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The morning news. (Savannah, Ga.) 1887-1900, July 02, 1887, Page 3, Image 3

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A MAN WHO USED TO DRINK. A Temperance Lecture Based on His ' Own Experience. From the Few York Times. Four of us sat in the cufe around the corner, as usual after our night’s work, drinking, smoking, and talking “shop.” The conversation had varied somewhat from its customary vein that morning, and after drifting about in a desultory way hod finally settled upon the subject of temper ance, with one of our otlico companions figuring as the “horrible example. ’’ While we were discussing his infirmities the object of our by no means gentle criticisms came iu, and a horrible example he was, Looking neither to the right nor to the left, be walked with evident signs of phvsicnl weak ness to the bar, drank a tumblerful of liquor, and immediately retraced his steps to the street. “Did you notice the size of that drink f’ asked the moderate drinker of our quartette; “he has lieen ou this spree ten davs, and told me yesterday lie couldn’t get sober. Small wonder he can’t get soher, tiling cartridges of that calibre into himself. I advised him to stop.” “For a man in his condition to get sober isn’t as easy of accomplishment as you may think,” said old Bill Robertson, speaking for the first time in almost an hour. ’ “I’ve been there myself and know what I’m talking about. Advising a man to sober up is about the cheapest form of doing good I know of, and in most cases the least productive of favorable results. Our friend will have to resort to pretty harsh treatment to get straightened up, if something doesn’t super vene to frighten him into sobriety, as it did in my case.” “Tell us the story, Bill,” we chorused. “Well, it isn’t much of a story, but it is a true one, and though it happened a good many years ago, I’m not likely to forget it, so let’s have a fresh cigar ami I’ll tell you how I became so effectually sobered up that I haven’t from that day to this felt the slightest inclinations to take a drink.” Lighting a cigar and taking a sip of lem onade from a glass at his elbow- the old fel low (we called him old though he wasn’t above 45) told a story that pointed a moral such as few temperance orators or w riters have ever arrived at in depicting the hor rors of intemperance or the blessings of so briety. “I had been a pretty hard drinker for several years before I found myself on a spree that I couldn’t recover from in twen ty-four hours at the farthest, but as time went on I found that my sprees were be coming more protracted and recovery from them more difficult. That condition of things I tried to account for by assuming that the average quality of the whisky had deteriorated, and probably I was right, but nevertheless I kept going from bad to worse. “In the fall of 1863 I left the military service in Virginia, and, after settling my accounts at the War Department and re ceiving several months' back salary, came to New York. But lefore leaving" Wash ington I laid the foundation for the most persistent, long-drawn-out, riveted and clinched drunk that ever took hold of a fellow and wouldn’t let go. “Arriving in New York I hunted up my old friends—l had no difficulty in finding them, in the condition of my finances—and before I had been in the city a week I was hopelessly drunk and broke. I say hope lessly drunk because, though the fact may not be generally appreciated, it is more difficult for a man who has been drunk a week or two to get sober Without money than it is for him to continue his spree in definitely on the same nnsound financial basis. The many little things a man needs as substitutes for rum and to build him up caHnot be obtained without money, while liquor can be as easily procured by a man of large acquaintance as sand on the sea shore or poor accommodations at a high priced summer boarding house. “Well, as I have said, I found myself drunk and broke, and I also found myself desirous of gating sober and going to work. Most of you, I presume, would say that I f ratified my desire within the next twenty our hours, but you would be wrong; ! didn’t, nor did I accomplish the desired re sult within the next two months. “What’s that? Couldn’t have tried very hard? Why, man, I did nothing but try. I couldn’t sleep couldn’t eat, couldn’t think. Often after lying awake three or four hours I would lose myself in sleep and awake thinking I had slept several hours only to find that I hadn’t been asleep two minutes. At times I’d awake with a start, fancy®!; I had heard a noise like a thunder clap or that somebody was pacing heavily up and down the room, merely to discover that there hadn’t been a noise louder than the tread of a fly ou a pane of glass, and that I alone. “FinaUy I got so that I was afraid to be left alone, and though I might be ever so much exhausted physically, I wouldn't go to bed. The only moments of comfort and security I experienced were when I was under the influence of liquor, and the only meals I swallowed were taken after I pre pared my stomach for their retention by filling it about half full of whisky. “Guo afternoon in the middle of Novem ber I was walking aimlessly down Broad way when I chanced to meet an old friend, a railroad man, and to him I told the story of my condition, concluding it with a re quest for a pass to Cincinnati. Why I wanted to go there I can’t tell even now, but I wanted to go somewhere—to run away from myself, if possible. The rail roads weren’t connected through in those days as they are now, and the best my friend could do was to give me a pass to Buffalo, but he also gave me letters which procur'd me passes the rest of the way, and I left New York that night accompanied by two bottles of whisky, a clean shirt and three ugly little red and green devils that hud dogged my more sober footsteps during the previous week. Recourse to the contents of the bottles bad the effect to disperse the devils for the night at least, and in due course of time and circumstance I arrived in Cincinnati alone, the devils having evi dent ly missed a connection somewhere. “The change of scene seemed to do me good, but 1 was still a long way from I icing the same man who had left Washington two months before in excellent health and ebull ient spirits, and an equally groat distance f rom the'goal of sobriety. However,l realized the necessity of obtaining employment at once, as I did not know a soul in the town, and my financial affairs were in a very em barrassing condition. I think I had less than a dollar when this prudential sugges tion crept upon me, and in furtherance of its behest 1 made application for a situation at the first offieo I came to. “Fortunately the proprietors were as anx ious to secure help as I was to get into u po sition of self-susteunnce, and they didn't look me over very carefully, so I was en gaged, to report for duty that night, which I aid. For obvious reasons I drank very sparingly before going to work and felt very snaky as the night wore on. I tried l’.ard to overcome my nervousness by close application to my work, and hud almost de luded myself into the belief that 1 would succeed, when, obeying an incontroliable impulse to took up, knowing full well what 1 should see, I raised my head and to my dismay there sat tie three little devils look itig if j* issihle more gruesome than ever, hut as chipper n> any devils ever were and manifestly delighted to have found me again. They must have come in on ft late train, hut how they managed to procure my address so soon after their arrival and be fore I had fairly memorized it myself 1 have never le-en able to surmise. I’ll swear I didn’t nek ’em. “They took seats in front of my desk, but were sufficiently considerate of my four or fivo hours’ connection with the onleo to re frain from implying intimate acquaint ance with me by betraying solicltiile for my health, referring to our simultaneous de parture from New York, of- Indulging iu other remarks calculated to convey the im pression to strangers that my associations were bad, and for their delicacy and tact l ehull always feel grateful, particularly a* we parted that night never to meet again— on earth, at least/’ “How did you manage to get rid of them?” “X didn’t get rid of thorn; they ‘shook’ me. The sight of those little, grinning sprites sitting in front of me made me awfully thirsty and frightfully nervous. 1 stooj it for a little while, but finally asked permission to go out and get -something to eat.’ Permission was granted, but I couldn’t have eaten anything Lad mv life depended upon my doing so. ’Twas whisky I wanted, and 1 wanted it mighty quick, too. I went out and the three little devils followed, one at each of my shoulders and the third im mediately behind me. VTlie office in which I was employed was located on Fourth street, just below Wal nut, a part of the city as dark and deserted at that time and at that hour of the night (between and 1 o’clock) as in the dry goods or leather district of New York. I was wholly unacquainted with the neigh borhood, of course, and hadn't the faintest idea where to look for a saloou, hut I was rapidly approaching the conviction that I must find one soon or go crazy. The devils were close upon my heels, and I fancied I could see flashes of heat radiating from them and scorching my flesh. Closer and closer they pressed Ine as I walked hurriedly up Fourth street to Syca more, where, not finding a bauroom open, I stopped and retraced my steps, intending to try Fourth street in the opposite direction from Walnut. As I returned to Walnut street something—perhaps ’twas the devils —impelled me to look down the incline toward the river, and, although I had done so when I crossed that street to go up, with out seeing a light, I did so again, and to my unbounded delight 1 saw a red lamp, dim, to be sure, but still to me unmistakable . evidence that I had found what I was iu quest of. “I fairly ran to the place, and found it to be a low groggel-y of the ordinary type: but that discovery didn’t discourage me. It wasn't quality I wanted, but quantity. I stepped down two steps, opened the door, uua went in. The devils went in too. A descent of two steps more brought me to the floor, and half a dozen paees rapidly taken brought me to the bar, which was directly opposite the door and facing it. The room was a large one and dimly lighted, and opening out of it was another room, un lighted, reached by walking down two steps corresponding in their distance of descent with the incline of the street toward the river. These latter details I subsequently learned from the papers, but I mention them as thought! had taken tiiem in with my eyo at the same time in order to show my posi tion, and for the same purpose I will add that a heavy and very dirty tapestry cur tain hung in the doorway between the two rooms and w-as half drawn. “As I went in I observed that the room had but two occupants—the bartender and a man facing him, with the counter between them. Both were talking loudly, but I was so intent upon getting a drink that I scarce ly heeded what they said. I walked over to the bar and called for some whisky, but neither man paid the slightest attention to me, nor appeared to notice that any one had entered the room. “I w-as then aware that the two were quarreling violently, and hesitated a mo ment before relating my demand. Just as I was about to do so, however, th- bartender raised his left hand, which until then had apparently lieen hanging by his side, and iu it was an old-fashioned horse pistol. With the utmost deliberation he pointed it so that the muzzle of the weapon was not more than live or six inches from the other man’s face and fired. The man, who had been partly leaning against the counter, swayed tor an instant and fell to the floor dead, tho whole of his lower jaw having been blown away, and that much I saw before he fell. “For a moment I was stunned, but the ne cessity of getting out of the place as quickly as possible overshadowed all other thoughts iu ray mind. The report of the pistol in that lo w-ceilinged room sounded like a salvo of artillery, and the same power that impels a drowning man to clutch at a straw made it vividly apparent to me that if I would escape from that place unobserved no time must be lost. Accordingly, I made a rush for the door, and with one bound was in thestreet. The devils didn’t go out with me. Hastily glancing up and down the street, and seeing no one, I ran like a deer to the cor ner of Fourth street, and in another minute was at my desk, but the quality and quan tity of my work for the remainder of the night were not such as to justify my em ployers in availing themselves of my ser vices thereafter. “The next morning’s papers contained ac counts of the murder, scrupulously accurate as to description of the scene of the tragedy, but lamentably wanting in circumstantiality of detail as to the occurrence, and conveying to me the startling intelligence that a man was seen running out of the saloou after the shot was fired; that the police were after him and would no doubt have him in custody before night, and thut unquestion ably he was the man who did the killing, os no weapon was found on the person of the bartender or in the saloon. Who had seen me leave the place? Who might have been behind the curtain in the dark room and carefully photographed mj features upon his memory as I stood in the light? “It was not until then thut I liecame really frightened. There I was in a strange town, without means of leaving it except in a manner calculated to excite suspicion and constructively accused of murder A terri ble situation for u man to be in, truly, and all l>ecauso I hud allowed myself to get into such a condition of mental and physical ruin that I must have rum, good or Dad, but rum anyhow. •‘Although my nerves wero very much shattered and my general condition, aside from my feeling of dread lest I should lie arrested, no better than it was when the devils and I walked out of the office the night before, the craving for liquor I had then felt hail vanished, and I mentally do dared my intention of forever abstaining from the use of intoxicants thereafter. This sort of inward preaching didn’t seem to pre sent any way of getting me out of my diffi culty, however, and the more I thought of the Herape I was in the worse it appeared, and the only way out of it seemed to be in getting out of town. “The accomplishment of that much-de sired object without money seemed little less problematical to me than the acquisi tion of tlie required sum, but I lost no time in formulating a scheme involving an ex cursion in auv direction that would place Cincinnati behind me, and started out to put it in practice. After visiting the vari ous railroad Marions nod steamboat wharves, I succeeded late in the afternoon in striking up an acquaintance with u steamboat clerk to whom I told a straight story, if not a true one, and he agreed to take me to Louisville that evening. He did so, and as the boat left the wharf a newsboy's cries reached my ears with startling distinctness, ‘The police on the track of tho murderer.’ The police may huve run down the devils that deserted me in such cowardly fashion that night, but they never got the man who was seen run ning out of tho saloou in Walnut street, nor lias that man ever since touched a drop of Honor. “If you, my moderate-drinking friend, think it as easy as falling off the Brooklyn bridge to get sober when once you’re satu rated with whisky, keep on drinking moder ately, anti some day you’ll find out that it isn’t. - "Great Scott.’ It's <5 o’clock in the morn ing. I /it’s have another lemonade, und I must start for New Rochelle." PRINTER AND BOOKBINDER. -FIFTY-THREE YEARS-1881 At the RutineiH, and up with the Music all the Time. GEO. N. NICHOLS, PRINTING, BINDING - axo— BLANK BOOKS. EverrtliluK complete for the Beat Work. No Mlouchy work, men. No poor work. 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HOUSEWIVES FARMERS C*> STUDENTS | -< e 'I AND ALL OTHERS SHOULD USI P Jft MACBETHACQ| CHIMNEYS F . 1 IF YOU DON’T WANT t< [' ,1 No ANNOYED byConst:if I j BREAKING OF CHIMNEYS best CHIMfiEY MADE For Sale Kverywhorcri WjfVDE ONLY - mr E&iA MACBETH 6 Cd mt.holyoke sewinarl NPITTSBUROH M> V Wo us® nearly (SCO) tluret iOH BMUUESS OHlffwKiiM. hundred light* every oven’ .rated PEARL TOP CK&M& tusri.ent i* that wh would rather iiay a dollar adoroa j them than llfty cents a doaenforany other Chira* fr wo have ever used, L. H. FORTfiK. Steward. BUTTStt. BEST Table Butter ONLY 25c. per ib. STIAISr IIS, 22 and 22 1-2 Barnard St. * ICE. ICE ! Now is tho time when every body wants ICE, and wo want to sell it. PRICES REASONABLE! 20 Tickets, good for 100 Pounds, 75c. 140 Tickets,*good for 700 Pounds, $5. 200 Tickets, good for 1,000 Pounds, $7. 50 Pounds at one delivery 30c. Lower prices to large buyers, ICE Packed for shipment at reduced rates. Careful and polite service. Full and liberal weight. KNICKERBOCKER ICE CO. 14 4 BAY ST, f (111 MISSION MKKf HANTS, -A.. T3. HULL, Wholesale Grocer, Flour, Hay, Grain and Provision Dealer. IPRESH MEAL and OH ITS in white sacks. Mill stuffs of all kinds always on hand. Georgia raised SPANISH PEANUTS, also PEAS; every variety. Special prates car load lots HAY and GRAIN Prompt ,attention given all orders and satis faction guaranteed. OFFICE, S3 BAY’. WAREHOUSE, No. 4 WADLKY STREET, on lino Central Railroad. ‘ WOOD, •. wood; Bacon, Johnson & Cos. Have a flno iitock of Oak, Pine, Lightwood and Kindling, Corner Liberty and East Broad streets. Telephone 117. ♦L. &B.S.M.H. BUILT. ONIONS. ONIONS 60 ("HATES BERMUDAS. 60 CRATES EGYPTIAN. •——FOII *AUt BY C. M. GILBERT & CO. I>YKH. LADIES'f DO your own Dyeing. at homo, with PEER I.KSH DYES. Tliwy will dvr everything They art- wild everywhere. Price 10c. a package -10 color* They have no equal for strength, brightri***, amount in package*, or for faatnox* of color, or non-fading qualßies. They do not crock or smut For sole by It F. Ui,ukh, M, lb, Pharmacist, corner llroughton and Houston streets; p. B. Katn. Druggist and Apothe cary, corner Jones and Abercorn street*; Knw**i> ,1 Kirrcrn, .Druggist, corner Wont Broad and Stewart street* IKON I*ll'K. RUSTLESS IRON PIPE. EQUAL TO GALVANIZED PIPE, AT MUCH LESS PRICE. Weed & Cornwell. I Y’w. PROF. HA W K Es . \\7TTH another expert Oculist, will lie at V Butler s Pharmacy for a few davs, where H.VWKEh (’KYKTALI.IZED LENSES can be had. Ail F.yes fitted. BUTLER’S PHARMACY, COR. BULL ANI) CONGRESS STREETS. MTtkKRY, KIESLING’S NURSERY, White BlufF Road. PUt NTS, BOUQUETS, DESIGNS. CUT FLOWERS furnished to order Leave or dure at DAVIS BROS,', norner Bull and York street*. Toiephone call m lAWYEHS, doctors, minister*, nn-rchautl, J mechanic* and otber*<havtug liooka. inaga fine*, and other printed work to lie bound or re bound can hare *ucb work done in the heat style of the binder * art at the MORNING NEWS UINDDRY, 8 Whitaker street. . _AUCTION SAXES TO-DAY, Fire Auction Sale, THIS PAY, AT 10 O’CLOCK SHARP, Southwest corner of Wnldburg and Burroughs streets. Daniel R. Kennedy, Auctioneer. I will sell all tho goods contained in above store and damaged by tiro lost Tuesday. WHISKY, BRANDY, GIN, SOAP, SUGAR, RICE, TEA, COFFEE. CANNED GOODS, TO HACCO, STARCH, IRON SAFE, SCALES, RE FRIGERATOR, TINWARE, CROCKERY, CASH DRAWER, PICKLES, NOTIONS,STOVE PIPE. etc.; FURNITURE, WINDOW SHADES, etc, 147-Ro member tho hour, 10 o'clock sharp. ACC TTON SA I.ES JUT l’RE DAYS. Unclaimed Freight. Cent rut, ll.ut.Roxu ax a Bawkino Cos., or Ga., I Savannah, June IS, 1887. f Daniel R. Kennedy, Auctioneer. r JHK. foil living unclaimed freight will he sold 1 at public outcry at tho Down Freight Ware house of this company on MONDAY, JULY' 18th at 11 o’clock for the benefit of whom it may concern, and to pay charges thereon. R A, JONES, G A WHITEHEAD, D. R Agent. G. F. and P Agent. ’ 1. G. W Parish. 2 Sugar Mill Rollers. 2. W F, Nnsworthy, 1 box H. Ware. 3. 11 11, ltice, 1 box Mdse 1. G. W, Parish, 1 Sugar Mill A. P. J Crosby, 1 box P. Matter, tl. J. Barnes, 1 Valise. 7. Ohlandcr Bros., 24 bdls. Cots and 1 balo Moss. 8. J. E. Wooten, 1 Iron Safe. 1). 11 C. 1 mtioM, l Valise. 10. W. 1(. Moore, J hoxf'heese. 11. O. \V Parish, 1 Mill, 12. M K Moore, 3 IxixesSoda. 13. F. VV. Harman, 20 pkgs Chair Stuff and 1 pltg Moss. 14. M K. Moore. 1 box Seda. 15. Order, 1 crate D. \V. Machine, Hi A L Brndwell. 1 pkge t 2 boxes), 17. Mrs. F. Henry, 1 box Mdse. 18. M, K Moore, 1 box Soda. JO, 1, C. Keeler, 1 Plow and OR. R. Soops. 20. J N Platt, 1 piece Pipe. 21 J. Newton, 4 Gravestones and 1 box H. Ware, 22 J. C. Martin, 1 box Seeds 38 M. K, Moore, Vi box Soda. 34. 0., 1 Box 25. E. W. W . 2 bills Grits, 1 bbl Vinegar and 1 sack Cotton Seed. 28 No mark, I Tub, 1 Box and Contents. 27. No mark 1 Box. 28 No mark. 1 bbl Rosin Chips. £9. W <£■ 0., 1 Cultivator. 80 No mark, 1 lot, Jugs, Buckets and Traps 31. No mark, 2 Pots. 32 W 0,, 1 Wheeiharrow. 33. No mark. 1 pkge Buckets and Baskets. 34. W W. Randall, 1 box A. Matter. 315. N<> mark, 1 Washsland and ( hair. Bft No mark, U bars Iron and Steel. 87. Ohlamler Bros , 1 bbl 1 coups, 3ft No mark, 1 pkge Brooms and 1 pkge Buckets. 31). No mark, 1 dozen R. Traps. 40 No mark, 3 pieces Plows, 2 bales Slats, 1 pkge Sash. 41 G. E., 1 crate Empty Bottles. 42. No mark, 3Empty Cans and BKegs. 43. F. A. J., Vfe bbl Vinegar. 44. No mark, 1 box Bedding. 45. W , 1 box Hooks, No. 4, 1 sack Cotton Seed. —ALSO—- Various articles left on nasaetiger trains and not called for, consisting of (>vvr<-nat*, T'mbrel las, Parasols, Cloaks, Hals, Dusters, Walking Canes, Gold Eye Glasses, Watch Charms, Silk Capa, Clothing, Waterproofs, Physician’s Case of Instruments, Night Shirts, Valises, Shoos, Pocket Knives, Rubber Coats, Shawis, .Veils, etc., etc. Also, Silver Plated Cups, Walter, Plates, etc , etc LEGAL SALES. "'city MARSHAL’S SALK. City MahsiialV. Orricit, t Savannah, June 7, 1887. f TTNDERANDBY VIRTUE of a apodal tax V.i execution placed in .my bund* by C. S. HARDEE, cjty Treasurer I have levied on, and will sell la accordance with law, on the FIRST TUESDAY’ IN JULY, 1887, between the legal hours of sale, lierore the Court House door. In the city of Savannah, Chatham county, Geor gia, the following property, to-wit: One Pool Table, Cues and Balis, levied on as the property of J. L MURPHY, Purchasers paying for titles ROBERT J WADE, City Mari-hal. LEGAL N <Vr | ( BS. f SEOROIA, Chatham County. Whereas. y r JOHN S. MEHHTENB bos appllfxl to Court of Ordinary for IratU’r* of Administration on the estate of CATHARINE MEHHTENS, deceased. Ttiee are. therefore, to rite and admonish all whom it limy concern to Is and appear U'fore said court, to make objection (If any they have) on or before the FIRST MONDAY IN AUGUST NEXT, otherwise said letters w ill be granted. Witness the Honorable Hami’TO.x L FeKRILL, Ordinary for Chatham county, this tbo Ist day of July, 1887. PHILIP M. RUSSELL, Jk., Clerk a. a. a c. FOB SALE. HOTEL SITE FOR SALE. 7 "HE site known an the United State* Bar rack*, Savannah, Oa., purchased for hotel purpose*, I* offered for sale, conditioned on the erection of a modern hotel of not lea* than 4X) room* within two years from delivery of titles The property 1* centrally located, meaaure* a*) by .-too feet, wltli atreet* on all aides, one of which I* the promenade of the city, and faces south on a beautiful park Savannah ha* go*, electric light*, river and artesian water work* Htreet railroad*, |iald lire de[iarttiient. splendid police force, etc. It i* the headquarter* of two extensive railroad system* and the aouthern terminus of four steamship line*, jt I* an active commercial centre, a* well as one of the handsomest, and healthiest cities In the Union. This Is the best opening to day in the South for a first class hotel. For further particular* ud dress E. A. WEIL or ED. F. NEuFVTLLE, Sa vannah. Ga. KAILUOAII BONUS. The undersigned offers for sale at par ex-July Coupon *600,<100 of the MARIETTA AND north Georgia railway company's FIRST MORTGAGE PER CENT. FIFTY YEAR BONDS, in multiple* of SI,OOO to suit buyer*. r T"HEHF, hotel* can lie safely taken by Invea -1 tor* as n reliable 0 per cent, security, which will. In all probability, advance to 15 jsdnt* above par within the next three or four years, na this road will traverse a country unsurpassed for mineral wealth, for climate, for acenery, lor agriculturul purpose*, and for attractiveness to the settler. The company hna mortgaged Its franchise and entire line of railroad, built ami to be built, nod all It* other property, to the Boston Kufe Deposit and Triitt Company to secure He Issue of 60-year 0 percent. Imnas. These liond* will lie issued at the rati' of about $17,000 jier mile, on a line ex tending from Atlanta, Ga., to Knoxville, T'-nn. A sinking fund Is provided fur their redemption. It will be one of the best paying roads Iri the Eolith It will lie of standard gauge and will develop a region of country extending from Middle Georgia, through North Carolina to Knoxville. Tenn., where it will connect with linen lending to Cincinnati, I/iuisvllle, Bt. Igiul* and Pittsburg, The road is now completed to Murphy, N. C.. find Is to hi- pushed on to Knoxville as fast as the nature or the couutry will js.-niut. The high financial standing and energy of the men prin cipally Iniercstml in it •ufllcwotly guarantees It* oa i ly completion. Further information will be furnished upon application to A. I, HARTRIDGK, Bavnrmoh, fin , or to BOODY, McI.ELLAN * CO., 67 Broadwuy. New York. BTRAWHEHBY CORDIAL. wiffiliilL —*7 A Small Quantity in a Glass of Water Makes a Delicious Drink. * IN QUART BOTTLES A. M. & (fw. WEST'S. C. 11. DORSITT’S COLUMN. Commissioners' Sale for Partition f. H. DORSETT, Auctioneer. Under and by virtue of an order granted by tho Honorable Superior Courtof Chatham county, in the ease of SARAH A. WALTON versus HETTY K WHALEY and the MERCHANTS AND MECHANICS’ LOAN ASSOCIATION, petitition for partition, we will sell, before the Court House door in Savannah, during the legal hours of sale, on TUESDAY, JULY 5, 1887, All of that certain portion of land and tlja tenements thereon, known oa sub-division* No*. 1 ami 2of lot Number 12 Trustees Garden, bav inga front on Reynolds sttvet of seventy-sevea feet and six Inches, with a depth of elghty-two C net for sub-division No, 1, and sixty-five feat for No. 2. Tortus cash. C. H. DORSETT, J L WHATLEY, U. H Mf LAWS, I find Residence FOR SALE, Containing three bed cham bers and hath room on third floor; a parlor, back parlor and piazza on second floor; dining room, store room and kitchen on first floor. The two-story outbuilding contains four rooms. This house is in a good locality, convenient to two lines of cars, churches and schools. As the owner is moving from the city a good bargain can be had. OTHER HIS. A handsome, well-appointed dwelling near the P/irk. In point of location, surround ings and general “piake up” the most critical should be suited with this piece of realty. Near S., t Ry. Depot I have a fin? property, well adapted to business purposes, private dwelling or a board ing house. No City Tax. Beyond Anderson street, I can sell one corner lot Second Avenue and Whitaker, and one inside lot between Whitaker and Barnard on Second Ave nue. —also — One lot on Montgomery, hieing east, between First and Second Avenues. For $1,500 f will sell in the New Addi tion (beyond Anderson) a two-story residence containing three bedrooms, parlor, dining room and kitchen. Lot 30x 145. This is a bargain. For SIO per month and SSO Cash I will sell a beautiful lot ia Southville. Southern front, magnificent oaks and thickly settled neighborhood. For #2OO, To be paid in reasonable time after purchase is made— sl4o one year thereafter, $ 150 two years thereafter $165 three years thereafter, and no interest—l will sell a lot 30x100 on Lorch street, between .Jefferson and Mont* gomery streets. A WEST BROAD STREET CORNER, In a good locality, good for business or residence, size 75 feet on West Broad by 40 feet deep. One Other Chance. • For SIOO Cash And time payments as follows: One year after purchase, S9O; Two years after purchase, $95; Three years after purchase, SIOO, without interest, I will sell a lot on New Houston street, near Burroughs. C. H. Dorsett, REAL ESTATE DEALER. 3