The Cedartown standard. (Cedartown, Ga.) 1889-1946, June 07, 1900, Image 3

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Mosquito Net 4c yard VOLUME U. OEDARTOWN, GEORGIA, THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE 7, 1900. number OF SUMMER DRY GOODS (children’s Strap Sandals | . per pair 15c. AT Lanham & Sons. We have just opened up a great stock of NEW GOODS and for the next week or two, or till the goods are sold, we will offer some of the best bar gains ever sold in Rome, The goods are all NEW, CLEAN and STYLISH, just the kind everybody wants, and we are GOING TO SELL THEM SO CHEAP EVERYBODY OUGHT TO COME TO ROME AND TO LANHAJT & SONS TO SEE AND BUY THEM. Dress Deeds, Etc, We are proud of our Millinery de partment, and want YOU to come and see the JNew Summer Hats Wo have the finest Milliner that ever comeSoulh, and her work is berniti ful. We buy all our goods from im porters and manufacturers in large lots, and get them cheap and sell cheap. Fine White Hats, beautifully trimmed in white and colors, with Flowers, Ribbons, Chiffons and all the new styles at $1.25, $2, $2.50 $3, and $4. Trimmed Hats of the medium and cheap quality, but trimmed nicely, at $1.25, $1, Coe, 48e, 40c| 39e and 20c. Finest Sailors and Walking Hats in the country at $1 50, $1.25, $1, 75e, 50c, 30c, 19c. Some in white with Pasted,> colored Sash Bands, others with dip front and hack, some' in plain straw, others in rough straw— all of them new and stylish and under their real value—under any price you can got elsewhere. WHITE ORGANDY.. 10o Just think of pretty, pure while Organdy at Ibis price. Beautiful White French Organdie, 2 yards wide, worth 49 and 50 cents, for only. 25c Summer Shoes. Ladies’ Vesting Top, Low Cut Shoes worth 75c tor $ -49c $1 Oxfords for 75c $1 25 Oxfords lor 9$c $1.50 Oxfords for .’ 1.10 $1 75 Oxtords for 1 35 $2 Oxfords for 1 4S AH=over Lace and Yokings. Here is the largest lino, finest All overs, Tuokings, etc., ever shown in Rome! Prices are 25c, 35c, 40c, 50c, 75c, $1, and the finest piece ever shown for $2 50 Beautiful Dimity, in new colors, the 10c kind for fie .Pretty Lawns in new styles and fast eolors for lie White Lawn in short lengths, 40 inelies wide 5c 40 inch While Lawn, real fine quality 9c WHITE KID GLOVES S9c worth $1 25 We bought a hig stock lale in the season from a manufaelurer that was closing out, and we bought cheap and will sell cheap. Boys’ $1 Suits 49c Boys’ $1 25 Suits....; .'..09c Boys’ $2 Suits $1 99 Boys’ Pants, 15c, 19e, 25c, 40c, 75c. Men’s Suits ,.$2 9S Men’s Fine Suits $5 98, worth over double. Men’s $1 75 Pants $1 Men’s Fine Pants cheap. Fans. Finest line in the city'. ’Ladies’ Crash Skirts, 19c. Ladies’ Shirt Waists, Laundered Collars 25c Beautiful Silk arid Wash Waists lit all 1 lie new styles, prices very rea sonable. Umbrellas and Parasols. 24-inelt fast black Umbrella 25c 26-inclt fast block Umbrella 35c A real nice. Steel rod. Paragon frame Umbrella for 4Sc. Silk Umbrellas worth $1 25 for 98- Parasols, loe.25, 50c, 75c and up to $5. Datble front Overall with strap ’ seam WASH SILKS 19c In Pink, Blue, Black, Purple.Yel- low and Cream. Worth more than twice the price 19c FOULARD SILKS 29c This is a groat hatgain. They are in the new styles, and the lint si summer silks. Novelty Silk, «9c «8e, $1 25. Black Silks, 19c, 3Se, fi9c, 99c, $1 25 Silk Madras for Waists, worth 39c, for 25c. . Full yrtl wide Bleached Cotton.. Lonsdale Blenched Collon Good Sea Island S cent Percale 10 cent Percale, short lengths..,,. Best Calico Quilt Scrap Calico Embroidery, worth 5c, lor Embroidery, worth 20c, for Pretty Lace, per yard- 2c, 3c, 5c, and 8c tint! 10c Lane Straw Hats. Sunday Hat worth 25c for ....19c 40c Hats for ....23c ....39c 75c Hals for ,...4Se MEN’S STRAW HATS Hilts worth 40c for .-. ....25e Hals worth 50c for 39c Hnls worth 75c for ...,48c Hats worth $1 for .. C.9c Hals worth $1.25 for Stic Hals worth $1.59 for SI In the Basement Crockeiy ami Glassware under prices. Pretty Glass Tumblers, set 19c Pretty Goblets, set 19c Sugar Dish, Spooq Holder, Hu tier Dish and Cream Pitcher,all for..23e Glass Piteher 9c (ibits Vase fie Glass Lamps, 10c, 29e. 39c and 49c Notions. Lnrg<* Towels, each -. 4c Linen Towels, each 3 Oakes Buttermilk Soap 4c Tar Soap: 2c Pins, per paper .lc Two Papers Needles for le Seam Binding.. 3c Safely Pins, dozen -2c Hooks and Eves, 2 doz. for.... lc Velveteen Skirt Binding < ..... .5c 3 spools Good Machine Thread 5c 3 spools Standard Thread 10c (i spools Coats’ Thread 25c 2 Folding Fans lc Ladies’ Ribbed Vests 3c Ladies’ Bleached Vest ,5c Ladies’ Fine Vesta with Tape neck and sleeves 10c GIRLHOOD, WOMANHOOD AND MOTHERHOOD Renovated, Regulated and Restored by the Pelvie Catarrh Remedy Pe-ru-na. and invigorates. It is a panacea for all Mrs. E. O. Evorly. Mrs. E. C. Everly, 505 Diamond Street, Philadelphia, Pa., says: “I feel wcfll, never felt better; thanks for yonr at tention and Pe-ru-na. I will be glad to do all I can in the way of advancing the 3ale of. your valuable medicine. I do think Pe-ru-na the .best medicine I have tried at any time. Since I began taking Pe-rn-na we have never been without it.” Bead what an elderly woman says—a Woman who has passed through all the phases, crises and experiences of girl hood, womanhood and motherhood: w I teally believe that every woman in the World ought to have Pe-ru-na on hand all tho time; for, if she gets tired, Pe-ru- na refreshes her; if she gets nervous, it soothes her; if .despondent, it cheers irregularities of her monthly periods. It is a constant friend to the expectant mother; a never-failing stand-by to the nursing mother, both for herself and for her. child, and finally when the change of life comes on, no medicine on earth is of equal efficacy to the woman in this critical period. Surely Pe-ru-na is the woman’s friend.” That catarrh has any relation to bar renness in women is surprising to many. It is one of the mysteries of catarrh. This insidious disease penetrates to every organ of the body. Mrs. L. M. Griffith,of Cam bridge, Neb., says: “Yom medicine did me a wonderful amount of good. It cured me of barrenness. I am thirty years old and had never borne any . eliild r on, but ^|§!| since beginning your medicine I gave birth to a ten-pound baby girl. She is now six months old, and weighs twenty-five pounds. My friende were all surprised. Some would not believe it until they came to see me. My husband says he never saw such a change in anyone as there was in me after I had taken three or four bottles of Pe-ru-na. I am stronger than I havs been since I was qnite young. God bless you and your medicine forever.” Address Dr. Hartman, Columbus, O., for free catarrh book. “Ha! Ha! It’s rich,” laughed the gay American. “I wonder just how many years it will take the British to settle with the Boers!” “Abont as many as it will take the Americans to finish up tho Filipinos,” replied the Briton, so berly. Those British have absolutely no sense of linmor. tate ok Ohio, City of Toledo, I I.ucas county. j *** Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is the senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney it co. doing business in the city of Toledo, county and state aforesaid, and that said firm will pay the sum of ONK HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and every case of catarrh that cannot b ; cured by the use of Hall’s ca arrh cure. FRANK j. CnENRY. Sworn to before me and subscribed in mv pres* ice. This 6th day of December. A. D.. 1SS6. ,—*—, v A. W. GLFASON, seal. > Notary Public. of the svstem. Send for testimonials, free F. J. CIIKNFY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75c. Hall’s’Family Pills are the best. Yon tiro in bnsinoRs in Montana?” asked the passenger in the sknll-cnp. “Yes,” said the passenger in the srnok- ing-jackot. “Is business good out there?” “Yes. In the last two years our plant has increased in size more than 1,000 per cent.” “Great Scott! What was the size of your plant ongi- nnlly?” “It consisted of a pair of Bel gian rabbits.” Unless food is digested qniekly it will ferment and irritate the stomach. After each meal take a teospoonfnl ol Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It digests what yon eat and will allow yon to eat all yon need of what yon like. It never fails to cure tho worst cases of dyspepsia. It is pleasant to take. E. Bradford. Mrs. Meddorgrass (reading)—'" ‘Gen eral Roberts says that his trust in ’ ” Mr. Meddergrass—“That’s-jest it. The dud blame Trusts is back o’ that there Transvalley war,as I said a month ago.” All who suffer from piles will be glad to learn that DeWitt’s Witch Hazel Salve will give them instant and perma nent relief. It will cure eczema and all skin diseases. Beware of connterfeits. E. Bradford. “There is a snit, my friendt,”said the dealer, “that will wear like iron.” “I gness that feller is no liar,” said tho victim two weeks later. “The dash- binged snit is rusty already.” The Chinese ask“how is your liver?” instead of “how do yon do?” for when the liver is active the health is good. DeWitt’s Little Early Risers are famous little pills for the liver and bowels. E. Bradford. Excited Lady (at the telephone)—“I want my husband, plense, at once.” Voice (from the exchange)—“Number, please.” Excited Lady (snappishly)— “Only the fourth, yon impudent thin Don’t be deceived by the cry of “Goods going up.” We are selling as Cheap as ever and everything as advertised. 245 Broad St., ROME, GA. A sallow, jaundiced skin is a synip- tom of disordered liver, as it springs from biliary poisons retained in the blood, which destroy energy, cheerful- ness,strengtli,vigor,happin-ss ami life. Herhine will restore the natural func tions of the liver. Price 50 cts. T. F. Burbank. Mrs. Flatter (reading)—“A bed of qnickeand is the most treacherous and deadly thing on earth.” Mr. Flatter— Guess that ehnrap who wrote that never saw onr folding bed.” "New Brooms Sweep Clean.” The human body has been compared to a temple and the poet urges us to keep it entire and clean. To accomplish this end, every nook and cranny must be swept and garnished. The agent of the body that goes everywhere is the blood. If it is not strong, pure and life-giving, it is like a worn-out broom. It fails to do the work. Hood's Sarsaparilla makes a new broom of your blood. Skin Disease — "I have been troubled with a skin disease. Seeing Hood's Sarsaparilla advertised I decided to try it, and after taking it a short time the disease disappearedMiss Mary Jagen, 4050 Cambridge St.,Philadelphia,Pa. Misses Luckie Davis and Portia Bunn, two charming yonng ladies from Cedartown, spent a few days in our town the first of the week, the guests of the former’s sister, Mrs. W. R. Hutche son.—Bnchanan Tribnre. Volcanic Eruptions Are grand, bnt Skin Ernptions rob life of joy. Bncklen’s Arnica Salve cures them; also Old, Running and Fever Sores, Ulcers, Boils, Felons, Corns, Warts, Cnts, Bruises, Burns, Scalds, Chapped Hands, Chilblains. Best Pile cure on earth. Drives out Pains and Aches. Only 25 cts. a box. Cnre guaranteed. Sold by E. Bradford, Drnggist. MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. Rev. Len G. Broughton, the sensa tional Baptist preacher of Atlanta, created qnite a rumpns recently by at tacking an entertainment given by the Baptist ladies of Atlanta for charitable purposes, and his fnlminations have called forth the following sensible ut terances from Rev. C. K. Henderson, the scholarly and broad-minded pastor of the Cedartown Baptist church:— SARTOR KICSARTUS; OR LILLIPUTIAN WED- PINOS, To tho Editor of The Journal: And there was war In heaven. No wonder then there is strife in Atlanta. Oh, that Cervantes were living! He would surely find work to do. For some Don Quixote is out charging the wind mills. Suppose a windmill should charge a windmill,what wonld be the result? May thegood Lord deliver us from such spritual knight errantry as we are frequently forced to witness in our great capital of Georgia. To simple country pastors like mysell and the sheep whom we have the honor to shepherdize, a lillipatian wedding did not occur to us as anything awful, nor did we suspect that the charge of mockery could be laid to it before we heard tho thunders of tho Tabernacle pulpit and the deliverance of the Witenagemote, otherwise called tho Baptist Pastors’ conference. I fear that in the matter of the lillipu- tian wedding this assembly of grave and reverend elders is more other-wise than wise. It is scarcely proper for them to erect themselves into a self-consti tuted council of the wisdom and con science of Atlanta Baptists and hurl their anathemas at people whose con science and wisdom are not inferior to their own. They are entitled to their private judgments, but who gave them authority over another’s conscience? If they must hurl tho thunderbolts of Jove,it might be well for them to drop a hot shot or two on some of the theolog ical fiddling that is witnessed at times in the sacred precincts of Atlanta, Brethren, don’t strain at gnat and then gulp down camels, humps, hoofs, hides and all. There are other things more worthy of your attention than a lillipu- tian wedding. Let the children enjoy themselves. We should not be surprised if some Jupiter Tonans. or learned Witenage mote shell not soon cast a brutum ful- nien at the children who play dolls. Never Again Should the people be as completely without home-canned fruits, vegetables and preserves as they now are. Never Again, Perhaps, will they have a better chance to lay up a bountiful store of such things than they have this year. Gardens and Orchards will soon be la den with wasteful abundance of fruits and vegetables. Can them while you can. I have over 1000 Mason Jars—pints,quarts and -gallons—to help on the good work. E. BRADFORD. Here’s the clockmaker come to fix onr sitting-room clock,” said the fnnny man’s wifc;“ won’t yon go np and get it for him?” “Why,it isn’t np stairs,is it?” replied he lazily. “Of conrse it is. Where did yon think it was?” “Oh! I thought it had rnn down.” A Card of Thanks. I wish to say that I feel under lasting obligations for what Chamberlain’s Congh Remedy has done for onr family. We have nsed it in so many cases of conghs, lnng troubles and whooping congh, and it has always given the most perfect satisfaction; we feel greatly in debted to the manufacturers of this remedy and wish them to please accept our hearty thanks.—Respectfully, Mrs. S. Doty, DeMoines, Iowa. For sale by E. Bradford. They are in danger of being charged with mocking the great principle of motherhood. We may listen to hear a sermon against mock mothers and after wards about Christmas; look for one against good old Santa Claus.. He can’t stand much longer as a sham in the face of the iconoclasm now rampant in Atlanta. C. K. IIendersoh, Pastor Cedartown Baptist Church. Hood’s Ptlla cure liver ills; the « nly cathartic to take with Hood's SarsapariH*. Washing Out tlie^Stomaeli. Within recent years those physicians who have made a specialty of diseases of the stomach have became convinced that the only satisfactory method of treating a great variety of stomach troubles is l>y washing out the stom ach. This little performance is car ried out by means of a flexible soft rubber tube, swallowed by the patient. At the other end of the tube is a rub ber funnel, and when the stomach tube has reached the stomach warm water or some medicated fluid is pour ed in, and the stomach is subjected to a thorough cleaning. Disagreeable indeed the process is at first. Indeed, for the first few times of the introduction of the tube the pa tient has often to be held down forci bly to his seat. Then, curious to state, the dyspeptic gets used to the stomach tube and even begins to like it. The cranks express such a longing for it that long after they are cured of their trouble they go on using the stoinnch pump once, twice or even three times a day. They haunt the physician’s of fice and become his bugbear during his office hours. Then finally, when the medical man puts his foot down and flatly refuses to pass the tube any more, they procure a stomach pump for themselves and use it before a looking glass. Bismark’s Iron Nerve Was the result of his splendid health, Indomitable will and tremendous energy are not found where Stomach, Liver, Kidneys and Bowels are ont of order. If yon want these qnalities and the success they bring, use Dr. King’s Hew Life Pills. They develop every power of brain and body. Only 25c at E. Bradford’s drug store. “So yon were defeated for the sena- torship?” “Yes.” “How did it happen?” “Oh, it was a pure ease of forgetfulness. I had my plans all made, hut when I got to the capitol jnst before the voting began, I fonnd I’d forgotten my checkbook, and I hadn't more thnn $15,000 or $20,000 in my pocket.” Reports show that over fifteen hundred lives have been saved through the nso of One Minute Congh Cure. Most of these were cases of grippe, croup, asthma,whooping cough,bronchitis and pneumonia. Its early use prevents con- snmption. E. Bradford. Mrs. B.—“What wonderfnl control Mrs. Yon Blumer.kas.” Mr. B.—“How do y< n know?” “I was with her an hour yesterday, and she never men, tioned her children or servants.” In almost every neighborhood there is some one- whose life lias been saved by Chamberlain’s Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, or who has been cored of chronic diarrhoea by the use of that medicine. Such persons make a point of telling of it. whenever op portunity offers, Imping that it may be the means of saving other lives. For sale by E. Bradford. Royal The absolutely pure BAKING POWDER ROYAL—the most celebrated of all the baking powders in the world—c elebrated for its great leavening strength and purity. It makes your cakes, biscuit, bread, etc., healthful; it assures you against alum and all lorrns of adultera tion that go with the cheap brands. Alum baking powders are low priced, as alum costs but two cents a pound; but alum is a corrosive poison and it renders the baking powder dangerous to use in food. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., 100 WILLIAM ST., NEW YORK. He Gives the Facts Concerning a laical Wedding. A Western editor, who believes in telling the truth, printed the following recently: Willie Shortlike and Annie Bloom ers were married at the church, last evening. The church was very prettily decorated with flowers and potted plants, borrowed promiscuously from over the town from people who didn’t want to lend them. The decorat ing was done nnder protest by some of the members of the chnrcb, who were asked by the bride and couldn’t well refuse. The ladies are of the opinion that if the couple were so bent on hav ing a stylish wedding they should have been willing to have paid some one to chase all over the town for a day get ting flowers together and taking them home again. ‘The bride wore a handsome Silver- stein gown (made at home), and the groom was decked ont in a $10 hand- me-down suit. The ushers wore cut away coats, borrowed for the occasion. Sallie Potts was maid of honor, and the consensns of opinion was that she was 2 to 1 better than the bride. The yonng conple took the morning train for St. Lonis, where they will spend more money in a few days than Willie can earn three months. “Willie says that now he’s married he’s going to settle down. Some of our merchants think it would have been bettor if he had settled np first. The groom gets a salary of $27 a month, which is abont the allowance Annie has been used to for pin money. We wish for Willie’s sake, that the old saying that it takes mo more to support two than one wasn’t a lie. ‘The bride sent ns a shoe box full of a conglomeration of stuff supposed to be cake. If this is a sample of Annie’s cooking we feel sorry for Willie. Onr janitor’s dog fell heir to the cake, and now he’s lying in the cold, cold ground. Bnt this wedding is none of onr fn- neral. If Willie and Annie are satis fied we’ve got no kick coming.” SMALLPOX BKMEDV. A Treatment That Many Assert is a Good One. The following smallpox remedy' was given to the pnblic by a correspondent of the Stockton (Cal.)Herald,who says: I herewith append a recipe, which has been used, to my knowledge, in hun dreds of cases. It will prevent or cnre smallpox thongh the pittings are filling. When Jenner discovered cow pox in England, the world of science hurled an avalanche of fame upon his head,bnt when the most scientific schools of med icine in the world—that of Paris—pnb- biisbed this recipe as a panacea for smallpox, it passed nnheeded. It is as unfailing as fate, and conqners in every instance. It is hornless when taken by a well person. It will also cure scar let fever. Here is tho receipt, as I have nsed it to enro my children of scarlet fever; here it is as I have nsed it to cnre tho smallpox; when learned physicians said the patient must die, it enred: Snlpkate of zinc, one grain; fox glove, (digatalis), one grain; half a tablespoonfnl of sugar; mix with two tablospoonsfnf of water. When thor oughly mixod add four onnees of wa ter. Take a teaspoonful every hoar. Either disease will disappear in twelve honrs. For a child, smaller doses ac cording to their age. If conntries wonld compel physicians to nso this there wonld be no need of pest honses. If yon valne advice and experience, use this for the terrible disease. “Opportunity is the cream of time.” Now is 3‘onr opportunity to take Hood’s Sarsaparilla and derive the most benefit from it. The blood is now loaded with dangerous impurities which this medi cine will promptly expel. Sick headache is cured by Hood’s Pills. “I don’t think,” said the Observant Boarder, “that I should care to.propose to a girl addicted to photography.” “And why not?” asked the Cross-Eyed Boarder- “I should he afraid that she wonld seize the opportunity to develop a negative.” Last fall I sprained my left hip while handling some heavy boxes. The doc tor I called on said at first it was a slight strain and would soon be well, but it grew worse and the doctor then said I had rheumatism. It continued to grow worse and I could hardly get aronnd to work. I went to a drug store and the drnggist recommended me to_ try Cham berlain’s Pain Balm. I tried it and one- half of a 50-cent bottle cured me -en tirely. I now recommend it to all my friends.—F. A. Babcock, Erie, Pa. It is for sale by E. Bradford. “That is the third time my watch has stopped this week,” said the shoe-clerk boarder. “Well,” asked tho Cheerful Idiot, “why don’t yon pawn it?” “Pawn it?"asked the shoe-clerk boarder. “Tes. Then yon conld have a good time,” said tho Cheerful Idiot. Neglect is the short step so many take from a congh or cold to consump tion. The early use of One Minute Cure prevents consumption._ It is the only harmless remedy that gives imme diate results. It enres all throat and lnng' tronbles. Children all like and mothers endorse it. E. Bradford. “Bixhy’s dog is a great imitator. He can stand on his hind legs and drink from a bottle.” “I suppose he has of ten seen his master do that. Would Not Suffer So Again for Fifty Times Its Price. I awoke last night with .severe paius in my stomach. I never felt so badly in all my life. When I came down to work this morning to Miller A Mc Curdy’s drug store, they recom mended Chamberlain’s Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. It worked like magic and one dose fixed me all right. It certainly is the finest thing 1. ever nsed for stomach trouble. I shall not be without it in my home hereafter, for I should not care to endnre the suffer ings of last night again for fifty times its price.—G. H. Wilson, Liveryman, Bnrgettstown, Washington Co., Pa. This remedy is for sale by E. Bradford. Bndyard Kipling, Dr. S. Weir Mit chell, Ian Maclaren, Cyrus Townsend Bradley, Jnlia Magruder and Mr. Bur ton Kingsland are among the contribu tors to the June Ladies’ Home Journal. Some of its notable features are: “The Passion Play This Year,” “Tho Bichest Woman in America” (Hetty Green;, “How Some Familiar Things Came to Be,” and “The Masterpiece of Mary, Qneen of Scots,” pictHring an apron worked by that unfortunate sovereign while in prison awaiting the execu tioner. Dr. S. Weir Mitchell’s article, “When the College is Hurtlul to a Girl,” is sure of a wide reading; so are Ian Maclaren’s views on “The Minister and His Vacation.” The fiction features of the June Journal are the opening chapters of Julia Magrnder’s new se rial “The Voice in the Choir,” and “The Autobiography of a Girl.” A drawing by A. B. Frost, “The Auction at the Farm,” a series of photographs showing “Sol Smith Rnsseil in His Summer Home,” and views “Through Picturesque America,” lend pictorial interest to the excellent nnmker. By The Curtis Publishing Company, Phil adelphia. One dollar a year; ten cents a copy. Even the temperate little bee takes to the bntter cap. Starvation never yet cared dyspepsia. Persons with indigestion are already half starved.They need plenty of whole some food. Kodol Dyspepsia-Care di gests what yon eat so the hotly can be nourished while the worn ont organa are being reconstructed. It is the only preparation known that will instantly relieve and completely cnre all stomach tronbles. Try it if yon are suffering from indigestion. It will certainly do yon good. E. Bradford. Every man is his own best friend- al his wont enemy. - t » - !-■ - ---• yatan