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K» l>y JosKl’II ClISBY. GEORGIA TELEGRAPH believe in noses nmy at once put him down ns a I of the ehair, and took it to England, where it lie republican, regicide, and fanatic. I should mere-1 came the property of the Prince Regent, and af- 1y think him a man of strong will, with some lion-1 tenvard of the Duke of Cumberland. The lat- KN l.N u. I cs *-'"’ count emcte<l by sensuality, and a feiir of I ter took it to Berlin, and there it was given an ——— ’— I the sword his Im|ierial master keeps hanging I upholsterer to repair.—Tlic workman charged I overall his servants, Grouped around these I with the job found secreted in it a diamond pin. , „ \ l» V A N C K. I two high functionaries stood a number of infe- la portrait in pcnril of a boy, and a number of i-i'r where the subscription I r ‘ or “'“ndarins rejoicing in decorations of pea- I smail sheets of paper filled with very small writ- I cock’s feathers and squirrel's tails, attached I ing. Tlie things lie appropriate*!;’ the pin he witli the colored laill distinctive of their rankjto Isold, and tlic portrait ami ]*pcrs lie gave to a the crown of their comical .Summer hats. Of I watchmaker, a friend of sis. Although the these alone deserving notice was Picn, the Pri- [writing was in a foreign language the wntchma vate Secretary of Kwoiliang, a very elever young | ker succeeded in making out that it consisted of mandarin, on whom has fallen all the detail ami | a series of sccrctnnd very important instructions labor of the negotiations, and who appeared to [drawn up by Louis XVI. for the Dauphin, his have great influence with his superiors; theoth- [son, the portrait being that of the latter. The anil the < hincse se<retancs, | cr was a tieneral, attached to Ihvasliana, whom | watchmaker, whose name was XnumlorfT,some 1 Mr. Lay. could lie seen in their our Transatlantic friends had made so much of, | years after gave himself out as Lbuis XVII. and , lai«il,V comparing their man- [ j n consequence of the discovery that he was a j produecil tlie papers and ]>ortrait in question to ■' ;'!i official- doputcil for that | ‘‘Viscount" by birth, that he at one time, in the [prove his allegation. After making some noise | . pi rial ('oumnssioners. At I* [ early stage of the negotiations, liccamc intolcra-1 In Prance and Belgium, in which latter country mug, just as the sun liogan to J |,ly saucy, ami had to lie taken down a whole | be passed by the name of Morel deSaint Didier, .ovs athwart the narrow streets | flight of steps liy one of the sinologues attached | this numdicdiulS40. His son, who called him- i' succeeded h.v the delicious 11 () (|„. British Embassy. By the side of Lord [self Duke of Xonuandy, went to Java in 18.33. le, the military guard of hon- | Elgin stooil his two Chinese Secretaries, Mr. [Tlie Berlin workman who discovered tlic docu- Mmlc and Mr. X. Lay; they were intrusted with [ments naturally did not state howNaimdorffbc- tjie Cliinesi^version of tlic treaty, and the Eng- [ camepossessed of'them, lmtjust licfore his dcatli, lish version was under tlie eare of Mr. D. Cam-1 which took piece lately, he made a full disclos- oron, senior attache. To the left of Kweiliang J ure to his family. They found out that the . _ , ..—the left Wing the scat of honor in China— [famous arm-chair liad remained in Berlin, and ii"":" | ded • *J°'" •' lu "* J sat Admiral Sir Michael Seymour and the Hon. | had come into fiosscssion of the old woman; ,.>.:iluting a Inive of lun men, I Mr. Bruce, Seeretaiy of Legation : the names or [and the caused it to he bought in order to sell it ii.. lushes, preceded by a | places of the rest battle all powerofdescription, | again in Austria.”—Harper's ll'ethh/ in the intervening space beyond tiiat I saw Captains Sir F. Xicolson, - -uvam of.«! sedan chairs, | \V. K. Hall, T. Oslionic, and Roderick Dew, | From the Charleston Courier. together with Messrs. L. tlliphar.t, II. B Lock, | The Narwhal guard oflion- l,:ink of the IVilio. just aliov t’lelireat Canaljoius wicstream nv. vs under l’apt. Lamhert, R. Marine Artillery of the Sampson u oliT Lieut. Nott. and the marine I naval ollieers in full dies; f moch "iHl Englidj sqtwdron |Oco. Fitaroy, Dr. Saunders and an artist nain- | l)„ a Saturday in last June, a retired whaler • . * - - i • —-j y •mill* i irn u "ESki I Sj 10 *►«-■]iv-w, Morrison, all of Lonl Elgin’s [by the name of G. II. Bntrtu, presented the uu‘d.inns—s» liolidaj I staff; making a gallant struggle for places with | Aliisouii ’ ' " numl f.'von I Stn,r ’ • }^ " ,lan, for places with I Museum, though Prof IIoutES, with the sural ,d f. >ith shou of applause froni [a crowd ofheuUmants, midshipmen, engineers, ler tooth of the renowned Narwhal. He stated m shmmg »Ji t and domestu-s. who were evidently lient on prov- that while on the .avast of Greenland looking • a-vl tlit* imiik.' as wrastiio cu I mp to the Imperial Commissioners how* “fierce [out for \VI * * ' ’ l '" n aliens.andtheglorions'strains | short overture, in which the most tenderinqui- able tooth, Mr. Rrjirau. found imhbddcd in the • ,,u ‘ uni , tt V bands ]nes as to the state of health of not only the res- [right jawbone a piece of round painted ivory. mime about to dawn upon [ ted that he would sign and seal the English copy [applied He appropriated the hidden tusk, and - 'i..«n the bank nl the t anal, | of tlie Treaty, while tlic Commissioners did ns|uscd it formally years ns assistant marline-spike. .1 a bridge oflmats to the I much to the Chinese version; they absented and Never expecting again to si iver under thcsliad- 11 '"v stands and then jmssed | the work praeecilcd rapidly. Owing tothe pres- |ow of an ice-berg, tie k, until tlie open plain was sure of business Mr. Wade had been obliged 11irancer of a hard ai i the southern wall. English- to compile the final copy of the Treaty in Chi- | trunk, and placeil it expecting took this precious reinem and perilous life from his placeil it on the daily lengthening .f our Embassador—it was un- criticism. One article relating to the indemni-1 The Narwhal is a Cetacea, and his delicate avK them, lor all looked and felt as I ty for losses at Canton and the expenses of the | and eomplieate breathing apiKiratus absolutely ;id give the world to he allowed to [war, was sv|Kiratcd from the Treaty. After |requires the oxygen of the atmosphere. Of : u all,, could -uch a proceeding have J Itweiliang had nttarheil his signature to the ar- I course, like his cousins the Whale and Porpoise, i-ion. The uud to suffer martyrdom on be-[like, he at once saw a |M>ssihility of escaping | anil tries the patience of the expectant harpoon- .in neeesMiiy in fiilldressed olH- I from even one little part of his contract, and im-1 er; hut when the supply is exhausted, lie must routhlul natal ollieers who | mediately made an attempt to do so. "Wlmt [return to the sunlight. Like the other meml>ers . ions midshipmen or engl- j The faithful "Picn” now came to his master’s [ long tusk he might he mistaken for a gigantic nrded but ill wit.i the pres-[assistance. “What is it ®" appealed Kwciliang | Dolphin. When that prodigious horn hasat- mativcs of Her Majesty. J to his Secretary; “Am 1 to sign it? Do yon|taincil its utmost prolongation tlic animal that rule of plain, which was level [know what itis?" "No. I know-nothing about [sports it is sometimes twenty-live feet, and often ..a ided only by the horizon, | it,” said the ]>olished Picn in his most silvery | thirty feet long. He is a vigorous and an ex- led to nil isolated yaiiiun [tone. "An, aii,”smileil Kwciliang faintly, *ncv- | pert swimmer, and not only docs his speed equal, . hail hoen visiteil hy Lonl or mind it, never mind it," and again the article | perhaps surpasses, that of the Sword Kish, l.ut nations commenced (June | was gently pnslieil aside, to lie again hnmght|iu addition to tlic extraordinary rapidity with Chinese thinned off ns the | up hy Mr. Iaiy, who, calm and unruffled, still | which he cleaves the yielding water, the sym- iucreased, and those who | pointed pcrscvcringly at the blank spot at the, | metry of his shai>e iiiqiarts a singular graee to I their attention between | foot of tlie sheet of jaiper, and reiterated instil [all his movements, tin- iiai lianans and in i-atching | more silvery Pekinese, "It is the article touch- The Monmlon. like the Polar lli-av, delight 11 \t day > meal. During the ] ing the indemnity, and you must sign here, [in an atmosphere that turns the warm breath I ien-ism have been eating Io- | Sir." Picn was quicker than his superior in [ from human lungs into ire, and is only seen by i state; basket- full of them are seeing that the barbarian was not to lie outma-1 the hardy seekers after whale's hluhlier and vum , itinerant venders shout | neuvcrcil, and in a moment understood nil almut | baleen. Jn the depth of the dark Northern win ti i -h lnru«ts 1 all day long; cv- the article in dispute. "(Mi. yes, it is all right; | ter they are occasionally met with on the Xor- | UTmvs are a* impertinent here | sign," said he to Kwciliang. The old man | wegian coast, hut tlie ivory tusks are principal- ,v v ren with a locust in liis [quietly drew the paja-r toward him, and at once j ly abundant in Davis’ Strait, Wellington Chan report arri s of drowned lo-| attached his signature. The respective Score-1 nel. and throughout the whole extent of that en lloating in the river, | taries now advanced to a small table, and then | terrible circle, ttiat lias -sx-i-ots or its own which motion of them, and with nil | the great seal, especially struck for this ooca- [ science, though inspired by heroism, has failed of insects, sweeping | sion, the sola credential, indeed, of the Imperi-1 to discover. They dart away with such velocity off'the face of the province |al Commissioners, was stampeil in vennillion [ when alarmed, that the veteran whaleman pltin- ilonnt Complain as if it |on every copy of the -nation. The sun went down | officially reported to' ept to the tune of "Bonnie [of Tien-tsin was duly . 1 the angle of the Temple of the | A vast deal more satisfaction was expressed [ licrps arc always lloating, tiny associate in large “ and entereil its southern [ in the conntiimncv of the British Embas-ailorat I slmals. anil then tlicv nay dearie foe tl.qie l.»« ilie maior portion of such edifices [this announcement than could he detected in | tiful tusks. As soon as they bear the dip or an orln-st tin* Temple stands on an | those of the Imperial Commissioners, yet they | oar, they rush terrified in all directions, earh nd «f aartla nwmil some fifteen feet J looked like anything hut men who had made a [ one absorlicd in bis own safety. Retreating in of the adjacent plain, ns if to a- [disgraceful treaty. Indeed, in spite of all the [this pell-mell manner they cross each others Pour walls, lacing most ar- j undoubtedly great concessions made by them | path, plunge their teeth into one another, anil ir cardinal jMiints of the com- [ on the present occasion, it is very certain that [ while they are pushing ami floundering and hid from view an acre of | the Treaty of Nankin struck more directly at | trying to get sea-room for their ready tails the itb a series of temples and I the fundamental laws of this empire, and that, [ .-harp Imat is on them, and tlie liarlxsl weapon • niament anil elalairate pain-1 too, at a time when tlie power of Western nn-1 finds its way deep below the layer nCblubber. r-|KTseil with o|>en courts [lions was far less known and feared than at pre— | That small tooth in the Museum is not worthy of the lew natural [ ent. Keying then ceiled not only Hong Kong | to he mentioned with that other, that must be t hincse have good taste | in perpetuity, hut acknowleilged our right to | meastnvil hy feet Tlic former is found on the pprecintc. The grand en- j Chiisan so long as the treaty was not fulfilled, | right side of the head, imlieddod in the muscles •utli, and at jjj; a inindierof | an alienation of the territory of the central nn- [and flesh of the jaw-lmne, and is usually from itese l«nd received the pro-1 lion which eauseil his imiieaehmcnt, ami, as we | sixtoninc inches long. Occasionally, Narwhal ■ lul it through tlie building I are still writing, his death. He it was who first | are seen with the two tusks fully developed, and • nlu-rn court was reached, [acknowledged the perfect equality of all nations, [ol equal length; but when only one comes out Marine Artillery, and Ma- | and that there were more sons of Heaven than | from the hone and fibres, It is invariably the M three sides of it,’ fronting a [he of Pekin, ’fliose principles have now re-[horn of the left side of the nose. was stampeil in vennillion I when alarmed, that the veteran whaleman pimi- ie treaty, and then Mr. Wade |gcs his harjioon into the cold sea, when he at- >his Ixinlship thattheTreaty [tempts to drive it into the dusky lwek of a soli- ly signed oi»*l •"•lot [ fary .Moiiodon. But in the waters where ire- liatrcil of the Whale, cherislied by our gallant though quixotic knight, tlie .Swonl Fish, lie often attacks that huge spouter single luutdeil, and if he does not leave him lor the billows to play with, and then to bear him on their hacks and toss him high am) dry on the lieaeh, at any rate he gives him a painful taste of his ivory. But at other linn's this enormous cetacea is forced to contend witli Narwhal, Swonl Fish aml.the strong, fierce Fox-Shark, ticsso quotes from an eye witness a lively description of one ofthese bloody ami unequal hittles. Thu Arc tic Seas, the field of these exciting encounters, arc translucent to a depth of nearly live hun dred feet, and shells can be distinctly seen open ing and closing their valves, anil MX.-nods with their brilliant colors thickly growing on the liottom look like a garden of gay flowers. Every attitude, movement ami stroke of tlic mighty comliattants was visible in tlie clear water. The sea was red with the blood that gushed from tlie deep wounds as tooth and sword were driven in and drawn out with fearful quickness. The Ziphias attacked the stomach, the Narwhal plunged his teeth into the sides, and when the poor Whale was forced to rise above tlie sur face. the Fox-Shark would dart into the air and descending deal such fearful blows upon his broad hack with his muscular tail. that, had the light occurcil at night, one might indulge the fanoy that villainous salt-petrc was playing its part in tlie contest For several hours the Cap tain viewed the Combat ami when he left, the Whale was obviously worsted. Xo doubt be fore the terrible trio departed to look for Dol phins and Tunnies, the little tisli might swim in shoals into his capacious mouth, and then swim out again. Tlie author, to whom we arc indebted for much of the information embodied in this pa per, states tiiat there is a Narwhal's hom in the possession of a noble family in Denmark, val ued at eight hundred dollars. Several centu ries ago a throne was constructed for one of the Danish Kings, entirely of these rare and costly teeth, and it was grareil hy the persons of a long line of monarclis. It is now kept in the Castle of Kossenherg. and is ns lieauliful and perfect as the day it was completed. When the eyes of royalty looked admiringly n|M>n these wreathed shafts of ivory, they were invested with a romantic interest. They were received hy tlie easy credulity of the tunes as the hom of the Unicom, and brought enormous prices as proofs of tlic existence of that fabulous mon ster. Having once adorned the head of that re doubtable coiiihattant for the crown against the puissant Lion, it was believed to [lossess most marvellous curative properties The scrapings dissolved in water would break and expel the most virulent type of fever; and if any one hit- ten by a venomous serpent would drink that mixture freely, the fangs and fluid would he made as inoxious as the sting oftiie Viper tiiat St. I’aul shook from his hand into the fire, if any person desires to test the efficacy of this an cient antidote, that ltattle-Snake near the aquaria whose bite is sonieic/tat poisonous, will lie most happy, after his fangs grow out, to use them, and we promise to furnish the scrapings. The flesh of the Narwhal is said to la- death to the cater. The land watered hy the sea tlie Unicorns inhabit is utterly Imre of trees, and the bushes that spring from the sterile soil never grow high er tlutn the square heads nl’ tlie Esquimaux. Pennant informs us tiiat these lovers of Whale’s blubber, not being able to obtain wood, con struct rafts with these twisted tusks. Those in genious grease-eaters most certainly have some means ofkreping their ivory rafts afloat, Ibr the germ tooth in our Museum, true to its weight, absolutely refuses to stays moment on the sur face. So 6r from being silly enough to go t« the Imlttmi for the sake of a few teeth, thesoex- ]iert and hardy boatmen attack the Narwhal in tlicir Ki.iai-ks. Seated in the receptacle pro vided Ibr his fat person, his coat of skins fall ing over the ledge and fitting tightly around it like bladder over the mouth of a jar. liis double Madded paddle iii liis hand, he Mildly propels his little boat into the midst of a school of Nar whals. One eml of a line is attached to a rude hut strong ami sharp harpoon, ami to the other a buoy is fastened, lie drives thcwcapon into the marbled hack of the Sea Unicorn, and the buoy at tlie same time diminishes his speed am' inrnnir- *t»~ irJuai the stricken animal is coming to the surface. Tlie t\a<...n shoots to the spot where the buoy is dancing, ano lance from the ready band carries death into the smooth gash. Thetireenlauder has but to tip the tapering tusk with Mirbwl iron, and lie lias a beautiful spear; the blubber is ids light ami food; the intestines are turned into cord »■-- ami in the rope maker, ami Hie fi bres make a thread that never Tireoks. G-EORG-IA Mastic Roofing Company, PROPRIETORS OF KUSSELI/S PATENT F'ire "Vv 7 "ater Proof MASTIC ROOFING OIST O .A. IM V ^ s. HAVING purehnsu«! tin? rght to use and sell the above HOOFING for several SOUTHERN STATES, we are now prepared to do ROOFING or SELL RIGHTS to use the same. This roofing is adapted to new or old BUILDINGS, steep or Hat roofs ami can be put over Plunk or old leaky shin^les/Tinor Iron Roofs : it costs about half the price aud is much better than Tin-—is not affected by beat or cold and is impervious to wa- ter; it is fire proof, and it is the best roofiujj ev er invented for STEAMBOAT DECKS, Rail Roacl Oars, Bridges, &c. STONE’S H-A.T STOKE. f OPPOSITE THE LAS I Eli HOUSE Just Received a Splendid Stock of HATS & CAPS, C ONSISTING of the most recent styles for Gen tlemen, Boys and Children. The following com prise a few of the leading articles iu his line : Gent’s Fashionable Silk Hats, all width Brims “ “ Black Cassinier, do do “ Superior French Felt, of all colors, “ Cable and Storm Hats, “ Velvet Caps of all colors and prices, “ Navy, Cloth, and Silk Caps. ** Beaver aud Plush do Boys’ and**Childrens’ Hats and Cap.*, of every fiylc and price, Childrens Black Beaver and Fancy Trimmed Hats, And a Superior lot of Wool Huts for Plantation use. These articles are all new, and will be sold hn CALL AT STONE S HAT STORE. Sept. 28, 1858. Ac. It is warranted to jfive entire satisfaction. Fo further information apply to FREEMAN* ROBERTS, or janl!) tf A. P. ClIERUV Macon, Ga. Hardeman & Sparks W aro VN1) COMMISSION MERCHANTS, .flacoH, Gu., VY TILL continue to give prompt attention at their \Y FIRE PROOF WAREH' OUSE, on the cor- to all business commit IRE PROOF ner of 3d and Poplar street ted to their charge. With their thanks for past favors, uud a reuewed pledge of faithfulness to all their friends and cus tomers, they hope to receive their full share of pub lic patronage. Liberal advances mnde on Cotton and other pro duce when required. ISP"Planter's Family Stores, alio Bugglnj', Hope, Ac., furnished at tlie lowest market rotes. THUS. HARDEMAN. O. « SPARKS. sep 7 HATS, CAPS, &c. 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Dealers are assured that they can make their pur chase here as cheap and of as* good quality as any establishment in the State. BELDEN** CO., Sept. 28. Cherry Street, Macon, Ga READY MADE CLOTHING. GENTS FURNISHING GOODS. TRUNKS, CAR I'ET-BAGS, UMBRELLAS, CANES, AC., AC, CLOTHS, CASSLMKKS A VESTINGS, .MAR SEILLES A LINEN BOSOM SHIRTS, SILK Kin, CALK AND BUCK SKIN GLOVES, AC vc rifles of it, I'ronting a I he ol I’ektn. Those jirinciptes nave now re-1 noni oi uiu u-n ... im-1»„. U e infer from re evidently constructed | reived a very great development, it is true, hut [ the signification of a name that these animals, >n the center of the it would be unfair to say that we have been op- so long known, received many years since, that I, was most tastefully ar-1 pressive in our demands, or obtained that from two long, fully formed teeth issuing from the id chairs were placed. In China, which we will not cheerfully recipro- same mouth, is an exceedingly rare endowment; taring our guard, sat the cate. »n«' '* «* « rtn,n lh »‘ when these gifts are^hc- 1 . Senior Commissioner Lonl Elgin expressed his fervent hope that stowed, we must coniine ourselves to oik; or his tan- of Slate; on the right was } the pence just concluded might be a lasting one | appellations, and 'gupre Monmlon and Slono- -li uia. Second Commissioner and beneficial to lioth nations, which the Com- ccros a together. 1 his remarkable tooth pos- tin' Civil Board, while tlie va-1 missioners appeared cordially to echo; and then j sesses the solidity, polish, and yellowish hue tr.ic between them was for the |after some poetical allusions to the moon, which of the finest ivory. It shoots out from its bed "cmiTii mem whs lor me I (met S'line poetical allusions .v M.v .. ——,-— - , , , . , , • r. tin either side front this | was smiling upon them from the blue vault over-1 in the lione on a level with the '•od.v. «n<* ' hairs had been placed for the | head, the attendants were desired to bring injers beautifully to a sharp point. Ihesc tusks and when the Imperi- some slight refreshments. His Lordship and are usually decorated with spiral twists from . the Commissioners respectively proposed the the base, hut sometimes they arc health of each other's Sovereign, and at last,* and sometimes as smooth as our get with mnnr expressions of mutual esteem, the W hen the annnal has attained h <■« was Embassador of England rose to take his leave, dimensions this splendid tooth is fifteen fret ic high Again the Marines presented arms, again the hong, about^cn^inchesmc.rcujrtcrenccwhwB sa, but air of "God save the Queen” rolled through the it emerges from the head, and hollow to w itli.n fully a many courts of the Temple of the Gloiy of the [five or six inches of the extremity. Nature has placed for the I hca<l, ta , tw., miu when the Imifcri-1 some hiigut iuHuaiiiHvi.w. •••.-• --— ■ --- - • i... , ri r hml, in conformance to Chinese I the Commissioners respectively proposetl the I the lmse, but sometimes they arc onl\ stinted Id Lord Elgin from liis sedan- health of each other's Sovereign, and at last,* anil! sometimes as smooth as our genn a|K^mien. u in the center, and all had ta- with many expressions of mutual esteem, the W hen the animal has attained his legitimate ’-jH'etive plaees, the coup foil was Embassador of England rose to take his leave. | dimensions this splendid tooth t The Emliassadors of the * * -; "Vers were not in full dress, el on either hand, stood fully a I many v.u...... — ^ — - . , . . ., ... - , . •f the two nations, glittering in Sea; scaring bats from their quiet comers, and asserted the superiorityofAhe male hy among the rich silks and emhroi-1 hints in numljcrs from tree anil roof; agnintlic his head with this fon udable weapon, and thus ■ ontrasting pleasingly with Coolies shouldered their sedan chairs, and away investing linn w ith greater dignity, commits to : nth of the English and we all went at a killing pace over the moon lit | Ins bravery and strength tlie defencc or ^w t^ves 1 O'jret there was a striking | plain, jostling now through narrow streets red- ■ the English jmrtion of-the | olent of everything that is foul on God’s earth, inucd; each one carried ei- J with a strong smack of opium and garlic in nd- "fil, whereas a fan was the •• :t|."n worn hy bold mnnda- number of peacocks’ fcath- ' eups, must iiave been per il lierevcr the eye lighted l ' from groups of men or oftt- ■"uii'l was found to lie elnlio- 1 'Ii ornaments very charaetcr- " were in. Highly peaked turned up according to Chi- ,:1 "1 lmgv-moutiicd demons '• :itl, l, screened from the wcath- • nel; in scroll work, or over- n,u carvings of lKimegranate, luiong the rial coats canto i a most awe inspiring lion, . 11 "f stone—such teeth, such ’ t ' flic tail amt Calmuck-like balance as only a Chine "•■eivial. Curious iiaintings ■ uni handsome scarlet cloth "Uitelveuiliroidcreil in floss silk ''Ted every chair, table, or ■ 'f wood work.’nnd overall ■■ii anil a small nuinlier of ' 1 a richly picturesque effect. ■"Iii' h I can only convey a • ‘ ion. -at the three Commis- irtiet • I years of age, has fine fca- -'• erally pleasing expression of • , ,**!*'• in address, anil with a " r intelligence, there is still ei , 11 1" convince one of his sin- b'ls'et tlic Mongol Hwashana ’I; advantage of him. lie, 'Toiul Commissioner, is a stout, 1 a -c a little over 50 years. His ; 'atve, but lietokcns far more ' " '"ally met with in the stolid , "’i-of jjujn. Hwashftna’s nose i ‘" '“'ly declared to be a fac simile otuctor Cromwell; those who dition, now skirting the grey walls of the city, and frightening from heaps of offal numlicrs of yelping dogs, which added their cries to the shouts of tlie liearers, warning their countrymen to clear the road for the "fierce and intractable ones"—indeed, from the scampering away from our front and slamming of doors, we feel firmly convinced that the )M.*an.*rs shouted, “ihat the devils were coming!’’ and, although not com plimentary, it decidedly proved highly effica cious in rendering our routejunimpeded through a densely populated suburb. A whiff of pure air told us we hail reached the water at the bridge over the great cnnnl, and in a few min utes we again stood on the steps of the ynmun of the British Endwtssy. IV S. I open my letter »o add tiiat this day (July 4, 1858) a decree has been received front tlie Emperor, in which lie not only says that lie has seen the Treaty of Tien tsin, hut agrees to ratify it! Lord Elgin and suite embark on the Oth of July, on lionrd her Majesty’s ship Furi ous, and p'roeeeil to Shanghac, en route for Ja- pan. Story of a Chair. A Berlin journal has the following strange tale, of which it guarantees the troth: ’Ani old woman, who lately died in the hospital, left, among other things, a very old arm-chair on-otti- ic style, and richly decorated. In the sale of her effects hy auction, a foreigner paid as much as ftvo liundcrd francs for the chair, and surprise having been expressed at his giving {*rgp a sum, lie made this explanation: Tlic cluur, with other things, was offered hy tho Statc °{}*'**'™' to the Empress Maria-Ihcresa, ami for main years figured in her lioudouir.—After her death it, by her express desire, was sent to Queen Marie Antoinette in France, and afterward '^ one of the principal pieces of fivmttiro ** to Louis XVI. in the Temple. The Kingsvalet- de-chambre, Floury, afterward became pos=e«sou and little Narwhals. The fetnalo has a tisjlli on each side of the maxifiary lmne. hut. witli lic- coming modesty, she keeps them hidden, and trusts to the might of the male in times of dang er.” In this respect, indeed, it forms an addi tional instance to numerous others, of gregari ous animals, to the males of which alone be longs such development of the teeth or the horns, as sliall mnstitutc them the natural defenders of the herd. The Elephant tlie Wild Boar, and even the Horse, offer examples of the former, and the Antelope and Doer of the latter; and there can lie no doubt that the restriction of the wca|H>u to the males in tlie Narwhal has a siin ilar ol ject." Tiiat pretty ivory tooth is made to miswer a variety of important purposes. The Narwhal uses it as tlie Sea Hog does his sliarp snout, rooting up concha from their hiding places in tlic'mini, and tearing mosses and Crustacea from tlie rocks. Those stiff rough lips often enjoy the felicity of pressing the juices out of those fish upon’ whose shells Mocking Birds delight to rub their tuneful hills. Skaites also constitute one of liis most choice dishes. < >f course, we do not mean such Kays as have several times lieen seen by Norwegian sailors, and mistaken for Is lands just lipheavcil. So far from being able to swallow Krnkcrs several miles in extent, science opens her eyes wide whenever.# large Ulain- Uracker or Sting-Bay is found in the stomach of a dead Narwhal. These fish, with tongues and palates as hard as flint, measuring twenty inches across the wings, and twenty-seven inches in length, are forced into the Monoilon’s nioutli, which is not more titan seven inches wide: and the question is how docs he catch and devour such tough, huge creatures? Unquestionably, he must first drive his pointed tusk through the liodies of these birdlike swimmers, and then bringing their fleshy wings together, he squeezes them into his narrow mouth. And with his long, spirallv twisted tusk the Monodon also pierces a passage to tho air through tlie water that lias grown hard since he left the surface. Tho Narwhal sympathizes with the intense Logical Baggage Master. The |Mist of baggage master on a railroad train is not an enviable one. There is often a wide dillerence between tlie Company’s regula tions and tlie passenger’s opinion of what ar ticles and what amount of them properly comes under the denomination of laiggage; and tin's difference of opinion frequently subjects the un lucky official of the trunk and lamd-box de partment to animated discussion witli a certain class of the travelling public.—We heard late ly an nnecilote of “ George,” the affable AI. B. on Captain Cobh’s train on the Virginia and Tennessee Koail which is too good to lie lost: A passenger presented himself at a way sta tion on the Road with two trunks and a saddle, for which he requested checks. The baggage master promptly checked the trunks, hut de manded the extra charge of twenty-live cents for the saddle. To this the passenger demur red, anil, loving his temper, |ieremptorily ask ed: •Will you cheek my baggage, sir?" 'Are you ahorse?" quietly inquired George. ■What do you mean, sir?” exclaimed tlie irate traveler. Von claimed to have this saddle checked n> linepipe y’’ Certainly—it is baggage," positively return ed the passenger. “ Well,” said the impertubahlcGeorge, “by the Company’s regulations nothing hut wear ing apiKtrel is admitted to lx- lmggage; and if this saddle is your wearing ap|iarel, of course you must lie a "horse! Now, sir, just qjlow me to strap it on your I sick, and it shall go to the end of the road without any extra charge wliat- er." Tlie passenger paid his quarter, and offered George his hat.—Bristol SVetcs. THE ATLANTIC TELEGRAPH CABLE CAS BE SEEN* AT B. A, WISE’S STORE, \\ ho ia u»w receiving his fall stock of IIOrSE KElrofXG GOODS, Cutlery, Silver anti Plated IvVrc, Stoves, Grates, Ranges, IFood'H’are, Brooms, Brushes, Tflnut, Tin Enamelled- and Hollotr-tcare, Japan and Planished Tin I Pare, AND A OUKUI. ASSORTMENT OF House Keeping Hardware. Which he is prepared to sell at very low prices for CASH or approved credit. Returning many thanks for the liberal patronage heretofore received, would most respectfu ly invite tho public to call and examine his present stock ot Goods. B. A. WISE, sept 7 * Cherry Street, Macon, Ga. T. II. BOLSHAW, F. HERZOG. Something New under the Sun. A LAMP STORE IX MACOX. T HE subscribers have opened a LAMP STORE this day, at No. 11 Cotton Avenue, threo doors above Parker’s, where may be found a variety ol LAMPS FOR Bunra:r*€« coal w>t.. This Oil is not explosive, and having been tested, proves to bo the cheapest, best and safest light now n use, anywhere; Call and see We have on hand, and will keep a constant sup ply of good COAL OIL for these Lamps; also, BURNING FLUID, CAMPHENE and ALCOHOL. * Iihvo a carefully selected stock of CHINA, GLASS, both pressed and cut, from the best Manufacturers, Crockery, Table Cutlery, Cn*for Fromm, Ac., which we will sell cheap for CASH. KOJIETIKING NK1VER »TIM ENGRAVING ON GLASS of every description, such as Coat of Arms, Crests Lettering of every style, Landscapes. A n i in a 1 Flowers. Figures, Ac., done to order in the store. BOLSHAW A HERZOG. Macon. Sept. Glh, IQS?. f'm* sept 7 PAID FOR ■^7* HEX HE -A. T , AT sllacoii JFiottr • TIilfs W E are now paying from 85 cents to SI per bushel for YVheat, according to quality, and furnish tho sacks to deliver it in. Farmers having WHEAT to sell would d well to call at the MILL, or send samples of th< WHEAT. To Flem* Dealers and Families we would say that w« keep on hand, fresh ground, the best of ’ FLOUR, MEAL AND GRITS, which enables us to fill orders promptly. u3» v ’BRAX and SHOUTS mixed for Stock feed, GO cents per 100 pounds. Parties ordering 1,000 lbs. at n time will get it nt 55 cents per 100. 5^* Wheat cleanings 15 cents per bush'd. Bro *n Wheat 30 cents per bushel. .TAB. A. KNIGUT, Agent. sept 7 3 lacon Furniture Works W E are now putting tip New, aud Improved Machinery for j tin: Manufacture of furktiture of all kiuds, far superior in Work manship and Durability, to most XORTHERX Work, and at as low and iu most cases, l,oxrer JPricc** than cun possi bly bo laiddown in Macon from Savannah, or New Give ns a call a ad wo will convince the optical that it i** your interest to niako vourpur uisos at home. * T A G. WOOD, a tig 27 Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Varnishes. Perfumery, Dyes, Patent medicines, Spices, Brandy and Wines, r or M.dieal purposes, and all articles in tho line, esn be foitioCgtnctly pure at the Drug Store of _ ...... ZHILIN, HUNT & Co. • °PP“ slU ,hc Pelegcph Building, Macon, G*. lalTO-BMP! LIGHT!! LIGHT I * SPIRIT GAS l Burning; Fluid. A ND CAMPHINE. FSTsale by may 18 ZEILIN. HUNT A CO. Hardeman & Griffin ARE NOW RECEIVING THEIR MiLL WO KITE & STOC K., AT THEIR OLD STAND. T HEIR Stock consist in part of tlie following GOODS, to which they invite the attention of .Tlcrcliaiil* and Planters: 30 bales Gunuy Cloth 200 coils Richardson Rope 1000 pounds Baling Twine 0 150 bags Coffee, .Java, Porto Rico, Bio and La- guira lu chests Black and Green Tea 75 barrels A B A C Sugar •25 barrels crushed him! Powdered Sugar 5 boxes Loaf Sugar 15 hogsheads fine Porto Rico 300 sacks Liverpool * s a»t 100 sacks Alum .Salt 150 boxes Adamantine Candles 40 boxe.> Sperm Candles 75 boxes Xo. I fc'onp 20 boxes Family Toilet Soap 30 boxes assorted and Fancy Candy 125 kegs Nails 50 litres Starch 100 jars Snuff 50 whole, half aud quarter kegs of I’owder ‘20 cans Duck-shooting 1‘owder 100 bags Shot 100,000 Segurs, various brands 30 boxes Tobacco 20 cases Magnolia and Combination Tobacco 20 bales Osnnburgs and Stripes 5 cases Homespuns, bleaeln-d 10 bales Georgia Kerseys 5 bales Xorthern Kerseys 15 bales Blankets, all sizes c.o baskets I’ipcr’s Heidsick Wine -^Aui.ckherry Wine and 50 barrels Rye and Corn Whiskey io barrels Extra old Bourbon 50 barrels (Jin, Rum and Brandy 10 casks Madeira. Port and Sweet Wine lo cases London Dock Gin 15 cases Bok«***'«# ^**4 Ritters 10 cases Lemon Syrup 20 casks Ale and Porter i0 boxes Ginger Preserves, Prunes and Fig* 30 boxes Asiortod Pickles 20 boxes Super. Cnrb. Sodu no barrels and boxes Soda and Butter Craekera 25 boxes Herrings 5 sacks Ashton’s Table Salt lo dozen Well Buckets 5 cases Ashton's Table Salt 23 dozen Bluo Bucket* 10 uestsofTubs no dozen Wool Hats 20 boxes L^-verit Axes inoOO pounds White Lead and Zinc lOo barrels Linseed Oil io barrels Tanner** aud Machine Oil ALSO, A FINE LOT OK CHROME GREEN, YELLOW, PRUSSIAN BLUE TERRA DE SIENNA, BURNT UMBER, Ac., Ac, PAINT8 AND VARNHSH, BRUSHES A NO SASH ^ | His friends tlltd the M«<-on, Sept. 28,1858. That Stray Goose. Swing a n-ccnt notice of a wild goose, reminds as of an ineident in tlic life of Rev. Jesse Lee, which we read many years ago. Mr. Lee was a Methodist travelling preacher, and often in his journeys called at a house where the man was pious and the wife was not. Mr. Lee and other ministers often conversed with her on the sub ject of religion, hut without any apparent effect Tliis family had a single goose, for wliick they were desirous of obtaining a mate.—Tlie old la dy said considerable on the subject; hut her husband replieiL "Never mind. wife. < !od will send ns a gan der. When Mr. Lee called there again, lie found that while a flock of wild geese was li ving over, a noble gander had separated itscH and had re mained with the single goose that needed a mate. This fart had made such an impression on the mind of the lady who owned it, that she !>ernme serious and hopefully pious. Mr. Lee on hear ing this, exclaimed: "That's a good one; here is a woman who re sisted all the learned preachers, now converted hy a stray goose.” (•An.—IVc liclieve that the following reply from (Jen. lloratio HubboH, of Philadelphia, to a circular from his alma mater, at New Haven, asking for money for a society or duh institut ed to train young men to premeditated and ex temporaneous speaking or discussion, and de clining to contribute lor any such purpose, is founded in truth and good sense. Gab is the curse of Republics. Superficial and superflu ous oratory is the cause of demngogism as well in Lcgislatine halls as upon the stump and plat form : Gab is the fetal epidemic of Republics.—• What distracted Greece? Gab! What fection- ized Rome ? Gab! What will dismember this Union? Gab’ What anarcliizcd France?— Gab! This eternal propcasity for gabbling, ion all occasioas ana at alt times, is flic enrsc the country.” ELI AS EINSTEIN, Corner of ad St. & Cotton Avenue. B EGS leave to inform tlie Ladies of Macon and the public in general that he lias just returned from Neiv-York and is now ready to show one of the Largest anti handsomest Stocks of FANCY, STAPLE AND DOMESTIC [©KY ever exhibited iu the Southern market, which will b« Mild at remarkably low figures to cash and prompt paying time buyers. The Stock comprises, in part, tlie tbl!r.*.vinjj, vii Milk Dre«M Good*. Robes a Lis, and Bayadere Striped Faucy Silks, Black Silks, such as Gros de Rhine, Gro* do Naple and Bishop Silks. Woolna lire*!* Bootb. French, German and English Meriuoes, All wool Robes n Lis, De Laine Robes a quille Cashmere Robes a quille. Imp. Foulard, Brocaded ltutera. Toil de Cheore, Imperial Paramattas, Mohairs, Cashmeres, Balmorals. Do Latnes, De Beges. English, American A Frcuch Prints A Ginjrhnms. Shawl* nod WcniT*. Mantilla Stella Shawls, Mantilla Shawls, Stella Shawls, Chenille Shawls, Waterloo l<on" Shawls, Bay State Long aud Square Shawls, Crape, Basket and Blanket Shawls,. Chenille, Cashmere and printed Scarfs. C’lonh*—A Choice A**ortmcut of Talisman,'Rosalie, Eva, Casta Diva, Pandora, Cordelia, Duchess tie Beni, Rob Rov, Grey Maneuvering and Velvet Cloaks of tho very latest and most fashionable stylep. Embroider!***. Uibb. Jacconet, Colar tie Paris, Jaccouot ami Swiss Gt. Setts, Kibb. Jacconet Setts de Paris, Uibb. Jaccouet Prima Donna Setts, Lace trimmed Setts, Embroidered Bands, Flouncing.*, Skirts Children’s Waists and Robes, Lace and Muslin Curtains, t complete Assortment of Hosiery, IKonae ntifl IMnntnfion I'amisfiing Goods, and all other articles usually found in a regular Dry Gttod Store. Remember, at ELIAS EINSTEIN S, Sep. 28, Corner 2d Street and Cotton Avenne. S. BRAINERD’S iTI.YC’O* VARIETY STORE, COTTON AVENUE. Opposite Ross, Coleman and Ross, and C. H. Freeman. CROCKERY. GLASS WAKE, HOUSE FURNISHING ARTICLES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, TIN WARE OF ALL KINDS, REFRIGERATORS, ICE CREAM FREEZERS, BROOMS, PAILS, TOY BARROWS, WAGGONS, And Willo-w "Ware- FURNITURE made to order; old Furniture bought aud sold. Repaired. Cleaned, and Varnished witli despatch. Violins, Canes. Ac., Repaired and Polished; Best quality of Furniture, Varnish, amt Sand Paper for sale. ■ N. It- Graffenbnrg Medioina for sale, pure from tho Company. S. B., Ag’t for Co. Maeon, Sept, S*,l*5f. AT TIIK SIGN OK THE GOLDEN EAGLE, Corner of Clirrry nml S.Toml St.. T HE undersigned lias just returned from Neiv Y«rk with a New and elegant Stock of Seasonable Goods, —ii,i resnectfuijy call the attention of Gentle men ot Macon, and vicinity, to nil inspection at his New Stand. In the READY MADE DEPARTMENT he can show some of the inosk desirable Goods ever brought to this market, and will be In Conitnul Receipt of tlic Newest Styles. in Macon, and are wiirranled 'lo Ilf #(H9l?i V; better satisfaction than any other Pants. liis Stock of Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings, are ofti e most recherche patterns, mid will be made up according to the latest improvements iu the Art of Cutting. CHAS. II. BAIRD. Macon, Sept. S3,185°. ’ST RECEIVED DIRECT FROM LIVERPOOL MV FALL STOCK OF CROCKERY WARE I ALSO have n large stock of CLASS WAKE, TA BLB KNIVES AND FORKS, CASTORS, Ac All of which I propose to sell at Nuw York prices tor Cash o** good Paper. All who are in want can eitli rr send in their order* oroulf and s*«leut and te.-t i prices «n«l goods lorthemaolvr*. It. I*. McEVOY. Maeon, .Sept. 14, 2858. Albany Patriot, Columbus Times, Gritlin Kui pire State, and LaGrange Reporter, 1 times—City papers copy. BOOTS AND SHOES. ^TTHE SIGN OFTIIE BIG BOOT, No. 3, A H. C. BROCKEN, !»9 CLIFF STREET, NEW YORK, MANUFACTURE!! OF GLASS SYRINGES, HOMOEOPATHIC VIALS GRADUATED MEASURES. NURS ING BOTTLES, ETC. Glass Ware for Chemists, Druggists. Perfumer.' Photographers, etc. Green Glassware hy the pack age. A liberal discount made to the trade. Or ders from Country Druggists and Dealers solicited Price Lists sent on application. Sept. 14, 3mos. GEO. W PRICE Receiving- his Stock n i* IFAN©Y &NU ®Tm>PIUE Fall and Winter DRY GOODS, f ou as examine our stock, as we are prepared to sell as low as any house in the city or State. Sept. 28. MIX A KIRTLAND. Cotton Avenue, opposite Washington Hall Lot, Macon, Georgia.—-The subscribers would return their thanks for the very liberal and long continued patronage extended to them, and I wr • i ;11 1 *i* -1 would most respectfully solicit a continuance of tfae ( HICll m 111 DC CllcpOSCCL same. Wehave now in store a large assortment of t , i ... BOOTS AND SHOEsJ sootUc ‘ rrasasanyIlouscmfhccit - v ’ nostly of our own manufacture, to which weekly I His friends tlllfl the ])ill)]i<* il’Oner additions will be made, of all the different styles I and patterns usually called for inn shoe store, and [nllV, BTC rCOUCstCfl ( would invite those wishing to purchase, to call and | * ** C3riv© liim su Oa,ll. September 21, 1858.—nm NEW BOOKS | At Boardman’s Book Store. A MERICAN ELOQUENCE in ~ voN ; a now Cy clopedia of Commerce; Burton's Cyclopedia of oysRubbers. Also, Lu-liSH*-»K» ! Wit .VHumor; n Handy Book on Properly Law; dies slipper and sandal rubber Shoes of Goodyear's [ Man upon the Sea, by Goodrich; Romantic passa- celebrated patent. Just received and for sale low by | ,, estern History; Life beneath tho \V a Sent. 23. MIX 3e KIRTLAND. Tho Hmi.I l.ut not the Heart, by 1. S. Arthur t I William the Conqueror, by Gen. Sir Charles Napier P I, A STATION BRO (4 A NS.-Now instme Doctor Thorne; a new edition of Edgar A Poe’s the best assortment of Negro Shoes, works; The Preacher andthe King; The Priest and have ever offered in this market. Men’s double I the Huguenot; Lord George Benttek, bv D’fsraeli; soled peg and nailed black and rnssetts; do. heavy Beatrice Ceuci; Debit A Credit; Major Roger Slier- single soled black and russetts; do. boys and youths | man Potter ; Douglas Jerrold's Wit: Belle Brittan black and russetts, all of which wc are selling very I on a tear; Life nml Times of Hugh .Miller : Cruise low. Sept. 33. MIX A KIRTLAND. | of the Betsey; Testimony of the Rocks ; Jefferson’s Its; Blllw • — - B OOTS.—A full assortment of Gents’ fine French Calf Boots, pump sole, welted and waterproof,ofvariouskiudsand qualities, both soled aud pegged. Just receivedand forsale low by Sept. 2L MIX A KIRTLAND R UBBER SHOES.—A large assortment^ of Gents and boys Rubbers. Also, La-1 NEW DltlG STOKE. ALEX. A. MENARD, RALSTON'S BUILDING. CHEERY ST., MACON, GA H AS jnst received and H now opening a fresh stock of *»>■«»*. IHedicInea, < heiuirala, luatenmeiita, . Perfumery, JOS, Patent Medl- cines, Plmrxaneentieal Preparntiens, Ac. My Drugs have been selected with strict refer ence to their purity and quality; they aro fresh and may be fully relied ou. U3F* Order* Faithfully Executed. A3 . EV rhy«lcians' Prescriptions and Family Medi cines put up with neatness and accuracy, at all hours of the day or night. Bf* Alargelot of Artitirinl Teeth jnstroeeived t'eh 24-tf JUSX KECEivED. Of Ann Papers Garden Seed*. ^l/.UQv 3 bush. Keatacky Elue Glass, „ , A. A. MENARD, Drnggi.-. fehgf- tf Cherry St.-si.. BOOK BINDING. J ACKSON BARNES manufactures to order every description of plank account hooks, and binds in any style desired, Magazines, Law, Alnsio and Miscellaneous Books, clkuks’ uecord and pocket books,with or without i hint»d forms, aud warrant ed best quality paper. 0^“ Engineeis'profile paper made from the best English drawing to any length or width. All orders from the country promptly and careful ly attended to. Otlico on Cotton Avenue one door below Rosa and Coleman's. apl 13 DAVID ROSS, BOOK BINDSR Alt D ACCOUNT BOOK M anufactur e r, ( CONTINUES to make BI.AXK BOOKS for J t'ourl., Counting; Uou.r.and IloilBoad. and to Bind all varieties ofPBIXTEII YYOttlv with superior neatness and despatch. MUSIC BOUND WITH ELASTICITY &od ELEGANCE. LAW BOOKS IN THE MOST APPKOVED STYLES, HARPERS’ WEEKLY & MAGAZINE, GIMSIAITI’S, GODEY’S aud all other PERIODICALS and Magazines HOUND in neat and cheap Bindings. Particular attention,paid to tho re-binding valua ble old Hooks. Orders from a distance will meet with prompt at tention. Office upon the corner of' Third »y Cherry-Sis.^ Over G- T. Rodgers A *Son, Macon, Ga. atig 21 CARPETINGS! Floor Oil Clotlis, MATTIN G-S, RUGS AND MATS!! A LARGE Stock, aud a great variety of style a of tho above Goods, just received, which will lie sold at far lower figures, and give purchasers a se lection from the best stock ever offered in Macon.— A L^O, SATIN, BeLAINE, DAMASK, LACE and MUSLIN, WINDOW CURTAINS, WINDOW SHADES, GILT CORNICES »nd BANDS in great variety. Purchasers will consult their own interest by ex amining my stock before buying, aug :i—tf * B. F. ROSS. B OOTS AND SHOES.—Men’s, Bov-S and Youth’s tine calf and kip peg'd Bi Men’s stout kip hunting and mu'flloots; Gents last mg Gaiters, Monterey, opera and ties, and fine call j ;„ , s . Derivation of Family names; Wisdom, Wit Brogans; Gents.boys and yrnitlm palontnndhu«m * - — -- — — - -- elled Brogans; Men’s, boys’ and youths a large assortment. MIX A KIRTLAND I? ( ar *d Humor : {Steps towards Heaven : Dcti's Moral s L aiitorma | Theology; Mizpali. a Prayer Book ; Wayside Pic- iimr , V n tores in France, Holland, Belgium, and up the Rhiue; ilLAM). I ur:u x'—^ » _ * _ 1- WOOD TT AS just returned from the North with XX new aud late improvements in tin* PHOTOGRAPHIC ART, embracing quite a variety of novelties and ei ties, making his GALLERY one of the most a tive nnd fashionable resorts in tho City. Pliotograplis of quite a number of Distinguished persons now on exhibition among which are the following .* CYRUS W. FIELD, of Atlantic Telegraph Notoriety. Capt. HUDSON, of the U. S. Ship Niagara. MAYOR TIEMAN, of New Y'ork City. I Wild Northern See fine Fnmily Bibles. Abo a Urge nssortment of M. BOARDMAN. Sept. 51. 18.-8. I Plumbing and Gas Fitt ing JAMES DANIELS W OULD most respectfully infonr the Citizens of Macon, that he is now prepared to do oil j kinds of PLUMBING AND GAS FITTING, at the shortest notice, and after tho most approved | stylo. *\Ve are also prepared to furnish Lead and Copper lined Bath Tubs, Marble top Stands, Copper Boilers er, Ac. Buildingsfittedup'witli cold for heating water, Ac. Buildingsfitted up' and hot water Pipes, after the most approved style. 13^* Shop in the rear of T. J. Lane’s Grocery JUDGE EDWARDS, the noted Spiritualist. 1 Mt nt ,h( ’ ’ HARRY HOWARD, Chief of the N. Y. Fire | * ' AM, ‘ 8 ®22S?G % Refkrknces—15. A. Wise, D. I>. Woodruff, and Ten Degrees below Zero in ATJOUST. HOT WEATHER DEFIED. Kahnweiier's Patent A^entilating Chaii* Has been awarded the highest Premium at every Fair at which it has been exhibited. Advantages. *• The air can be rooled’to almost any degree of temperature.- •J. It is perfumed er impregnated wtth healthful odors. 3. The air is purified. 1 - Uuhealtliful effluvia is condensed in the ice. Tlie air absorbs moisture from theiee, aDdthus becomes beneficial. <>. No extra power is required. ~. Tho cool air can be introduced upon a sick bed. . It promotes both comfort and health. ■ It wiU doubtless prove of great benefit where ontagious disease* aro prevalent, io. erne cap rewlwr .mk without being aubjcct to ivances lroui flies or mosquitoes 1 would respectfully call the attention of Physi cians to this Apparatus for the inhalation of medica ments. Forsale by T. 4 G. WOOD, jn'y 13 Macon, Ga. _jime. Lime, Lime, FROM THE-— “CHEWACLA LIME WORKS.” ALABAMA. W E are now prepared to furnish any quantity (from 1 to 500 bbls) of the above named ar ticle, equal if not superior in quality to the best Hock land, at as low or lower figures than any Lime can be had in our market. Masons and contractors will find it to their inter est to call. C. CAMPBELL * SON, City papers copy. Agents. Ayers, Wingfield & Co., HAVE JUST RECEIVED ■j^ Q a rj?S Koavy Gunny Rjljfflrinor. 200 Coils Missouri Rope, 50 44 Jute 4 ‘ 100,000 lbs. Bacon, as Ilhds. Porto Rico and N. O. Sugar, too Bbls. A B and C Sugars, 20 bbls. Crushed iui.1 Powdered Sugars. 000 Sacks Rio Cofiee, 20 White and Government Java Coffee, 30 Hhds. Molasses, 20 Bbls. New Orleans Syrup, -oo Sacks Salt, 200 Bbls. Liiiuors—various brands. ! oo Cases of Liquors in Glass, to Baskets Champagne Wine, . 23 Cases Otaret wine. Soap, Candies, Pickles, Ac.. Osnabnrgs, Yarns, Bro. Shirtings apd Sheetings, and all other goods usually kept in the Grocery bus iness. . ’ aug 10—2m Macon, August, 1858. Department. COL. DURY'EA, of the fametl 7th Regiment, | T. J. Lane. National Guards, U* S. HIS HOLINESS POPE PIUS IX. PROFESSOR MORSE, Inventor of the Mag netic Telegraph. Tlie Public are respectfully invited to call and ex amine the above at WOOD’S PALACE OF ART. Wcarc now better prepared than ever to execute hose besntiful Photograph., Ambrolypr., ZZagiicri-orypc, Ac., and on account of our in creased facilities, will do our work as low as any other Gallery and of a Superior Style. l>on’( Tail (o giro a. a Call. Sept. 28, PRINTING INKS. A SMALT. LOT OF BLACK AND COLORED PRINTING INKS, from the celebrated manufactory of the MATHERS, is on consignment in thoTelegraph Offlee.and will be sold low for Cash, apl 27 WANTED. PUGH’S PHOTOGRAPH FINE ART GALLERY, TRIANGULAR BLOCK. I ll AVE just relumed from New York with all late improvements in the Art, nnd a largo and well selected Stock of Cases of every description, of the best European nnd American Manufacture, among which arc fine French Oval, Velvet, Pearl, Tortoise Shell, nnd new and beautiful patterns of the univer sally admired Union Case, any of which will be sold cheap, with superior Pictures in any of the various styles, aud every Likeness warranted to give entire satisfaction. Call and examine for Vourselvos. Aug. 31, 1858. J. A. PUGH. MANTILLAS! MANTILLAS! TTt VERY style of the above article, at prices to suit J2j purchasers, can be obtained at I ROSS, COLEMAN A ROSS I’eaffiers 1 AAA LBS. TetmcsBee Live Geese Feathers, for 1U U D sate by BEARDEN* GAINES THKESHIjSG machines, FAN MILLS. HOUSE POWERS, GBALY CRADLES, SCYTHE BLADES, GRASS BLADES, In store aud will lie sold very low. apl 20 CARHART & CURD. DRY GOODS (AT WHOLESALE- J. B. & W. A. ROSS, Aro now receiving a A Large and well Selected Stock —of— Foreign nml Domestic DrrGooila FOR TOE SPRING AND SUMMER TRADE, To which they invite the attention of Merchants, apl 13 * Drs. McDonald and Van Giesen, .Dentists. O FFICE in Second Story of Washington Eluti on Second street, opposite Concert Hall, where their patrons can be accommodated with any style of work pertaining to the Profession. Those wishing a CHEAP STYLE of work wai! meet with as much favor here as they will elsewhere. Tooth Powders, Past, Washes, Toothache Drops, Brushes, Ac., for sale. m * r 931 T