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The morning news. (Savannah, Ga.) 1887-1900, July 14, 1887, Page 2, Image 2

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2 VOTES ON COUNTY SITES. A BILL TO GIVE A MAJORITY THE POWER TO REMOVE. Mr. Wright Wants the Bucket Shops Ruled Out—A Measure to Change the Time of County Elections to the First Tuesday in November -A Big Batch of New Bills in the House. Atlanta, Ga., July 13.—But little busi ness was transacted in the Senate to-day. The following new bills were introduced: By Mr. Higdon, of the Forty-first district —To incorporate the Marble Valley Rail road Company. By Mr. Birmans, of the Fifth district— To amend article XI, section, 1, paragraph IV of the constitution, so as to strike out the ■words "two-thirds" and substitute "majori ty.'’ The section referred to provides that a two-thirds vote of a county shall be re quired to move the county seat. The bill provides that only a majority vote shall to required. By Mr. Wright, of the First district—To prohibit transactions in "futures” and pro vide a iienaltv for the same. By Mr. Riehie, of the Fortieth district —To change the time of holding elections for county officers from the first Wednesday in January to the first Tuesday in Novem ber. In the House In the House to-day the following new bills were introduced: By Mr. Norris, of Warren—To amend the charter of Warrenton. By Mr. Hawkins, of Newton—To prohibit the sale of cigars, tobacco, and other mer chandise bearing indecent laliels. Bv Mr. Little, of Muscogee— Authorizing the wardens and vestry of Trinity church, Columbus, to s-lI certain real i-state. By Mr. Stewart, of Mitchell—Appropri ating .*6O to provide W. I). Wilkes, a Con federate soldier, with an artificial arm. Bv Mr. Weil, of Fulton—Appropriating $Bl 50 to recompense Isaac Boyd for ilam ages to the roof of bis building, No. 9 For syth street, sustained while shoveling snow upon it from the capitol building last win ter. Also, amending the charter of the city of Atlanta by making the tun ids of the city officers a lien upon the property of the princiuais and their bondsmen from and after the date of said bond By Mr. Harrell, of Decatur—Amending section 4440 of the Code. By Mr. McClosky, of Cobb—To ineor pornte the Marietta Insurance Company; also a V>ill providing for certiorari in the Justices Courts of the State where the claim is 850 or less. By Mr. Harvey, of Campbell—Requiring the Commissioners of Roans and Revenues of Campbell county to erect a building in each militia district in the county for the use of Justiees Courts. By Mr. Huff, of Bibb—-Amending the general tax law by placing an annual tax of s2oo on sewing machine agents. By Mr. Schofield, of Bibb—Providing for the appointment of a State warden for each convict camp, who shall have general juris diction, superintend all punishment of con victs and make monthly statements under oath to the principal keeper, reciting the number of punishments inflicted and inci dents connected there with the treatment of prisoners, ete. By Mr. Felton, of Bibb—To incorporate the Central City Street Railroad Company of Maeon. Bv Mr Dodgen, of Milton—To amend ■ section 1589 of the Code. Bv Mr. Lanier, of Early—To create a county court for Early county. By Mr. Preston, of Jasper—To establish a game law in Jasper county. By Mr Wilcox, of Ware —To provide for the registration of voters in the town of Waycrrws. Also a bill changing thelmund arv line between Ware and Pierce counties. By Mr Hand, of Miller —To provide for a board of examiners to examine the books of county officers in the State, to he appointed by the several grand juries, to whom report* shall be made at the spring term of each Superior Court. By Mr. Smith, of Glynn—To amend sec tion 5182 of the Code, providing for the ex emption of the parsonages or the houses of pastors in the State from taxution. By Mr Coggins, of Banks—To amend the tax act by striking out the clause “grown upon bis own land, ’ thus making all wine dealers subject to the same special tax of $5O that is imposed upon liquor dealers. By Mr. Howell, -of Pulton—A resolution that whereas a national industrial exposi tion is to be held by the colored people of the United States in Atlanta for a jterfod of three months, commencing in November, 1887, for the purpose of illustrating the prog ress of the miss, therefore the entetprise meets with the hearty approval and nun mendation of this General Assembly; that copies of this resolution t>o printed and transmitted to the members of Congress from this State, asking their earnest co operation and their support of the measure now pending in Congress making an appro priation from the national Treasury for the nenefit of the said exposition. The resolu tion was unanimously adopted. By Mr. Buchan, of Dodge—A resolution groviding fur the reimbursement from the tate Treasury of 831 61 of the $5O special tax to each of the six retail liquor dealers of Dodge county paid in January last, said county having passed prohibitory laws. It was referred to the Special Judiciary Com mittee. TO AMEND A CHARTER. The Railroad Committee reported favora bly on the bill to amend the charter of the Georgia Southern and Florida railroad. The special Judiciory Committee reported favorably the bill to repeal (he act creating a criminal court in Decatur county, and also the bill providing for the registration of the voters of Cobb county. The Committee on Roads and Bridges re ported favorably the bill to encourage for estry by authorizing road hands to plant trees along the roads. Bills were put on their third reading as follows: To provide a registration law for Newton county. It passed To allow juries in cases of felony to recom mend the defendants to mercy. It passed. To amend the Code by increasing the sal ary of the Secretary of' the Railroad Com mission from $1.:>00 to SI,BOO. It was tabled. To amend section 437 of the Code, defining the crime of seduction. It passed. This bill provides that in cases of settlement of seduction cases by marriage, the husband shall furnish support for his family for two years. To amend the act prohibiting the sale of spirituous liquors in Warren county by pro viding for an election to prevent the sale of opium to persons habitually addicted to its use. It passed. To add four more trustees to the Board of the University of Georgia. Dr. Felton, of Bartow, stated that he hail introduced a bill now in the hands of the committee which covered this matter, and he moved that bill No. 157 to tabled temporarily until the other can be also considered. Passed. To provide for the annual revision of the jury lists in counties wherein there is a city of 10,000 inhabitants or more. It passed. To declare the Chattahoochee river nav igable up to the mouth of Duke creek. It passed. Advice to Mothers. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup should always be used when children are cutting teeth. It relieves the little suffer at once: it produces natural, quiet sloop by relieving the child from pain and the little cherub awakes as “wight as a button.” It is very pleasant to taste. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, re lieves wind, regulates the bowels, and is the best known remedy for diarrhoea, whether arising from teething or other causes. 25 cents a bottle. ‘‘Tin love that makes the world go round." Vos. and 'tie revenge that makes the world get square - Burlington Free Press. New Bustles received at Gutman'a COMMENCEMENT OVER. Announcement of the Degrees Con ferred—The Class Honors. Athens, Ga. , July 13. —The closing exer cises of the University commencement were held in the University chapel this morning. The exercises consisted of speeches by the graduating class, whose names appeared in the Morning News a few days ago. Glen Waters, of Atlanta, an honor man, did not speak with the class this morning. His sub ject was “Evolution,” and according to the rules of the college he was forbidden any reference to politics or religion in his speech. This was very disappointing to many of his friends, who were very anxious to hear him on this subject. Sir. Waters, rather than modify his speech, decided that he would not speak at all. After the grad uating exercises Chancellor Mel) announced that the trustees had conferred upon Min ister Curry, of Spain, the degree of LL.D..and upon Profs. Charbonnier and White, of the University of Georgia, each, the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. The following degrees were conferred upon the members of the graduating class: Bachelor of Arts, first.honor, U. V. Whipple; Bachelor of Engineering, first honor. B. T. Johnson; Bachelor of Science, Glen Waters; Bachelor of Mining Engineering, H. R. Milner, first honor; Bachelor of Philosophy, first honor, W. H. Hammond; Bachelor of Agriculture, W. B. Crawford, first honor. Diplomas for the degree of Bachelor of Irfiw were awarded to Robert Andoe, E. Bul lard, W. Chisholm, H. Dean, P. Gilbert. G. Johnson, D. Howard, Joe Pottle, F. Willy. The boat'd of trustees adjourned this morning at. 10 o’clock. Gov. Gordon and party left this after noon for Atlanta. SOMERS KNOCKED OUT. Nashville W ins from New Orleans with Hands Down. Nashville, Ten.v., July 13.—The ball grounds were not in good condition to-day on account of the heavy rain this morning. Somers’ delivery was easily solved, but the visitors could not get on to Kelly. The fielding of the two sides was about equal. Manning, late of the Nashvilles, umpired and gave general satisfaction. President Morrow has released Tony Suck, who um pired yesterday. There were about 1,500 people present. Nashville 0 2 00 0 1 0 1 2—o New Orleans 20000000 0 — 2 Batteries -For Nashville: Kelly and Nicholas; for New Orleans: Somers and McVey. Bose lute Nashville 13; New Orleans 5. Er rors—Nashville 2; New Orleans 4. Memphis Beats Birmingham. Memphis, Tenn., July 13.—Memphis won easily this afternoon from Birmingham in the presence of about 800 people. The game was not stirring and was void of special features, except ing the catch of a fly to right field by Black, who made a desperate run and succeeded in making a double play. The McKeogh brothers were the battery for Memphis and Webber and Rnvder for Birmingham. Memphis made eight hits and three errors and Birmingham eight hits and four errors. The score by innings was: Memphis 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 1— 4 Birmingham 00000001 0— 1 Games Elsewhere. At Washington— Washington 00300000 0— 8 Chicago 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0— 0 Base hits—Washington 9, Chicago 6. Errors -Washington 1. Chicago 4. Butteries- Whit ney and Mack. Baldwin and Flint. At Philadelphia— Philadelphia 4 002 3 0 32 2—16 Indianapolis 0001 1 001 2 5 Base nits—Philadelphia 21, Indianapolis 15. Errors Philatlelnia 3, Indianapolis 5. Batteries Ferguson, Maul and Gunning, Fast and Aruu del. At New York— New York 1 0 0 2 2 1 1 0 0 -7 Pittsburg 1 1000000 1— 8 Base hits —New- York 18. Pittsburg 11. Errors New York 3, Pittsburg 2 Batteries—Keefe and Brown. McCormick and Miller. At Louisville— lAiulsville 1 00 t 1001 0— 4 Metropolitans .5 1000000 x— 6 Base hits—Louisville 9. Metroplitans 12. Er ors Louisville 4. Metropolitans a. At Cincinnati — ('inciunatt 0 0 0 3 0 8 0 0 o—6 Athletic 000 1 0000 0-1 Base hits Cincinnati 13, Athletic 9. Errors— Cincinnati 0. Athletic 2. At Boston— Boston 31300012 2—12 Detroit 001 11 1000 4 Base hits— Boston 28, Detroit 9. Errors Bos ton .5, Detroit 0. Batteries—Madden and Tate, Getzein and Briody. At St. Louts— St. laiuls 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 o—2 Brooklyn 000000000 0 Base hits—St. Louis 13, Brooklyn 6. Errors —Bt. I/mis 0, Brooklyn 1. At Cleveland— Baltimore 01003121 x— 8 Cleveland 01000000 0— 1 Base hits—Baltimore 19, Cleveland 7, Errors Baltimore 2, Cleveland 7. An India Rubber Neck and Bust. New York Letter in Indianapolis Journal. It was a mistake to accuse a woman of in dulging in all the follies of fashion that are provided for them. Inventive men devise things which, they imagine, will Us eagerly accepted by women, but which for a fact never get into use at all. Of that order, no doubt, is the contrivance on exhibition in a certain New York shop for toilet goods. It consists of an India rubber neck and bust, and is exhibited ad justed to an oldish woman employe. It -omes up close about the neck, and has a velvet ribbon that conceals the meeting, with ends of velvet depending in tiie rear to nide the opening where it is buttoned or stuck together. The ends of veivet are so enrely fastened sothey will not flop, and, as the boys say, “give the whole snap away.” It is painted in flesh color, and has every blue vein carefuliy mapped out on it, and the wearer, who was painfully thin, made up her figure hend to match it as nearly as possible. But there was a ghastly com posure about this mask for the torso that was unnatural. Amt how hot she must have been with that clinging rubber over her neck and shoulders! I studied her after 1 was told what she hail on, and it nearly stiffixl mo to contemplate her slowly fi l ing in her own fat. It, is safe to say that no sale of the apparatus will ever to made;but it serves to advertise the shop, because it sets the women to talking about it. Sunday Fun In Tennessee. From the Courier-Journal. On Sunday afternoon near Nenrsville four boys, whose ages range from 10 to 15 years, went to bathe. On the opposite side of the river a crowd of men and toys on a raft were firing pistols and a rifle up and down the river. The lads undressed and entered the water. They had been there but a few moments when the tiring lieeame promiscu ous and Elmore Green, one of the party, shouted to the crowd on the other side to to more careful. The request was not heeded and Noah Cantrell, agivl 10 years, begun to curse the crowd. Shots were now uimed at, the toys and bullets whistled atout their heads. Three of them ran to the hank and lay down toliind a large log; the fourth stayed near the bank, hidden behind a small raft. Fully twenty snots were fired at them, some of which struck the bank a few feet from them. Noah Cantrell, cramped from remaining in one position, raised his head above the log nnd fell hack. A bullet had struck him squarely in the centre of his forehead. The firing continued. One of his comrades shouted that one toy had already been shot and for God's sake to quit shooting. The reply came liaek over the water: “D—n you, we will kill another.” And thirteen more shots were counted to fore the fusilade ended. Meunwhilo the wounded toy had become senseless ami mo tionless. Three men rowed over in a skiff from the raft and he was carried to* Ins home. The ball bad |ienetratod the brain. Our great success in thin Coats and Vests so far this season, compelled us to telegraph our New York buyer to purchase anew stock of them, which he has done, and now we can show the prettiest styles in the city. Ao'iel ft Schaul THR MORNING NEWS: THURSDAY, JULY 14, 1887. HYDROPHOBIA CURED. A Physician Tells How He Tried an Experiment with Chloroform. Horn the Missouri Republican. Osage Mission, Kan. , July 13. —Quite an excitement was occasioned here a few i hit's ago by the appearance upon the main street of the place of what is supposed to have been a mad dog. The to wn was crowded with people and the streets alive with teams and wagons. The dog started down the street, biting right and left, and before he was killed is known to have bit ten several horses and dogs, but, as far as known, the people all escaped by running into the stores and other places of retreat. The dog was finally shot. In connection with this the following in cident related by V. G. Miller, an old army surgeon and practicing physician of a quarter of a century’s experience mar to of interest. Mr. Miller stated that he had never been calk'd on to treat but one ease of hydrophobia when it was beyond a doubt that it was a ease of rabies. “This,” he said, “was when I first began the practice of medicine. I was called one night to see a man who, the messenger said, was suffer ing with intense spasms and nothing that could be done would relieve him. I took with mo my medicine case and also put into my sack-bags a bottle of chloroform, con taining about three ounces. When I ar rived I found the patient quiet, with a rapid, irregular pulse, but in fa few minutes ho was seized with a paroxysm which it took the combined strength of myself and the family to control. He frothed at the moutn, snapping and snarling like a dog. As soon as he was quiet I began to ask questions of the family and soon found that a few days before ho had toon bitten by a strange dog that came into the cow lot one morning and was snapping at the cattle. He attempted to drive the animal out, but the dog turned on him and jumping up in flicted a slight wound on his left arm. It was nothing more than a scratch, had healed up in a day or so and nothing more was thought of it. From the description of the dog 1 was confident that it wus the same that a few days tofore had been killed in the neighborhood, undoubtedly mad, and I could no longer doubt what was the matter w ith my patient. His cries when he went into the spasms were terrible to hear. I gave him various remedies to quiet him, but they seemingly had no effect. At this time I happened to think of the bottle of chloro form. I had then toon at work on the pa tient for over two hours and had not been able to give him any relief whatever, and I w as pretty well assured that the man would die anyway. I was alone with him except ing members of the family, who would not know the difference and I determined to try an experiment, either to quiet the man or kill him with the chloroform. When his next spasm came on, I saturated a cloth w ith tiie liquid and placed it to the patient’s nose and mouth. He struggled for a long time, but at last the drug did its work and he sank back insensible. He soon came to, the spasm still on him, anil I again treated him in the same way. This I continued during the remainder of the night and until 9 o’clock the next morning, using up all the chloroform I had and send ing for anew supply several times, using in ali about three pounds. At 9 o’clock the next morning the patient went to sleep. When he wakened up he acted like a person dazed, or half foolish. A slimy, stringy se cretion ran out of his mouth continually, and lie seemed to have no desire for food and for a long time would not swallow. He gradually grew totter, and in about three weeks’time he was up and about. I knew the man afterward, doctored him and his family. He never had another attack, and some eight years afterward died with con sumption.” This is undoubtedly one of the strangest eases on record, and, in some respects, with out a parallel. The doctor says he can verify the facts as stated. A FINANCIAL NOTE. Cents and Nickels on Friday, and Bills and Quarters on Saturday. From the .Yen' York Evening sun. “Look at that handful of coppers,” said an Eighth avenue car conductor. “Well, I don’t see anything unusual about them,” observed the scribe. “Nothing unusual except the quantity,” the strap-jerker answered. “But that’s the way it runs. Some days we get nothing hut cents: sometimes nothing but dimes; in fact, we can tell pretty nearly before we start out on each day’s work what kind of money we will turn in euch trip.” “How is that? I)o you mean to say that every passenger carries money of the same denomination on certain days of the week “We have found it so. On Fridays we always look for a large percentage of cents and nickels. On Saturdays we get mostly quarters and bills. Then Sundays see us carry pennies and nickels. On Monday they either give us bills, or, as is most likely, 10 cent pieces. Then through the week the different pieces vary, but we find at the end of each trip that our pockets con tain nearly the same sized pieces, and this will continue the whole day.” The conductor here went into the ear to perform his official duties. When he once more seated himself on the dashboard ho resumed: “It is funny to observe some of our passengers when we collect their fares. A woman will get out her purse, find four jionnias, nnd then keep me waiting probably live minutes while she searches for the odd cent. When she goes home she will send one of the children out far a cake of yeast nnd give him a dollar bill to get changed. Then, again, some old geut will make the same effort to collect the five separate cents, and when the boy comes into tne ear with the Evening Sun will send him out to the conductor with a one, two, or five dollar bill to get changed. Getting off here? Well, good night.” Local Personal. Col. W. S. Basinger, one of Savannah’s, most distinguished sons, now a resident or Dahlonega, is on a visit to his old home. Among the arrivals at the Screven House yesterday were Ed 1. Sawyer, J. Selig, Thomas Peters, F. M. Fremont, Atlanta: J. O. Jones, Herndon; 11. H Mur phy, Rogers: R. Hauff, E. E. Nelson, T. H. Cliallinger, Philadelphia: Harry Mulhert, 11. Strauss, A. Scliiflr, T. 1\ Edwards, Balti more; C. W. Pike, Brunswick; Albert Win ter, Thomasville; T. J. Kailunster, Mans Held,!).; William Haas, New York; C. A. Thompson and wife. Forsyth: T. W. Down ing, New Bedford, Mass.; Miss E. W. Ver min. Ft. Galis, Fla.; D. A. Russell, Rain bridge. At the Marshal! House were O. D. Craw ford. Evergreen; Donald McDonald, Louis ville; J. H. Murray. Withers; P. R. Young, Atlanta; J. B IValitus, Baltimore; T. F. Hofferman, Augusta; S. T. Livingston, Brunswick; B. T. Outland, Scarboro; W. H. tove, Pearson; W. L. Murdock, St. Louis; A. A. Ellenwood, Blackshear; J. Tompkins, Fertmndinn, Fin.; Herbert Saunders. Pensa coin, Fla.: J. B. tonnon, Apopka, Fla.: H. (4. Huff. Bellview, Fla.; T. (). Middleton, Robertville, S. C.; J. M. tong, Bainbridge. At the Harnett House wore Capt. T. W. Willett, J. V. Dupong, steamer Grace Pitt; F. B. Barnett amt wife, Newark, N. J.; K. L. Pag '. East Saginaw. Mich. ;T. E. Grimes, J. B. Turner, Atlanta, Ga.; J. (4. toug ami two children, Sondersville, Ga.: E. A Ans ley. William H. Hansen, Rockville, Md.: W. J. Normon, Mclntosh, Oa.; L R Akin. Mt. Pleasant, Ga. ; D. B. Sweat, Wav cross, Ga.; A. W. Sallcriee, Philadelphia;/. E. Falkel ing. Cincinnati, U.; F. B. Seely, Meadvillc, Pa.; Dr. P. W. Alexander, Alapahn, (4a.;T. H. toward and wife, St. Augustine, Fla. At the Pulaski House were H. 11. Manna duke. Jacksonville; P. L. tong, R. B. Smith, St. Louis; Perry M. DeLeon, At lanta; H. G. Astrum, J. E. MeCaw, A. I*. Grant, C. S. Johnstone, touisville, Kv.; James B. Astwood, B. T. Benjamin. C. S. Conner, Chicago; R. L. Perry, New Or leans. Just received an entire new line <J Boys' Fancy Ties, at Gutman's, 141 Bjfughton street. THE COUNCIL MEETING. Various Matters of Minor Interest Disposed of. The City Council held its regular meeting last night. There was very little important business before it. The Committee on Ac counts recommended the payment of the sum of $12,054 50, the amount of the regu lar monthly bills, and it was so ordered. The petition of E. A. Smith for permission to repair wharf and also to drive piling in front of same, between Bull and Drayton streets, was granted. The Committee on City Lots, recommended that city lot No. 21, 'Western ward, l>e sold by the City Mar shal in the usual waj', provided $9OO could be obtained for it. The recommendation was adopted. The petition of the Standard Oil Company to be relieved of certain taxes was refused. The application of the Savannah Street and Rural Resort, Railway Company for permission to build and run their linos of railway through the following streets, viz., up Wad ley street to Bay, down Bay to East Broad, through Jefferson to Anderson, thence through Sixth street and through Habersham to Bolton street, was referred to the Committee on Streets and I*anes. The petition of the Southern Oil Company, through L. W. Haskell, for per mission to connect a six-inch water pipe with the city water works excited some discussion, and was finally referred to the Committee on Water. The petition of E. F. Davis, a member of the police force, asking for the refunding of #l2 36, the amount deducted from his pay on ac count of sickness, excited some little dis cussion and was referred to the Committee on Police. The ordinance permitting owners to excavate areas, etc., on their prop erty was passed on its second leading. Alderman Mell’s resolution to ad vertise for bids to build culverts on the Waters road was adopted. A resolution was also adopted authorizing the Mayor to purchase suitable instruments for the city surveyor, providing they do not cost over $5OO. The city budget of expenses for the current year was gone over, and it was shown by the City Treasurer’s report that thu3 far the sum of $534,000 had been expended. The Mayor was authorized to sign the contract between the Mayor and Aldermen and the Wilcox & Gibbs Guano Companv anil the executors of the Waldburg estate m reference to cer tain land west of the City Exchange. The vote on the authorization stood 7 for and 2 against. "SARATOGA” TO-NIGHT. The Fords Will Put on the Comedy for the First Time. To-night the Fords will present for the first time their new piece “Saratoga.” This very successful comedy has never been pre sented in Savannah tofore and the people of this city will have an opportunity of witnessing one of the brightest comedies on the stage to-day. The scene is laid in Sara toga ami it is a gixxl as a trip to that resort to witness the play. The immortal Saratoga waiter plays an important part but makes the guests play a more important one to the delight of the audience and discomfort of the guest. The scenes are imitations ojj the places they represent, and one may get a very fair idea of Saratoga as it is seen for $lO a day by paying 75c. at the Theatre to-night. The dialogue is bright and sparkling ali through, never becoming tiresome or prosy. Tiie scenes are apt and the situa tions are artistically dramatic. The Fords have rehearsed the play thoroughly and are prepared to put it on in a way that will please those who see it. Weather Indications. SpeoiH] indications for Georgia: FAIR Southerly winds in the eastern I portion, westerly winds in the west ern portion, stationary temperature, fair weather. Virginia: Fair weather, stationary temperature, winds generally southerly. North Carolina and South Carolina: Stationary temperature, fair weather, winds generally southerly. Comparison of mean temperature "at, Savan nah. July 13 1987, and the moan of same day for fifteen years. Departure Total Mkan Temperature from tne Dejiartnre Mean Since for 15 years July 13. 'S~ --or Jan. 1,1887. .44.8 81.7 —Bl I —419.5 Comparative rainfall statement: Mean L:o'V Amount Demure ™ Mean Since 16 Years. July 13 87. _ or _ j an . 1, 1887. .167 .... I— .167 | 432 Maximum temperature 93.,2 minimum tem perature 75.0. The height of the river at Augusta at 1:33 o'clock p. m. yesterday (Augusta time) was 6.0 feet—a fall of 0.2 during the past twenty-four hours. Cotton Region Bulletin for 24 hours end ing 6p. m., July 13. 1887, 75th Meridian tune. Districts. ] Average. Name ! N o°, ° f j Max. 1 Min Rain tions. Tem P Temp fail. 1. Wilmington 11 98 : 7! .00 2. Charleston 8 96 7j .00 3. Augusta 12 96 71 08 4. Savannah.. 13 96 72 .01 5 Attanta 13 92 69 01 6. Montgomery 8 93 71 0! 7 Mobile. 9 92 68 .38 8. New Orleans. .... 11 92 71 09 9. Galveston 21 96 75 .02 10. Vicksburg 5 91 71 12 11. Little Rock 16 92 66 07 12. Memphis 19 90 1 00 .14 Averages... j 98.7 | 70.8 I .07 Observations taken at the same moment of time at all stations. Savannah, July 13. 9:36 r. m., city time. Temperature. Direct ion. I us j Velocity. J ? Rainfall. Name or Stations. Portland I 78 W Clear, Boston i 81 W 10 Cloar. Block lsl.'ui'l .. 71 W lIS Clear. New York city ... I 88 \v Clear. Philadelphia 82, W 8 Clear. Washington city ' 80 S W i Clear, Norfolk 80 K 0 Clear. Charlotte i 82 .|. Clear. Matte ran 78 8 7 Clear Wilmington J 80 S \V . ... Clear. charleston j 82 8 W,.. i. , Clear. Augusta 82 j Clear. Savannah 1 7# 83V Clear. Jacksonville....... i 84 8 W 12 .. ‘Fair. Titusville 70 s Clear. Key West 82 E 6 06 clear. Atlanta I 80 W j Clear. Pensacola 82 W Clear. Mobile 74 N Fair. Montgomery .... 82 N K Clear Vi. ksburg 70 s Fair New < irleans 76 Clear Shreveport I 74 S 6 SO, Fair. Fort Smith | 76;S E 20 Clear. Ualveston ; 82, S 12 Clear. Corpus chrlstl .. 1 Palestine 84.S E 12 Clear. Brownesvllla 78, S clear. KioMrande I 80 S K u Cloudy. Knoxville 78 W Cloudy. Memphis j 80 Clear. Nashville 80 8 K . Clear. Louisville 1 81 s IV Clear Indianapolis. ro N F. Clear. Cincinnati 80 Clear. Pittsburg 1 81 N Clear. Buffalo 76 N\V 0 clear. Cleveland 70, N K 7 Clear. Marquette ,y NW 7 Cl*tar. Clilcngo 04 N E II dear. liuluth 42 N 10 Clear, St. Paul 78t Cloudy. Davenport 84 Clear. Cairo 80 S .. .... Clear. Si I/onls 82 N i . Clear. lstavenworth . 82 s E ..Clear. Omaha 828 K 7 Clear. Yankton hi H E 12 Fair Bismarck . 78 s E 10 Clear. Deadwmsl So S 6 Clear. Cheyenne . 70 8 13 Cloudy. North Platte B*l S E 18.. Clear. IK* I ye Otty. 82 S F 10 Clear. Sauta Ft) 02 8 1 38 Cloudy. <* S. Muiwitv - Hi * ’or***;. TT.S. trittf. GENERAL RAILWAY NEWS. Matters of Money and Management About Various Lines. The City Council of Knoxville, Tenn., has decided to suljscribe $500,000 to the stock of the Knoxville Southern railroad, to be built in connection with the Marietta and North Georgia railroad, making an air line from Knoxville to Atlanta, and to the stock of Powell’s Valley railroad, to connect with Louisville and Nashville railroad and Nor folk and Western. Supt. Starr has just returned to Augusta from Spartanburg. He has been there look ing into the work of running the track of the Port Royal and Carolina, to conuect with the Piedmont Air Line and the .Ashe ville ami .Spartanburg railroad It is con templated that under the supervision of W. H. Kriegshaber, assistant engineer of the Central system, that the work will be con cluded in two weeks. The decision of Judge Hutchins in the case brought by the minority of the stockholders of the N. E. R. R. Cos., to enjoin the arrange ment with Judge W. B. Thomas, reached Athens Saturday night. The Judge holds that under the charter the company has not the power to sell a paid of the road without the unanimous consent of the stockholders, and that the power “to lease or sell its road” in the amendment of 1881, applies to the whole and not a part of the road. He there fore orders an injunction to issue enjoining the N. E. R. R. Cos. from selling or leasing the northern section of the road to Judge Thomas, or to any one else, until the final trial of the case. In the decision the Judge holds that the company cannot take the benefits of the extension and refuse to pay the cost of the same represented by the second mort gage bonds. He, therefore, refuses the in duction as to those bonds. On the question of champerty ruised in the answer of Judge Thomas, Judge Hutchins holds that the de fendants have no right to go into the ques tion, and that if such contracts exist they would be held void in any proceeding be tween the parties to such contracts, and the existence of such contracts, if they did exist, would not deprive the plaintiffs of the right to enforce in the court any rights they may have. Oh, give me teeth sound, white and neat. Oh, give me breath that's pure and sweet, Oh. give me rosy, healthful gums, And I will meet whatever comes; Whatever troubles mav befall. With SOZODONT I’ll meet them all. The Savamiah Weekly News. Sixteen Pages. For Saturday, July 16, 1887. NOW READY. CONTENTS. First Page— The AVay of It; Nora of the Adirondacks: Stockings; An Exiled Millionaire; Remarkable Indian Relics. Second Page— Georgia's Legislature; Gov. Gor don’s Message; A Post Office Usurper; Florida’s Capital; Poverty’s Desperation; Mormonism's Scheme; Packing a Jury; An American Party; Regulators Resisted; Frank Allen a Suicide; Capital City Crayons; Works Blown to Atoms. Third Page— A People's President; St. Louis Chagrined; Klein's Bold Outburst; Agrarian Crime in Erin; Zug's Disaster; Corporations to Consolidate; Cutting a New Channel; Abandon ing the Tea Farm; Killed in a Cell; A Tell-Tale Button; Florida's Metropolis; Westmoreland and Smith. Focrth^Page—A Big Deal in Vouchers; St. Louis and the President ; Utah's Constitution; Obliterating a Birthmark; Sharp’s Lease of Life; A Review of Trade; Bicycling at Athens; Held at Bay by a Negro; A Man Who Used to Drink; Bulgaria's New Prince; Stanley's Hard ships; Boulanger's Popularity; Blaine Gets Left Again; Knoxville's Boom. Fifth Page— Davis’ Eventful Life; Dr. Me- Glynn Excommunicated; Franco-German Hate; Gladstone's Memorial; Commencement at Athens; Revolution in Hawaii; Improved Order of Red Men; Hanged at Ocala; A Saw Mill Burned: Crops on a Big Boom; King Cotton. Sixth Page— Work of lawmakers; Capital City Crayons; Taken Out of the Hentp; Har vey's Crookedness; Amusing and Instructive; Deßaussett's Balloon; Schemes of Advertising, Illustrated; Perilous Balloon Incident; Billiards With His Nose; Some Tall Hotel Bills. Seventh Page— Agricultural Department: Oil Mills and Cotton Seed Producers; How to Make the Soil Productive; Pear Trees and Blight; Menelns’ Poultry Farm; Household; Farm Notes, Gotham's Great Resort; Gen. Pickett’s Widow; The Process of Intubation; Windsor Waifs. Eighth Page— Dungeon to Palace; A Physi cian's Suicide; Lynched at Crawford; Collapse of a Bridge; Rome Set at Defiance; France s Conquering Hero; Railway Rates; Evils of Ho tel Life; Wedded to Chinamen; Burned in a Play House; Boycotting an Editor. Ninth Paoe— Cleveland’s Old Home, the Vil lagers Give Hint a Hearty Welcome; Crumbs for the Irish, the Land Bill’s Fate to be Decided Thursday; Orangemen on Parade, Catholics Bombard the Lines in Several Cities; Florida’s Metropolis, Sub-Tropical Stockholders in Ses sion; General News Telegrams. Tenth Page—The News in Georgia gathered front Correspondents and Exchanges; Georgia's Legislature, New Bills by the Dozen; Declaim ing for Prizes; Got Something at Last. Eleventh Page— Round About in Florida; Jacksonville Wants a Car Works Moved There; Florida’s Health; Blown Into Eternity; A China man in the Hemp; Fired on in the Dark; Love Ends in Death; A Yachting Party Lost; Wreck of the Merrimack; Poison in Bread. Twelfth Page— Editorial: Southern Senti ment: The Birmingham and Atlantic; The Presi dent and the Grand Army; The South’s Future; County Jails: Hunting Wives and Husbands; An Acknowledgment that Will Not Be Made; A Reformation School Needed; Railway Con struction; Let the State Roads be Sold; Chris tian Science Healers. Thirteenth Page— Local Department: Fight Between Love and Pride; Flames in a Grocery; A Judge's Revolver; Primus Jones'First Bale; His Disguise Failed Him;Charged With Murder; Central’s May Earnings; Confederate Veterans; Back Front Effingham; King Cotton Prospering; Central's Ss.don.oot') Bond Issue; The New West ern Line; General Railway News. Brief Tele graphic Summary. Fourteenth Page— Vanderbilt at Rest; The Heroism of Reporters; Freed a Yankee; Bill Nyo on the Fourth; Aged One Hundred; Bedding with a Snake. Fifteenth Paoe—Spooks at a Play; He Painted a Sparrow; Ho was Cured by Faith; Gen, Twiggs' Swords; A Plain Understanding; The Lonely Little Grave; "Eggs is Eggs;” Par ticular Bridegrooms : What the Neighbors Said; Current Comment; Bright Bits; Personal; Items of Interest Sixteenth Page— Commercial and Financial Review of the Week; New Bills Without End, The House Loading Itself Up With Measures; Other Telegrams; Advertisements. Just the paper to send to your friends. Single copies ft cents. For sail- at Estiil’s News Depot and at the of fice. 3 Whitaker street. Sl*E< IAL Mil'll l>. CHATHAM REAL ESTATE V\l> IM I’KOVIIMENT COMPANY. Savannah. Ga , July 11th. 1887. The Board of Directors have THIS DAY de clared a dividend of ONE DOLLAR AND TWENTY CENTS PER SHARE, payable on and after the EIGHTH DAY' OF AU GUST NEXT. Stockholders will lie allowed Tins DAY in nay up their TWENTY-FIFTH INSTALLMENT, us all hooks have been balanced. M. J. SOLOMONS, “•rretarr c ’ Tr* s -ercr. State or Weather. FUNERAL INVITATIONS. SMITH Thi' friends and acquaintance of Mrs. Henry Smith mid Mr. Walter ie.a.-y and Geokge W Smith are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral of the latter from his late resi dence, 23Bay street, THIS AFTERNOON at 3:30 o'clock. RILEY.—The friends and acquaintance of Mrs. Mary Ann Riley and Mr. Frank 11. John son and Mrs. Hatty Ann Williams are respect fully invited to attend the funeral of the former from the residence of Frank H. Johnson, Roberts street, TO-DAY at 10 o'clock a. m. EXUM—The friends of Mrs. Mary J. Exum and of T. J. Davis and family are requested to attend the funeral of Doioald Exlm THURS DAY AFTERNOON at 2:30 o'cloekat Laurel Grove Cemetery. MEET! M.~. 2BRI BBABBL LODGE YO. 1 5~ F. AV. M. A regular communication of this Lodge will be held THIS (Thursday) EVEN- tHr ING at 8 o'clock. /\r\ Meinlierg of sister Lodges and transient breth ren are fraternally invited to meet with us. By order of A. C. HARMON, IV. M. Frank IV. Dasher, See'y. GEORGIA TEAT AO. 151, I. O. R. Attend a special session of your Tent THIS (Thursday) EVENING at 8 o'clock. Business of importance. By order C. O. GODFREY, C. R. Thomas M. Hpyxes, R. S. (dlOKidt HUSSARS. Headquarters Georgia Hussars, I Savannah, Ga., July 14, 1887. ( General Orders Xo. 19: The regular quarterly meeting NgJ of the Troop will be held at their hall THIS (Thursday) EVENING SiBjjSBiCI at 8 o'clock. w Members will come prepared \ nsA ' to pay their dues. MBsaatt By order of G. B. PRITCHARD, First Lieut. Com'd'g. Geo. C. Gaili.ard, First Sergt. G. 11. SAVANNAH MUTUAL LOAN ASSOCIA TION. The seventy-seventh meeting of the Savannah Mutual Loan Association will be held THIS EVENING at 8 o'clock at Metropolitan Hall. GEORGE N. NICHOLS, President. H C. Cunningham, Secretary. METROPOLITAN SAVINGS AND LOAN COMPANY. The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors will be held THIS (Thursday) EVE NING at 8:30 o'clock at the office of Denmark & Adams, 105 Bay street. Semi-annual dividend and other important matters will be discussed. W. B. STILLWELL, President. IVm. L. Gionilliat, Solicitor and Secretary. SPECIAL NOTICES. R. R. RICHARDS. The undersigned has moved his office to rooms 7, Southern Bank Building. R. R. RICHARDS, Attorney and Counsellor at Law. SPECIAL NOTICE. AH persons are hereby cautioned against har boring or trusting any of the crew of the* Rus sian bark "Libertas," as no debt contracted by them will be paid by Captain or A. R. SALAS & CO., Consignees. NOTICE OF LOCAL ACT. Notice is hereby given that at the present-ses sion of the Legislature of Georgia application will be made for the passage of a Local Bill of which the following is the title, namely: “An Act to authorize the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah to require the grading, paving, macadamizing or otherwise improving, for travel or drainage, any of the streets or lanes of the city i if Savannah, to make and collect assess ments for the same and for other purposes.’’ A FESTIVAL Will he given by the ladies of Wesley Church Parsonage Aid Society at Yonge's Park Hall, corner Whitaker and Duffy streets, on FRIDAY AFTERNOON and EVENING. The public are cordially invited to assist the cause. Donations received at the Hall from 10 a. m. NOTICE TO TAILORS. CITY OF SAVANNAH, 1 Office Clerk of Couni jl. v July 12th, 1887. ) Bids will be receiverl at the office of the Clerk of Council until 12 o’clock m. MONDAY. 25th inst., for furnishing the police force with Win ter Uniforms in accordance w ith specifications to be seen at this office. The city reserves the right to reject anv or all bids. Bv order of the COMMITTEE ON POLICE. Frank E. Rebarur. Clerk of Council. NOTICE TO SHIPPERS. The Steamer SWAN will leave on THURS DAY', July !4, at 11 a. m.. for Crisp and interme diate landings on the Altamaha and Ocrnulgee rivers. For Freight, etc., apply at Steamer Ethel's Wharf. W. T. GIIJSON, Manager. NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS. City Treasurer s o>ffce,) Savannah. Ga.. July 1, 1887. j The following taxes are now due: REAL ESTATE, second quarter, 1887. STOCK IN TRADE, second quarter, 1887. FURNITURE. ETC., second quarter, 1887. MONEY. SOLVENT DEBTS, ETC., second quarter, 1887. WATER KENTS, sir months in advance, from July 1, 18S7, to Jan. 1, 1888. GROUND RENTS, two or more quarters in arrears. A discount often yte.r cent. will he allowed upon all of the above (except Ground Rents) if paid within Fifteen Days after July Ist. CHARLES S. HARDEE, City Treasurer. NOTICE. Skidaway Shell Road Company, I July 9th, 1887. t A Dividend of ($4) FOUR DOLLARS A SHARE will be paid Stockholders on demand. GEORGE W. LAMAR, Secretary and Treasurer. DR. HENRY 8 FOLDING, DENTIST, Office corner Jones and Drayton streets. ULMER'S LIVER CORRECTOR. This vegetable preparation is invaluable for the restoration of tone and strength to the sys tem. For Dyspepsia, Constipation and other ills, caused by a disordered liver, It cannot be excelled. Highest prizes awarded, mid in dorsed by eminent medical men. Ask for Ul mer's Liver Corrector and take no other. 81 00 a bottle. Freight paid to any address. B. F. ULMER, M. D„ Pharmacist., Savannah, Ga. THE MORNING NEWS STEAM PRINTING HOUSE, 3 Whitaker Street. The Job Department of the Morning News, embracing Job and Book Printing, Lithograph ing ami Engraving, Book Binding and Account Book Manufacturing, isthe most complete in the South. It Is thoroughly equipped with the most improved machinery and employs a large force of competent workmen, and carries a full stock of PAPERS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. These facilities enables it to execute orders for anything in the aliove lines at the shortest notice und the lowest prices consistent with good work. Corporations, merchants, businessmen and others are requested to get estimates from this establishment before sending their orders abroad AMUSEMENTS. SAVANNAH THEATRE. Thursday and Friday, July 14 and 15. ANNOUNCEMENT EXTRAORDINARY! A Rare Treat in Store! MORE COMEDY! FUN AGAIN! THE FORDS BRONSON HOWARD’S SARATOGA; Or, PISTOLS FOR SEVEN. The greatest comedy ever written. Twenty funny characters, requiring every member of the Association for its production. Read the great cast on the bills. New and elegant dresses. Singing by entire company. Tickets 75c.. 50c. and 25c. Reserved Seats on sale Davis Bros.’’ without extra charge. Box Sheet opens Wednesday. 8:30 a. m. ---- - -a EXCURSION'S. TIMEjm THE STEAMER POPE CATLIN, WM. H. SWIFT, Captaih. Will Leave For Tvbee Island XJ AIL Y, FROM WHARF FOOT OF ABERCORN STREBt AS FOLLOWS: On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurs day, Friday and Saturday: Leave Savannah lO A. M. and 0 P. M. Leave Tybee 7 A. M. and 4 P. M. Schedule will be run by city time. Fare lor Round Trip 500 All freight must be delivered on wharf thirty minutes before leavingjtime of steamer, and pre paid. For further information apply on wharf, or at office of D. G. PURSE, Presici’t. 11l Bay street, W. C. PURSE, Agent. Charleston and Savannah Ry. Reduction in Rates —TO— NEAY YORK. r pHIS company has now on sale ticket* 1 at to New York via Atlantic Coast Line and the magnificent steamships of the Old Dominion S. S. Company, sailing from Norfolk. Va.. every Monday. Tuesday, Wednes day. Thursday and Saturday, arriving at New York on following evenings. Meals and stato room on steamships and eluded. Passengers should take train 7ft leaving Savan nah at 8:83 p. m. on days previous to those men tioned above. This route affords a delightful sea trip, avoid ing Cape Hatteras. Pullman accommodations and eleg-ant state rooms secured on application to Wm. Bren, T. A., 22 Bull street, or J. B. Oliveros. T. A.. Depot. E. P. McSWINEY, Gen. Pass Agent. seedsT ' new crop of CABBAGE & TURNIP SEEDS JUST RECEIVER. Also Spinach, Carrots, Beet and all other Seeds for fall plant ing. J. T. SHUPTRINE & BRO., Druggists and Seedsmen, 185 Congress street, and corner Bolton and Montgomery streets, SAVANNAH, - - - - GEORGIA Mail orders receive special attention. DRY GOOII.n. CLEARING JUT SALE. To Make Room for Fall Stock, I will offer Special Inducements in MY ENTIRE STOCK, With exception of my Empire State Shirt. THF. following goods will be sold cheaper than ever offered in Savannah: Stunmer and India Silks. Cream, White and Light Shades of Albatross, Col> ired and Black all Wool Dress Goods. Black Camel's Hair Grenadines at 86c.; 40-inch wide. Printed Liaen Lawns at less than cost. Real Scotch Ginghams at less than cost. Black Henriettas at $1 40 and ?! 75; sold at 82 and 83 25. Ladies' and Children's Silk and Lisle Thread Hose in black and colored Ladies' and Children's Undervests; best goods in the market. Linen Sheeting and Pillow-Case Linen. Cream and White Table Damask. 9-4 White Damask at 81: former price 81 50. Napkins, and Doylies in cream and white. Linen Damask Towels in white and colored bordered. Linen Huck in wbitfc and colored bordered. Pantry Crash Doylies at great reduction. The above goods will be offered at prices to insure quick sale. J. P. GERMAINE. Next to Furber's, 182 Broughton street. HARDWARE." EDWARD LOVELL 4 SONS, HARDWARE, In and Turpentine Took Office; Cor. State and Whitaker street*. Warehouse: 138 and 140 State street. STEAM LAUNDRY. SAVANNAH STEAK LAOSDRT, 131 Congress Street. Blankets anfl Lace Curtails Cleaned as Good as New. SEE OUR NEW REDUCED PRICE LIST. \Vork Onllocl for and Delivered. HANKS."' KISSIMMEE CITY BANK, Kissimmee City, Orange County, Fla. CAPITAL - - - 850,000 nTRANSACT a regular banking business. Give l particular attention fit Florida collections. Corresjtondence solicited. Issue Exchange on New Y ork, New Orleans, Savannah and Jack sonville, Fla. Resident Agents for Courts & Cos. and Melville, Evans & Cos., of London, England. New Y'ork correspondent; The Seaboare National Rank.