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Brunswick advertiser and appeal. (Brunswick, Ga.) 1881-1881, September 03, 1881, Image 2

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I Col. Oulu's • from Atlanta to Homo by a vote of 3C to 4, thus mnch talked of and vc Tho largo storo houso of B. F. Al len, of Kicoboro, occupied by Brough- tou k Bro., was destroyed by fire on tho night of tbo 29tb ult., together with the entire atock of goods. En tire loss about £3,500, of which about Waycross Reporter: "We learn that of thousands of at ran will visit tho exposition, and never in tho history of the Stato has thoro been any such opportunity to favorably to tho world tbo great pi bilitios of tho Stato, nnd tho advau- it offers to the employment of d nnd labor. Our neighboring s have seen this nnd have been lg of oxhibits. " Will the citi zens of Georgia permit this opportu nity to pass? I hope not. commonco to locate tbo lino of the Waycross Pacific Railway. This is another enterprise for Wuyc which will be put through in a hurry, and will add much to its import as a grand railrond centre." Monroe AtUxrliscr: " Work on the Tbo road will pass i of Cnbincas, nnd ni ne distauco from In- Some of tbo seem to think that it will bn to get laborers, since they can got from oue to ono and a quarter of n dollar per day to work on tho road.” Pig-iron is tTpL-t bantling of the of her own, may, in a groat bo overcome by the promp gout action of her citizens in this mat ter. The fullest information, nnd the most hearty co operations may bo ob tained by application to this oilico. H. I. Kihdall, Director Oeii’l. YOltICTOWN UKNTKNNIAB Tbo people of Macon, many of are laboring under the errone ous impression that I lmvo voted against tho extension from Macon to Atlanta. It is, of course, a mistake, because the line from there bore is al ready authorized and required to be built. But, it is asked, who bottle up the road after it roaches Atlanta ? as if the Central and Georgia railroads v ga, other than the .Stole road; and why, it may be more propel ly as! should the Colo crowd la, out in rastss.* TESIIMOtUhS FROM THE PI0FI.E: thief in the short jacket, who stuck bis plunder under bis jacket and raised a hue and cry of "stop thief" with the tail of a fish sticking out be low his attenuated garment. If the people below hero know, or would stop to think, that the charter from Homo to Atlanta is a very different thing from (lie extension from Macon here, they would lose some of their indig nation at those who ask to bo permit ted to scrutinize a charter closely that is likely to cost some ol them four or live millions in Hie depreciation of a property valuable enough to pay ev ery dollar they I leave a sur plus in tbo Treasury." For the information ul Col. J. we mid Htnte that tbo people in this ction can read probably ns well as , and they are not entirely devoid of sense. They probably understand situation about as well as lie, nnd erstnnd, too, their rights in the promises. For onr part, if wo had any misgivings before they are now- dispelled, for now we f ame wo are right, and why ? Just because Col. J. is opposed to the measure. ° Win'l'i »S L h5’r? > Uio T omit bn,i.o ,lix,r In the Crime stouts. Le.loJ nil » tla- prap-rly ,.1J.^OTK'n. CnU.' -a olynn nay, 5: SttSSSS gyswssswc-esfst ■ ddWforetb^ionrt Lout... ih«>r in tit*- Tuc.Hl.iy DIXON’S NEW BUILDING. Newcastle St., - - - Brunswick, Ga. Drugs,Clieiiiicals,PatciitlIC(lifiii()s Hair, Nail and Tooth Brushes, Perfumery and Toilet Articles IN’ GREAT VARIETY, MINERAL WATERS, Lamps and Lamp Fixtures, BUIST’S FRESH AND GENUINE ©AlBIi FINE GREEN AND BLACK TEAS, CIGARS AND TOBACCOS, “KSS WaMnjtun Despite tliu eroak- iug over a short crop of wheat—most of which is gotten up in tin, interest of speculators--Minnesota bus 10, Col. J. H. Estill, of tbo Georgia Press Associa tion, ns also of tbo .Southern Press elation (dailies) nnd owner of the , reliable shoot published in (leer- gin, will reprosont llio fourth ostuto of V0 * t 1 0<1111 188a Tbu wllu,,t Georgia nt tbo Yorktown Centennial. " r " bo "" <l ,0 g °V," l !' t . if l,w > ■ Tho Obntlinni Artillery nnd Irish Jns- , ti T »™*d>le remedy nnd the on- ' | ly safe, snro nnd permum-nt cm of the liver. Iii.nnl nml seo n mnu.” There are fifty men in the lloiisu who ought never to lie re elected In seats in this body, as they seldom attend to thn duties devolving upon them. Wo haven’t been there to seo, but we’ll wager a ginger cake Hons. T. \V. Lamb nnd II N. King don't belong to the number alluded to above. Would it not Is- well for Hint correspondent to furnish us u list o[ the guiltv . Waycross A’,-porter. “ Last Wednes day night a lot of thieves entered the bouse of 11 r. A. .J. Sweat, of this place, and attempted to rob him. They pro cured the keys from his pants |>ockel and opened a drawer which contained ♦320 in gold, $80 in currency and about $10 in silver. They dropped the bag of gold on the floor, which awoke Mrs. Sw eat,and she calling to her hus band caused them to bent a hasty re treat through a back way of the bouse, with Mr. Sweat in pursuit— While be was in the back yard look ing for the villains, one of them threw iug her very badly, and rendering her almost frantic with fright,“from which she line not yet recovered. They suc ceeded ill carrying oil tho bag of sil ver auJ $10 in currency. Tliev bad laid their plans well, by first placing a lump of cotton thoroughly saturated with chloroform between the heads of Mr. nnd Mrs. Sweat, while sleeping, nnd. no doubt waited until they thought it bail taken effect, before ( military. We know of no two panioa wo would sooner seo go to rep resent us. Wo would suggest, bow- over, Hint the Liberty Independent Troop, tlio oldest cavalry corps in Hie South, certainly should bo present. Tin-: l-’i'NDS'oit Mils. (iatii-’ii-;i,i>. This fund now amounts to $150, 757 <15, and (lie promoters of the movement seem lo lie confident that it can be increased to $250,000 if the President should not recover. Certif icates for $125,000 in government bonds, worth $115,281 25, have al ready been placed in tho bauds of Mrs. Garfield. New York beads the list with $113,274 80, Philadelphia next will, $12,284 25. Chios- with $11,500. In bis great speech before tin- joint Railroad Committee of (lie General Brown reiuukrd it was a mistake to suppose tin their right, as to the railroads. Why, said be, oar traius never kill scrub stock for a (armor. If a eow, ox, mule Imrse or bog is run ovi r by a train ami killed, wo are always called upon to pay for It seems almost impossible to get ,( The people fully understand rights in this direction. i mi; I'uioisiin.N i other, ,in,] if Uo Jins not got it or will nut grtULr you. send ipiiny, loltilo, ()., uml they will send ,iu, om pout paid by return mail. i» »<•r Physicians’ Prescriptions Accurately compounded. JAMES T. BLAIN, DRUGGIST. is Steam Engine and Boiler WORKS, " ADJOINING PASSENGER DEPOT, MACON, Ga. c-orifU mill Glynn comity for th«- year ln» •JK^^S^S,K.iLr,rn.e..oa "WMKUr*.,. , MMllglsP STE A M ENGINES, “Portable & Stationary,” FOR GINNING, THRESHING ANI) GRINDING. STE AM ENGINES, For large Saw Mills, A SPECIALTY. STEAM BOILERS, AU kinds and Sizes. rktiTrn tubular, return flue, CYLINDER, UPRIGHT, & LOCOMOTIVE BOILERS. REPAIRS OF MACHINERY PROMPTLY EXECUTED. ""B&E? clttcuUtt “ D J. s. SCHOFIELD, Prop’r. ®jg Chess, Carley & fa -WHOLESALE DEALERS IN- CoiiimlssioiiciV Stilt*. ^SSSSSSsbs SstaSrsS® - - OILS OF ALL KINDS, ^iker * Uoiifeef loner, NAVAXi STOKES, lililliSS FANCY GROCERIES, NAVAL STORES SUPPLIES, A. E. HEINS, Baker A U'oiifeef loner. .inn .,n.ii,.d or wall II. tliu luwir shry of 4 bri. k mi.l t An Ordinance, 'iSHM ! h : .m",^«,H^a r « ;; ri, ri d*un it:.., Hrc7. And I*- it further . nlinn.1. That .*vrr> hoiihc or hmldii 1? which ohall b,- hcrw»JVr 1r. ct.1l In Hi., ni) ..f lirmtuwi.-k ofhri. k. Uhhv ,.r * “ ‘ ry, ►hall have a tht.-kii. k* •h<* lower*.t«!ry. a»i<l“t«ry •ul h h!,'ii'-«‘nrhHlhlhiu. Elssai whn. it khwit Ih* boruohy H»- • ’•*. All ! la* II. flirtll lillliilP pl£ls=5sII=s~“=- ;: :=- TOBACCO, CIGARS I FRUITS. TOGETHER WITH ice-coid soda water Hay, Grain, Provisions, Etc. ALWAYS ON U.yND | Market Hutu* [mid for Naval .St )res. Supplim, liu-- Tobaceoand Cigars "i-.ii.-i ,-it ci„« Figures. „„„ A SPECIALTY I ww.lli. |»relt.i.UH‘I.V).m will. My .1.1 .. r.llili.* ...ii.i.l, to..I, GOODS DELIVERED FREE. Lbe most cheering news from I’resi- leut Garfield. Several days ng.. its 5JE ■Kttac u mm Foiwii! rtinr. feeling quite secure from the wav they 1 peared and bopo revived. We trust proceeded to open the pocket Iss.i,! lie will yet pul) through, and count tbo currency, which, in j Atuxst*,'O*. Nov. 7, 187(1. I Uctitinii lor Inruriioraiion. in- Ik* mwt thr Mint* srr lon-Lj rrm iletl. - 1 0 “ ^■e>r»>s»foq«n. K„.Vw‘““Jl.E. r. e.m^A.'j. E, 1' 'i 8100 REWARD Wll, , MU „„ | KS tl rr weiiTZivi'; ! Th. y j-rn-NMi M MU|*h9 *»aj.ita; ,.f md i„.,r. ANDREW HANLEY, PAINT ANI) OIL STORE, . ' DEALER IN Simlroiid, Steamboat, illil) Supplies PURE WHITE LEAD, ZINC k COLORS, G lass,Putty,Varnishes,Brushes,Plain & decor,itive wall Papnr DOORS, SASHES, BLINDS, Etc., Locks, Sash-Weights, Coni, Hinges, Screws. Eh, Lime, Plaster, Hail and Cement li Whitaker ami 17* Itay Smefi. SavonnaH, - - Georgia. tlicir flight I bey left ou the* lutr.-mi l>u. C. J. Morrnrr— .sTr— I cau-1 window*. |>roti*.*t SM2a.Zlt^iarS=wSSai , : :po:Ee s^= “to'2*2n", ICE]!: wv« ***** uyuov Miiwoeii | s .|||- nnH | all 111 |>>..r Itfitli In *r .ill'll Al,; | 1 « in a back roouj, mi.l in I <n.I while we have heretofore Jo.t acliihi. ending the roo« steppe.1 on the f»e- IXii' L " M,,M * r ««itl2l<*»,0tr Of O youn-J lady, who was sleeping.,,,,i„a is a fine, liodthv Is.v. It,! merit is CTtsin to make it a siamlard ! . ‘**?*«"■■ t-i,;;*". .’t ..a family Hi.sli.-im. f„r tin l..r II,.- ..a rv,,,,,,,,».Vr,u wm.'tal'Jnlmim'.Yn irritations ul teething and dwor- iu,^ m. I length, wlticbagain 2‘|D. D. ATKINS0X,:Sg||^gg|,Wholesale _and Retail. CITATION. ’ Dissolution of Copartnership ;i M I*. IIeows. M. D. (Brother Sen,tt->r .Tom ph E. Brown ) DENTIST, tUNSWICK, - - GEORGIA. Contract to be Let. a ji lu .'itrir* 1 v ' *!'* au.l uft^r luti, li st. FOR SALE.’ ;«gTiw5«aSS££^5Bi • lilts W J.UitiUL