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Cedartown advertiser. (Cedartown, Ga.) 1878-1889, January 24, 1884, Image 3

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IOOAL MATTERS, Sheriff’s Advertising. Faes Must baPaid in Advance. AH persons having Sheriff’s levies to advertise in this paper, will re member, that here-after the fees must be paid ix^tdvancc. This rule is im perative .Mid will've deviated "from lit no instance, f. - ' ’ Blue Stone, at Burbank’s. Handkerchief Extracts and Face Powders—a superior lot—at Bur bank’s. J. S. Stubbs?* Co. have a splendid line of Dress Goods, cheaper than ever. Braces! Braces! . good stock at Burbank’s. Trusses! Trusses! A good stock now on hand at T. F. Burbank’.s. Go and See That elegant lot of perfumes to be • found at T. F. Burbank’s. J. S. Stublis & Co., are sole agents in Cedartown for the “Diamond” shirt. The “Diamond” is the best shirt on the market, and is offered at prices which are certain to please. Bumps! Lamps! Lamps! The largest and best assortment ot Lamps and Lamp Fixtures, at T. F. Burbank’s. Diamond Dyes. Tlie best dyes extant, can be pro cured at T. F. Burbank’s. J. S. Stubbs * Co., have the best Overcoats for the price ever offered in Cedartown. BREVITIES. It is about time now to swear off from swearing off. We have had some good weather for the farmer—to keep in doors. Mrs. John Ilurst opened a small private school at her residence on Monday. Butter, eggs, chickens, &c., are scarcer in our market than known for some time. Mr. J. F. Colville came up from Atlanta a few days ago on a visit to his former home—this place. Haralson Superior Court is in ses sion this week. A number of our attorneys are in attendance. Misses Dora and Mamie Lou Crook, of Jacksonville, Ala., are vis iting at this place, guests of Mrs. W. T. Gibson. Mr. J. I. Watson died near this place on Tuesday night of consump tion. He leaves a wife and four small children. Capt. and Mrs. J. P. Johnson, and daughter, left for Atlanta on Sunday last, which city they will make their future home. The party who has in his posses sion my electric battery will please return it to my ofiiee. Jan. 23, 1884. J. C. Harris. Mr. Henry C. Amos, of Home, agent for the United States Life In surance Company, was in town last week interviewing our citizens.. Mr. J. A. Nichols and wife, nee Miss Allie Simmons, visited rela tives and friends at this place, re maining a few days, last week. Mr. Frank Glenn, of Floyd coun ty, has purchased the house and lot Miss Lula Hurst, whose, strange powers have of late been developed, and which have gained such wide spread attention has been publicly exhibiting her powers for the past ten days at different points, having appeared before large audiences at I tween him and his associates with re- Rome, Rockmart, Dallas, Atlanta garf to the conflict of the Telegraph and Chattanooga. She left each J andRailroad men with their employ- The Magazines. The retirement of Mr. Carl Sc’aurz, a few r weeks ago, from the editorship of one of the leading journals of New York,on the ground that irreconcila ble differences of opinion existed be- TKEASUEEK’S REPORT. C. H. Wood, C. T., Return to Commissioners Roads and Revenues. 1684- 131 Jan’y 21. County Purposes. To Cash on hand at return in January, 1883 $2,201 31 “ received from Taxes 1881 ~ ’ i -u; “ 1382. “ 1883 all other sources.. 371 i.H 3056 74 29 30 place with the public well convinced that she possessed an unusual and unknown power, except perhaps, at Atlanta. Her first appearance there, according to accounts, was quite suc cessful, but the last time she appear ed, skeptics did their best to sustain an idea of theirs that she used mus- culaa force in moving objects, and succeeded, in so much as the young lady failed to move the objects as they usually do with others while they were holding them. As she was greatly embarrassed and intimi dated none who had been satisfactor ily convinced of her powers, jierliaps were caused to lose faith in her, as it lias been asserted and accepted ns trutli that her powers are manifested most perceptibly when she is calm. Mr. Hurst has sent us the following telegram : Atlanta, January 22, 1884. Editor Advertiser: Our suc cess here is all we could ask. Com pliments. IVit. E. Hurst. ments, has awakened curiosity in no j Total cash on hand and rec’d since January return 1S83... $5,030 49 Dr. R. R. Thompson’s Liniment IS Kept u,. C^.1- «vfc !£». I'. U.—1-..,,L, Drug Store. Mr. Burbank: Send me 1 doz. battles Brown’s Iron Bitters. It is the best tonic I ever knew. ■ Mrs. Julius A. Peek. L May 9th, 1SS3. " Buy your Drugs, Paints, Oils, Put- • ty, Glass, Lamps, Lamp Fixtures, Standard Proprietary Remedies, etc., " T. F. Burbank, wiio always keeps ood assortment at reasonable prices. . i Sta w: . pri< j/rfa v you want Paints and Oils, Sash, rs and Blinds, or Window Glass? will furniifr you at Chattanooga 4»nd Atlanta prices, and save you profits and delay. Our motto is ‘“‘Quick Sides and Short Profits. Bruce Harris & Co. 117 Broiid Street, Rome, Ga. Special Bargains. Those in want of any one of the following articles, which we have at -our disposal, will find it to tiieir in terest to call at the Advertiser of fice. A special bargain is offered in each New Home Sewing Machine, bran new. Fish Bros. * Co. Road Cart. Organ (Popular Style.) Spiral Spring Buggy. W. W. Wimberly * Bro., under Buena Vista,” will keep-a "well as sorted and fresh line Of Family Gro ceries that will be sold at the most reasonable prices. The trade of Polk county men visiting Rome especially &olicit£drv til-jan. ‘ Jo Whom It May Concern, s to give notice that the legal einents of all the officers of >n county will be changed at from the Cedartown Adveh- Eii to the Haralson Banner. J. K. HOLCOMBE, Sheriff Haralson Countv. S. M. DAVENPORT, Ordinary. The Philadelphia Times, 1884. / The Times will enter upon the new year stronger and more prosperous than ever before in its history,—more widely read ana quoted, more heartily com mended, and more fiercely criticised, with a more corapletesorganization, and an ubler stall of contributors—and with the same independence and Eonr-tesaness that has it successful and powerful ;n the past; The Times has no party to follow, no candidates to advance, but will meet ev ery issue, as it has ever done, with con sistent devotion to the right, to honest government, and the public welfare. And, while maintaining its position as tho loading journal of Philadelphia, it will tftm to be continually in the advance in all phat can add value to a newspaper. Thejvaluc of a newspaper is not in its Site (jj display, but in the intelligence :and care, the conciseness and freshness which it is edited. The Times spends ' 1V for news from all parts of the “— J_, .l its dispatches are carefully n order to give the complete |lay in the most concise and pe, and with it a large va c-naming amf instructive e best writers at home and 'e employed to enrich its eol- d to make it a journal adapted !he busy man and to the leisure >me circle, a welcome visitor to nt' and holiest citizens of every Titicaprfcligious and social taste. The Weekay Times is altogether dif ferent from the Weekly newspapers of enty years ago. The day of those pa rs is gone by. The telegraph anil bet- : local newspapers everywhere, espe- aily in the thriving centres of rural ipulation, have made the old weekly etropoiitSin newspaper unsatisfying, hose that Wing to their ancient usages w lost their hold on ourforward-mov- f people; they are but shadowsof their r^ier gro itn «s, and they have but a ->w of their former power. Those rrs have had their usefulness, bui, it jno; ap'd with it, they are going, too. ijrits not’tho fault of tlie papers; it was '•improvement of the country that ught about the change. Men and wo lf, wherever they live, now require slier news: and they require more in'news. 3ie Weekly Timesgathers off the types every passing week whatever has iast- ! inte.est to people at large, and sets it fore them in such generosity of paper 1 print as would have astonished us twenty years ago. Daily—Twelve cents a week, fifty cents ■ month, 8=5 a year, two cents a copy. I Sunday—four cents a copy, 32 a yea*-. Weekty—One copy, $2 a year; five cop ies 83 a year; ten copies, 815 a year; twenty copies, $25 a year, with one copy free to the getter up of the club. THE TIMES, Philadelphia. of Mr. W. S. Davis in this place, j tin , r His son, Mr. James Glenn, will ot* cupy tlie place. We learn that, up to this time, ten persons nave L-Apira-ca of being candidates for the office of Marshal. The election occurs before tlie new council early in next month. Joseph Harris, Rochester, N. V., offers to send Seeds to the children at 25 per cent, less than catalogue rates, nis seeds arc tlie very best. We have used them and can recommend them. Catalogue for 1884 free. Send for it. A band of strolling musicians, to the number of half a dozen, put in appearance on our streets Monday. Their stay was chiefly marked by the quantity of alleged music pro duced, by their repulsive looks and impudent manner. The Sunday school services of the Episcopal church will be resumed on next Sunday. The time will be at a quarter past ten o’clock. The other services will commence at eleven and at four o’clock. We have received a copy of the Haralson Banner, a new paper just started at Buchanan, by A. B. Fitts. The advertising columns of the paper bear evidences of a fair local sup port, while the news is dished up in reasonable quantity. We wish tlie venture success. We learn that Mr. M. A. Wright has received from the Niagara In surance Company about one thous and dollars for damages sustained on his stock of goods at tho late fire. Tate Bros, have received, we also learn, about two hundred dollars for their losses. Mr. J. J. Kain, of Chester, S. C., was here last week, looking after the removal of the remains of his broth er, Mr. E. Kain, who died last Oc tober and was buried in our ceme tery. The remains go to New York and will be interred beside those of the wife of the deceased. -Mr. Jud. Crabb, the wide-awake new proprietor of the Cedartown Hotel, is having some splendid im provements nijj^le about his house. He is fitting •ap a splendid sample room, and re-arranging the office in a number-of-ways that add percept ibly to the appearance of things. There are Mill no unoccupied dwellings in Cedartowp and yet there is a constant demand by new fami lies who move to our midst.' We would like to know of some one with means undertaking the erection of a few cheap but comfortable houses for rent. The investment would surely pay. A gala affair is likely to be that proposed at the skating rink for the night of February 1st. On account of leap year, the young ladies will be mistresses of tlie occasion and gener al directresses of ceremonies: The handsomest young man will bo awarded a present, a ballot deciding the choice. For further particulars consult the handbills or go and see. The recent cold snap, though not a parallel in severity with the one pre ceding it more than a week, has nevertheless been one such as we only now and then experience. The thermometer is known to have been as low as fourteen degrees, while du ring the spell previous it was as low as four degrees. A rain having moistened the ground before the last spell, the freeze did considerable harm to growing small grain. Oats have been pretty well killed out while wheat is badly injured. In trying to account for the extra ordinary powers possessed by Miss Lula Hurst, of Cedartown, says the Savannah News, much 1ms been said about magnetism. Professor Hughes says that “magnetism is not, as has been supposed, an indifferent turn ing of the molecules in all directions, with consequent balancing of influ ence, but, bn the contrary, is a per fectly symmetrical anstigement, the molecules, or their pbkKites, arrang ing themselves so am to ''satisfy their mutual attraction by the shortest path, and thus farjj£'~% cotnplete dosed circuit of attrjefttii.” If our esteemed contemporaries laid only known this before making their in vestigations much trouble would have been avoided. It be hoped the country will be fully satisfied With the explanation, We are in receipt of a handsomely illustrated Catalogue of farm, Garden and Flower seeds, from Joseph Har ris, Moreton Farm Rochester, N. Y. It will be sent free to any reader of the Advertiser who sends his or her name to Mr. Harris as above. Mr. Harris is a large farmer and seed grower and a well-known agricultural writer. He i gives very full directions for cultiva. are well worth reading. Send for his catalogue. We have used his seeds for several years and can confidently recommend them. Tiltwo warranted froch, pure and good, or money refunded. A runaway that looked at first as though it would become serious, oc curred on Warehouse street Satur day. A team of Mr. John Hunt took fright and ran about a hundred yards frantically, until arrested in their flight by persons running in front of them. Mr. Hunt’s little son jumped from the rear of tlie wagon while Mr. H. remained in the wagon holding the lines. Neith er were injured. Since Cedartown has suffered so materially from fires believed to have been of incendiary origin in most instances, and most of the mu nicipal lawlessness comes after night' an idea has several times been ad vanced, that if carried out, we be lieve would do much good to the town—that of employiug a uight watchman—a man of responsibility win) would keep a vigilant eye on the town’s interests while her citi zens were asleep. With a few other invited guests, we dined at the Enlow House on last Thursday. Amidst the general dearth of palatable products, the re past was one calculated to arouse as it did a thorough appreciation, for it embraced variety and was prepared in a manner well sustaining a nong the partakers tlie wide-spread favor- ble opinions oEMrs. E’s culinary ca parities. Tiie song “Wait Till the Clouds Roll By,” when it was first sun may have met with appreciation, which we doubt, but it is certain it has by this time become considera bly threadbare. This is about a sam ple of tlie way it is most usually ren dered : “5Vah taw the claw raw haw Jawy, Wall tali the claw raw ba'w, Jawy, maw aw traw law wall, Wall taw the claw raw haw.” ' Officers A. L. II. The following officers have been elected for the ensuing year by Ce dartown Council, American Legion of. Honor: L. S. Ledbetter, Com. J. C. Harris, P. C. Daniel Walker, V. C. J. W. Barr, Col. R. H. Wheeler, Treas. S. P. Etter, Sec’y. C. E. Seruton, Orator. J. C. Harris, Representative to Grind Lodge. The Schoolmaster of our Republic. When our republic rose, Noali Webster became its schoolmaster. There had never been a great nation with a universal language without dialects. The Yorkshireman can not now talk with a man from Corn wall. Tlie peasant of Ligurian Ap- pennines, drives his goats home at evening, over hills that look down on six provinces, none of whose di alects he can speak. Here, five thou sand miles change not tlie sound of a word. Around every fireside, and from every tribune, in every field of labor and every factory of toil, is heard the same tongue. We owe it to Noah Webster’s Spelling Book and Dictionaries. He has done* for us more than Alfred did for England, or Cadmus for Greece. His books have educated three generations. They are forever multiplying his in numerable army of thinkers, who will transmit his name from age to age. Only two men have stood on the New World, whose fame is 6o sure to last—Columbus, its discoverer, and Washington, its savior. Webster is and will be its great teacher; and these three make our trinity of time.” ordinary degree; and lienee when he defines his position upon the question at issue, viz., “Corporation, their Employes and the public” as he does in the North American Review for February, he is sure to command an attentive hearing. To the same num ber of the Review J. C. Sharp, Prin cipal of the University of St Andrews, contributes an'admirable sketch of the life and works of Henry Vaughan Silurst”, a poet of the 17th century whose genus exhibited a rare and al most unique combination ofgifts.Scn- ator J. J. Ingalls writes of “John Browns’s Place in History”, his pur pose being to disprove the several courts in the indictment of the hero of Potawatomie contained in the re cent article liy the Rev. David N. Utter. The question “ Must the Classics Go?” is discussed by Prof. Andrew F. West, of Princeton College, who presents a very forcible argument for tlie retention of Greek and Latin in tlie curriculum of our educational system. Race Increase in the Untod States,” by Congressman J. Randolph Tucker, makes a very substantia! contribution to^sociolog- ical sciences. The Rev. M. J. Savage in pointingjiut sundry “Defeats of the Public School System,” advances certain views of the ends tobeattain- ed by Shite education which, ifaccep- ted, would very materially modify, and indeed revolutionize the existed system. Finally an important ques tion in hygiene, “ Rival System of Heating,” is treated by Dr. A. N. Bell and Prof. W. I’. Trowbridge, who point out the advantages and disadvantages, from the standpoints of hntli economy and of health, of tlie different methods in use for warming houses. _ Published at 30 Lafayette Place, New York, and for sale by booksellers generally. The Manhattan for February is thoroughly entertaining. The open ing article, “Autumn Camps on Cayuga,” by William F. Taylor, is a bright and breezy paper, full of the open air, while the illustrations show as never before, all. (the picturesque features of the beautiful Lake Cayu ga, the home of the Iroquois in tlie time of the. famous chieftain, Hia watha, Another illustrated article is both a philosophical and amusing paper by Frank Beard on “Carica ture,” of which the well-drawn and humorous illustrations are in the best vein of that popular draughts man Beautiful, both in drawing and engraving, are illustrations—one of them, the^frontispicce—of an in teresting narrative poem, “The Queen’s Revenge,” by Thomas S. I Collier. The drawings are by Will I H. Low, and tlie engravings are by | the]masterly hands of Henry Wolf and Muller. “Shakespeare’s Son nets in a New Light” is a fine liter ary article from tlie practised hand of Junius Henri Browne, and “A Poe Wife” is an elegant and witty come dy by Bnmder Matthews. In deeply interesting (paper, traversin quite a new field, S. G. W. Benja min, U. S. Charge d’Affaires and Consul-General in Persia, describes his journey “Across the Caucasus” last year to take possession of his past. In a second part of “Creation or Evolution ?” George Ticknor Curt is shows the insufficiency of the proof of the theory of Darwin. The fiction of the number is the first part of an absorbing and skillfully wrought story, “Transformation,” by Harriet Prescott Spofford, and another chapter ol “Tinkling Cym bals,” by Edgar Fawcett, who here will much excite the curiosity of his readers. . Among the poets of the number is Judge Noah Davis, pre siding Judge oi the New York Su preme Court. Other poets are Mary Bradley, Ella Wheeler, Christopher P. Craneh, and Margaret Eytinge. Tiie various departments are well filled,* and some amusing drawings illustrating this Leap Year’s Valen tine well close the number. The Art Amateur for January, consisting of sixty folio pages, is the largest and best number yet issued of this popular magazine. More than a hundred illustrations are giv en, not counting numerous full-size By cash paid on vouchers since last return .$4,370 09 “ “ Com’rs “ “ 195 09 “ Total amount paid out $4,503 78 Leaving on hand for county purposes $1,094 71 Jury Fund. To cash on hand at return hi January 18s3 $l,iG3 05 “ received from taxes 1SS1 2 07 “ “ “ 1882 ; 290 92 “ “ 1883 3,930 07 Total cash on hand and rec’d siifce January return 1883... $5,380 11 Cr. By cash paid on vouchers since last return $3,574 00 “ “ Com’rs “ 194 89 Total paid out since return January 1883 $3,7&8 89 Leaving on hand for Jury fund -$1,G17 Pauper Fund. To cash on hand at return in January 1883 $1,0-58 93 “ received from taxes 1881 82 “ “ 1882 fi-l 70 <l “ 1833 655 01 paid on pauper farm 325 00 The Place to Boy Year Clothing is AT Wright’s Clothing Store I Always on hand to select from, nn extensive and.elegant stock of MEN’S, YOUTHS’I BOYS’ SUITS, Embracing all the newest, most fashionable and beautiful styles. Overcoats, Eats, Soots, Shoes and Gents’ Furnishing Goods. Goods thoroughly reliable, and will trip lightly o'er your pocket-book. - AN EXAMINATION OF GOODS AND PRICES IS INVITED. MILLER A. WRIGHT. Total cash on hand and received since last return $2,704 40 Cr. By cash paid out on vouchers $1,390 21 “ . “ Com’rs !!!. ’ oo 80 Total cash paid out since January return 1883 $1,431 07 Leaving on hand for pauper purposes - $i 253 Bridge Fund. To cash on hand at return in January 1883 $ “ received from taxes 1881 “ “ “ 1883 Total cash on hand and rec’d since January return 1SS3...$1,175 33 Cr. By cash paid out on Com’rs since January 1SS3 $ 27 33 Total cash paid out since January 1883....' $ 27 33 Leaving on hand for bridge purposes $1,148 00 Total on hand in treasury $.3 113 3: At a sitting of tiie Board Commissioners of Itoads airi Revenues, Polk county, Ga., upon examining the above, find it correct and hereby upprov tlie same. This 21st day of January, 1884. W. M. PHILLIPS, Chairman Board Com’rs R. and I£ OUR CLUBBING LIST By a liberal arrangement with the publishers, we are enabled to offer the publications named below, in connection with The Advertiser, at the very low prices given. CONDITIONS. Persons desiring to avail themselves of the advantages of those rial bing arrangements, if now on our books, must pay all arrearages, il' any, to date, and in addition, must pay for The Advertiser, in connection with tiie other publication wanted, one year in advance. If not now subscribers to The Advertiser, they must pay for it, in connection with tiie othe; paper wanted, one year in advance. fist, ..81 50 .. 2 00 .. 2 “0 .. 1 50 .. 1 «i) .. 4 00 4 00 10 00 4 00 4 00 60 1 00 50 1 50 1 00 Louisville Weekly Courier-Journal Augusta Weekly Chronicle and Constitutionalist............ Savannah Weekly News Atlanta Weekly Constitution Mechanical News Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper Atlantic Monthly ( Law Reporter (new subscribers) Edinburgh Review London Quarterly Review Northern South...'. The Cricket on the Hearth (with premium)....].".'.'.'.’.'."!".'."."!.".' Cottage and Farm (with premium) Tiie two above (with premiums) Our Little Men and Women ; Babviand .!!!!!!!!!.!!”."]!"!.".] The Eclectic A!.!!!!!!!!!!!”] The Manhattan ]....!!!!...]!!... ,, o- Godey’s Lady’s Book (with premium) 2 00 Arthur’s Home Magazine 2 00 Boston Weekly Globe '. !!!!!!!]]!!!!]!!!!!!!!]! T 0.1 2 Lippincott’s Magazine 3 00 3 Harper’s Magazine ]]] 4 qq .1 Harper’s Weekly ].]] joq 4 Saturday Night. 3 00 3 Golden Days " ^ ^ ^ Gardener’s Monthly aud Horticulturist...!””]!..].”2 00 2 American Register 2 00 2 Texas Siftings (with premium) ]]]!] 25) 2 North American Review ] 5 00 5 Country Merchant...... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 00 1 Demorest’s Monthly Magazine...- 2 00 2 Burlington Hawkeye !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 25 2 Detroit Free Press .!!!..]!!!!!.!!!..! J 09 2 Call at this ofiiee, or address THE ADVERTISER, Cedartown, Ga $2 30 A.*r ex.OO T*EIi VEA-ia. And Each off the Six to Get a Premium. Offer Only Good Until July 1st, 1SS4, " ‘ this offer, send ns three two cent stamp; The high winds whistled around the ehimney tops and steebltw, and blew bricks down into the street, scaring the people who walk below. Snow, sleet and nail drove into the faces of those who dared expose themselves, and made them button their coats tight around their throats. Of course there .were sore throats and colds su.l coughs aud rheumatisms the next day. But what were these to men ana women who into any drug store and of Pkrby Davis’s |»a! SUDnlementarv worki tit? drawings for r>J 1 ? order to avail yo'.ip;elf of this offer, send us three two cent stomps for sample copy .iLqq.iciiicnuirv IVOIKIUJ, ura\\Highlor . Rural Rscottn,and indlvldnsl premium list, with instructions to arents. Show the Ru- ehina-painting, wood-carving, ham- ! K 2 C0RD to your friends and neig ubors, for It will require no solicitation after they have . , Dcen shown n copy, ana learn of the handsome premium each subscriber receives f v ee of meretl brass, monograms, and em- j C 055 *. On receipt of Six Dollars, we wi«l forward the watch at once, enter the six names on hrnirlorv fr/vn ? ur so^cription list and mail to each their premium. Remember the Wntcrbnry Wateli OroKlery designs lro.11 the South Is cuarantced to pave entire salisr»eu«u and we stand lo refand .oir mow Kensington Royal School of Art 1 «*i csnununiouioiu i« Needlework. The Pedestal Fund OCH S, YQNCE & CO., Rural Record, Chattanooga, Term Art Loan Exhibition is fully and critically noticed, with a biography of M. Bartholdi and pictures of his best sculptures. There are two fas cinating pages of illustrations of the matchless collection of Cosway mini atures, shown by Edward Joseph, of London, with other works of art, at the Loan Exhibition ; and interest ing examples are given of the new very artistic Haviland “gres” cera mic ware. Other especially attract ive illustrations are of Detaille’s painting, “Saluting the Wounded,” and the picture gallery in the W. H. Vanderbilt mansion. Editorially, Ward’s statue of Washington Is criti cised somewhat severely; “Monte zuma” in “My Note-Book” exposes new frauds in the picture trade, and CiarenceCook discusses the Salmagu n- di Club and Brooklyn Academy pic ture exhibitions. Altogether The Art Amateur enl«i on its tenth vol- WEBSTER’S UNABRIDGED. Latest Edition has 118,000 Vcrds, (30U0 more titan any other American Iiict’y,) 3000 Engravings, (nearly 3 times the nnctl»cr in any other DiciyJ also contains a Biogrenliical jPictloiiary giviup brief important Diets concerning 9700 Koto J Parsons. The following, from l age 1IG4, shows theyalue of NEW GOODS! !EW 001!>&*! J. S. STUBBS & CO., CeclartOAvn, Ga., Are now offering nn elegant line of new goods in the various departments: Dry Goods, Notions, Beets and Slices, Beady made Clothing, Hats. Hardware and Crockery. OUR STOCK OF DRESS GOODS is attractive, including the MOST STYLISH FABRICS, and at prices that defy competition. OUR STOCK OF NOTIONS includes the novelties of the season in that line. Ladies’ (Ms, Bolinans, Walking:Jackets, Jcrsays These goods were bought for SPOT CASH, and will bo sold at biti-nn p i.i- r * STOCK OF FAMILY GROCERIES! will be kept full, and the attention of bnv railed to their ality and prices Proprietors Rome Foundry M Machine Shop Are Prepared to Overhaul and Kepair Engines, Saw Mills, Gins and Machinery of Adi Kinds. el Mi!! (Tear. Spurr t£-fgg, frai Spindles, Sto mid lengths. ? nsjtortnient of Patterns mend Hovel Gear. Segi.u eons, II a lures. Coupling Two-Roller, 13-Isca, Case Mills, Evaporators and Grates. -- ;•**•*" Impairs for all makes of Cane Mills. i fixity. Ail work thorough!v done nn our Mr. George, «it reasonable prices. ROTVIE A; GEORGK, tll-Sm. Etowah Street and Rome Railroad, ROME, GA I.ijri ier penso Siun-SSKK HIRAM SIBLtSY Si CO. Roclicsh AKMSTKAD RICHARDSON, t A Business Offer—Brad lb: JANES & RICHARDSON, ATTORNEYS at LAW, Cedartown, Ga. ;£*?t~.Special attention given to collet*- DE. CHAELES JEL HAEBIS, Physician and Surgeon, Office Over Burbank’s Drug Store, CEDARTOWN, GA. VIGO ROUSKMCTHr^MrN TESTED fou YEARS- Tt ’s I; on In tho:t.«aiif|p Founded <>u . scientific medical prin ciples, It has been grow- ples. ...„ In favor and reputation iwnnmerous competitors have ituariablv tailed. The direct application of litis remedy to t,le . disease makes its specific InJlucnce natural functions of the ed. The animating eie- back. The buoyant eneiipy of the brain and nftUcu- Jar system renders the patient cheertui- he rains strength wfth rapidity. ’ h NERVOUS DEBILITY, organic weakness -n * numerous obscure diseases, barT.inz thcsU‘1 o’( best physicians, result fur y -.ulblul Indiscretion, loo free indulgence, ...d orcr brainwork. Do not temporize while Rich enemies l”r!c Jn yonr system. Take a remedy that has cored tliou- 16, and docs not Interfere with you cftcntlcu mslness or cause any pain or inconvenience. ( f xnd for a Descriptive UanipM.-t giving Inatom oaTw Illustrations, which will convince the mr»: sceptical \ that they can be rcs.'ur.ti io pcricct inaii iocd, and ■ flt>d for the duties of ssitd* » > if never affected. Jv Sent free to anyone, lloraody sold ONLYbv the HARRIS RSSSEQY CO.KrS.CHEK'STS. 3SS','N.I0tk.SL ST. LOUIS, KO. 0=» Kcstl’i treatsnit S3, tvo csitil Jo. tires satis ST Illustrated Definitions. 1, flying jib; • 2,j:h; ' 3,foreiop-nia^t-stay sail; 4, I re-oonryc; 5t foretop sail; 7, fore-royal; 8, fore sky sail; *• fore-royaljtodding mil; !•» fore top-gallant *ttul«U:ig paij; 1 Is foretop-maj-t studding-.*-:i ' r ~ lS.main-eoursc; —’ ume fully sustaining its reputation as JtSS^iiLtnnii; SSrfS&ST a very entertaining, instructive, and JSTlSj" r' ;lJdiaK practical lamily art magazine; $4 a is,■Msntpp-mmsmuuiingnj; year,3uc. single copy. Montague ’ Marks, publisher, New York. thntcSSTATES OVER 500,0C0 IN DAILY USE. UETCLHIUSnnM ALSO Foa A~ Study Table, Ladles’ Table or Lap Eoa-d. PZC-EC AS9 CAircra FAEHE3 Will Have Thss. Staid* Him when in qh, and era bo folded, occnpyihg no ip*ce when cot muse. WEEKLY'GLOBS I From Bo'S Until Marcii 5, I8S3. Only $1.00. With 8 pages, 50culuinns,every week. ■ HIE GLOUK will strive vigorously to ole-.-t a Democratic President and to make the best family newspaper in the world. It asks no person to subscribe without examining a sample i-epy and judging of its merits for him seif, is not that tairest? Send for a s mtnJe copy and you will re -eive just the kind of a weekly you are trying to find. Only Si.00for tiie Presidential campaign. Address THE WEEKI* F f.'/d tilE, liostxm, .1/iMs. Another year’s widen and increase the reputation of this most valuable family me Heine. Us sales now far exceed those oi any medicine on our shelves. We say to every purchaser, •‘If this medicine does vou ho good, re turn tho empty bottle‘and we will’re fund yonr money.” of more than one tnousand bottles'sold, we have had one bottle returned. No one takes anv risk in using this Tonic. There is nothing in it that will do the least harm to anv part of the system, and if it does no good it costs you nothing, it is beneficial to persons of any age or sex. It is tonic- diuretic and alterative in its action, ii may be used with benefit for indigestion, jaundice, sourstomach, dyspepsia, heart burn, liver complaint, torpid or inactive bowels, kidney disorders, diarrhoea, headaches, rueiiuiattau, neuralgia, back ache, pains in the joints and limbs, stiff- IV d soreness in tiie muscles, and for any impoverished or disordered stato of the blood It promotes digestion, regulates the appetite, enriches and pnri- oies the blood, invigorates the nervous system and gives tone, strength and vigor to bone, muscle and nerve. It is not claimed that it will cure all the diseases enumerated above, but it can be used with benefit in a nv of them. It costs ,>.i cents for a hail pint bottle— hardly half as much as most of tiie so- called tonics and blood purifiers. The dose is small—1 to 2 teaspoonfu-s in a swallow of water before each meat—and the taste not disagreeable. It does not blacken or injure tlie teeth. It costs vou nothing to try it if it does you no good. We will gladly refund the liioiicv to ev ery- one who uses it without benefit. Made and sold only bv BR AI) l ’O I! li A-' TOM LINSOX, Druggists and Booksellers, apo-y Cedartown, Ga. WALL PAPER. Fashionable Designs for Parlors, Halls, Chambers, 4c. tvS”Sample-3 and Prices Mailed Free. H. Bartliolomae & Co., MANUFACTURERS, 128 and 130 West 33d St., New York! m S! 5 008S“ H C TUKISOB’S HAFS & GILARTS s Y2L For 33 page catalorue, free, address, II. C. TUNlfiOI, 00 [SM Cincinnati, O., N. Y. City, & Jncknonvfll*. El., Omaha, Neb. Second-linn J. A corrected list of, prices is sued vreculy, eff nil ni on liandfor sale, (much of vldch ere gr-nruiio bargains) will bo mailed freo on application. fwaiUi anything front a In to a Cylinder Preaa. And all Bilious Complaints SMetotatebeingpurelyTCBe‘abl»- no-np-