Atlanta telegram. (Atlanta, Ga.) 1876-????, January 26, 1877, Image 1

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iruliSßEß 54. BKKATAR HTI.T<. The people of Georgia, through their representatives,' have chosen Hon. Benja min H. Hill as Senator in the Congress of the United States for six years from the fourth day of Match next. When Georgia's voice has been heard the preferences of in- must be put aside. We were net of those who saw nothing in the political treasury of the commonwealth but the glittering abilities of Mr. Hill, but , vpt thought and continue to think that there are other sons of so noble a mother 'who eowld hgve las. honorably and as profita bly have served ber in this crisis. It has resulted differently and Mr. Hill has been chosen to that high position so long coveted by him. We shall shed’ no .tears over the fact of our preference being overridden, and shout no laudations because the new sun has risen, ye will say here' and how 4hat itr. Hitl's -geniuS and abili ties have always had sincere admiration from us, and that we ha\ e never denied that he could bring his patriotism end tal ents lo prbud achievements r Shtfd, eountry. We congratulate him upon the victory he ha* won. He ha* heaven rqen worthy of* his steel, an3 to whom defeat ' brings no shame or degradation. He has bounded into a field of uaeful , Bess where all hi* powSrs will ftntf play and where every spark of his patriotism may help to illumine the pathway of the ship of State. He has reached' the pinna cle from which fame may be courted in her most roseate realm, where thunders, may be hurled down in terrible destruc tion on bis people’s enemies. He has en larged his audience and mtpst now face the world. We trust he may become a greater 1 victor than ever, and wear the garlands of duty well done anu patriotism successfully vindicated. We ground arms and extend to him the right hawd -ex ponent who never quailed and never rested while the conflict continued. In his labors for Georgia and the Union, we shall fight as gallantly and as unreservedly upon his side henceforward. May he, then, lead in his country’s cause, where traitor* and scoundrels are the ene mies, and where every victory Won is greater than a city taken and sacked. May he magnificently illustrate tee “Wisdom, Justice and Moderation” of tee State; the truth, patriotism a'id chivalry of her peo ple! Mr. Hill's Speech. Copies of Mr. Hill’s greet speech can be had at this office. / _ Remember. Do not forget in the future teat tee Young Mea’s Library is not open on Sun - Supernumeraries. At a meeting of the Police Commissioners last night, eight supernumeraries were added. % WHY SUFFER from Goldin the Head? I Dr. J. H. McLean's Catarrh Snuff soothes and cures. Infallible for Catarrh and any Sores in the Nose. Trial boxes 50 cents, by mail. Dr. J. H. McLean. St. Louis. Weekly Floridian: We have had some very warm weather for this season during the past week It has been almost mild enough for summer clothing, and such a thing as a fire would run one out of the house. Coatcsto* Election. The investigation of the ooutestod for Ordinary of Fulton couuty, of Ham mond vs. Pittmau, continues to drag its slow length along, before Jastc* Pool. As perhaps a good many witnesses will be ex amined, a number of days will be requisite to arrive at a conclusion. i The Bertw Imm. I This popular house, situated on Forsyth I 'street near the comer of Marietta, is one of lithe most comfortable hotels in the city. I ***• roQtns are well filmed aml carefully I attended to, and ail tliat can be deSired is ■done to make the weary traveler feel good. ■Stable is supplied with the most select can lie procured in this and other m and fpie*t~ always express them- Htisfied The proprietor!. K Balmer are pleaaam and oour ■LuilUy is of the right kind. j * t 0 h ; T - *** * 4 ■V.i ’ .•! ■.< ■ 1 ■■■■ r ' M t - • A 1 .’■•Ji. r ;il, • I HE COMPROMISE BILL. UCHjfMBS ORTMMMBJfZCJLIB TO jum- J , WMT fff* BIT.i 1 ..... - ~ - SarfleM le Manipulate tire Opposi tion in the Meuse—Hayes Con sulted by tdegrapi-latn* rare Branght to Row ITpeai Oraat to be raw a Vet*. Special to die telegram, Washington, January 26.— Morton has not given up hopes of defeating tee Com promise Bill. Garfield will manipulate the opposition in the House, but tee friends of tee mean re say it is SCR* TO PASS. Opponent* of the bill can pot off the vote till Monday, when, two-thirds of the House favoring, the rules can be suspended and tee lull passed. It is believed, if necessary, that two-toirds can be obtained and to spare. Telegrams have been sent to Hayes to know how far he wants his friends to go TO BjtAT THX KILL. If he indicates teat it must be defeated, they will filibuster to-day of judgment, if possible. There u also ntmetet AT WORK WITH GUST to induce him to relieve the party of the odium of such ceptious opposition by in ducing a veto. Ibgnuiova, S. Y., January 3>. —Ex- Got. Haines died this morning. Mrscmna, S. BL, January 36.—The coldest day yet —25 degree* below ana aliLi Lake, January 36. —Jn. D. Lee, the mountain massacre fiend who was to be shot to-day, bus a shay of proceedings. New Yok, January 36.—A special to tbc Oouit Judges. Nathan Oifixd, Samuel F. Miller. Stephen J. Field. William Strong. Jos. P. Budy. Senators, F.J.fte siali G Abbott, D. Dudler FSaU, J. A. Me- Ifilkx, Gunge F. Hope. Orcsrj, lows. k word to the wise. If Ten ant n^M with a (<sngh Weald, jtraraie w Mather yeffl pdhf to 4 SbiMS# ikon Imm lowawtl astT'W* TU -%a * **• -’t *lw !■*•■# • nwfirwrf ? ATJLANTA, GA., FRIDAY EVENING JANUARY 26, 1877. . JnffL jgS Jk - / -ilMllM W WUSs^ rtf 1 ’* M •> v ||hS|§! *' Itp?" >• -l f"••:<’ * v; ut’j ■/ < /; :j| 'i SENATOR-ELECT BENJAMIN H. HILL. L*TAL IKLAVet. —Augusta is troubled by the tramu nuis ance. -Of course tie eariy fruit OropMes troyed. ' * * Jjjh $1- . —Tropical mat* are tror hiftr ir this market. —The menagerie will be sold in A igusta on Monday next. —New Orleans Minstrel* are to be n Au gusta Saturday night. —The coal supply is increasing. We hope tee price will be lower. —Business in the past day or two in the city has improved some. —Lent soon. Then wale dancin' and other fun for forty days. —Young grasshoppers skip before some of the disgusted formers of our State —We thought that the sun wdtld be afraid to come out strong yet awhile —Chance? for suits against the dty to broken limbs from foils on liarr {lave ments. —Why are not the crowds scattered that frequently collect at certain street centers of the city ? —The Kimball candy is s new variety, and is made at the stand where Georgi for merly kept. —A few representatives think teat the legislature will adjourn in about twenty five more days. —Choice seats in the theatre in savannah j | have been engaged for four nights for Miss 1 Anderson’s engagement. —Oar exchanges from some pads of the i State inform us that planters are preparing ! to patting in their crops. —We had hoped that the “statu quo” was broken. Not so, to there is a prospect of another spell of bad weather. —A sub-soil plow would not uieartli an Atlanta man should he be so unfortunate as to foil into one of the mod hoes in oar —‘Our eitisett* want oar new city council j to have tea city hall park fitted op with , benches, a tea* the little ehillren can i jdigr therein thecvWringe nextsummer. —A German ef this dty sigh? already i over a fovorite summer beverage. He says, yAf nr • Myy Lmiidbnfti. dollu Mllp nMMR irkiMtiTTlT liarfiTMut M lbuiffice of rirrr —: — . | •• *>■ •*.!> CMfoaMa ffWßr. a 1 - I nUSt " • ****** iC " J The Atlanta Convocation. The exercises of tee Convocation are proving highly interesting. Yesterday rsorsisg Esv.R. &i Fstste read a highly en tertaining article in regard to tee pew sys tem. At night the subject of free churches was ably discussed by Rev. H. K. Reeje. Rev. M. "Barnwell, Rev. M. Bpps, J. H Smite and J. D. McConnell. To-day the morning session will be held at St. Lake’s. At half past seven o’clock the Convocation will assemble at St. Phil lip’s church, where Rev. R. C. Foute will express his views on the subject of free churches and rented pews. Hop at the Markham. Exceedingly pleasant and highly enjoy able was the hop at the Markham House last night. A number of charming ladies from abroad, and many of our city, graced the occasion. All, both ladies and gentle men were on their best mettle and in high spirits, and the evening passed delightfully. Prof. Schultze, who is quite an acquisition to our dty, furnished the music. Thanks are due the efficiency of the management, for several hours of hearty enjoyment. Removal. The Domestic Sewing Machine office has moved from James’ Bank Block to No. 31 Peachtree street, next door to Cox <fc Hill. Craig <fc Cos., general dealers in Domestic Machines and Domestic Paper Fashions will be pleased to serve their many friexds and tee public generally at their new stand. jan 14-h 1-etlw. Members of the Legislature, visitors to the city and tLe public generally, are re spectfully invited to pause at Pause’s, where the finest liquors, wines, etc., in the city are dispensed to an admiring public. Robkkt Pausx, jan 14-1 ni 14 Marietta st. Baltimore. j.. If you visit this splendid Southern city be sure to stop at the Maltby House. It is located in the commercial centre, is well kept and combines both American and Eu ropean plans. tf. latest. A returning board of ladies has counted iuß.fi. Crutcher's nerw Sewing Machine Attachment* as the best, and it is undis puted that they save labor, time and thread. Leave orders at Cannon House. jan26-lw The ball at the Perry House, in Colum bia, Wednesday night, waa a grand affa r. The hall Was handsomely prepared, and there were Over two hundred in costume. Atlanta was represented by Miss Alexander as “SpaaiahLady,” and Mia* Mary Howard as “None Such.” Mr. Akoo Angier, “Henry \ V.,” A. G. Gordon, I■’ 4 * • ■ i j, r — 1 : Rev. Hr. Beechtfcalla the Newark Prea> bytary—“apatrol koß* Look out, Rav. Sir. “He thfct eslleth his brother a fool it in strikes have no affect. _ THBEE CENTS THE SENATORSHIP. RESULT OE THE FOURTH HAY'S BALLOT. ♦ !■■• •■■■■-. *• ?• tin The Race Terminates by the Klectlon of Hon. B. H. Hill. IK THR BKKATB the balloting Resulted as follows: Fob Hill. — Asbury, Bryan, Brewster, Bush, Cabanisa, Chastain, Cody, Cure ton, Deadwyler, England, Godfrey. Harkness, Howell, Hudson, McAfee, Jflc- Leod, O’Daniel. Ragsdale, Staten, Slaughter and Wilson. —Total, 21. Fok Nobwooo— Senators Black, Bullock, Clifton, Dußose, Felton, Freeman,Furman, Graham, Harrison, Hopps, Mattox, Mc- Daniel. McDonald, Newbem, Reese, Reid, Wilcox, Wessalowski, and President Lester. Total, 19. 1 ■" • > ' i;: ' Fob Jekkiks — Senator Gamble. Not Votibo— -Senators Perry end Ruther ord. : f--, •-> i . (W-. f . - !> • IK THi HO USX. Fob Hill —Messrs. Adams of Lee. Al mon, Allred, Anderson, Awtry, Bacon of Liberty, Bennett, Bloodworth, Blue, Born, Bowen, Branch, Brockett, Buntz. Candler, Carlton, Cloud, CoCirtvth, Colbert, Cox of Troup, Davis of Bibb, Davis of Hotriton, Davis of Stewart, Dozier of Harris, Dozier of Quitman, Dudley, Dagger. Duke, Pry, Grant, Gray, Gresham, Goodwin, Guyton, Hammond, Harden, Harrell, Haralson, Hawes, Hillyer, Hollis, Hogan of Carroll, Hood, Humber, Hutchins, James, Jones of Polk, Jordan of Pjulaski, Jordan of Hancock, Kennon, Key, Kimsey, Leaph. Marshall, Matthews of Pike, Matthews of Talbot, Maund, McAfee, Mclntyre, Me- Gan, Moses, Murray, North, Ottis, Pea cock, Peek, PenriJ Phillips of Carroll, Phil lips of Cobb, Pickett ,of Rabun, Pickett of Gilmer, Pope, Pucket, Randal*, Robson, Roper, Sheffield of Miller, Smith of Ogle thorpe, Smith of Wartdh', Stanford, Stew artrof Mtttoe ptteWsrt of Spalding, Stokely, Taylor, Tumlin, Turnbull, Walton of Burke, Walton of Harralson, Wiser Wilkes, Whittle, Wilßon, Wooldridge, and 'Mr. Speaker Bacon—Total, 93. Fox Noxwood.— Adams of Chatham, Atwood, Benson, Brewer, Brown of Upson, Brown of Fayette,' Burch of Thomas, Burch of Elbert, Cilia Way, Cirter, Case, Collins, Corker, Cox of .Bryan, Davison, Deloach, Evan*, Fletcher, Fort, Frederick, Green, Glover of Twiggs, Glover of Jones, Hnges, Johnston, Jones of McDuffie, Ken drick, Kirby, Knox, Lang, Mallet, McDon ald, Mcßae, Mobley, Moore, Northern, Owenby, Payne, Paul, Pearsofi, Perkins, Pilcher, Polhill, Price, Rawlins, Reid of Morgan, Reese, Richardson, Robinson, Rouse, Russell, Scruggs, Sheffield of Barly, Sikes, Simms, Smith of Taitnall, Smith of Butte,Stewart ofTaylor, Strickland,Thomas, Vick, Wall, Willis, Williams, Wollihin and Wilcox—66. Fox Smith.— Messrs. Hogan of Monroe, Miller, Walsh and Willingham.—4. Fox Johnson. —Messrs. Black, Colley, Fortner, Reid of Putnam, Shaw and Tur ner.—6. THK FINAL COUNT Shows as follows, Hill, 114 Norwood, ... 85 Smith . . . 4 Johnson ... 6 Jenkins 1 Whole vote cast, 210 Necessary to a choice. 106 Mr. Hill was therefore declared duly elec ted United States Senator for the term of six years from the 4th of March next. Arm*, Indeed. It it our great pleasure to bring to the at tention of the people of the Southern State* the “ Grand Union Hotel,” in the dty of New York. It is undoubtedly the cleanest and best kept hotel in that city, and while everything is of the very best, the chargee are well adapted to suit the most economi cally inclined traveler. The hotel being situated nearlyopposite the Grand Central Depot, it saves the guests expensive carriage and express hire, as they deliver your bag gage to your room free of etpense. Its 350 elegantly furnished rooms, to gether with the constant attention and gen tlemanly deportment of Mr. Win. D. Garri son, the proprietor, whose well known kind and warm feeling towards tee Southern people is worthy of reciprocation, makes the Grand Union a hotne comfort rarely to be met with. From our personal experience ware en abled to call the attention of the Southern people who contemplate visiting New York not to foil to gift (he “Grand Union” a trial. jan*7-tfj| - * WO' ■ ■ ■ —- ■ ~. .n o* r, The wheat prospect of Floyd county is