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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, May 14, 1889, Image 2

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- - ■■ - ■ . JOHN TRIPLETT, • - - Editor. S.B. BURR, •' Business Manager. , file Daily Times-Estertoisk i*i published ©eery morniug (Monday excepted.) The Weekly Enterprise is published every Thursday morning. The Weekly Times is published every Sat urday. ^ Subscription Rates. I)AILY TlMES-EnTERPULSE, W elly Enterprise, . . Weekly Times, . • • $r> oo , \ 00 1 oo Daily Advertjs ng Kates. t ransient Rates.—SO ctr. per square for the first insertion, and 40 cci ts for ea- ii subse quent insertion. nc Square, one month, - - - • •$ 5 00 One Square, two months - - - - 8 00 One Square, three monthi, - - - 12 00 Quc Square, six months, - - - - 20 00 One Square, twelve mofitua, - - - 35 00 Subject to change by special arran* «nncnt. H. It. BUltB. IIiimIiicnn Malinger* SPECIAE A OTICE. In order to insure pr« mpt inserts u, all advertisement?, changes, locals, etc., should tie handed in by noon before the day if pub lication SATURDAY. MAY 11, 136 ' Salutatory. ,Ju assuming chief editorial coutrol of the f imes-Entehi’iiise I liave no new. promises to make. My future course may be correctly judged by the past. On that record, and on that platform, I eland. Democratic to the very core, toler ant of the. opinions of others, devoted to the material welfare and prosperity of this section and people, the Times- Entertrise will he found battling, nt all times, for the common good of all. Everything looking to the build ing up of the trade and commeicciof the town; everything tending to de velop and improve the agricultural' interests of the country; everything calculated to encourage morality, law aud order, and to preserve peace and good will between all, will find in the new paper a consistent, constant co- adjutpr. The city department, in- chnige of (.'apt. Winter, will he a reflex of passing current events of t lie day, aud will, under his management, he de voted to the best interests of Thomas- ville. Ilis trenchant pen will find ample scope in tiie discussion mid elaboration of every present, or pro posed industry which goes to build up a town and people. No man Inis a keener perception of these wants aud agencies, and few writers have the " rare faculty of better enforcing and illustrating arguments in favor of the importance,aud the necessity,of every thing pertaining to, or which alljets, the weal of place aud people. His record as editor of. the Enterprise, bears ample testimony to bis abiflty ns well as to his fealty to Thoniasvillc aud everything atfectiug her growth and,prosperity. -■f» Thus equipped for the work laid out, the Tlmeh-Enteupihsk makes its lirst appearance this bright May »• morning. John* Tiui-i.i-nT. that any and all things [that have for theirobjeetthe gcod ofThomnsvillc will command my earnest support. With our ample editorial force it is within the power of the Times-En- TEnritisE to give Tliormtsvijle the best paper she has ever had. This is my ambition, and -I know I am fully seconded in it by Capt. Triplett, Mr, Burr and the whole fined that works on the paper. » This much I have said, and much more might lie said, but I leave it to he written in the col umns of the Timi:s-Kntei:i'1:isi; here after. AuiEier Winter. To Our Readers. 1 might, feel some degree of embar rassment if I stood before a strange audience for the first time, but staud 4 ing as I do, in the presence of a peo ple well known to me, and to whom I am equally as well known, I can make bold to address the readers of the Timi:s-%t';iu'iiise, feeling ihat I have an audience of friends. As this is the last time I can, with propriety, use the personal pronoun, 1 take the ' occasion as favorable for the expres sion ot some tilings that can with pro priety be said. ■ The merging ol Tliomasville’s two dailies into one, brings together w hat must be acknowledged as the two mast powerful factors for her good, ft (’apt. Triplett, who becomes senior aud managing editor, is a veteran in the service of Thomas county, Thom- asvillcaud South Georgia. For near- * ly a score of years he lias done yeo man service for his people. It can lie said of him with entire truth, that he has had but'one ambition, to push the fortunes of his town aud county. That his services have been well di- . reefed is. attested by the prosperity " that ha* come to both, aud that they been appreciated is fully demon- stralcd by the affection with which he W " '^cd. - My own duties, as city editor, call m ■ -field tbatl shall endeavor to 1 fill with whatever of ability, I may mmand, and I think 1 can refer to {Dc files of the Enterprise since it has Business Announcement. The proprietors of the Thoniasvillc Times and the Thoniasvillc Enter prise, having Seen moved thereto by the advice of the business men of Thoniasvillc and friends ot noth pa pers, have consolidated the two offices in a stock company, under the title of Times-Exterprihe Publmiiino Co. The Daily Times-Entehprise will be issued every morning; the Weekly Times every Saturday and the Week ly Enterprise every Thursday, as heretofore. In making this announcement the business manager desires to say to the public that in no sense will the pres ent arrangement have a tendency to raise prices. The prices lor advertis ing arc and will be the saint- that have governed the two papers for the past four years, as have appeared in both papers. These rates were agreed on by both papers as fair and equitable In job printing wc propose to compete with the world. Wc recognize the fact that there arc ample facilities af forded in Savannah, Macon, Atlanta and New York for doing the business of Thoniasvillc, and we propose to compete with-these points. Our prices will not he advanced because wc have no competition, aud our business men can.readily understand that, as wc want to cover the field, it is our poli cy to so run the husiuiss as to make it unnecessary for competition. De termined to make our rates in all de partments as reasonable as circum stances will permit, wc shall expect our husiijess men to give tys their, pat ronage. Recognizing the fact that, one daily paper is all that Tlioinusville needs, or will support, we have made the combination iu the interest of the public, as well as of the business, aud we believe the public will show their appreciation of the movement by giv ing us their hearty support. S. B. Buru, Business Manager. It is the misfortune of President llarrisou to have an unattractive personality. He is cold and unsym pathetic, and his manners appear stilted and unnatural. His appear ance amid the multitude at the recent centennial celebration in New York aroused nothing like popular enthusi asm. The New York Star speaks of a remarkable incident of the hall as follows; •‘An opportunity occurred at the ball to test the President’s popularity very thoroughly. When he entered the hall, in company with the mayor, the clapping of hands could scarcely be heard. An hour later Mr and Mrs. Cleveland came down from their box on to the floor. The whole as semblage sent up a shout that was perfectly spontaneous and seemed slraugCy out of {dace iu a ball-room. The contrast was the more striking because Mr. Cleveland was a Presi dent whose cudeavor always seemed to be to win the reject of the people rather than their affection. Com pared with Gen. Harrison, however, his popularity is somcthing*astonish- Railroad Racket. From a private letter to one of our prominent citizens we are permitted to publish tire following extract. ‘‘Presi dent Blake, of the A.'T. & G. Rail road tells me that work on said road will bo resumed within fiO days, per haps 30, and pushed vigorously on and on way up in Georgia."—Craw- fordville, Fla., Times. The following prominent railroad men were in Bniubridgc last week: G. Guubv Jordan and Major \V. 8. Green, of the Columbus 8oufheni ; J. E. Tucker, .J. W .Burhuell, II. r! and II. S. Duval, of the Florida Railway and Navigation Company. They left for Quincy Wednesday. The entire party came from Colum bus through the country. It is sus pected the two roads will jiitn in building from Qpincv or Tallahassee to intersect with the former.—Flori dan, Tallahassee. Valdosta, Ga., May 11.—The Georgia Southern railroad crossed the Savannah, Florida and Western rail way to-day, aud u force ot more than one hundred hands began to lay rails southward. Enough rails for the completion of fifteen miles have al ready anired, and several carloads are being received duilv. The entire line from Valdosta is now covered with grades* aud cross lie hands, aud it is said that the road to that point will be completed soon. • WORK ON TIIE 3. A. & M. ROAD. Mf.IvAE, Ga., May 11.—-The Sa vannah, Amcricus and Montgomery railroad is being rapidly graded from Abbeville to McRae. Some-fifteen or eighteen miles arc now ready for the erosstics. Messrs. Redmond & Kad- cliffe. aud McLaughlin Bros., have the contract for the grading, and have a large force ot bunds and teams on the work. RcMinoud & Rndcliffc have completed the first ten miles next to Abbeville, aud are now grad ing from the East Tennessee, Virginia aud Georgia, railroad - west. Traius will, in all probability, beginning between McRae and Amcricus b^the middle of July, The route between McRae and Savannah is heirig^ vcyed, and tjic surveying reach Savannah within fifteen or! twenty days, and as soon as the'linc is located the grading will be he, between Mellae and Savannah. ofSnyder’s, crashed against the horse’f Messrs.. Rciltnond & Radcliffe say they can grade the road to Savuunah in 220 days. When this end of the road is completed it will open up one of the best turpentine aud lumber sec tions iu the south, aud there is no es timating the advantage tiiis line will be to this section and to Savannah. The Samoan conference, consisting of commissioners from the United States. England and Germany arc iu session in Berlin. Uncle Sam is in sisting that he has a bona fide foot hold in Samoa and this position will be maintained. Wild stories about the lessees wreck ing the Western and Atlanta Railroad are iu cii eolation. Governor Gordon will keep his eye on that piece of property. Larry Gantt has bought the Athens Banner-Watchman, aud will go to work to make it a lively and vigor ous exponent of pure Democracy. He is one of tbc best newspaper men in the StWc. He aims to be a sure enough Democrat, and is not iu the jcii u i iflc r my charge, as giying proof habit of missing the mark. A. J. Drcxcl, of Philadelphia, l*a., has put his project for mi industrial school for girls into shape, by pur chasing for it the Louclla mansion, at Wayne, Delaware couuty, securing a charter, and appointing a board of t#istees. The entire value of build ings and endowments will reach $1,500,000. Making a Hog Happy, and How It Resulted. New York Sun. Wc were sitting in front of Taylor’s grocery, on a summer day, when a big black hog came nosing along the get ter, aud started a new train of thought. In the (*Towd of loungers was a man lrom St. Louis, aud, after watchiug the porker for awhile, lie remarked: ‘*1 wonder it that hog ever had a real good time in ail his life?” ‘•Hogs alius have good times, I ghess,” remarked the village cooper, who had knocked off work aud come over .to hear some polities. “I doubt it,” said the other. “He must feel.his degraded position iu life, and so he cannot be happy, I wish I could do something to make-him feel that life is worth the living.” “Fust man I ever saw who pitied a hog,” grunted the blacksmith, who ought to have been tacking a shoe on a waiting mule. “Yes, I do pity him. 1’vc been down myself, and know how it is. Taylor, have you got any cherry whiskey?” ■ “Mighty little, if any. Moro cher ries than whiskey, I guess.” “If you’ve two quarts of cherries, which have been in liquor, bring ’em out, and I’ll give you a half a dollar. I’m going to make that hog happy for two hours.” The grocer got the cherries, which had been lying in liquor for a couple of years, and the St. Louis man pour ed them out in tiie gutter for the hog. They were devoured with astonishiug avidity, aud the porker stood and looked at us aud hungered for more. It was doubted by some if the liquor would affect him, but after a few min utes ho beiran to frisk aud play, and was evidently under the influence.. “That docs me good,” said the donor of the cherries. “He is becoming fight hearted, and life wjjll take on new charms for him. Hang a raau who won’t give a hog a show!” Just theu the animal uttered course ‘woof!’ and charged for the crowd. AVe scattered, and ho entered jlie grocery, took two or three turns, hot out and down the street. ‘ ifimitb-wasicoiiiringup.andthe ig charged and upset him. Hethen ended for a horse and buggy in front Griffin \yill have to raise 814,000 to secure the experimental fai m. Of this amount they have already raised $9,000. Their 6ption on the farm, holds good until the 1st of June. It is not likely they will allow it to lapse. Funny men are horn, not made— a fact which many would-be humorous writers seem unable to appreciate. Oil can’t be pumped out of a dry well. When you are con templating* a pur chase of anything* iu our line, no matter- how small may be the amount involved Blood Iluuior*. Roils, pimples, blotches on the skin,ertij>- liou?, etc., evidence the fact that the blood is notin a good condition. These symptoms result from the effort of nature to throw off the impurities, in which she should be As sisted by Swift’s Specific. This will reme dj the disturbance, and bring speedy and*. permanent relief by forcing out the poison, and will build up the system from the first dose. After recovery from a severe atcacK of ! congestion of the brain and stomach, my lit- : tie son had a number of bad ulcers and run ning sores to come on his heut and body, which lasted lor years. I tried all the doc tors aud many which were recommended by other parties, but the sores still grew worse, until I did not expect him to recover. My friends were con lid »nt that if the sores heal ed it would kill him. I at length quit all other treatment and put him on Swift’s Spe cific, and less than two bottKs cured him sound and well.and Yufos to-day a sound and healthy child. S. S. S. also cured a sore on another of my children. It. J. McKinney, Woodbury, Tex. fty C OMmg t 0 l 0 Ok t '•••*; Mother, to euro chafing, relief li*g baby, lloracine Toilet ami Nursery Powder. It costs no more, is superior and highly perfumed. McIUe & Mardrc, Th- luasville; A. lira lord, Columbus; Alexander Drug and Seed Co., An gus.a; F. Von Ove: t, Charleston, Agents. SEASON GOODS. Go to Ileesc and Eason s for Fruit Jars, Jeilic Glasses, Ice Cream Freezers, Wafer Coolers and Refrigerators. Best goods a&d lowest prices is ourpiotto. tuc-tlmr-sa-3t LEMON ELIXIR. A Pleasant Lemon Drink, Tor hil oust css end < obstipation, take Tim* on Elixir. Tor imligeet on ;iml foul stomache, take Lem* on Ellx e. Tor sick and nervous headache, take Lemon Elixir. Forsleeplessutts and nervousness, take Lem on Elixir. For loss ot appetite and debility, take Lem on Elixir. Forfevcrs, • Mils an t malaria, tako Lemon Elixir. Lemon Elixir will not fail yon in anv of the above diseases, all of which arise from a torpid The old Libby prison was wrecked the other day while being transported from Richmond to Chicago. ’Tis a pity it was not destroyed entirely. The people of Richmond should never have allowed the old prison sent to a Northern city to keep alive the prej udices of the war. , Ilawes, the alleged 'murderer, was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. He will probably get a new trial, because of the popular demon stration against him during the trial just closed. The public aud the pa pers arc not called upon to try cases, and their violent iutermeddling some times defeats the ends of justice. They are easily defeated anyhow. The Southern Baptist Convention is in session at Memphis, Tcnn.. It is a Very large body, numbering about 800 delegates. Mr. Jonathan Har alson was elected moderator to suc ceed the late lamented Dr. P, II. Mell. Mr. Haralson is a citizen of Selma, Ala., and is u hivimui. If there were no profit in working convicts, private individuals would not hire them from the State, If there be profit in working them the people should get the benefit of it Put the convicts on the public roads, and let their labor go to building up the State. The veteran sobers of New Jersey gave Governor Gordon a rousing re ception the other evening. Gordon is popular everywhere. hind legs, aud in another moment there was a runaway. The widow Watkins was sailing along with a can of kerosene in her hand, and the hqg rolled her off the walk* as if she had been struck by a locomotive. He then headed fipr n double team and started them - off, dovo into Gaylord’s dry goods store and out, and the old mail Sabin turned in from Elm street just in time to he lifted three feet high aud rolled iuio a puddle. Fifty meu were out aud after the porker by this tihie, but he started another runaway, upset n baby ear riage, and knocked tbc register of deeds oft his pins, before wc cornered ,him and got a rope arouud a hindleg. Then everybody was mad and wanted vengeance, hut when they came to look for the St. Louis man lie Imd skipped, lie, however, left a mes sage l’qr the public, saying to a hoy, who had shinned up an awning post to he out of dnugci: “My sou, if you bnvu’t adopted a motto yet, let me throw out one for your digestion. It is ‘Give everything a fair show. 1 To London Town. The following delegates were ap pointed at Brunswick to attend the great international Sunday School convention in London next year: Revs. I. S. Hopkins, J. W. Leo, R. S. Barrett, 51. J, Cofer^ Howard Patillo, NIisscs Giles, Mary Packard, S. B. Packard, Mrs. J. II. Kcuip, Atlanta; Thomas W, Dimmock, L. C. Mandcrvillc, of Carrollton; 51. Speer, Miss Spear, Amcricus; R. W, Smith, LaGrungc; J. B. Hawthorne, G. T. Dodd, J. S. Nix, Atlanta. 5Ir, James F. Evans, who was a delegate to the convention, told some of his triends, before balloting com menced for delegate's to London, that it would he impossible for-him to at tend, if he was elected. Although Atlanta, Augusta, Co lumbus and other points were urged as the next place of meeting, Thomas- viilc carried the day: pud so the con vention will wept hero next year. It embraces the best Sunday school workers in the state—and is not sec tarian. Thomasville will take goodly care of the convention when it meets here. or diseased liver, stomach,kidneys, bowtls blood. — , rreparedonly by Dr. II, Mozclev, Atlanta, Ua — drti 50c, and SI,00 jmr bottle'. Sold by druggists. «■ A Prominent il'uialer Wittes. After ten years ot great suffering from lndl- qi„ 1.,, , r gestton, with great nervous prostration, hill- At/ fj U V OI ll.S. outness,-disordcro I Moneys anil constipation, * - I have been cored by Dr. MozOley's Lemon Elixir, and tin now a well man. Rev. C. C. Davis, Eld. M. E. Church South " 1" " May 14, darn. No. 28, Tatnali. 8t. Atlanta, On. When you want a cool, delicious and de tent glass, cf soda water, ginger nic or a milk-shake, drop in at the Mitchell House Pharmacy. d.twlt 10 per cent off regular retail prices at tile Mitchell nouse Pharmacy, when bought for cash. dAwlt The Mitchell House Pharmacy lms the goods and the woods must he sold, and cheap, too. d&wlt FRESH MEATS. . We. will open, Monday, April 1st, at. tl|f place lately occupied by Mr. P. H. Hone a due stock of fresh meats. Beef, Mutton and Pork. , ' Our meats are from our own farms, fat, juicy and sweet, We will be glad to reccivo your patronage amt will serve you with ttic best meats at the lowest possible prices. F, P. Hoax k Ba > over our large and well selected stock of Clothing, Gents’ Fur- nishing Goods, Hats, etc.,, that is new and seasonable. Decide IJticily After seeing the prices and examining the qual ity „of our goods you; can’t resist them. Itr, is impossible to do as; well elsewhere. ■’ - * ■m —^ JSI m .■ - A new lot of Fashionable Goods from Baltimore just opened. I canplease your in every respect My prices are unap- proachable. I am not in the ring that controlls millinery profits. I do apt ask $2,oo for a hat that cost $l.oo, I am satis fied with $1.25. Low prices, quick sales and tasty work, for cash down is the rock on which I build. Am up at my post again and will be glad to have you call. * " Oau be found. We fget the choice of the best goods oh the market, andbuy and sell them at Mrs. Jennie Carroll, Low Price Milliner, Lower Broad St. GEORGE FEARN, REAL 1SIATE ACI \T, OFFICE IN MITCHELL HOUSE BLOCK. CiljinJCostirj Propetfi for Salt. 1 1 . XjOW, iHOUSES IRIl NTED And 'faxes ft Iu, LiOATSLS ' NEGOTIATED. Bring me a description 01 yonr property That our prices are the lowest, our as sortment tliu most complete, and our quality the highest.- Dont fail to call on us. Clothiers and Furnishers. 10G Bind St. - & i . -• - ■te -1 m S