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t:; No. 304 Vol. XXII. TF.S ..... OF WHARFAGE, STORAGE, DRAY- ABEAM WEI G tl/NG, IN SAVANNAH, stablisbed, Jan. 1824, and now in operation. WHARFAGE. scla under 100 tons, per day GO cents, over do. do _ rlrc on Landing and Shipjnng Country Pro- b duct. feuch barrel or half do Rice 1 bale Cotton - package of Indigo hogshead ot tobacco 1000 feet of Lumber 1000 staves 1000 shingles ** * 4 cents. 8 1100 feet of Five 37 i heavy wood, sold by the solid1ft. 374 100 bushels of com, nnd grain of all kind, In bulk • ' "> loo bushels lime In bulk 30 cord of wood • * cedar, llghtwoodor other posts, per Vharfage on Landing and Shipping Goods. ir of a small sine, each • 10 cents. : » .“of coffee, pimento, sugar, and all 4 lolherbagsof such slzo, (grain m f cepted) each • •' ? I. of gruinand salt , - • J bread, apples, cider,and all kinds of barrels except dry goods and i liquors • • * 4 b of Wines, and ull kinds ofilquor [ (cider excepted) dry goods in I casks exceeding 20 gallons, and ft not over 33 gallons * *» k) . wines or liquors and dry goods I in oasks iimfcr 20 gallons * - fcs ofdry goods,and all k inds of boxes f. under 4 feet square - 4 I. do do over 4 feet square 6 b. sonp, candles, chocolate, cordials, oil, and boxes of like siao • 2 sugar, each . . 5 les of corn, per 1000 » 25 Is, the same as boxes, i of osnaburgs’, Russia duck,bagging canvas, each • - • B Isofliquororany kind of casks, cx« [ cccding 130 gallons • • 15 lies, loose, per gro* - .25 ter pots, each • > Idles of pans, spades, be. each S VperlOObushels • • 26 pcs not exceeding 500 lbs. each Sflf exceeding 600 lbs. not exceeding 1200 lbs. • • - 35 exceeding 1200 lbs. • • 60 llageofallxiiids, per coil » 3 pp oveos with covers, nnd fire dogs I perpuir • • 1 les of earthenware . • B |csc,pcr 100 lbs. • - 2 l) per cask ... 4 Lr/, of 2 wheels . • 37 ns, of txvo wheels '* ■ 26 ■riages, of four wheels . $1 00 flirs, Windsor undall sitting chairs, per dozen ... 12 >ls,pcr ton - • 12 pnons under 600 lbs. • 96 over GOO, not over 1200 tbs 60 over 1200 lbs. • §1 00 hbousc3 ;• * • 26 p, empty . * * lie, etich . . 26 nijohns, each • • 1 ks nnd chests of drawers • 10 s Wood, per cord • • 25 k, pci* quintal • • * In of all descriptions (except in bags) per 100 bushels • - 26 powder, in bids, of 100 lbs", each 12J in half bbls. * in kegs of 28 lbs. or under 3 .window, per 100 feet, in propor tion for smaller * - 4 ■ exceeding 130 gallons of liquor or uny kind of merchandize exceeding 63 and not exceeding 130 gallons . 9 h tile, per 1000 , * 23 hp, per ton • . 60 ps, ruw or tanned, per 100 • 0ft |, loose, per 100 lbs. • .25 i hi bundles, cuch ipers of Merchandize, each » f of Pot coos, each I, each • . . I or Jugs, each per dozen per ton - . 23 of paint, buttor, lord, biscuit, and such size kegs ' • shot and load over 66 lbs. not over ;5ooibs . . i liquors of a smaller size than 20 | gallons - 1 . 2 fe, per 100 bushelo • 30 per barrel • • 4 ps for plastering per 1000 . 10 les, each . . 26 pus, per 100 bushels . i 26 o. in ropes, per 100 ropes • 12j p, iron, euch . * 1 e Apples, per 100 . 12j atoes per 100 bushel • 26 ps of gin, brandy, and all kinds of li quor, exceeding 63 gallons • 8 do. exceeding 130 gallons 16 Irter casks of wine and other liquor, cider excepted) and dry goads in asks exceeding 20 gallons irot ox- eedmg 63 gallons • - 6 Isins in jars . . . j |t per 100 bushels . . 25 Blletg each - . * j lues, quem an j gr i n d, each • 2 Bermuda, pgr 100 . .25 „ l “ r 8® will per pair • • 60 _ nn i ot,le r stones, per ton 25 s under 200 gallons each - ' « over 200 do - * 12/ Iees \ \ *. v f e P each . . . * Q rri^'kiods (rice excepted) over MJ>r«fpbn« . . 6 lo ,h! n * tmds i under 4 feet square 4 1° do over 4 squares - - 0 luornv^i? C! i c . e j n B 130 gallons li* loil °f merchandize 16 V. ’ ,™ s l llctto > lignum vital, and all Eel r, ds, p eri °» - • 25 feStlJ- A^n e Afprlgoing rates ‘Mo • Un ? t . t0 be found under its name. oih hJtv in it is usiially contained. 'met in Hi 0,1 ? wharf more than two nights, to or m,, a u’?** 4 at °rage unless landed on Sat- iidnuln* °. tll l r cve ning immediately precedini ^i'>ttdmni UC h c r nse3,0 be removed on the seconc_ ■creafter, or be subject to storage as t STORAGE. " st r "'d wce .k> 8 cents for the "ing 4*M vcek and for each inter- ice ncr„. .. iolcs brandy, puncheon of rum, and all kinds of liquor in casksexcecding63, and not exceeding 130 gallons • 20 Iron per toil, first and last Week 60 cents, intervening weeks • • 25 Every other article same as its wharfage, XVKIOIIING. Each bbl. or half bb. rice * 6 Hhd. of tobacco or sugar . • 15 Package of indigo > . . 8 . Bale of eotton • * -6 Each draft of light goods, under 100 lbs. 6j do do do over 100 lbs. 124 do do heavy goods under 200 6J do do . do over 200 per 1(M) lbs 3 DRAYAOE. For hauling up the Bluff to any part oftliecity, articles not herein enumerated, for 1600 pounds weight - - - 60 cents. Under 1600 lbs and not less than 100 374 do 1000 do do do 600 25 Forn 1000 feet of Lumber $1 60 do 1000 Bricks > • 1 60 do cord of wood • • 1 60 For every bale of cotton . * 8 do bbl. of Rice • • 18$ do hhd of Tobacco. • . 374 do bbl of Flour • • 6 j And every other article in thesalne proportion; for hauling down the Bluff, or from one wharf to Castor Oil Imitation use, iperior qualr another exceeding 1500 lbs Under 1500 and not less than 100 lbs For each bale of cotton do bbl Rice. • • do hhd Tobacco do bbl Flour 374 cts. 26 la 314 6. And every other article in the same proportion. ARRANGEMENT OF MAILS, And regulations for the Post Office, Savan nah, Geo. January 1st, 1824. NORTHERN MAIL. Close every day at 6 a. m. Monday excepted. Due do do do 6 r. m. do do By this route, a mail is made up every day, ex cept Monday, for Coosawhatcnic, Pocatmigo, Beaufort, Jacksonboro' and Collins’ Cross Roads --all of which are closed the previous evening, at -r.'M. WESTERN MAILS. Georgia route to Augusta and Humburgh, de part nt 4, a. h. on Monday, Wednesday, and Fri day, via. Tuckaseeking, Jacksonhoro’and Waynes boro’ to Augusta and Hamburgh Due on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, nt 6 The closing of this mail, to Augusta, takes jilacc every Tuesday, Thursday,and Sunday, at 8, r. m. except the inU-rmedlateoffices on the route, the closing of which takes place at 7, p. H. on the same evenings. From Waynesboro', a weekly moll departs every Monday, at 6, a. m. for Birds- ville, Louisville, Shoals ot Ogeechce and Shevir’a Mill to Powelton. Returning due every Sunday evening, at Waynesboro’and at Savannah every Tuesday, at 6, r. m. Carolina route to Augusta and Hamburgh, close on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 6, a. m. and departwiththe northern mail at 6, a. m. to Purys- burgh. Duo on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, at 6, . M. By this route, a mail is made up each eve ning before Its departure for Robertsvillc, Mat thews Bluff, Lower Three Runs and Four Mile Branch. The mail between Charleston and Ham burgh, goes direct through Purysbnrgh on those days, both up and down. Separate portmanteaus are provided for this purpose, at the offices of Charleston and Augusta, which meet each other at Purysburgh and urc there shifted, the down to Charleston, the up to Augusta, this supercedes the necessity of bringing tiiat mail to Savannah at all, and thus expedites it twenty-four hours. The mails for MHlcdgeville, In Georgia, via Lombardy, Warrenton, Powelton, Sparta and De- verenux's store; also, to Alabama, (except the northern part) and Mississippi states, and to Che- raw, in South Carolina, via Mount Vintage, Edge- fiield, C. H. Ridge, Leesville, Lexington, C. H. Columbia and Camden, to Cheraw, will close di rect on the Georgia side, on Sunday nnd Tuesday, at 7, r. m. and on the Carolina side on Friday, at 7 P. M. The Athens mail, will also close direct on Sun day and Thursday, at 7 p. m. on the Georgia side. By tills route, packet&lor the northern part of Ala bama to Huntsville, fyc. and West Tennessee, are forwarded. The Carnesville mail,viaDnrby’sDouble Branch, Lincolnton, Goshen, Petersburg!), Cook's Office and’Elberton, will close direct on Thursday, at 7 p. h. on the Georgia side. SOUTHERN OR DARIEN MAIL. Close on Wednesday und Saturday at 6, r. Due on Tuesday and Friday at 7 p. m. ■ By this route the St. Marys mail goes direct on Wednes day and is due direct on Tuesday. BIRD9V1LLE MAIL. Due every other Wednesday at 6, p. m.—Close every other Thursday, at 8, a. m. By this route Tnaiis are made up for Statesboro' and Millrny, in Bulloch county, Swancsboro’, in Emanuel, and for Louisville and Greensboro’. The Post-Office is open every day in the week, (Sunday excepted,) from day light to 8 p. m. and Letters are delivered throughout the day, except from 2 to 3 o’clock, r. m. and during the time of opening and makingup the mails. Persons wishing to pay postuge when the office is shut, can enclose the money with the letter, di rected to “The Post Master," and those xvho keep accounts with the office, and may desire thesame are requested to say so on an envelope. When the mails which are due on Saturday, ar- rive too late to be delivered that evening, the of fice xvill be kept open on Sunday morning from 8 to 9 o’clock, for the delivery only of the letters received by those mails. The inland postage of all letters, directed to be sent out of the United States, except to the Cana, das, must be paid when they are ( 1 eft at the office or they cannnt be forwarded. w ’ Letters must be left at the Post Office with in the timespecified, to insure going In the mail of the day; and newspapers half an hour before that tim«t As there are several places of the same name in the United States, it is necessary that the directions should be particular; the State should be distinguished, and when it might be doubtful Counties. When letters, are not tor a post town, the nearest post town ought to be mentioned. Committees of Council. EINANCE. LDERMEN Bulloch, Minis, Gumming;. L STREETS AND LANES. ,, Dehsler, Millcn, Wayne. MARKET, Morrison, Sliick, Guudry. DRY CULTURE. . ■!■■■■ Waring, Bulloch, Mortison. HEALTH AND CEMETRYi , i .. . Habersham, Jackson, Wifrlng. PUMPS. ———- Jackson, Densler, Millan. la tips. ■i ■ < — ■ Cumming, Minis, Wayne. PUBLIC DOCKS. 1 ■■■ .... — ■ Milieu, Gniidiy, Densler. EXCHANGE* Shick, GuudTy, Haliersham> Drugs, Dye Stuffs, Bottles &c. S iIX Groce Porter Bottles I 6 do Wine Pint do 20 barrels Glauber Salta 6 do Copperas 3 do Ground Logwood 3 do Cbipt do 2 do Alum 600 Bottles American cold pi 600 bottles West India dof( 600 Gallons Winter Sperm Oil of ity For sMc low by LAY &. HENDRICKSON, Chemists and Druggists Shad's Buildings. aug 13 171 Magnesia, balm of Quito, &c. P UKE Calcined Magnesia. Balm of Quito, Peruvian Bark Riells &. Lorlllards cut Tobacco Fig Blue, Opium, Arrow Root, kc. he. Silver wire Teeth Brushes Just received and for sale by LAY k HENDRICKSON, No'. 1, Shads Buildings, Corner of Congrtss and Whitaker-streets, ALSO, A fresh supply of Congress spring Water. sep 4 137 I S'tHK undersigned committee will receh JL posuls fur keeping in repair the city Clock, until the first meeting of Council in Jnnunry next; proposals for the same will be left with either of the undersigned. GEORGE SIllCK, J. B. GAUDRY, J. C. HABERSHAM. sept 18 179 Register of Debates in Congress. PROSPECTUS. A CCORDINGto nn intimation heretofore given, there will be published at the Office of the Nntionnl Intelligencer, during the next session of Congress, und, if encouraged by th,e approbation of the Public, at every session thereafter, a RE GISTER OF DEBATES IN CONGRESS, intnml- cdtocomprehepdamore full Report of the Speech es on topics of general interest, in each House of Congress,than lias ever heretofore been published, or than pan be given to the Public through the or dinary and limited channel, the columns of a news paper. This compilation will he of the most nil thcntic cast,printed with great regard to accuracy, and in a form for durable preservation. This undertaking is not of course intended to substitute or supercede the Reports of Debates for the National Intelligencer, but rather, by with drawing the heavy and extended Reports from its columns, to enable the Proprietors ot (hut Journal to furnish, every day, in a comprehensive form, intelligible Reports of the Proceedings and Dis cussions in the day preceding, 011 both Houses. The “Register” is necessarily un experiment, but it is ail experiment the success of which we sec no reason to doubt. Every one who takes an interest in our political history, ns well asail those who enguge in the duties of political life, must have feit and lamented the want of a Record of Debates in Congress, in a convenient form, xvith indexes which might lead the enquirer to anv sub ject debated, and. to the name of anv one whoen- gaged in debate. Such a work would lie an ele mentary book for young politicians, and we huve no hesitation in asserting that the possession of such a one, from the commencement of the exist- ; government to this day, would be of immense ueto tbc nation, were it only to shew what has heretofore been said upon questions w hich are continually recurring for discussion, and produc ing heedless consumption of time by superfluous debate. What is true of the years that have past, will, os soon ns they are gone, be equally true of those in which we live. It is not only, therefore, as a vehicle of present WEDNESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 3, 1824. I rice petf ■week i 1 tobacco life?? , ft or cask cc„ t flc , k cr 'iituiuing more tlmn 30 gal : #vS 5 cents. 0 20 26 sept 10 ENGINES AND FIRE BUCKETS. Minis, Jackson, Morrison. , PUBLIC SALES. — Harris, Jackson, Cununlng; HOOKS AND LADDERS, —— Wayne, Habersham, Shick. M. MYERS, c. S179 (8 information, but also as a book for futuro reference —asa National PolltlculRepository and fttxl'Book that we hope this work will be both useful and popular. From the lowness of the subscription io this work, it will be seen that it is no part of our cal culation to realize any present profit from it. On the contrary, we shall, in ail probability, lose mo ney by it for a year or two. hoping thut thereafter its established character will ensure it a sufficient patronage to make it profitable. GALES k SEATON. Washington, September, 1824. • CONDITIONS. The publication of GALES fa. SEATON’S RE GISTER OF DEBATES IN CONGRESS will commouce as soon as the Debates at each suc cessive Session of Congress shall afford materials to fill a half sheet,(8 pages.) The work xvill be printed in the octavo form, on a super royal paper, made for the purpose, and on a brevier type,in doiibie columns—each pagecom- irising neurly as much matter us one of the co- umns of the National Intelligencer. It xvill contain as full and accurate Reports as can be obtained of ull Debates on main questions, and of ull interesting Debates on incidental ques* tions; xvith an Appendix, containing a list ot the Members of each House, the Yeas and Nays in each House on questions which have been the subject of Debate, such Documents, connected xvith tlie subjects of Debate, as may bo deemed essential to enable the reader to comprehend them, and proper indexes to the whole. The Debates of the next Session, it is computed, xvill, xvith the Appendix, make a volume of five hundred pages, at least, and xvill be furnished to subscribers through the Post Office, in sheets, as published, (or reserved at this Office, at the sub scriber’s option,) at three dollars for the vol ume, be it more or less, to be paid in advance in all cases of transmission beyond the litaitsof the city. The sheets will be transmitted as completed, without regard to any particular days, as the pub lication must of course bereghlnted by the prepar ation of the matter of xx-hich it is to be composed. The subscription Will in no case, unless within the city, and not then unless specially indicated, be understood to extend beyond the volume ac tually paid for in advance. To ilon-subscribers the price will be four dol lars, bound in boards,forthe volume noxv announc ed. The Debates of the Session of Congress follow ing the next, and of the first Session ot» very Con gress, will, it is supposed, fill about one thousand pages, or perhaps mbre, making one very large volume, or txvo of a handsome size—the first Ses sion Of eaeh Congress being nearly double the du ration of the second. The price of the Register for the first Session of each Congress, bo its con tents more or less than 1000 pages, will be fixed at five dollars to subscribers, ana sixtonon-subscri- bers. Pet 12 188 ^ Ten Dollars Rew ard. R UNAWAY from the subscriber about the first of the present month, my mulatto pegro'wqjj man PEGGY. She is 26 years of age, abc$it 6 feet 6 inches high, square built, xvhen spoken to talks vety quick, bends much forxvard xvhen she xvulks; slie is Very artful and sensible, and no doubt xvill endeavor tb pass as a free xvoman; The above rexvard and all expences paid for her de- lix’eryjo me. in Greensboro’, or $10 if secured in any jail in this state So that I can get her. 7 J Y. P. KING. CP The Editors of the Augusta Chronicle and Savannah Republican, are requested to give the above two insertions and forxvard their accounts. V. P. K. OCt 13 18$ UNIVERSITY OF THE STATE OP NEW*YORK. COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS and SURGEONS. City of Nrxv-Youk, Aug, Q6th, 1824. nrlHE College of Physicians and Surgeons xvill commence their Course of Lectures, for the ensuin a? session, on the first Monday of November next, (inc 2d,) at the College In Barclay-street. Dr. Ho sack, on the Theory aad Praetxte Of PhySe,and Clinical Medicine. Dr. Macne yen, on Chemistry. Dr. Mitchell, on Botany and Materia Medlea. Dr. Post, on Anatomy. Dr. Mott, on Sudgery. Dr. Francis, on Ofiitctrlet and the Disedsti of Women and Children. The Board of Trustees h'ereby make It known, that, in conformity xvith t'.bc ordinances of the Honorable the Regents of the University, and tbc laws of )ho State of New York, every Student is required to attend two full courses'ofthe Lectures delivered in this College before he be admit ted ns a candidate for the Doctorate; ,Unless said Student shall have prcx-iously attended Lectures in said College prior to the session of 1822-3, or shall have attended an entire Course of Lectures deliv ered in some respectable School or University. The Candidate must, also, hove studied Medicine three years xvith some respectable practictioner, have arrived at the age of txventy-one years, and it is expected that he produce xyntten testimony In relation to those several points. The Matriculation Ticket is five dollars, which entitles the holder to the use ofthe College Library forthe year. By order, WRIGHT POST, M.D. President. JOHN W. FRANCIS, M.D. Registrar. oct 2 r.184 Bethlehem,—Georgia. 7 A PUBLIC examination in this Academy will commence on Thursday the 14th ofOctober, and be continued from duy lo day at the pleasure of parents and gunrdians xvho may be present. The relations and friends of the young ladies are respectfully invited to attend, together with all neighboring persons, who take pleasure in the cie x'ution of female character. The examination will embrace many of tlie most interesting branches bnlwcnn the student of orthography, atid those o! Humes Elements. It is hoped something will be done to shew that the highest intellectual attain ments ore the exclusive property of no sex. For the accommodation of spectators tlie students xvill he examined in the new Church. The winter session will commence on?the 16th of November. . Terms. Board, tuition, lodging,washing, fire nndcandles, for the Scholastic yenr of eleven months $130 For the session or hnlf y«ar 76 Use of books,maps,Ink and pencils per session 1 All fees in advance. In the departmeut of music and painting, the terms ofthe present year continued. Ench young lady to furnish a pair of sheets and towels. By those unacquainted with the character ofthis institution, reference can be had to his Excellency Governor Troup—to the President and officers, of the University of Georgia—to the Rev.Dr. Broxvn —Dr. Joel Abbot—Dr. John Gerardine, or Judge Wayne.—As regards health and other local ad vantages,no institution in the Southern Country can be more favorably situated. In other respects it is foi the public to determine the extent ol claims to patronage. Our former means of improvement will be in creased by an additional popular and able instruc tress. By unother instrument for the benefit of jhose engaged in the acquisition of music: and if possible, ny a more undivided attention on tlie part of those hitherto engaged in the literary de purtment. oct 7 186 Athens, 12th Oct. 1824. P URSUANT to a Resolution of the Senatus Aeademicus of 1820, the President of the University of Georgia requests tlie Senators elect, in the sex-ernl counties of this State, to report up on the condition of their County academics The Senatus Acadomicus xvill convene in the Senate Chamber on the 2d Monday in November next, where the reports will be received. By Order of the President of the Unix-crsity. A. HULL, Sec’ry. O’The Georgia Journal, Augusta Chronicle, and Savannah Republican, xvill please insert the above till 1st of November. A. II. oct 20 192 BY AUTIIOlllfY. General Drug,Chemical&Family Medicine Ware House* LAY «Sp HENDRICKSON, Wholcsalo and Retail Chemists and Druggists No. 1. Shad’s Buildings, Corner of Congress and llhilaker Streets, Savannah. H AVE constantly on hand a very general as sortment of DRUGS, MHbICINfcS, Dye stuffs and faints, PERFUMERY, SfC. 4*C. A great Variety of Apathecaries Glass Ware stlcb wide and narrow moutii bottles, from 1 gallon to one ounce,composition and glass mortars, glass lampsand lamp glasses, smeltings bottles, gradua ted measures, Apothecaries vials white und green, Surgeons Instruments—Pocket sets, turnkeys, trusses, spring and thumb lances, forceps, satalos, bougies, catheters, scales and xveights, 4*. <^c. Patent Medicines—of every description, Viz: Seldlitz and Soda Powders, balm of Quito, calcin ed magnesia, Lees, Andersons, and Hoopers Pills, Swatms Panacea, Balsam Honey, Batemans and Churches CoUgh Drops, Itch ointment, 4-c. All of which are offered for sale on the most liberal terms for cash Or credit. 03* L.d-H. Having enlarged their Establish meet and having made such arrangements as to be continually receiving a fresh supply of goods, flatter themselves that none of the kind in this city, can offer greater inducements to dealers. The Merchant, the Planter, nnd the Physician, can hera be snpplled xvith almost evety article in the Drug line, as their assortment will befoundexten- s|ve and of tho best quality, under no considera tion xvliatever xvill the sale of impure or adulter* ted articles be promoted. The utmost care will be used in the selection of good Medicines and xvill be sold at a moderate profit. It is upon these principles alone that they xvill endeavor to secure patronage. All orders promptly executed. The Georgia Patriot, and Durien Gazette, xvill please to give this advertisements!! insertions and forxvard tuelr bills for jiuyment. 'sept 28 182 AN ACT. T O revive, amend and contiuue in force an act entitled an act, to extend to time of ta king out grants on surveys made on bead rights and bounty xvorrants. Be it cnucted by the Senate and House of Re presentatives of the state of Georgia, in General Assembly met, and it is hereby enacted by tli6 authority of the same, That where any person or f iersons have heretofore had surveys made on lead rights thereon have not been obtained, it shall and may be lawful for sucli person or per sons to apply for und obtain such grant or grants, at any time proVious to the 26th' of October, 1824, on payment of the usual fees. Sec 2 And be it further enaeted by the author ity aforesaid, That where any surveys have here tofore been made on head rights or bounty wur- rents, und grants thereon have not been obtained, such land shall not be subject to a resurvey un til three months from and after the person or persons claiming under the original survey shall have been notified that such re-survey is intend ed to be made, and that in all cases, the persons claiming under tlie original survey, shall be en titled to the preference of muking such re-sur vey, until the expiration of three months from the time of such notification-: and in the event of there being no claimant residing on or near the land tb be thus resurveyed, such notiee shall be perfected by giving three months notice by pub lic advertisement, at the Court House of the county where such land may lie, and in one of the public Gazettes of this State. Sec .3 And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of all surveyors xvho shall make any such re-survey, to certify on his return to tlie sur veyor General, that due notice according to tlie provisions of tills act had been given, and no grant obtained on sucli re-survey shall be varied, unless accompanied xvith sucli certificate : Pro vided, nothing in this act shall affect the rights of orphans or persons under the age of 21 years, and that all such persons shall be alloxVed one year after they arrive at the age of 21 yearn to take out their grants. Sec 4 And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the Governor to - cause this act. to be published in one of tlie nexvspapers in Mil- ledgeville, Augusta and Savannah, once in each months until 1 the expiration of the time appointed takln NEW AAD ENLARGED EDITION OF THE Georgia Justice. I N the press and xvill be published in October or November next, at tlie Recorder Office, a new and enlarged edition ofthe GEORGIA JUSTICE. The improvements in this very useful book, are briefly noticed in the following extracts from the preface of the nexv edition s— “ Several years have elapsed since the publica tion of the Georgia Justice, during which time there has been additional legislation upon many ofthe subjects contained in it. In the present e- dition, such alterations as xvere rendered necessa- ry by subsequent enactments, have been made the additional matter incorporated,and several omis sions in tho original xvork supplied. "Mr Princes Digest being now in general use, references thereto have been substituted for those xvhicli xvere heretofore made to Marbury 4* Craxv- ford’s and Clayton’s Digests, and the annual pam phlets containing the laxx’s of the state. A copious index has also been furnished and tlie work is submitted to the public, under a belief that its acknowledged utility will be found to be increas ed by tlie foregoing circumstances.” CT The price ot tlie book, neatly bound, in calf will be Five Dollars, payable on delivery. Any person paying for txvonty copies willbe entitled to txventy two, and in that proportion for a smaller number.—Subscription papers xvill be furnished to gentlemen who may oe willing to take charge of them. %* The different nexvspapers in this state, Will please give the foregoing un insertion. Mil ledge ville, August 30. . sept 28 182 Furniture Wax. T HIS article is highly recommended for the purpose of imparting fin elegant gloss to Mahogany Furniture. The large and extensix'e Cabinet Ware Manu factures In the northern cities make use of this composition to give their works a beautiful po lish. A supply of this wax has been received per ship Savannah. It is put up in small pots and boxes xvith printed directions for use, and for sale by LAY fa HENDRICKSON, Chemists and Druggists, Shad's Buildings, aug 12 168 . 1 ; Pure Calcined Magnesia, a new Article. t ills Medicine has been prepared by the New York Chemical Manufacturing Company, and is said to be equal to the celebrated article made by the Messrs. Henry’s. Many persons in this city xvho have used this remedy give it a de cided preference over all others.' Families are solicited to give it a trial as it comes much cheap er than Henry’s, being neatly put un in bottles at 37 1-2 cents each, and for sale only by LAY fa HENDRICKSON, Chemists and Druggists . Shad's Buildings. sept 2 172 The Genuine Improved Seidtitz Poicders. QA DOZEN of the true English Seidlitz FoXv Ok-*dershave been received from Loudon, via Nexv-York, per brig Monroe and for sale loXv by LAY & J J. Shinn’s Panacea T HE subscriber, having discox'cred position of Sxvaim’s celebrated lias now a supply on hand for sale—lie has n-iiu ced the price from $3 60 to S2 60, or bv the d Zen $24. All chnrituhlc institutions lit the United Hlutes, nnd tlie poor xvill be supplied gratis. If tlie citizens Ot'tlie principal cities and towns will appoint an agent to order and distribute this Medicine to the poor, it xvill be supplied. This Medicine is celebrated for the cure of the folloxvittg diseases i Seorfula of King’s Evil. Ul cerated or Putrid Sore Throat, long standing Rheumatic effeetions, Cutaneous Diseases. White Swelling and Diseases of tlie Bonus, nnd all eas es generally of uil Ulcerous character, and Chro nic Diseases, generally arising in debilituted con stitutions, but more especially from Syphilis or affections urising theretVbm; Ulcers in the larynx, 4*0. and the dreadful diseases occasioned by a long und excessive use of Mercury, fyc. It is* al so used in Diseuses of the Liver. CERTIFICATES, P I have xvithin the last txvo years Imd art opnor- tunity of seeing several cases of very inveterate Ulcers, xvhich having resisted previously the re gular modes of treatment, xvere healed by tfiensa of Mr. Swuim’s.Panacea, und 1 do believe, from xyhat I have seen, that It xvill prove an important remedy in Scrofulous, Veuercnl and Mercurial diseases. N. CHAPMAN, M.D Professor of the Institutes and Practice of Physic, in the University bf Pcnnsylvania. 1 have employed the Panacea of Mr. Sxvaim i numerous instances, Within the last three years, and have always found it extremely efficacious especially in seeon4ary Syphilis, and Mercurial Diseases. 1 have no hesitation in pronouncing it a Medicine of inestimable value. W GIBSON, M. D, Professor of Surgery to the University if Penn. JOHN SHINN, Chemist. Philadelphia, JVotl. 17, 1823. Each publisher of a rtewSpnperin the U. States, is requested to publish this advertisement once a month, for one year, and send their accounts lor payment. SHINN'S PANACEA; CERTIFICATES. OCt 7 186 HENDRICKSON. Chemist and Druggists, Shad’s Buildings. by tlie same for taking out grants. Sec 6 And be it turtlier enaetpd, tiiat all laxvs, and parts of laxvs militating against this act be and the same ere Hereby repeated. DAVID ADAMS, Speaker of the house of representatives THOMAS STOCKS, President of the Senate; Assented to Dec. 21823; G, Mi TROUP, 3ft Governor; EFThe foregoing to be published monthly, un til Noxv. next, in. (he “ eo.iratitdtioiKdiSf” and “Savannah Republican^ uitfr.eli 1P » Drugs, Chemicals, Perfumery, tyc B Y tlie ship Corsair the subscribers have receiv ed their fall supply of GOODS, consisting of a very general assortment of DRUGS, CHEMICALS, patent MEDICINES, PERFUMERY, DYE STUFFS, &c. All of xvhich xx'jll be sold on the most accom modating terms for Cash or Credit. Merchants, Physicians, and Planters are respectfully invited to examine them before they purchase. LAY fa HENDRICKSON, A Chemists and Drnggists, Shad’s Buildings. ALSO, A fresh supply of SULPHATE QA1NINE, re ceived as above. Oct 14 189 - LBS. GUM CAMPHOR 200 lbs PerUvran Bark • 30 do Opium (Turkey) 100 do Powdered Jalap 60 do do Rhubarb 200 do Cream Tartaj 1 1000 do Epsom Salts 26 bbls Glauber do , * For sale by LAY 4- HENDRICkSON, Oct 30 , 201 . . , Shad’s Buildings. Sweet and Sperm Oil, &c. The subscribers offer for sale. BA SKETS superior Sxvect OH 600 galls, xvinter strained Sperm Oil 6 kegs Salt Petre k 600 Buttles Castor Oil (in pint Bottles) 800. do Stoughton’s Bitters, pints and quarts LAY fy HENDR1£K.SQN,- Gct26 11*4 Ihiildingsi 100 I have been labouring under a disease for along lime, us sxvelling in the bones, loss of upp'cpite.lo.v; of flesh and loss of sleep. Noticing an advertise ment of Swaim’s Panacea, to be a cure for the above disease, I got some by paying'the eusli Un it, and found agreat benefit by it. But having no thing but my labor to depend on for a living, and not being able to xvork for a long time, got so that 1 was not able to pay for it. Some months al ter this, 1 heard of a Mr. Shinn’s having made a Pa nacea, stated to be tlie same os Mr. Sxvaim’s, 1 ap plied to him end stated my case und eiftumsiunecs und found him disposed to benefit me. He gave me the medicine freely, and saidl might pay lor i( whenever I got able ; and I found, by.taking tho same quantity, as much benefit by it a:- by Mr. Sxvaim’s. 1 have given this certificate for the benefit of others that should stand in need of Shinn's Puna* ecu, and Consider it a venr vuluublc medicine. S. STELLER, Duke-street hdhr Front, Northern Liberties. Philaddlphia, April 2o, 1824. Philadelphia, April 21, 1824-. I certify that I have been for many yenrs nffiict ed with rheumatism. Above five years ago, I xvas attended by a respectable Physiciun of tqis ! eity, xvho put me under a course of mercury, sin u • xvhich time 1 have been xvorse; my disorder imv ing been accompanied by severe pains through mv xx nolo system. And last xvinter ray right leg xva's much sxvelled, and so much contracted, that 1 could scarcely put my toes to the groundjand Wat) obliged to xvulk with a crutch. In Februury I art I bought some of J. Shinn’s Panacea, and after taking three bottles, find that I am free from pain, and that my leg is restored to its natural use. I am induced to make this public for the benefit of the afflicted. ' CHAS.BARIAS. Malt-Alley, Philadelphia, i Philadelphia, April i 7, 182S. this will certify that my son, John Humes, a.-rii 40 years, xvas confined last xvinter in the Alms house in this city, xvith rheumatism in his sin al ders and arms. 1 applied to J. Shinn for ."ome ol his Panacea, and obtained one bottle, xvhich en tirely remox'ed his complaint. He has removed to the country, otherxvise he tvould hav e signed this certificate; her ANN C. x HUMES, mark. Philadelphia Alms-House. . Philadelphia, Marcli 10th, 1824. I certify, for the benefit ofthe afflicted, that I have been, for seven years last pnst, afflicted xvith the lix’er complaint, during xvhich time l have been attended by several physicians, but received no permanent benefit; Hearing oi'Mr, Swuiin’s Pa nacea, 1 applied to him for sonie of it; being poor and unable to pay for it at the time, for it at the could not obtain any. I next applied to J. Shinn, andreceix-cdsomeofliisPanacea,xvhich greatly be- nefitted me. The pain and soreness of my side was remox'ed, and 1 xvas again able to xvork pi my trade. CHARLES BOWMAN, German Street, Southwark. This is to certify,tltat my apprentice boy.). Mor rison, aged 18 years, has been several years a io ted with the King’s evil, atiended xvith ail <- ten sive ulceratioRjovet' thy body, with aefite puirL la January last, 1 heard of J; Shinn’s Panned., and obtained for him three bottles, xvhich effected an entire and coknplete cure, and noxv in good health,'and able to xvork at Ids trade. AI.BX’RRANKEN, Front street, above Poplar lane. This i* to certify, tiiat on the 16th of April. t!.e above named John Morrison appeared bcioiT. me, and on exaininatiort, do believe the tacts, as rlated in the above certificate, are just and true. H. PROBASCO, Justice ofthe Peace, Philadelphia county. I certify, that I have been afflicted xvith rheuma tism in my shoulder for three years, from which 1 have been relieved by taking a fexv bottles of J. Shinn’s Panacea. JAMES DOUGLASS, iff the MoyamensSiig Poordn)jse; just received per ship Florida, the celebrated PANACEA, prepared by John Shinn, Chemist, Philadelphia, xvho haS appointed the subscriber agent for Sfivdiittah and its vicinity. The Pan ecu willbe sold at the reduced price ol $2 50 cents per bottle, or $24 per dozen. WM-C. CUTHBERT, Agents may25 12 Chatham Superior Court. MayTlkm. 1824. fiORGE Johnston and others, complainants VJT vs Peter Vanburgh Livingston and other:;, defendants, in equity in the Superior court, of Chatham county, May term, 1824. It appearing to the Court by affidavit that Pe ter Vanburgh Livingston and Harriet E. Living ston, xvho arc parties defendant reside beyond thi-- state ofGeorgia, and xvithin the United States . u motion of complainants solicitor, it is ordered tbs' the said defendant do respectively appear and an 4 sxver the complaints bill xvithin four months f. tti.r he date of this rule. And is further ordered' that thisrule.bepublished once a xveck during fun: moillhsfroin this date in one ofthe public Uuzeue; ofthis State. • . Extract from the Minutes. A. B. FANNIN, Cltt - j true 8 lM