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Brunswick advertiser and appeal. (Brunswick, Ga.) 1881-1881, December 17, 1881, Image 1

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VOLUME VII. It j T/.J UTititi. ii BRUNSWICK, GEORGIA, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17, F' 1 € » The AQvertiser and Appeal BRUNSWICK, - GEORGIA T. G. STAGY NEW STORE e NEW GOatosf* ling country that I hare Juit opened a atock of ^ ___ STAPLE AND FANCY DRYP CrOODS •,. Notions, .: BEADY MADE CLOTHING, ■wm : San t»>i f TTf AruLLLiisor GROCERIES! * tobacco' Juio cigars' HO 1. Having purcbM* th vreforo attf com* E. KAtffi, NEXT TO IIAItniS, THE JEWELER. BAY STI’EKT, BRUNSWICK,,, - GA. Convcuiont to Business the Railroads and tiic Steamboats. Furniture New,-Tables d ■t VT T - VLT “J. •%, If. C. IIECR& CQ, t ■ PROPRIETORS. CIGAR-FACTORY BRUNSmCK, GA., D. 0. llLSLEY, Proprifttt Pure Havana Tobacco, in f n '—r 01 t nnrs ?> D Newcastle St.,‘ - - - Brunswick, Ga AflpK'LtT* ti The imdenigned boa romornd bU DRUG STORE to the nl>0’ Drugs, Clieraicals, Patent Medicine, Hair, Nail anti Tooth Brushes, ’"aftif Toilet "Articles »TN VARIETY, MINERAL WATERS, .oj: Lamps and Lamp Fixtures, re*' p ‘ f ti' ia •=' , • 1 &( | C AND GENUINE FINE CUBES ADD BLACK TEAK, CIGARS. AND/'TOBACCOS, Aud other articles t< rotu to mention, anti naualljr kept in a flrat-elai Physicians’ Prescriptions Accurately compounded. d. will cheerfully i5BtoC Union aud UanrfleM any caUe for aedlclnca, If noUfled at hi* reaidence, con JAMES T. BLAIN, nun ic ist ’d TABLE. Takes Eflcct Monday, October 3d, 1881- T , Chains going east? so. 6. PABflEN- ui.a no. 1 LEAVE. 2 § STATIONS. ! 1‘AWEN- r./ R NO. 1 LEAVE y HEIGHT .NO. 1. L. 5:00 a lx UKXTam BRUNSWICK 171 A. 6:46 A. 7:15 LOfiJO 9:50 10 JAMAICA 155 6:G0 I* 6:20 L. 6:37 10:22 25 WAYNE8WILLE... 146 5:32 I* 5:43 1*7:10 10:40 82 LULATON 139 5.06H I* 5:10 1*8:10 11:20 45 HOBOKEN 120 4:29 L. 4:10 L.8:37 11:41 51) SCHLAT'RV ILLE. 121 4:13 I,. 3:50 L. 9:50 12:20 P M (It) WAY CROSS 111 3:43 ],. 3:05 L. 10:23 12:41 (17 WAUESBOItO 191 3:16 I* 2:00 L. 11:12 1:14 * 78 MILLWOOD 93 2:43 1*1:14 I* 12:10 2:10 J 90 PEAIISON 81 2:10 1 1*12:10 I* 12:27 pm 2:20 93 KIRKLAND 78 . 1:35 I* 11:48 f*l:10 2:47 < 101 WILLICOOCHEK.. 70 1:10 S I* 11 :CHi 1* 2H1 mn -,3:M V 112 WiAPPAHA 511 12:32 Pit L. 10:15 1*2^1 :;*) 122 BROOKFIELD 4!' 11:52 L. 9 22 4:21 13(1 UPTON 41 11:27 1.. 3:40 L. 8:52 4:35 133 RIVERSIDE 11:16 I* 8:15 1* 4:21 4:53 13!) TYTY 32 10:53 1* 7:44 1*4:50 5:12 145 AFFORD 21! 10:34 I* 6:37 5:35 If 151 ISABELLA 20 10:16 I* 0:20 1*6:20 6:01 101 DAVIS 10 9:36 1* 5:35 A. 7 00 A. 6:30 171 EAST ALBANY 9:00 am I* 5:00 ,\v For IS. AdmtlMr. In the Northwestern corner ol thin State there lira an Irishman who for yean was in the habit of getting drank every Saturday afternoon, and when in this condition always whip- lied bis wife. She wan advised by a friend to show fight the next time Pat undertook to use his stick on her, eo on the following Saturday afternoon Fat finished his work and got on a drunk as nsnaiTand whon ho reached homo his better ball was setting the tablo. Pat started for her, stick in band, and around the table they ran, bat, finding that Pat was gaining on her, she let fly tho butter dish, and struek him jnst ubovo his right eye. The advancing column came to a halt. Her friends, thinking to make the care of wife-beating complete and lasting, bad bim arrested, charged with assault and battery. The jadge (he having been lot into the secret) bad him called Into court All the form of a regular trial having been gone through with, be addressed the prisoner: "Mr. Pat Dnffoy, yon are charged with an assault and battery. What have you to say for yourself?” Pat, riBing.said: "Oefaitb, and may it plazo yer honor, Mr. Judge, I don’t know where the salt wns, lest it was in the batter, but," (patting hisfinger on the wound made by tho butter dish) “if ye will bo after looking here, bufaitb, ye will be finding the bat tery.” AIIOtIT ADVKRRK. A gentleman of this city. wh.. takes Lsiderahle into: it in literature, grammar, etc., bands us tbs following rdlectionh on this nsetul part of speech, which may prove interesting to Rome of our readers: The word lame, in the phrase “the ugly horse is lame in the lot,” is nin- aliy called an ndjectivo, belonging to borso. Illustrated, it should rend aud convey the sumo idea, “the ugly lnmo horse is in the lot,” wberoas this, in describing tho horse, states simply that such horso is in tho lot, while the former, describing as agly only, stutes that bo is iamo, (temporarily, perhaps, instead of that being a char acteristic), and also that ho is io the lot In tho formor the horso is de scribed hh lame, while ia the latter a verb is introduced in ite full signifi cance, modified regularly by tbis word lame, to sot forth tbis iiloa. There fore, lame is an adverb, us are all such words, following the verb to be. PHOCBBDIBGS OP COIIIVC1L. Beanlar HeeUn, December Hh, lggl. Council met. Present, His Honor, STATE CHIPS. Pliarmftreutlcnl Hoard of Examiners. Approvea/£BfARLE§Y» l .85filiU^ra^Gmn^i?t^OT. 8 ' 1 ‘' ei11 Your^fltden are Solicited. r»ft rrrr- tVORUKULY PLANTERS' DOTED. Jlsrtet Square, Savannah. Ua. .. •I7.V-! M. L HARNETT & Of\ KATES, ThUfnrorUe ft’ttU meal; la M' UWOttb TfON AMD VTK RAT EM. $2 00 PEK DAY. IATEM. me’Books; . s 19m J. *» Slntrsct _ aufoijnn cGtintjr. d*t- s&BBstssamsas an Lxl*. Raid bat csstraetloa krtHUamUi tb*tttl- • ol UljttB coutmr| named, with nctptUmof hook *. mnd with book T. Ha hm ©i*«nsd sn lor <«a»nlnailon of it Or a l^yrrrn W. H. HARRISON, 101 NEWCASTLE STREET, BRUNSWICK, ■ GEORGIA. Sale of Furmturv. Crq6ko?y iiiitl Glaskv.-nre overy night at 0 o’clock; Saturdays, 11 a. si. MALLORY’S NEW VOISK & OKI MIIK Steamship Line. , ^ y j/TV' '■ • ‘ r- STKAMSlllI'S WMSTM8# rJFJMA Capl -m RISK. cm OF SAN ANTONIO, Captoin HINES, Lmvc* New York «rer? Frf<bj fit 3 P. V- arrlv ‘ Brunawick every TuraAay. "* * Freight end paeMgw an low aa by any o For peaaengei itr and *Ufe room* »J>ply *<• ll # W. MlCTIIWlrK, AjeI, Itrunawleii, ua fire at- I tr .die »t«- ilid ‘.rtidh*! 1 *. ^ y^ Insurance! J. M. DEXTER, INSURANCE AGENT, - U the following Eire Inanmnce Cum. Moitlh’n nmeali Inaurancct ’wup. u! Norn* A 91.000.000 Pblle.. MMMtt* ‘i I GARDENING PROFIT. K Jo7»l* lobe-1 PBACTIOAL f FLORICULTURE iU°f^ammI OARDENINQ orfor Home Um f FOR PLEASURE, only, read • All ky PETER nETOIMOR. Price ft.SO each. postpaid by mad’ Oat CotiMnHTaulocue of SEEDS ? nd PLANTS PSTKRHeNlilRsSNaCO. 3» Cortlaadt 8L, Mew Tot*. The following named guntleman, well known druggists in the State, have jnst been appointed by Govern- Colquitt ns members of tho Pbar- macentical llonrd of Examiners under the low recently passed, to-wit: Edward Harry, of Augusta. J. S. 1’emlierton, of Atlanta. John Ingalls, of Macon. Osceola Lfutler, of Savannah. Isadora Zacbarias, of Columbus. This board is authorized to exam ine all druggists and grant licenses, gioso exempted being druggists who have been in business for ten years. All others are required to submit their papers or certificates to the board for examination, and if found corroot and proper the requisite license will be granted. The board will proceed against id! who do not conform to the required act. Short IlseS. Wonderful tilings may be done in short-hand. On n postal card on view at an exhibition in Uoruinny there had been written, in a German system of aliort-haml, tbirty-five thou sand words. Subsequently Mr. Hurst, of Sheffield, England, the publisher ol dm /' i> raj 'i t short band mag an, i b’ui-1 pr. w f- i niiiiiiituru I. Tha , stem was to be Pitman’s, tin writing to lie legible to naked eye, and to lie on one aide of an Kuglish postal curd, which is consider ably smaller than a German cardv- twenty-five thousand words on the former lining equivalent to thirty- three thousand on Uin latter. The first prize in tins nimipetilion was swarded to G. H. Davidson, whose postal nird contained thirty-two Iboa- sand three Iminiri-I and seventy-tbree words, innlinVmg ti.o whole of Gold smith's, “She HtniqsT'o Conquer,” essay on John Morluy, ami pstlf of Uulrroft's “Hoad to Rain.” J. F. Nelson, Mayor, and Aldermen Spears, Harvey, Littlefield, Dnnn aud Watkins. Absent, Coapcr and Doer- flinger. The minutes of the regular meeting held Nor. 2d were read, when Alder man .Harvey moved, in pursuance of previous notioe, to reoonsider that portion-of tho minutes ordering paid the bill of D. C. Bacon A On., amount- hg to *80.00, for lumber furnished -he Glynn County Agricultural Asso ciation, which, being seconded and tho question pnt, was declared lost— Yeas, Aid. Spears and Harvey. Nays, Aid. Putnam, Littlefield and Dnnn.— The minutes were then confirmed. The minutes of the adjourned meet ing, held Nov. 9th, wore then read and confirmed. Read a communication from Barr Winton, stating that he took a con tract, some years sinoe, to ereet a court house ou Magnolia square, and in consequence thereof built a work shop on the square; that the erection of the court bouse was abandoned, end that tbo shop is still standing; that ho now desires to tear down the shop and build a small one on the narrow strip of the square lying be tween the drain aud H street; and thnt be would, if the permission be given, remove tbo same at any time Council might require tbo same done, which was rccoivcd and the permis sion granted. Read a communication from Ed wards, Ward k Co., sibling that they hod,'at considerable expense, put up a building and machinery for nmiiii- faotoiing bracket and niber work, planing, turning, etc., and inking that the Buue lie relieved from taxation for five years, or sdeh other time as might bo considered proper and inst, which was received and the property ex empted from taxation for .five years. Read a communication from C. L. Schlatter, Jr., M. D. and Health Offi cer, resigning the position of Port Physician, which was recoived and the resignation accepted. Mr. G. J. Hall, Harbor Muster, bo- ing present, nomplainod about tbo re daction of bis bills for quarantine ser vice; and on motion of Aid. Watkins, the matter was referred to n special committee, consisting of Aid. Wat kins, Spears and Putnam. The committee on streets, drains and bridges reported progress on tbo communication of L. W. Harris, and asked for farther timo, which was granted. Tbs Clerk and Treasurer nml the Mnrshal submitted their rO|xirtn for tho months of October and November, examined and found correct by the fi nance oommittee, which were received ndft ordered published and filed Tho Harbor Master submitted his report of tbo arrival of vessels during the month of November, which was, on motion of Aid. Harvey, received and ordored filed. The Health Officer submitted his inortmiry report for the month of No vember, which wss received slid or dered to be published and tiled. Council then proceeded to elect Co). J. T. Collins, as morolicr of tho Board of Education, to fill the vacancy canoed by the expiration of bin term of servico. Council then proceeded to elect J. M. Dexter, a commissioner of the Sinking Fund, to HU the vaenney caused by the declination of Mr. J M. Roberta Council then proceeded to elect Dr. J. 8. Blain, os Port Pbyiieian, to fill the vacancy caused by the resigna tion of Dr. C. L. SclUatter. The committee on streets, drains and bridges were instructed to notify Mr. A. E. Heins to raise the awning attached to bis store on the comer of Buy a d Monk streets to sn--h height us wi! 1 e:. -hie nil persom- pus- un der tile Inina The finmeo oouimiltee mbinilled bills amounting to $7)2.118. which were ordered paid. The bill of M. J. Christopher, amounting to $7.09, for placing brack et for lamp on corner of City Hull, waa referred to t|ieeiul committee, consisting of AM. Putuain, Littlefield and Spears. Council then adjourned. J. F. Nklsox, Attest: Mayor. Jaggs iioerrox, CItfk ot Council. Aluppabn sighs for a church edifice, and brother Laatinger very pertinent ly aeke, "why not build one?” Berrien oounty bae grown a stalk of angar-cane with twenty-nine well matured joint*, measuring six inches in oiroumferenoe. Can Berrien show a man to chew that eane without first splitting it? The marsbsl of Alappaha is author ized to hold the horse as sonority for the payment of a fino of $1 for hitch ing to a shade tree. Gen. Alfred Austell, Presidehtof tho Atlanta National Bank, is dead. Cartersville will bavo whiskey re striction by 256 majority. The Kentucky Legislators will vis it the Exposition on ths 19th. The Walton county Videllt thns de scribes a dead male child born in that county: “The head, from the oyesup, was a hnge soft sack, without bones, filled with braiu matter. Attaahed to one side of tbis sack was an ear much like that of an elephant Be low this, in its proper place, was a fully developed hnmen ear. One eye waa almost as large as an ox's aye and bad no lids. The mouth was bare lipped and had no upper lip. The heart, lange, li'or, stomach, bowole anil other intestines bad all grown and were attached to tha ontside of the body, to the right side in front, and were folly developed. The fin gers were webbed like a duck’s foot and were tied together near their cuds by a strong cord about the size of a fine silk thread. The toes on both feet were similarly tied, end the largo toe was cut entirely o!T end bnd adhered to the next one to it. There was nothing on the itmide of tin- body (the entrails, ns above state J, being attaulied to the ontside), and no opening for the heart, longs, sthmaob, etc., to have ever gotten to their pres ent position, bad they evor been on the ineido of tbo body.” Cutbbort snys "no lioense” by 87 majority. DeKnlb coauty has a cotton factory, two guano factories, one ncid factory, several furniture factories, and two paper mills. A Houston county dnrkoy recently gave n snpper, at which was served up eighfocu nicely liakod 'possums.— Ho is fattening thirty more for a fu ture! occasion. Columbu* has a lied negro man who has two dogs which he has taught to steal poultry. The rascal waits at the gate, while tho dogs go io tho coop, kilt the poultry, and then earry them to their matter. The operation was recently witnessed by a gontlc- uinu who was nwnkeued by a flnttor niuoiig his chickens. Henry J. Sandlin and Min May- hello Clnrkii were married in Hawkins- villo after n courtship of one bonr.— Tho young man and a friend coiled on Mins Clarke and another yonng lady, both of A morions, who were vis iting in Hawkinsville. Mr. Sandlin proposed, wns accepted, immediate nction was determined upon, tile li cense and minister were procured and the knot tied in qnick succession. December 29th wilt be Editor*' Day at the Exposition. Carl Sobnra will make a speech, to be responded to by Henry Wutteioon, of the Louis ville Cnirxi’r-Jimmat. The lot of Mrs. Anthony, in Atlanta, interfered with the widening of White hall street, nml a atrip sovon feet wide was tnkeu from the fruut of tho lot, nml $39 allowed her by the street committee in payment. She sued, and the jury thonght $200 would be fair compensation. Coup's circus will spend the winter in Augusta. Album talks favorably about a town clock, I.* tie placed in the dome of the nut b'lime The Eagle and I'auriu. Mills, of Coiioi,bus, recently bought m oneday 1,1 Bo bale* of cotton, at a oast of $70,000. One of the James boys was in At lanta recently. He it Postmaster General.—Quitman Frrt Pmu. Perhum want* some benevolent |ieruoti to make Quitman a Christmas present of a big hotel with 16,000 room* to accommodate the Northern visitor*. The ordinances of th* newly incor porated town of Alappaha are printed m loss than a newspaper column. A HEW 1TKA JtSIIIP EKOJECT. To Europe in Five Da jrs. Scientific American. A project is on foot in this city to establish a purely American Uno of fast passenger steamers to ply be tween New York and some port on tbo British coast. The plan, accord ing to its projector, Mr. Jacob Loril- lard, is to bnfld ships which will take passeogera from New York Monday morning and place them in London before Saturday night, making the trip from land to land in five or five and a half days. Mr. Lorillsrd said to a Timet re porter: "Oor vessels will be BOO feet long, and will be built of steel to re does weight They will be provided with power three tiineB as great in proportion to their displacement as is obtained by ships now afloat Theso features mean speed.' They will be divided into water-tight compart ment, tendering them absolutely an- einkable. Thera will be fifty such compartments in each ship. That means safety. We shall carry no freight of any sort We shall pro vide no accommodations for emi grants. Everything isto be in first- class style. Oar vessels will be virt ually floating palaces What Pall- man’s parlor ooaehes’are in tbs rail way service, our ships will be on the ocean, •We shall build three ships to start with. Etch ship will bare accommo dations for 500 passengers, and each will probably cost over $1,000,000, probukly $1,260,000. As yet It > im possible to qnoto exact figures.' The oetimntes we desire are not yet given as. We shall not rnn to Liverpool. Our 'undlng place will be Milford Ha ven, m Wales, which ii 200 miles nearer London than ia Liverpool Its harbor, too, can be entered on all tides Upon this side of the ocean we shall savs’thousand! of dollars yearly by the fact that we shall be able to eseape wharfage assenmenta. Carrying only passengers, it will be onr plan to anchor in mid-stream, u do mon-of-war, and have shore com munication by means of tenders Ly ing off the Battery, we would bo as easily aeeeasible ns are vessel* at tho city piers” 'When will yon be ready for bnsi- ness?" asked the reporter. “By tbo spring of 1883, bat not be fore. ' Oar vossels aro yet to bo built, and tho greater part of onr arrango- menta in otbor matters an still in complete. Bat by the date I mention we shall certainly be in perfect readi- Our anocee* will be assured so for a* capital goes” The line will be called the “Ameri can Express Lios” The girl who was locked in her lov er's arms for three long bonrt, ex plains that it wasn’t her fault. She claims bs forgot the combination. When a man say* be make* bit liv ing by keeping a country tavern, isn't it a sort of declaration of inn depend- Jons* say* that after trying for year* to photograph bis girl on bis haari, all bs got from her in the end was a negative. "It' is nerer too late to mend," which is why the cobbler never bae your boots done at the promised boor. A homely yonng girl has the oon- •olation of knowing that if she lives to bo forty ehell be a pretty old girl. They Some women aw likwgu*.' would attract no attention were it not for their bangs. Ask a woman how old she ie if yon want to see her rage. Ills a Wrll Known Fa,« Among plivsician* that Bqchu Juni per and Parer* Brava in combination ure (be best remedies in tbc world for any .b'aense of tb* bladder or kidneys, and that not lea* than one-half of the human family, both male and feumlo, suffer from derangement < f tboee or- gsns, sod neglect or failure to use proper remedies bnrry many to un timely graves. Numerous combina tions have been tried for gravel, brick dost deposits, Bright’s ditease, weak- ness in back and hips, produced by derangoment of bladder and kidneys, but nono with such happy result* as Rankin's extract Buchu and Juniper. If you suffer from any disease ol those organs, get a bollio—one or two will relievo y Prepared only by Hunt, Rankin k Lamar, Atlanta, Ga. novJ9-3m