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Savannah republican. (Savannah, Ga.) 1824-1829, October 17, 1829, Image 2

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»* UBPIfJBLlCM. FREDERICK 8. FELL, Daily'.elgW dollars per annum. Country Paper........six dollars per annum. PAYABLE IW ADVAMCH All News, ami N,w Advertisements ap pear M both papers (£?“ Office iii Diokson’s three story nrick buiMmti on the Hay, near tho Ex- chniige, between Hull and Draytan-streots' ~ ‘SAVANNAM. SATURDAY EVENING, Oct. 17. Q5" By the schooner Excel. Capt. Hel- "iker, we havo received Now York papers of Saturday Inst. They contain not a lino mf intelligence. '■Capt. H. states tint on Sunday last, ho passed near Sandy Honk; one of the Li verpool packets going In. The Honorable Titos. 0. P- Ctum-ToN. has been selected by the Domostiieninn So ciety, at Athens, to represent them in the A. ^ ■“"“■Vifikrwf ?7,c Wat in (be Edit.—'Tho FriWtnn State Gn»oUe, ofilte *«th Aiigu't, turn*- ishes some furthrr tirtsll, of tho operations of tho Russian army beyond tho Ualknp, up to the Blit of August Inclusive. Tho head-quarters of Gen.. DIouUscIi wore nt Aidos on‘ t hat day. Preparations wefo making lor u “forward" movement. Major Gen. Sohoremelielf, who had been ordered to make a recotupcdssance to tho right of the main army, from Katnabat as farasJatnbol,was attacked tinder the walls of that place, by 15,000 of the enemy.’* cav- •drv and infantry, under the command of llalll Pacha, notwithstanding the impe tuosity of their attack, the Turks were re pulsed with great loss. This took place on the flOtli July. In the night of the 01 si tho Turks retreated hastily from Jaiuhol towards Adrianople and Eski Saar, or Sa- gru. The Russians took possession of Janthol, in which they lonnd an immense quantity of ammunition & provisions. Oil the ttlslof Jtriy General Diebitsch issued a proclnuialion to the Inhabitant! of Rountc- lia, couched in the most plausible terms of moderation.—Tito following is the pream ble:—“The Coiftimuidcr.iii-Cliiuf uf rite Russian army, which victory lias brought into the plains of Ruundia, cahoot but re gret that the Ottoman Government rejects with cruel obstinacy. the proposals made to it In the n.iuc ofliis Majesty the Lin- —•> i■■■■ srsita ssw'iraa evils of war. and restored veposo and trim quility to rite peaceable inhabitant of these countries; he is thus placed under tho ne cessity of following t.p his victories, occu- tying the country, and advancing ns far as Providence shall' please, in order, by these some .lime since emigrated from this town means, to compel the Shltan to listen to. to America, have been sent for, and the the voice ol reason and humanity.— passage money, file, paid by their respee- In fulfilling this painful duty, the Com tlvahitsbands. inander-iii-Cliief feels the most ardent do Ittolt at Barnsley.—We observe hy the siretospare the peaceable inhabitant* Mu I Leeds Mercury ol Iasi week, that the wen- homitans as well as Christians, tho bur vers of Barnsley have broken out into ucls dens of military occupation, nr rather 1o of riot and outrage, in consequence of an preventlhetr min, which would be inevi intended reduction of wages. A large table, if tenified hv the apjiroaeh of the iroetingof the workmen took place on army, they should the unhappy rcso- Thursday evening i great dissatufact on lutioD to abandon their dwellings, their vil-1 was manifested ; and on the meeting be ineht ofFinnklln College. Judge Grunt." "tox we undeistnnd has accepted tlit dis tinguished appointment Maryland Elections.—The Baltimore Patriot of the 9lh inst. gives the following as the result in part of site recent elections in that State i— ••The Senate consistsof fifteen'memliers —eleven Jackson, ami four Anti-Jackson men, which gives a derided JngksnniaO majority on Joint ballot, and llius scaurs to that patty' the Governor and C ur, il and ail the OlTicrs tint emanate from that ,-qource ofpatver.” ELEVEN DAYS r.ATER FROM ENGLAND. ily the arrival last night of tha ship Georgia, Captain Va extra, the editor of Savannah Republican has bean poliielv favoured with a 61e of Liverpool papers, to the 7th and London to the Sth September inclusive. We have lilsoVen fuvoitrcd hy Our commercial friends, wills the slate of ^ie Coiton Market of the latest dates,whlch krill be found under the p-nper lioad. The report of the capture of Constants srople by the .Russians, received a few days via New Yerk, is not ronfirined. The Russian army remained at Aidos;liul Gen. Diebitsch was, it is said preparing for a forward movement towards Adrianople, Mr. Barbour our late Minister to En ' gland, and hisTtmily have taken ilieir pas sage in the packet a ip Britannia, for New York, which was to sail from Liverpool on the 1st lust. The Liverpool Chronicle oTche fi’h Sep tember says—Since our last > the wealher has been very fine, and all apprehensions a* to the "harvest ate over Immense quanti ties of Corn have been carried in this neighbourhood within the last few days, and wa understand the produce is not only . very abundant but also of extremely good quality. Accounts from Gibiaitar to the 12th ult, state that intelligence had been received ty the Moorish consul there, of the defeat of the Austrians In an attempt to effect a landing nt Saiee, In which lliey lost f8£ men.—The Austrian squadron consisted of a frigate, two corvettes and a brig —Tire Emperor of Morocco had issued a notice that ho would give for every prisoner brought to Morocco, £00 dollars and for •vary head 100. The proprietors ami editors of the Jour nal des Debuts, the Figaro and tho Apos- 'Tolique, have been tried and fuuod guilty of libels on the Government. Mr. Ber lin, principal editor of the Journal des De fats was condemned to six months impris onment, a fine of 500 francs end die pay ment of the expenses. Mr. Boliain, re sponsible proprietor of the Tigaro, for libel on the King in stating that His Ma jesty had a cataract on Ins eye, and was hbout to undergo, an operation, was con demned to six months imprisonment and a fine of 1000 francs, and Mr. I.eMerciet, responsible editor of tile Apo-toliquc, foi calling the charier impious and atheistical, pod ascribing to it all the misfortunes of "France, was sentenced to one month im prisonment and a fine of .300 francs. Storm.and Inundation.—Great damage Iras hgen done in the neighborhood of Mac olesfield by the overflowing of the river lUllin.—Several bridges were borne away by the torrent, and several trees wi re tortt up hy the fury of the wind—the amount of damage is estimated at. from £ 0,000 to £10,000. Russia and Turkey,—The intelligence ■ or rather reports concerning the Kussinn army in Turkey which have reached us l.biougli the French and German papers would eqpourage the idea that Gen. Die. hitsclt is laboring under difficulties io bis position south of the Balkan from the smallness of tho/orce with which he has Crossed the mountains.—We believe that ip point of fact Gen. Diebitsch had not nil vunccd from Aidos for, more than a week after the first body of Ills troops reached, that place, and in the dispatch of the 90th July, it is lobe remarked that the getting In of the harvest about Aidos is spoken of jt* affording a prospect of "a sufficient sup ply for our winter i/uartcrs" an expression -. which would scarcely have been used if, rdpid advance was anticipated. Tho t hove itom of intelligence is from the Lon- don. Globe of the 5th ultimo. Tlie Liverpool Albion of the 7th Sep- (,etnber,coniains the fallowing intelligence the Faclie... ... whether the latter, who ia said lo have 34,- 000 men under his command, has crossed tho Danube. . .. A letter from Drsnwa, dated Aug. 1*. has been received at Belgrade from WiddiO, that the Russians ht Rocho vo hnto repasead the Danube On the ap proach oftho Turks. • The recovery ohhis place of great Importance at Tills moment, supplies may now lie sent without obstaolo lo Nicopoli, SlstO'H. ROdschuck, and Giurgovn. It docs not appear, however, that the Pacha of fleutnria has followed the Russians inru little Wailuchin, but it is probable that lie will proceed along the Danube lo Kudschuck, to threaten the communications of tiro grand Russian nr my. It is said that after tho departure of tile Pacha of Sculatin. there still remained a garrison of 1 £.000 men at Wltldln " 6 BUCHAREST, Aug. 7. Gen. Geismnr, after dispersing the rein, for cement sent to tho Pacha of Wlddiii, has retired to tho left honk of the Donnhc. Fresh troops from tho inlrlsA" ol Russia have reached the Danube, and havo taken the rtlnd to Jennllieqnar. , State of Trade—Holton, August #.— The prospects of trade this week are quite as bad as ever; noTrusiness lo be none, and the distress of the weavers daily in creasing from want of employment. The 6-4th 00reed,of 04 yards in length, paid for weaving at the rate of ds 8(1 per cat; and the same fabric in 1814,was paid -20s per cm for weaving. During the -last week, no less than seven of the wives, with their families, belonging io persons who Cowley at Vlwinatdated Aug,. 47. N°' l, j 1, r frigate Pcr)n, llre.n at Fayal, getting sup- h'ao been settled asto ihoGreek quwtlontlml and „ curvctte cruising lo the soutli- GLtXliiom'wertmaking VLhit «ard of the ishtnd-.hnt four oaprur^ had levies of troop's, hut they, had not been at- been rtlade, vies three English and rflio- A- tendod with much success, atiil ft has ex-1 , nor | Mni loaded Vrllil lumber, all of wKIch pocted that Adi iunople could resist tlNM- | lad , )001| MlU u,b, m Ihr adjiulloation— Loll'evIrtba'BBtftuuld not that during the gale had been blown bring more ilnin 35,000 troops ngainst il | off—that an English nnd Portuguese ves- That (.*omtpunder was understood to luivc Let (the* Connor of which had carried out stopped his advance* jin? r ‘ ,er /° r specie u> Count Villa tflor) had madelhetr to intercept the Grand Vifcler before Ins ar- »* an it. rival at Adrianople. luiviiigTionrd'thal he escape fMrti Ihe Island. Enquiry was anx had quitted Clioumlu fur that City. As late jously made if the account oflhoir repulse Its the lath ull. HO utgociatqr had been sent a( j» rnJ , 0( bad hJon tecelVed In England,ai ftbm Constantinople to the ffuMlon ««»■ t0 , ho prMent ,l nfo lh ,y had received THIS is tilt, latest Intelligence | V ^ ^ ^ rrom They, J unrteis rom l oiislantlnople. A letter dated at Odessa, lOlli August, N; 8. states that an urtnv of *1,000 men, I were furnished with an English newspaper is embarking in the'Crimea, and a corps contn , nin Count d „ V ||| n Flor’s offlolnl ofhOOO is encamped and ready before out • i. _ ,,i i ii,.i gates. The General opinion is, that the communication. It would appear lhat tho Turkish Government is about making |)ro* attack was made under Admiral de Rosas positions of peace. Means wero takingi| j n the Don Juan VI. and it was ncknowl. dnd it 'Vtis competent to the trial of „: case. Tho Jouiunl lias nuUur,,need u r the result of the trial.—C/milulcq Courier. Indian Agency.-Me. Phagan Imi j u ,i returned Horn tho Suwimnco, Imvlnc bm! seht to lhat tu ascertain the cm,,,. tire late Indian alarm. Ho discovered im indications bf hostility. It appears tint Ccbk, who 4„Co tho aiurin, bail during ,|, 0 last season, rnhpluyed a number ol Indians In claring lalVd and planting corn, and that they, not being paid for. their sertict, at. cording to contract, adopted die auiniiinrt method of recompensing themselves, bt taking possession of the corn which' il„, had raised. Rome of his hogs wete mil. tugal or any other part of Europe, gos and costs ; but his house together wiVb tlin properly in U was found iimpnched Howard; whom Uook reported (o have been killed had aean but one Indian, vth 0 did not offer to ihulest him,—Florida .{J,, hi Odessa to^provent the approach of I he I 7,ad~lost COO men IssdieaUack, ,tt m * , • ^ The Liverpool papers contain the offl- 133 of whom had been induced to give oial account of the late attack of Don Mi- ilikmselvcs up to the islanders in conse- guol’s fleet upon the island of Tercclra, nuance of signs linving bean made them by con»iderab*e ,, |m°tmr*a'ifoe! ,ee Tlre n ffin.he^ handk.rohl.f.or.heet.<">doth.rwl,e. of troops engaged in tho nffiiir from tho A short tune.afier the repulse, Count Villa fleet was 8,000 in two divivinns—the first Flor, had sent on to let tho' Admiral know of which was suffered to land and destroy- jf he would coino into porl and sur hy the wind, where the men wero either clous parildn should ho made to him, offl- kllletl or taken pi isonors. The loss of (lie 1 cers and men, nn the part of the Emperor expedition was 1,200 on shore and 1,900 Don Pedro, and 1£,000 crowns paid Win, drowned. It is stated that E-n Miguel had „ hlch w „ reji;cleil b lh , Adnltrn ,._ sent with the expedition sume or the most , J, * ,, , violent orhis judges with orders to try and The strength of Terceira was considered immediately execute not only tilts gallant | too greut for any other attempt to take it by Villa Flor. commandant at Ti of lages andwheir towns." lie then goes on lo explain the line of conduct which lie calls upon the inhabitants of every class hi adept, and that by which h*proposes In re- rttlate his army • ii tfielr adlMica which are interesting by thespirii of iiiuiluraliun ami humanity which they brcallic. The Allgentine Zeilung of Hie £0lh til- Co'nstamtnopl^nf ihe'l'ih'nf Angrist/f'lhC I Imhe course nf ,hc mglu. hhwevcr nn, of ” . . . . L I ,| )e lnn „ prominent speakers, who hud mg dissolved, a miniber of ihein formed themselves into bodies, by which the lions csof throe manufacturers were assailed null ihn library and furniture of one thrill (Mr. Jackson,) burnt. The military and civil poucr fortunately arrived in suf ficient time lo prevent further mischief.— No lives were lost, ami il does not appear that any oftho rioters svnre apprehended. Villa Flor, commandant at Terceira,& his companions, hut also tho private soldiers | Tho young Queen of Portugal, Doni Maria, hud sailed from Portsmouth, with | her iniithor-ln-l'i'vfor Brazil," accompani ed by a Brazilian squadron. It is sniill lhat this step had been taken by tile express direction of the Empoior Don Pedro. | In London, at Ihe latest dale, it was the opinion that money wnshecuming more in demandior in oilier words, growing scarce. date ol our last despatches,) which con firms all that we announced respecting ihe consternation ol the people and the change of mind in the Sultan. It appears,' lino, besides t lie a, rival iff Genoial Diebiltchs forca." BANK OF MACON. Th* annual election for Directi Bank of Macon, wns held n few days and resulted in the selection of ). T. Lamar, President R. Birdsong, M. It. Wallis, W. Poo, J. K. Blanti • I , "WIU Hill* sing, which had probublj been tcvicrl , by these forest attorneys, to Satlfy Oatni- JM (tub slam dtp of,Ire lays ago, t Ii n TABLE OF FoI.ECTION RETURNS,| FOR OCTOBER, 18«0. mifleuse nfv«:ry ntiorimis Inngtm^e at tlit* mer.tmg. was urrestod; but afterwards bail ed. The to«n remnined much agitated during «lie whole of Friday, but up in sev- advnnoed atlard at Kirk Kilisa.a HS™ o'ulock that evening no rur.lftr dlilur- corps had landed at Aniad-r, 00 miles from '>»n™ P'"^- { he weavers had on- tha capital, and that the Btdtair'a life would V; t, n n i‘°","[ f bo J ft. in rlunrv^r if ho had not dccl3-l er TOCellllR Oil MoUdl? lASt, OUH tllC Civil red himself ready “to do evory thing which a » (1 *nil«tmry authorities were fully on the could contribute to the restoration of peace | and the salisfaction of the people. As n I There is a, p” b ' n " preliminary step, lie had accepted thetrea 1 <lo» l?.the state of Irnde. Perhaps,. as i»J y of July. i.mldeil, ,| ro gards the t.nde, the prelaleiil fee - ..rotocal ol the £ 2d of Match last, by which i»B ha. ’"n ""dined more. gjtoomj bj lh* lire limits of Greece are extended from the very had wealher, and ihecoi sequpm dnn- Morr.i to tho Continent, and terminate ut I '4cr io tho harvest. _ . onre failures of dra the Golf or Vdlo on Ihe one side and the pers havo alsoihec n announced. Ihe pur Gulf of Avia-on the other, including the Ujases of goods, howaver, continue on the whole of wliat ahciontly formed Greece I "hole, lo be on nYiCry eXlensiw scale; and Proper. With respect to Russia, he is said wdh the cxcepuoa ot particular counts, to agree to give her flag the free passage I there is no reduction of the demand for Counties. For Governo>. of the Bosphorus, and io have .proposed to negotiate oo a basis of the Convention of Akerinan, pnrvldod 111* negotiations sliolild be carried on at Constantinople, where he piobably conceives ho would have more immediately the assistance of the allied 'uwnes. ol prices at wincn ar icies arc ne- ambasssdurs. anfljl.cir influence would be ccssanlv sold, and the difficnliy or obtain- more powerfully felt in support of his in- me payrtsenl-^ h^want of order. 1. not«. teresti. Since "Ibis determination had much felt as the sum lines, of > he profit been made known, rite capital had become »"<' 'he long credit taken. Still we t o not more tranquil, but grant agitation prevail-1 hear any murmuring, and the reason is. we ed in ailtlie provinces, wlrerelhe adherents of tho Janissaries grew more darin geverv day, and not only frustrated all attempts at raising forces, but added lo the dangers of foreign invasion thbeonstant nlar.. of in ternal insurrections. Nothing was known of the Turkish army. The troops sent to wards Adrianople, to form a junction With it there, had turned back to the camp at Ejub, in front of Constantinople, where on ly 15,000 men were assembled. The same apathy which made (he people of the Eli ropean provinces submit to the Russians twist for shipping'—Manchester Mercury. For tome time the state oftrade in Shef field has been stationary,—neither very bad nor yet good. The chief complaints made by the mnnufaetprers have reference to the lowness ofpriees at which articles are lie- are aware, there are maiiyjiloces so much worse off than this.—She field Iris, LONDON Sept. 5. Fatal Preparations.—Ill all the gr cal natal .iTsenals there are, at this sapid progress, those precautionary move, mcifts which indicate the full determine. Cion of the principal maritime powers to keep a steady eye upon Ihe contest between Kiissla and Turkey. Reinforcements have been for sojne time silently. Imt constantly, supplied to Admiral Sir PultenCy Mal colm's squadron in the Mediterranean, and wherever they appeared w-as nniverially I : ‘ll r ' ie l-'K ships in our harbors Imvb been • • ■ . . * i is ..... I titular iisavlsst* nrilnrc Ia* ni-Atnitl anttlitmAltl. displayed in Asia, where recruits could not be brought to the garrisons unless bound on the hacks of camels.. The situation of the Porte is, therefore justly represented us line from which peace ulone’could extricate her; and from the. concessions which tho Sultan seemed disposed to rqpkc, it was already argufd that peaco might he con sidered as concluded.—Courier. From the Live 1 pool Courier, 5lh of Sept. TURKEY AND RUSSIA. Vienna, Aug. 2£—An express, just ar rived from Constantinople, which left that city on the 14th.,brings intelligence lhat the Porte, terrified al the progress of the Rmtign urmy, lias resolved to consent It^n nngociatiou for peace.—'The lteis-Kflendi has intimated lo M. Gordon and Count Uuilieminoi, that the resolution of the .Su! lately under orders for prompt equipment, The Britannia, in Plymouth, is ordered to be forthwith, and her marine artillery was, on Wednesday, in active preparation for transportation from Portsmouth. On the same day the Melville, 74, dropped from her anchorage before the dock-yards, where she had been rapidly refuting, to Spithead. It is a remarkable fact, tlmi in the equipment of all these vessels great pains have been taken with their military arrangements. Their destination, from their stock of provisions and other ap parent arrangements, is the : -Mediterrano an ; and, if the present operations are not unexpectedly impeded/they will he all at sea in a little more than u week. There is an unusual activity prevailing in all Ihe naval departments. Every body, to use the seaman's term, lends a hand. Every tan was to accept the treaty oftlie 8th on nlan m) ihe spot is set m tvnrk. tu assist July. 1017, and lo negotiate on the basts I),, the passing movements, which lire Go of the convention of Akcnnan, also to I vemiiieiu, through the Admirably, appear' make great commercial concessions to Run „ ,|„ rt (, cal)od for liyr tll0 prcscl)t cr jsis ol sia. His Plenipotentiaries had not set out I f (ire fg n 0 (Taira. The Gloucester, which for tho Russian head-qqaners when the ex-1 wcnt an esc „ r j w -, dl [| H . Qn ( . f , n n j Porto- press left, hut were to do so immediately af- » a f t merely proceeds as far as the Western ter. Hostilities may be considered a. .us-1 j„, e ,. Her Hcslinalion is likewise rite pended at I hits moment. Tho head .quar ters of Gen.. Diebitsch, were believed at Constantinople to be at Kir kilissa. BELGRADE, Aug. ID. Our Paclia has received news from Con stantinople to the 9d, which agrees with what has bten reported hy the Tartars that have arrived during the last eight days. The advanre of the Russians to Mediterranean.—(Thus ) In addition to lire above intelligence, re ceived by (lie Georgia, wo copy the fol lowing summary ftoin the Georgian ofllils morning t— Accounts hy Wray of Paris to the Blh Ail gust, state that Count Giiillemiuol, the French Ambassador at Constantinople, Appling , Ruker Baldwin Bibb Hiyun Bullo'.h Burko Butts Camden Chatham Clark Columbia Crawford Coweta Carroll Campbell Decatur DeKalb Dooley Early F.fflngham Elbert Emanuel Fayette Franklin Glynn Greene Gwinnett Habersham IRII Hancock Harris Henry Houston Irwin Jackson Jasper Jefferson Jones Lawrens Liberty Lincoln Lowndes Lee Madison Marion McIntosh Mernwethei Monroe Montgomery Morgan Muscogee Newton Oglethorpe Pike Pulaski Putnam Rabun Richmond Randolph Scroven Troop Talbot Taliaferro Tattnall Thomas Telfair Twiggs Upson Warren Walton Wilkinson Ware Washington Wayno Wilkes Rourgas, and the landing of a Russiaif I gives a very unfavorable account of the corps at Sizoboli, had caused the greatest state of the Turkish troops and resources, consternation both there and at Adriano and of the spirit that animates the Janissa- ple. Twenty thousand Armenians have I vies and their friends. ' Il is said lhat tho been ordered Ity the two Patriarchs to la- Sultan, daunted hy the threatening state of lior at the works for the defence of the I his aftaira,has at length consented to the re capital. At Adrianople every body is la- I cognition of Greece, and tire only dispute king up arms : the harenis and many | was nbnut the manner in which il was to he Turks of distinction fly towards Conitanti d me. On the other hand, it is said and nople. It is thought, however, that A- believed, that lire Sultan continues firm driannple ennnot he defended, because the I and reflises" to treat of peace, until the Rus- fortificntioris are so dilapidated ; but that I sians have withdrawn from his territory.— the Turks if obliged to retreat, will burn No fear, it Is added, is entertained for this second capital of tire empire, and lay Constantinople nt present, though the waste the country. From Constanliiiopic place is incapable of sustaining a siege. At many effects are already being sent to A- Adrianople, the inhabitants are said to be sia. Nothing certain is known of the de- anxious for the arrival oftlie Russians, in parture of the Sultan lo the army. consequence of the bad behavior of the KRAJOVA. Aug. 10. Asiatic. Racliova lias been destroyed and aban-1 Despatches were received at ti;e Foreign dotted by the Bullions, probably on ao-{office, London, pit the 5th Sept., from Mr. »timer. C lawfortl C turlton. .am»r. j •ton 187 282 £72 w 453 310 ££4 549 d 3 V 03 10 99 tl 50 00 42 OR £05 547 209 430 h 880 80 £93 105 & £20 £5 115 . 135 h £70 430 406 108 t 758 08 330 440 c 857 £05 £50 315 1 810 £53 £57 ' 32.9 414 03| 334 273 f 40!< £4 52 171 1 £00 187 105 191 2 1055 13. 71 9H8 c 100 09 84 105 tf2 07 0 104 1 008 57 £54 508 1 223 145 288 203 004 117 893 109 713 £1 2? 085 1118 £95 546 751 1002 S4 1077 10 1070 153 549 546 85 Otl 03 571 035 111 no 530 851 172 043 £40 827 187 250 £51 503 293 350 331 714 310 990 505 £07 £40 10 373 -610 403 350 031 197 £43 9 382 200 20 88 109 494 15 £38 172 418 100 105 £08 1«( 71 71 119 914 107 £37 180 542 481 907 610 - 112 15 15 05 590 52 219 £09 231 107 110 222 450 589 sin on 731) 19 157 508 8:17 35 171 428 227 27 077 £45 80 042 480 423 448 410 no 71 71 83 210 05 95 197 4sa 101 351 237 327 86 4 . 400 * 100 1.30 50 140 837 .87' 213 405 420 207 107 5G0 291 500 If] 071 797 12f 016 415 480 75 2Ufl 205 495 35! 90S . 331 7fl 50 7 120 051 1 ° f .510 172 I20093I 11 ISO 14400 19953 15873 Majority for 5457 Total STATE LEGISLATURE. The gentlemen first named in the coun ty representation, are Senators. . Coweta—V.r.hnin, Wilborn, McKnlght. Hall—Dunnagan, Whilchet, .Brook, Bates. Dooly—Hilliard, Smilh. Decatur— Hawthorn, McEIvy. Latest from Terceira.—Capt. VarnUm, of the ship Georgia, arrived nt this poll last night from'Liverpool, lias furnished the Georgian with the following intelli gence from the blockading squadron of Don Miguel off Torccira : "On tlic 34tli Sept, the island of Tercel- rq distant about 9 longues, was boarded hy the Portuguese (Miguelilc) ship oftlie line Don Juan VI. undci the command of Don Ainutnl do Rosas, aod treated politely— M. Chishoh G. B. LaniL, Luke Ross, nnd S. Rose. Directors. Macon Messenger lOlliinst. 'More Gold.—It is ascertnlncd that the flint rock which is foifud it) altUi). in and about Alliens esntaint par of this precious metal. Several Of course the gold mania rages to a Useful Memoranda.—Loudon is distant pm F.iidinhiirgh 895 miles S—from Dub n 990 H E—Ailislerdain 190 W—Pails [ N W—Mosftoiv 1880 E S E—Slock elm 750 S W—Pelcrsbmge 1140 S W— lerlin 540 W—Lisbon 350 N N E. Boston is distant from New York £10— ■ New Oilcans 1044—St. Lou- I, 1444—Easlport 805—Mon .Quebec 590—Halifax, N S From the Now York Evening Phst. Don Miguel’s Charge <TAffaires.—A ilrlllaninious attempt was made by ucod- mipnrary evening jnurnal, of this cityr nt long since, to throw ail imputntion of nworlliinoss and impolicy on our exei ive, tor his expected recognition of the Charge d'Affaires of Don Miguel, in his official character. The remarks of the print alluded to, however, were as weak as they were splenetic, and did not seem to us, any more than are ilia great majority of editorial articles in that paper, worthy of reply. Even the opposition prints, we are pleased to perceive, Imve had loo much good sense, to join in the Unmeaning repro bation ; but nn the contrary, the National Intelligencer expresses Itself decidedly far- vorablc lo the recognition of Don Miguel the same course would have been >ri, ns soon ns it became apparent II opposition to the authority of Don Miguel in Portugal proper had ceased.— -nt,- -rinteniporury diverted to considers re reception ofDon Miguel's Charge d'Affaires is inexpedient, os it may give igetolhe government of Brazil, a mderstandiug with which, it is asser ted,is vastly more iniporinn't to our Interests than with Portugal.—This objection is thus answered in the Philadelphia Nationnl Ga zelle. ofyeslerday. “Neither Don Pedro of Brazil, nor any other subsequent ruler ofPortugal, will question Ihe right of ltd- milting the representative of a king de fac to, who seems to reign with the consent of a majority oftlie Porlugiiese, and whom lire Emperor his brother may. himself, soon recognize. Tile official relations be- tween the United States nnd Portugal, mi this side of the Atlantic, could not he in a- lieyanco indefinitely. Thera is no domes tic war, no contest for Ihe crown, in lire kingdom of Portugal proper. Wo appre hend that a good ease may be made out for the satisfaction nf what paity soever, as a good understanding with lifts Country is the interest of all." In the Snpcrioi Uourl of Alabama, Montgomery, a very interesting cause was lately tried. It was an aoiion for debt, brought hy David R. Mitchell, a citizen of Alabama, against Apntllleyohnln, Chief, of the Cherokee tribe of Indian residing within the limitsof that Stole, long report of Ihe arguments urged hy Counsel on both sides is given in tho Ala hania Journal, from which it appears tire action Wns brought under the law of tho last session of lire Legislature, extending lire jurisdiction of Ihe State over the In dion territory within its confines. Pro cess was served on tho defendant in the Tuckabatchie town, in the Indian -Nation Tho Defendant did not appear, but "his Counsel moved tho Court to quash tire re turn oftlie Hherilf, because it wns executed without the jurisdiction of the State of Alabama, in tire Indian torritory—to which" tho Indian title was not oxiinguithed.-v We understand that tha Pdrliigilelt^ Sul, Joaqtiim Cesar de Figaniere e Mon,, the Portuguese Coitsill tit tills poit, oh ij 51 Ii Inst, returned to tli'e Secretary offetli Ihe EkeOUatur recognizing him I uncily of 'Consul. The reason him for this sirjr is, lhat Iho g of the United States lias receive matio agent from 4 government Ills country hy usurpation I he, ns a public functioila tciitly with his duty under tho Infante l Portugal.;.. In returning the exequatur | the source whence lie received Ii, he oh-. serves in bis letter of the 5ih to the Seat. I ary, Ithat Ire divests himself of the rightti act .as t ’(instil in New York, but kegs leave — atato that Ire considers himself noreiih. ding the Consul appointed bv the la*. government of Portugal for toe statei of Now York, Connecticut ami NaivJetwy." The consitleiations which have induced lire respectable Contfal Of lire kingdom ot Portugal to return the zing his authority, are undoubted such it tire satisfactory to him as a subject of tint kingdom. Thoy are not,, however, luch us could affect the course of our govern, incut lit receiving a nftntver from tint country. Wo have nothing .to do nidi the legitimacy of sovereigns. We do not inter, fere in tire internal government of any na tion. We do notask whether tha govern ment which exiifsisun usuined one or nut, hut only whether it exists. There is only one inquire which can ever lend in heiitf lion in tire case, -and that is the Irquby whether tire government will exist long enough to make the recognition ofils pub lic agents in our own country worth the trouble. With a subject of till Country in which the change ol government lakes' place, acting lirre as a public agent of (hit country, all the topioato which we hare' alluded are Interesting, lie will recoguitS' the new government or nofaccording tu Ills notions ol Its legitimacy, or pennauenr.y, 1 or according to his fcolings of pnlribtlsm', I and political opinions. The Portiigune ■ Consul here had somr lime since rrlumf to acknowledge Don MiguCI ns his lore. reigo, and now very naturally folloai up tlie .'nurse his political Ipaniolities line led him lo lake.—N. P. Evening Pul, lik last. From the New York Evening Post lli ■ inst. The Southern Indians.—(-'apt. Walker , has just arrived at Washington from Creek Nation and from me Atkam whither he went in charge of » patty i emigrant Creeks. He states, land n< man, at »ve have good reason to believe, knows lire feelings and wishes ol ihe , rreeks belter llinn hf.jlhnt al thi* moment at least two thirds of the Creek N»npn (the nation numbara about £0,0001 m not only anxiuus to remove, hut luotniU all kinds of distress where they are. Tin. reason thry do not remove—and to one of the finest countries, as Captain Wallet declares, in tire world—it, that they stela dread oftheir chiefs, who threaten ibem. with punishment and. death under tlieit laws if they dare attempt to R 0 ' ”* > are theso hapless people situated. If remain, such is the storility of their coun try,nod the operation upunihemofvaiio 1 " destructive causes, thei perish-, iftliey at- temp lo remove'lo a better land, they w cur in tire atlompt the penalty of deed « maiming—for euen of the late party bad, by an order of a chief, their ears c “ . off. It is not mercy, and tha country W, assured it is not, to keep those p»v' e ™ (he stales. Bui lime will bring tlieprop" light, when'all will sea alike on this jeer, and that tlie plan of a removal » plan of humanity. . „ The following correspondence, on '' subject of our lelutions with the southern aborigiiies. will bo read with interest, plneei the removal of the tribes on ill 1 ground, h* important iii the highest degr to their welfare, their peace, and their pt specie of improvement—as a measo'* . which they nre to ho persuaded, » P° ,s ' . though tlie United States nolllier P“ !C nor pretend to the power of eompelii"! tlihin. So far as Ihe United Stales h the power, hy tho constitution, they are dy to hroteci them ih the exercise of in rights in their prevent localion—hey that power lliey ought not and I*' 11 ' ' BOSTON. Sept. 19, !»«>■, My dear sir—I perceive, by thojou r " oftho day v lbat the important (though I™ _ plcxing) subject of the •‘cmigrdtomp"*'-. vation, and improvement of the a,ll,r 'f. ^ America" is exciting much inle r “' " i r) community. On this.momentous q“ , there is a great diversity of opinioPi * M look forward to tire measures ih4#"“/ 0|1 . adopted in relation to it by tho ne* gross with deep solicitude. I c0 , a ,, « much time in giving fan some ol W - views, which, whether right or tv -ongj ^ the result of most serious dchberatiin should 1 do this, ft would ho old va^e,.. lion of your opinions, that hav “ n)UC |i pressed and nmplii.od in a nia pu jj|is more Calculated tocnligld® , , J |B ,. tlmn would be any thing I »hou ^ ideate. I perceive, ” llh jhav* ■hat you liave vlsitod Now Yorkii ^ no doubt yutir eflorls there with the happiest results. Yo r pi' ^ dross reflects much homir upon th < and will convince those who ai ' (| witli its perusal of "h-'l I"", , re j) tiis* ■ inong whom 1 beg to be n r ../^Jiort F* I liofore, that.onllio whjeot of f, | form," you were ■I'W^fffiblvr M my dear sir, wl,ll0 “‘, good Wr" mo tnlrwf 2/°m 10 visit 0,lt 8