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The morning news. (Savannah, Ga.) 1887-1900, November 17, 1887, Page 3, Image 3

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A.N INTBJEiaRTINO CLINIC. •A C 9 bft V.'tarh Sugetostad That of the Crow n Prir.ce of Germany. From the \eiv i oT Su-i. Saturday pmrnins notices were posted on the bulletin hoards of the medical colleges r>( tbo City to the effect that Prof. Robert Fulton Weir, the Protestor of Clinical nur sery of the College of Physicians and Sil yoons, 'would operate that afternoon on two •isssof eplthcdtoina in thcoprtiug anipbi fhsatro of the New York Hospital on West I iftaontb street. Inviution.- to witness the •operations were also sent to n number or practicing physicians. About too medical students and about twenty-five well-known physicians were seated in the sinphitheatre. Among them were Profs. Markets, Peters and Bull, of the College of Physician# and Burgeons, and the members of tho surgical staff of the hospital. Dr. Adams, the chief of the surgical staff, us aisled Prof, Weir. The professor wore a long while operating gown which reached almost to his feet, A opt are table, set on wheels aud having a -hfllf half way from tho floor, bore a glass troy tilled with a solution of carbolic. In this liquid lay the professor's instruments. “Tba cases for operation to-day,” said the •professor, “are of peculiar interest, both • icing case# Of epithelioma, which first at tracted such genera! attention in the case of Hen. Grant, anil is at present creating great interest in the case of the C own Prince of < Germany. I have not studied the case of the Prince, so as to be able to criticise the ■diagnosis made in it, but one thing is certain, his rase proves thut we must not trust too much to microscopic tests. In his case sev eral sections of the growth were examined, •which, according to the microscopist, were 3,0 n-malignant. Later sections were un doubtedly cancerous. We must judge for ourselves as to the advisability of operating, even when the microscopist pronounces it non-malignant.” The professor signalled to his assistants, nnd they w heeled m a stretcher, on which ay the patient. He had gray hair and was tinder the influence of ether. On liis right cheek was the growth. It was about the size and shape of a big egg, and looked like an ulcer. “Eighteen months ago/’ said tho profes sor. “a small pimple appeared on this man’s cheek. It enlarged, and he consulted a physician, who burned the growth with caustic. This treatment, according to modern authorities, is not good practice, as it irritates the tuiuor mid promotes its growth. Within the last year it has grown to its present size.” The patieat’s face had been carefully cleansed by the professor’s assistants with a diluted solution of bichloride of mercury. "Give me a scalpel,” said Prof. Weir, “a -Harp one.” Taking the knife handed him, he care fully cut out the tumor, removing about one-quarter of an inch of healthy tissue on all sides of the growth, in order to thor oughly extirpate it. Each artery as it was severed was seized by a pair of self-clamp ing artery forcers, until six or eight pair were banging to the wound. The big tumor was removed, together with n small section of the masse ter muscle and a portion of the parotid gland, with which the tumor seemed to be incorporated. Some exfolia tions on the molar bone were removed with a pair of biting forceps, and the cutting was dressed as an open wound, as to bring the e iges together would distort the mouth. Gauze or cheese cloth, impregnated with iodoform and covered with a mass of cot ton retained by a bandage, completed the dressing, after which the patient was re moved. Prof. "Weir retired to don a clean white fown, and then his second patient was rought in. He, too, was under the influ ence of ether. He had,'an epitheliomatious growth on the loft side of his tongue. "This man,” began the Professor, “has confessed to the immoderate use of tobacco, but I do not believe that, caused his trouble. Epithelioma seems to lie contagious. Houses appear to become infected with it as cases occur which can be explained in no other wav, YVo know that two or more members of the same family become victims to this disease, when there is no previous history of the malady in the family, and the only rea sonable explanation is the history of conta gion. Two years ago this patient bit his tongue, and this cancer .seems to have developed from that wound.” A stout silk ligature was passed through each side of the tongue by means of curved needles. Then the tongue was pulled for ward by the silk threads by an assistant, The professor made a small incision dowu rlie middle of the tongue. He then tore the tongue with his fingers, down nearly to the base, as if it were a piece of cloth. He cut off the half which contained tho tumor. As quickly as possible the severed arteries were seized and tied with strong silk ligatures. After passing a stout, siik cord through the stump'so as to be able to control it in case of secondary hemorrhages the professor skil fully cut off the other half of the tongue and'also tied up the arteries, This patient, he said, would have had the same lingering death as Gen. Grant if the cancer had not been removed, as it was increasing in size, aud would in time have eaten away the tongue and throat. SWALLOWING PRUSSIC ACID. A Drug Clerk Who Tells a Remarkable ■* Story. From the Few York Times. A tall man, wU dressed in black, who bad a largo brown moustache and promi nent features, entered the office of the Grand Union Hotel at 5:30 o clock last evening and stepped quickly and nervously to the register. Two guests were writiug their names and the tall mun appeared im patient at the delay they caused bint. When he was able to use the register he seised a pen, pondered an instant, and wrote "Byron.” Then he looked steadily at Mr. Garrison, the proprietor, who was behind the desk, and wrote “H.” After again 'Canning Mr. Garrison he wrote “Bird,” and finally, after another scrutiny of his landlord, he added “Bridgeport ’ Then Mr. Berge. theolerk, asked: "What'll you have, sirP ami the guest replied very po litely: “A dollar room, please,” handing ■>ut a crumpled 3>l bill. A bell boy took hint to room 2Hi, on the second floor, and both he, Mr. Garrison, and Mr. Berge are certain that the man was sober when he went to his room. Ten minutes later, on obeying a call from the room, the bell boy found Mr. Bird, bis overcoat arid hat off, leaning against the bed and swaying to and frc. “Boy, - ’ be '•aid, “I've taken poison and am dying; run, please, for a doctor. I took it in mistake.” the boy reached the office all tho more 'ihicklyby falling down a flight of stairs, and, when he gasped out the intelligence ! hat “21fi has poisoned himself,” doctors and an ambulance surgeon were sent for. Mr. 1 -orrison came in a moment later. His nephew, a guest at the hotel, is a medical student, and, huuting him up, they wont to Mr. Bird, who had fallen backward on the 'sd, and was insensible. Au odor of bitter almonds in tho room was explained when a four-ounce vial, half emptied, of Squibb’s hydrocyanic acid a 2 pier cent, solution —was found in the pocket of Mr. Bird’s coat. Dr. Lyon, of 122 Last Fourteenth street, and au ambulauce surgeon from Bellevue Hospital were quickly in attendance, and, while one used n galvanic battery, the other, with a stom ach pump, introduced two quarts of water into the apparently' dead man’s stomach. His recovery was considered impossible, but lie was whirled aWRy to Bellevue Hospital, where the treatment was continued until be 'omited and rallied, and at 9 o’clock he was ahle to say that the name on the register was his, and that be and his widowed mother lived at Hast Kightv-first street. , Soon after he said he tried to take hi* life because be was not permitted to marry his cousiu, at Bridgeport, one of the princi pal reasons for the refusal being that he was a widower. Later on he contradicted himself in the following story, which was afterward corroborated. He was born at I -egrange, Dutchess county. New York, in Ilia father ,ia* Milo Bird, tho well known proprietor of the Forbus House, now the Nelson House, at Poughkeepsie, who two years ago was killed on the Har lem railroad at Amenia, and who left a widow Emily P. Bird, and several children. Byron became a drug clerk, and was for nine years manager of G. (X Hamil ton s store at Bridgeport, where bo married hts cousin, Ada Herbert. They did not live together happily, uudniont 1881 he went to Gunnison City, Col., and established a drug store. He was rapidly making a fortune, when ho received word thut his wife had obtained a divorce from biin. She is now living w ith their child at Bridgeport. Byron became reckless and erratic and in WCi came east to be treated for dementia He went buck to Gunnison City in ISBU. sold liis business and went to Bridgeport with about $15,000, to court another cousin, Nel lie Arnold, daughter of Detective Arnold, who finally jilted him to marry a well known citizen of that place. Byron became more reck less than ever, and squandered Ins little fortune in Florida air I New York, aud then found several situations as drug clerk, tho lad was in Brooklyn. He discharged himself on Sat - unlay, and, going home, said ho was tired of his occupation, not cured of his infatua tion lor Nelly and miserable because of tho poverty of Ids mother. He got up at 3 oclock yesterday afternoon, and told his mother that he was going out for a walk. Ho had provided himself at tho Brooklyn storo with a fresh bottle of hydrocyanic acid, and walked around until he determined to go to the Orund Union Hotel. Mrs. Bird said that her son’s mind was affected, and that she had not considered him sane since he first came back from Colorado. He will be arraigned at the Yorkville Police Court as soon as he is able to leave the hospital. PRETTY GAMBLERS. Women of Aix-1. s-Bains who Figure at the Green Table. From the Boston Herald. There are two casinoi at Aix-les-Bains, and consequently two gambling saloons and two sets of little horses. The more “seri ous” of the two casinos, the Circle d’Aix les-Bains, has replaced the former inferior nolle dc jeu with anew and sumptuous apartment, which fairly rivals that of the gay resort of tho place, poetically and significantly denominated the Villa des Fleurs. The Villa des Flours is “fast,” and though ladies occassionaily wander in there out of curiosity, it is scarcely the place to which any self-respecting woman of the present day would take her own mother. As often happens, however, the surroundings are prettier and more fascinating than those of the cercle. Only man is vile. The two casinos, though taking in about TOO,OOOf. apiece each season, are not supposed to make very much money, and do not declare dividends. They are philan thropic institutions, designed for the amuse ment of the populace. The salaries of art operatic anil theatrical troupe and 'of an orchestra and band, the cost of fireworks and of improvements, are presumed to oat up the profits of the restaurants, the per formances and the gambling tables. The Cercle d’Aix-les-Bains pays Colonne a really enormous figure for the services of himself and his orchestra, one of the finest in Europe; but it is hard to believe that money is uot made over and above the expenses at the Villa des Fleurs, where expenditure on the part of the public is lavish, and whore they gainbl i for high stakes. The gaming table is a far more liberal place than the table d'hote, for in the salle de jeu respectable but curious matrons rub shoulders with frisky and painted young uersons who would never be allowed to dine in their company at any hotel. One be comes used to everything, and existence in a continental watering place soon accustoms American and English to the spectacle of a duchess putting down n 10 franc piece side by side with the golden iouis of a cocottc, and of a respectable and church-going citizen of the United States rubbing shoulders at cards with a cut-throat adventurer. A celebrated English comediau aud a well-known singer, American by birtli, English by reputation, Italian by name, fairly haunts the green cloth, replacing the excitement of active life before the footlights with the hopes and fears that hang upon a nine-spot. The most desperate gambler at Aix-les-Bains is, how ever, a woman, Greek by birth. Thisdevo tee of tiie green cloth does not take her seat at the table, on account of her sex, but plays over the shoulders ot a sterner man in lOOf. biils, and she risks 500f. with the same imperturability that she might put down 100 sous. This wonum, who is immensely rich, nas a face that a painter might take as an unlovely model. Tba expression is that of a ferret. and the rat-lilce countenance has its resemblance to a rodeat intensified by a nervous twitching of tho tightly compressed, thin lips and ttie conical chiu. The small eyes stare from under a mass of grizzled gray hair; the skin is red and guiltless of the softening application of anything like “poudre de riz.” The celebrity, who changes from tiie tables cf the Cercle d’Aix-les- Bains to those of the Villa des Fleurs and back again, does not devote much atten tion to her costume. It consists of a black dress, not too well made; a black jet bon net, nnd. like the true gambler that she is, no gloves. While she plays she keeps shift ing and counting the white aud blue 100- frauc notes. When called upon to give change, she takes gold from a purse, but as a rule she despis.s the metal and deals only in paper. How an Emp ror was Murdered. From the Beiinhiirgh. Review. Tho .conspirators first met and drank pretty deep into the night, so that none of them were really sober when they appeared before Paul. They bad already murdered the sentry in the passage, and' on finding that the door of the Emperor's room offered some resistance Pableu broke it open. He had iu his hand when he did so a snuff-box given him by Paul only a few days previously, when the Emperor bad spoken to trim of a conspiracy on foot, and ivhen Pableu had reassured him by asking how that could be? “for if there were such a thing. 1 should be sure to have heard of it.” Now, the half-naked Czar • confronted Pahlenwiththoangryexclamation. “What, you there, Pableul” Beuingsen then stepped forward, acting as spokesman for the rest, and toid the Emperor that be must abdicate. Up to this moment, thanks to tho complicity of the officer on duty at the foot of thestair rase, the conspirators hud tiad italltbeirown way; but now a noise frightened them and ma le them fear that a rescue was being attempted. It really came from the Em press’s rooms. She, hearing the scuffic, ran out and swooned at the back of Paul s door. An attendant offered a glass of water, but tho Cossack on guard in her passage, fear ing treachery also in this case, (lashed down the glace, and ran to fill another from a source which he knew was unpoisoned. Meanwhile to the frenzy of their deep pota tions t he conspirators now added the stimu lant of fear. Paul must die; he must not ho rescued, must not survive to tell who had threatened him, nor even to plot, in an en for-'t-d (-00111101110111, vengeance on those who had robbed him of power, lie had already tested the trap-door, and on finding it locked had given way to a paroxysm of ter ror and fury. Thou it was that the armed men closed in upon him; the brothers Zubow, so eager for revenge being the keen est ami Nicholas Zubow striking tho fli-st blow with a chair. This prostrated him. The sash of Pahlen seemed to be the weapon most suitable for their purpose, namely, to inflict a violent death which should leave few (.races of violence, and which might lie ascribed to a fit. Tho Courlander’s sash was tied round tho Emperor’s neck, and then the officer on guard (a Russian pur „a>ui) noticed a strange instance of tho divinity which, in the native Russian hreast, does hedge in the White Czar. Alt tho Russians fell back, and us Beuingsen ijullwl the ends of the scarf to strangulation tliev said to each other aside and in Russian, “It is a dog's trick—better let the German dog do it.” A perfect” specific—Dr. Sage’s Catarrh Remedy. THE MORNING NEWS: THURSDAY, NOVEMBER IT, 1887. THE DUDE KING’S FALL. Berry Wall Captured by a Pretty Young Maiden at Last. From the Yew York Journal Dudedom has been shaken to its centre lately hv the report that its King, E. Berry Wall, was about to abandon the delights of bachelorhood and bei-omca Benedict. Wheu the rumor was etarted it found few believ ers, because Berry has not been considered a youth of tho marrying kind, nnd he has not been ut all anxious that his engagement should gain publicity until within a short time of his marriage. The story grows out of Berry Wall’s visit to Long Branch Inst summer, where ho made one of the most pronounced success** of his life. His clothes were triumphs of the tailor’s art, his neckties were nocturnes in blue and his hosiery symphonies iu pink and crimson. How Berry Wall became acquainted at Long Branch with Miss Kitty King, to w hom it is reported that he is engaged to lie married, does not appear. It. vas a matter of general comment, however, that after their acquaintance began they were almost constantly in each other’s society. They were seen on Use drive, at little dinner par ties. on verandas and promenading. Kitty is a pretty young woman of the blonde’ type, whose" home is at Long Branch. During {he season she lives at tbo West End Hotel, where her charms of person ahd manner have attracted attention from other admirers of female beauty beside Berry Wall. She is jielite and vivacious, and, tho gossips say, quickly found a willing adorer in tho King of the Dudes. Kitty lived at the West End Hotel with her sister, and her brother owns a drug store. The society friends of Berry Wall have failed to understand his infatuation for a girl who, however estimable, was not wealthy and had not been chosen from a New York “set.” They consider him to be “o’er young to marry yet,” as he is only 2s, and hope his infatuatiou will not carry him to that length. Berry, however, is said to have deter mined to’settle down and become a quiet citizen of New York. He will retain his membership in the numerous clubs with which ho is connected, among which are the New York, the Racquet, the Polo, the Now York Athletic and tno Cricket clubs, but w ill hire a handsome flat and fit is up as his home, in princely style. He will retain his membership iu" the clubs so that “the boys won’t think he has gone back on them ” The wedding is expected to take place this fall after a farewell bachelor supper, which will probably be Berry’s last “stag party." The extraordinary love of dress that has characterized tlm King of the Dudes uud has enabled him to win the title in which he rejoices is said to nave been indulged by him lately to an interesting degree tn preparing for the wedding, A reporter learned yesterday that Berry had purchased a very complete outfit for himself—“a perfect gem of a trousseau/’ as one of his slim friends expressed it—aud a description iff it may be of interest. His wedding suit, fashioned of broadcloth, will cost him a hundred-dollar bill. Berry preferred diagonal, but was informed that broadcloth was in better taste. His purchase in the line of “gents’ furn ishingjgoods” were numerous and expensive. His broad expanse of shirt front on the day of the ceremony wifi lie embroidered pique, fleur de Us, These articles may be purchased for $lO 50 apiece and Berry pro poses to have a half-dozen of them in his wardrobe. He ig also fond of another style of pique, which is hand-embroid ered, with vines running down the centre. As for scarfs, there will boa gorgeous plenty. The principal ones will bo large miff scarfs or figured satm. worth *3 .50 apiece, and heavy English satin scarfs to lie made up or tied, each of which cost $4 50. Berry's stock of handkerchiefs will bo very large indeed. He is very fond of them; thev have fancy borders and are decorated with big spots. Iu regard to a delicate subject it may be sa.d that Berry's underwear will lie made of pure silk and will cost sllO. He will have six suits in pink, blue and straw colors. He ha-' bought a number of pajamas with silken girdles an 1 ids hobos de nuit, will be fashion ed of embroidered silk. As an additional contribution toward the outfit. Berry lias laid in a handsome store of canes. One. of them is a cane and a horse-measure combined. The measure can lie drawn out like a sword and will give the height of a horse seventeen bends high. An other ease has an ivory handle on which are carved four faces, two of which express hilarity because stocks are up and two de pression because stocks are down. Her y bought, tliis to amuse him whenever be de cided to take an}' moro little “flyers” on the street. He has" several canes of natural woods, mounted with animals in silver. One cane in which be takes especial pride is a cat’s head with emerald eyes, and another is an old gold wrought in silver. The fair young bride will tie handsomely remembered, it is said, but the gossips do not say what the wedding presents will tie. There is one adjunct ot dress, however, that Berry intends to buy, anil (hat is a nov elty in the way of a parasol, in whose handle is concealed a fan. The parasol is made of crimson silk, with a rosewood handle, and the fan is of silk gauze. GLADSTONE’S CANES. Peculiar Collection of Wa'king Sticks Prized by the Great Engl.shman. From the Pall Matt Gazette. During a visit to Hawarden, Mr. Willis, w hile in tho library, said that he had prom ised his wife to try and induce Mr. Glad stone to part with a walking-stick, that ho might carry it off as a souvenir of the day. The great chief atniled, an l, going to a corner, produced a thick, serviceable baton. “I cannot give you this,” be said, looking at it as if it were an old friend; ‘Thought it flve-and twenty yenrs ago at"— mentioning 1 some Gaelic place ending in feechan— “and it has lioon many a mile with me since.” 1 at once thought 1 could recognize it as the famous “piece of timber" lost by Dr. .lollri sen more than a century ago in the Hebrides, and atiout which lie made Bos well so miserable. “You will get it agar-, sir.” said Jamie: “it cannot have been stolen.” “I don’t know as to that, sir,” thundered the lexicographer. “Consider the temptation it must have been. It is the only piece of timber on these islands.” And so pleased was the great Sam with his joke that it restored him to equanimity 'and good humor. But to return to Hawarden. Mrs. Gladstone was dispatched to bring in an assortment of walking sticks, and soon reappeared with some that were man-els of eccentricity. “No. my dear,” he exclaimed, “not those. They are eccentric. They will be recognized. Tliev were given to me. I cannot, give away what were given to me.” Mrs. Gladstone explained that they were only brought for inspection as curiosities, and that more sticks were coming. Meanwhile we inspected those brought. One of them, of a light-colored wood, con sisted of curious coils and convolutions, and looked like the emblem associated with JEsculapioe. the son of Apollo and Coronis, whom Chiron taught tho art of healing; or like the eaduceus of Hermes. Anoiher was carved like a Gothic sceptre, and, turning it about, I read aloud the legend that ran twining around its length, “Home Rule for Scotland.” This arrested Mr. Gladstone’s attention, and be slowly re-read it. “Well,” he at length observed, “whatever tho Scotch make up their mind to ask for they will get.” And then he added: “But 1 don’t think they will want much.” By this time otlior sticks were brought, but, if possible, still more grotesque. One looked as if it had tumbled down and broken its knee, which had re-set itself with the most hideous excrescences. “No, no!” cried our host; “not that either, my dear. That was only given me last week.” And then, set ting off with the air of a man who is con vinced that if the right thing is to bo done one must go and do it oneself, he left the room. CHEAP ADVERTISING. ONi; CENTji WORD. ADVERTISEMENTS, 15 fiords or more, m thin column inserted for ONE CENT .4 i VORD, Cash in Advance, each insertion. Everybody cho ban any t rant to supply, anything to buy or sell, any business or accommodations to secure,' indeed .any uish to gratify, should advertise in this column. mOUP WANTED. \\T ANTED, a man to collect and canvass; one > 1 acquainted with the city and having ability to manfige; must be sober, active aud or pleas ant millions; references AnU bona necessary. Address SECURITY, this office. WANTED, 8-8 spinning hands, 4 dotfers, YV B-8 weavers. Apply to JAMES ROSWELL KINO, Bupt., Atlanta, UA. ’YI7ANTFD, two good hands to work on dress- Y Y making; none but good hands need apply, at 11 Whitaker street. \\T ANTED, a first class butler. Apply be- Y V tween 2 and Jr.w. at IJB Liberty street. A A PANTED, two white chambermaids at the VV MARSHALL MOUSE. wANTED FOR HOUSEWORK. -A compo- Y 1 tent white girl can obtain a good situation southeast corner of Gwinnett aud Aberoorn streets. WANTED, a competent nurse ; reference* rs > t quire,t. no Libertystreet.^ Atiw, TO s.'oo *, MONTH can tv made Jpl'Mj working for us. Agents preferred who can furnish their own horses and give their whole time lo the business. Spare mo ments may lie profitably employed also A few vacancies in towns and cities. B. V\ JOHNSON & 00,, 1.009 Main street, Richmond. Vn. KM 1*1,05 MKNT WAN MCI I. Alf ANTED, by a rehahje white woman, a po- YY sition as cook: satisfaction guaranteed. COMI’E J ENT. can- News office. AY'ANTED, to solicit orders from the shop- Y Y keener# for rice and grits, either on salary or commission. < ’ollections also wanted. Ad dress r <>. Box 207. J EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER, seek; eni sploynient in any capacity In railway office or store. "Address It, News office. ■mu ■■■■' ms limp— i uw’ire nmaiiwfi ii I n—— BOOMS TO RENT. 1>00348I >00348 TO RENT.—-Two well furnished V 1-,,,,1,'5. Apply to 112 Ta.vmi ''cot. _ 17'OR RENT, tw o floors, containing eight rooms I and bath room, over my store northeast corner of Broughton and Barnard streets; pos session given Nov. Ist. Apply to JO 0. THOMP RON, Grocer. HOUSES AND STORES FOR RENT. 1/OR RENT, brick store and residence corner 1 Montgomery and Huntingdon streets ROBT. H. TATEM. Auctioneer. I/OR RENT, cottage house, Waldburg street, south side, three doors from Drayton. Ap ply on premises. I /OR RENT, residence 72 Broughton street. 1 D. B LESTER. T/OR RENT, tb fine two-story brick house f No. 27 Broughton street, with modern con veniences and good \ a reasonable rental. Apply to P. .1 O'CONNOR, in Southern Bank building, or at No. 25 Broughton street. ]/OR RENT, the house No. 155 Gordon street; in good repair: possession given at once. Apply to D. J. MORRISON. Market Square I /OR RENT, the small store at 176 Broughton street. Apply on premises. F'OK RENT, store and two house# on Ander sou, between Price aud Habersham. Apply next door. I /OR RENT, that desirable residence on the ” southeast corner of Stone aud Montgomery streets Apply to WALTHOUR & RIVERS, No. 83 Bay street. I /OR RENT, the store 165 Congress street. Market square, lor terms apply to UEO. W. OMENS, m Bay street 1/OR RENT, brick house, two-story on baso ment, corner Oeston and Barnard. Apply to LAUNET A GOEBEL, lit Brough lon. 1/uR RENT, brick store Mb Broughton street., betwi*eu Drayton and Bull: possession given Oct oiler 4th. Apply to LEWIS CASS. I /OR RENT, from Oct. Jst. splendid stove No. 87 Bay street, siluafe in Hutchison's Block, next to corner of Ahercorn: has splendid cellar and is splendid atand for anv business; second aud third stories can be rented if desired. A. R. LAWTON. J#., 1)1 Brian street. l-'OH SALE. 17H>R SALE, lot? Noe. Ml and HI in Bonarea ture Cemetery, Property of Savannah Turn verin: will be sold very reasonable. Inquire of EUUENF. LABICHE or M. 1.. KYCK. pin: PLANTATION FOR BALK. “Laurel I V Hill," on Savannah back river; 680 acres of rice laud; banks, threshing mill, dwelling and outhouses iu good order; threshing mill has a capacity of 1,000 bushels per day. For par ticulars address K. H. HEYXX ARM, Hardee(*l He, 8. C.,’or \V. XV. GORDON /t CO., Savannah, Ga. I .''Oil SALE, a line combination family Horse, 8 years old and warranted sound; also. Phaeton aud Harness hieh have been used less than two months; will be sold separate or to gether. For information apply to 'V. G. CLARK, ai L. * H. s. M. H. I’OK SALE, RENT OR LEASE, a farm situated Jc six miles from thecity, on (he Montgomery road: all under fence; a nice cottage anJ out houses. The place is well stocked with cows, horses and bogs; all farming implement* on the place. Apply to R. 8. CLAGHOKN, No. 11l Bay street. Ivor: RALE, complete set of Office Furniture, 1 including large Herring Safe. Amberg Let ter File, etc. Apply to XV. T. SEWARD & 00., 104 flay street. MULES FOR SALE.-Three pairs of first class Mare Mules for sale. Suitable for an y business. KNICKERBOCKER ICE CO., 144 Bay street. _ ' U' BEAT BIG HARNESS and Carriage Sponges v t m pie.. J.Sc.. 35e.: nice assortment of Lap Robes. Horse Blankets and Toy Trunks. NElrf- LINGER & RABUN. I NOR SALE. Laths. Shingles. Flooring, Celling, Weatherboarding and Framing Lumlxir. Office and yard Taylor and East 11 mad street*. Telephone No. 211. REPPAKD & CO. I',X>R SALE Splendid salt'water river-front building lots, and flve-oere farm lots with river privileges, at. ROSEDEXV; building lots in Savannah, near East Broad and Sixth streets, and in Eastland; several good farm lota near XVUite Bluff, on aboil road. Appiy to Dr. EAL LIG.VNT, 15! South Broad street from 9 to 10 a. M. 1 R EXVAKIL •>/ k REWARD. 1 have recovered Iwo of 3%)’f the missing volumes of tba bound files of the Moasixo Nrws. The following are Hill wanting: July to December, 1860. July to December, 1881. July to December. 1862. The volumes ere undoubtedly in this clly, probably iu some law office, or. iawyers arc gen erally the borrowers of our files. There is JlO waiting for the return of each or any of the above volumes, "and no questions asked.” J. 11. KSTIEL. LOST. lOBT, a young blnrk and white setter dog, .J answers to the name of “Bounce.” Finder will be rewarded by returning toJ. E. BAR BOUR, New Houston and Barnard streets. IOST. Red Irish Setter Dog Pup (Nod),7 months a old: scar under right eye. Litxvral reward. O. L. TILTON, Duffy aud Whitaker. BOARD! NO. I.MRST CLASS BOARDING, LODGING AND FLATS OF ROOMS.with all desired corner lender, can be ohtalned at 180 Broughton ‘-treel. DELIGHTFUL ROOMS, with excellent board, can be had at -WO South Broad street. BOARDING.— No. J3 Xhercorn street, coiner of St. Julian. Handsomely furulahed rooms eu suite or singly; also tablo board. PHOTOGRAPHY. I > HOTOGRAPHY- SPECIA L NOnCR Prices I reduced. Fine Cabinet Photographs a specialty. 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AGENTS for Alert and Union Injectors, the simplest ami moat effective on the market; Gullett Light Draft Magnolia Cotton Gin, the beat in the market. All ordern promptly attended to. Send for Prioe List. i AUCTION SALES TO-DAY. TH X S 3D Sale of House Effects by j. McLaughlin & son. On THURSDAY, 17th November. 18*7, at 11 o'clock, at No. OTattnall street, near Liberty, BEDROOM SETS. LOUNGES, BUREAUS, WASUSTAND. SPRINGS, WARDROBE, CHAIRS, TABLE, ETC., ETC., SIDEBOARD. WITHOUT RESERVE. LEGAL SALES. Administrator’s Sale of Land. WILL lie sold before the Court, House door at “ Trailer * Hill, Charlton county. Georgia, on the FIRST TUESDAY IN DECEMBER, lrß7. within the legal hours of sale the real estate of tin- late HARVEY W. LATHROP, situated in said county of Charlton, to wit: Lot* of land numbers fifty-seven, three hundred and seventy six, one hundred and t wo. eighty-one, cij-hty three, three hundred and twenty-one, two Hun dred aud thirty five, one hundred and tweuty nne, and twenty seven In the First district; also, lots numbers ninety-five, two Hundred and four, and one hundred mid thirty-three in the Socoud district of said county of Charlton, each lot containing 490 acres, more . r loss. To bo sold under an order from the Court of Ordinary of Pulaski county, Georgia, for the purpose of pay ing debts aud making distribution. Tomiscasl), W. C. BRUCE, Administrator de bonis non. November 10, 1887. CLOTHING. AGENTS FOR ABOVE RENOWNED Stiff and Silk Hats, ALSO American Natural Wool Sanitary Underwear. Clothing Department Complete in all its Branches. APPEL & SCHAUL, One-Price Clothiers; 163 Conpvreps Street. _OPPOBTTE THE MARKET. JAEGER System of Sanitary Underwear. Orß*rcni)(J DIRECT TMPr*KTATION of thin famous am! popular UNDERWEAR lias just beop re*cjive<J through th* Havannab ('ll* tom House. A complete line for Ladies & Gentlemen JAEGER SYSTEM 1 JAEGER SYSTEM! JAEGER SYSTEM! JAEGER SYSTEM! SANITARY UNDERWEAR! SANITARY UNDERWEAR! And our usual complete stock of Gent*'. Youth*’ and Boys' CLOTHING and OVERCOATS. 161 COjVORESS ST. B. H. LEVY & BRO. LEGAL NOTICES. Gi EORGIA, Chatham Ooumtt. In Chatham f Superior Court. Motion to establish lost deed. To Isaac D, Laßocbw. Henry lave. Abrsi.evi Backer. L Franklin Dozier, Wm. E. Dozier, Thomas B. Dozier, Kona Dozier. Nina Dozier Pressley. Blancu* U Choppin, Arthur 1). Choppin. George R Beard. Emma Estelle llodgson, Mary L. Hodgson, Agnes B. Hodg son, George H. llodgson, and Joseph 0. Hodg son: ELIZABETH A. RILEY having presented to me a petition In writing, wherein she alleges that a certain deed tolot* Nos. il and 12 in Stephen wait), in the city of (Savannah. wo made by ISAAC D. LaROCHE and SAMUEL I’. BELL acting as Commissioner* imder a decree in equity in Chatham Superior Court, win-rein you were parties, or are representatives of parties, or are Interested adversely to her title to said lots of land, which paid deed, a copy of which in substance is attached to said petition and duly sworn to. bear* d*te tlic 9th day of June, 1880 and the original of w hich deed said jietitlouer claim* has been lost or dr stroyed. and she wishes said copy established in lieu of said lost original. You are hereby commanded to show cause, if any you can, at the next Superior Court, to beheld in and for said county on the FIRST MONDAY IN DE CEMBER NEXT, why said copy deed should not be established in lieu of tbe lost or destroyed original. Aml it further appearing that some of you. to wit: Abraham Backer, L. Franklin Dozier. Wm. E. Dozier, Tlmma* B. Do/ier Bona Dozier, Nina Dozier Pressley, Blanche E. Choppin, Ar mor B. Onoppin, George R. Board, lunma Ks tcllo lliklzmiu. Mary L. llodgson, Agnes B. Hodgson, fleorgo 11. Hodgson and Joseph C. Hodgson reside outside of the state of Geprgia, It is therefore further ordered that you so re swldinar outside of tbe State of Georgia Ist served liv a publication of said rule nisi for three mouth* lief ore t he next term of said eourt towtt: Three months before the FIRRT MON DAY IN DECEMBER NEXT In the Savannah Morning New . n publlu gazette of this State, published m this county. Witness the Honorable A )’ Ahams. Judge of said Court, thi* 27th dav of August, A. 6. 1887. BARNARD E. BEF. ClerkH. C„C. C- If. R. RICHARDS, ISAAC BECKETL Attorneys for Petitioner*. A true ropy of tbe original rule nisi issued in the above case. BARNARD K. BEE, Clerk 8. C'.. GXL _ (I FOROTA, Chatham cocvrY —Notice is I hereby given to oil persons having demands against FRANCIS O. FOLEY, deceased. to pr ; - rent ihcin to me, properly made out, within the time prescribed by law , so as to show their I'haractcr and amount; and all persons indebted to naid deceased are hereby required to make immediate payment to me. OCTOBKR 28, 1887. CLINTON C- MARTIN, Admlnistrutorestate Fraud* O. Foley, deceased. 1 IRON PIPE. RUSTLESS IRON PIPE. EQUAL TO GALVANIZED PITK, AT MUCH LESS PRICE J. D, WEED & CO. C. H. OORSETT’S CC-iU’.VtJY. A Valuable Comer in Yamacraw, WITH OTHER DWELLINGS C. H. Dorsett. Auctioneer, Will sell at the Court House on TT’ESDAT. December Bth, 1887, during the usual hours of sale, the following well-paying proparty in Yams,-raw, to wit,; Lot and improvement* on the northeast cor ner of Margaret arid Farm streets. On this lot there arc two dwellings oa Margaret street, s store and dwelling at she corner erf Margaret and Farm a dwelling at the corner of Farm and Harrison, and two dwellings on Hardsoa street. This property Is always tenanted, a portion being leased to a party doing a good business who has been there for years. The total rental of the properly Is $M per month IN CHOCTAW WARD. Half Lot M Tenement. C. H. Dorsett, Auctioneer, Will sell at the Court. House on TUESDAY, December 6th, 1887, during the usual hours of sale The northern half of lot No. 67 Choctaw ward and the improvements, consisting of a two story tenement containing four rooms. Terms cash. Near I (ip &, F. & W. Railway. t/ HOUSE AND LOT. C. H. DORSETT, Auctioneer. Will sell at the Court House on TUESDAY. De cember, Ctb, 1887, during the usual hours of sale. South half of Lot No. 14 Crawford ward east, <6x66 more or less, on the corner of Reynolds and Perry street lane. The improvements eon sist nf a iwo story residence containing eight rooms and piazza, also a store with separate yard, stable and kitchen; water in each yard. A 1 metal roof. Lot fee simple. This property is very convenient to the Savan nah. Florida and Western railway and to the Savannah and Tyhee railway; also to the lum ber yards. Tbe house is Solidly built and In very good condition. N. B. Part ies wishing to treat at private sale can secure easy terms. On Henry Street. Near East Broad. . HOUBE AND LOT, C. H. DORSETT, Auctioneer. Will sell at the Court House on Tuesday, Decam her 6th, during the usual hours of sols. Lot No. 23. on the north side of Henry street, near East Broad, having a fronton Henry street of forty feet more or lea*, and a depth of one hundred and sixteen (Hit feet more or lass to Duffy street laue, together with the improve men tv thereon, consisting of a four-room house with two fireplaces. TERMS CASH. FOR SALE On West Broad street, west aids, between Huntingdon and Gwinnett streets, a lot fifty feet front by eighty one feet deep, cornering on a lan*, with the Improvements, consisting of a one-story house. Price SI,OOO. Terms easy, -ALSO— Between Hall and Gwinnett, a lot, fifty feet, front and eighty one feet deep, cornering on Gwinnett snd Maple streets, withs one-story house, for $1,309. ALSO— A lot 'No. 3j forty feet -faint by eighty-fire j feet deep on Gwinnett street, for five hundred J and fifty dollars. Terms easy. —AISO Two lots on Maple street. Nos. 17 and 30. each 40x100, for $550. Turin* easy. The above lote are a portion of that high and i beautiful plateau on West Broad and Gwinnett streets, which has just been platted, and from which eleven lots have already been sold. These are good lote and wooden buildings can bo erected upon them. C. H. DORSETT, Auctioneer, Will offer at the Court House, on TUESDAY, December 6th, unless sold previously at private sale. The eastern portion of Lot No. 81 Calhoun ward, measuring 40x100 and the improvements, consisting of an exceedingly pleasant and well located RESIDENCE on Gordon street, near and east of Drayton. This residence has four rooms in the bsse m*nt, four on the parlor floor, four bedrooms and a bath room, snd two rooms in tbs attic. Tbe lot is subject to an annual ground rent to the city of sll 83*$ Tbe location, surroundings and convenient size of tbisresidence will recommend it to those who are looking for nice homes. TERMS CASH. EXECUTOR'S SALE. C. H. DORBETT. AccTtosmc*. By virtue of the provisions of the will, ttwill sell before the Court House door In tbe cty of Sa vannah. on TUESDAY, December 6tb. 1887, during the legal hour* of sale, the following, as the property or ELIZABETH A. BAILEY, deceased, for the purpose of distribution: All-thi southern portion of lot No. 11 White ward, situated on the northeast corner of Un coin and Bolton streets, having a frontage of 43 feet and 9lnches, more or lees, on Bolton and 70 feet, more or less, on Lincoln, ami the iin! piovements thereon. -Terni6 cash. ROBERT D. WALKER, .T . 3