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The morning news. (Savannah, Ga.) 1887-1900, July 12, 1887, Page 7, Image 7

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C OM M Eltd \E. savannah market. OFFirF. OF THE MORNING NF.WS, I Savannah, Ga.. July 11, 4p. m. f rroN'--The market was dull and entirely 1 - na! There was no inquiry, and not a single "-s.i'-tion took place during the day. On v+ l -n '<■ at the midday call, at Ip. in., the mar , ,eported steady and unchanged. The /'niwbig are the official spot quotations of ♦fi!' Cotton Exchange: Middling, fair ' ]\H. flood middling Uootl ordinary 1° svn Island— The market continues dull and nominal- Nethir.g doing and no sales. We '’common Georgias and Floridas 14 @l6* Extra flue vfr? 1 Choice. •• : f Comparative Cotton Statement. Receipts, Exports and Stock Bn Hand Jply 11,1887, and for the Sams; Time East Year, 1886-87. j 1885-BG. /&.jj < * tond || JSSa Uplan * Stock on hand Sept. 1 1,149 i 4,301 551 3,298 Received to-day 4, 4,1 318! Received previously 27.230jj 771,230j I 23,388 778,57/3^ Total 28,383. j 775,538;; 23,030 752,169 : Exported to-day. | 121 1 2u 128! J Exported previously 27,831 775,042 ji 22 Ci w 770.074! 1 Total 27 y.',\ \ 77fc,< j 1 ' 22. 158 97 \\ \ |v “ j— ! \ Total I SUM 484,1 1,1611 6,372* Rice—The market was firm and fairly active at quotations. The sales for the day were about 600 barrels. We quote: a:::.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::*® Prime lots W>@ 90 Tidewater.. . 90@1 15 Naval Stores— The market for spirits tur pentine tvas very firm, but more or less nominal, buvers and sellers being apart. There were no safes. At the Board of Trade on the open ing call the market was reported firm at 30c bid (or regulars. At the closing call it was firm at asked for regulars. Rosin—The market was fairly active but prices were somewhat easier. The sales for the day were about 2,800 barrels. At the Board of Trade on the first call the market was reported dull for K and above and steady for I and below, with sales of 157 barrels, at, the following Quotations: A, B. C and D SI 00, ESI 02(6. F 1 07W. ti SI 1% H $1 17!4, I $1 25, K SI 45, M 1 65. *N SI 80, window glass $2 15, water white 8 5.1. At the closing call it was steady with further sales of 1,270 barrels at $l2O for I, $1 75 for X and $2 10 for window glass, other grades unchanged. NAVAL STORES STATEMENT. Spirits. Rosin. Stock on hand April 1 2,543 77,408 Received to-day 1,244 3.213 Received previously 68,682 154,619 Total 72,469 285,270 Exported to-day 3,328 1,930 Exported previously 61,400 179,372 Total 64,788 181,302 Stock on hand and on shipboard to-day 7.681 63,068 Receipts same clay last year. .. 1,136 3,556 Financial—Money is very quiet. Domestic Exchange Steady. Banks and bankers are buying sight drafts at % per cent, premium and selling at % per cent premium. Foreign Exchange —The market is easy. Commercial demand, $4 83%; sixty days, |4 bi*>4: ninety days, $4 81%; francs, Paris and Havre, commercial, sixty days, $5 34%; Swiss, $ i marKs, sixty days, 94% Securities— The market is rather more active than it lias been since July 1. Stocks and long cl-'t** hands .ire freely taken by investors at in fi'ie quotar 1 ns. Debentures and city bonds are f •t 11 Moment neglected, but the offering p. ill soon bring out buyers. S: r:s and Bonds —City Bonds— Quiet. At- L'.iita *i per cent loug date. 108 bid, 110 asked; Atlanta 7 per cent 118 bid, 131 asked: Augusta 7 percent long date, 115 bid, 118 asked; Augusta I'S long date, KH bid, 110 asked; Columbus 5 per cent, PH) bid, 105 asked; slacon 6 per cent. 111 bid, 113 asked; new Savannah 5 per cent, October coupons, 101 bid, 103 asked; new Savannah 5 per cent. August coudodh, 103 bid, 103 asked. state Hands— Market steady, with light sup ply Georgia new os, 1889, 103 bid, 104 asked; Georgia now 4%5. 100% bid, 100% asked; Geor gia 7 per cent gold, quarterly coupons, 107 bid, 107% asked; Georgia 7 per cent, coupons January and July, maturity 1896, 119 bid, 121 asked Railroad Stock# —Central common 121 hid, 123 asked; Augusta and Savannah 7 per cent guar anteed, 133 bid, 134 asked: Georgia common, 107 bid. 200 asked: Southwestern 7 per cent guaranteed, 128 bid, 128% asked; Cen tral 0 per cent certificates, ex-interest, 100% bid. mi asked; Atlanta aud West Point rail road stock, ex-dividend, ill bid, 112 asked; Atlanta and West Point 6 per cent certificates, 102% bid, 103 asked. Railroad Bond# —Market quiet. Savannah, Florida ;tnd Western Railway Company general jnoitgage 6 per cent interest, coupons October, ll’> asked; Atlantic and Gulf first mortgage consolidated 7 per cent coupons, January and July, maturity 1807, 119 bid, 121 asked; Central consolidated mortgage 7 percent, coupons January and July.maturity 1893,110 bid. IJ, ; Georgia railroad 6s. 1897. 106 bid 108 asked; Mobile and Girard second inort gap* indorsed 8 per cent, coupons January and July, maturity 1889, 105 bid, 106 asked; Mont gomery and Eufaula first mortgage 6 per cent, indorsed by Central railroad, 109 bid, 110 asked: Marietta and North Georgia first, mortgage, 50 years. 6 ner cent, 99 bid, 100% asked; Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta first mortgage, 113 as <ed; Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta ** f >nd mortgage, 110 asked; Western Ala second mortgage indorsed 8 per cent, ] ,bid, 109 asked; South Georgia and Florida indorsed, 118 bid, 120 asked, South Georgia and ] rtda second mortgage, 111 bid, 1 10 asked; Augusta and Knoxville first mortgage 7 percent. 110 bid. 11l asked; Gainesville. Jef nr S i°!V lnd ou tbern first mortgage guaranteed, I 1 ’bid, 116% asked; Gainesville. Jefferson and Bouthern not guaranteed, 112 hid, 116% askod; JKvan 1 Steamship 6 per cent bonds, gunran -1 by Centrul railroad. 102 bid, 103 asked: wames villa, Jefferson and Southern second guaranteed, 118 bid; ton unbus and Rome first mortgage bonds in oorsed by Central railroad, 100 bid, 106 asked; v*i 1 18 anfl Western 0 per cent guaranteed, J;. bid, in asked; City and Suburban rail rjjf first inort gage 7 per eent, 109 bid. 110 Oglethorpe Savings and Trust Com- P-‘nv, 106 bid, lot asked. Mwk* —Nominal. Southern Bank of p btate of Georgia, 200 bid. 205 askod; Mor wiauts' National Bank, 160 bid, 163 asked: Ha 'aunah Bank and Trust Company, 97 bid, 99 T"*' ; National Bank of Savannah, 120 bid. 121 wK(xl. Oas Works-Savannah Oas Light stock, ex '’idend,siu hid, 38 asked; Mutual Oas Light Kock. go l,td,w asked. ®Y°s- Market lli'rn and advancing; demand smoked clear rib sides. liV4e: shoulders, ; dry suite,! clear rib sides. 8J40; long clear, Y': shoulders, none; hams, Ido. tiaooiNo avd Ties Market quiet. We quote: : lbs S’, -j lbs, 71... 0;.v. IK * ' according to brand and quantity. , n ties Arrow and other brands, $1 00® 1 05 l 1 bundle, according to brand and quantity, inking rind lies in retail lots a fraction higher, uittkii Market steady; oleomargarine, 14® , m' , “ •• (iosuen, loc; gilt odge, 23c; cream c* . • Wis£jq, Cabbage- Northern. 9®loc. si, The market is llrua. We quote for a.,, lots: Ordinary. 18c; fair, 19c; good, '•choice, 21c; peaberry, 2SWe. , 'y r Market nomlualjsmalldomandißtock ii, " qu"t-, ll®lse. - torn hki iT Appie. evaporated, I3c:peelod, o • peachpeeled. 19c; unpeeled, s®7c; cur ii S' ' it rot,. ase. f.,L' tY ,.V 1,0n —The market is firm; business it 1., VVI 'i'mte: Prints, 4.Gc; (ieorgia brown i,, ttyo; r 8 do, 5)4c; 1-4 brown sheet- Vao; whii,> osnahurgs, 8)4®10c; checks, lag/ C for best makes; brown drill nuote full weights; Mackerel— st,®lboo; No. 3, half barrels, nominal, No. 3, 81' ,V). Herring—No. S. scaled cod, s@kv R Market unsettled; demand moderate. -''.dUote: Extra, R 4 IW®4 10; fancy, *4 86® A ,!Jj’ '-hoico patent, $5 25®5 50; family, 4 00® J R V l l~;hmone—Market advancing and de "'•ind fair. We quote. $4 00®4 50. ‘ui.m- Corn Market vary ilrm; demand light. W;. quote: 'ATiite corn, job lots, 03c; earload I } ,}*’ ‘‘ in,. 'Jw co , rn -, j°b lots. Ole; carload ni , :, °. Jts steady, ilemand ' in" v earload lots, 40c. Bran. grist, pSS; 7£**"' erißt ’ I>er *“*• *> stoct Y Tm?o ket w ry ‘ il ' ,n ’" itll 11 fair demand; *n- 9 1 7," e J uote job lots: Western, eriEiione <>ad 0U ’ flo °' Easteni * uone - North cei.Vtk E fi KiF -Fii'les Market dull; re ceipts light; di-y flint, 12c; salted, 10c; dry butcher,-Bc. Wool—Market weak and declin mg: prime in hales, Tallow. Deer skins, Hint, -Joc salted, 16c. Otter skins, 50c<g,$4 00 ’ ißos-Market firm; Swede, 4)4@3c; refined, tjUnro-Marketisfirm; in tierces, 7%c; 50H Lime, Calcined Plaster and Cement—Ala lime is 111 fair demand, and is selling fee ,"i.r-rbaw-K.Ucorgia. $1 30; calcined plac- L? D If 'l arrel * balr - *'■• Rosendale cement, $1 50; Portland cement, $2 50. Liquoßa—Full stock; steady demand. Bour s?‘- v ,f 1 o ? I ®-;V )0: rye- 5150@6 00; rectified, S-i ooeji .10. Ales unchanged and in fair de mana. v, N &^ arke , t f l rn , 1: fair demand. We quote: lOd to per keg!*’ 6d ’ '• “• Tarragona, 17(g;l8c; walnuts, French. 19c; Naples, 16c; pe enns, 10cBrazil, 10c; filbertkS, 19c; cocoanuts, Baracoa, $5 95 per 100. Oils-Market firm; demand good. Signal, 4.**: West Virginia black, 0@10e: lard, mV; headlight, 15c; kerosene, 10c; water white, ltftoe; neats foot, 62fft.80c; machinery, 25@:-ioc; Unseed, raw. 52c; boiled, 55c; mineral seal, 10c; fireproof, 18c; homelight, 18c. i) x i oks— - Bermuda, Si GO jier crate; native, SHH)(g,I 25 per crate; I’gyptian, §2 75 per crate. POTATOKS-Scotcb, S3 Peas—Demand light; cow peas, mixed, 75© HOc; day, $1 00© 1 15: speckled, $1 00©1 15; black eye, Si 50;. white crowder, Si 50© 1 75. Prunes—Turkish, 5->4c; French, Bc. Raisins -Demand light; market steady; loose new Muscatel. $2 00; layers, J 2 00 per box; I.on don layers, $2 25 per box. Shot—Drop, gl 40: buck. $1 65. Salt— The demand is moderate and the mar lcet is quiet; earload lots, t/ic fob; job lots. 75(3 90c. Sugar—The tnaket is firm; cut loaf, 6-T£c; standard A, 6c; extra C, 5%c: C yellow, 5%c; granulated, t>)^c; powdered, ti>se. Syrup—Florida and Georgia syrup. 40345 c; the market is quiet for sugarhouse at 33(340c; Cuba straight goods, 2Se m hogsheads; sugar house molasses, 20c. Tobacco—Market dull; demand moderate. We quote: Smoking, 25c(It $1 25: chewing, com mon, sound, 254130 c; fair, 30®35c; medium, 88@50c; bright, 50@75c: fine fancy, 850/90c; extra fine, 90e<3i$l 10; bright navies, 45@75c; dark navies. 40@50c. Lumber—The demand from the West is quiet, owing to fear of effeet of interstate com merce bill; coastwise and foreign inquiry is only fairly active. Prices for average schedules are firm at quotations: We quote, t ob: Ordiuarysizes $lB 50®17 00 Difficult sizes 16 00®;21 50 Flooring boards 16 00@20 50 Shipstuff 18 50@21 50 Timber—Market dull and nominal. We quote: 700 feet average $ 9 00@11 00 800 “ “ 10 00® 11 00 900 “ ‘ ll 00@12 00 1,000 *• “ 12 00@14 00 Shipping timber in the raft— Tod teet average $ 6 00@ 7 00 80J “ “ 7 00@ 800 900 “ “ 8 00@ 9 00 1,000 “ “ 9 00@10 00 Mill timber $1 below these figures. FREIGHTS. Lumber—By Sail—There has lieen no arrivals hits week. Vessels, however, are offered freely. The market is very quiet. Freight limits are from $5 00 to $6 25 from this and the near Georgia ports to the Chesapeake ports, Philadelphia. Sow York, Sound ports and eastward. Timber, 50c@$l 00 higher than lumber rates. To the West Indies and wind ward, nominal; to South America, sl3 00@14 00; to Spanish and Mediterranean ports. sll 00® 12 00; to United Kingdom for orders, timber, 27@285; lumber. £3 15s. Steam—To New York, $7 00: to Philadelphia. $7 00; to Boston, $9 00. Naval Stores—Dull. Foreign—Cork, etc., for orders, 2s 10)<jd, and, or, 4s lkjd; Adriatic, rosin, 8s; Genoa, rosin, 2s 10)£d. Coastwise—Steam— To Boston. 50c on rosin. $1 00 on spirits; to New York, rosin 50c, spirits 80c; to Philadelphia, rosin, 30c, spirits 80c; to Baltimore, rosin 30c, spirits 70c Cotton—By Steam—The market is nominal Liverpool via New York H 3-lod Liverpool via Baltimore 'd -t> 3-likl Antwerp via New York S> Vqd Havre vta New York K n> 9-10 c Havre via Baltimore 66c Bremen via New York K 9' 11-16 c Reval via New York .. .... 11-32d Bremen via Baltimore f? 11 <j£c Amsterdam via New York 65c Amsterdam via Baltimore 61c Genoa via New York lb -Vd Boston jo bale 1 85 Sea island © Fale 1 70 New Y ork $1 bale 1 35 Sea island W bale 1 85 Philadelphia W bale 135 Sea island K bale 1 35 Baltimore j|l bale 1 25 Providence i? bale 1 60 Rice -By steam— New York i'4 barrel GO Philadelphia $ barrel 60 Baltimore ij) barrel 60 Boston it barrel 60 Vegetables—By Steam—(By special contract i —To New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Balti more, standard crates, 20c; batrels, 40c. With out the contract , crates, Ssc; barrels, 75c. COUNTRY PRODUCE. Grown fowls pair $ 65 ® 80 Chicki-.ns, Uto % grown 40 C<t, 60 Springers 25 (G. 40 Ducks V pair 60 <a 75 Geese pair 75 ®1 00 Turkeys V pair 1 25 @2 00 Eggs, country, %1 dozen 14 tip 15 Peanuts— Fancy li p. Va. jj) lb. . (g\ 6 Peanuts—Hand picked i* ft ® 5 Peanuts—Ga. 11 bushel, nominal. 75 C& 90 Sweet potatoes, yel. reds H bush. 50 ® 60 Sweetpotatoes, yel.yamsybush. C 5 da 75 Sweet pot s, white yams ft bush 40 &50 Poultry —Market steady; receipts neavy; demand light for grown; half to three-quarters grown in good request Eggs—Market sternly, with a good demand and scarce. Peanuts— Ample stock; demand fair; market steady. Sugar-'Georgia and Florida, nominal: none m market. Honey—No demand, nominal. Sweet Potatoes—Scarce; receipts very light; demand good. _____ MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH, FINANCIAL. London, July 11.—On the Stock Exchange to day foreign securities were flat. Rnssians were especially affected, audliave fallen 2 per cent. This is due to articles in the Berlin press dis avowing investment in Russian stocks Other markets are flat in sympathy with foreign secu rities, and especially is this tho case with the home railroads. Dispatches from Berlin report weak markets there. .... Nkw Y'ork, July 11, noon.—Stocks dull but steady. Money easy at 4®5 tier cent. Exchange —long $4 82%®4 82%. short, $4 84®4 84)4. State bonds neglected. Government bonds dull but S 5 iu m.—Exchange dull and unchanged at $4 84 ®4 85%. Money easy at B®s jier cent., closing offered 3 per cent. Sub-Treasury bal aliens—Gold. $133,915,000: currency, $12,166,0k). Government bonds dull but steady; four per cents 12794; four and a half per ceuts 109. State bonds dull but steady. The slock market was unusually dull throughout the entire day. and the result of the transactions of very little importance. Trading retained its ugtial professional character, with an almost total lack of feature. The course of prices was very irregular, but fluctuations, except iti one or two stocks, were confined with In fractional limits. Some depression was caused In the early trading by unexpectedly low figures from London. Humors throwing doubt upon the financial status of some of the parties to the Baltimore and Ohio d*-al caused some feeling of uncertainty, and the assertion that tho government would advertise forthe purchase of bonds in the near future had a stimulating in fluence upon prices. The manipulation of YVheeling and Like Erie, by w hich its prices was depressed nearly 10 per cent., lollowed by a partial recovery, had no influence whatever on the general list. Manhattan regained part or its lute losses, but movements in tho remainder were generally without significance. The open ing was quite irregular, though changes from Saturday's figures were for small fractions, exec ~ in YVhSelh.g and Lake Erie, which was down 76 per cent. The market was (lull but firm in the early trading, and few slocks dis played decided Strength early. The advantage, however was generally lost, before noon, by which time YVheeling and Like Erie had reached its lowest lioint. The market was alternately heavy and firm within very narrow limits, and beyond rallies in Wheeling and l-ttke Erie and Ytanhattan, the afternoon s trading was entirely featureless. The close was generally heavy at or near the lowest figures reached. Notwith standing this, however, a majority of the stocks show sliarlit advance* compared with Satin* duyM fiS nt" The net loss in Wheeling and I hko Erie is 8% per cent Tho day s transac tioii* aoc-regated 111.660 shares. Tho following were the closing quotations. Ala. Class A.2 to 5.106 New Orleans Pa- Ala. class B, ss. . 110 cifie. Ist inort.. .* Georgia7s,molt. 102 N. Y Central ■•■•108% N (Aiolina 6* 121% Norf. AW. pref.. 46 V Carolina 4s ... 97 Nor. PhcMe . ,IM % pactAeMai^::: 4$ THE MORNING NEWS: TUESDAY, JULY 12, 1887. Tennessee 6s 73% Reading 56% Virginia tfs 48 Richmond & Ale.. 2% Va. consolidated. 51 Richmond & Danvlso Ch’peake &. Ohio 7 Richm'd &W. Pc. Chic. &. Northw'n. 117 *4 Terminal 29% “ preferred .147 Rock Island 129 Bela., Lack ft W.. 131% St. Paul 86% Erie 30% “ preferred.. 12014 East Tennessee. Texas Pacific 29% new stock 12% Tenn. Coal <£ Iron. .31 Lake Shore 00% Union Pacific 56 L'ville & Nash 62% N. J. Central 78% Memphis & Char *52 Missouri Pacific... 103 Mobile & Ohio . 12% Western Union .. 76% Nash. A: Chatt'a.. 79 Cot ten Oil Trust oer 40% •Bid. COTTON. Liverpool, July 11, 12:80 p. m.—Cotton steady and in fair dem&iul; middling uplands 5%d, mid dling Orleans 5%d; salens 10.000 bales, for speculation and export 2,000 bales; receipts li.OtXi hales—American none. Futures— Uplands, low middling clause. July and August delivery 5 52 64d, also 5 53-64d; Au gust and September 5 52-64d: September and October 5 30-o4d, also 5 31-64d; October and November 5 21-64d, also 5 22-64d; November and Decembers 18-64d, also 5 19-64d; December and January 5 18-04d; September 5 52-64d. Market steady. The tenders of deliveries at to-day's clearings amounted to 300 bales new’ docket. 2 p. m. —The sales to-day included 8,000 bales of American. Futures— Uplands, low middling clause. July delivery 5 52-64d, sellers; July and August 5 52-64d, sellers; August and September 5 51-oki, sellers; September and October 5 29-64d, buyers; October and November 5 21-G4d, sellers; Novem ber and December 5 18-64d, sellers; December and January 5 17-Old, value; January and February 5 17-64(1, value; September 5 51-Old, sellers. Market easy. 4 p. m.— Futures: Uplands, low middling clause, July delivery §5O-64d, sellers; July and August 5 50-64d,.sellers; August and September •\ 49-OJd, buyers; September and October 5 2S-64d, .sellers; October aud November 5 20-64d. sellers; November and December 5 10-04d. buyers; De cember anil January 5 10-G4d, sellers: January and February 5 16-Old, sellers; September 5 49-64(1, buyers Market closed quiet. New York, July 11, noon.—cotton opened easy; middling uplands 10 13-lOc, middling Or leans lie; sales 1,800 bales. Futures—Market opened easy, with sales as follows; July delivery 10 03c, August 10 OSc. September 9 97c, October 9 05c. November 9 50c, December 9 54c. 5:00 p. m.—Market closed easy; middling up lands 10 1116 c, middling Orleans 10%o; sales to-day 2.001 bales. Futures—Market closed quiet but steady, with sales of 184.900 bales, as follows: July delivery 10 soc, August 10 Ole, September 9 Bi>(s 9 87c, October .9 59<Qfi) 60c, November 9 51 @9 52c, December 9 Sic, January 9 53c, February 9 59@9 00c, May 9 (34 ($9 05c. Green & Cos. s report on cotton futures savs: ‘ There was some labored dealing in contracts to-day, but the bulk of business was the result of a pressure to realize, and the heavy decline shown on old crop, amounting to some 20(330 points at one time. The weakness of Liverpool and the forward condition of the new crop, with a general holding off of the home trade, were the starting influences, and as the market de clined, increased offerings on stop orders added to the weight bv bringing out and liquidat ng long cotton. New Orleans was also a heavy seller here, aud altogether matters were much depressed. The new crop was not quite so much depressed, but lost about 10 points on the extreme decline. At the close t here was a small recovery, but with an unsettled feeling.” Galveston, July 11.—Cotton nominal; mid dling 10%c; net receipts 10 bales, gross 10; sales none; stock 3,307 bales. Norfolk, July 11.—Cotton quiet; middling 10%o; net receipts 99 bales, gross 99; sales 98 bales; stock 3,005 bales; exports coastwise 171 bales. Baltimore,July 11.—Cotton nominal: middling 1 l%c; net receipts 2 bales, gross 2; sales none; stock 2.795 bales. Boston, July 11.—Cotton quiet: middling 11c; net receipts b.iles, gross 588; sales none; stock none: exports to < treat Britain 6 bales. Wilmington, July 11.—Cotton nominal; mid dling 10>4c; net receipts none, gross none; sales none; stock 952 bales; exports coastwise 100 bales \ Philadelphia,July 11 .—Cotton quiet: middling ll%c; net receipts 13 bales, gross 13; stock 14,516 bales. New Orleans, July 11.—Cotton easy; quota tions revised; middling 10c; net receipts 9 bales, gross 45; sales 1,250 bales; stock 06,146 bales; exports coastwise 2,600 bales. Mobile, July 11.—Cotton nominal; middling 10%c; net receipts 5 bales, gross 5; sales none; stock 388 bales: exports coastwise 32 bales. Memphis, July 11. Cotton quiet; middling 10%e: receipts 29 bales; shipments none; sales 75 Dales; stock 7,482 bales. Augusta, July 11.—Cotton quiet; middling receipts bales; sales 54 hales. Charleston. July 11.—Cotton quiet; middling 1034 c; net receipts 108 bales, gross 108; sales none; stock OSS bales. Atlanta, July 11. —Cotton—middling 10%c; receipts 1 bale. New York, July 11.—Consolidated net receipts for all cotton ports to-day 650 bales; exports to Great Britain 457 bales, to the continent 712; stock at all American ports 238,473 bales. PROVISIONS. GROCERIES, ETC. Liverpool. July 11, 12:30 p. rn.—Wheat firm; demand fair; hollers offer sparingly. Corn steady; demand fair. Lard, prune Western 3ls. New York, July 11, noon. —flour quiet but firm. Wheat higher. Corn Ixstter. Pork steady; mess. $l5 5O. Lard firm at $6 80. Freights steady. Old mess pork steady at $l4 50 (£l4 75. 500 p. m.—Flour. Southern quiet and firm. Wheat, winter %@%c lower; spring %(&lc higher; No. 2 spring 88(£83%c; No. 2 red. July delivery 85 7-16(£87%e, August 85%(£85%c. Corn heavy and a shade lower; No. 2, July ne livery 44c, August 45%@45%c Oats %<3%c higher; No. 2, 34%(&35%c: mixed Western 85 37: No. 2, Julv delivery 33 9-16(£33%c, August 31%(£31%c. l)ops unchanged. Coffee, fair Rio steady at I8%c; No. 7 Rio, July delivery 16 66® 16 85c, August 16 80®17 00c. Sugar steady; re fined quiet but barely steady. Molasses dull and nominal. Cotton seed oil—B4® 36c for crude, 42%(£44c for refined. Hides qniet and steady. Wool film. Pork steady; $l4 50® 14 75 for old mess, $13(£15 50 for new. Beef dull. Middles dull ami nominal. I,ard a couple points higher but quiet; Western steam, on spot $6 84c, Au gust delivery $0 82®0 80. Freight* firm; cotton 7-G4d, wheat %and. Chicaoo, July 11.—Tho wheat market opened actively and with a showing of greater strength, partly due to higher prices on the New A ork market. August started %c higher at 73Uc\ The Saturday talk of a decrease in the visible supply was continued this morning, with more or less of bullish effect, at least enough to holl August up to 73%<£78%c, where it remained with a good deal of persistency. Alter the first hour or so of the session local interest in the market rather died out and the speculative crowd thinned materially, but nevertheless kept up a semblance of trading. The visible supply, ns announced, proved a decrease of only 1,426,- OUO bushels in wheat, which, though less than was expected, was still enough to hold values steady and firm. During the last half hour sellers were pretty free about offering wheat and prices gradually eased hack to 72%£/>73c, where the market closed. Corn was only mod erately active, but a fair volume of trade is re ported. Early in the day there was a fair de mand from local shorts and the market ruled quite firm. The opening was %<&%c higher than the closing figures of Saturday. After fluctuating some time at this price the advance was lost. August sold at 30%e at the opening and 36%®80%e at the close. Oats were quiet. August ranged between 25%c and 25)4c. Pro visions were more active, with a decidedly stronger feeling. Outside orders to purchase short ribs, with considerable demand for the same article on the part of local shorts, under the Impression that the market is oversold for August and September deliveries, aud that con tracts have centered in the bauds of a prominent operator, was the main support of the market in a general way, and caused a sharp advance in price*. Other articles sympathized to some extent, with this movement, and prices were slightly advanced, with only moderate trading. August short ribs started at $7 70, sold up to $7 87% and closed at $7 80. September ribs opened at $7 87%, sold up to $B, and closed at $7 90. August lard opened 2%c higher at $6'55 and eased off to the closing figure, $0 52%. fash quotations to-ilay ruled as follows: Flour in better demand but unchanged. Wheat, No. 2 spring 71%®720, No. 3 spring 63c; No. 2 red 74%c. Corn, No. 2, 35%c. Oats, No. 2, 25%c. Mess pork $l4 30® 15 00. Lard. $0 45. Short rib sides, loose, $7 75®7 80. Dry salted shoul ders, boxed, $5 70; short clear side*, boxed, $8 15. Whisky $1 10. Leading lutures ranged as follows: Opening. Highest. Closing. No. 3 Wheat— July delivery 71 71)6 7t?6 August delivery. 73)4 73’4 72)g Kept, delivery... 71% 75)4 74)6 Colts-- July delivery... 8576 35 % 33% August delivery. 3*1)4 36V4 361* Bept, delivery... V,% 37)4 37)4 Oats— July delivery.... .... August delivery. 26)4 25)4 25)4 Sept, delivery... 20)4 20)4 28)4 Mess Pork—Nomina). Lard — July delivery.... $6 50 sfi 50 $5 47W August delivery, fl 55 655 6 .ViU Sept, delivery.... 6 67)4 6 67)4 6 62)5 Short Ribs— July delivery... $7 70 $7 87)4 $7 77)4 August delivery. 7 70 7 8714 780 Sept, delivery. . 7 82)4 7 97)4 "*> Baltimore, July 11.—Flour nominally steady; Howard street and Western superfine $2 50® 8 00. extra $3 15®8 73, family $4 Oo®4 80, city mills superfine S3 50®J Oil, extra $3 25463 75; Kiolirau KSI e0®475, Wheat—Southern tinner but quiet; red 85@85%c, amber 86®87c; West ern steady, closing quiet; No. 2 winter red, oil spot Mfi.84%0. Corn—Southern firm and fairly active; white 56@.57c, yellow 48®49c; Western easier but dull. St. Louis. July 11.— Flour quiet and dull. Wheat irregular, weak, and '4O lower. An attempt was made all the morning to knock ]e off, and the market declined, but recovered at the close; No. 2 red, cash 74%c, July delivery 74)4@74%c. August 74%@7.5c. Corn improved )4<fh%c and closed dull; cash 82%e. August de livery 82%@83c, September 34®S4)ic. Oats easy; cash 28c; July delivery 2 Ic, August 26c. Whisky steady. Provisions dull: Pork irregu lar; new sls 50. Lard, $6 30. Dry salt meats, boxed shoulders $.3 75; long clear $7 7rub,7 85, clear ribs $7 95. short clear $8 15®8 20. Bacon —boxed shoulders $6 25, long clear and clear ribs $8 75, short clear $9 12%. Hums steady at sll 00®14 00. Louisville. July 11.—Grain firm: Wheat- No. 2 red, 75c. Corn—No. 2 mixed 40e. Oats— No. 2, 29®29%c. Provisions quiet: Bacon—clear rib sides $8 50, clear sides $8 90: shoulders $6 50. Bulk meats-clear rib sides $7 80. clear sides ?8 12%; shoulders $5 75. Mess pork nominal. Hams, sugar-cured, sll 25(3) 12 00. Lard, choice leaf SB. Cincinnati, July 11. —Flour dull: family $3 30, fancy $3 75(0 3 90." Wheat firm; No. 2 red 7434 c. Corn strong and higher; No. 2 mixed 41%® 42c. Oats strong; No. 2 mixed 30%® ; llc. Pro visions—Pork in fair demand at sls. Lard firm at $6 20. Bulk meats strong and higher; short rib* SB. Bacon strong: short ribs $8 85, short clear $9 05. Whisky steady at $1 05. Hogs active and Ann; common and light $4 00®I 15, packing and butchers $4 70@5 20 New Orleans, July 11.—Markets unchanged. naval stores. I.ondon, Jtilv lb—Spirits turpentine 27s 3d. Liverpool. July 11, 12:30 p. m.—Spirits tur pentine 27s 3d. New Y'ork, July 11, noon.—Spirits turpentine dull at 83%® 33%e. Rosin dull at $1 10® 1 15. 5:00 p. m Rosin at $1 lOojl 15. Turpentine steady at 33%c. Charleston, July 11.—Spirits turpentine steady at 30%e. Rosin steady; good strained 90c. Wilmington, July 11.— Spirits turpentine firm at 30c. Rosin firin'; strained 85c. good strained 90c. Tar firm at $1 23. Crude turpentine Arm; hard $1 10; yellow dip $1 95; virgin $2 00. rice. New York, July 11. —Rice steady. NewOrlkans, July 11. —Rice unchanged. Fruit and Vegetable Market. The following special to the Morning News is published for the benefit of our Florida and Georgia readers and those interested in fruits and vegetables, and can be relied upon as accu rate and reliable: Boston. July 11. Watermelons, Georgia, small, 15®20e apiece; medium, 20®25c apiece; extra choice, 25®50c apiece. O. G. Pearson, Agent Florida Dispatch Line. SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. ’ AL3IANAC—THIS DAY. Sunßises 5:06 Sun Sets 7:01 II iou Water at Savannah 12:49 am. 1:28 p m Tuesday, July 12, 1887. ARRIVED YESTERDAY. Steamship Gate City, Taylor, Boston—C GAn - derson. Agent. Steamer Silver Star, Holmes, Beaufort- Master. Steamer Katie, Bovill, Augusta and way land ings—.) G Medlock. Agent. Steamer David Clark. Usina, Fernandina—C Williams, Agent. Steamer Seminole, Strobhar, Beaufort, Port Royal and Bluffton—H A Strobhar, Manager. CLEARED YESTERDAY. Bark Talisman (Nor), Anderson, Antwerp— Holst & Cos. DEPARTED YESTERDAY. Steamer Silver Star, Holmes, Beaufort— Master. Steamer Grace Pitt, Willetts, Beaufort, Port Royal and Bluffton—Master. Steamer Pilot Boy, Phillips, Beaufort—Master. MEMORANDA. New York, July 9—Arrived, selirs Annie P Chase. Poole. Fernandina: Fannie Brown, Shar rett. do: E II Herriman, YVood, do. Cardiff. July 9—Arrived, bark Felice B (Ital), Ferrari, Pensacola. Isle of Wight. July B—Passed, steamship Her cules (Br), Chambers, Bull River, S C, for . Whitehaven. July B—Arrived, bark: Tamora, (Br), Ploeotnbe, Darieu. Lizard, July 8— Passed, steamship Bcnison (Bri, Fulton, Port Royal, S C, for Hamburg. Apalachicola July 9—Cleared, schr Melissa A YVilfey, Willey. Boston. Baltimore, July 9—Arrived, schr Annie Bliss, O'Donnell. Savannah. Cleared and sailed, schr A Denike, Townsend, Savannah. lu Hampton Roads. July 8. schr Etna. Mc- Cumber, New Y'ork via Norfolk for Fernandina. Darien, July B—Cleared, bark Ansio (Rus), Soderholm, Lisbon. Hyannis. July 9—Sailed from the outside, schr T B Garland, Kelley, for a Southern port, Pensacola, July 9—Arrived, bark Bakren(Aus), Miculicich, Cette. Cleared, schr Susie P Oliver. Snare, Philadel phia; steam tug E E Simpson, Pascagoula. Port Royal. S C, July 9—Cleared, brig Lewis L Squires. Overton, New York. Philadelphia. July 9—Arrived, schr Lois V Chaples, Ross, Fernandina Cleared, bark Altamaha, Pray, Savannah Bull River, SC, July 7 —Arrived, steamship Ashdell (Br). Main, Philadelphia. Sailed Bth, steamship Hartlepool. Evans, Plymouth via Sydney, C B. New Y’ork, July 11—Arrived, steamships Ser via and Alaska, Liverpool; Fulda, Bremen: Bo hernia, Hamlntrg. Arrived out, steamship Werra, New Y'ork for Bremen. RECEIPTS. Per steamer David Clark, from Fernandina and way landings—4o bills spirits turpentine, 1 tierce bacon, 26 bbls rosin, 8 bales hides, 1 box wax, 1 casting. Per steamer Katie, from Augusta and way landings— 2 bales cotton, 492 hills naval stores, 5 coops fowl. 14 cases eggs. 5 calves. 1 bale wool, 11 caddies tobacco. 1 bbl oil, 1 box lemons, 1 tub butter, 12 pkgs mdse. Per Charleston and Savannah Railway. July 11—2 cars melons. 15 bbls rosin, 2 cars wood, 30 boxes tobacco, 180 pcs lumber, 1 bale hides, 1 ’ tierce bacon, 2 bdls shovels,! keg brasses, 1 tank oil. 1 organ, 1 case cigars, and indse. Per Savannah. Florida and Western Railwav. July 11—2,441 bbls rosin. 30 cars melons, 1,862 boxes vegetables, 770 bbls spirits turpentine, 98 bbls vegetables. 19 cam lumber, 4 cars wood, 830 jugs, 18 bales hides, 200 sacks meal, 1 car box stuff. 200 sacks corn. 430 bbls flour, 1 car staves mid heading. 4.30 bags inalt, 4 boxes tobacco, 150 bbls grits, 16 pkgs mdse, 4 cars pig iron, and mdse. , Per Central Railroad. July 11—8 bales cotton, 7 bales yarn. 10 bales domestics, 2 bales hides. 6 bales wool, 5 bales plaids, 2 pkgs paper, 11,039 lbs bacon, 1 pkg tobacco, 244 bbls rosin, 6,925 llis fruit, 58 bbls spirits turpentine 11 bbls meal, 1.34 bales hay, 1 pkg h h goods, 1,250 bush corn, 19 cars lumber. 2 pkgs wood In sliA|ie, 13 pkgs wax, 1 pkg machinery, 29 pkgs mdse. 10 lioxes starch, 10 bales paper stock, 4 pkgs empties, 4 pkgs hardware, 15 cases eggs, 13 cars melons. EXPORTS. Per bark Talisman (Nor), for Antwerp—2,4o7 bbls spirits turpentine, measuring 122,485% gal lons—Jas Farie, Jr. PASSENGERS. Per steamship Gate City, from Boston—Mrs C Bealy. Geo Kahn, Chas Green, G N Giedlist, and 4 steerage. Per steamer David Clark, from Fernandina and way landings Mrs S A Way, Tho* Earley, C Rothschild, V Rothschild. C MTison, Mrs Wm Mitehelaon, Wm Johnson, J G Buapee. Per steamer Katie, from Augusta and nay landings—J C Richardson, C Overstreet. W w Smith. W K Williams. A It Charlton, M 3!nner, J D Groover, Mrs Dunbar, Mrs Ramsey, und 15 deck. CONSIGNEES. Perstenmer David Clark, from Fernandina and way landings—W C Jackson, M Y Henderson, D S Delany. Ellis, Y' & Cos, S Guckenheimer & Son, J W Tynan, (4 W Tiedeman. Smith Bros & Cos, Lee Roy Myers & Cos. Peacock, H A Cos. Per Charleston and Savannah Railwav. July 11—Transfer Oftic -, Lee Roy Myers A Cos, YV B W Ilowe Jr, E A M Schroder, G W Tiedeman, H A Ulino, Ludden A B. Standard Oil Cos. Brown Bros, P Printy, J P Williams & Cos, M Y Hender son. Per steamer Katie, from Augusta and way landings- Baldwin A Cos, peacock, H A Cos, E B Flood, Chesnutt A O'N, Garnett, 8 A Cos, M Y Henderson, YV 1 Miller, LUienthal A Son, D Cox. G Walter A Cos, JI Myers A Bros, M Boley A Son, D Y Dancy, A Ehrlich A Bro, Grady, DeL A Cos, Mohr Bros, Pear*- m A S. Per Central Railroad. July 11—Forde Agt. Jno Flannery A Cos, H SI Comer A Cos, Sirs 8 II Logan. G H McAlpln, YV D Minikins A Cos. J W Hosier, Herman A K, O Butler, SI Fcrst A Cos, L Pntzel, H Solomon A Son. Bolomon>t A Cos, W D Dixon. Decker A F. Hirscb Bros. J tl Thompson, M Y Henderson, A Hanley. M Mendel A Bro,< I R Ladevere. Ellis. Y A Cos. Peacock. H A Cos. J G Watts, Stillwell. P A M, McDonough A Cos. MM Belknap. Baldwin A Cos. Southern Cotton oil Cos, Standard Oil Cos, Eckman A V. M Boley A Son, Lee Roy Myers A Cos, W C Jackson, 8 L Newton, Arthur Poer. Per Savannah. Florida and YVestern Railwav, July 11 —Transfer Offioe. S Quckentkeimftr & Son, W ('Jackson, WIV Chisholm, Peacock, HA( 'o, Baldwin Cos. W\V Gordon A - Cos, Ellis, Y & Cos, J McGrath & Cos. ,1 p Williams Cos, S Cohen. Herman K, 31 Bolev \ Son, McDonouph & Cos. Leo Roy Myers A ('o.Eokman & V, P J Einstein, Hexter& K. Bendheim Pros fc Cos, Dale, D £ Cos, Paeon, J fc Cos, Reppard A Cos, Win Soheihing, SKS Thigpen <*nre A I a'flier, 11 Myers A; Pros, 31 Ferst & Cos, M Y Henderson, Epstein <£ W, F Barnard. Luddcn A: P, C K Stults. A Krauss. Per steamship Gate City, from Boston — Appel A S. S W Branch, Pyck A S. Collat Pros, W S Cherry A Cos. C R lt,M J Doyle, Decker A F, N Dewnld A Cos, Epstein AW, G Eckstein A Cos, G Ehberwein, J M lvstill, Eckinan A V, Herman A K. A Ehrlich A Pro. A Einstein s Sons, MrsS M Lewis, Kavanaugh A P. A Hanley.Lloyd A A, Lindsay A 31. 1) P Myerson. 31 Mendel A Pro. A Krau ts, J McGrath A Cos. Meitiliard Pros A Co,A A Noble, A J Miller ACo. UP McDonell. Geo Onslow, A S Nichols, A tlender, Pearson A S, River Lt A W Cos. .1 Rosenheim A Cos, Ray A Q, H Solomon A Son. Solomons A Cos, S F A \V Rv, Southern Ex Cos, P Tuhenly. Warren A A, Weed A C. Graham A H, S Guckenhehner A Son, Ga A Fla I S B Cos. Per steamship Win Lawrence, from Baltimore Bond. H A E. S W Branch, W G Cooper, M A Barie, Bendheim Bros A Cos, A II Champion. H C Connell, J Cohen, (’has A Sav Ry. A Doyle* J Deint, J A Pollfflass A Cos, Deeker& F. Epstein AW, G Eckstein A Cos, A Ehrlich A Pro, Eck man A V, A Ehrlich A Pro, Grady, DeLA Cos, P Gorman, I Epstein A Bro, A Hanley. E Gutinan, Fret well AN, M Ferst A Cos, C3l Gilbert A Cos, S Guckenheimer A 50n..1 P Germaine. I ( Haas. J R Haltiwnngor. Knaop A Cos, I* II Keirnan. E J KeifFer, P l> Lester, Lippman Bros, A Letller, E Lovell A Son, Jno Lyons A Cos. Jno Lvnch, J F lsi Far, >1 Mendel A Bro, B H Levy A Bro, McGillis .v 31, It D MeDonell, J G Nelson A Cos. A S Nichols, Ortler Bond. HA E. Order K L Mercer, Order A B Hull, Order J Sehley, Order W P SimkinsA Cos, Order Ohlander Bros, Order Verdrev A L, Order G S McAlpiu, Order W J Seper, Peae<x‘k. H A Cos, Palmer Pros, str Grace Pitt. N Paulsen A (’o.Southern Ex Cos, Savannah Steam Bakery, J S Silva A Son. Solomons A Cos, C E Stults. G W Tiedcman. Vale Royal 310; Cos, .1 li West & Cos, A M * 0 W West, Weed A C, J T Thornton, str Katie. BROKERS. A. £T 11 ART RID GL\ SECURITY BROKER. I>UYS AND SELLS on commission all classes > of Stock* and Bonds. Negotiates loans on marketable securities. New York limitations furnished by private ticker every titteen minutes. WM. T. WILLIAMS W. ITMMINO. W. T. WILLIAMS & CO., Brokers. ORDERS EXECUTED on the New York, Chi cago and Liverpool Exchanges. BUTTER. BEST Table Butter ONLY 25c. per lb. si® is, 22 and 22 1-2 Barnard St. COFFEE. Nicholas lam;. COFFEES AT BOTTOM PRICES. 1 OLD GOVERNMENT JAVA, Parched, 30c. per pound, 316 pounds for sl. BEST RIO, Parched 25c. per pound CHOICE RIO, Parched 30c. per pound BEST OLD GOVERNMENT JAVA, Green .25c. per pound BEST RIO, Green 20c. per pound TURKISH PRUNES at sc. per pound EVERYTHING IN PROPORTION. —AT— Nicholas Lang’s 19 BARNARD STREET. HAMS. ASK m GM Fill IND BREAKFAST BACON 3NT O ISX A-i O3 J JNT T-T I IST I£3 JNLCS9 MARiNd OUH PATfMTtO TEA OK-MARKS, A LIQHT MtTALUO SEAL. ATTACH! O TO THt 6THINQ, AMO IMS STRIPED CANVAS, AS IN THE ©tJT. GRAIN AM) HAY. Cargo Eastern Hay] WESTERN HAY. 20,000 bushels CHOICE MILLING WHITE CORN. S,O*X) bushels MIXED CORN. 80,000 bushels HEAVY MIXED OATS 100,000 pounds WHEAT SHAN. 100,000 FRESH CORN EYES. 1,000 bushels COW PEAS. CLAY, speckled, white and mixed. Grits, Meal, Lemons, Oranges and Vegetables. STOCK FEED, ETC., ETC. Call for prices on carloads. T. P. BOND. & CO., 106 By Street. rjpOO()UNTY OFFICERS Book* sod Planks JL required by county offlcein for the us., of the courts, or for office use, supplied to order by tb- MORNING NEWS PRINTING HOUSE, 3 Whitaker street, Savsimab. TRUNKS AND SHOES. Our Trunks Have Arrived, And we are ready to show you the largest assortment ever brought to Savannah. It' you propose to take a summer va cation don’t wait until you are ready to leave, but come around to see us at once and make your selection while our assortment is complete. Trunks, Trunks. 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And Refrigerators, Kerosene Stoves, Ice Cream Freezers, Fly Fans, Hair Dusters, Feather Dusters and the Celebrated Charter Oal Ranges anil Stoves, With Wire Gauze Oven Doors. The Const ruction of Which Equalizes the Heat in all Parts of the Oven. For Sale by CLARKE ifc DANIELS, Guards Armory, Corner AVhitaker aad York Streets. TELEPHONE 281. GAS FIXTURES, HOSE, ETC. JOHN lICOLSOK', Jr! DEALER IN Sas Fixtures, GLOBES & SHADES. PLUMBERS’, MACHINISTS’ and Mill Supplies. ENGINE TRIMMINGS, Steam [Packing, SHEET GUM, HFflrant, Steam and Suction HOSE. IRON PIPES AND FITTINGS, Lift and Force Pumps. 30 and 32 Drayton St.. CEMENT. DIRECT IMPORTATION! JUST ARRIVED A CARGO OF ALSEN’S German Portlai Cement. FOB BALE LOW BY ANDREW HANLEY, SAVANNAH, GEORGIA. STOCK l KKI>. SEED PEAS, Keystone Mixed Feed, —AND— All Kinds of Feed For Horses and Cattle, Sold Ey e.S.HcALPIN 172 BAY STREET. BA BTKS. KISSIMMEE CITY BANK, Kissimmee City, Orange County, Fla. CAPITAL - - - $50,000 r pRANS.\(T a regular banklnghiwlnesn. (Jive i particular attention to Florida collect lone. Correepondenoe nollclted. Issue Exchange on New York, Naw Orleans, Savannah ami Jack sonville. Ha. Kcsideni A genu for Couttu A- Cos. and Melville. Evans & Cos., of Loudon, England. New York correapouJent: The Seaboard National Katie. COTTON SEED WANTED. TO PROD IT'[IIS AND SHIPPERS OF COTTON SEED. epilE SOUTHERN COTTON OIL COMPANY JL will t>e ready to buy Cotton Seed by Sept. Ist, 188 TANARUS, uml will want It shipped to our Mills at Atlanta and Savannah, (la., and Columbia, S. C., whichever city is nearest to you, by rail road. 91r. C. FITZSIMONS is our Traveling Agent, and will take part in discussions us to the rela tive value of Cotton Sued and Cotton Seed Meal ut any agricultural meetings, if they desire it. We consider this im|>ortAnt, as there or many erroneous ideas about buying, selling and exchanging Heed for Meal. Address all comiiumiestlous to SOUTFIERM COTTON OIL COMPANY, and send your post office address to the mill that is Dearest you, iff you wish us to quote you prices. We ask sidpjiers to remember that it is tha erection of our Mills that will give you better* prices this year, and ask your support In returnj We refer you to the banks in the above cities! for our financial responsibility. SOUTHERN COTTON OIL COMPANY. P.B. OLIVER BROS, beg to Inform shippers that they have no connection with the “Onvefl Oil Company” Mills at Columbia, 8. C., andl Cearlntte, N. C. Although these Mills will ruuj under the name of “Oliver OH Companies,’*) they are owned hy the AMERICAN COTTON' OIL TRUST. I Shippers wishing to deal with the OLIVE* BROS, will please ship to SOUTHERN COTTON OIL COMPANY MILLS. OLIVER BROTHERS, Former Owners Oliver <>il ( ompany Mills. WATCHES AND JEWELRY. 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The reputation acquired toy more Ilian hair a century at the buMlnesM. und thirty-seven years In conducting It, will be uiuliituiucU. 7