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Brunswick advertiser and appeal. (Brunswick, Ga.) 1881-1881, December 24, 1881, Image 4

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oats! palmer Brothers IFE&SIJ'' OATS l^rPTfrii ^Ti fm ir]| I’Wn v ' r FEED OATS. ir't* in»M' ,n,c i x 8 !! vm ^,0X37 E a FEED OATS. frr- . • * -ift i' *5 MEAT, MEAT, MEAT! . 2v££3EE F ! q.;l 04.: *>..! Iressed to me ar^‘.s] !7AMS- LABtiMall kinds oMIBAVY OltOCEUIES. which will be *&}. iw cheap Mlhe chc “ b - qlauber & for iT^TTVrgi- ^T^TTly Age-nt lit BriuiBwick f 1 ' ' apest. Communications FORRESTER. Oil Store l RAILROAD, ill Pare White.LM ^inc & Colors, Glass £utty ; Varnishes & Brushes •hi a eta : m S'. . ti ; . Plain and Decorative Wall Paper *hir,T* «T I. . . ..'I*'. WliVA ■■ • . ; . . •: i • U ' Doors, Sashes, Blinds, Etc., .’t:* A V .... ■ t J >■■'■ °i ' loci}, Sash-Weights, Cord, Hinges, Screws, Etc, Lime, Plaster, hair Si cement. The Ladies’Store Millinery & Fancy Goods, OONriWTINO or French Chip llata ami Bonnet*, French Felt Hat# and llonuota, l'luiiu#. French and American Flownre. OIovcm. Lac**, Plush ao<l Satin Ribbon*, hash k Shaded lubbuin Shaded Katina for dre#* trimming. Silk Velvet*, Velveteen In all colors, Children'* and Ladles* Hose. Drew* TrJmmng*, l'ssMtuedtorie and Fringe, Worsted Good*, Button*, Canvu Muttucw, etc. KID GLO VES, EVERY PAIR WARRANTED. (clnuively fur ladle*, and they v tried assortment it AT EXTREMELY I.OW P DICES Only Lady Clerks Will be employed, who will allow goods M Sot Counter Is nttil kept tip, whi artirlo. VfInn you A or it. and if I haven't It, will •leaaure. Country ordera ho] S-A." NG. 5, WHITAKER STREET, OK/k.- Clicss^ Carley <L Co., ,p»t WHOLESALE DEALERS IN OILS OF ALL KIID8, NAVAjl. .STORES, NAVAL' MRS. M. C. ROWE. A. E. HEINS, linker & Confectioner, ...l.fkj nl:4U:ll IN TOBACCO, CIOAIiS ami FRUITS. ALWAYS ON HAND BronswiekMporinm DRY GOODS, NOTIONS, FANCY GOODS, FURNISHING GOODS, GENTS’ & LADIES’ WndtBULX AMD RXTAT. HATS, CAPS, BOOTS AND SHOES. J. MICHELSON & BROTHER LADY Will take . HJKVU1 pleasure In waiting mi ,»1 input. We Lavu i DRESS CLERKS DOORS, i,lf> and IS1 it. Julun ,14. SAVANNAH, - GEORGI. Agricultural Implements, FAN MIIjLS, 6 RAIN CRADLES, AVERY’S PLOWS. BRINLY’S PLOWS, SWEEP SHOVELS, HEEL PINS, GRASS RODS. RUBBER & LEATHER BELTING. CIRCULAR SAWS, CARPENTERS’ TOOLS, BLACKSMITH’S TOOLS, OUNS AND PISTOLS, FISHING TACKLE. AGENTtt FOK FAIHBAJCK8’ Standard Scales, DUPONT’S CELEBRATED POWDEll, Together with a full line of HI!ELF HARDWARE, fur sale at the lowest cash price*. PALMER BROTHERS. tad Opening Simiiik, PtoBiDi no Wester* Riilwit. Ecr^HIKTSJtDEKT'eOtFTC’I, Bavaxeah, Dee.I. *81 AMR Arm mUNDAV. D«c. 4th, Faaaauger U trains on thia BoadwUl ranaa follow.: . FAST MAIL. Lr are Savannah dally at........ ll-iop m n n*::::*'sw.t 1155“ Uop k ® 00A M wiv-w MO A M ike We offer beautiful Novelty Gootta for Over-DresscH mid Trimmings, Surah Silks and Satins of all shades, Dross Goods of every color and variety. HOSIERY, PASSEMENTERIE AND PLUSH TRIMMING, Ice-Cold Soda Water|Jet Ornaments, Cord and Tassels, A CHOICE STOCK OF XDEE3S E'U’TTOITS, Tobacco and Cigars 3. r ?L* i vk ' . Graffi,',' Provisions, Etc. Hay Highest Market lluti s paid for Naval Ston. nished at I’kiaust Fi^wei'.,. Supplies fm- Jn > iy A Sl'IXJIALTY. i am will pK pared to aupply you with any and i .r; thing you wi»h to oat. GOODS DELIVERED FREE. Fresh. Fish and Oysters at^ny FUhMark.' t on I Utlafald au.l TU<m •• h »*L l atrvua ran be aupuffad at any bpnr ul li*« daj.— Your toUdtsT L.L.f AUMYRLL. brjO-tf UiimtlWtlBHIil Ml’. IsTi jt-' -.M3 I'ur Vl< atruyffig UaCU .u irAV»ik« 1 : " Aring ,'anU.a. and vaariAa, -^nurMCg Arr.*-^ ■ imluwa, prutootlag bnlMiugv fnau nr., i «laj nwasfev; if AND A NICE LOT OF LADIES’&CHILDREN’S HATS Ladles’ and Children s Hoots and Shoes OF ALL SORTS IN THE SUCH PRICES NEVER KNOWN BEFORE! Iitark rtilka from 40c to f:i 30, Kvw Uroatdc SUki n all aliudi a. I of ladlra, wlaara and rhll- the A full line of Ribbon., Gomel., Ilandkcrrhlefli, Tire, Drd Huretda and Hhatu* In laco and rmbruld- n<l a beautiful Use of nn-aent. ft»r tbo coming ay a. DOLM Imported direct from Htdubardt. Jacob Cohen’s. 152 BROUGHTON St., SAVANNAH, GEORGIA. febfl-ly JosELamhright Green Grocer, AND DEALER IN Country Produce €. II. WIMBERLY, DKALBR IN flivtVV AM) rAMVIdlOCKHIliS PIC HAMS, BREAKFAST BACON, Flour, sugar, Coffee, Teas, LARD, Batter, Rico, Etc. THE JEWELRY HEADQUAR TERS OF W. F. DOERFLINGER l# th( licrt Plage •>! th. Kind, in ev.-ry n .pwt, I3ST TOW1T. Call andexanuutj hU Urge aud bcautiftiUv i»uKvt. cd a tuck of JEWELRY, W ATCIIUS, Ete„ Etc., *r Stiff. Ued back U . iHIKUKUNuKIt.. and dhawuk.s iiohi:, naim and « l OYS* t’LOTHINO, dlilHlX I'NDKDHIUUTH ILirdwiiro, Steves, Plow '-.Lie t . -a INK KKT AND TAULE CUTLIJ. TINWARE. DUOltH. MASH GLAW, I’l MA * lUM KI'RY LAMPS AM* LAMP FIXTURES KEUOS1NR AND URD OIL. E. D. •UiTlF ■s, Canned Goods, IT .’-IN 1 K'Ni V i’KACKKKU. Fruit, Nuts, Candies, j ■ T-.Juiccos and Cigars. j j N ewcasti* Stnat - Brunswick, Ga. Newcastle & Co. CUSHING'S PlIOTOO RAU1I ROoms, Street, eiits’s white Overshirts only $1.00 Apiece kVe aim to pbun.*. All we IlninawlVk, (>a."o.-t*>t>cr TT. L. HARRIS, Watolimnlior tfc Towelor, BRUNSWICK, CIK., •’STAR” SPECTACLES. LAS CONST vNTLY ON 11 vND A FULL > UP PLY HRUXSWirK - 0 !• OH( i I A. j auVoh Kaiid'4'bretb>r tLrti#] - • l*£Sk Real estate, laind Atccut, r r , i -T- . r E A, KENRICK, Life and AtwWIrr^fn^uranot..' * *• r 3. UDEtTElkiMBBA^E.yrr;. p,,^^ Boarding! BRUNSWICK, - GEORGIA. ^£3!^rt uSt U t£hmr»s*’ tapjRPSfr II it. j -t- T. CVlUn#. CvUc JE1WKLRY, SILVER PLATED WARE CUTLERY. j Musical Instruments; itra srat.vGs. Patnt Watch Regulator. (ton be applied in 5 Minutes TltvTr^MS IT! kb-k-wi TmUr) m myoi.o to re^nl'ite i Witfclt *vitli ^rrt;ii»ity. PISTOLS & CARTRIDGES. Sewing Machines, Needles ,1: Attachments •Ml ii*-«Nl» wi!! K wM ..t ti., .. rv :..:,r'vL’. pric W, lronM«M h»w ((iKHik jco-ly KKJUS AL800K IUXD A FULL AND WELL AS- hUUTED nllH’K UE GROCERIES, CANNED GOODS, TOBACCO. CIGARS, STANDARD AND FANCY CRACKERS, CANDIES, NUTS, FRUITS, Etc., All of which are offer'd fur caah at rcaaonablo price.. I MEAN BUSINESS! Dior, corner NcwcmU. anJ Honk BRUNSWICK, GE0RGL1. BEST GREEN AND BLACK TEAS. Hujsrs aiNurxE nkw chop GARDEX «EED .CJ»i> — OMON SETS. ■'HOICK CHEW! VO dSMOKISO tobacco. The best 5 cent Cigars. For aak at llLtIN'S Dill’ll ST4*H12. CITY BARBER SHOP, J. M. CARTER, I*ru[ri«!tor. HI-aviso, hair crmsrt and hair i atop* only at Jobhatoo'^ Jcaup, Way. crow, Folk* ton, CaUahaa aad Jackaonrilla. .. SSSwu, .:..~r.:.’i!Sig Arrive at Callahan •• ....TsOOAM Arrive a IJaduonvillp •• .......... ff.O) A M Arrive at Live Oak daily (except Fnnday}. .11^0 » X ‘ * 'rm'BENt tiM p M ...fiiOOPM ...7:10 PM . Ur^T 11:40 PM Arrive at Savannah daily at T;ao A^I Palace aleeulng care on thta train daily between Savannah and Jackaonvlll.. Charlcaton aud Jackaou* ville, and Macon and JackaonvlUo. Itoaaongota leaving Macun’7:6<) p m connect at Joe. dp with tula train for Florida daily. . paMcnmrs from Florida by thl. train connect at /cup with train arriving at Maoon 7:04 am daily. Platengera for Darirn take thia train. Paaaengwa from Savannah for Brnnawlck taking Bavannan 9M Paa Keys — paaecngere from Savannah fbr Madiaon, Mon tied- lo Talbhaaaeoaud Quincy take thia train. ALBANY KXPHE88. Leave Savannah dally at 4;36 p m Lcve Jcaup daily ut 7:30 p m Ecve TobcnviDo daily at 10:10 p w LcvoDnpont dally at .> 1:16. m Arrive atTbomnavillo dally at ,8:4s a m Arrive at Balubridgc daily at BJWa ui Arrive at Albany daily at i ... 11 alO a in Lcve Albany daily at .4:40 p m Leavo Diiubrtdg# daily at p m Lcve ThoinaMvlUo daily at 6:30 p :n Arrive at Dmioiit daily at 1:1« a in Arrivo at Tebcuvlllo dally at 4:«0 a m Arrive at Jeunp daily at ....6:15am Arrive at SAvaunah daily at.. 9.05 a in Sleeping ere run through to and from Savannah aid Tnomaavllie daily without change. - Connect at Albauy with Paacnger tralna both waya on siouih won tern Kailroad to and from Ma« cuu.Eufaula, Montgumery. Mubiio, New Orleans, etc. Mall steamer leaves Dninbrldga for Apalachicola and Colombo, every Thursday and Snonay. Close connection at /acluonvUic dally (Iondays •xccptcd) for Green Covo 8pring., Ht anguatine, Palatka and Fntorprlao, and all landings on St. JoLun river. •Train" on It. and A. K. IL leave Junction, goln. west, at 11:37 a. in., and for Nrtmswlck at 4.40 p. to. dally, Sunday. Through Tickets sold and Sleeping eo- cured at Drcn’a Ticket Office. No. 39 Dull atredt, aud at Savannah, Florida and Western Railway Passen ger Depot. J. H, Tvaow. Jab. L. Tatmih, Ma«tor Tran*. <»en’l P’ngcr Ag't. R. O. FLEMING. Hnpt. Foreign and Domestc Wiiies, Liquors, AND CIGARS, Hiatnr,iiH«niH,u. AprllaVlUm W.B.Mell&Co., Wboloule and Detail Dealer* In SA DLES& HARNESS, itl'BBER AND Leather Belting, EB, wmre ASDsADULItty WAKK. HARNESS, COLLARS, BRIDIES, Etc. SUITABLE FOR MILL MEN AND TUIIPENTINP. MANL'KACTUHERH, A Specialty. WRITE FOR FltlCES. Savannnli, (Georgia. TIN SHOP, STOVES & STOVE PIPE, f' ^rrpfrrn Tiu Ware, Pluuihlug, Pumps S: Pump Driving. All jobblug neatly doue, id. Give ua a call. FT ores ton Cologne. i I,rw A“l lll ft ,w *.jrukto.auNrfMM. ‘•iS7V5w;, r ritv • BUcos* co„ Cbcml.u. If. T. BaamikmdUH^sgmia hiwd .o .kmfultr la Pa.x..*. Cincu Tumc u ;io lult. it th« a rulMt DIomI Parilar ■ CeUDetlUludStRKUBcifottr., If row are wa*tulg , awT^-'•• ^ ■ydMWMMiktnaa; /r.v i a n r!nu<nr\'.s // § m ci ttisg . JtPKCJXLTY. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED PARKEITS HAIR BALSAM 1 ,r/, /, Cftontrr, ATTORNEY AT LAW, IllllNSmCK, CEORO!A.