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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, May 14, 1889, Image 4

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Georgia’s Governor Royally Received at Elizabeth, New Jersey. Km'/abeth, N. J., May A-—Oov- trnur Gordon, of Georgia was tendered a magnificent rteeption to-night by the Dttke Ziuaves and other, veterans of the union army. Gen. Gordon was accompanied by Lis persona! aid, Gen. M. C. Kiliot. On his arrival. in the city, at i>:30 o’clock, the Zjuxves Bred a salute frnm a revolutionary cannon. Gen. Gordon and party were driven to tire residence of Gov. Green, where an decant dinner was servid. ^J'lMfe were twenty-five or thirty,..wfenlieiuen at.thc table, includjc? Gen. Kearney, son of the. ."aliant “Phil. Kearney,’’ Goa. Abbott, son of x-Govcmi r Ab ".bett, Adj'. Gen. Stykcr and Gen. Drake. s.,1,1 TED nr TUB ZOltAVK After dinner the formed ia front of A PLEA FOR FRATERNITY, “What is it in human character that the brave men and noble women of all ages and all civilized countries most love and admire? What is it that history loves to. record, that lives longest and evokes the highest strains in song and in story? I hat the sculptor makes speak in dumb, white marble and the painter immortalizes upon Ins canvas? Is it passion, and prejudice, and hate; or is it not rather god-like generosity and iotiy courage tempered, beautified and ennobled byva •‘fpiril of magnani- nitty?'' “Ah, sirs! there is a difference in the tribunals that iry men ai.d their actions. There are tribunals ol laws and courts. By these, convictions or acquittal is quick. But the tribunal of history stands afar off-on the highlands of futurity whose lofty [icaks shall lift the presiding judge high Zouaves j above the clouds of present passion rtfijcDce and ; a nd gives to his eye a far wider presented arms ns tie governor appear- sweep of,the horizon of tbv, past. ..i it,,, imr Gen. Gor- ltpfnrf' that "renter tribunal orliistory cd on the veranda wearing Gen. Gor dan. T*>e t »o governors and Gen. Drake entered a carriage drawn !>y four horses. Tire ether mttnh-rs of ihe distingued parry entered the other err- tiaers ar.J the precision was quickly formed, tlie Zcav.s and other veterans moving threrwh th ' crowded- s'reets to the armory, ih« ltws n'oeg the line being brilliantly iuivnim'id I’y. rjlrchnics «.t r.ll 1-oiora wer • ■ very*!» re and the thoroughf .r<s w< r- .ihbzi with honfires. Major Gti r and a large assemblage of citiz’xs g IV-' i (. 11 over nor Gordon, at the armory, a moat i.nthu- tiiMil we:e iujc. Tt>e formal iritroduo- lion of Governor Gordon was made by Col. Joseph K. Fenn. GOVERNOR GOBUON’s sl’KKClI. When tfcc applause whii’n a re end Governor Gordon a? In- vr “ vi-ply had subsided, he spoke ndai*.: “Gen. Drake, Ladies and Fcliow Sol diers: I .scarcely kuon how to thank you for this magnified!■ reception and for tl e honor paid rue ia ihe gcnrral order convening this cinmoud aod making me the special gusst 1 this valiant veteran corps. T thick you for (he ttihut.'- paid me i-i i!’“ g-n-'inl order. But had you chans- nix J mo as an ardent friand of (be republic and of all men who love and supp -r* ■ it, your compliment wan'd trot sv (»r have exceeded ray merits. I apprtciate also the courage which Get! Drake has rx bibited ia thu3 homiiog i-no v.1: ly victimized him i-i t'.e ‘B-!.i.’ e;.i sode, only a few work- n THE RADGE EWSUHE “When 1 read in the erring pujii tlitt Capt Drake, of New ,1,-r-i y, wts about to tic expelled *<'■ m the G. A. It. for ills piciiiogcf n bulge U?'n G^f. Gordin, oi Get-rai'i, at.d »ri-i I (nr h r read the fi- ry threats of the r- doubta ble warriors, who were whet i:g their toniihisks I hr D.-aU's tcJp. ! began to ihiok prulrne-o tic tied that 1 find immedic- nfuge ,-ihin my oau juris diction. The i .dignation i f lies- irate gcntieuia i >Vi.s so iuo'&s-! ihr.i a busty retreat or another civil war nri mod the only alternatives. For not only Imd I received one badge a - tin- hands uf your gallant carp-, hut ;s 1 i <l-> ah ug the blue lines of those thou-ands of brave old warriors, they bad covered nry breas’ with badges until I was be decked rs might have been a marshal of Fiance by his own brave followers. If, therefore, the ire of those red-hot pursuers ol Gen. Drake shiu'd increase ia prop, to the number of hedges, what would have btc'.tne of ait? NOT GRAND ARMY RADGES. Imagine my relief, however, when (in examination I found not a single grand army badge, but the badges of companies and regiments and civic organizations. All apprehension for Gtn. Drake’s reputation and my own safety at once subsided and the bliss ful assurance again possessed me that the war was really over and that peace was to be permanent. Hut, jesting aside, how sad is' such an ex hibition ot temper on so lud crotts a misapprehension. 1 do not know iiow sueh a scene may affect others, but 4S for myself I would trust with a and fold more confidence, the „_00t and safety of the republic to .the keeping of those worn and battle- scarred heroes uho buried their sec tional prejudices at Appomiilox and who were glad to extend soldierly greeting* to the sinccre'man who had fought against them, than to trust that republic to the mm who arc unable to hide their passions even ; doing honor to the memory of Before that greater tribunal orliistory we shall all be tried. Who would not prefer to stand before that bn in the person of the magnanimous old veterans who gathered around tlie horse and eagerly grasped the hand of your speaker in fraternal greeting, than in the infinitesimally sit a t spirit of the fonrentor of hate m In- tree and Christian republic? history’s VERDICT ON TUI. V. \U. “What is to be the verdict of that far off tribunal of history letryeen you and nit? Between North and South—their motives and aspirations in the great civil rotilhfD Shall i tell yell what U Will be! It lias already been chl>eletl on the mr.'.lne shall erected by a Imiken-bearted Kentucky father peer in-, two dead soldier boys. One had joined tire Northern, the other the Souitu i n army. Both had been killed and they were buried side by side. On the monument above their grave the lather had carved words ol tins im port: "Here lie my brave boys—one died fighting for the Union, the other tor the rights of the Suites—eacli died doing his duly as lie conceived it.” HOW IHE SIT.IXIl WAS RECEIVED. Governor Gordon was frequently interrupted by applause in the course ot his address, and at the close tlieie Eror " was long, continued applause. Governor Green then welcomed Governor Gordon to New Jersey. Lie said that the Zouaves did them selves an honor m extending the magnificent greeting, which was an poll sale nv am, nnre<;isT8. EIPPMATT BROS.. Wholeaald* DrugsiaU. Sole rropu., Llppman Elect:, Savannah, Ga. P.P.P. p.p.p. evidence that as he fought bravely as a true soldier, they recognized that the war was over and the union re united; that we live under the consti tution and one flag, with one aim,* one hope and one destiny. REV. O. A. ULAZEBROOK SPEAKS. Rev. Otis A. Glazebrook, ol St. John’s Churoh, who was a chaplain in a Georgia regiment and is now a New Jersey guardsman, followed Governor Green. At the close of the reverend gen tleman’s remarks, a reception was held aud nearly the entire assem blage availed themselves ol the op portunity to grasp the hand of Gov ernor Gordon. What Sanitation Means. The Times of last week published an admirable communication on the subject of sanitation. We arc not prepared to agree or disagree with the position taken by the correspondent, that sanitation, when properly enforced, takes the place of quarantine, but w® arc pre pared to second ali lie says of the im portance of keeping cities clean. Thomasvillc lias admirable machin ery for keeping the city clean, iu the shape of a vigilant health committee, an active board of health and a tire less inspector, but the Times-Knteu- pkese would impress on our citizens the importance of giving all possible aid iu the work of keeping the city 'clean. Do not wait lor the authorities to locate everything, or even anything, that might possibly militate against the health of our beloved city. Look to your premises; if you chaifee to see what has already or may possibly develop into a nuisance, re port the matter to the city inspector at once. Sanitation means cleanliness. It is useless to define this well understood term. (Prickly Aeti, Poke Boot, and Potassium.) CURES SYPHILIS Primary, Secondary, amt Tertiary Syphilis, Syph. Illtic Eruption*,• Scrofula and bcrofulous Erup tions, Ulcer* and Old Sores, Rheumatism and all diseases of-the blood ; fill -those that have resisted other treatment yield steadily ami surely to tho wonderful power of 1*. P. P.» tue great Blood Purifier. • SCROFULA Is an imparity In the blood, producingLamps or SwclUng, causins Running Sores on tho Arms, Logs, or Ifeet, for tho euro of which use P. P. P., the greatest blood medicine on earth. All these diseases yield readily to Ihe power of P. P. P., giving new life and new strength. BLOOD POISON Cured In its worst form ; sometimes In caws wll), Erysipelas, wlioro lb« patient was In Eternal Pola and riven an by the physicians. In somo cases Scrofulous Ulcers liroko out till tho party waa a mass of corruption; a bottle of P. P. P. was procured, and the diseaso yielded quickly. RHEUMATISM And In ol! Affection* of tlic Blood. P. P.P. stand* alone and unrivaled, and somo ci Its wires aro really wonderful. ,, ** ’ • If you suffer from anythin." ’ike•Syphilis, Scro fula, Blood Poison, Ulcers, Old ^orep, Rheuma tism, or any dlsdfto of the blood, Lo fiiire and give P. P. P. n trial. , ,, , P. P. P. (Prickly Ash. Poke Hoot, and Potas sium) is no secret patent medicine like the many on toe market. Its formula is on every bottle, thus giving a guarantee or its purity mid whole* gomonesa that no other blot/1 pur:Her docs give. LI PM AX x BROTHERS, whlesalc druggists, sole liiaiiufaeturors ami proprietors, Lippman Block, Savannah, Co. MCRAE & FflARDRE. Wholesale and Retail Age A Iioiisr. WHO C'AN TALK ! KvorvNxly lias honrd of a “horse laugh," but wBo has ever ami mi eijuluo gifted with the power of speech? Such nil animal would be pronounced n miracle: lair so would tho telegraph and the telephone a hundred years ago. Why, even very recently n cure for con sumption! which i.'r.iwrnally acknowledged to be scrofula affect I ip- the lungs, would havo boon looked upon ;;s mirnrulous, hut nowpeo- plo are beginning to r-*:iii/.e that the disease is not incurable, lir. Pierce's Ooldou^Medlotl Discovery will cure it. it taken iu timo ft|*d given a fair trial. Tills world-renowned rem edy will not make new lungs, but it will re store diseased ones to a healthy state when other moans have fail 'd. Thousands grate fully testily to this. It is the most potent tonic, or strength r utoier, alterative, or blood-cleanser nnd nutritive, or flesh-builder, known to medical Ecleivv. l or Weak Lungs, Hpitting of Iilood. i iron chit is, Asthma, Ca- Complaint,’’ rl.ronie Di.urhoa, nnd kindred ailments, it is a sovereign ivmedy. ’olden Medical Dia ry “ is tlio only med- i of its class, sold druggists, under jrinted jruanuitce, from the manufact urers, that it n il* bencilt or c ure in every case of diseas:‘ for whic h ir Is reeommendod, or money paid for it will l>e promptly refunded. Copyright, l&S. Gy Wouu»v, Jus. Med. Ass’n. 8300OFFERED i.y tlm manufactur- K1ARVELOUS THE BEST . • AKDMOsT Direct Eoute! FROM ALL PRINCIPAL POINTS IN THE.SOUTH TO CHICAGO AND THE NORTHWEST. Wo through oxpreus trains dally, with PullJ man Palace BuffetHleejiiugCars by night, and Chair Cars by day, between Cin- ciuuattt And Chlcag«>, litrllaunpo- lis and Chicago, and also bo tween Louisville and Chicago, where close con* 'ncctlons are made for st. Paul, Fargo, Blsmark, Pol- lantl.S Omalia, Kansas City, 8an Francisco and points lutermcdlatc— New Fast Mail, 1/cavlng Luiisvllle, Dally except Sunday, at 7*J0a. in. Clnciunattl, Dally, except Sunday at 7:45. Arriving at Chicago nl6:55. Tho most rapid service ever attemptod De tween tho Great Com mere i»l Cities on the Ohio River and Cixioaa<»* 49*7hrough Coupon Tlckots, Baggage check ed to destination, aud your safety and com fort provided for. are among tho iiolnts that have made the * M0MT023 ROUTE Universally and deservedly popular, OHN B.OAR^OM Vioo-proVt am! Gon'i Mgr W. H. McDOKL. Gcu'I '1’rafRc Manager, E. O. MCCORMICK. Gen.l Passengor Agent R. W. GLADINO. Passenger and Freight Agt. # 158 Broml St.. Thomosvlllo Ga. DISCOVERY. Only Uenuinn Hystcu: of Memory Training Four Boohs Lcurucd in one reading* RIliul \randcrlng cured. Every child n«u ndaft greatly beneflttea. m Great iDtluccmeuts to C inespoatienco Cbsees. ProriDoctas. with Oyio’.'rtis of Dr, Will. A. 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My prlcos ure reasonable and thoso who contemplate having work done or purchasing anything in my line will And It to their In terest to confer with me beforo placing their orders. Office nnd shop over Watt k Br.o.'s, Broad St..Tliomasvllle Ga. ^ Mr. Joseph M. Urcyer offers his services * firtbo public as a stenographer and tyjie- vfriter.i All work promptly done and satis- f facUori'ruorantccd. Apply to or address, JOSEPH M.DREYER, at Me n'.yre & McIntyre’s office, Brood st Whiddon House (Opposite Pluey Woods Hotel.) TIIOMASVILLE, - GA E.B. Whiddou, Prop. This house, located In the most doslr- nblo and coutral part of tho city. Is now nnd comploto In every particular. Fur nished in tho ruost elegant manner and provided with nil conveniences of mod ern hotels. Tho menu Is porfcct, nnd tiro Borvloo rendored by trained nnd po lite servants. Terms reasonable, and prices graded according to accommoda tions furnished. Carriages from the houso meet nil trains. declO-ly TIIOMASVILLE AKSTRACT CO ABSTRACTS OF CONVEYANCES To City ami Country Property, in Tliomns county, furnished at short notice. Special J’l ico to ll"il h.tulr: Delta *! OFFICE:- -With Arthur Fatten, Attorn.-) at, Masonic Building, 107 ILuiADSt.s - - TubMASVILLE.1 /. Hrlmi&LeM, ('ontraetdrs & Builders TIIOMASVILLE, GA. Wo will bo glad to make ooutructs for, or superintend, ull classes of buildings, public or private, iu cithor brick or wood. Will fur nish plans aud speoiflea'ious if required. If you want any building done call on us, and wo will submit estimates whether contract Is awarded us or not. Wo will- guaranteo satis faction in all our work. Wo refor to tho many buildings erected by. us iu Thoiuasvlllo, and to all parties for whom wo have worked. Shop on Fletcher st., ‘2nd door from Broad. Thomasvllle, Ca., April 3,1883. READ THIS COLUMN. Lands For Sale qn mm TiiRiii The 21U acres cf land In Thomas • county, being parts of lots 01 and 78 in tlio 14th Dist., amt known as tho Geo. W. Whitehurst place. Will sell for 81,000,—onn fourth, one third, or one half cash, and - the balance in from ono to six years,—lo suit purchaser, with Interest nt into of eight per cent, per annum on deferred payments, payable annually. For further particulars ad dress ' Wit. K Simmons, taiiDtf Atlanta. Ga. NEW OFFERINGS IN! REAL ESTATE. BY K. M. MALLETTK. $10,000, Another old souihern lioinc. 1,500 nercs live mile, from city, good road, splendid pear orchard, netted last year, $445. Houses in good repair. This is a great lgir- gain. :j.800. lOOaeies l»u miles from town,run ning from one public road to another and divided by the Boulevard. A very valua ble tract, well located for sub-dividing, nnd will mnkca good profit ns a speculation. 20,000 ncrcs ot timber lands in Thomas and Colquitt counties at $t per acre. These lands are good farming lands amt u-c Intrin- cically worth $3 per acre. $2,500, Unuihstnkahly the handsomest residence lot iu the city, 200x200 feet on corner ltnnscll street nnd Colton avenue, fronting the park. There is absolutely no possible objection to this property. ■ The only 'islness lots on Broad street at $90.00 per per front foot. $1,500. New place, lot luoxiioi on three streets iu suburbs nt $l,50o. The in^irove ments cost $2,100. Owner must realize on property imgicdintel y and offers at this great sacrifice* ' 1 have every description ad' properly for sale. Itcsidcnce lots at $S6o to $500 on good streets. First-class residence property in most popular localities will cost more money, bat I have ■ it too. 1 oiler two splendid ljttle farms with gems of pear orchards on them, I offer plantations of all kinds, sizes ami prices. Any one having any idea of buying will act very unwisely to do so without seeing me. FOIMENT. * Two futnUUed rooms with kitchen pii legcf, one blo^k from business part of town, f6r rent at $1“ 00 per month. KM MALLKTTK. RESTAURANT! AND j Oyster Saloon. Go to Benpic'St on Ilroail st., opposite Mitchell House, for a meal or Oysters in any chants Booms to let, atso, aud board reasonable by tho day, week or nmutli. tf E. M. MALLETTE, REAL ESTATE BROKER, Thomusvillc. Georgia Established 1879. Special Bargains in Improved and Unimproved Property The Anderson Cot tage, Crawford St., next to IVhiddon House-and nearPi- ney Woods Hotel. One fourth cash, balance in five years. i ■ j HOPKINS Real Estate Affencv, BOX 22 CITY. Thomasville, Ga.