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The Cedartown standard. (Cedartown, Ga.) 1889-1946, January 04, 1900, Image 1

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ARTOWN NUMBER 51 CEDARTOWN, GEORGIA, THURSDAY MORNING, JANUARY 4, 1900 VOLUME 13. POPULAR CITY OFFICERS No Neivfangrled Stove For Her. A Memphis family which employs an J fT^ OTA SH gives color, flavor and firmness to [all fruits. No good fruit pan be raised without Potash. Fertilizers containing at least 8 to io% of Potash will give best results on all fruits. Write for our pamphlets, which ought to be in every farmer’s library. [They are sent free. GERMAN KALI WORKS, 93 Nassau St., New York. PROMINENT EDITOR RELIEVED BY PERIM BAKIM& Powder old time negress as a cook receiA/y had a gas range put In the kitchen. When the range was put in place, the work man who put It there lighted the jets Inside the oven and then closed the doors. He opened them, turned off the gas and then, relighting the jets, ex plained' to the old negress how the The jets cannot be Who Retired from Office Tuesday with the Confidence and Esteem of Their Constituents. Makes the food more dmiooupaiid wholesome range was used, seen when the doors of the oven are closed, and In the excitement of the ex planation the workman closed them and forgot the lighted jets. The old negress, after hearing all he had to say, said: •’’Taln’t no use ter tell me erbout hit I’m gwluter use dis yere ole wood stove whut Ise cooked on so long.” went Mr. John H. Lee and Miss Hulsey were married Sunday j at the residence of W. M. 4 Esquire O. R. Simmerville on Mr. Lee is a son of Monroe la He resides at Austell, and is fl divis ta At the residence of the bride’s par ents, Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Haynie, on Tuesday, Miss Nora Haynie was united in marriage to Mr. Ed. H. Hagan, a prominent young business man of Bras well.—Rockmart Slate. foreman on the G. P. Southern Bailway. daughter of the late Josej Bockmart Slate. The workman laughed and away, not thinking that the' old cook She did mean meant what she said. It, though, and continued to use the old wood stove to cook with. When the head of the family that employs her received his gas bill 15 days after the gas stove was put In, he almost dropped dead. The bill showed that he owed the gas company ?21. Investigation proved that the jets In the oven had been burning from the The old cook Thougrht He Knew Him. Dr. Conan Doyle is a methodical worker and a hard worker. He pastes up over his mantelshelf a list of the things he Intends to do In the coming six' months, and he sticks to his task until It is done. He must be a great disappointment to his old teacher. When he had finished school, the teach er called the hoy up before him and said solemnly: “Doyle. I have known you now for seven years, and I know you thorough ly. I am going to say something that you will remember in after life. Doyle, you will never come to any good!” MAYOR J. H. SANDERS! time the workman left, had never opened the oven doors.- Memphls Scimitar. Every time an angler loses a fisl is entitled to a re-bait. Mayor pro tem., T. H. Adams. Clerk, J. C. Knight. Treasurer, B. A. Kite. Oouncilmen: J.A. Liddell, B.A. Fitr, II J. Lowry, T.F. Blirbauk.T.H.Adairis. (IP. Beard of Health—Dr. J.A. Liddell. OIL Street Com. — T. F. Burhank. Cemetery Uom missiouer, D. J Lowry. * Marshal and Collector, J. H. Philpot,. Su'pt. Water and Lights,J.M.Curtrigiit | Oi Lv Attorney, J. K. Davis. OlTr SCHOOL BOARD. J. S. Stubbs, Chairman; J. H. Dodds, Secy; E. B. Russell, Treas; W.S.Shiflett, |W. T.-Gibson, R. A. Adams, W. K. IFielder, J. W. Judkins, W. G. England. I Superintendent, Prof. H. L Sewell. Backlns Up tha Horse. Not all of the driver’s skill Is devoted to driving ahead; It takes a good driver to be able to back up in good shape. Not every driver, by any means, can halt and then hack up to a curbstone and hit It square and true with both wheels the first clip. That is. something that requires more skill than might be imagined by one who bad never tried it But In backing up on the level. If a man fails to hit the curb exactly the first time, he can maneuver until he does. There are places where skill must be exercised and where a level head is called Tor too. For instance, In backing up. or rather backing down, into an excavation on the inclined causeway left for that purpose. . The excavation Is begun at the rear of the lot, and the earth'-firming the cause way, running up to the level of the street at the front. Is left until the last. In the later stages of the excavating the causeway Is left just wide enough; at the top for the carts or wagons to move on. and Its sides slope down pre cipitously. The driver who backs down on one of these narrow cellar causeways simply must hit it right— New York Snn. Bronchitis is very prevalent Itj common coll erally begins with a tended with cough, hoarseness, | ness of the lungs, tightness d chest and difficulty in breathinJ not cured, it becomes dangel thousands die from bronchitis aA ly. Dr. John W. Bull’s Cotghl is the best remedy for this disd relieves the cough at once, eai pectoration, and cnres in a few Still tlie Woman Objected. A certain Dyersburg woman assured her husband she never told him a lie and never would. He told her he did not doubt it. but would hereafter cut a notch'in the piano when he knew she deceived him. “No you won't!" she screamed. "I'm not going to have my piano all ruined!”—Tennessee State Ga zette. I Solicitor General, W. T. Roberts, oi Iponglassville. I tilerk, W. C. Knight. I Oilicial Stenographer, H. if. Nicholes. I COUNTY OFFICERS. I Commissioners, D. M. Russell, H. N. BhulUeid, J. C. Hand. Ordinary, A. D. Hogg. Clerk, W. C. Knight. Sheriff, W. T. Crocker. Deputy Sheriffs, T. O. Hagan and J. • Hogg. Tax Receiver, M. E. McCormick. Tax Collector, Voltz Schliestet. Treasurer, J. M. Hamrick. Coroner, J. O. Crabbl Sui vsyor, C. R. Pittman. R-gistrars, W.R.Beck, S.K.Hogue and J. L. Branch. County School Commissioner, J. E. Heuseal, COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD. M. V. B. Ake, Ohm; A. D. Hogg, A. H. McBryde, J. K. Davis, J. S. King. Ofc.,- CHURCHES. Methodist, Rev. T. R. MoCarty. • Baptist, Rev. C. K Henderson. H Presbyterian. • Episoopal, Rev. G. E. Benedict, •Services every Sunday morning and evening; ^[Sunday school 9.39 a. m. Prayermeeting. every Wednesday even iug. ^Services 1st and 3d Sunday in each 'month, morning'and evening. Sunday .school, 10 a- m. o’ ■ BOARD OF TRADE. V )t'reao»V'iir^-‘B-"ottit)bs. ' - Vide Presidents, W. F. Hall and J. E. Good. -■ -- - r - - - . Secretary, E. B. Russell. | Treasurer, H. N. VanDevander. . !' FIRE DEPARTMENT. [■' 1 Chief, Clms. V. Wood; 1st Asst. Chief, [ Charles ll«as!ev; 2d Asst., Fred Wood; §eii’y, wiloy West; Treas., Ross Thom ason. Fire Co. No. L—Capt., J. H. Philpot; Pres,, J. H. Sandeis; Seo’y, Fred Wood: Treas., J. E. Judkins. Fire Co. No. 2. Capt., Carden Bunn; Prest., Joe Langford; Seey, Hugh Rob- . erts; Treas., Chas. Sewell. SECRET FRATERNITIES. • Caledonia Lodge, No. 121, F. and A. V. , J.W.Judkins,, W.M., J.T. Phillips, S. W., J. P. Carter, J.W., Chas. Beasley, Sec’j., T. F. Burbank, Treas. Meets 1st and 3d Friday evenings in eaoh month. Adoniram Chapter, No. 41, R. A. M, W. G. England, ft. P„ W, R. Beok, K., j. W- Judkins, Seo’y., T. F. Burbank, Treas- Meets 3d and 4th Friday ev6n- - ,n 5edar Valley Counoil, No. 1386, Royal Aroanum, W. C. Bunn, Regent, R. H. Marohman V. R„ E. B. Rnssell, C., L. S. Ledbetter, Sec’y, J. O. Crabb, Col. Cedartown Lodge, Woodmen c T the World: L. W. Branch, Consul Comman der; M. C. Bobo, Sec’y and Collector. JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. Cedartown. 1075th district, William Janes, 3d Tnesday; J. A. Wilson, N. P. Young’s, --B^d district, W. T- Lee, 4th Saturday, J. B. Jones, N. B. Rockirptrt, 1Q72J district, Q. R. Sim, Dr.Bul Cough Syr Will promptly cure Brom Doses are small and pleasant to takev recommend it. Price 25 cts. At alt I If a man dislikes ten persons, his reasons for disliking seven of Vie ten ire so trivial that he would feel asbam- »d to .see them in black and white.— Atchison Globe. ALDERMAN G. D. COLLINS, of the 5th Ward. ALDERMAN J. E. GOOD, of the 2d Ward. CUBBY'S HEADACHE See what Capt. J. Dr KirkpHritS president and general manager of !fl White Star Line Steamboat CompaM says: 1 “I.have used Curry’s Headache Po^ ders'for several years. They giv prompt relief and leave no impleassr after effect. I consider them invalnabh and never travel without them. 1 ' Sold in boxes containing five povj ders, fivo doses, and five cures, al! fc 10 cents. For sale by E. Bradford. Alba Heywood, the Prince ol Comedians, is corning. That means fun by the ton. laughs galore, beauti ful music and a delightful time all around. In pulmonary trouble, the direct ac tion of Ballard’s Horehound Syrup upon the throat,chest and lungs, imme- 1 lately arrests the malady, by relieving the distress, cutting the phlegm and freeing the vocal and breathing organs. Price 25 and 50 cents. T. F. Burbank. If cost is the standard of excellence, it is certainly better to give than to re ceive. Lewis Dennis, Salem, Ind., says “Kodol Dyspepsia Cnre did me mb re good than anything I ever took.’! It - —— —*■ ——can not help and stomach The oomments tel! us that Heywood is funnier than ever,that his work is all new,and his company strong and well balanced It is with a keen anticipation of pleasure we await the appearance ol this company, for with Hey wood’s name there always goes a guarantee of something good. He will be seen here on the evening of Saturday, . What the Church Carpet Coni. The Chicago Advance gives the fol lowing estimate of the direct and col lateral cost of a church carpet The price was $800, but as the women of the church raised the money by giv ing entertainments the pas tops esti mate was that when all the items of cost were figured in the carpet had cost fully $4,000. He reached this aston ishing total by estimating the work, worry, nervous strain, bodily weari ness and heartaches of 100 women, the heroic efforts of men, women and children to eat the things which were to be eaten and hear, see or buy things which had been provided to extract money from them; the colds, fevers and other aliments contracted while attending the entertainments and the consequent doctors’ bills; the money •pent In other churches, for If they eome'‘fby° ur entertainment you must go to theirs, una, jscprst and most cost ly of all, the dembraiiiSfiPff ot the church and the curtailment of uiete* gltimate giving which follow In the train of such methods of raising mon ey. But they got their carpet EAST BOO'D TRAi; No. 4. No. Leave— (Daily) ex-Sun. but cure troubles. Don’t seek to know too much. That was where Mother Eve made her great mistake. ~ . Many an innocent little darling is suf fering untold agony and cannot explain its troubles. Mark your child’s symp toms, you may find it troubled with worms; give it White’s Cream Vermi fuge and restore it to qnietneES and v s, 1 v-» * _ nr rn 1? PnrlionV Prof. J. F. Turner, Edgefield, Tonn. Red Hot From The Gun Was the ball that hit G.'B. Steadman, of Newark, Mich., in the Civil War. It Mr. W. B. Steffy, . Qlouater, O. hretfibelped for 20 years. Then Buck- len’s Anca ^Ive cured him. Cures Cuts, Bruises, Tsiffls, Boils, Felons, Corns, Skin Eruptions,' cure on earth. 25 cts. a box. Cure guaran teed. Sold by E. Bradford, druggist. CartersViHei ■"ST BOUND TRAINS. No ! No. 3. (Daily) ex-Sun.—I It is easy to discourage a man who realizes that he isn’t entitled to any- "Ivpg. A silver irl f dollar will pay for a bot tle oi Dr. Ticienor’s Antiseptic, if, after fair trial yon-je not satisfied with yonr investment, the Proprietors will Mr. Bichard Davis and Miss Laura Carlton were married Sunday at the home of the bride’s parents near Bock mart. Mr. Davis is a well known yonng farmer, and his bride is the daughter of H. M. Carlton, of the firm of Carlton & Lee.—Bockmart Slate. Mr. W. L. Wright, of East Point, and Miss Carrie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Davis of this place, were nnited in marriage Tnesday morning by Rev. W. A. Han is. The happy couple left on the morning train for East Point, where they will reside. — Bockmart Slate. Political orators talk and talk, but the bright-faoed girl on the silver dollar isn’t saying a word. . Where’s tlie Differencef “So you don’t believe In women smoking?”, said the little woman as she watched her husband light his third cigar. “No, I don’t—decidedly! If I ever should hear of your doing such a thing. I would get a divorce!” “Well, now, really, John, dear, what do you call smoking, anyway?” “Why, Inhaling tobacco smoke, of course.” “But I really dorft understand your objection to cigarettes,” said she. “Now just look at this, room; it is blue with smoke. I have Inhaled that into my lungs for the last six years. To be sure, you have held all the cigars, but then —now really, what is the difference? Bnrslarr Willi Sponge and Water. When a burglar wants to break Into a Peruvian house, he takes a sponge and a bucket of water and moistens the .wails, which are covered with onlyj a thin coating of mud and easily, dis- 1 solve.upon the.appllcation of moisture- Then when the mud Is removed he . takes a sharp knife and ents the strips of split bamboo, which serve as a sub stitute for laths. That easy little oper ation produces a hole In the wall large enough for a man to crawl through and can be performed so silently that people sleeping In the house will not be awakened. Not long ago the resi dence of the cable manager at Barran ca was entered In this way. The thieves frightened the family, but were discovered before they had seized much booty.—Chicago Record. yonr mvestmeni, me —-- refund your half dollar. 1 clean liquid, pleasant odor, and as a cLessmg for Wounds, Bams,Nail Pnnctnrev? ar “ e ?. Wire Cuts, etc., it simply has no't?.g. al - For sale by druggists generally. T-tfCIose connections as follows:-^ Cedartown with Central of Georgia, at Rockmart with Southern Railway at Cartersville with W. & A., at Piedmout with E.T. V. AG. It has been demonstrated repeatedly in.every state .in the Union and in many foreign countries that Cham berlain’s Cough Remedy is a certain preventive and cure for croup. It has become the universal remedy for that disease. M. V. Fisher of Liberty, W. Va., only repeats what has been said around the globe when he writes : “I have used Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy in my family for several years and always with perfect success. AND Wedding: the Ocean*. It Is a remarkable fact that water which flows naturally into the gulf of California and thence into the Pacific ocean has been virtually lifted across the backbone of the Rocky mountains, and now, after being used for irriga tion, finds Its way to the gulf of Mexi co. A number of small streams on the other side of Long’s peak, which flow Into Grand lake and thence into the Colorado river, have been diverted by a ditch that finds its way through a pass 10,000 feet high into .!•?, head waters of the Poudre. Some 400 cubic feet per second has thus been diverted from the Pacific to the Atlantic slope, where water is used, for Irrigating additional farms In Larimer county. It Is not strictly correct to say that this water has been lifted across the range. But a feat of sinuous engineering has di verted it. which amounts to the same thing.—Denver Republican. Persons who lead a life of exposure are subject to rheumatism, neuralgia and lumbago, will find a valuable, rem edy in Ballard’s Snow Liniment; it will banish pain and subdue inflammation. Price 25 and 50 cents. T. F. Burbank. A remark carelessly dropped doesn’t always fall flat. Working Night and Day The bnsiest and mightiest little thing that ever was made is Dr. King’s New Life Pills. Every pill is a sugar-coated globule of health, that changes weak ness into strength, listlessness into energy, brain-fag into mental power. They’re wonderful in building up the health. Only 25c per box. Sold by E. Bradford. , Passenger Schedule in effect An; THE WEST. TO ARKANSAS ■0 TEXAS. tpervjile, 4th Monday; W, N. Strange; N. P. ' ‘Fish, lOf4th district, W. J. Lawson, 4th Friday; J- R- Morgan, N. P. 1 .„—...!—r Grove, 1469th district, W P — ’ _7; G W Hamrick, N P. ..1, i079th district, R. A. 1st Saturday; S. A. Ed- flchedule in Effect Oct. 4th, 1833. Mr. Tom Chandler and Miss Daisy Ferguson, two popular yonng people who live near Aragon, were married last week. .Having a Great. Bon on Chamber lain’s Cough Remedy. of the Pierson Learn to do with diligence what you would do with ease. No. 2 No. 4 No.70 No.72 Got What He Wanted. “Good morning, uncle.. How are you todayT “Ah. nephew. I am well. How are you?" “First rate. Guess what brought me here?" “Oh, the old story, 1 suppose!” •‘‘I’ll bet you 5 shillings you can't guess.” “I'll take it! You came here to bor row some money.” “You’ve lost! Pay me the 5 shillings! 1 only wanted to inquire how aunt is today!”—Loudon Telegraph. Lv Atlanta 8 l.'amj 8 30pm I 4 50pm Ray, 2d Saturday; Esom Hill, 10' Caldwell, 1-1 11. mondson, N. F. Hampton's, 1076th district, T.J.Demp i-ev 2d Saturday, L. Sutlierlin, N.P K Buncombe, 1073d district. W.M.Laney Saturday. J- W. Spronll N. P. ■2-,-Avning’s, 1447th district, F. TL ■|.ut, 4th Saturday. N ; P- P&rnSh. JKuoch, wstb district, Q. W. Peek, 4, Morgan, N. P. Mr .like Creek, PiTOth district, John A. ■inker, J. P„ 3ii Tuesday} W. J. Brown, ■ P, |M no A D CO M M1SSIONBBS. ^■edartown, 1075th: J. M. Irwin, Sea- Jones and D. T. Colquitt, ^^■ockinart, 107*2d: D. H. Hubbard, C.R. MHftigard and J. (). Hitchcock. jMJioni Hill, 1079th: J. H. Thompson. Branch and W. J. Cox. i|^B')r>ming Grove, 1469th: Will Phinizee Casev and D. A.. Hicks. H^^Rtioch, 1518th: Manco Peek, Chap and Sim Oreen. 1447th: W. R. Kirk, John ||||HH>all and F. H. Marbut. ■^K’comhe, 1073d: I.M.J.Kinney, Pete ^^^^Bnond and Will Rhodes g|||B r’s, 1076th: C. A. Wood, John W. and James Brock. HIM. ioMth: Jas. McKinney, * C. itf- J.T.Thouipson. Wmm . s, 1223d: ‘fe Willingham, S. MBP" »* ld J 0 !!* 1 H - 625pm 9 05am I 9 10pm 5 40pm 11 25aml 7 45pm lT4iam]ll 41pm I 816pm 100pmI 100am 933pm 6 55pm I 6 40amr.\ 7. -. 7 3oam| 4 30pm|........ Ar Marietta. •* Rome.... M Dalton... Begin the New Year righfc, buy a bo't- tle of Dr. Tichenor’s Antiseptic, to use in case of an accident. Most wonder ful healing Compound known to Medi cal Science. Only 50 cts. at all drug ■Manager Martin, drug store, informs us that he’ is hav ing a great run on Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy. He sells five bottles of that medicine to one of any other kind, and it gives great satisfaction. In these days of la grippe there is nothing like Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy to stop the cough, heal up. the sore throat and lungs, and give relief within a very short time. The sale3 are growing, and all who try it are pleased with its prompt action.— South Chicago Daily Calumet. For sale by E. Bradford, druggist. Probably the majority of mon would be lazy were it not for the fact that they must either wojk or of starva tion. “I am indebted to One Minute Congh Cure for my health and life. It cured me of lung trouble following grippe.” St. Louis. Lv Carrollton. Bremen Buchanan• Cedartown Rome ... ... Lyerly Sum’rville- LaFayette - Ch'kam ’jra Battlefield Ar Chattan’ga jjsopml 'When a tall man finds himself short he is naturally embarrassed. 4Y M&ahvillpr'i kasssfe J 30am 12 25pm 7 05ina! 405pm| G. H. Appleton, Justice of Peace, Clarksburg:, N. J., says,“DeWitt’s Lit tle Early Risers are the best pills made for constipation. We use no others.” Qaicklv cure all liver and bowel trou bles. E. Bradford. Train No. 2 carrie3 Pullman Sleeper "between Jacksonville, Fla.. Atlanta and.Nashville, con necting with vestibule train for Chicago. Train No. 4 carries, Pullman Sleeper Augusta and Atlanta to Nashville and St. Louis through without change. Pullman Sleeper Atlanta to Chattanooga, passengers remain in car until Y o’clock a. m. Pullman Sleeper Atlanta to Knoxville via A. K. & N. Ry. Train No. 70 connects at Boyce with Q. ft 0. for Cincinnati. This train carries through •oach Atlanta to Rome. Nos. 1 and 2 daily. w Nos. 3 and 4 Sunday only. \ ’ Nos. 9,10,11 and 12 daily except Si\n» da, rrains Nos. 9 and 10 arrive and depart frrm C. R «fc S. shops near Montgomery avenue. Connections mad6 at Chattanooga, T<nn., with all roads ior points North ard West. For any information apply to C. 15. W'.LBURN, President ami Traffic Manager. B. A. Fite, Agent, Cedartown Ga. CASTOR IA •For Infants and Children. The Kind Yon Have Always Bough Bears the fly y/V/)^S~ Signature of (flu*&z7&&**** When a girl’s father stamps his foot it is time for the late male to.start. Tabler’s Buckeye Pile Ointment is the only remedy for blind, bleeding or pro truding piles, indorsed by physicians; cures the most obstinate cases. Price 50 cents in bottles. Tubes, 75 cents. T. F. Bnrbank ; Mr. Charles A. Gladdin, a former resident of Bockmart, and Miss Viola Marsh were|married at the bride’s home at Francis, Ala., lastThnrday. Size doesn’t indicate quality. Be ware of counterfeit and worthless salve offered for DeWitt’s Witch Hazel Salve. DeWitt’s is the only original. An infal lible cnre for piles and all skin disease. T? To the South and East. E. Bradford. Lt Nashville 9 10am. 255pm Eve tempted Adam to eat, but the he took to drink of his A man’s strength is estimated by his ability to fight against odds. chaDces are own accord. SWAMP FOX. Swamp Fox costs yon nothing if it does not care your chills, and only 50 cents if it does. “No cnre, no pay,” is onr motto. We do not want ) onr money unless yon are cured. Swamp Fox not only cares chills and fever, buf is a preventive; no one can contract either while taking this great medicine, and few people are in each perfect tmltb that a bottle of this remedy will not improve them. It is a great tonic and a) 1 be in every household. „ . Fvf sale by L Bradford. f SQPiffl 7 30am 50pm | 7 50am KIpmln loan; . 50amr305pm Lv Atlanta... Ar Msconl'.... “ Tifton.'.... “. Jack’nville. OASTOHIA. ti» st IW M Voa Haw Heap Bought Dr. Tichenor’a Antiseptic is guaran teed not to cnre everything and any thing. As a dressing for Wounds and aa a cure for Colic, for man or beast, it is O. K. and “don’t yon forget it.” 8 45am 110 2opm Lv Atlant* A v* Macon 1 ,OWO I LLKlilUTED IHII HI^ BUT AM! RXKE. ‘”®* nUT'KStK 'PASis sens AT si.98. 1 a wcw SUIT FREE -0B ANY OF TMSSE SUITS PWOBBig JS&tliJ’ll'iSS!?. o. Dyspepsia Cure, Digests what you a Some words on the end of your tongue Bhonld be sllowed to remain there. The modern and most effective < *re lor constipation and ail .liver trouMes —the famons little pilla known »* D«- Witt’s Little Early Bisers. I" Hmd- ford. ^ The widow’s mite is need too often W an exonse for small contribution®, aifffiBSlL Actions speak louder than words, but jrarious constructions may be placed on them. CUBBY’S LIVEB COMPOUND. Newell, Ala., Ang. 9, 1999. I have been seeling Carry’s Liver Compound for a number of years witbl oat a single complaint, as it alwaw does as recommended. I keep in s^H a2 the leading liver medicines, but^H more of Curry’s than all others bined. It si:; plj sells itself. T»fl| Lomas. ; im 10 and. 25o paekagea I -a-irarn-: - — — Lr Atlanta - !- B 35pmj 7 50am 5 loam 120pm H 00am 8 00pm Ar Augusta... Ar Charleston “ Golnmhia . 10 55am j 10 lQpm Columbia Lv Atlanta Ar Athens ... " Richmond. * Wwh’Son M New York. 115am 7 15am 1J 31am 1131am ! 5 23ptn 523pm Train No. 1 carries Pullman Sleeper Naalr ville, Chattanooga and Atlanta to Jackson ville, Fla, Train ¥q. 8 carries Pullman Sleeper St Louia to Augnata without change. Pullman Sleeper Chsttwaoofw to Atlanta opcm for passenger* Chattanooga • o’clock pJm. Pullm/m Sleeper Knoxville to Atlanta via A* St A W T farther Inforwietloe write to ’ - . JH. F. SMITH, »- 1 -->• '« Unless a nan has arnia knfjwladge of - - - - L. .1 ^ ../i n S result in Piedmont arn 11.10pm : 0 12 pn. Esom Hill 11 -7)0 - 10.51 Cedartown 6.40 2.:50 1.2u am Grad v 7.02 2.55 11.33 Fish Creek 7.08 [3.01 Rockniart 7.3ti [3.38 i 1- r ,W.--: Cartersville... 10.00 am Taylorsville... 10.55 Rockmart...-..'. 11.32 Fish Creek 12.12 pm!f Grady 12 IS Cedartown.... 12.40 Esom Hill i 1.20 Piedmont. ! 2.07 STATIONS. No. 2 No 4 No. 12 No. 10 Chattan’ga S ooain 3 50 pm 5 ooam Battlefield - 50 Ch’kam’ ga 4 2* La Fayette. Trion 9 54 5 *> Sum’rville 9 44 5 56 Lyerly 5 54 Rome 0 50 Cedartown II 44 Buchanan . Bremen Ar Carrollton.. 12 27pm 6 Tom