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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, June 04, 1889, Image 1

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VOL 1 NO 10. THOM ASVIT.LK, GEORGIA, TUESDAY MORNING, JUNE 4, 1880. $5.00 PER ANNUM Spec News Notes Aboat Town -FOR-- This Week, 5,000 yards Checked Nainsook at 5c, worth ioc. 5,000 yards Checked Nainsook at 8c, worth 12 1-2. 5,000 yards Checked Naiiy>ook at io, worth 15c. 5,000 yaids Figured White Lawn at 12 i-2c, worth 20 This is a special drive and is well worth your atten tion. 5,000 yards white India Linen at 5c, worth 10c. 5,000 yards white India Linen at 8c, worth 12 : -2. 5,000 yards white India l.incn at 10c, worth 15. We have the best and largest assort ment of white lawns ever offered in this market. Would call your special atten tion to our 20c Number, which in width, fin ish and sheerness of woof, surpasses any thing ever shown at this price. £5 dozen bleached damask towels, knotted fringe, at 15c, well worth 25c. 25 dozen Httckabock Towels at 10c, worth 25c. F'or 25c we can give you the very best towel, 1 1-4 yards long, all linen and last colored borders, ever shown in Thomasville. About People You Know, or May Not Know. PUT IN PITHY PACKAGES, The Guards meet to-night. No police court yesterday morning. Will Stegall spent Sunday at home. Rev. N. B. Ousley, of Cairo, was in the city yesterday. Mr C. G. Harris, of Quitman, is in the city. The first brick was laid in the new Gulf yesterday. A cant-get-away club will be or ganized for the summer. Mr. L. T. Creech, of Quitman, was in town yesterday. Milton Reed, of Louisville, is regis tered at the Stuart. Miss Bessie Baker left yesterday for a few days visit to Florida- • Miss Paramore, of Boston, is visit ing Mrs. Dr. Culpepper. Mr. Harry M. Baker, of Savannah, is visiting relatives in the city. . ’ '1 he The summer train has set in cars were full of passengers yesterday l>r. J. T. Culpepper and family re turned Irom Boston yesterday. Mr. Crawf Stegall and family, re turned to Bainbridge yesterday. Messrs. Flawkins & Snodgrass have moved into their new quarters. Col. A. T. Mclutyre went up to Hardaway yesterday morning. Mr. P. W. Jones, of Mobile, was among the Alabamians in the city yesterday. Messrs J. M. Scott and J.C. Brown, of New York, were at the Stuart yes terday. The cool wave is broken. The thermometer wcut up to 67 yesterday morniug. Paradise Park is one of the most popular places in town on Sunday evenings. The Guarantee Title Coumpany’s future is assured. The last dollar of the stock was taken yesterday. The Thomasville Base Ball Club will meet every afternoon at the col lege campus to practice for the match game iu the near future. Our new and elegant selection of □Hallies are still all the rage, and are telling at a very satisfactory rate. In mmmer silks we have still some very ‘hoice patterns left, which we are jffering at greatly reduced rates. Our remnant counter lor this week ontains some very desirable bar- ;ains, and mothers would do well to ake advantage of this. All lilies complete. Stock acknowledged to be the largest. Pi •ices lower than ever. Do not fail to come and inspect. We are anxious to show you our goods whether you buy or not. FlLoUtu, A rather strange coincidence hap pened at Mr. John I. Parker’s resi dence Sunday afternoon. Of the seven male persons present, all of them were named John. Thursday will he a big day with the colored people, the Bainbridge fire company and base hall club have announced their intention of being present, Capt. Tom Lake spent Sunday and Monday with his family at Camilla Capt. Joe Gilbert had charge of the MonticeHo train during his absence. Ben Comfort, baggage-master at the passenger depot is taking a few days at Boston His brotfier, Mr. Dan Comfort, is acting pro tem dur ing his absence. Miss Stella Baker, who has been spending some time visiting friends in Savannah, returned home yesteday. Architect Guuu has prepared plans for a two story brick stable for Messrs. Culpepper & Cox, of Albauy. It will be the best arranged and most complete building of the kind iu South Georgia. A little colored boy was arrested yesterday for larceny of some articles from Ball & Bro.’s store. He was locked up. The Boston World paid the Thora- asvillc base ball club a high compli ment as gentlemanly, Well behaved 1321BB0AD13T.. lOOB.IJAOISONl i young men, and good ball players. Standing in the Shadow of tho Gallows Will Dibil, who killed Walter Long last December, is in Thomas county jail, wailing the execution of death sentence which was passed on him last April court. On the 14th of the present month, between the hours of 11 and 2, Sher iff Hurst will play the part of execu tioner in the final act of tho tragedy that, opened with' the brutal murder, and Will’s spirit will pass into the great unknown. Sunday morning, while the church bells were ringing out an invitation to all the world to come and worship the great giver of nil good, otir re porter, through the courtesy of Sheriff Hurst, was permitted to interview the condemned man. Months of confinement have told on Will's herculean form, and his bright ginger bread color has faded into a cross between a bottle green and bite color that makes the tallow dip. He came out ofltis cell gladly, after the chains about his neck that confine him to the floor had been removed, and as he stretched his almost gigantic limbs, to emphasize his temporary freedom, it was easy to see that when iu tho full possession of his great strength, he had power to execute the villainy suggested by his low receding fore head. Taking a seat at the window he gazed out at the bright sunlight, the flowers and the passers by with a wishiul look. “I was once a free man,” lie said, “and could walk abroad. Now -1 am a prisoner ami never again can I breathe the pure air of heaven.” It was easy to sec that he felt the shadow of tho great change that is just before him, and for a moment his face wore au expression.jif jmut terublo sadness. When questioned by the reporter lie talked freely of his crime, and while lie jirofesses to be ready for the great cliauge that awaits him, it was easy to see from the gloat ing, boastful manner iu which he spoke of the murder of Loug, that lie feels no real sorrow for ltia crime. Will was born iu Telfair county, Georgia, May 20th, 1860. Iu 1881 he wcut to Florida, where he worked on railroads and iu rafting timber. Last September he came to Thomas county and got work with Mr. Ed. Clay, who had a contract to furnish wood for the rack at Lcb. He board ed with Walter Long, and he says that it was the green-eyed monster that first caused unpleasant feelings be tween Walter and himself. He claims that Walter had made threats against him, and it was on account of these threats that he wreak ed such a summary vengeance. Will has never dissipated, and he says he never had anything like a se rious difficulty before the one that terminated so disastrously to him. “I killed him right," said Will. This assertion was made, without the slightest semblance for what he had done. The near approach of death has not destroyed Will’s love for the good things of life. He eats heartily and | sleeps well. ■ He has sold his body to Dr. F. S.j Dekle and is living on the proceeds. ! Commissioners’ Court Yesterday. The Board of County Commismon- ers was in session yesterday, Commissioners Bullock and Finu who were recently appointed by Gov. Gordon as a part of the new Board, (Col. Wright, Dr, Mallette and Jas. F. Lilly were the other appointees,) were^sworn in by Ordinary Merrill. Considerable routine business was transacted, and then Mr. Will ,L. Landrum, representing the Pauly Jail Building ’and Manufacturing Company, of St. Louis, Missouri, canto before the body and made an elaborate and exhaustive explanation of the material used by his compauy in the construction of prisons. The Pauly Company is the only one in the world that does nothing but build jails, and as it makes a specialty of such work, great care is exercised in the materials used and in the sanitation and ventilation of its buildings. The Board adopted a plan submitted by Mr. Landrum, which provides for a substantial building, with two-story residence in front and two-story jail iu rear. The first floor of the jail portion is taken up by nit office for jailor, dining room and two cell rooms. Tho upper floor will have four iron and steel cages for prisoners charged with serious crimes. The cages are thoroughly veutilated aud are so arranged that the jailor can commuuicatc with the prisoners without coming into contact with them. The plans as adopted will cost nothing, if the Pauly company secures any part of the work, and only $150 if the contract is let to other parties. Tho building will cost in the neighbor hood of 810,000. Col. Wright, as chairman of the committee in charge of the matter, will advertise for bids under the plans and specifications as adopted, said bids to be received until July 1st, reserving the right to reject any or all of them. Thomas county will soon hnve the best jail in the state. Counoil Meeting last Night. Mayor pro-tem Merrill was in the chair last night. Vigilant Fire Company was grant ed use of Paradise Park for parade on Thursday, Jttuo 6th. Alderman Wright introduced a resolution changing the date of elec tion for issue of bonds fur purchase of Paradise Park to a day to he nam ed hereafter. Tho resolution was adopted, and so the election will not come off the last of this mouth. The Willing Workers. This society held its first regular meeting yesterday afternoon. About thirty were present, and several new members were added to the roll. The society is moving off finely, and the young ladies arc taking much interest in it. SIGNAL SERVICE BUREAU K. Thomas JrT 120 Broad Street. O. S. Bondurant Vounteor Observe r Weather Bulletin for the 24 hours ending at 7 o’clock P. M June 3, 1889. Temperature. 2 p. in t p- m Maximum for 24 hours.. Minimum “ “ “ Rainfall Fair, warmer. James Miller. As the writer stood by the open bier of this venerable dead he felt that lie could say truly: “Here lies all that is mortal of one of Thomas coun ty’s oldest and best citizens.” He was born in Montgomery coun ty, Ga., March 27th, 1818, and was tile son of Joseph and Elizabeth Mil ler. When a young man he moved to F'lorida, near the Miccosuki lake, and served in the tSeminole Indian war. About 1840 he moved to Thomas county, where he has ever since resided. In 1841 lie married Miss Annie Jones, who died several years ago. He served in the Confederate service during our late war. The w l iter, ever since boyhood, has known Mr. Miller as a neighbor and friend. During all these years he has known nothing but what was strictly honorable; nothing that could man tle the checks of his children with shame, but all that could fill them with conscious pride for a worthy an cestor. He did not make a great noise in life, but quietly aud unassumingly he filled his station its father, huaband aud citizen; as near faultless as is per mitted to frail human nature. He strictly attended to his owl business aud lot other people’s affairs alone, but a call of charity was never slighted. He was converted when quite young, aud lived and died in the faith of tin Primitive Baptist church. lie has left a worthy posterity as a heritage to the county, aud his sons and daughters have inherited the vir tues of their parents. It is well that a county can boast of such citizens ns Mr. Miller; and though lie passed the Scriptural limit of three score years and ten, wo can bill resign him to a cold aud silent grave with regret. May those who come after him con tinue to practice those virtues which his life so potently taught. A Friend. PRICES AT LEVY’S Many reductions in prices have been made on fine goods out for the - -<■ A Card. Messrs. Editors : To the prompt, well directed aud ; almost superhuman work of my neigh- j bora and friends, white and colored, j am I indebted for an escape from a I disastrous fire. To say that I appreciate in the i highest and most comprehensive sense j their great kindness does but feebly i express my gratitude. 1 desire thus A Driver Knocked Out. Will Martin and Delanmtto Man sell, two colored youths, had a fight in Toekwotten Sunday night. Martin knocked Delamotto down with a board, stunning him for a short time. Further trouble was prevented by the interference of friends of the parties. Delamotto is the driver of ait ice wagon. Ladies Benevolent Society. l’lie members of the Ladies Benev olent Society are requested to meet at Library rooms on Wednesday, June tlth, at h o’clock p. m. Mrs. S. J.. Hayes, Pres. Miss Jm.ia Stark, Sec. Laying, tho Cornor Stone 04 tho New Episcopal Churoh. The programme of services as pub lished in the Times-Extekukise of Sunday was carried out yesterday af ternoon. The following articles were placed in the stone; Date of the first organization of the Parish of St. Thomas. Date of the completion of the first church built in the Parish. Names of the various Rectors that have been in charge of the Parish. Names of the vestrymen and war dens. Names of the building committee. Name of the architect. Names ot the contractors and builders, wrapped in silk. Copies of Times-Enterpuis. Copy of the Churchman. Photographs of Bishop Bcckwitli aud others. Coins of various denominations. sxpress my grt mnliety to thank each one present ’or their efficient help. Such acts of kindness touch tho heart to the quick, and ennobles human nature. Roiit. G. Mitchell. Married, ou Sunday afternoon at six o’clock, at the residence of her mother, corner of Jackson qtn.l Love streets, Miss TtUuU Little to Mr. T. B. HcotJ, formerly of Virginia, more recently of Texas, Rev. A. W. Clislty officiating. Base-Ball. The base ball game with Mouticcllo is trying to be arranged for Thursday. This is done because after that date some of the best players of the local club will leave the city. A party of twenty-five will be made up and ex cursion rates secured—half fare. This is » fine opportunity to have a fine time and take in the attractions of MonticeHo. The streets were full of people yes terday. Almost a Fire. Sunday morning, a few minutes after 11 o’clock, fire was discovered in the root of the kitchen of Capt. R, G. Mitchell. The roof was destroyed,but no other damage was done. Neigh bors and friends did splendid service in stopping the progress of the fiatnes. The dwelling stood quite near, and would have been burned if the fire had not been stopped. Attention! The Guards arc called for a regu lar monthly meeting to-night iu Guard’s Artnoty at 8 o'clock. By order of C. P. Hanseli., C. H. Smith, C. T, G. 0. S. season. Call and see our 10c line of assorted Dress Goods. Only about 20 pieces left. We have another invoice of Hemstitch ed embroidered floun- ings coming* They will be open for in spection on the 22nd. For genuine good goods, at closing out prices, call at Levy’s Dr; (Ms House Mitchell House Corner