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^GEORGIA TELEGRAPH n rnusHXD kvkkv IfUKBDAY MORNIK& Tim: l ff0 DOLLARS, IN Lr*3,5f>in erery case ^dkotcd out of the Office. ADVANCE, where the subscription From tb« ValteyWmS: , The Way »o Wealth. knismin FnrnkUn, the self-taught American L lttipher, wss perhaps the meet L mu! thst this country has ever produced f be impossible to fctar from the hi,to- TJa UKnirs of one individual mind more liral wisdom and varied instruction than he fTg£» «»the world For many yean he &,!,;>.cd die Pennsylvania Almwa^oilWFoor ithanl (Saunders) and furnished it with many L. *ving» and proTerhs which related totop- „„ ayines so peculiarly adapted to the ^ni times, that we do not know that wo can Lour readers better sendee than to giro them Inlace ><> the VuOty Firmer. These sayings 11 ^ more applicable to the people and the #s one hundred years ago than to,the present .: r tnrhings should never be lost sight of un- nheworld is much wiser and better than it is M to Wealth, a* clearly Shown in the v,licit dan old Pennsylvania Almanac, I nhtld "Foot Richard Improved." I tVnerrois Hkadkks :—I have hoard that Khinir circs an author ao great pleasure as to wi bis works quoted respectfully by others, noi how urauh I must have been gratified by C incident 1 ion going to relate to you. I stop- "1 , u v horse lately where a great number of ople were collected at an auction of merchant’s sis. The hour of the sale not being come, v were conversing on the badness of the is; and one of the company called to a plain, .an old man with white looks, “Pray, Father Italian), what think you of the times ? Will t these heavy taxe* quite ruin the country ? r -lull wo be able to pay them ? IV hat Id you advise ua to?” Father Abraham 1 uii and replied: “If you would have my r, I will give it you in short, for *a word to wise is enough,’ as Poor Richard says.” K r joined in deuring him to spoak his mind, . gathering around him, he proceeded as fob friends,” said he, “the taxes are indeed very arr, and if tboee laid on by tho government err'die only ones we had to pay, we might re easily discharge them, but wo have many ms, and much more grievous once to some is. We are taxed twice as much by our lencsa, three times as much by our pride, and lime* as much byeur folly; and from these ^ the commissioners cannot eaae or deliver by allowing an abatement. However, let us riton to good advice, and something msy be a- for us; ‘God helps them that help them lives,’ aa Poor Richard says. 1. It would be thought a hard government should tax its people one-tenth part of their to be employed in its service, but idleness ns many of us much more; sloth, by bringing disesse, absolutely shortens life. •Sloth, like U, consumes fester than labour wears, while used key is always bright,’ as Poor Richard ys. ‘But dost thou love life, then do not [under time, for that is tho stuff life is made as Poor Richard says. How much more do we spend in sleep, forgot- p: that ‘The sleeping fox catches no poultry,’ i 'Tliat there will be Bleeping enough in tho ire, u Poor Richard says. "If time be oi all things the roost precious, .-ting time must be,’ as Poor Richard says, t greatest prodigality,’ since, as ho elsewhere ■11* ua, ‘Lost time is never found again; and what b call time enough, always proves little enough.’ t us, then, up and be doing, and doing to the pose; so by diligence wc shall do more with perplexity. Sloth makes all things difficult, industry all easy, and he that riseth late Lu-t trot all day, and scarce overtake his busi ly- at night, while Lasiness travels so slowly, t Poverty soon overtakes him. ‘Drive thy intvs. Jet not that drivo thee, and early to 1 and early to rise, makes a man healthy, talthy and wise,’ as Poor Richard says. TSo what signifies wishing and hoping for tier limes ? We may make these times better re bestir ourselves. ‘Industry need not si, and bo that lives upon Ivopo wi'1 die fast- “There are no gains without pans; then . Iiands, for I have no lands," or, if I have, are smartly taxed. “He that hath a trade J an estate, and he that hath a calling hath .£ca of profit and honour,’ as Poor Richard but then the trade must bo worked at, tie calling followed, or neither the estate the office will enable us to pay our taxes, •tare industrious weshall never starve; for, ; the working-man’s house hunger looks in ■ tares not enter.’ Nor will the bailiff or the stable enter; for Industrypays debts, while ' fair increaseth them.’ TV hat though you «lend no treasure, nor has any rich rcla * ltd you a legacy » ‘Diligence is the moth ofluek. and God gives all things to industry. =plow deep while sluggards sleep, andyou I have com to neO and! to keep.’ T\ ork Writ is called to-day, for you know not how ’■ you may be hindered to-moorow. “One y » worth two to-morrows,’ as Poor says, and further, 'Never leave tliat till w which you can do to-day.’ If you era servant, would you not be ashamed that bod master should catch you idle ? Are you, ■ tour own master? Be ashamed to catch f idle when there is so much to be done yourself your family and your country. • :V your tools without mittens; remember !; J! ‘The cat in glove* catches no mice,’ as Poor Ward says. It is true there is much to he *** and perhaps you are weak-handed, but to it steadily,and you will MO great effects, r Vonstant dropping wears away stones,’ ami ■f diligence and patience the mouse ate through V cable,’ and ‘Little strokes fall gnat oaks/ ’Methiiiks I hear some of you say, ‘Must a an afford himself no leisure ? I will toll thee, y friend, what Poor Richard says, ‘Employ tbv *e well, il thou meanest to gain leisure, and pee thou art not sure of a minute, throw not an hour.’ Leisure is time for doing some- useful; tin's leisure the diligent man will warn, but the laxy man never; for a life of ■■•-it and alifc of laziness nr. two thing--. W?. without labour, would live by their wits “?• W they break for want of stock, wliere- ■• xiaBjrv gives comfort, and plenty, Mi p* fa Fly pleasure s, and they will follow you. ftgrnt spinner has a large swill; «M h*u sheep and a cow, everybody faida me Ntamw.’ 'll But without induatry we wxtfiHwp -“*2?; settled and careful, and oversee our aSavs with our own eyes, and not trust “If you would ho wealthy, think of saving as well as of getting. The Indies have not made Spain rich, because her qutL'.s- are greater that, her incomes. “A war,then, with your expensive follies, and you will not then have as, much cause to com plain of hard times, heavy taxes, and chargea ble families. And farther, ‘What maintains one vice would bring up two children.’ You may think, perhaps, that a little tea or a little punch, now and then, can be no great matter, hut remember, “many a little make a mickle.’ Beware of little expenses; ‘A small leak will sink a great ship,’ as Poor Richard says; and again, ‘Who dainties love, shall beggars prove,’ and moreover, ‘Fools make feasts and wise men cat them.’ “Here you are, all together at this sale of goods and nicknacks. You call them goods; hut, if i-li;| ^ of fineries you do not take care they will prove I f„‘~7ermFnatfon.' evils to some of you. You expect they will be A Kiss unci Its Consequences; OR, now MR. PICKELBY CAME TO BE FLOGGED. Our boarding house is not a common board ing house, nor are our hoarders common boar ders. I do not. by this, wish to convey the idea tliat there is anything peculiarly uncom mon shoot tis or our boose—-only that we re side in an aristocratic portion of the town, and consider ourselves, on tho whole, rather select set. But, however select a company may be, the fact that . uey are select is not an infallible proof that nothing disrepntable can occur n- mong them. This has been especially proven in our case. We have just been deeply agitated, excited— shocked 1 Happily for the reputation of our place, the affair of which I speak had a gratify- ‘Yes. the sooner Le has liis mind disabused Tho Slave Trade in South Caro- 111 respect to his wite, the better.’ T.TWA Forth, accordingly, the immaculate trior „ „ A . sallied, as soon as they could make the nee- , , « doing herself credit She easarjr preparations, and bent their course to-W** ,°-. m ma,1 - v ward the store of Mr. Picklcby, in the ■F'fc 'y. ho P™ ___* - f _ J the cue to persons of similar disposition else- p£ZSi tail, epgngcd i. U.H“ »•*•"■■• •■■■' > A BARE OPPORTUNITY! ELIAS EIRSTEIR, Sellilio; out at cost at llie Corner of ad St. & Cotton Avenue, T\EMIAN * WATERMAN have determined to U close their business by the first of February next, as the term of Partnership expires at that time. »BUB JL> the public in ; inform the L&di, general that he has just returned from Nevv-Vork and is now ready to show one of the Largest ami handsomest Stocks of FANCY, STAPLE AND DOMESTIC . % *- » « » i • . - isuc own mu uc, uuu oi uie moEi conscrTauve i « , — . •> r- ", i ever exhibited in the Southern market. ivhieh will XiZXFSL' ClrCUm 'I of the States of the Union. A year or two since, | topTrch 1 ^."'We«e G .°el^g“ d y ° UCa ' 1 h * rdl - v fa “ | be wldatremrelmbiy tow figures to c^h and prompt The Stock comprises, in part, the following, viz: Silk DrfM dooda. In our boardinghouse resides an inveterate sold chean, «d perhaps they mayfor less than old ba^ciTn^ed Wigle7. Wigteyl the cost, "Ut, if you have no owasion for them b no mean5 guch „ £ oa J M gome tticy must bo dear to you. Remember what v ^ rigb t„ reDre sent o ' ' ■' , f ‘ i,ncini»cc wSn h* saw the °* lan B e is coming over tlie minds of her people, They will therefore close out their Stock at just i, transaction of some business, when he saw the anJ g, is L , vur «,peanmco that if not now what the Goods COST in New York, for CASU. ©plemiboie) ©oilsc® Mid Miss Nobbs, shaking her head «ith a mel- xhe matter was referred to a committee, and an at «8 50; «3 so; *10 so ; #u; *12, and 813—worth ancholy air. I unfavorable report submitted. One of the donblethe mone ?- “A dreadful errand!” affirmed Mias Dobbs, charleston papers, which seems to have been EICU WORSTED ROBES A’LAIZE, from *aso dubiously- ,, established to advocate the measure, supported ^FINF^tTtEVCH MERINOS at 80 rents worth “A more dreadful errand you could not im- it its po We r. The attempt was a rig- *t as 1 NCH ° S 80 cenU - worth agine.” added Mrs. Briggs, making a strong nal failure, however, and the paper went down. 10,000 YDS. BEST CALICOS, from 6J to 10 effort to shudder. Upon the election of a United States Senator cent * P° r F*" 1 - “For mercy’s sake, ladies!” cried the alarm- recently, the advocates of the measure, with ©1L©^!!€© 8 B ©IL©^CC®8 8 8 ed man. turning pale, “what «it ? ’ what neutralists they could rally, brought for- Of all desirable styles, now selling at an immense “In the first place, Mr. Pickleby,” said the ward tho Ex-Governor, who had recommended sacrifice first spinster, “we wish to assure you that you it to the Legislature, as their candidate. He Bleached and Brown Homespuns, have our warmest sympathies—that we feel was defeated by an overwhelming vote, about | Alpacas, Bombazines, Ginghams, for you. ’ I two to one* Not satisfied with this signal re- •From the very bottom of our hearts,’ added buke, they again rallied their forces and lately the cider maiden. introduced a series of resolutions in the Legis- ‘And nothing but a deep sense of duty,’ ro- l iture to the effect that the laws declaring the marked the widow, ‘has induced ns to take slave trade to be piracy are unconstitutional and the step we have, in order to reveal to you ought to be repealed. Quietly the resolutions such distressful news.’ were voted down by nearly two to one, to the Wbat is it!—what is it?’ exclaimed the everlasting credit of South Carolina. Alpacas, Bombazines, Ginghams, White Muslins, French Worked Collars and Bands, Gloves, Hosiery, and Handkerchiefs of I every description. Ladies Merino Vests, Irish Linens, Bed Blankets, Negro Blankets and Keraeys, Plantation Goods for men and boys, Ac., Ac. 13»*0ur assortment is still large and varied. Come soon, or yon will miss the best bargains ev er offered, as we are bound to sell out.. N. B.—All persons indebted to the Firm will merchant, frantically. ‘Don’t keep me in sus- These events, in connection with the mode- pl £j^ e gome forward and settle. nanan • wrliflf haa luinnonnil ?’ I mfri nrwl wnmiriIN- liwreo<1 <•+<*In...,#,11L> I * nr'V’tr a \t o_ pensc ; what bae happened ?’ rate, and generally broad and statesman-like Your wife!’ uttered Miss Nobbs, in a sig- addresses of Senator Hammond to his constitu- nificant tone. | ents during the past summer, show unmistaka- DENMAN A WATERMAN, New York Store, Cotton At. New Era in ww .« . * • * .1 i * I DIC ICIlOWf uDll 11KCS IDO SOCICI} OI 1IKI1 1 i* annarent better than three-fourth, of the marned men. m apparent only, and not real; or the-hargin, M d M pickelby are also of our com- by straitening thee in thy business, may do i,„ f ” _ 7. . - thee more bSrm tlian go4 For in anothermerchant, is place he says. ‘Many hare been ruined by buy- •7*3,2"\* IT 5 mg good jinny’s worths. Again, It is foolish ’iT - wltb . a1 ’ a to lav out money in a purdiasc of repentance,’ ‘<> Jealousy the latter » a beau- «nd Uiia foUy ispracti^d every day af.ucuS, Tt ^11 Up0 “ for want of minding the almanac. Many a one, «cr husband, and isn t jealousi*t all. for the sake of finery on the back, have gone °“ e Us ‘ wc f k ’ Mi “ Cel « '» Nobbs, with a hungry belly and half starved Uieir tm«ther of our boardera, and a maiden l.dy of families. ‘Silks and satins, scarlets and velvets tb>rty-fivo or thereabout* heard a noise in the put the kitchen fires out,’ as Poor Richard says. “These are not the necessaries of life; they can scarcely be called the conveniences, and yet only because they look pretty, how many want to have them ? By these and other extravagan- to borrow from those whom ^thev formcriv do-1 Pickelby’s, exclaim; and the next moment I ‘Then why do you alarm me so; what would I ■ sava 5‘ : or civilized upon tho State, excites tho spisod but who through industry and frugality, she saw that ladv pass beneath her to meet a you have mb to understand?’ ’ ‘‘ " ‘ strongest <>PP<»>tion from tho people, and wc r r e “,’ d"rnSt“ co^ra'SdcoM^uentTy I A, Aven “ B ‘ °PP«site Washington have maintained their standing, in which case it gentleman, of whom she could get but a par- ‘Is ’ * “ ~ —* *- -* • ' appears plainly that‘A ploughman on his legs tial view. Then a loud kiss was given, and mind is worse than tleatd r I Z't. r "Z" J —“»“■ **"-■ vnureu-i *■•<=/ > r- i lonR ^ * ’ Mrs, Pickelby said in a somewhat lower tone| ‘^t-what do you me«?’ \^Si H But Mrs. Pickleby- M Ml “Yes, Mr. Pickleby, your wife!’ repeated bly that conservative, common sense views are I Xi I C3- ZKC T 1ST X XT <3- HODS hall below, and stopping out of her apartment, I the other two in a breath. largely in tho ascendant in the Palmetto Stato. i rnppvn »vn irom she leaned oyer the banister to see wbat was Mr. Pickleby staggered backwards, while a The people have not been fairly represented by ' g _ . . . the cause of it. She distended her stork-like I look of dreadful terror overspread his features. I some of her jioliticians of the Hotspur order, VV IXt-Jii O rVxiliji;, neck to its utmost limit, and listened with| ‘My wife!’he gasped, ‘what of my wife ? Is | and hence theyhave not received all the credit | EST" Ah joints to obstruct the Electric Fluid ! | Good Store. Robes a Lis, and Bayadere Striped Fancy Silks, Black Silks, such as Gros de Rhine, Gros de Naple and Bishop Silks. Woolen X>rc*i Oooda. French, German nnd English Mcrinoes, All wool Robes a Li i, De Laine Robes a quille Cashmere Robes a q aille. Imp. Foulard, Brocaded Rutera, Poll de Cheore, Imperial Paramattas, Mohairs, Cashmeres, Balmorals. Do Laincs. De Beces, English, American A French Prints A Ginghams. Mhnsrls nn«l Hrnrfi. Mantilla Stella Shawls. Mantilla Shawls, Stella Shawls, Chenille Shawls, Waterloo Long Shawls, Bay State Long and Square Shawls, Crape, Basket and Blanket Shawls, Chenille, Cashmere and printed Scarfs. Clonks—A Choice A»sortmeut of Talisman, Rosalie, Eva, Casta Diva, Pandora, Cordelia, Duchess de Beni, Rob Roy, Grey Maneuvering and Velvet Cloaks, ot the very latest and most fashionable styles. 3 I* in broiit cries. Ribb. Jacconet, Color de Paria, Jacconet and Swiss Gt. Setts. Ribb. Jacconet Setts de Paris, Ribb. Jacconet Prima Donna Setts, Lace trimmed Setts, Embroidered Bands, Flonncings, Skirts, Children’s Waists and Robes, Laos and Mnslin Curtains. A complete Assortment of Hosiery, House nnd Plantation Furnishing Goods, and all other articles usually found in a regular Dry ~ Remember, at ELIAS EINSTEIN S, Sep. 28. Comer 2d Street and Cotton Avenue. is higher than a gentleman on his knees,’ as Poor Richard says. Pcrhajts they have had a small estate left them, which they knew not the getting of; they think ‘It is day and it will never he night,” that a little to he spent out of so much is not worth minding; but ‘Always taking out of the meal tub and never putting in, soon comes to the bottom,’ ss Poor Richard says; and then, ‘When tho_ well is dry, they breathless interest. I she sick?—ii shtTdead ?’ * I for good sense to which they are evidently just-1 FIRST PREMIUM “I am so glad you arc come!” she heard a| Miss Nobbs closed her eyes and shook her I ly entitled. Awarded at the Alabama State Fair, Nov. 5, 1858.. _ _ _ „ _ , . . — ■ . —. — _ voice, which ahe at ouce recognized as Mrs. head slowly The attempt to force tho natives of Africa, m HEIR great superiority as a perfect Electrical I dUU I b AINU OnUtlO. - ‘ '' ''* va ^ ordviU ^ u I wn the State > cxc >teS the l A ^ndnctor.« acknowledged by all scientific , T . ruESIGNOpxHEmGIJ00TI . o 3 u. . , . . * .. ,“ ofIronfLdd“rnot Lrrodta“dconi«iomlTy A Cotton Avenue, opposite Washington J ‘Is there not something that to your noble per ce ,V; e . that they have begun to give vent to retains its superior conducting power. Measures re ^taefr ta^foT tlio TZuuSTnL ind is worse than death?’ I 2^ church- | have been .akenm^ecure a Patent They «e put | ex^^ U &S nnd would most respectfully solicit a continuance of th - . t . , . ,we will be able to till orders for tho.e Rod. through- I 'i'eWenowinstore a l&rge.ssortment ofe a recent date, gives tlie resolutions passed by a ont the State* of Georgia and Alabama, and to havo BOOTS AND SHOESn „ .... . ’ -orkmen, aecording^o m0 ^ of „ ur own mmnufactare , to which lated Miss Dobbs. ' “ ' ' I which wc 8ub j oin and which «piain them 1aeT^trSMTh^S bo^-’^'dl'e 7 wtMoV“ 3 maDDer " 0t ‘° We have been credibly ^“ '° W Mr PkkTeby looked"from one to the other I tlu “ 3 »“B* ^ <>fnntive_ JUHcamU within |, with. Hswn Kn.a Ronsan. I -_-r *>— “ ths of voice; Come with me—come to my room ; Mr. Picklcby is ntbis office, and I am alone.” Then, both started to ascend the stairs, aud Miss Nobbs hastened to withdraw into her room, but not before she bad caught a better glimpse of the man who was with Mrs. Pick leby and discovered in him, as she thought, Sept. 28. MIX A KIRTLAND. j dia Rubber, know the worth of water.’ But this they might I no other than Mr. Wigley. That geutleman I in speechless agony. I ““J ^ve^°the S r^inre^ ade 40 spread lron?ana cannot'b r I e brokeS. C0ndUCt0r ' dur3bIe have known before if they had taken his advice, had been absent in the country for a week ‘Briefly,’said Miss Nobbs, ‘while you are , . j q.,.. , y‘ For further infonoattoo, send for a Circular oow ■ lnrol ^ r«w ymy ■»,»—u » •If you would know tho value of money, go and and .he had seen him on his return, not more absent, your wife is receiving the attention of . ° P1>0SC th °^ X ; ,hebe '‘ waterproof.ofvmaouskindsandquaUties, both ^ * «• % it * i I .. « • .» « I . v * ° | istencc of slavery as we have it among us, but | authority m the country. I soled and pegged. Just received and for sale low by . are willing to defend it with all the means tliat Address J. A. BACON A CO., I gept. 28. MIX A KIRTLAND. B OOTS.—A full assortment of Gents’ fine French Calf Boots, pump sole, welted and than a hour previous, enter the house. other men.’ try to borrow some, for he that goes a borrow ing goes a sorrowing,’ as Poor Richard says; I Miss Celestia Nobbs is one of those pure I ‘We have noticed with grief,’ continued Ip Xl"w"ijiren'na'"'* *""""** ““‘I Montgomery, Ala, and indeed so does he that lends to such jieoplc, and immaculate beings, the'chief desire of I Miss Nobbs,‘that one of our sex should so far , ' ,.o i. i ml j .. Proprietors of the New Orleans Lightning Rod when he goes to get it again. Poor Dick forth- wbogc hearts it is that nothing sinful shall oc- forget her modesty as to do as she has done.’ I Ji f solFe < V ,at ,“ 3 ' e hear ’ 1 , dcc P I Mannftctory. fdec2t-3ml er advises and says, •Fond pride of dress is sore a very curse, Ere fancy yon consult, consult your parse.” And again, ‘Pride is as loud a beggar as want, and a great deal more saucy.’ When you have bought one fine thing, you must buy ten more, that your appearance may be all of a piece; but Poor Dick says, ‘It is easier to suppress tho first desire than to satisfy all that follow it And il is aa truly folly for the jjoor to aj>o the rich, as for tho frog to swell in order to equal the ox.’ . . goincrmouesrynsu. uo as snenas uoue. regre t that a number of theso native Africans cur on earth, aud who, feeling themselves to I ‘And for that reason,’ added Mrs. Bngga, I ar ” j n j bc 0 f ^ be spotless, philanthropically, as they seem ‘as I have already said, we determined to ae- u Remhed That to brin untraincd nc . to imagine, spend their time in prying into quaint you with the fact.’ gres from Africa, and Und them upon any por- the affairs of other people, and dictating to ‘How do you know this?’ cried the mer- t^fthc soU of South Carolina, for the pur- them the course Uiey should pursue. chant, m a voice of rage. ‘Are you certain of | ^ of s j aves of thetn meets our un- Ha ! ha!” said the spinster as she closed what you say ?’ ‘Vessels large na; But little boatarifoaldkeep near shore.’ ntnre more, the door of her room, and walked on tip toe to a seat—t“It’s come to this, has it ? 1 alway though there was something more than eve-s rybody knew goiug ou between the two." She sat for half an hour in deep meditation upon the matter, and then she arose aud mov ed toward the door. ■If the wicked, shameless creature thinks,' HARDWARE, IRON AND STEEL. AT Oarliart cfej Curd’s, MACON, GEORGIA, R UBBER SHOES.—A large assortment of Gents and boys Rubbers. Also, LifeOfo dies slipper and sandal robber Shoes of Goodyear’s celebrated patent. Just received and for sale low by Sept. 2S,MIX A KIRTLAND. P LANTATION BROGANS.- Now in store the best assortment of Negro Shoes, we 1 , s have ever offered in this market. Men's double pose of making slaves of them, meets our un- -**•*-» «-v-t- •» -*■»*-? »«=: l soled peg and nailed black and russetts; do. heavy (nullified disapprobation and we will nnnnso It I ^ single soled black and rossetts do. boys and youths ‘Quito,’ answered Miss Nobbs; ‘I saw your I ^ ith aU the \e^l means’within our povrer MACON, GEORGIA, Mack and russetts, aU of W ^ C , JSmSSJ* 7 iffihe^rmliTUtogrtife^ ’ S 7 Went “f , ln th J? laudable enterpisc. RIaGE MAKER'S MATERIALS to be fonnd in I 1> Yontha fine calf and kip peg’d Boots lo 7". * r . * 1 lnese Afncan-olave Iradcrs have prated not Middle GeorjfU Importing largely, and baying di- Men’s stout kip hunting and muaBoots; Gents last Do you mean to say that \V lgley j a little about a “United South,” and this is the | rect from the Manufacturers, enable us to offer ] ing Gaiters, Monterey; opera and ties, and fine call WATCHES, Jewelry, Pianos, See. NEW AND ELEGANT STOCK now orsEtcto FOR 1858. Fall & Winter Trade, 1859. &L CONMSTINi. IN' PART OF WATCHES of all the finest and Medium jualities eased in Geld and Silver, for Ladies and Gentlemen's wear, warranted good time keepers CHAINS, Keys, Seals, &c*. of the best styles worn. JKWELRY insets of Diamond, Opal, Pearl, Garnet, Cameo, Lava, Mosaics, all Gold, Ac. PEN AND PENCIL CASES of Gold and Silver., of Gold. Silver, Steel, and Common, including a line lot of Scotch Pebbles. SILVER WAKE, Tea Setts, Pitchers, Gob- blets. Cups, Dippers, Butter Coolers, Waiters, Forkf, Spoons, Knives, <Vc. Warranted c<pial and superior to U. 8. Coin. PLATED WAKE, in Waiters. Baskets, Cas tors, Wine, Egg «5c Fruit stands, Snuffers and Tmys, 4c., of good quality. FANCY GOODS, an endless variety of new and elegant designs, selected for Bridal and other Presents. ALSO A FINK .STOCK. OF Cutlery for Ta ble and Pocket use, Guns, Colt’s Pistols, Pocket Books, Banker's Cases, Surveyor's Compasses, Chains, Gas Fixtures, Oil Paintings, Tooth and Hair Brushes, Walking Canes, Military Goods, Knight Templar’s Swords, Baskets. Games of various kinds, Billiard Balls, ditto Chalk Leathers, Ac. Meehani cal and Magnetic Toys, &c.. Sec., all of which will be sold on tlicoest terms. A call is respectfully so licited with an assurance that our best effort* will be to please in quality and mice of our Goods. ' E. J. JOHNSTON k CO. PIANOS AND MUSICAL INSTRC M ENTS. [ A new and fine lot expected daily, nnd will bs sold at Manufacturer’s Prices. E. J. JOHKSTON & CO. HAIR WORK. We are now prepared to have all kinds of Hair Work done with neatne.a and beauty. nov2 E. J. JOHNSTON A CO. MIX & KIRTLAND. Wigley _ is the man ?’ I wav thev take it seems, to nrodnee it I There I ereater inducements to those wishing to purchase I Brogans j Gents.boyV and youths’ patent and enam- jw »*—».*** -ptau- j.LgSWr^JU'wiaSS St 81 -"""”' , caliy. # that is capable of exciting such opposition, I ODD SYVFDFS ** — “It is, however, a folly soon punished, for as a «jd Miss Nobbs to herself—‘if she has the ‘The odious villaiu!’ cried Picklcby, seizing widespread, intcnscand inextingusliable as this. or . 385 Bars of Swedes Iron «soited from l to 12 Poor Richard says, ‘Pride that dines on vanity, faintest idea that such actions will be suffered his hat as he spoke. ‘He shall repent it—he If they are not now convinced of this fact, let inches wide, of onr own importation, ’in store and sups on contempt Pride breakfasted with «“ this house, she will find herself mistaken, 1 shall repent it—bitterly. them go ahead, and they will find it out in good for sale by CARHART A CURD plenty dined with jioverty and supjied with can assure her.” He rushed from the store as he sjioke, leav- ] time.—IV. O. Bulletin. PLOW STEEL infamv’ And after, all. of what use is this She heard footsteps without, and as she ing his informants in the most unceremonious ..... , . ... ’ . . . pride of appearance, for which so much is risk- passed into the hall, she saw Mr. Wigley de- manner. They quietly proceeded homeward, Portrait ot a Quack. froTsjinXA"ogeta“with !hlSf ed. so much is suffered? It cannot promote | scending the stairs, and heard him leave the I congratulating each other that they had been I — - 1 . - —. . „ Iron, all sizes. Cast and German Steel, Blister Steel, ed. so much is suffered? It cannot promote | scentling me stairs, ana neara turn leave the | congratulating each otner that they haa been j The ncw y ork HeraU1 dra foUowin _ 1 me nt ot Refined Iron, all sixw, Band Jc Oval Iron. aU health, nor ease pain: it makes no increase of house. evidently the means of putting downagiantof icturc of „ Dr .‘> Bennett.—tlie man who ™ I eizfc8 ‘ ^. und “ d Square Iroh, allsizes.HoraeShoe merit in Uie jicrson; it creates envy; ithastens “Left her. have you?” she uttered under | iniquitjr. 1 - - - - - ■ misfortunes. . *>e r breath. “Well, well," “But what madness must it be to run fn debt I witness such goings on—i w ■ ,« .. ,. m u for these superfluities ? AVe arc offered by the found out—you will be known—both of you!” I dies, stood in tho presence of Mr. Wigley, who [ nii^tioik’assi cncdTo th(T w7f‘ U OiociKtmiv 1^““- Axes, Corn Shellers, Straw Cutters, and all terms'of this sale, six moiths’ credit, and that, She hastened to the worn of.Mi» Dobb^ on smiled and offered his hand to the other. Mr ^uTon ht toe %££& S& perhaps, has induced some of us to attend it, the floor above. Miss Dobbs u a confidante Pickleby, with every expression of scorn and U^poo afimony witomsixt ydays- I jant because wc cannot spare tho ready money, and of Miss Nobbs, a few years older than herself, bate, declined to touch it. ' Tho case of Bennett vs. Bennett is now pend hope now to bo fine without it But ah! and a few degrees thinner in person. Miss ‘Permit me to inform von.* said the mer-!.-—ai --a- v— tt r _ u.-_v Hardeman & Griffin ARE NOW RECEIVING THEIR AM® W0 W IT UK STOC Kl, it tupid nr n crivn ' .11 r„„„ to Mr Wiirlev has an office in Broadwav Mr ch,ef acto . r m thc recent suit brought by his Anvils -nd Vises, Bellows and Screw Plates, Smith 1 nev , cr «P«Ctod to Mr. Wigley has an othce in Broadway. Mr. wjfe nt Xcw naycn for a divorce.—Tlie tele- Hammers and Tongs, Planter s Hoes, various ms- —never! But you’re Pi.’Jtleby, soon after his interview with the la- h ha8 info . med ^ ^ t , G H mated Brads’s Patent Hoes. Hames, Traces, Plow you ulllllUb paj nv j ----- ■ —- - — oo • — j — ———» — — ed to tee your creditor, and will be in fear when lady of some twelve years standing, who had touch to others; for, as Poor Richard says, J ««»*r saw an eft removed tree, £•• 1* an oft removed umily fan thrive aa wall as those that n tad again, ’Three remove;: are as bad ns and again, ‘Keep thy shop, and thy *?*fll keep thw; and again, ‘If you would four busmens done, go, if not, send.’ And ’Hs that by ths plow would thrive, liimnlf most «iiht r hold or drivo.* •tad again, The event'the inx-ter will do Work than both his lcu.d- . and agnm. , to'tofeare does us more damage than want laowledgo;’ and again. ’N“ r til o.ersee is to give them )(>ur l’iir>o open. . tag too much to others’ care is tho rum . ton,}-, p or jn tie■ ail'.nr.- of toi.- world f?, *?* taxed, not by faith, but by thc want J wit a man’s own care is profitable; "?ouwouldhavenfaithful sorvar’. andono like, serve yourself.’ A little neglect J “hvd great mischief; ‘for want of a nail a ta°* W«S lost; for want of a horse toe 2 *?* lott, being overtaken and slain by tlie I*?’. All for want of a little care about a ^•toenail. (• So much for industry, my friends, and V in' ta one’, own business; but to those add frugality, if wo would make our TTff Iw >re certainly successful. A man may, »rA 30 !* ** how to save as ho gets, keep grindstone, and die * groat at last *A fat kitchen makes C"®;’ and fe are (jn-nt in eettiDg, it.,., Q far (sit forzook •pinuina and knitting, itt pnmh fvnM.k hewing aad spitting.' I you speak to him; you will make poor, pitiful, sneaking excuses, and, by degrees, come to lose your veracity, and sink into base, downright lying; for ‘Tho second vice is lying, too first is running in debt,* is Poor Richard and again to tlie same purpose, ‘Lying rides on debt’s back,’ whereas a free born man ought not to be ashamed or afraid to’ see or speak to any man living. But poverty often deprives a man { 0 make known.” of all spirit and virtue. Tt is hard for an emp-1 “Do tell!" exclaimed Miss Dobbs with an ty bag to stand upright’ Vi hat would you ca g er a Jr—“wbat is it ?” think of that prince or that government who I “Something you’ll be surprised to know, should issue an edict forbidding you to dress oh! it is thc most wonderful thing in the like a gentleman or gentlewoman, on pain of world how deceptive some people can be! I imprisonment or servitude? Would you not J never j n *]] my Jife— 99 which are calculated for the region of toe liver, Planters’ Headquarters FOR HARDWARE 80 IRON AT Nathan Weed’s, long endeavored—it is generally believed by ‘Yes, sir.’continued the excited Pickleby, ‘I bu t answer for toe adjoining parts. The coin- ncarly all the bouse—to captivate and ensnare, know all; and I’m not such a paltry coward pfainant, in order to show that the doctor was in thc meshes of matrimony, Mr. Wigley. os to suffer it to pass with impunity !' a notorious, consummate, and most accomplish- I MACON, GEORGIA. Miss Nobbs smiled mysteriously, as she en- Whereupon, before the other could utter a ed liar, put in a pamphlet put out by him, and A » D o‘hei» wbowish ilo buy IRON, STEEL, or tered, and carefully closing the door, she scat- word, ho gave Mr. Wigley such a blow on the it is to thc unparalleled and really sublitpe men- whJf.vo“^rect' B 1?ntae“mMr£ttan; ed herself beside her friends. head as to stagger him uot a little, nnd before dacity of this Pill-Pamphlet that wc wish to Sought from the Manufacturers exclusively for cash. “I am glad to find you together,” she aaid, I he could recover from surprise, it was follow- call the attention of Amateurs of Lying. In Great care ia always taken to bay the best goods, “for I have a thing of the greatest importance ed up by another blow on the other side of his the course of this wonderful work, I)r. Bennett >nd ‘hose adapted to the wants of the country, and 'head wfiich made his ears ring in a most won- stated to an invalid public, and’especially to derful manner. those who wept their childlessness, tliat he was, represented. This was rather too much for the good na- at one time, without offspring, while toe lan- p„: r TWino- 1W Pripp nnd ilf) Dpviatinn tore of Mr. Wigley, and so he nerved himself guishing health of Mrs. Bennett forbade him to* , in °’ . 1T1 ,, 111111110 V, „ , to the task, and commenced a retaliation. Be- indulge in those pleasing hopes of paternity 1 SwM,e ’ Iron of *” 8,zes ’ Common and Refined ing nearly double the weight of his antagonist, which would otherwise have gilded his waking he soon had it all his own way; and. to be hours, and filled his sleep with rapturous Swedes Iron of all sizes. Common and Refined Iron, Horse Shoe Iron and Nail rods. Cast German and Blister Steel, Extra Quality Plow Steel. 4 to 14 inches wide, 1 S-lOths, 3 8ths thick. (PLANTATION TOOLS, Carpenters Tools, Blacksmiths Tools, House keeping Hardware, Builders Hardware, Ac*, Ac. servitude? Would you not I D 0 rer ] Q my j say that you were free, have a right to dress a* “But what is it ?** cried both the ladies in a I brief» in less than ten minutes, ’Mr. Pickleby I dreams. But tho doctor was a man of tremen- you please, and that sucli an edict would bo a brea th. “Tho most shameful goings on you cried loudly for quarters, admitting himself to dous science. breach of privileges, and such a government cver w £ tnesae< j, I>|| be sworn!” replied the ex- be as well-whipped a man as he had ever en- He invented a pill of such power, force and tyrannical? Andyetyouarealiouttoputyoiir-1 yiygin, in so impressive a manner that I countered. I virtue,, that after taking it, Mrs. Bennett, in an self under such tyranny when you run in debt tbe cur j og ;ty 0 f her listeners became unendu- ‘And now,’said Wigley, after helping his I incredibly short space of time, became the moth- for such dress 1 Your creditor has authority I b j e Then pausing a moment, to let bei adversary to his feet—‘now, that our affair is er of “twelve blooming, healthy and interesting . ... ... .. at his pleasure to deprive you of your liberty, word , take full effe ct. Miss Nobbs looked sol- settled, please tell me what I have flogged you children.” At the head of this pleasing and al- he rirtemta^ to^o U°" Th“efr by confining you in jail till you shall be a k cmn ]y f rom onc t0 other, aud continued : for.’ # 1 } 10 ® t incredible naijativc of fruitfulness, the advantage to trade with him by selling at the lowest to pay him. W hen you have got your bargain, i as^yjii you believe It, ladies, when I tell I ‘For intriguing with my wife, as you well doctor placed a wooden cut, in which he was possible rates. [jan 4 you mayperhaps, think litUc of nmiM that l 8aw with wn - - . ‘ ^ as Poor lnchard says, ‘^* tors b»vo better f cby lnthe bnll witoa-man memories than debtors; creditore are n super- .. Yoll say!” uttered atitious set, great observers of^set :dajs and .. Sboc k iog ... exclaimed Mrs times.’ The day comes round before you are “True, every word • bat tb.. ... . _ aware, and tho demand is made before you are hejird them # kigg . an( j Mrg pi c klehy’in- ‘You can’t do it. Come, we’ll go and see to illustrate the virtues of a pill Divested of | eis" and Spades, Manure Fork*. Rakes, Spading prepared to satisfy it; or, if y-«i b^r yom-Ucbt rited him to ° her room ;» in mind, the time, which rtjMfteentagyjgft “Gracious heavens!” ejaculated thc listen will, as it lessens, appear nuNm. f I ers simultaneously, elevating their bauds in, . ^.j , , r , ... . . . ■ will seem to havo adiled wmgs to his heels “ horromnd surprise. I Mr- Pickieby washed the blood from his whowas, in fact, obliged to assist in making it, i -r^i nlrHTrtithH '“Poole? well as his shoulders. ‘Those have a short lent ho . r . r y^ a " ahe t oId him she was all alonc-that face, arranged hi. disordered garments os well would as soon swallowed henbane^ ^laO^Smi'tnS ± OOlS. who owo money to be' .firing efr- Mr. Pickleby was not at home—and so, they as ho could, and accompanied Mr. Wigley D^to^ho^stat^ln'thf W F«« m.d Solid box vices a very su, present you may think yourself in thriving cir- j off tocether. Oh! it’s almost incredible, home. her to h«Hth, too Doctor, as ho states in toe SmUhg Be n owg; Hand A Sledge Hammers; I. , _ _ < umstanivs, and that you ciui bear a liltlo ex ' | 9Ucb gbame f u l conduct!” | Miss Nobbs, Miss Dobbs and Miss Briggs bis^ther. Ho sin^ j pi^^iusps. Files, Bnttenes,Bor»x v Ac ? forsale by | chrome GREEN.'YELL(»U’. i>iu travaganco without injury, but ‘For age and want savo whUsyou may— No morning sun lasts a whole day. ‘Gain may bo temporary and uncertain, but even white vou live, expense ia constant and certain. ‘It fa easier to build two chimneys than to keep onc in fuel, as Poor Bicharei says, I ‘ * 1 tl.nn rici» in I ‘The immodest, unblushing thing!” ex-1 were called, and an explanation demanded'by I ul “ >uue, lujnmn great unction ^and J«i_: NATHANWEED. claimed the widow, MfignnJy. g ' the accused Wigley. Mis, Nobbs P^fina^KnX KEorS© StlO© Iron. ‘Such wickedness!” echoed Mis, Dobbs. | in the truth of what -he uttered, the whole “ num- O' ESS?*' “ d —- d «*' d ’' her of years ago was very sick.” He was at- | et, for sale by AT THEIR OLD STAND. T HEIR Stock consist in part of the following GOODS, to which they invite the attention of Merchants and Planter**: 50 bales Gunny Cloth 200 coils Richardson Rope 1000 pounds Baling Twine 150 bags Coffee, Java, I’orto Rico, Rio and La guna to chests Black and Green Tea 75 barrels ABAC Sugar 25 barrels crushed ana Powdered Sugar 5 boxes Loaf Sugar 15 hogsheads fine Porto Rico 304 sacks Liverpool Salt 100 sacks Alum Salt 150 boxes Adamantine Candles 40 boxes Sperm Candles 75 boxes No. t Soap 20 boxes Family Toilet Soap 30 boxes assorted and Fancy Candy 125 kegs Nails 50 boxes Starch too jars Snnff 50 whole, half and quarter kegs of Powder 20 cans Dock-shooting Powder 100 bags Shot 100,000 Segars various brands 50 boxes Tobacco 20 cases Hagnoiiaand Combination Tobacco 20 bales Osnabnrgs and Stripes 5 cases Homespuns, bleached 10 bales Georgia Kerseys 5 bales Northern Kerseys 15 bales Blankets, all sizes 60 baskets Piper’s Heidsick Wine 75 cases Ginger and Blackberry Wine and’ Brandy 50 barrels Rye and Corn Whiskey 10 barrels Extra old Bourbon 50 barrels Gin, Rum and Brandy 10 casks Madeira, Port and Sweet Wine 10 cases London Dock Gin 15 cases Boker's and Stongbton Bitters 10 cases Lemon Syrup 20 casks Ale and l’orter 10 boxes Ginger -Preserves, Prunes and Figs 30 boxes Assorted Pickles 20 boxes Super. Carb. Soda 30 barrels and boxes Soda and Butter Crackers 25 boxes Herrings 5 sacks Aahton’s Table Salt 10 doxeh Well Backets 5 cases Ashton's Table Salt 25 dozen Bine Backets 10 nests of Tubs 30 d oze Wool lists 20 boxes Leverit Axes 10000 pounds White Lead and Zino 100 barrels Linseed Oil 10 barrels Tanners' and Machine Oil ALSO,-A FIS* LOT OV SIAN BLUE MENARD & BURGHARD, ir.l T //. fUlKPYIi s AND or e *w elers, TTAVE just received and opened a largo and XI splendid assortment of Goods, in their line, consisting in part of the following articles, GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, Hunting Magic Case, Independent 2d, Ac., for Gen tlemen. GOLD WATOBB8 for Ladies, rich and beau tifnl. Ml I, YE ft 1VARE, such as Spoons, Cops, Gob lets, Ac. n' 8ILVER PLATED WARE, such as Cas tors, Egg Boilers, (with Gold Flated Gold Cups and Spoons,) Fruit Baskets, Pitchers, Candle Sticks, Waiters, Ac. JEWELRY, Consisting of Diamond and Gold Rings, l’ius, Ac., Ac., sparkling and bright Musical Instruments, Such as Violins, Flute3, Guitars, Banjos, Tambo- rines. Gold Pens, and Pencils. Guitar and Violin Strings, and a varied assortment of Fancy Goods, Music Boxes, too numerous to particularize in an advertisement. Thankful for the liberal patronage bestowed upon them, since they commenced business, they solicit a continuance of the same, and will spare no pains to give satisfaction to their customers, both in style and quality of their Wares, and in price % Watch and other repairing executed with dispatch and on reasonable terms. M. A B. oct5 D. C. HODGKINS & SON, IvIsLCorL, Ora,. TNVITE3 the . A attention of”' t.aBg?. tlie Sporting Public and oth- ~ "■ ~.;— rs, to their large selection of DOUBLE GUNS. RIFLES, PIS TOLS, POCKET AND SPORTING CUTLERY, FISHING TA- KLE. WALKING STICKS. FOR KIRI AND DOMESTIC AMUNITION, ami every ■ found in a FIRST CLASS Sportsman’s Emporium, NORTH OR SOUTH. By careful attention to tho business, and keeping the best GOODS in our line, we expect to receive a continuation of past favors. Repairing carefully attended tons hereto- Oct. 26. fore. SHORT HAND REPORTING rplIE subscriber, having had years of experience JL in reporting, offers to teAcn tlie Art tbrongh the mall in EIG JIT LESSONS, and to fnrni.h fpost paid) tho two best books on tho subject for Twelve dollars enclosed to me in a letter at my risk. For twenty-fivo dollars he will give two months instruc tion in thc Art to pupils at Griflic. Board tit per month. Address A. E. MARSHALL, jan 18—3t»Griffin, Ga. “But who is it she was with?” party, at the request of the injured proceeded to his wife’s apartment. “Mr. Wigley.” I proceeaeu to ms wuc^s apartment. ,u ci “ bt eddied doctors night and “Is it possible l I Mrs. Picklcby, to the surprise o a . s ^ n t bcrc f oro the wonder is that he lived w — , , , ; rise in I Mrs. Bnggs was stricken dumb by the an- nc.t alone; a man was with her. As son“ as f or ’ twenty-four hours. The household is in so.‘Rather go to bed suppcrlcss than rise in nounC ement of the name, and for a few mo- Mr. Pickleby saw hun he smded, aud advanc- despair. The dying man then delivers a speech debt’ . . . , I meuts, gave some tokens of an intention to I ed and shook him by the hand. in wliich he states that although ho had ^nont “I\ r . This doctrine, ray fn '" d *> “ r ? 3 *°" 3 " b swoon; but thinking better of it, she refrain- ‘My brothersaid he, turning to those who incred;bl , arge sums in mak f ng Dr. Bennett jan 4 tfATHAN WEED. wisdom; but after all, do not depend toolmuch ^ ~ I had followed him. upon your industry, and frugality, andpnrdencc, ..-ph;, j, a terrible thing ?” said Miss Nobbs. Mias Nobbs’ face became crimson, though excellent things, for they wilt all I egmctly, after enjoying fully the sensation I ‘I fear,’she stammered,‘that I have unin' MtM without the blessing <*£ I created. I tentionally made a mistake. This most be therefore, ask that Messing humbly, ana bo not ..Terrible indeed !” uttered Miss Dobbs. the gentleman I saw; and be is so like Mr. uncharitablo to those that at present ^ “And not to be borne!” exclaimed the in- Wigley, that I was led to believe he was no want it, but comfort and help them. Itemcm- d - t wjdoWt ber face 4 a very other. I beg pardon!’ ber, Job suffered, and was afU * rds P ros P c erubescent tint as she spoke. As tho trio of ladies took their departure, ous - . . — . , I “It must not be borne!” said tho spinster; Mr. Pickleby was heard to utter divers male- “ , i..j„ w “it must not no norne: saiu iuo spiusier; -ur. x ieaieuy was nearu to uuer uivers uiaie- And now to conclude, --P “the reputation of this house will not allow dictions upon the heads of all meddling, busy- ctor school Uttfcob wffl m oot*ber, guch t , ! ]igs tQ pagg unnoticed m longed scandal-monger.; but he soon rccov- i Poor Richard says, am . ’ . “And our own reputations!” chimed thc oth- ered his temper, explained the whole affair to „'^T’ 'IffXjSSiSSW.i.i-sk*. give conduct IIowc , ‘ . , helnod^ “Think what we should be made to suffer,” I raised at his expeuse, and ended oy inviting th .t -III not Ik cou^,c 0 , “ p. f ' cried thc widow, “if it ritoold bwome known Wigley to join their psrty that owning io a Sw“S ^ joi, » rS, S3 io tho, of .«h ioi,«lon, g«n,,of whist. **5- rn( i ol i uv hann'me. The “Our characters are not to be trifled with SupaEME Court.—Thb tribunal adjourned Thus the oh * , . •_« « nt i j thus I** exclaimed Miss Nobbst with a deter- yesterday afternoon, having completed the people hinjd it nit ' tt iurt w if it 'oioed nir." “and tbi. thing moat not bo .of* I docket. Serern] judgment, below were ,ffiriji ft^dm riop he,.!- 1 _ _ __ _ |«, b , mjj,. of j dS^,«moo. hetoeco th. opened, and they began to buy cx 5? va ^ n , t ._^ ..j b i m f ronl mv I found the good man had thoroughly studied my almanacs and digested all I had dropped And so dol. sai these topics during thc course oi twenty-five “ 13J 6 ^ ™ uocKer. oeTeraijuugme I ed by reason of a disag Poor Mr. Picklcby !’ si^ied Sliss Dobbs, two presiding judges—an evil which certain' , e ? rt ’", . . i MY ca ^* a legislative correction. The Re said tho widow; “for I dare porter—whose courtesies we would take occa- say he haa not the least suspicion of his wife a gion , 0 acknowledge—was called home some perfidy.” _ „ tL days ago, since which time we have found it years. Tlie frequent mention he made of me must have tried anv one el.-e, hut my vanity as wonderfully delighted with it, though t was conscious tliat not a lento part of tlie wrsdosn was my own which lie a.-cribed to me, but ratli- tlie gleanings that I lmd made of the sense of all ages and nations. However, I resolved to be too better for thc echo of it, and, though I had at first determined to buy stuff for a new coat, I went sway resolved to wear iny old one little longer. Reader, if thou wilt ‘Io thc same, thy profit will he as good as mine. I am, as ever thino to Bern “Rich i thee. mid Sanders.” A French paper relates that when Rothschild was asked whether he would not likt to become temporal King of too Jews in Palestine, “! )h, no," said he, “I would rather Kings than King of th* Jtrn." He must know it,’ nttered Miss Nobbs, impossible to obtain a note of the derisions.— speaking in a low and deliberate tone of voice. Rep _ 0 r Friday. “You are right—he must know it; but | - how I” inquired Miss Dobbs. “We must tell him.” “Will it he proper ?” “It will be doing our duty. . B B „ ••Yes!” said Mrs. Briggs, “it will be bat | that thc Executive Committee ofsaid Society, tho performance of a Christian duty, must tell him! ’ ■And I, f Cottou Planter’s Convention. I am informed by the Hon David W. Lew is. President of the State Agricultural Society, that thc Executive Committee ofsaid Society, We will meet in Macon on the second Monday in February next. As business of importance to onc, am ready to go and per- the Convention, will come before the Commit- form that duty,” remarks M:>o Nobbs, with a tee, the officers of the convention, (tog meek and resigned look, as if she Lad taken | with such other members as can make it incredibly large sums in making Dr. Bennett, jr., a doctor, yet that the vagrant practitioner Plow Stool. A FULL assortment, 4 to 14 inches wide, 1-4,5 IS, I 3-8, 1-2 inch thick, and warranted equal to | any in this, or any other market, for aale ,bv jan 4 NATHAN WEED Planter’s IIoos. WES "“‘'WkltVKiiD. remedies. “Tell him, when he arrives,” said I ■ ■ -" the dying old Bennett, “that I leave to his moth- DOWNING HILL NURSERY, er toe sum of $1,000,000 and himself toe sum I fTiHE Subscribers beg leave to call the attention of $2,500,000, together with all my vessels.” A of ,he P ubUo *° their Ur *° collection of He was taken with shortness of breath; the . . w<M, ‘ h "“ Fr “ it T " r "’ tropo ennt fnr nrrl nroT-ino- Vvwn embracing all the beat varieties that have been tea- neighbors were sent tor, and praying was com-1 ted jn th 7 80atlR . rn climate. Also a fine collection of Ornnmrnial Trees and .Nhrub*. Catalogues furnished by mail free of charge to all applicants. Adddress PETERS, HARDEN A Co., d«« 7— 1m Atlanta, Ga Portrait Painting. J. T. roi.VDEX’y’H, Portrait Palmar. OTUDIO in the Triangnlar block. Entrance from O Sd street Particular attention given to 1‘ortraita of cic- ccnMcd prr.ou‘ from Daguerreotypes, Ac. Maeon, Ox, Dee. 21. ether con it upon herself to suffer at the stake. “And I," silid the widow. “Oh, I will accompany you; I am sure I only want to do what is right,” said Miss £' j*W if the I Dobbs submissively. I “Then l«t u* go at once.” menced, when suddenly “a rumbling noise was heard” in toe street *Twas the youthful Ben* nett, SL D. “A rumbling noise was heard in toe distance, like a mighty chariot, winding its way with great speed nearer and nearer, when all at once” [exquisite bull I] a beautiful coach stood before tho door, out of which alighted a noble and elegant looking man.” This was young Dr. Bennett He kissed his mamma, and she fainted. He rushed to the bedside of bis dying papa, lie hastened back to his coach, which was freighted with “plants and roots,” such as are always used by the “Bed men cf I T - H - uoLsmsM. r uxazoo. the forest” when they feel unwelL Young Ben- lllfj/lV FI il TT) OH nett gave old Bennett a root and an herb. Old Bennett began to feel better in just two hours. He kept up toe system regular. And the result was no. it COTTON AVENUE, that the ancient person entirely recovered, and ( 3 «l° or » from Darker". Dry Good. Store.) lived to ninety-five, and to be the grandfather of YY ,rE beg leave to call the attention ofthe people young Dr. Bennetf. twelve.children. wrii"" The mystery to us is that such mcredible , f B||ri|in Coa , oiI . nonsense as this should impose upon anybody . , , , -even poor people whose understandings are ^ ^ linpairv'l by disease. I lu.t peopleare■ thus daily | CHEAPEST best, AND SAFEST LIGHT NOW IN USE. N. B. A liberal disconnt made to the trade. We have also China, Glass (both pressed and cut) Crockery. Table Cutlery, Castor Frames, Hand Lan terns (both Oil and Fluid.) Glass Gas Shades, Ac. We have on hand, and will keep a good supply of the best Coal Oil that is made; also. Burning Fluid, cheated, wc are sorry to believe. But it is not often that we have the cliancc of exposing such cruel knavery; and it is a chance which wo have to the liest of our ability improved. \ minister of thc gospel, with not much of a venient.) are requested to attend the meeting gift, came into the place of worship I tampheae and Alcohol. of s lid Committee. drenched with ruin, and said to a brother who ~ •• Editors friendly to the Convention aud the ( Aood by, as he shook and brushed, and wiped Society, are respectfully requested to give this ■ his clothes: “I shall certainly take cold if I go notice an insertion. j into the pulpit so wet.”—“Oh no,” was tho re- | Howckii Cobs, Pres, of th* Con. ' ply, “you sr* always dry eaough there.” Special attention is directed to the Art of Engra ving on Glann, by F. HERZOG, Bnch as Coats or Arms, Chests, Lettxrinq or evert stile, Land scapes, Animals, Flowers Ac. Call and see us* BOLS1IAW A HERZOG. Dto. sa. TERRA DE SIENNA. BURNT UMBER, Ac., Ac. PAINTS AND VARNISH, BRUSHES AND SASH TOOLS. Macon, Sept. 28,1858. SCH0FIELIT& BROTHER, irnoo BTinniKiirin mo tv j tllaron, Georgia. JOHN S. SCHOFIELD, JOSIH A SCHOFIELD. We arc prepared to Manufacture STEAM ENGINES. ©3^©Eyju^ smiL®, MILL AND GIN GEARING, Sugar Mills, BRASS AND IRON CASTINGS, OP EVERT DESCRIPTION*. IRON RAILINGS AND VERANDAHS. Having the most complete assortment of Iron Rail- inn in the State, which for elegance, neatness,dura bility and design, cannot be snrpassed, and are snic- uble for the Fronts of Dwrllingq, Cemrtrry Lot*, Public Mqunrrw, Church Fciicch and Ilnlroiiicn. Persons desirous of purchasing RAILINGS, will do well to gWe us a call, aa we are determine* l :.. feras good bargains as any Northern Establishment. Specimens of our Work can ,be seen at Hose Hill Cemetery, and at various private residences in this city.* nov30 • ly Executor's Sale. 4 GREEABLE to the last will and testament of ./a. John Powell, Senior, late of Jones County de ceased, will be sold before the Court House door, in the town Clinton, Jones county, on the first Tues day in March next, within the legal hours of sale, a Negro boy by the name of JOE, aboct six years old of yellow complexion. Sold fora division amongst the legatees or said deceased, jan 18 WILLIAM MORELAND, Exe’r. CLOTHING. C HARLES H. BAIRD is offering WINTER GOODS at greatly reduced prices. CALL AND SEE IIJM. dec 21 SHIRTS ! SHIRTS ! ! A NEW Lot just received and will be sold low by dec 21 (\ H. PAIKD. NEW GOODS. C. Campbell & Son, NEAR THE LANIER HOUSE, TTAVE just received their Fall and Winter supply XJL of KERSEYS, HEAVY BLANKETS’and NEGRO SHOES at the lowest market prices, and Planters would do well to call and examine before purchasing. They also continue to keep a general stock o GROCERIES at the old stand, and do not intend to be undersold for Cash. Macon. Oct. 12, 1858. B. A. WISE, W OULD most respectfully inform the public and hia customers that he has ramoved his stock of STOVFS, TINWARE, AND House Keeping HARDWARE, to ms xkwstokk. Next door to the Telegraph Building, on Cherry bt., and would be pleased to Lave tfl persons »n want of Goods in my line, to call and examine my stock, l)»*re may be found Stoves, Grates, Ranges, Brass and Bronzed Andirons, Shovels, Tongs and Fenders, Waiters, Tea and Coffee Urns, Steak and Oy>ter Dishes. Plated Castors and Waiters, Spoons, Forks and Cake Baskets, Silver Tea Spoons and Forks, Table and Pocket Cutlery, Wood Ware, Brooms and Brmdies, Mdtts, Trays, Sifters, Meat Cutter* and Stutlers, Plain and Japanned Tin Ware, and all Goods usually kept in my line. B. A. WISE, Cherry Street, deogl ^ Maccn, Ga. • ti. K. Freeman, . H. />., TTAV1NG returned to Macon, offers his Profes- .L JL along! services to its citizens, and those of the surrounding country, and is prepared to treat their various diseases with innocent vegetable remedies, and hopes that in consideration of the fact that lie gives no poison, draws no blood, and never destroys tho constitutions of his patients, he will be liberally patronized by the alllioted. G^Particular attention will be given to Planta tion, and other country practice. -‘--"-Qflice at the Drug Store of Dr. M. S. Thom son, towhomherefenL^ jan 11—ly DR. A. PIERCE, HOMOEOPATH OFFICE I1V \Y A * III TO \ Itl.Of K. Medicine Cases and Books on Domestic Practice for ile. Maeon, July 13-tf. I>r. C. J. KooM'Vvil. HOMOEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN, OFFICE AND RESIDENCE— Corner of Third and Walnut Streets, Maoou, Ga. jan 11—ly Drs. McDonald and Van Geisen, Dentists. OFFICE IN WASHINGTON BLOCK, MACON, GEORGIA. Electricity used in Extracting Teeth. 1IC DONALD'S Tooth Paste always <>n hand and • _Lt_L for sale. Dentists can be supplied with the finest style ot TEETH, also Gold Foil, Gold am! Sil ver Plata and Wire, Lathe Fixtures. also with any kind of Instruments or Materials on short notice. OCt 12 T HE undersigned have the practice of Lair, i FIRM. formed a partnership in the Firm name of Ruth- Tibrd and Hill. They wiH practice in the Macon Circuit, and in the Counties of Monroe, Jones and Wilkinson—and by special contract in any other portion of the .State. Also, in the Feleral Court, at Savannah and Ma rietta. Oilice over the Manufacturer’s Bank. JOHN RUTHERFORD. Macon, Jan. 17. ’59 JOHN R. KILL. will be mi the Ordinary of Jones county, for h-ave to i egroea belonging to the estate of IN illiam J. C, >f said counts, deceased. Re-sold for the p ose of effecting title JA.ME.* GREEN, jan 11 01X1 O tot the lat A dm r, dw bonis non.