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Columbian centinel. (Augusta, Ga.) 18??-????, December 06, 1806, Image 1

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fS| M i VOL IV. No. 176] * - ■ ■- ■ - ■ ■ —' ' ■' ( ■ ■■■ Three dollars per annum .) PUBLISHED BY GEORGE F. RANDOLPH, NORTH BROAD-STREET. fHalf in advance. . - ■- i ■ »■ ■■ ill ■ —il ~U i IMiHil I i I'lHi'ltll I MlMtWrlfcitf 1 TTM ii iiii i~ "■ i"i '*-_ _ - ' ~ ' ' ** ' ■ - ■ - i lMi 111 Bil l r 111 II"l Till ‘ ‘T^f CONDITIONS OF THE COL UMHUjY CEA'TI.YEL. 1. THE COLUMBIAN CENTINEL will be published every s atuu da y,on a (lemi paper, of an excellent quality, and on an entire new type, of which this is a specimen. 2. The terms of subscription Mill be three dollars per annum, one half to be paid at the time of subscribing, and the balance at the expiration of the year. 3. No subscription will be received for a less term than six months, and all subscribers papers will be continued from year to year, unless ordered to the reverse at the expiration of the year, or six months. 4. Advertisements will be charged sixty-three cents per square for the first publication, and forty-two for each succeeding, and in the same proportion for tiiose of greater length. TV following persons have subscrip lion papas in (heir hands for the accom modation of persons who may flense in aubscribe , and they are duly authorised to receive the same. Pelcrsburgh: Capt. J. P. Watkins. Viena : James Colhoun. Elbe rton: Middleton Woods, Esq. Oglethor/i County: Win. H. Crawford, Samuel Shields, China Grove , and at the Store of Major Phinizy, Lexington. Washington , Wilkes County: Col. Francis Willis. Maj. Patrick Jack. Green County Maj. Young Gresham, James Nickelson, William Grant. Jackson county Samuel Gardner, Esq. Franklin county : Thomas P. Carnes, Esq. Hancock County : Hines Holt, Esq. T)oct. William Lee, Fii Harris Worren County C (pt. Thomas Dent, George Hargraves. Lincoln County John M. Dooley, Esq. Charles Stovall. Columbia: William Ware, Esq. Solomon Marshall, Liurkc County William White!tead, Col. John Whitehead, Col. John Davis, Jefferson County: George R. Clayton, Esq. James Bozeman, Esq. John Bostwick, Esq. Scrivcn County P«euben Wilkinson. William Oliver, Esq. Major Skinner, Savannah: Seymour, Scco .printers, Bacon and Malone, " f Intosh County : George Baillie. AUGUSTA fc? SAVANNAH Line of Stages . THE Augusta and Savannah line of Stages will be continued by the subscriber, who trusts his unremitting attention to the LINE, in endeavoring to render passengers safe and cwmfort able, wiil secure him a coutinuance of public patronage. He at the same time informs them that the STAGE OFFICE is removed from Ashton’s Tavern, to Mrs. LONGSTREET’S Boarding-House- LEWIS CALFREY. September 20. 9 BLANK SHERIFFS TITLES For Sale at this Oflicc. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA. jjUjjyL^L - ■■ ---• ■ —— —mm.: ■ ■ ■ ■■ I ■ -■ —— - . - rn! ■ ami■ him Bradley Merchat it Taylors, HAVE JUkT RECEIVED FROM i \EW-YORK , EXTRA SUPERFINE Blue, Black, Mixed, Egyptian Brown, Clar et k Drab Broad Cloths, Double Mill’d Black and Drab Caasi meres of a superior quality, Black, Blue, White, Drab and Mixed single do. RICH SILK. MARSEILLES, Worsted do. Black, Striped Silk Velvet, Plain and Drab do. Trafalgar Toihictts, Patent Cord and Swansdown Vesting, Black, Purple and Figured Tabby Vel vets do. Superfine White and Figured Mar seilles do. Drab and Mixed Patent Cord, Darky Mixed c?' Drab Patent Cloths ; Plain. Black and Olive Velvets, Black, Drab and Olive Fancy Cord, White, Green, Black and Blue Flan nels, Fine White and Brown Linens, RICH FANCY COAT BUTTONS, Silks and Twists : Together with all kinds ot Triming used in their business. WEBB's JVrw- York PATEA T SUB PEA DE R on a new U improved plan. N. B. The above goods were select ed by one of the concern, and will bt: sold on as good terms for CASH, as they can be purchased in the Southern States. November 15, 1806. 17 Mrs . M. Chatfieli 4 INFORMS TIIE LADIES OF AUGUSTA} ALSO OK THE COUNTRY, Tnut she has just arnvedfrom A'civ- York , with a General Assortment of the most Fashionable Straw Bonnets, Couland Silk Shags, AND SILKS OF EVERT DESCRIPTION , FOR THE PURPOSE OF BONNET-MAKING And an Assortment of Black, White, and Coloured PLUMES, A handsome Collection of Leno Shawls tff Muslins OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, Together with a number of Articles suitable for the Ladies, who may de pend on having any article in her line of business, made upon the shotest notice Ootober 4. 11— REUBENIdOSS, Taylor 1$ Habit Maker , Respectfully informs the citi zens of Augusta and its vicinity, that he has commenced the TAYLOR ING BUSINESS, at his shop next door to Messrs. Bradi.f.y & Knapen, in Washington Street. He flatters him self from his knowledge of the business, together with the punctuality and dis patch that will be paid to orders, to en sure himself a share of public patronage. October 18, 1806. 13 Book Binding. THE Subscriber informs his friends and the public, that he has Just received a supply of MATERIALS for BINDING, and still continues to carry on the above business in all its various branches, with neatness and dispatch ; all orders left at this office will be thankfully re ceived and duly attended to; —Also, Merchants Account Books of every des cription elegantly ruled and bound to any pattern, either plain or with patent iron backs. William Butler. November 15. 17 — MMa—miW’MiT Thomas Burdell, Respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he has received at his Store, BROAD-STREET', AN EXTENSIVE AND EXCELLENT ASSORTMENT OF MERCHANDIZE ....CONSISTING 0F.... BLUE, Drab, Greenßc Mixed Plains, Blue, Drab, Green and Mixed For est Cloths, 5-4 and 6-4 Coarse and Second Drab, Blue, Brown, Green Sc mixed cloths, Superfine, Blue, Brown, Green, Drab and mixed cloths, Second and Superfine Kerseymeres, Coatings, Flannels and Baizes, Bombazette, Durant and Calimancoes, Worsted, Cotton and Silk Hosiery, Dimity, Marseilles and Jeans, Canabeicke juid Muslins, ’ Brown and White Irish Linen, Platillas, Listadoes, and Rowcus, Calicoes and Chintz, Silks of various kinds, Crimson, .» |/ * & \ SMk Velvets A l ast Green J ' A few set of TeffWtfna, 45 pieces each, Lace Scarfs, very elegant, Ditto 5-4 Shawls, Ditto 7-4 Veils, Ditto Bosoms, Ditto Caps, Ditto Sleeves and Sleeve Patterns, Ditto Cloaks, En Elegant Assortment of LACES AND EDGINGS, Lace Bambrick, Ditto Muslins, Ditto Crapes and Plaine do. Leno and Picket Muslins, Leno Caps and Shawls, Ribbons, Cord and Tassels, Flowers and Feathers, Knotted Cotton Trimmings, Damask Satlin Shawls, Nett Shawls, Adelphi Thread, • ••• ALSO.... A GENERAL ASSORTMENT OF Ironmongery and Saddlery, And a great number of other articles, all of which are offered low for cash or approved notes at 90 days- September 20. 9 Benjn. Hall, & Co. Respectfully inform their friends and the public, that, they have Just Received at their Store, one door below Mr. Randolph's Printing office, the Following Articles, which they will sell low for cash or cousrnr produce, nr WHOLESALE or RETAIL, VIZ— BACK STRAP and common Fair Top Boots, Suwarrow and three quarter ditto. Men’s Coarse and Fine Shoes, assorted, Boy's ditto. do. do. do. Lady’s Kid, Morocco 8c Leather Slippers Misses Morocco and Leather do. Children’s Leather 8c Morocco Buskins, Waxed Calf skins, Fair top ditto. Seal skins, Caif skins and Cordcvan Boots Legs, Men and Women’s Saddles, Plated, and Common Bridles, Martingles, Horsewhips and Whipthongs, Saddle Baggs, Men’s Caster and Rorum Hats. Lady’s and Boy’s ditto. Shoe Blacking ami Shoe Brushes— Together with a few Reams of tVIUTIA G PAPER. November 15, 1806. 17 m”vNKS of every description executed at this office, with neatness and dispatch. I J SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1806. * -y i SOMERVILLE. 1 HIS valuable and desirable Retreat, containing upwards of 3000 acres of land, lying on the heights of Rae’s creek, within five miles of Augus ta, may be had on Lease or Purchase, and possession given the first day of / January. / ALSO, To be Sold or Leased, j On liberal terms, the Old Court House lot, on the bay. near Mfr Harm’s—and a lot on the at present oc ’ copied by Mr. iTC. Russell. Apply | to John B. Wilkinson, Esq. in the ab- V sence of SEABORN JONES. October 25* 13_ FOR SALE, , A valuable plantation IN the upper part of Warren county, about six miles above Powelton, on Ogechee, containing five hundred acres of the first quality up-land, about eighty acres of which is cleared, and in cultivation—lmmediate possession of which may be had and the terms known by applying to the subscriber residing on the premises. NOAH KELCEY. November 1, 1806. ts. 15 FOUND, IN the store of the subscriber, last week, a note of hand for one hun dred and twenty dollars, with twenty dollars credit on die back. The owner by proving said note and paying for this advei tisement, can have it by applyinc to NATHANIEL P. BEACH. November 1, 1886. 15 FOR SALE. 35 Tracts of Land, LYING in Edgefield, Barnwell, O rangeburg, Abbeville, Union, Green ville and Pendleton district, in this state, containing together about 25 982. For price, terms and further particulars, apply to Mr. Le Boy Hammond, Sur veyor at this place, or to the subscri ber. Such of them as may not be dis posed of by private sale, before the Ist day of October next, will on the first Monday in December following, be sold to the highest bidder at Edgefield Court-House, by public Auction. In disputable titles will be made to the purchasers and terms made known in due time. CHARLES GOODWIN, Attorney at Law. Town Creek Mills , S. C. } July 5, 1806. 5 54 ~ Will be Sold at the house of Col. Jesse Sanders, on Thurday the 11 th of De cember next , A LL the personal property of Ed- ATx. ward Sanders, dec. consisting of Horses, one Rideing Chair, Household Furniture, &c. I erms of sale made known on the day of sale ; also, all per sons indebted to said deceased,are desir ed to come forward and make payment; those having any demands, will bring them in properly attested, within the time prescribed by law. JESSE SANDERS, iun.? „ , EDMUND BLUNT, 5 Ex r& ' November 1, 1805. 4t 15 Administratrix Sale. On the first Tuesday in February next, in the town of Haynes borough, be tween the hours of 10 and 3 o’clock, Will lx* Sold, TWO lots in the town of Waynesborongli, containing one acre 1 each, for the benefit ol the heirs and creditors or John Dickson, dec. agree able to an order of the Honorable the Inferior Court of Burke county. Margaret Dixon, Adm’x. September 27. 10—