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Notice toContractors GEORGIA RURAL ROADS AUTHORITY PROTECT NO RR-PR 2622 (2) RR-PR 4136 (1) RR-PR 4141 (1) & SPUR COUNTIES OF MACON & TAYLOR Sealed proposals will be received by the Georgia Rural Roads Authority at its General Office at No. 2 Capitol Square, Atlanta, Georgia, until 11 A. M., Eastern Standard Time, Sept., 14, 1962, for furnishing all labor, material, equipment and other things necessary for construction of 5.421 miles of grading and paving as follows: 0.581 miles on the Lower River Road, be ginning at the end of the present paving at the Macon-Taylor County Line and extending north; also. 1.738 miles on the State Route 26 - DeVaughn Road, beginning at State Route 26 ap proximately 2 miles east of Montezuma and extending north to paved county road; also, 3.102 miles on the State Route 127 - Peach County Line Road, beginning at State Route 127 approxi mately 3.25 miles east of Marshallville and extending north to the Peach County Line with Spur extending southwest, west, and northeast. Plans and Specifications are on file at the office of the under signed at Atlanta, and at the office of the State Highway De partment, No. 2 Capitol Square, Atlanta, Georgia, and at the office of the Division Engineer of the State Highway Department at Thomaston, Georgia, and at the office of the Board of County Commissioners of Macon and Taylor Counties at Oglethorpe and Butler, Georgia, where they may be inspected free of charge. No Plans will be furnished for sale to prospective bidders. Copies of the Standard Specifications may be obtained upon payment in advance of the sum of $3.00, which sum will not be refunded. The Standard Specifications of the State Highway Department of Georgia have been adopted by the Georgia Rural Roads Au thority and will govern any construction under these proposals. The work will be let in one contract. THE APPROXIMATE QUANTITIES ARE AS FOLLOWS; 52.586 Acres Clearing and Grubbing Roadway - Lump Sum 8.00 Acres Clearing and Grubbing, Per Acre 98650 Cu. Yds. Unclassified Excavation and Borrow, Including Ditches 100 Cu. Yds. Channel Excavation 281800 Sta. Yds. Overhaul on Excavation 12000 Cu. Yds. Subgrade Treatment Material 66000 Unit Yds. Overhaul on Subgrade Treatment Material 5.415 Miles Special Subgrade Compaction and Test Rolling 970 Cu. Yds. Excavation for Culverts and Minor Structures 170 Cu. Yds. Selected Material Backfill, Culvert Foundations 288 Cu. Yds. Class "A" Concrete Culverts 27200 Lbs. Bar Reinforcing Steel 720 Lin. Ft. 15" Pipe SD 430 Lin. Ft. 18’’ Pipe SD 60 Lin. Ft. 24" Pipe SD 40 Lin. Ft. 15" Pipe CD, 1’ to 15’ Fill 360 Lin. Ft. 18" Pipe CD, 1’ to 15’ Fill 120 Lin. Ft. 24" Pipe CD, 1’ to 15’ Fill 150 Lin. Ft. 36" Pipe CD, 1’ to 15’ Fill 50 Lin. Ft. 42" Pipe CD, 1’ to 15’ Fill 50 Lin. Ft. 48" Pipe CD, 1’ to 15’ Fill 750 Lin. Ft. 6" Perforated Pipe Underdrain 240 Lin. Ft. Culvert Pipe Removed, SD or CD 120 Lin. Ft, Culvert Pipe Relaid, SD or CD 150 Sq. Yds. Sand Cement Bag Rip Rap 18 Tons First Application Fertilizer 2280 Lbs. Second Application Fertilizer 82 M. Gals. Water for Grassing 76600 Sq. Yds. Sprigging with Oveerseeding 1050 630 Sq. Yds. Loose Sod Rip Rap with Overseeding Lbs. Dieldrin - 10% Granular Insecticide Sq. Yds. Sod Ditch Checks LUMP SUM Remove Existing Bridge -Sta. Ill plus 92, Proj. 4141 (1) LUMP SUM Remove Existing Bridge -Sta. 88 plus 81, Stabilizer Aggregate - Coarse - Including Material Class “B-2” Topsoil or Sand Clay Base and Shoulder Material, Projs. 2622 (2) and 4141 (1) and Spur • Class B-3 Topsoil or Sand Clay Base and Shoulder Material, Proj. 4136 (1) Only Special Overhaul on Base and Shoulder Material Cutback Asphalt Prime Bituminous Surface Treatmet, Stone Size M- ■ 5, Type 1 Bituminous Seal Finishing and Dressing 600 Cu. Yds. 18700 Cu. Yds. 8900 Cu. Yds. 139300 Unit ids. 17350 Gals. 66100 Sq. Yds. 66100 Sq. Yds. oiUOO Sq. Yds. ANNOUNCEMENT Webb Eye Clinic EVERY VISION SERVICE AT ONE OFFICE INCLUDING COMPLETE EYE EXAMINATION, PRESCRIBING AND FITTING CONTACT LENSES FT. VALLEY, GA. Telephone: TA 5-2621 thrift. The store invites spending. The bank commends saving, and both are riaht. So, remember, "Spend some, save some, but waste none of what you earn." THE CITIZENS STATE BANK BUTLER, GEORGIA (Member Federal Deposit Inturance Corporation) Political Advertisement FOR REPRESENTATIVE IN GENERAL ASSEMBLY To the Voters ofTaylorCounty: I hereby announce my candi dacy for re-election to the of fice of Representative in the General Assembly from Taylor County subject to the rules and regulations of the Democratic Executive Committe in the Pri mary of Sept. 12, 1962. It has been my privilege to serve you in the 1961-1962 General Assembly and with this experience I feel that 1 am now better qualified to serve you in 1963-1964. 1 now and will always have the best interest of Taylor County at heart. If honored with re-election to this office I pledge to be of service to the people of my county at all times. During the next few weeks I will strive to see as many of you as possible in behalf of my campaign but if for any reason I fail to contact you personally, please consider this announcement as apersonal let ter to you asking for your vote and support in this race. Respectfully, RALPH R. UNDERWOOD. Legal Notice CITATION FOR YEAR'S SUPPORT GEORGIA - TAYLORCOUNTY: Taylor County Court of Ordi nary. September 3, 1962. The appraisers upon applica tion of Mrs. Emma Wactor Young, widow of said Jim Young for a twelve month’s support for herself and no minor chil dren, having filed their return; all persons concerned hereby are cited to show cause, if any they have, at the next regular October term of this Court, why said application should not be granted. MRS. BUSSEY CHILDS, Ordinary Taylor County Want Ads WANTED AT ONCE Man to sell consumers every day household necessities under our factory-to-you plan in Tay lor Co. Full or part time. Earnings based on sales. Write: Rawleigh GAH-810-728, Mem- phls, Tenn, (8243p) Sewing Machine Repairs, all makes; Repairman will be in town Every Saturday. Call or bring machines to: McKenzie Furniture, Ph. UN. 2-4665. (619tf) WANTED —Good man for overseer on peach, pecan, and cotton farm in Macon County. E. L. Duke, Fort Valley, Georgia, Tel. TA. 5-5339. (719tf) FOR SALE: In Howard, Ga., six acres of land and six room house with bath and gas heat, hardwood floors, new paint and new roof. Terms or cash. Call 665-3359, Junction City, Ga. FOR SALE - One second hand hay cutter 2 cycle in perfect shape. If interested call H. B. Roquemore at Un. 2-5621. (8312p) HAY FOR SALE - Florida Pus- ley and citron vine hay. $35 per ton. Asbury McCants, But ler, Georgia. (971b) FOR SALE - 3 beagle hounds. Good hunting dogs priced rea sonable. Call UN 2-3195. Her bert Tante, Butler, Georgia. (971b) CONTROL PINE BEETLES ” Control outbreaks of pine bark beetles as soon as they are noticed, Extension Forest er George D. Walker urges landowners. Left uncontrolled, these insects may destroy many valuable trees and cost the owner much more than a prompt control program. County agents have information on controlling pine bark beetles. Said work shall begin wlrhin ten (10) days after formal ex ecution of contract and shall be compleutu within 130 working days. When contract has been executed, written notice shall be given the Contractor, at which time, and not before, work may be started. Contract executed pursuant to this Notice is binding on the Georgia Rural Roads Authority as such. Said contract will not create liability, expressed or implied, against the undersigned Chairman of the Georgia Rural Roads Authority as an individual, nor against any employee of the Georgia Rural Roads Authority in his or her individual capacity nor against the State Highway Department of Georgia, nor against any officer or employee of the State Highway Department in his or her individual capacity. Proposals must be submitted on regular forms which will be supplied by the undersigned, and must be accompanied by a certified check, cashier’s check, negotiable United States Bonds or other acceptable security in the amount of $4500.00, and must be plainly marked "Proposal for Road Construction", County and Number, and show the time of opening as advertised. Check of the low bidder will be cashed and all other checks will be returned as soon as the contract is awarded, unless it is deemed advisable by the Authority to hold one or more checks. If an unusual condition arises, the Authority reserves the right to cash all checks. Bidders Bond will not be accepted. A charge of $5.00 will be made for each proposal issued. Such a bond will be required of the succesful bidder as re quired by law for contractors contracting with the State High way Department of Georgia. Contracts will not be awarded to contractors who have not been placed on the list of qualified contractors prior to the date of award. No proposals will be issued to any bidder later than 9 A. M. Eastern Standard Time of the date of opening bids. All bids must show totals for each item and total of amount of bid. Right is reserved to delay the award of the contract foi a period of not to exceed thirty (30) days from the date of opening bids, during which period bids shall remain open and not subject to withdrawal. Right is reserved to reject any and all bids and to waiver all formalitites. Upon compliance with the requirements of the standard speci fications, ninety (90) percent of the amount of work done in any calendar month will be paid for by the 25th day of the succeeding month, and the remainder within thirty (30) days after final estimate is approved by the Engineer. This the 24 day of August 1962. GEORGIA RURAL ROADS AUTHORITY JIM L. GILLIS, SR., CHAIRMAN WILLIS N. HARDEN, MEMBER CLARKE W. DUNCAN, MEMBER HOKE O’KELLEY Candidate for Governor Sept. 12, 1962 Democratic Primary PLATFORM-THE ENTIRE STATE OF GEORGIA Promise—A Brand New Day in Georgia Politics DOES YOUR HOUSE NEED PAINTING? We have a complete line of outside, inside and( floor paints, enamel for your cabinets and furniture. Will be glad to supply color cards for your paint selections. SEE OUR LINES AND PRICES BEFORE YOU BUY We Also Carry Hardware, Gasoline, and Oil Edwards Hardware & Service Sta. BUTLER, GEORGIA VETERAN SERVICE NEWS Georgians recently dis charged from the armed forces should remember some impor tant steps in their shift to civi lian life, says Veterans Service Director Pete Wheeler. Veterans first should inform the draft board of their dis charge and give them a cur rent address. This is required by law and must be done with in 30 days after separation. A veteran has a legal right to old job in many instances, but should immediately make sure his former employer knows he wants it back. Ve terans who served only 6 months active duty have only 31 days to apply for their old jobs. Other veterans have 90 days. Many have reserve obliga tions to meet according to pre sent military service laws. If in doubt about his reserve sta tus, the veteratn should check with the nearest reserve office. Photostatic copies of dis charge papers should be made and originals kept in a safe place. A discharge is the key to veterans’ benefits and may be used in many ways through out a lifetime. Discharge papers should also be recorded by the county clerk at the court house. All military papers should also be carefully reviewed to see that no errors have been made on them. Errors aremors, difficult to correct as time passes. Veterans not immediately re- employed should register with the State Employment Office, since military service may en title the veteran to umemploy- ment compensation if needed. Census Taker: “How many bushels of com did you raise last year?" Kentuckian: "Didn't bushel it—I bottled it.” The Taylor County (Ga.) News, Friday, September 7, 1962 Childres Service Station BUTLER, GEORGIA Shell Oil Products Sporting Goods " ihe one place in town YOU CAN ALWAYS BUY" ICE BLOCK or CRUSHED Sunday Hours 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. Fishing Supplies & Equipment elect"n ROBERT L. SWEARINGEN, JR. „ For Representative Of Taylor County p ! A cand,date f °r the Democratic Nomination for Representative to the tlen- like ta tT? m the Democratic Primary Wednesday, September 12. 1962 I would like to take this opportunity to present to you my background, my qualifications fnTrlt 6 ? C ° nC r ing PreSent Pr ° blemS ° f Ge0rgia in general and Taylor Sunty in particular and my one campaign promise. BACKGROUND • I was born in Taylor County on April 11, 1937, and have lived here all of my life. My mother and father both taught school for a number of years in our county and my father has since been engaged in the sale of automobiles and farming. I am a member of the Reynolds Methodist Church. QUALIFICATIONS: In 1955 I was graduated as valedictorian of my class from Reynolds High School. After four years of college work at Emory University, Atlanta, Ga., I received my BA degree in Business Administration with highest honor. This past Jurte I was graduated Cum Laude from Walter F. George School cf Law, Mercer University, Macon, Georgia. I am a lawyer and the primary function of our representative is to make the laws of our state. This requires drafting laws and understanding those presented by others as well as a knowledge of the general framework of our present laws. SCHOOLS: I am a friend of education as I have just completed 19 years of study. I know and appreciate the prob lems of the teachers and pupils. We need more teachers so that our children can be better trained for life. One step toward this goal is better salaries for all school personnel. We especially need more vocational training so that pupils who graduate and do not go to college will have a profession into which they can move without additional training. EXPERIENCE: I have handled all purchases and sales of livestock for Swearingen Hereford Farms for the past eight years. I am a director of the Georgia Hereford As sociation. I have aided in the operation of Taylor County Motor Company. At Emory I was treasurer of Sigma Pi Fraternity and handled some $20,000 a year. At Mercer I was president of the Law School Student Body and of my legal fraternity. My senior year I was editor-in-chief of the Mercer Law Review and in this capacity edited over 450 printed pages of legal literature concerning cases and statues. In this position I had the opportunity to meet and work with the leading lawyers, judges, legislators and legal scholars of our state. ROADS: We need many more miles or paved roads in ( county. I favor paving as many roads as possil and paving them in such a way that they will 1; longer. YOUTH: Since I am 25 years of age, I feel that my future is before me and that I have the training plus the drive necessary to get the job done. I am especially interested in the future of our county and state be cause it is my generation to which the fuure belongs. INTEREST: My interests are similar to yours because I am en gaged in farming, the retail sales of automobiles and the legal profession. I am the only candidate who was bom in our county and has lived here all his life. It is my intention to make Taylor County my permanent home and therefore I am keenly interest ed in our future. DESIRE: My reason for seeking this office is my desire to do something for the people of our county. My goal is to help make Taylor County and Georgia a better place in which to live. SOME NEEDS AS I SEE THEM: If I am entrusted with the office of Representative I will be in favor of any movement which will be of interest to our citizens. We must, however, all work together if we are to progress. INDUSTRY: Every day hundreds of our citizens are traveling out side of Taylor County to work. We must strive to bring some industry here so jobs would be provided for them. We do not have enough attraction for our youth to come back to our county after they acquire their education. MY CAMPAIGN PROMISE: If I am elected I will do my very best for my county. I will always consider the interest of all our citizens and not just a few. I will earnestly strive to always •conduct myself in a Christian manner. I have tried to see everyone of you during the past ten weeks. To the ones I have missed, I apologize, because I wanted to see you and personallv present my ideas to each of vou. I have taken no stand in the gubernatorial race* because I feel that our representative should be in a position to work with whichever candidate is elected. If you feel that I am the best qualified of the three candidates for representative and that I can do the best job for Taylor County during the next two years, vote for me on September 12th. I sincerely desire this opportunity to serve. Each of my opponents has had a chance in this position, now I am asking for a ‘ chance. If elected to this office I will dedicate my every effort toward serving you with understanding, humility and appreciation Of the trust you bestow upon me. Respectfully, ROBERT L. SWEARINGEN, JR. J