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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, May 22, 1889, Image 4

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* On Two Issues. The folio ring resolution was adopt ed at the quarterly session of Burke county alliance: Whereas: H lias come to our knowledge that the Chill Plow com pany of Chattanooga, Tcnu., ha-* in structed their agents not to sell their goods to a member of the Farmers Alliance, then hy declaring themselves ui lie the avowed enemies of • ur or der. '1 he ostensible object of which existence; there i to crush out ton* lie it Heso efi. ill Fillmen. ty, a i hear’ ’.irethren 0-id llellh.’ esc the O' u- fertes. L i J. L '.JLLl i ■■ vr, the members ol ■ i- , f Burke eomi- TII i li\ With 'Hi' on SSI I' M I • i Georgia, ;• ... {:■ m i’' of Burke . i.;\li ve ill l! ill tax ut (.corgia are iYu and PBOFESSU >N AI. CA It ns. B e. iiawkin's, j i a Attorney ;iim1 Councellm Law. TIIO.MA.SVtl.LK, ideiil Dentist, inliei- lil~ -orvli. Whereas, w< county Ai'iau: payers of i' i overburdeurii whereas there . .. , in the legi-latpro t > increase toe sala ries of supreme court judges one thou sand or fifteen hundred dollar-, and superior court judges five hundred or one thousand, which would tax the people fifteen or twenty-five thous and dollars. Whereas, we believe that the present judges are willing to hold the offices as loug as they possi bly can at the present snlaries, ami wc believe that there are plenty ot men competent to fill said offices that would be glad to get them at present salaries; therefore be it Resolved, That we, the members of Burke county Alliance, earnestly re quest our senator and representatives and general assembly to do ail in their power to defeat said bill. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be mailed to one of our representatives and one to our sen ator. L. P. Herrington, President. J. L. Ellison, Secretary. Caught at Cast.—Fallier, (shout ing down stairs in ail angry voice) Mary! Mary (who is with her beau. Who lias been waiting on her foraboui three years) Yes, sir. F.—Is Mr. Slowcoach there ? M - Yes, sir. F.—Is he proposing to you, that lie is staying so late? M. (lo Mr. Slowcoach, in a fright eneil whisper)—Oil! wlial -hall I say ? Mr. S.(tmiibliiig in bis bools)—Sa> ves. M. (to her fallier)—Ye-, papa. F.—All right, all right; excuse me. Tull him lie can have you. Bless yen hotli, my children. IJe needn't burry away. Au unprofitable task; Mrs. Gadd- “Yo't look tired, Mrs. Gabb. What is ihc ni.:ter?* ‘Tired! I'm nearly . my built mom Wiu- ■,jks righ'.' along iis i lie jiu.’soi age . !a.a tl a cross ski At: riiorottuvlUc. Office—Over Wfttt « store. Mcl.KNiHJN, 8. Attorney-at-Law, ThomaBVllle, • • • Georgia. Prorap vf ’iUM gl trusted to him. Office—Over Watt’s t Jackson streets. W. U’ltUCK, M. 1)., Office, up-stairs. Coiuei of Broad nud Fletcher streots. [aur 13-’85-3rl _ rp S. DEKLE, M. I>., Office in Hayes liuildin Residence—Coruor College avenue and Slat nolia street. . , ,, Telephone communication, No. 23 for nigni calls. ip M. Mcl NTTOSH, Physician «& Surgeon, Thomasville, Georgia, jy OFFICE over Stack's, corner Broad and Fletcher Streets. ALTER O. SNODGRASS, ATTORNEY AT LAW AND COLLECTOR OF CLAIR x OFFICE: 126 Broad Street, T HOM ASVILLE , GEORGIA.. JOEL B. COYLE b>entist THOMA-JVILLiE, GEORGIA. OFFICE, Broad St., over Pickett's. odd. ibr ) even w i : to 1 A list -till asleep on the track. a mil' child, t ! i-.v’ of | lnr,had pillowed his .uni on n rail rood track and fallen asleep. The tr.iia was almost upon ldm when a passing strnm-er rushed forward nnd saved him from a boirlM ■ < I’m Imps you uro asleep on tho trues, too. Vo;i me. If you are neglecting tho hacking cough, tho hectic Hush, rho lo6s of appetite, growing weakness and lassitude, which have unconsciously crept upon you. Wako up, or 1h- train will he upon youl Consumption, w hich thus insiduously fastens its hold upon its victims while they are un- conscious of its approach, must he taken in time. If it Is lo t,e overcome. Ilr. Pierce* Golden Medical HSs-overy has cured thou sands of cans of this most fatal of maladies. If taken In tine. ami jrlvon n fair is guaranteed to bcin-flt or cure in every wise of Consumption, or money paid for it ■will bo } \iI. uugs Spitting of Blood, Short ness of Breath, Bronchitis, Asthma, Severe Coughs, and kindred affections, it is an effi cient remedy. Copyright, 1SSS. by World's Dis. Med. Ass’.v. offered for an I f \ .w incurable case of Catarrh In LSMtfeA Mp the Head, by the proprietors of Dr. Sage’s Catarrh Heinedy. Only 50 cents. Sold by druggists everywhere. MARVELOUS discovery. Only Genuine STstrm af Memory Training, Pour Book* Learned in one reading. Blind wandering cured. Every child an-1 nilult areally heneHtted. a Groat tnducowoiitc to C srrespon,lance Classes. mo'^XmeSrorM BSnlel «rceiilenfTn-min»«»», the ereat Psychol- mfcV^’tfiiesn'Wwsssj&sgsr lion*. \Vo \V. A»t«r, Judge tJitwoii, Judah P. N. Y. Th it “Tired Feeling ” t;|,er- urc Laving a good deal „v'er ‘’tired id lint,’ = ! .,f in in .died a Iverliseiii, ,. , t,., . w 111 the ll lli’ .Hll *d 'mi,;.. . a ,ur. e ot lii!;i I : t.» w Ul) 1 *-■' ,1' r, ; a' Elisabeth i .Vi’.t hern tudviug Bii-v;: ‘' ii Us’. -’ ci.’ V, and he declares in tl'." current number of he Forum that “it is an umkemated act that if Jesus Christ were to enter ilniost auv of our influential churches o-dny lie would be shown into the lack gallery, and he could not obtain tdmission to our parlors without a etter of introduction to our ‘sets.” [’llis is not very delicately expressed, >ut it seems to be a center shot. A Philadelphia man sold his wife he other day for 820. The man who fought her was badly cheated. “lemon elTxir. A Pleasant Lemon Drink, For b*l ousucss nnd constipation, take cm ^or^nd'igcstion and foul stomacbe, take Leni- *Forilck and nervous headache, take Lemon ^Por sleeplessness and nervousness, take Lem* ra Elixir. • For loss of appetite and debility, take Lem- m Elixir. , . For fevers, bills ami malaria, take Lemon l %HBoa Elixir will not fall you In any of the ibo»e dfwuei, all of wLI- U arise from a torpid »r dlseasea liver, stomsub, kidneys, bow« Is or ’'prepared out, by Hr. II. More’oy, Atlanta, Ga jOc, -fnd 11,00 per bottle. Sold by druggists. A ProinUCBt Minister Which. After ten years of great su'd, ring from Indi- ition, with great nervous irostratlon, bill- ,ness disorders ' kl neys and constipation, “ e ’- ’ *— ur. Motelej's Lc- •— , i .} • r. 1’. 1’. cur; , nil U.i,d dt-cu.-o-, si ns raitinmi-ni, -y* 1» , gout, pcrolu’.o n 1 n'.i’ -r, us alketious, even ranquislutu til rln , Lilly t-niniy of man, ill -pepsin. A ’iiguists s, H it. , ■ —— - ^ Abbott’s Hast India Corn Faint removi all Coins. Uuuious and Warts speedily an without ;ain. For sale by nil druggists. Young gentlemen will llml our stock o novelties in tics and searls, simply immense anil the styles simply superb. Come tc headquarters. G. 11. Youso, i Go., The Popular Clothiers. E P 0. Don't waste time and money and undergo needless torture with the knife when’ Ethio pian Pile Ointment will nfford instant re lict and certain cure in every ease ol blnnr bleeding, itching, internal and external piles Itangum itoot Medicine Company, Nashville, Teun. DO cents and $1 per bottle. Sold by McRae k Mardrc and S. J. Cassels LEGAL NOTICE. °NoUco hTherebygl^on^all parties concern ed that the legal advertisements omauatlng from ttieordlnory'a oftlco of Thomas county heretofore published tu tho Thomasvltle En terprise. will herealter bo published In tin Times-EXTEnPhisfc. ^ g MEuBILI/i ordinary May 18,1889. The Sheriff's advertisements, which have heretofore boon published In the rii.iniiisvll i Times, wl 1. hervofter. he published tn the Times-Enterprise. A. UbBSl. May 18. 1689. snertn. Local Bill. m 'bera cured hf Dr. Motelej's Gcnon, Notice ts hereby given ,hnl ! Ur? and m now a well man. 1 to the adjourned session of the Otncr* jter.C. C. Kavts, Et-. M. E- Glmrch houtli i ss cn,bly of Georgia to convene in Jn t Uy II, dim , HKTIli w s V*. No. », Tatnalt, St. Atlanta, Ga. lo IUP BUJUUI lltu DVC-.w.. -- • f 1 Assembly of Georgia to convene in Ju t next, for the passage of AN A T IoTjc entitled au act to amend the act incor. porating the Thoinasville Street Railway company, approved Deeenther 2bth. 1886 may20-ltw H- " • 1*0* hlNH - Itovnl Crown linking Powders in gla-s, at j. J. BALL it BltO.’H., Grocers. mTkb A BEST. Ktcursiou tickets at tow rates will be sold all inuimcr retorts throughout the coun- West's World'* wonder or Family Liui ■ by the Istsv Tenne-see, \ irginia and . B §u ior rcuic dy for ne.iralgia, lame --gin Railway, cemmenemg June lst . ; wk. snraius, bruises, cuts, burns or woundf. toreturaonor lietore October 31«. cheaper goes farther, and last longer. Sold .. r>. tlelt.e'a Mitchell House Pharmacy, tut train •crvii’C with Pollman cars B. AV. AYRKNN, Gen. Pass, and Ticket Agt. at Da. Me [tax's Mitchell House Pharmacy, Tbomuville. Ga. 4 3 ly FOIl hale by all druggists. . wTTtpwrAN BROS., Wholesale Druggists. Bold £5pman LavannaB. Ga. (Prickly Ash, Poke Boot, aud Potassium.) CURES »uuuv.»5 Lumps or lores tin tbo Arms, THE BEST AKDMOBT Direct Route! FROM ALL PRINCIPAL POINTS IN THE-.SOUTH TO CHICAGO AND THE NORTHWEST. wo through express trains dally, with Pull man Palace Buffet Sleeping Cars by night, aud Chair Cars by day, between Gin* ciuuaiti aud Chicago. Indianapo lis nnd Chicago, and also bo tween Louisville and Chicago, where close con* Inectlons aro made for ♦ Bt. Paul, Fargo, Blsmork, Pol- land. Omaha, Kailas City, Ban Frenoieco * and points intermediate— Hew Fast Mail, Leaving Louisville, Daily except Sunday, at 7-3#u. ru. Cincinnati!. Daily, excopt Sunday at 7 :45. Arriving at Chicago at 0:M. Tho most rapid service ever attempted be tween tho Great Commercial Cities on the Ohio River and Chicago. 1*3-7 brough Coupon Tickets, Baggage check ed to destination, aud your safety and com fort provided for, n re among the points that have made the MOBJOIff ROUTS Universally and desorvedly popular. OHN B. 5 VTHOM, Vlce-pres't and Gen’l Mgr W. H. McDOEL, Gen’l Traffic Manager, E. O. McCOUMICK, Gen.l Passenger Agent. r w. GLADING. Passenger and Freight Agt., 158 Broad St.. Thomasville Ga. READ THIS COLUMN. Established 1879. Special Bargains in Improved and Unimproved Property NEW OFFERINGS IN REAL ESTATE. BY E. M. MALLETTE, SYPHILIS Primary, Sccomlary, anil Tertian. Syrhlll,. Syph ilitic Eruptions, Scrofula amt Scrofulous Erup- tions Ulcers and Old Bores. Hhcnmatism and all disease- of flic blood : nil those that Iiayo resisted other treatment yield steadily and aturely to tho wonderful power of P. P. F., tlio great Blood Portlier. SCROFULA Is an impurity la tho blood, producing Lu Swelling, causing Kannlng Bores on tho Lees or Feet, for tho core of which use I' the crcateHt-blood medicine on earth. Al dlseasea yield readily to tho power of P. giving new life aud new strength. BLOOD POISON Cored in ita worst form ; sometimes in cases with Erysipelas, where tho patient was in Eternal Pain ana viven ap by the physicians. In some cases Scrofulous Ulcere broko out till the partywaa a mass of corruption; a bottlo of P. P. F. was procured, and tne diseaso yielded quickly. RHEUMATISM And In all Affection* of tho Blood. P. P.P. stand* alone and unrivaled, and fiomo ol its cures aro rC ff yotfanfler from anything like Syphilis, Scro fula, Blood Poison, Ulcers, Old Bores, Rheuma tism, or any diseaso of tlio blood, bo euro and giver. P. P. a trial. , _ . P. P. T. (Prickly Ash, Poke Boot,- and Potas sium) Is no secret patent medicine like the many on tne market, its fosmula is on every bottle, thus giving a guarantee of Its purity and whole* •omencss tuat no other blood purlder does give, • LI PM AX n BROTHERS, whlesale druggists, sole manufacturers and proprietors, Lippman Block, Savannah, Ga. MCRAE & MARDRE. Wholesale and Retail Age *W. D. SCOTT, /Sheet Metal * * * Plumbing Worlcs. I have experienced workmen in my employ and am prepared to do all kinds of sheet metal aud plumbing work in the best possi* ^GALVANIZED IRON CORNICE, Architectur al and Ornamental Work in Iron, Zinc fr Copper. SLATE and TlN ROOFING, Sheet Brass and Copper Work, Plumbing, Gas and Steurn Fitting. HOTEL AND JOB WORK A SPECIALTY. f koou on liauit a full atock ot Bright and Itoi'flng Tin, OftlvaulMd, Buaala. Smoke- -lack and Plain Iron, Shcot Brass, Planlshod, i tuned nud Plain Coppors; Zinc, Bolder, Sputter and Wire. My prices aro reasonable and those who contompluto having work done or purchasing anything in my lino wilt find It to fn- torcst tl. confer with mo boforo placing their orders Office and shop over Watt h Bro. s, Brond St./riiomaavllle Oa. ^eoFeIHl Mr. Joseph M. Greyer offers his service* to the public ns a stenographer and type writer. All work promptly done and satis- faction ruhrautccd.^A^ to maddress, al Me ni.yro A McIntyre’s office, Broad it Whiddon House (Opposite Plney Woods Hotel.) TIlOilASVIIXli, - CIA E. /}. Whiddon, Prop. This house, located In tlio most dosir- ublo and central part of the city. Is now and complete in every particular. Fur- ulshed in tho most elegant manner and provided with all conveniences of mod ern hotels Tho menu is ported, nnd tho service rendered by trained and po- lito servants. Terms reasonable, and prices graded according to accommoda tions. furntshod. Carriages trom the house meet all trains. declO-ly THOMASVILLE ABSTRACT CO. v[iSTit ACTS OF CONV HYAN’CCS ToCitv ami Ooiintiy Froporty, it. Tie ii ii it- eotitily, fill’ll isliccl tit short notice. Special Price* to Rent K*tntc Dcilcrt: OFFICE:—With Arthur Patten, Attorn.-) at Law, Masonic Building, 107 Broad St.. - - TnouASViLLii, t a liriAnt Leiicf Coutractors & Builders THOMASVILLE, GA. Wo will ho glad to make contracts for, or superlntou.1, alt classes of buildings, public or nrfato, lu cither brick or wood. Witt fur nish plans nnd spoctflca tens It required. If you want any building done coll on ue, and wo wilt submit estimates whether contract le awarded us or not. Wo will guorantoo satis faction tn all our work. We refer to tho many buildings erected by us In ThomasvMe, and to all partlo • for whom wo have worked. Shop on Flotcber »t., Snd door from Broad. Thomasvllto, Ga., April 3, 1889. J10,000, Another old southern heme. 1,500 acres hve miles from city, good rond, splendid pear orchard, netted last year, $445. Houses in good repair. This is a great bar gain. 3.800. 1D0 acres two miles Irom town, run ning from ono public road to another nnd divtdtd by the Boulevard. A very valua ble tract, well located for sub-dividing, nud will make a good profit as a speculation.^^, 20,000 acres ot timber lauds in Thomas and Colquitt counties at $1 per acre. These lands are good farming lands and a-c intrin sically worth $5 per sere. $2,500. Unmistakably the- handsomest residence lot in the city,- 200x200 feet on corner Hnnsell street and Colton avenue, fronting the park. There is absolutely uo possible objection to this property. The only ’’"isiuns lots on llron.l street at $90.00 per per front foot. $1,500. New place, lot 100x307 on three streets injsuburbs at $1,500. The improve meats cost $2,t00. Owner must rcaliro on property immediately and offers at this great sacrifice I Imre every description of property for sale. Residence lots at $200 to $500 on good streets. First-class residence property in most popular localities will cost more money, but I have it too. 1 offer two splendid little farms with gems of pear orchards on them. I oiler plantations of all kinds, sizes and prices. Any one having any idea of buying will act very unwisely to do so without seeing me. Lands For Sale @N).yiN)@ Tho 240 acres cf land in Thomas county, being parts of lots Cl and 78 in tho 14th Dist., and known as tho Oco. W. Whitehurst place. Will sell for SI,000,—ono fourth, ono third, or ouo half cash, and tho balance in from ono to six years,—to suit purchaser, with interest at rate of eight per cont. per annum on deferred payments, payable annually. For further particulars ad dress Wm. E Simmons, (nnl-tf Atlanta: Ga. RESTAURANT! The Anderson Cot tage, Crawford St., next to Whiddon House and nearPi- ney Woods Hotel. One fourth cash, balance in five years. FOR RENT. Two furnished rooms with kitchen piivi- iegu, one block from business part of town, for rent ut $13 50 per mouth. E M MALLETTE Oyster Saloon. L M . (Mallette, Go tu Henpie'a, uu Broad at., opposite . Mitchell House, for a meal or Oysters in I any shape. Rooms to let, also, and board isble' ' ‘ ' r»»K>B*b REAL ESTATE BROKER, by the'day,'week or month? 0 " 0 |©. GFeOr** 1 ia HOPKINS | Real Estate Airencv, BOX 22 CITY. Thomasville, Ga,