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Daily Savannah republican. (Savannah, Ga.) 1829-1839, November 01, 1839, Image 1

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• • *’. ' '■*• *.,4 "*■ r . ■■•■i > y;-.:;..,:' "'■ •■ - ; • •— — U) . [55 J >**4? 1 * 1 &+*jc7: - ‘'V- ■ w- 4, J * sj> ; f v S - ' ■ V !*«. -VOt. XXXVI. FUIOAY EVENING, NOVEKIBEK 1, 1839. S ? ""■' W » llnii'o, sUuttied In Washington , Ward, frwfllni lh “ s ‘l 1 '“ ro l ; * r 'J. ^ i, not rented boloro ilio first of L 1 i. iitunnr LUCINA CORDIAL :M 1081 pOIt KENT, Thu Slot" occupied bv I'.r*. McDonnell on the South i Mow? jju Moiimnont Square, n #'*• f«t« [P^^^IJUIJMULCBNT. ’oR:VBO R ^y s , Cainrilit ill coiirIh IN «***, ^Jg front rocailt o, I*WJEl.nd a, »» .auxiliary, mid «l" i,r from ilio threatening «• “fP'rirSiig i’»»U»v»n«vy Cm- ■plot* 01 "ilidua ha.groator claim, upon fcoiP*'"".-’*“J n °r u!o invalid limn tho nbavo THE T3FE la Lli CORDIAL HE LOClMi. OU L'ELIXIH DE L'AMOUR. W F. know that health mid ilio ability tol«. ^EM UK *uh*ciiber ha*the plenmiro »l nn. bor cnu«titntei tho wealth ofthe grant -*• noni»cit»u io tho citizen* of tie U State*, iliiil ho him piirchnsail.fiir a vary luge kihii mid from the inventor, tho eelonintod lir. Mugnin. of Paris, tho r**cipo and right fur making thi* n*touMiitig medicine. Until tho appearance of Iho ’Lunina Cordial,', (ahout tlireo year* iMMco,) ii wn thought that tho coinpluintii. which it speedily overcomes, went Intyond die leach of human remedy, as for upward* of a thousand years, they had baffl ’d the wisdom mass of the peoplo in tlm, a* in most other emm- trios. To preserve therefore, that health hv nn mml means U a grand moral and political scheme, to fulfil which, requires oar utmost at tention. The unprecedented popularity and universal approbation which this .Medicine has achieved throughout tho United Stntes. the Canada*. Text*. Mexico and tho West luJie*. fully insttfy Dr. Peters in warmly andeonscieii’ tUiUMly recommending them to ttio special attorn lion of the afflicted. Dr. Peters has spent much time in axpori inouting with different Vegetable Medicine*, fur diseases of tho liver, and now nffomhL Veg* etiibla Pills, us the host, most convenient, mid cheapest Mudicinn that can he. prepared for general use. Olio groat quality of his vegetable Pills is that they have the nlterttnlivo principle combined wills their cathartic? or operative qualities, or that 'they nut only cleanse tho stomach and buweis hy purging.lint they rognhte the liver, change •ho morbid HOureiioii, strengthen tlm moburtios. „ ........ s.f n t | organs, purify the blood, invigorate the oireillai Msaasltf iHofal of I "nd gives tone and ene gy to the iieivons ystmu. Toeyaro mild and pleasant in their operation and convey almost immediate conviction of their utility from their fust dose. They can be taken with safety hy persons of any ago; mid the I'eei hie, Hie infirm, the nervous mid the delinito are and ingenuity of the most profound physician* In all pnrts of tho world. This Cordial, how *SSim of »'« which cnu.lilulo pru.ninoql L, ihs or«JI*'. ■ ti.^i itii* PiilinoiinriM b ”? ih7fl<»i»»biinl, Hi ll III. Pulnwnnri. jffl&£V!d ha. manifested iu 0.0.1 volu. uis r iw r K,I. f'0'0 da,1,p llno " 1 *“• f 0, Sl ,by A. BARTOW. Itwy 23 over, to tho great advantage of the human taco, soon proved itself to he the de«ideraium so long sought for; and accordingly, niiiwiih*tundiiig the brief period of its existence, it iiai required a celebrity so great, that it is eagetly inquired for throughout the civilized globe. Dr Mag* uiii soon finding that the demand was so vast as to render a supply impossible, disposed or tho tucipe oud right of sale, under obligations of xpcrrcv, for England, the United Slates, and other cntnilrio*. only preserving France nud Italy for himself. Thus Itn* the subscriber pom sessi’d himself of tho invaluable secret, and now hastens to give the inhabitant* of his line of agency the benefits of his speculation l.o Cordial Do Liictuo' or, ill English, 'iho l.uciuu Cordial,' is a general mvigmntai of the human Irani”! It. all tho various cases of lam UNmnPLED MAMMOTH SCHEME FyiHE following details of n $ctiltME tt A Lottery, to be drawn in December next, warrant* ns in declaring it to he UiNPARAL* LKLED in the tii-ioiynf Lotteries. Prizes to the amount HAVE SEVERMKFOKE BEKS OFFERED to the public. It is true, tlieie mu many blanks, hut Hit thi ,u ' ' i” other hand, tlm extremely low charge of $20 per Ticket—the Value and Number gnor,lassitude, mid debilitation; it is an urifnth iog'remedy; as it is equally if* province to iur rful * * • * ' * ‘ CIIICKE^aWH A’FC HE B Iionllh. Vo((i!iolilo Pill# nrn a »nro remoily fur .timmi.iiiii. |J'»"uico. §icl( niid noivoti, lioinliiclio, (.'y.pun.v t» .»U-H r r .ickncsi of Ih,, l.c» .bum, nrda.irahU «l#nU A. «» ”J | H»n.OH>jl, [y.,, bi|||BIM eonlD |, in „., ofnll kind,. niH ifW ■. ■ , „ mken «l the cnmnincanont will invarinble In "mnin.m wall ih. ««n«r,llW of really fan J check their progru**, and save the patient from 1 ,ne< ” c,, ! e f' o* 1 * Cordial contmus nothing of a a lirotracleJ and.lin,arou,aicknn, Tlwv nr. ' ne ! t """!.'’ r Sshwitan. nalura. ainan. Urn ma- in.aluabla In nervoiuand liyiiuconiirical olToc- fl lll l ret l' enl .which cuinpnse H; Ikm n. ai Ilia nf uppaiita, anil all plainia lo **”?.* V" 1 * 1 ,u * i,n P ll,, 1 r“ l ” in °. ' c which fumsto* nIn no aro subject. Tiiey nput i geographical oundiisious [-,j„i„bl.«»leiit. ft *" additional con. tS.SUt, a parchn.r. Auomkh l«rm. an. ..niuamdciailil ara oflhrod. For in aro nil. C,L iarannnUon, apphcatil. can ad lr.u ,«lwiih«rot Aihuii.y. Q „^ DWIN T I July 24» 159H4m'u . part cliourfuliiuss mid decision to the mind, ns health und vigor lo tho body. Dill the pecolirr virtue on which its celebrity is based, is iha fa cility and certainty with which it restores the virile powers when they have boon destroyed by disease, time, recklessness, m any of the nn* morons cause* which tor minute in the piostru- tion of those function*. of the Caf.tai.*. and the revival of the good ohi custom nf warranting that every piixe shall he drawn mid sold, will, we ate litre, give iiuiven sal satisfaction, and especially to tho Six liUNi drf.d Prize Holders. n To those disposud :o adventure, wo rccom. uit’iid early application being made to its for tickets—when Iho ptize* me all sold, blanks only remain—the tint buyers have the best chance. We« llimufore, emphatically any— DELAY NOT! botntonc.irc milaiulrrmis-ini to us your order*, which shall always receive our imnimiiaie attention. Letters to be addressod, and applications made to SYLVESTER & CO„ 150 IJroa(lway,New York O'Observe the Number I5G. $700,000!!! $500,000!! $05,000! Gpriz. s ol $100,000!! 2 prizbi me 15,000 3 prises of $10,000 LOTTERY Of Real Estate und Dnnk Slock, situated in New Orleans. O* Tho richest and most magniflrent Scheme ever presented to the public, iu this or any other country. TICKETS ONLY $20. Authorized hy un Act oftlio Legislative Assoni bty ol Florida, end utidei the Directintisof the (Jmiimi.'sinners acting under the same, ro BE DRAWN AT JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, December 1st, 1839. SCHMIDT At HAMILTON, Managers. SYLVESTER & CO , I5G Broadway, New York, Solo Agent*. O* It »iiall be at the option of the winner* of Prises of Bank 8tock*. either to take the slock itself, or the par vnlue ihoreofincnsli. The receipts of the sale of the Tickets are, and will be. denosited in the Citizens', Cum solidsted, Cniinl. Union, and Carrollton Batik*, in the name of the Manngeix jointly with J. B. Perrntill, Esq., actually cashier of me Citizons' Bank, und A. Bumloniu, Esq nctnalUf asider of the Cotisnlidiiied Bank, a* Trustors, as per Act passed hefo'e A. Max'ireao. Esq.. Notary Public, on Bui 2d May. 1838. and the properties traiisfiiried iiuinriimliured, for th«*egurity ofihe foitunnta I'rizo Holder*. .1 Me of Drawing.— 100.000 tickets, from 1 to 100,0<H). will he put in one wheel, and 600 prisos, with the blanks In aiimher. To every nomhora piizo or blank will bo drawn, until all the prives are ihitirminerLIcaving the balatico of nuiiiliers hi tho wheel blanks. OT To Cditoksand I'ost.isHKRs.—Having received Newspapers containing tho above Schimo. from tweiitytwn State* and Tenitor ie*.bc»ides several ofthe British Provinces, we me satisfied with the circulation, and,therefore rcqnobt that such paper* ns have not. up to this time, inserted tho advertisement, will be plen«i cd nol to do *o. and that nil the other paper* will insert it once a week only until the 1st of Do. comber, and forward us their accounts. 8YLVESTER A CO., 100 Broadway,N, V. jffly 89 10 It rillTE WISH BRUSHES An. I ft* BOZ White \Vu*h Brushes A Heads, I zS xseoited *•*«» 34 da linn Shoe Ho 50 daTliouip*nu'*Pa«te Blacking „ ,r us T ,J, " J o. r R , -i"^D.«irK^ON. TOIUCOO AXI> SXIJFF - — XI mM Millor*- fine Cllt To' (1ROCE Mrs. Miller's bsccn. G bbU LorilbmT* Scotch mid ate ns a mild speedy purge, uud aro a safe and curiaiii remedy for worms in children. Extract of a letier frqm Dr. (jimmy of N.Or* lean*. Ln. Oct. 9. 1837.——•"llrtvnrocoived much I assistance in my pracboe; especially in jaundice and yellow fever; from thuu*eof Peteis’ Pill* I presume that, mi no average, 1 prescribe 1U0 boxes in n mouth " Exnact of a letter from Dr. Prichard, of Hudi | sou, N. Y., June 3. 1830; •( was aware that Di Peter* was ono of tho hu«t chemists iu tho Uni* jwleby lieptlO G' ll. HENDRICKSON. | 182 SnuflT, 4 ,b boniest 10 jws course lH ,j Slates, oud felt assured that he would some Kippea and Maccohoydo. •'*” day (from his iniimute knowledge ofthe proper. 1 HP? . (1 1. URMtiRlRKflnN. ties of herbs mid drugs) produce an effleVtm medicine.ami I inustocknow ledge that his Vegei | mhle Pill* fully respond to my expectation, They are indued a superior mudicino, and ih* I duct alike upon the'eliumUt, the physteiau, and ilio philosopher Extract nf a loiter from Dr Waine*. of Cim ciuiiati. Feb. 2. I8;W; *Yonr Pida aro the mild 1 I e*t in tl»**ir operations, mid yet most powerful MATCHES. „ , . . 0 GROCE Clark’* Patent Friction Mniches. superior to all other kinds. J it received slid for sale by Boot 17 .0 R HENDRICKSON. DKiESMiKG CASES, DOZ Lidias mid tJeiitl*meiis superior J m th»*ir elTepls, of any that l have ever met wiili En*lidi Ispinad Dressing Cases, Just I m „ praclire of right and twenty yeats Their wived and for sale by loctlo G- R. HENDRIQ^SON IFUEYCIK JIJJUHE PASTE. CASE Frauen JujuUa Pasta.received uud hr by foot45 A. PARSONS. DENTIST'S TIN FOIL. 0 PACKETS Tin Foil, for plugging tooth. Received, and for sale by loot 15 A. PARSONS, SHAKER'S irEltUS. ANDING from ship Gaston, a Dill supply, J of Shaker's Uorli*. comprising Catnip, Wjlnve, liorelioiind, 8age, Pennyroyal,Tho mghworl. Livatwoit, unneset, Thy^e, Mint Bormwond, Wurmseed. Elder Flowers, Slip* V Elm, Sfc. in 16 oz. 8 oz. mid 1 oz. pack a* kiuiuble forfiuiilioiand country merchants. " wle by . P0RC1IER LA ROCHE, Sign of the Golden Glohe, |oct 15 Opposite the Market. [lOWAND’S TONIC MIXTUHE Ac. RECEIVED per ship Gaston, a full supply *. °f Rowand * Tonic Mixture for fever uud in#. Sulphate Quinine. Pipeline, Iodiunmiire lorphiao Sulphate and Acetatu Morphine. |tt*k in pod*. Oil Black Pepper. Crotbii Oil, rduidato potass. Soda and Seidlilz Powder* jondoa .Mustard, $ro. For sale hy UGRCUER A LA ROCHE. •lotion on tho chyle, nud banco on the impurities ol the Idood, is evidently vory surprising.' ClUR UTTE, N. C. Juu. 1, (H37. Do ir Sir—I have made frequent use ofyour pills in tho iucipiuiii since of billions fever and olisthiattf consiipaiiuH oftlio bowels, also, in the oulii'gomeiit ol the sploun. chronic diseases of tiie liver, sick headncho, gonernl dohility, nud ill all cutes have found them to ho vury Hlhc. live. J. D. Boyd, M D. IMKCKt.K.NRum. Co., Vo, Feb. 7. 1837. Having used Dr. Polor*' pills in my practice for the last 12 months, 1 take pleasure in giving my tostimnuy of their good effects in citses of dyspepsia, sick headncho. billions fe. vers*nud oilier disease*, produced hy ill autivii ly of the liver. Tbfy are a safe and jnild op* orient, being jjio he*t article of the kind I have ever nsod. Gkoiiok C. Scott. M D. Thi* colehrnted .Mudicino is for sale hv all the principal Druggists in Savannah and through out the United States, tho Cunadns, Texas, Moxico and the West Imho*, l'rico GO coins per box with full direction*, aug 5 1C1—ly rfl H F. JSSS1«?lV.d and olT... I Ju, ‘ « C4lv «* f,oln b / B JL foraut lb.ft.llimIn,.nriicta.i uEOROE W. BMIN. U lult'i 8 4 Spniiilk'M Sliirlin. I ———— Blwda llmldin,. AVEMY & Jol H AVE received hy Augu Victoria Cloth, for ladies Alpacca do, fur do do Phi id Ciishmeio, for children'* wear Siipeifiimdloiiibuaiu. blk and blue t" luilian Crape* do do Soper double width Msttlonl Silk Do black Pool Do Snie Do do Gio De do Gro De Nap Do col’d Pool De Soie, plain andflg'd Plaid Silks, for Dresses S Kith Phisli Mantillas, a fashionable nrticlo Do Thibet Shawls, slate and blk do . Small Chally, Mouslin Do Lane, Sfc. Shawls Thibet mid Bayadeio Scarf* oc ‘ [4 Monument Sq V. * ” Win wr b 'd k o • • . . gqua DltV GOODS. T il It FAD Ian, Fdging, and In Jacouat Mualin, lnaatlmg, and I Swim do do do" Unbl/ilitt Lnco dn da Ulaelt and Laad Calico., and Ginghama Fiitnilnie Clilnu, Furniiuta Dimity Carpet, and llad Uinditifi# Win,tad Curd,, blk and blito bli; lie I lino a lllk and blnablk Silk Cord., cul'd lliaia. Ulk and whita Twiat Silk Gloua Long dn do dn du Ali-ac. and Larliu, cnl'd II S Glove, Du do blk do Quill,-back and aide Shall Cnmha Cnl'd. blk nnd bill, blk Satin Ribbtma : 3F I I Sptin,Hold Shirting do it ti du dn i ttmldlnjr. BEK. AND COE’D SILKsTau l'urbiig Ganrgta. gif, O 48 <8 CIIAI.LKVGR.—Tha Gen nlvglPIrniNE FIIKNCII PI EES a dmnt all tha QUACK NOSTRUMS oftha SOAPS, *c. 1 WO Mat d!,| Kngll.ii Wlndinr Snap,. , ruiubla (or family iho Ul liuit. C»«ilo do, l aaa, toilet do, aaa'd I rS MSSPJt* 0il - Nbpnrinr so 5' ,,'v P b, y- 3 'I'll Briniatnno lb* Calomel, Eng.i50 n Qnlnitta l rjj, . fnclinn Matchea • 'iWO >br CblnriJe Limo.Sca.ka Flaxaaod Pt-t received and fur aula liy t“ t,a TIIDIIAS RVF.RSON, ! age for the euro of v Tho French Pills aro nnplicnblo iti nil ensos. ul fr fur either sex, (wairnnioil free from Mercury.) and possesses great advantage* over tho Hal Mini mm? all liquid medicines. i»y being enthelv ill, ‘ ‘ while it can renovate the prostrated energies of a giant, nn infant may use it, not only with ion puuity, but with advantage. Tho usages of society are unfortunately such, Unit, notwitlisiundiiig the benefit*' which would bo sine to result from it, we cannot enter into no analysis of thi* inestimable Cordial here,fir publish many of the document* which hive been received, n* voiichoin nf the blessings it has conferred on numbers ofdespnuing individ. mil* But thi* we cannot forbear remarking— that it has boon demonstrated that there i< scarcely evor, if any Much thing at all, as until* ra! barreitnos*. or a* nutprn! imbecility ofthe pram emit function*, ia either sex; and iherufuio that these evil* are the etiect* of artificial rails* e*. nud may ho apeedily subdued nod removed hy Ilio use of ‘Lo Cordial de Luciuo.' The Lucimi Cordial i* also no indubitable euro for lh»* Gleul. and the Floor Albus, oh* structed. difficult,nr painful .Menstruation: also, for tlm incotiiineiice of Urine, or tho invohiiiin rv discharge thereof. Ii is likewise an invnlti able and unrivalled medicine in cases of Chinn iu Eruption* ofihe skin, and iu (lie dropsical aficctinu* *1 Ilio aged. Most important >o the American Public. The United State* proprietor ofthe cel-hrm te l ‘Locina Cordial, or‘Elixir of Dive.' beg* to lay before tho community, the following cor tificuto, which lie has toroived from die inveii tor. tho illustrious Dr. Magiiin.uf Paris: Thi* i* tnceitify. thnvl have disposed of tho :ipo for linking tho 'Lticiiia Cordial.' nr 'E lixir ofL'ivo,’and also the right to soil it through out tho United Stntes of North America, to John Winter* Hohlerwell. M. D. My reason* for so doiug is. that the demands to tne for the above Cordial, of which I am tho inventor, are so numerous, that 1 am unable to supply all the orders from France and Italy alone; nnd have therefore disposed of tho privilege* vouchsafed iu thi*. and other certificates of a liko nal ire in .ordor to gonoraliso tho benefits of my discuveiy throughout the world. Given under uiv hand at Pari*, on this nine* teeiuhdny of January in the vearnfonr Lord, eighteen htindrod and iliirty eight, ERA STL MAGNiN. Gaspard Dolhic, ? William Merritt, \ Witnesses. Thi* highly important medicine is for sale hy John Winters ijolderwcll. No. 129 Libeltyst. New York; Charles U. Tyler, No. 70 Clie-miu *t. IMiiiadeinhint end m Raltiumrn hv Ruhmts At Atkinson. John M. Lnroque; end G. R. Ty» lor; in Wnshiog.on City by Tobias Waikin* and’Charles Stott; in Georgetown by (). M. Liuthnciim: in Richmond hy John II. Eusiicc; ill Petersburg hy Brapg* Tbonins and Dumiy. Rosser A Jones; oud in Norfolk hy M. A. Sam to* and B Emur*i)ii;aitd by John Woodly, No. 05 Puydrasst. New Orleans. It can also bn found nt all the principal Drug NO COMBINATION NUMBER* !!! I OO.fiOO tickets limn No 1 up wnrds.iii succession Extract from the Low* of tho Legislative Council ofihe Territory ofFlmidn. Chap. 701.—No. 22 —Whereas iho Court House of Duvul county i* in an iiufinhdi’ e I slate, nud thure are yet due nud owing up on UuMiumu monies, which it is believed wil impose loo burdensome o lax upon the people of Duval; and woereia it i* desirahl« to pay those said minis and complete tuiiuhnildi mg,a* well for the greater convenience of the ad inmisiriiiion orjiistice.iia fur thedouolu purpose of an Acudeuiy. lor which purpose in part, the said building when completed, is designed Therefore— Sec. 1 ] Bu it enacted by the Governor nnd Legislative Council of *ttie Territory of Florida, That it shall and may be lawful for Joseph U. Lancaster, Isaiah D. Hurt mid Wil limn J, AI ills, or any two of them under the direction of the county Court of Duval county* io rui»e such sum or sum* of money hy Luilcry, in such Scheme* as they may deem appropriate and advisable.' Provided that the* said persons shall bin I themselves iu such manner os tho court shall direct,well and truly tocundiict such lottery in goud fault,to appropriate the proceeds to the object above staled.—Ph-sod, F 131.—Ai 1831,—Appiuvod Fob. Ilth 1831 Feb. Till Uy.. ? leetueiil, boating dale the 2Sth of Fehi r, I<£*9, tha above Jii niHiy, USUL tho above Joseph Lat'cnster.lsalah l>. Hart ami William J .Mills did, tor ceiInin coiisideraiious. in colifurmiiy to the said Legoc latno Act, duly as-ign unto Messr- Schniidt Ar llnmiltoti nil ilieir Right nnd lu< lerest, and the Powers vexted ill them by Iho above recited Act uftlie Legislature of Florida Extract from tho val.iatum of .George Pliilliji Mauoiivtier and Jacob de Cordova,' hulliol* the City of New Orleans, made and awotu to on ilia 19th day of April 1639:— That tho Maid George Phillip iMuuoiivricr nnd Jacob Cordova, appraise uud cofi.cieuiiously and honestly value the property known under die name and appellation of *'Buuk* Arcade, 1 in the Citv of Now .Orleans, ut Six Hundred Thousand Dollars, and "The property known under the appellation of “City Hotal" or "Btthop'a Hotel," in the said City ofof New DReiiu*. nt Four llundicd and Twenty Thousand Dollars." Tho doedsof the Pioperl;* and the Stock tmn*< tarred hi trust to h<< Coiiimissioiier*appuintud hy tho B*id net of ihu Legisiaiuro of Florida for tho sechrity of tho Prize Holder*. Dollars. 70UUUU PFtfpnIfniJ lE yoiEBT. .uaffiLu RY ANU CO3MKTI0S. Mu,k, Jown, mine And Bergamot ,,» PnM, de»\hise scant'd I J’dv'of equal certain ty. ’under a ,, - SS U ?r, ,cem Iiu * , Hundred Dollar., S* Wn Bcnr * 0,1 For sale hy ^R'ldsMncassar Oil ' ' free from small, and consequently d° 0 fi* ,?p t sioro* in South Carolina, nnd in Augusta, hy tho breath, thereby; preventing tho possibility of | Hlivl , a||l j R j g | oy & ~ “ ~ discovery while using them. B”*ides thi* important advantage they never disagree with thejitouiach.aiid in tho first stages of the disease they usually effect a cure in a low' days, with little regard lo diet or ox nos.ire. Ill the most ohstinain stages ol the disensn, ODOOOO mid Nelson Carter; and ill Savannah hy G. R. HENDRICKSON. Price $3 por hoiile. with full directions, nui* 5 164—ly ^THOuT1BOUT TOWN, 20090 they mb equally certain,having cured many after every other remedy had failed, In short, they have been so universally successful' that the proprietor challenges any one to produce a rein . «. 1 . furfeitiire of i Y Cornelius Weblie. aiiihor of ‘Glances P 1 of Life,' a Novel io 2 vol*. &’‘'4 n" 1 ° r C^iiiinbia mh.? tj ?' lvbl orango ami fcf r*. 7'""'. "> ©JII and coll# £35? Ifcr.." 1 ‘“f! pr "having Soap CXV''*' Cream ,lo dnvnn Ring, r^Mi'nj"* Cru-nn, a daliglnrnl articlu lor '"'VeWmiM Shaving Sonp, i.vji'r JSCSd. Snap., "iiiiahla for Iho tahlot Pa#, and Uuxo* orihn laa-.t paiiarii, adcrand ito*o -Wnlar,. nfvnri rPiitit, aarnrn and n„nriod pattarn, " 00 H Crimni. Up a'.lvo , laoSla*'SPi r R'«o. Cinnamon and AI. n." r * , " r *" '"'iaiy lih "r 1,, " , h Comb, Rruslio, , 'P'l'aon. Mud- Victoria S-ialHy* a»ir Uiudiet, of excollenl (haa'.^S;*' R . 0 1 IMI ’ , J;R | ’ znr " & Razor Strop, liihorir.,. , U >' e . Vinosur Rongo ■ilCinl pi' Flower Waiai ili n ri P l,Wo ' 1 Slmvinc Oroahni a: R. HENDRICKSON, and - T. M. A J. M. TURNER. Prico $2 pat box. 164—ly aug fi HARRISON’S SPECIFIC OINTMENT. P OR tho euro or Whim Swollins,. Sornfii loo, and nilior TiHnnr,.UIi-er,.Sore larp, old and froHh Sprain, and Br|ll,a, Swellma, amUnflamniaiiniH, Scald Head.Wo men’. Sure llraaau, Riioninatio Pain,, T--ita.«, Eruption,, Chllhlnin,. Whitlow*. Hitn». Cnrlia. nnd Exlornnl Di«oa,o, ganorallv. It i- likawwa granily Xnparlnl to nnv mrdiciua horetntoru di.covcrad lor the clinfod Imck, noil IIiiiIm of horiMja—for ring araun, cliapucd lipa—nnd in ihitrl for evory oxmrhal bodily oviltlial may lull lo the lot of than nr han.t. For unlit by G. It. HENDRICKSON, nnd T. M. & 1. M. TURNER. Prico-00 cnnta por box. ang f- 104 —ly * Nan Darrull, nr tho Glp-tV Motlinr, hy tho ail- hnrnf-Tha lleirCM.’ • Merchant'^ Daughter,' Prince nnd Iho Pndlnt.' Sec. 2 vol,. ANNUALS. Chlialintl Kaop-tako. aditod by tha Rov . Jno, A Clark, with hy iMonn-atnaty, liav. Tint,. R i111 :- Ctinninxliani. Rev. W.Jny, Blaltnp lva«, lli.liop Siitilh. Ili«lmp Doano. and otltnr vihlililit wrtur,. with !) plate, Rttllgino,tlftarin/t aditnd hy Mi,,C. H. Wa- ternnin. with Itltnxravinga. TIib Pearl) ur Affecjiou,’ Gift, with 6 engra- 30000 KPG.MI OIE. rv A,ax (IAI.I.S Winter attained Snornt {»BuP Oil, vary lielit colMi ftOO do Pal! i‘ l, "fU , tn r nn'' V “ l i , i. Slwv '" 8 | w .. .. - . •• "* *ho| l ed,f. ,l |, 010 "" l .?? Parfumory lino, fot 1 — , SAIC Of rutml. fin .nnAnnimnLlln# vines. Tho Gom. with 7engraving*. The Gift, edited by Mi*s L«*lie.9 engraving*. The Literary Souvenir, edited by W. It. Burton. 13 engraving*. The Violet, edited hy Miss Leslie, 6 engra* vlngs. Tho Poets of America, illustrated by one or her Painters, with nnmerniiaillustrations, Tho Works of Lord Bacon, complete in 2 vol*. 8 vn. London edition. Gil Bias, translated bv Smpllelt. in 2 vols. Royal 8 vo. illustrated hy Jean Gigou. with up ward* of 5(K) engraving* London. Don daixnlie, tran*hilod by Jarvis, In 3 vols. Royal 8 vo. with numerous engravings and il* lustrations hv Tony Johanuali. London. The Curiosities of Literature, bv D’lsrnoli. 1st and 2d serins, complete in I vow London. nc.16 W.THORNE WlljLUMS. security of lh« Sf'JLFiN U1D SCI1E Jl r,!!! 1 Prize—The Arcade—286 Ret, 5 inches, linos,on .Magazine street; 101.(cot, 11 niche.*,on Natchez Nircot; 120 feet, 0 inche*. oiltlraviur at. Rented at about $37,000 per an* nnm. Valued at 1 Prize—City Hotel—162 ft on Com mon street, 146 feet. 6 niche*, on Camp *t. Rented at $25,000— Valued at l Prizo—Dwelling House (adjoining the Arcade) No. 16. 24 ft. 7 iiicln cs front on Natchez it. Rented nt $1209—Valued nt 1 Prize—Ditto(adjoitting the Arcodo) No. 16,23ft font nil Natchezst. Routed at $1200—Valued ut 1 Prize—Ditto (adjoining the Arcade) No. 20,23 feet front on Natchez nt. Rciuedat $1209—Valued at I Prize—Ditto—No 23, North cast corner of Ba*in Ar Cti*tnm.hou*o street;40 feel fronton Basin, and 40 foot on Franklin st. hy 127 ft. deep iu Custom house si. Rented at $1500—Valued nt l Prizo—Ditto—No. 24. Southwest corner of Basin Ar Custom house street; 32 foot, 7 indie* on Basin 32 feet. 7 inches on Franklin 127 feet. 104 inches deep in front of Custom hoTTko street itemed ut $1500-Valued at 1 Prize—Ditto—No. 339, 24 feet; 8 inches on Royal street, by 127 ft, U inches doep. Rented at $1400. Valued at 1 Prize—250 shares Canal Bank Stock, $100 each 1 Ditto—200 ditto.Com do. do do 1 Ditto—150 ditto Mechanic.*’ i*» Traders' do do 1 Ditto—100 do City Bank do do Ditto—100 do do do do do JO pcs 4i4 Iri-h Linen, 12do 4-4 sup. do , ^ - vr - ^ 10 do Fancy Prints,20 do low nriceddo I 1 PIECE«»per blue blk Grodn Royal 5 dux German Cravats I C °1 d fi*'d P«»l de Sous 10 do black (.’otton I lose. 5 do bine do do 7 , , ,r , b * UB M do 4 do lilk nnd blue blk Gro do Rhine 6 do low price black Silks, comprising a very excellent *«sortnietit. Vjfll SNIDER. LATHROP & NF.VITT. 4 190 20 do white do do, 12 dosupr. do do 15 do colored do do 0 do do do half Hose 4 do white do do do 8 do Gents. Berlin Gloves 4 do Ladies do do 3 do do China spun Silk Gloves “So do do do do 2 do ‘ do black do 1 do Gents* do ‘ 15 du Silk Rmnnl* 12 pcs Pocket Hdkfs » 10 AI drill eyed Needles 6 do Victoria, in boxes CO packs patent Piun 6 pm bluck Bomba«ins 4 dn blncihl'ick Grode Swiss Silk 2 boxes Cat* Ribbon, 3 dn Bonnet do 100 doz ClarK's Spool Cottun 50 do Salmon do do 50 do DoWiti At Co. Spool Cotton Laces. Bobinetts.Edgings, Swns.Book, Mull and crnssbarredMimliiiii.Nnri I’er- fmiiRiy. Abo, a splendid assortment of the latest style Bonnets, fo sale by WILLIAM H. LLOYD, sept 6 South side Market*. WRITS AND BED SpJUWE* I CS super White Flan 8 PCS super White flannels 5 do Roger’s do do 5 do Welch do do 5 do Gauze do do 8 do common quality do 10 do Red Flannel. *ume very fine Received hy recent arrivals. SNIDER, LATHROP & NEVITT. sept 30 WE IV FAEE GOODS. Received by G. B. Lamar, 3 /fl "ltd 4.4 Scotch GingliHtn* "TLC Fino I«ong Lawns. Irish Linens Brown Holland, biown Hnmilton l iaxncl Ameiic in Prims, Worsted Giovc* Worsted and Cotton Hosiery. o AVERY A JOHNSON. oci2 8ouih Side Sn. TOOTIl WiSr NEW AND 8EASONADEE D1IY GOODS. Per Brig Augusta. T WO pieces black and lead French Prints 10 do siinr. Pari* Chimz, new style (G do splendid Paris Mous. de Laine 2 do plain black do do ] do blue black dn do 4 do new style cnl’d fig'd Silks 24 doz printed Hdkfs. 10 pcs Apron Checks 40 do white cotton Fringe 50 grocH Furniture Binding 25 do Carpet do 25' do stay do 6 doz I Julies blk and col'd II 8 Gloves best quality Gentleman's Dog Skin nnd Buck Gloves, while and cnl’d Cnttnn do SNIDER, LATHROP A NEVIT oct 12 C hlorine pns smj K«eo*ot Tooth Wash, highly recommended for whiten purify iu« tl« io. ll, purifying ih, brr . h and impaii- lag a heallhy appearanco lo ii.a gora,. j„.t racoivod par Wilaon Fuller I f,,, h :,|„ |, v «' U- R. Ml NftRICKSON. VAKIEC4ATEI “ EDA I*. **«* nS ~. ® OXF * 3 Variegated Scented cukes nud bars. Ju<t received nnd for m e by G. R. HENDRICKSON, oct 23 200 FUEMJI1 AND EnUSU CHEMICALS. OUNCES French Sulphnte (lutnino 4tFV7 10 ounces do Morphine 3 dozen phiali do Croton Oil :kel 3 do packets James Fever Powders,Eng. Jn*t received and for sole hy oct 23 ANSON PAR>’<>N ARROW ROOT, TAPIOCA TWILLED KEIISEVg. Per brig Augusta. 8 BALES Lowell Kerseys 2 cases do du 4 do heavy rolled do 20 pcs heavy twilled Cotton. Fur sale on favorable terms. SNIDER, LATHROP & NEVITT. oct 11 196 CASES superfine AJ-row Root .<3/ 1 do Tapioca 1 do Pearl Sago 6 20000 NEW GOODS, Per Augusta, Ac, PCS Ileal Welch Flannels JO do Red do 5 do Cmiton do 4 do sicnl mixed Sattinets 13 do 4.4 Scotch Gingham* _ 0 do Cra*h, 6 do Russia Diaper 15 do extiu rich Furniture setts. Received and for sale by AVERY & JOHNSON, oct 9 Smith side Square, 0 dozen Robertson's patent Batluy Received und for sale hy PCI 33 A. PARSONS. Fit EMI COUGH bErHEDIES. G UM Drops. m*e flavined French Jniiibo Paste, real Boston's IJousetLozenges Pectoral Lozenge* ofToler Elletlmrn’* Cough Lozenges Ilorehotind Candy so Knghilt Refined iqtiorice Lozenges Audmsoil's. Church'* and Ch.iprnan's Cough Drop*, &c. Just received and for *nle by oct 10 G. U. H! NURICKSON. LOOK A 30000 MOliE FANCY DltV GOODS. W H. & S. ROGKRShaveju.ireceiv • ed per vessel* Wm. Taylor, Newark and G. B. Lamar, in nddilion to'former invoi ces, the'fifllowiug de>iruhlu and *eu*onable fan cy Goods. viz:—Pondicherry a,'French Cnm< brie*, blue and blue blk Chnilys, blue nnd blue black Bmulnuiu*, blue bluck Tag Ilona (fur dro**Ps) pink blk and brown French Merino^ Paper t'ninliric*, black Si-k Cord, Lathe* Crui vat*. |dnid aitd fancy Chally Shawl*, black and col’d wire net Glove*, Derby Rib Silk 4 H«*e, super col’d Chally*. Mmiafin Do Laine*. fancy Belting*, black and blue blk Thibet Shawl*, printed Chally Scurf*. Lavender Gro de Nap, black Hiid col’d Mnden Print*. Ac, out 14 8uuth side Market Square OEOltOE W. BEIIN, Shad's Buildings, R ECEIVED per ship Gaston, lllnr.k nud blue blk Grade Sola 20000 15000 My or . ,8to N; 0,1 ttccbinmodating POItUHER Sr. LA ROCHE, |ect 15 . B'gnofthe Golden Globo, — ( h»po*Ue the Market. 0 . mackeuee. BL:» .Mackerel, recoived, for sale bV |oci)2 m:'" ai * DILLON A CO. TO PLANTEBS. g a,v DOZEN 3d quality colil nre««nil BtStlF Cantor Oil, 300 liatea Glauber Sail,, fiom 30 to 30 lb. each. Ju.t received uud I *,. ! ? E n l , l * , J ck j‘-»»»t 6i» ,Ljyitpt>(i«li. "'“'•vcdaadroraaloby' * A.1AASON... PANACEAS. in O DOZ EN Swnim’*celebrated Panacea 59 dn llouck's / do do, for Dysponstu, <&o. 10 do liuliaita do do ■„ , “9 do PholpU> do Arcnniuii.jnst recoived aloat I’'"j 1 rf l f’ r i ] c "NDRICKSO.N. SWEET SEEN I'ED FOWDEIi, iVC. . •rt g% DOZ Otto lloio Kentad Pa^d.r JL ^5 0 do Viqlot , do do 6. do plain **° . Also, Powder Boxes nnd Puff*. Received dud for sale hy A. PARDONS act 25 208 _ ■ und 25000 20000 i Ditto—100 do do do do do | Ditto—50 do Exchange Bank do do 1 Ditto—fiO do do do dodo 1 |)ii*o—25 do Gas Light Bunk do «lo 1 Ditto—25 do do do do do do 1 Ditto—15 do Mechanics' & Tra ders’ dodo I Ditto—15 do dodo do do 20 15.000 10,000 10.000 10,090 5009 5000 2500 2500 Blue black Rop Silk Black Italian Lute*lriiig Fancy Chnlley Hdkfs. Challey Aprons Smafl Thtbet’Scai f*aiid Shawls Ladies plain and ribbed blk Silk Hose Do do do white do Bhick nnd blue blk Bomhasins Mmisliu De Laine*, blk l^oveHandketchief* Blk nud lend 6 4 Thibet Shawl* black Colton Velvet, Velvet Ribbons Low priced Red Flannel ~ Indigo Blue plaid Homespuns Printed lluizu. plain green do Green nud yellow Flannels English fancy Chintz. Furniture Chintz Darning and Knitting Cotton Black I..ace Veil*, fiflicy Silk lldkfs oct 14 198 10 WEESP OIW. „ . ANDING from schr Mngm t. 6 pipes pure I Holland Gin. (Woeap). Crown' ami .g( n »"biaiic!,. raceiv.eil direct Orom nnporlor* not ofciiaiom homo ainrea.nbd warrninad pure Also, m store—O mpfs Meiwr'i Swan Gin, do—each 10 share* of the Louis* knit State llqulc, $100 each, each Priz« $1000 do - each 3 «ho*e« of $100 each, each Prize $200, of the Gas Light 200 do—each I share of $100, of the Bnnk of Louisiana 200 do—each 1 share of $100, ofthe Nnw Orleans Bank, 159 do—each 1 share of $100 of the Union Bank of Florida 1500 1500 20.000 2000 20,000 20,000 FALLAKD WINTER GOODS. T HE undersigned are now opening their Full and Winter supply of Dry Goods, comprising a splendid assortment, consisting ol Plain*. Blanket* and Kersoys, white, red green and yellow Flannels, plain, green and chintz Floor •loth*,Carpeiiug]i and Rug*,Broadcloth*. CusMtnereft and Sattiunts, English and Atneri* catr Prints,French nnd English Merinos,French and English Mouslin De Lams, Toweling*, Sheeting* andeul’d Homespun*, Ac SNIDER. LATHROP &N oct 3 . 169 GINGIIAJ1S, An. 15.000 GOO rriroa. $1,500,000 pCtS TICKETS $2(T-A'0-SHARE* NEVITT. S UPER ttitdrassed Scotch Gingham* Fancy and bluck oud white,new and fash ionable styles Sopor Furniture Chintz. Wel*h Flannel) Forftaleh); AVERY A JOHN sept 27 . Sortih side Monument SqnaiOi _ • tMim . ■■ T HE led hand hnlvc, of iho Rills Hamad below, wnto mailed lo the address of tho ■ubreriber on Ilia 0th Febrnai v Inal, at Grconi vdle Conrl Home, Smiih Carolina, by William Choice, which have not come to hand, nnd Ihu probability i« llioy must bo lost. The roveial tlinhi are hereby noiilicd, of my iniomioli lo make application alter duo tiutici... for new nntc, on tho return or the ri*ht hand halve, which nio now in my poaieuinn. $30 Uank of Auxuila, No. 338, dated 34.Sept. 1Letier A. - $30 Rank of AuRuata, do 19T, do lOdi Oct. 1838. Letter B. k ' $30 U-mk of Augusta, do 890, do 3d Jnn'v. 1837, l/)llar A. 30 Dank Colombo,, N|),853, dati d3d Fcb’y, 1833, Letter H h. 30 llnok Colombo., No. 351, dated 1st Sept. 1831. Letter H. h. > 20 Bank Col No. 953, dated 9lli Dee, 1830. Letter H i 20 Bunk Columbua, No. 1448, dated lit Oct. 1820, Letter II. 20 Bank t.'oliitntiiia. No. 1300, dated 1st Oct.' ■ 1830, Loiter 11. 30 Bank Columbus. No. 362, dated 7lh Stay, 1636. Utter 11. h. 20 Bank Columbus. No. 13, dated 1st Jan'y. 1830, Loiter lorn. 30 Central 11. Road, No, 775, dated 3d Juno 1830, Loiter A. '20 Bunk Stale of Georgia, No, 997, dated 1st Sapt. 18 dim. l/itter A. 20 Uank Uarlmi.No, 1678,dated lelDcc. 1633, Letter ll. 1). 20 Mechanic,' Bank Augusta, No. 10, dated 5th Dec. 1834, Letter A, 50 Mechanic,'Uank Augu,(a. No. 03, dated 7th April. 1836, Let or ll- 100 Mechanic,’ Hank Aitgitslai No. 58, dated 1,1 May. 1835. Loiter B. 100 Mnchnnic,' Batik Auguste, No. 71, dated 1st Nov. 1631,Letter A. 30 Bank Mtlledgeville, No. 4351, dated 2d Sept.-1836, Letier A. 100 Bank Milledgeville, No. 430, dated 3d Jail. 1837, Letter A. 100 Planter*& Mechanic.' Batik Columbus,No 59. dated 9dt May. 1838, Letter A. ' 50 Plan. & Mech. Rank Columbus, No. 330, dated 2d Nov. 1337, Letter A. 50 In,. Bnnk Savannah,Nn. 18,dated SlhDec. 1839. Letier K. NOTICE—Three months artor date, appli cation will bo made lo dm (above) diHbreiit Rank, Tor new notes,' Ilio loft bund half of raid bills being lost. WILLIAM SMITH. Trnupville, Ga. 15th Oct. 183(1. ETThu Georgian, Atigiista Ckrnnlelo and Herald si . above weekly I Coitm, lo tiie a eel 31 : m m Ac.