lb 3-16(1 Antwerp via New York j? lb %and Havre via New York Ip lb 9-16 c Havre via Baltimore 66c Bremen via New York lb ... 11-160 Reval via New York 11-32(1 Bremen via Baltimore 1b %>: Amsterdam via New York 65c Amsterdam via Baltimore 61c Genoa via New York $ lb %(! Boston bale 1 85 Sea island $ bale 1 75 New York W bale 1 35 Sea island hale 1 36 Philadelphia )0 bale 185 Sea island $ bale 1 35 Baltimore bale 1 25 Providence bale 150 Rice—By steam— New York barrel 60 Philadelphia $ barrel 60 Baltimore $ barrel 60 Boston barrel 60 Vegetables—By Steam—(By special contract) —To New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Balti more, standarii crates, 20c: barrels, 40c. With out the contract, crates, 35c; barrels, 75c. COUNTRY PRODUCE. Grown fowls f* pair $ 65 80 Chickens, %to % grown 40 (if. 60 Springers 25 @. 40 Ducks pair 50 <§> 75 Geese $ pair 75 (ml 00 Turkeys $1 pair 1 25 @2 00 Eggs, country, "p dozen 14 <§4 15 Peanuts— Fancy h. p. Va. i? ®>-.. @ 6 Peanuts—Hand picked lb @ 5 Peanuts—Oa. bushel, nominal. 75 ®> 90 Sweet potatoes, yel. reds j? bush. 50 ® 60 Sweet potatoes, yel.yams bush. 65 75 Sweet pot’s, white yams ft bush. 40 @ 50 Poultry—Market steady: receipts heavy; demand light for grown; half to three-quarters growus in good request. Eoos—Market steady, with a fair demand and scarce. Peanuts Ample stock; demand fair; market steady. Sugar—Georgia and Florida, nominal; none in market. Honey—No demand, nominal. Sweet Potatoes—Scarce; receipts very light; demand good. . MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. FINANCIAL. New Yore, June 21. noon.—Stocks dull but steady. Money easy at 454®554 per cent. Ex change-long $4 8*34®4 85. short $4 833i®4 84. State bonds neglected. Government bonds dull but steady. 5 p. m,— Exchange dull but steady at $ 8156 ®4 86. Money easy at 4®7 per cent., closing at 6 per cent. bid. Sub-Treasury balances—Gold, $135,221,000: currency, $15,528,000. Government bonds dull but steady; four per cents 123%; four and a half per cents 11034. State bonds dull but st6&(ly. The renewal of the panicky feeling in the Chicago grain market was supplemented to-day by the closing of the doors of the Fidelity Bank or Cincinnati. With these influences in their favor and the market lacking a stimulus of mod erate buying orders from London, as usual of late, the bearish room traders hammered prices all around the room throughout almost the en tire day. Trading, which was dull and feverish, was more purely local than has been seen for some time. Late in the day advices were re ceived that tlie Fidelity Bank would resume business shortly, and coal stocks, aided by an advance in the price of coal in Philadelphia, led to a general recovery, buying of Reading being especially heavy in the last hour. Pacific Mail was the special object of attack in the early morning, and did not recover the loss. Trading in the last hour was the heaviest of the day, and all active stocks shared in the improvement, most of them being carried to the heaviest figures of the day. Specialties were unusually quiet and featureless. The opening was weak at declines from yesterday's final figures extend ing to U percent., and under the lead of Pacific Mail, which dropped 134 per cent. In the first fifteen minutes, further fractional declines were made in the general list. After the first half hour the market relapsed into extrensj dullness, although the heavy tone continued until noou. After that time there was a change for the tet ter in the tone of specialties, although no feature was developed until the last hour, when decided strength was shown by the entire list, and Read ing advanced 154 per cent. The total Hales were 196.000 shares. The not result of the day's busi ness is that prices are Irregularly changed, although differences are for fractional amounts only, except Reading, which is up I*4 per cent. The following are the closing quotations: Ala. class A.2 to 5.10854 New Orleans Pa- Ala. class B, 55.. .11254 elflc, Ist mort... 78 Georgia 7s, mort.. 10854 N. Y CVmtraL. .. -11254 N. Carolina tts.. 121 Norf. AW. pref... 5154 N. Carolina 4s ...*9954 Nor. Pacific....... So. Caro. (Brown) ’ pref... 81 consols 10834 Pacific Mail 5134 Tennesseeßs 76 Reading. . ...... 5334 Virginia6s t4B Richmond * Ale.. 8 Va consolidated. *55 Richmond * Danvlso Ch’peakr A Ohio. 7 lUchm’d AW. Pt. ChktANorthw'n.l2ls4 „ Terminal *„ " preferred... 150 Rock Island 132 W Pela., Lack *W. 13134 St. Paul . . MR, Foie East Tennessee. Texas Pacific 32 4 new stock W 4 Tenn Coal A Iron. 38M THE MORNING NEWS: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, 1887. Lako Shore 98U Union Pacific SOU L ville fc Nash..., N. J. Central. ... MOM Memphis & Char Missouri Pacific .107 Mobile <t (Jfcio ... is*,; Western Union. 77 M Nosh. & Chatt’a.. 84J4 CottonOilTrust ecr 50 ♦Asked. tßid. COTTON. New J'ork, Juno 31, noon.—Cotton opened quiet but steady; middling uplands 11c, mid dling Orleans 11 3-16 c: sales 302 bales. Futures—Market opened firm, with sales os follows: June delivery 10 75c, July 10 7llc, August 10 85c. September 10 47c, October 10 03c, Novem ber OS7c. 5:00 p. i*,—Market cloftd quiet but steady; middling uplands lie, middling Orleans 11 3-16 c; sales to-day 163 bales; net receipts none, cross 8,035 bales. Futures—Market closed barely steady, with sales of 117,300 bales, as follows: June deliv ery 10 76@10 78c. July 10 78c, 10 88<ft 10 84c, September 10 left 10 46c, October 10 03 tlO 03c, November 9 85fi,9 860. December 9 S4 9 85c, January 9 89@9 90c, February 9 9 97c. March 10 03@10 04c, April 10 10<g, 10 12c. Green & Cos. 's report on cotton futures says: ‘■lt has been, a feverish market all day, and while the cost on the old "crop ranged sft 10 points at a time the advance was not main tained. The early gain was due in givat meas ure to manipulation on the part of the bull combination, through which focal scalpers on the short side were induced to cover, but during the afternoon buyers liecame scarce and t here was a reactionary feeling. There was a failure of a Cincinnati bank, and the break here in wheat and coffee, coupled with an indifferent demand for spots, all appeared to carry more or less reflected influence. The crop was ririn in the morning, but afterward eased off somewhat under better weather reports.” Galveston, June 21.—Cotton nominal; mid dling 10 9-l6c; net receipts none, gross .none: sales 67 bales; stock 5,789 bales. Norfolk, June 21.—Cotton quiet; middling lie; net receipts 3 hales, gross 3; sales none; stock S.O4M bales; exports coastwise 38 halos Baltimore, June 21.—Cotton Arm; middling 119£c: net receipts none, gross noue; sales none; stock 3,854 bales. Boston, June 21.—Cotton quiet; middling llfac; net receipts 86 bales, gross MO; sales none; stock none. Wilmington, June 21.—Cotton firm; middling lie; net receipts .2 bales, gross 2; sales none; stock 1,603 bales. Philadelphia, June 21. Cotton quiet; mid dling ,1134 c; net receipts none, gross noue; stock 13.875 bales. New Orleans, June 21.— Cotton dull and nominal; middling 10 11-16 c; net receipts 181 bales, gross 181: shies bales; stock bales. Mobile, June 21.—Cotton dull and nominal; middling 10%o; net receipts 22 bales, gross 22; sales none; stock 382 bales. Memphis, June 21.—Cotton quiet; middling 10%c: receipts 03bales; shipments 64 bales; sales 125 oales; stock 8,190 bales. Augusta, June 21.—Cotton quiet; middling 10 15-16 c; receipts 10 bales; sales none. Charleston, June 21.—Cotton quiet but firm; middling 10%c; net receipts 2 bales, gross 2; sales none; stock 724 bales. Atlanta, June 21.—Cotton—middling 10%® 1056 c; receipts 5 bales. NewYork, June 21.—Consolidated net receipts for all cotton ports to-day 324 bales; exports to Great Britain 669 bales, to the continent 1,117; stock at all American ports 297,581 bales. PROVISIONS, GROCERIES, ETC. New York, June 21, noon.—Flour dull and heavy. Wheat depressed and unsettled. Corn dull and lower. Pork dull; mess, sls 00(915 25. I rird dull and weak at $6 65. Freights steady. Old mess pork dull at sl4 50@.14 75. 5:00 p. m.—Flour. Southern dull and heavy. Wheat—No. 2 red, 88®i92%e, June delivery 87%v 94c, July 83%(§;b5%c, August 88@85c. Corn lower; No. 2, 46%e, June delivery nominal, July 48%®40%c. Oats a shade lower; No. 2, 33%c; No. 2, June delivery 33@33%c. July 82%@.32%c. Hops quiet but steady. Coffee, fair Rio, on spot 18%c; No. 7 Rio, July delivery 16 25, j, 16 75c, August 10 25(916 95c. September 16 50® 17 05c. Sugar quiet but steady. Molasses steady; one cargo 50 test 19%c. Cotton seed oil, crude nomi nal; refined 42%@45c. Hides steady but quiet. Wool quiet and firmly held. Pork duil and heavy; mess sl4 50®, 1 4 75 for old, sls 00@15 25 for new. Middles dull and nominal. Lard 2@5 points lower and moderately arrive; Western steam, on spot $6 60®6 60%, June delivery $6 59. Freights steady. Chicago, June 21.—An oppressively weak feeling prevailed in wheat at the opening, and traders were feeling decidedly blue. July opened %c lower at 69%c, but some little effort was made to sustain the market, and a few minutes later July was selling at 89%c. The support was only temporary, however, and bank wheat being put on the market, July soon reacted to 69W-. around which figure it held steady during the first hour of the session. At the end of that time the tailers found that they had sold themselves short and began to cover, and July went up to 70%e. Under this influence the marketing of bank wheat again caused July to ease back to 69%c. There was no let up in the sales of wheat for the account of the hanks to-day. and realizing continued straight up to the close of the session. The effect or the gen eral selling was to break wheat from 69%c to 68%c for July, the latter figure being reached about noon. At the bottom price there were many good buying orders, and the reaction sent the price of July up to 69%c, at which figure the morning session closed. The heavy exports from the seaboard and the covering by the short interest made the afternoon market stronger. July sold up to 70%e, and closed at 79c. i'he fluctuations in June were not very marked. It opened at 68%c, closed at 69c. Corn was moderately active, with the feeling somewhat unsettled. The prices were generally weak and lower. The trading was largely local and the offerings were quite free, but the de mand was very light. The weaker feeling which prevailed in the wheat marketduring the earlier hours of the session also had a depressing effect on corn. July opened at 38c, and sold down to 3>!4c, but iu sympathy with wheat during the afternoon session, reacted, closing at 36%c. Oats were dull and weak. There was little speculative interest centered in the market. July opened %c lower at 25%c, sold down to 25c, and closed at the opening figures. Quite an active speculative business was transacted in the provision market, but the feeling was greatly unsettled, and the prices ruled weak and low’er. The offerings were quite liberal, while the demand was only fair and mainly from parties who covered outstanding contracts at a profit. The receipts of hogs were light, and prices ruled higher, but a nervous feeling in the grain markets had considerable effect on pro visions. July lard opened at $6 25, sold up to $6 30, and down to $6 2i, closing at the opening figures. July spare ribs opened at $7 32%, sold up to $7 35, and down to $7 10, closing at S. 27%. Cash quotations to-day ruled as IT our ruled quiet, with no new features;prices steady at former quotations. Wheat, No. 2 spring 68%c; No. 2 red 74c. Corn, No. 2, 35%c. Oats, No. 2, 24%c. Mess pork. $22. Lard $6 30<3i6 25. Short rib sides, loose $7 20®7 25. Dry salted shoulders, boxed $5 60<gi5 70;'short clear sides, boxeand $7 Leading futures ranged as follows: Opening. Highest. Closing. No. 2 Wheat— June delivery.... 68% 69% 69 July delivery.... 69% 709* 70 August delivery. 72 72% 72% Corn— June delivery.... 35% 35% 35% July delivery... 36% 86% 36% August delivery. 38% 38% 37% Oats— June delivery... 24% .... July delivery.... 23% August delivery. 25% 25% 25% Mlss Pork— June delivery $22 00 .... .... Lard— Junedelivery. .. $6 25 $6 30 $6 25 July deli very.... 625 630 625 August delivery. 6 37% 640 685 Short Ribs— June delivery $7 82% $7 35 $7 27% July delivery 7 32% 7 35 7 27% August delivery.. 7 47% 7 47% 7 37% Baltimore, June 21 .—Flour quiet but steady; Howard street and Western superfine $2 50 ®3 10. extra $3 25® 3 90, family $1 00®5 00, city mills superfine $3 50®3 3 75; Kio brands $4 75®5 00. Southern dull; red 91®93e, auiter Western lower, closing dull: No. 2 on spot 85 54c bid. Corn—. Southern dull; h^B6B®s4c; yellow 48®48c; Western lower uiu^HL Bt. Louis, June 21.—Flour im proved demand. Wheat cash 7754 c, June delivery 770, July lower; cash 8454 c, July delivery 3454cM<>atH quiet: cash 2754 c, June delivery 2754 c. Whisky steady at $1 05. Provisions dull and unset tied. Cincinnati, June 21.—Flour nominal. Wheat dull; No. 2 red 79®80c. Com in light demand; No. 2 mixed 3!ie. (data quiet; No. 2 mixed. 2954 c. I’rovisions—Pork quiet at sls. laird weak and lower at $6lO. Bulk meats steady and un changed. Bacon steady: short ribs $3 60, short clear $8 75. Whisky steady at $t 05. Hogs quiet.. Louisville. June 21.— Grain quiet: Wheat —No. 2 rod, 78c. Coro—No. 2 mixed 41c, white 44c. Oats -No. 2, 23®2954c. Provisions quiet: Bacon—clear rib sides *8 Bis4,clearsides $8 6254, shoulders $6 25. Bulk meats—clear rib sides $7 78. clear sides SB, shoulders $5 75. Mess pork nominal. Ilains, sugar-cured. sll 00® 12 50. Lard, choice loaf SB. Nsw Orleans, June 21.— Coffee dull, weak and lower; Kio cargoes, common to prime 18® 2034 1 ’ Cotton seed products dull and nominal. Sugars strong; Louisiana open kettle, good fair to fully fair 554 c: Louisiana centrifugals, choice yellow clarified 554 c. Molasses strong: Louisiana open kettle, strictly prime to fancy 28 ®330, fair to good prime 22®25c. NAVAL STORES. New Yonx, June 31, noon. -Spirits turpentine quiet at 3V-. Rosin quiet at $1 '-3540*1 2“ 54- 5:00 p. m.—Rosin dull at $t 2254®1 **754- Tur pentine dull and weak at 3454 c. Charleston, Juno 21.—Spirits turpentine firm at 8!foe. Rosin firm: good strained Si. Wilmington, June 21.—Spirits turpentine steady at 31%c. Rosin firm; strained 85c. good strained 90c. Tar firm at $1 15. Crude turpen- firm; hard $1 40; yellow dip $1 95; virgin ■ICE. New Yore, June 21.—Rice market firm. New Orleans, June 21.—Rice steady. Fruit and Vegetable Market. The following specials to the Morning News are published for the benefit of our Florida and Georgia readers and those interested in fruits and vegetables, and can be relied upon as accu rate and reliable: Philadelphia, June 21.—' Tomatoes are strong er under light receipts siul the demand is good at $2 50@2 75 per crate for sound, good to choice lots; potatoes plentier, $2 00®.2 50 per barrel; egg plant, $2 00®>3 00 per crate; water melons, S2O 00(g;30 00 per hundred as to size Panooast A Griffith. 8111 Pl* 1 Mil NTELLItiENCE. MINIATURE ALMANAC—THUS DAY. ' Sunßises 4:58 Sun Sets 7:05 High Water at Savannah 8:29 am, 9:03 p m Wkunesday, June 22, 1887. ARRIVED YESTERDAY. Steamship Chattahoochee, Daggett, New York —C G Anderson, Agent. Steamship Juniata, Askins, Philadelphia—C G Anderson. Agent. Steamer Grace Pitt, Willetts, Beaufort, Port Royal and Bluffton—Master. CLEARED YESTERDAY. Steamship City of Augusta, Catharine, New York—C G Anderson. (Grout. Schr Jennie S, Sinclair, Boston—Jos A Roberts & Cos. DEPARTED YESTERDAY. Steamer David Clark, Usina, Fernandina—C Williams, Agent. Steamer Seminole, Strobhar, Beaufort. Port Royal and Bluffton—H A Strobhar, Manager. SAILED YESTERDAY. Steamship City of Augusta. New' York. Bark Norma (Nor). Antwerp. Bark Giovanni (Br), Trieste. MEMORANDA. New York, June 19—Arrived, bark Elba. Til ton, Port Royal, S C, will discharge at Elizabetli port. Liverpool, June 19—Arrived, ship Enterprise (Br). IA-w,I A-w, Pensacola. Bermuda, June 16—In port, bark Volpas (Rus), Karsten, from Pensacola for Ghent, awaiting orders. Coosaw, S C, June 18—Sailed, bark Harry (Br), Evans, United Kingdom. Darien, June 15—Arrived, schrs Isaac N Ker lin, Steelman, Brunswick; 18th, SusanH Ritchie, Bartlett, New York via Savannah. 18th—Cleared, schr Belle Brown, Perry, Rock land. Fortress Monroe, June 16—Passed out, bark Thalassa (Dutch), Richmond, Va, for St Catherine’s. Galveston, June 15—Cleared, schrs Sarah A Fuller, Brown, Pensacola; Broxxie B Kokes, Robertson, do. Georgetown, S C, June 18—Arrived, schr G R Congdon, New York. Jacksonville, June 17—Sailed from Fort George, schr Minnie A Gussie. for New York. Pensacola. June 18—Arrived up. bark Vulcan (8w). Lenander, San Sebastian; schr Henry Souther, Hupper, New Orleans. Cleared, ships Norris, Borland, Philadelphia; San Stefano (Br), McLaren, Belfast; schr Snow Drop, Belize. Port Royal. S C, June 18- Sailed, bark Nep tunus (Nor), Tobiassen, Greenock. Satilla River, Ga, June 14—Arrived, schrs Wil son & Hunting, Potter, New Y ork; Tom Wil liaing. Mills, do. Fernandina, June 21—Cleared, schr Nellie, Drink water. New- York. New York. June 21—Arrived out, steamship Spain, from New York for Liverpool. SPOKEN. June 17, lat 33 50, lon 75 54, bark Altamaha, from Darien for Philadelphia. Schr Joshua Marvell. Shaw, from NewYork for Cedar Keys, Jiihe 13. off St Helena bar. RECEIPTS. Per Charleston and Savannah Railway. June 21—2 car wheels, 20 bhls tar, 10 hags peanuts, 1 bhl hams, 6 crates hams. Hi) caddies tobacco, 30 boxes tobacco, 1 bbl whisk}’, 1 bbl potatoes, 1 bale hides, and mdse. Per Savannah, Florida and Western Railway, June 21—1 bale cotton, 15 oars lumber. 2 care wood. 16 ears melons, 4 care corn, 4 cars iron, .59 bbls whisky. 1.961 bhls rosin. 58 sacks rice. 670 bbls spirits turpentine. 3,655 boxes vegetables, 86 bhls vegetables. 6 ears cattle, 28 liales wool, 5 bales hides, and mdse. Per Central Railroad. June 21—28 bales cotton. 58 bales yarn. 1 case eggs, 151 bales domestics, 3 bales plaids, 8 bales wool. 13 bales hides, 2 pkgs paper, 78 pKgs tobacco, 26,600 lbs lard, 8,6(6) Ills bacon. 226 bbls rosin. 800 sacks meal, 251 bbls spirits turpentine, 100bbls lime, 317 lbs fruit, 2 hi bins whisky, 50 hf bbls beer, 120 qr bbls beer, 19 pkgs h h goods, 150 bbls flour, 14 head horses, 23 cars lumber. 2 cars wood, 15 pkgs vegetables, I bbl syrup, 1 bbl sugar, 1 car bones, 4 cars brick, 27 pkgs mdse, 16 bales paper stock, 17 pkgs hard ware, 1 pkg empties. EXPORTS. Per steamship City of Augusta, for New York— -6 hales upland cotton. 42 bales sea island cotton, 47 hales domestics und yarns, (ill bbls rosin, 31 bales paper stock, 235 bbls spirits turpentine, 112 bbls vegetables, 68,423 feet lumber, 11,850 water melons, 2,906 crates vegetables, 161 pkgs mdse, 198 tons pig iron, 55 cedar logs. Per schr Jennie S, for Boston—lol,s3o feet p p umber—Jas K Clarke & Cos. PASSENGERS. Per steamship Chattahoochee, from New York -Gen R H Anderson, Capt W W Gordon, Mrs W W Gordon, Miss Gordon, Master G A Gordon, Miss Ida S Lilienburg, D R Blood and wife. N D Pendleton. L B Pendleton. C O Adams. It W Hopkins. F Mollenhagen, Miss E Pendleton, A J Mack. K B Clark, FII Wyman. Geo Schwarz, T F Anderson, L L Cuhbedge. W G Tausey, T W Martin, B Tonsick, W N Ayers, E Carter, W C Daggett, and 3 steerage. CONSIGNEES. Per Charleston and Savannah Railway. June 21 —Transfer Office. Harms A J. Smith Bros A Cos, M C Noonan, Epstein A W, H Myers A Bros, J II Schroder, O Butler, C M Gilbert A Cos, O A Smith, Lindsay AM, A J Miller A Cos, E Lovell A Son, G W Tiedetnan, J G Sullivan A Cos, M Y Henderson, A Ehrlich A Bro. Per Central Railroad. June 21— Fordg Agt. Warren AA, M Maclean, Jos A Roberts A Cos, F M Farley, H M Comer A Cos. A Minis A Sous, C L Jones, Pearson AB, A H Champion, Theo Steffens. W 1 Miller, MoMlllan Bros, Mohr Bros. A B Hull, E Loveli A Son. J T Shuptrtne A Bro, W E Maguire. A I-efller. M Ferst A Cos, I G Haas, M Lavin, I>ee Roy Myers A Cos. Wilcox A Gibbs Guano Cos, G Eckstein A Cos, Smith Bros A Cos, Eckman AV, Ludden AB, J P Williams A Cos, D D Arden, M Y Henderson, II Myers A Bros, Lipptiiau Bros, S Gucltenheimer A Son, L Putzel, Peacock, H A Cos, Stillwell, PA M, T Bow'den, Baldwin A Cos, Vale Royal Mfg Cos. Per Savannah. Florida and Western Railway, June 21—Transfer Office. McDonough A Cos. C O Harris, S A Einstein, S Guekenheimer A Son, M Ferst A Cos, Mrs M E Love, H Myers A Bros, I>-e Roy Myers A Cos, Pearson AB, Perse AL, Lippman Bros, Eills, Y A Cos. A Ehrlich A Bro, A Letiler, M Boley A Son, Dale, D A Cos, Ray A Q. Bacon, .1 A Cos, Repnard A Cos, J Gold hurt, J P Willicms A Cos, W C Jackson, E T Roberts, C L Jones, Peacock, H A Cos, II Solomon A Son, Bendheim Bros A Cos, J P I try an, Lindsay A M, C E Stults, McDonough AB, M Mendel A Bro, Smith Bros A Cos. Per steamship Juniata, from Philadelphia— Arkwright Mills. E A Abbott, J G Butler, L E Byck & Bon, O Butler, Crolian A D, J F Carpen ter, C F Cler, T Cooley A Cos. Coast Line Ky, Mrs H C Cunningham, I Dasher A Cos, F 51 Hull, 31 J Doyle, Eckmau A V, I Epstein A Bro, Mrs M Harttogen, G Eckstein A Cos, 51 Ferst A Cos, K 8 Jones, Frank A Cos, C M Giltert 4 Cos, A tefller, G C Genmndeu, Hli-soh Bros, Hyines Bros A Cos, G M Hedit A Cos, A Hanley, Habersham Street Pharmacy, CL Jones, C* Kolshorn A Bro, N I mug. E Lovell A Son, Lovell A L, D B ijester, Lippman Bros. Ludden AB. A Minis A Sous. Lindsay A M. Lloyd A A, Mohr Bros, G Meyer, 31 McDonough, 3lutual Co-op Abs®, C MeOar vey, K D McDonell, A J Miller A Cos. P J Mur phy, McGlllis AM. J G Nelson A Cos, Miss Mini*, 31 O Noonan, T J O’Brien, Palmer Bros, N Paulsen A Cos, Pearson AB, Solomon* A Cos, J H Kuwe, Jos A Koterts & 00, Jolin Rourke, B D Rosen brook. Ray A Q. 8, F A W By, Gen G M Sorrel, H Solomon A Bon. Savannah Steam Bakery, J T Sbuptrine A Bro, Smith Bros A 00, Strauss Bros, w Scheihiug, Slater, M A Cos, H Schroder, Savannah Times, P Tuberdy, P H Ward, Weed A (\ Wylly A C, A M A C W West, Warnock AW, C R ft. 6a A Fla 18 B Cos, 8, F A W Ry, Southern Ex Cos. Par steamship Chattahoochee, from New York —A K Altmayer A Cos. E A Abbott. O W Allen, 8 W Branch. J G Butler, 31 Boley A Son, J H Baker. Bendheim Bros A 00, Byck A 8. I, Ben ner. Brush K L Cos, Blood Bal m Cos, O Butler, J O'Byrne, C R K A Bkg Cos, J 8 Collin* A Cos. E )1 Connor, W S Cherry A Cos, AII Champion, Cohen A B, Lieut O M Carter, II M Comer A 00, Collat. Bros, L Oharrier, J Coben, W O Cooper, Chesniitt A O’N, Cornwell AC, Cotton Ex change. T 31 Cunningham, Mrs T M Cunning ham, I Dasher A Cos, J A Douglass A 00. steamer Ethel, A Doyle, M J Doyle, O Eckstein A Cos, Eckinan AV, Einstein AL, I Epstein A Bro, J H Estlll, Wm Estill, Epstein A W. J H Furber, Frank ,*r ,0. M Verst- A Cos, FlelsclunAU A Cos, J B Fernandez, Fret well AN, CM Gilbert A Cos, A Falk A Son, 8 Guckenheimer A Son, Mrs A L Hartrldee, J Gorham, Gray A O'B, L .1 Gazan, Grady, DeL A Cos, A Hanley, Ilexter A K, K C Haywood, T Ilalligan, Hirseb Bros, D Hogan, Kavaiiaugh A B, K J Knitter, P O Kessler, str Katie, P Kolahoni, Lippman Bros, N Lang. A K Ijiwton Jr, Jno Lyons A Cos, B H Levy A Bro. J F LaFar, Lloyd A A. Luddeu A B. M K Legan, I H Laßoolie’s Soil, Lovell A L, J McGrath A Cos, Meinhard Bros A Cos. W B Mell A Cos, Marshall House, W B Mell A Cos, ,T J McMahon, Mutual Co-op Ass’n, McDonough A Cos, 11 P Myerson, C MeGarvey, M Mendel A Bro, Mis*hlenbrock A 11, H Mvers A Bros, N Mooney, >K Williams A Bro, J-G Nelson A Cos, I' Namais, Nathan Bros, M C Noonan, A S Nichols, Jno Nicolsou Jr, Win Orr, Neidlinger A R. (>cean Steamship Co,Oglethorpe Club, Order L S Mover A Cos, Order H Miller apt, K Power, Peacock. ll A Cos, Palmer Bros, Plan ters Rico Mill, C II Rogers, A Robider, W D Rice, T Raderick agt, - Richmond, J J Reilly, Jno Sullivan, Smith Bros & Cos, F, A Schwarz, C E Sanberg, Screven House, H Solomon A Son, J T Shuptrtne A Bro, P B Springer. C F. St ults, Strauss Bros, M Sternberg. Solomons A Cos, B B Col Cos, S. F A IV Ry. Southern Ex Cos, Telfair Hospital, P Tulierdv, Bradstreot Cos. J W Tvuan, J F Torrent. Vale Royal Mfg Cos, WvIlvAC, M Willinski, ThosWest. AlfiCWWest, W U Tel Cos, Watson A F, Weed AC, Ga A Fla I S B Cos. Ho Took His Own Dog Thereafter. From the Minneapolis Journal. There is nothing that Dr. Igiton likes more than a good dog or a good horse. His friend, Dr. Alljiort, has a handsome spaniel which Dr. Laton greatly admires. The other day lie saw the spaniel and thought it would tie pleasant to take him to ride. The spaniel didn’t object ami the doc tor drove away in a happy and contented triune of mind. He made a call on a pa tient and was delayed longer than he ex pected. He looked at his watch and found that he would barely have time to drive to the college hr a clinic. He rushed outto the buggy. The spaniel growled and showed his teeth. “Good doggie,” murmured the doctor, soothingly, as he put out his hand to pet him. The dog didn't hear out this siatemeut worth a cent. He growled all the harder and snapped at the doctor’s hand. ‘‘Nice, good doggie, - ’ continued the doctor in it tone which indicated that he didn't think anything of the kind. Tlie spaniel was proof against the doctor’s blandishments. Dr. Laton made a wild break for a telephone and called up Dr. All port’s office. “Say,” he yelled, “tell Allport to come down here or send someone to introdure me to his confounded dog. He wont let me get into my buggy.” The doctor then walked back to the dog and the huggv. Finally he caught sight of a big stick. He picked it up, and with the assistance of a small hoy began to toy with the dog. This was more than the spaniel could stand, and he jumped out. The doc tor arrived at the hospital an hour late. When Dr. Laton goes riding now ho takes his own dog. For Rickets, Marasmus, and Wasting Disorders of Children, Scott’s Emulsion of Pure Cod Liver Oil with Ilypophosphites is unequaled. The rapidity with which children gain flesh and strength upon it is very wonderful. Head the follow ing: "I have used Keott’s Emulsion in eases of rickets and marasmus of long standing, and have lieen more than pleased with the results, as in every ease the improvement vas marked.”—J. M. Main, M. D., New York. Do not fail to see our Fancy Striped Suit of Underwear selling at $1 50 per suit. Ap pel & Schaul, 163 Congress street. BROKERS. NOW -THE TIME TO SPECULATE ACTIVE fluctuations In the Market offer op portumties to speculators to make money in Grain, Stocks, Bomls and Petroleum. Prompt personal attention given to orders received by wire or mail. Correspondence solicited. Full information about the markets in our book, which will be forwarded free on application. H. D. KYLE. Banker and Broker, 88 Broad and 34 New Sts.. New York City. A. L. IIA KTIM 1 XflT SECURITY BROKER. BUYS AND SELLS on commission all classes of Stock* and Bonds. Negotiates loans on marketable securities. New York quotations furnished by private ticker every fifteen minutes. WM. T. WILLIAMS. W. CUMMINQ. W. T. WILLIAMS & CO., jßz?olk:©z?S -ORDERS EXECUTED on the New York, Chi cago and Liverpool Exchanges. OAK TUBS. 200 OAK TUBS, With three Galvanized Hoops on each Tub, the same In which our Fine Butter is shipped. For sale low, at A, JL & C. W. WEST’S. HOTELS. THE MORRISON HOUSE. One of tbo Largest Boarding Houses in the South. AFFORDS pleasant South rooms, good board with pure Artesian Water, at prices to suit those Wishing table, regular or transient accom modations Northeast corner Broughton and Drayton streets, opposite Marshall House. TOOTH PASTE. FO R TH K TK ETIL O MENTAL TOOTH PASTE, Cherry Tooth Paste, Charcoal Tooth Paste, Hhifflold’s Cream Dentifrice, Lyons' Tooth Tablet's, Arnica Tootii Soap, Thompson's Tooth Soap, Carbolic Tooth Soap, Tooth Powers and Washes all kinds at STRONG'S DRUG STORK corner 801 l and Perry street lane. AVO<)l>. "WOOD Bacon, Johnson & Cos. Have a fine stock of Oak, Pine, Lightwood and Kindling, Corner IJberty and Eaat Broad streets. Telephone 117. PLUMBER. ITaT McCarthy, Successor to Chas. E. Wakefield, PLUMBER, GAS and STEAM FITTER, 48 Barnard street, SAVANNAH, UA. Telephone 373. U -NIIKKT A K E It. W. I). DIXON, UNDERTAKER DKALSS IN AM. KINDS Of COFFINS AND CASKETS, 48 Bull street. Residence 59 Liberty street. HAVANI'AH, GEORGIA. COUGH REMEDIES AYERS' CHERRY PECTORAL, Jayne's Ex pectorant. Hale's Honey and Tar Boechee’s German Syrup, Bull's Cough Syrup, Plso’s Cure, BUTLER’S PHARMACY, BULL A’*'L' CONORS '. .TP PETS. FURNISHING GOODS. Look! Look! JUST WHAT YOB SEED. Gcnllcmen’s Fine Night Shirts For SI Fine Jeans Drawers at 50c. per pair. Gauze Undershirts, long or short sleeves, 50c. White Lawn Bows, $1 per dozen. White Ties at 15c. per dozen; $1 50 per gross. Fancy Percale Scarfs, 50e. per dozen. 4-in-hand Ties, wash goods, $1 perdozen. White Duck Vests, from $1 to |2 50. British Half Host', seamless, SIT*,. White Duck Helmets, Hammocks, White Flannel Shirts and Hats for Yachting- FINK SUMMER CLOTHING AND DRESS SHIRTS MADE TO ORDER. We guarantee a fit in evgry case. Sole agents for Dunlap’s Fine Hats and Nascl mento’a Comfortable Self Conforming Hats, so comfortable to the head in hot weather. Beau tiful Pearl Hats, and the new STIFF-BRIM MACKINAW HAT. Sun Umbrellas, Gloria Cloth Umbrellas, never cut like the silk will. Buck-Horn Handle Walking Canes, Fancy Un derwear, and anything needed by men for Sum mer wear at LaFar’s New Store, 29 Bull street, Hamilton’s Old Stand. GRAIN AND HAY~ Cargo Eastern Hay! WESTERN HAY. 20.000 bushels CHOICE MILLING WHITE CORN. 5,000 bushels MIXED CORN. 80.000 bushels HEAVY MIXED OATS. 100,000 pounds WHEAT RRAN. 100,000 FRESH CORN EYES. 1,000 bushels COW PEAS. CLAY, speckled, white and mixed. Grits, Meal, Lemons, Oranges and Vegetables. STOCK FEED, ETC., ETC. Call for prices on carloads. T. P. BOND & CO., ISS Bay street. Cow Peas. ALL KIND OF SEED AND FEED PEAS VERY CHEAP. —ALSO-- Hay and Grain. G.S.McALPIN 172 BAY STREET. 1 FAINTS AND OILS. LLOYD & ADAMS" SUCCESSORS TO A. R. COLLI NR A CO., The Old Oliver Paint and Oil House, YI7TLL keen a full line of Doors, Sash, Blinds it and Builders’ Hardware, Paints, Oils, Steamboat and Mill Supplies, Lime. Blaster, <,'ement, etc. Window Glass a specialty. All sizes and kinds of Packing. A large lot of odd size Sash, Doors and Blinds will be sold at a dis count. AT THE OLD STAND, No. 5, Whitaker St., Savannah, Ga. JOHN 07 BUTLER, lirillTK LEADS, COLORS. 011/l, GLASS, YV VARNISH, ETC.; READY MIXED PAINTS; RAILROAD, STEAMER AND MILL SUPPLIES, HASHES, DOORS, BUNDS AND BUILDERS’ HARDWARE. Sole Agent for GEORGIA LIME, CALCINED PLASTER, CE MENT, HAIR and LAND PLASTER. 6 Whitaker Street, Savannah, Georgia. 1865. CHRIS. MURPHY, 1865. House, Sign and Ornamental Painting IT'XECUTED NEATLY and with dispatch. It Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, Window Classes, etc., etc. Estimates furnished ou ap plication. CORNER CONGRESS AND DRAYTON STS., Rear of Christ Church. sash, DOORS, BLINDS, VTTC. HalifaxKiver Lumber-Mills. JOHN MANLEY, Proprietor, DAYTONA, FLOItIDA. EVERY VARIETY OF Rough & Dressed Lumber, SASHES, SHINGLES, MOLDINGS AND SCROLL WORK FURNISHED. In connection with the Mill is also a MA CHINE AND REPAIR SHOP. Address JOHN MANLEY DAYTONA. FLORIDA. COMMISSION MERCKA NTS. laT B- HTJLL V WAREHOUSEMAN AND— Commission Merchant, WHOLESALE GROCER. FLOUR, HAY, DRAIN L PROVISION DEALER. I7RESH MEAL and GRITS In white sacks, and r mill stuffs of all kinds always on hand. Georgia raised SPANISH PEANUTS, also PEAS, anv variety. Special prices on large lot*. Office, 83 Bay street. Warehouse, No. 4 Wad ley street, on Une C. R. K., Savannah. Ga. ELECTRIC KELTS. Electric Belt Free. TO INTRODUCE It and obtain Agents wo will for the next sixty days give away, free of charge, in each county In the United States a limited numlxr of our German Electro Galvanic Huivnsory Belts- -price, $6. A tiositlvo and un failing cure for Nervous Debility, Varicocele. Emissions, lmpotcncy, Etc. |6ou reward paid If every Belt we manufacture does not generate a genuine electric current Address at once ELECTRIC BELT AGENCY, P. O. Box 178, Brooklyn, N. Y. P. J. FALLON, BUILDER AND CONTRACTOR, at DRAYTON STREET, SAVANNAH. IJ'STIMATES promptly furnished for building j of Any class. 1 TVniSICY. LAWRENCE, OSTRMI >V CO.’S Famous " Belle of Bourbon” lx death to Malaria, Chill* and Fever, Typhoid Fever, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Surgical Fevers, Blood Poisoning, Consumption, Sleeplessness or Insomnia, and Dissimulation of Food. lO YEARS OLD. ABSOLUTELY PUR?' ~ NO FUSEL OIL. %\IS Ifffl |\ ™ PRODUCING OUR la BEUEorBOURBOIf „°" LV Tltt 'bNTr OR HOMINY fWIT Of THE ORA* THUS FREEING IT OF FUSEL OIL BEFORE IT IS OISTItIEB THE GREAT APPETIZER _ IjOuisvillk, Ky , May 22, 1888. This will certify that I have examined the Bample of Belle of Bourbon Whirky raceiv**! from Lawrence, O strom Si Cos and found tha •nme to be perfectly free from Fusel Oil and all other deleterious substanoeH and strictly pure. I cheerfully recommend the same for Family and Medicinal purposes. J. P. Hakntm, M. D., Analytical Chemist. Louisville, Ky. For sale by PrugglsU, Wine Merchant* an<t> Grocers everywhere. Price, $1 26 i#*r Ijott.le. If not found at the above, half doieu bottle* 111 plain boxes will be sent, to anv address in th* United States on receipt of 'Express paid us all points east of Missouri river. LAWRENCE, OSTROM & CO., Louisville, Kjr. At, Wholesale by 8. GUCKENHKIMEB &80ML Wholesale Grocers; LIPPMAN BROS., WholaT sale Druggists, Savannah, Ga. BAUFE. L£A&PERR:NS' SAUCE y (This Worcsstersiiibi) Imparts the most delicious taste and seat to EXTRACT £3 SOUPS," of a LETTER from a MEDICAL GEN- I 1 OKA VIES, TLEMAN at Mad- ! H _ „ ran, to hl brother ft FISHI, ■ t WORCESTER. . i ill May. 1851. HOT&COM "Tell fSAuOlSji LEA A PERRINi-ct HEATS, 1 thiit thfilr imiice lif . hltrbly etstaemc i in 8L jtVwro H A !TII? t India, ami in in my Kl N opinion, the moat WELSBr palatable, a wll fr|ißi r *ffl m the inoat whole- RAREBITS* some aauce that la ‘^£§l made.” y Signature is on every bottle of the genuine, JOHN DUNCAN'S SONS, N.Y., AGENTS FOR THE UNITED STATES. "" """38 BUTTER. BEST"" Table Butter ONLY * 25c. per lb. sums’ ids, 22 and 22 1-2 Barnard St AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. i Mil Lawn Mowers, Three Sizes* Ladies’ Garden Hoes, Hand Plows, Hedge Shears, Pruninng Scissors and Knives, Garden Trowels and Weeders, Fountain Pumps, Rubber Hose and Reels, —FOR SALIC BY Palmer Bros l4B end ISO Congress Street. COMMISSION MERCHANTS. 16 YEARS ESTABLISHED. Cr. S. PALMER, Wholesale Commission Merchant SOUTHERN PRODUCE A SPECIALTY. 10(1 Reade Street, New Yorlt. Consignment* solicited and return* mtula promptly Stencil* and Market report* turuialiM ou application. KF.rKRE.Ncioi: (Latham National Hank, Thur ber, Whvland A Cos., New York. Also, Banka end established Produce Mercliants of New York. Philadelphia. Baltimore and Bouton. Chips from the Old Block 1 THE WORKMEN EMPLOYED BY GEO. N. NICHOLS, PRINTER AND BINDER. Their work ba* iclarcn repo, nation to the Katahllthmeut. Noue better. 7