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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, June 04, 1889, Image 4

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An Injurious Habit. Tbc New York Herald extracts one good result from the somewhat celebrated suit of Mrs. Harriet Hub- hard Ayer against her puttier in the cosmetic business —the light that is thrown ou the terrible effects of sulfo- nal. , , This drug acts upon the human system like chloral, and is even more injurious when habitually taken. “At first,” says says the Herald “it is a good frienu, bringing comfort and consolation. Then it annoys like an acquaintance who persists in coming without being invited. Finally ii develops into a sleepless demon, who tortures his prey until death comes to the rescue. Sulfonal has its place in medicine and plays its proper part in allaying subtile disorders, but it is not to be used except with extreme cau tion.” 1 he use of sedatives and narcotics iB doing our people almost as much harm as absinthe drinking is doing the French. The tendency of Ameri cans to worry and overwork carries with it the craving for such relief as cocaine, chloral, sulfonal and otliei treacherous drugs afford. The good effect, however, is only temporary, the evil retains is grip until the grave appears to only way of escape. The Cotton Plant. H. W. Grady. _ . What a royal plant it isl The world waits in attendence ou its growth. The shower that falls whis pering ou its leaves is heard around the earth. The sun that shines on it is tempered by the prayers of all the people. The frost that chills it and the dew that descends from the stars is noted, and the trespass of a little worm on its green leaf is more to I'.n gland than the advance of the It us sian army on her Asian outposts. It is gold from the instant it puts forth its tiny shoot. Its fibre is current in every bank, and when loosing its fleeces to the sun, it floats A sunny banner that glorifies the field of the humble farmer, that men is marshal under a flag that will compel alle giance of the world, and wring a subsidy from every nation on earth. It is the heritage that God gave this peoplo forever as their own when he arched our skies, established our mountains, girt about, us with ocean loosed the breezes, tempered the sun shine, and measured the rain. Our’s and our children’s forever. Ad princely a talent as ever came from nis hand to mortal stewardship. The continued use of mercury mix tures poisons the system, causes the bones to decay, and brings on^ mecuri al rheumatism. The use of S. S. S forces impurities from the blood, give 6 a good appetite and digestion, and builds up the whole human frame. Send to Swift’s Specific Co., Drawer 3. Atlanta, Ga, for Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases. *homasville Variety WORKS. Reynolds, Hu rgnu e & Davis, Prop'rs. Manufacturers and Dealers “There was a frog who live.I in a spring, He caught such n cold he could not sing. Poor, unfortunate Datrachinn! In what a sad plight he must have been. And yet his misfortune was one that often Ivofnlls singers. Many a once tuneful voice among those who belong to the “ genus homo " is utterly spoiled by “cold in the head,” or on the lungs, or both combined. For the above mentioned *' croak er” we arc not aware that any remedy was ever devised; bnt wo rejoice to know that all human singers may keen their heads clear and throats in tune by the timely use of Dr. Sage s Catarrh Remedy ami I)r. Pierce’s Golden Med ical Discovery, both of which are sold by druggists. , „ , .. . Dr. Sage’s Catarrh Remedy euros the worst cases of Catarrh in the Head, no matter of how long standing, while for all laryngeal, bronchial, throat and lung affections. Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery is posi tively unequaled. It cures the worst linger ing coughs and builds up the flesh and strength of those who have boon reduced by wasting diseases. Tt is eriiarantced to benefit or cure in all diseases for which it is recommended, if taken in time and given a fair trial, or money paid lor it refunded. Copyright, 1888, by World’s Dis. Mei>. Ass’h. Dr. PIERCE’S PELLETS regulate and cleanse the liver, stomach and bowels. They are purely vegetable and per fectly harmless. One a Done. Sold by druggists. 2T» cento a vial. MARVELOUS MEMORY DISCOVERY. Only Genuine Sy.tem of Memory Training. Four Books Learned in one reading* Mind wandering cured. Every child and adult grently benefltted* • Great inducomouts to Correspondence Classes. itfclinnl Jrormr, tho Sciwitkt, fe? 1 \VvW.>;tor,Ultaon, Judah P. “fftYS’LowETiKsinFifth 1 *™., V. Y. The Swift’s Specific Company,Draw et 3, Atlanta, Ga., offer a reward of one thousand dollars to any one who will find by analysis a particle of mer cury, iodide of potash, or other pois onous substance in S. S. S. MAKK A BEST. Excursion tickets nt low rules will be sold to all summer resorts throughout the coun try by the East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railway, commencing: June 1st, good to return on or before October Hist. Fast train service with Pullman cars. It. W. WREN.V, Gen. Pass, and Ticket Agt. E P oi Don’t waste time and money and undergo Meedless torture with the knife when Ethio pian Pile Ointment will uflord instant re lief and certain cure in every case of blind, bleeding, itching, internal and external piles. Rangura Root Medicine Company, Nashville, Tcnn. 50 cents and $1 per bottle. Sold by McRae k Mardre and S. J. Cassels. Latoniajci) Go. Ice made from pure watei ami! delivered anywhere in the cry daily. Send in your orders to works near the ptssenger deno* janl ly LEMON EUXIR. A Ploasant Lemon Drink, For bibouscess and < onstlpation, take cui F«r indigestion ami foul htomache,take Lem- °°For sick and nervous headache, take Lemon ^For sleeplessness and nervousness, take Lem on Elixir. , For loss of appetite aud debility, take Lem on Elixir. . , , For fevers, chills and malaria, take Lemon Lemon Elixir will not fail you in any of the above diseases, all of which arise from a torpid or diseased liver, stomach, kidneys, bowels or Prepared only by Dr. II. Mozcley, Atlanta, Ga 50r, and §1,00 per bottle. Hold by druggists. A Prominent M winter Wilt cm. After ton years of great suffering from Indi gestion, with great' nervous prostration, bili ousness. disorderc » kl ncys and constipation, I have been cured by Dr. Moseley’s Lemon Elixir, and *111 now a well man. ltcv. C. C. Davis, Elu. M. K. Church South •No. 28, Tat nail, St. Atlanta, Ga. May 14, dam. B PROFESSIONAL CARDS. J. S.NOUGIUSS. U. F. HAWKINS NOIKi BASS & HAWKINS, Attorneys-at-Law. Formerly occupied by Enterprise of- J. II. COYLE, D. I), s., K< 111 i 1 I lit Ac DliKSSED ’ M BFH. Resilient Dentist, Th'.nmbvlllo, LATHES. PICKETS, SHINGLES, MOULDIN'! IS. BRACKETS, SCROLL WORK, MANTLES, BA LUSTERS, STAIR-RAILS Newel Posits, OFFICE, CHURCH & MORE, Furniture. Offers hi* sorvicOH iiBvillo nud rtclnlty. office hours—From 9 a. n from2 to 5 p. m. Office—Ou Jackson street. Georgia tn citizens of Thoi a. m. to 1 p. n»., hi STORE FRONTS. Wir Doors ' Sc reel nnl Blii Doors and Windows, Sash, TO ORDER. STAIR BUILDING, AXl) INSIDE HARDWOOD FINISH A •SPECIALTY. ^CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED. • millinery: Long advertisements of ’‘im mense stocks below cost, ’ at tract attention, but it is the quiet work' that tells. We haven’t as bie lists in the pa per as some people, but what we say in the paper we confirm in the store. Let us attract your attention by bargains in Hats, Ribbons, Flowers, Plumes and all fash ionable head-wear. You can buy two hats from us for the price asked for one elsewhere. Is it not to your interest to save your money rather than waste it on high prices and big profits. Pic nic hats a specialty this week. Mrs. Jennie farl’»ll, Low Price Milliner, Lowor Broad St. umuni . ■ o. MiTfiuzi.r. & MITCHELL, Attorneys-at-Law, Thomasvllle, • ■ Ooi.rgln, JJANSKLL & iMEIMULI. Attorneys-at-Law and Insur ance Agents. rhoiuasvllle, ... Guorgla Office—Over Watt’s store. g CL McLENDON, Attorney-at-Law, Thomasvllle, ... Georgia Promptattoutloa givou to al trusted to him. Office—Ovor Watt’s store, corner Jackson streots. \V. BRUCE, .M. D., Office, up-stairs. Coiner of Broad and Fletcher streots. [aug |J| s. DEKLE, M. D., Office in Hayes Building. Bosidence—Corner College avenue and Mag nolla stroot. . „ , . . Tolophouo communication, No. 2j for night IJI M.cLVH, Physician & Surgeon, Thomasville^Georpfia. ^“OFFICE over Stark’s, comer Broad and Fletcher Streets. JOEL B. COYLE BENTIvST THOM AS VILLE, GEORGIA. OFFICE, Broad St., over Pickett's. The Boat and Most Pleasant Bouto FROM THOMASVILLE NORTH GEORGIA A WOMAN’S LOVE Will undoubtedly improve 11 man mentally and morally ; but when the man in needing it good blood and liver medicine, nothing will take the place of Calisaya Tonic. It contains those properties which serve for a thorough purification of the blood and improve ment of the working of the liver—that most important of all systematic func tionaries. In malarial districts it is a sine qua non for all disorders attend ant on living in such places, for the calisaya bark, the basis of the best known auti-periodie medicines, which it contains, does a thorough work and frees the blood from all malarial poi son. It is sold by all druggists at ;K) cents and a dollar a bottle. Prickly heat *nd chatting are cured by Irec- lr using Boracinc Toilet Nursery Powder. Try it; you will be delighted. McR -e & Mardre, Th masvllle; A. Bra'llord, Columbus; Alexander Drug and Seed Co., Au- ua a; ^ Von OTe: , Charleston, Agents. dissolution The firm of LEWIS A BLANTON,Jiere- toforc doing business in the city of Thomasvllle, is this day dissolved by mutual consent, Mr. J. 0. J. Lewis retir ing from said llrm. J. 0. J. Lewis, l). C. Blanton. Thjmasville, Ga., June 1, 1889. WALL FAPEII. Have just rc.toved a large lot of wall paper, all grades. Celling decorations etc. Geo. W. Fouiies, Musury Building THE INVALID’S 1I0BE. Manv seemingly incurable cases ot blond poison', catarrh, scrofula and rheuma tism have been cured bv 11. II. R- ’ Botanic lllood Balm), made by the Blood Balm Atlanta, Ga. Write to them tor book tilled with convincing proof. I G. W. B. Raider, living seven miles from Athens, Ga., writes: "For several years I sufl'ered with running ulcers, which doctors treated and pronounced incurable. A single bottle of 11.11. B. did me more pood than ull the doctors I kept on using it and every nicer heated.” I). C. Kinard A Son, Towaliga, Ga.. writes: “We induced a neighbor to try »»• II. B. for catarrh, which he thought incurable, as it GEORGE FF.ARN, REAL '.STATE Mil \T. OFFICE IN MITCHELL HOUSE BLOCK. Cilj ami Coo dry PropcrB lot Salt. liOUSLS RtNTED Aud Tnacn I’l to. TsOATSTr-A NEGOTIATED. Brins me a description 01 your properly -AND ALL POINT. North & Northwest —IS VIA TIIE— !1&. CORNS, PUNions - awi WARTS, AU persons indebted to tlic llrm of Lew is & Blanton, or bolding claims against Bald firm, arc hereby notified to make settlement by tho 15th Inst. After that time all accounts due to us will be placed In the hands of nn attorney for collection. Lewjs A Blanton. Tbotnasvillc, Ua., June 1, '89 4t Fresh beef hams, chipped beef to order, at A. C. Brown, 6 3 3i The Jackson St. Grocer caiarrn, which uc ; T, , . r, . had resisted all treatment. It delighted bin,, and continuing its use, he was cured sound and well.* B. M. Lawson, East l’.ntlt, Ga., writes: “ My wife had'scrofula U years. She kept growing worse. She lost her hair and her skin broke out fearfully. Debility, emacia tion and no appetite followed. Alter physi cians and numerous advertised medicines failed, I tried 11. 11. B., and her recovery rapid and complete.” Oliver Sccor, Baltimore, Md., writes: I sufl'ered frunt weak back and rheumati 11. II. 11. has proven to he the only medicine that gave me relief.” Is Consumption Incurable ? Read the following: Mr. f. II. Morris, Newark, Ark., says: “Mas down with Abscess of Lungs, and friends and physicians pronounced me an Incurable Consumptive. Began to take Dr. King’s New Discovery for Consumption, urn now on my third bottle, and able to oversee the work on my farm. It is the finest medicine ever made." Jesse Middlewart, Decatur, Ohio, says: “Had it not been for Dr. King’s New Dis covery for Consumption 1 would have died of Lung Troubles. Wits given up by doctors. Am now in bestof health.” Try it. .Sample I Kittle free nt S. J. Cussed's Drug Store. Perfect health depends upon n perfect eon. dition of tbc blood. Pure blood compters everv disease and gives new life to every de caycil or affected part Strong nerves mid perfect digestion euahlcs the system to stand the shock ol sudden climatic changes. An occasional use of Brown’s iron Hitters will keep you ill a perfect stnte of health. Don't be deceived by other iron preparations said to he just ns good. Tile genuine is made only by Brown Chemical Company, Balti more, Md. Sold by all dealers in medicines FOR SALE! A Manvel Wind-Mill With complete attachments—ono lift pump, one 8,000 gallon tank, nnil water tower with pipe, etc., ready for use. Oil.Inal cost, $500. iU sell tor $200. Uiayl9-d3tw2t H. W. HOPKINS. “/<SS^ M(),)T11 ^ A8t] /L VW /Clems arid Preserves the Teeth ■ >sn4 Curt* OittJtcd Cumi Tilts new furnished, The Elmwood, Marietta, Ga. ,jiU beautiful hotel, elegantly ELECTRIC REUS, GAS, First doss in &!! of its appointments, has been leased by M, (J. >V}utlock, former own er and proprietor of the late “WHITLOCK HOUSE." His tattle and service will satisfy the most fastidious. His beds are delightful. Terms reasonable. Address, M. G. WHITLOCK, Marietta, Ga. THROUGH StTIKDl’I.KS To Augusta, Atlanta,Gainesville,Ga AND TO ASHEVILLE, TUE “LAND OF TIIE BKY.” TUE SAVANNAH AND AUGUSTA ROUTE. Passengers from Thomasvlllo to Ashovlllo have a choice of two routes, over the Central, either via Albany, or via Savannah and Au gusta. Solid trains Thomasvllle to Savannah at 12 60 mid day, connect with through Sleeping Cars via Central, for Augusta and Spartanburg, and gives passengers a day light rld«- between Augusta and Asheville,tho prettiest country in tho laud, arriving Ashe ville at 7 p ra—in tirao sor supper. ALBANY k ATLANTA ROUTE. Passengers from Thomasvllle to Atlanta, Gainesville ami Asheville via Albany should take tho 9 30 a m train, which a rives Atlanta same evening; G alnesvlllo 9 04 a ra and Ashe ville, N. C., at 7 p iu ne*t day. Direct con nection is made with the W. k A. In Union Depot in Atlanta, and passengers for Marlot ta, Ga., leaving Thomasvlllo at 9 3o a m, ar rive at Marietta the same night. For further information rolatlve to tickets rates, schedules, etc., apply to F. M. VANDYKE, Ticket Agt., Thomasvllle. Clyde Bobtick, Trav. Pass. Agont, Savannah. K.T. CHARLTON, Gen. Pass. Agt. Savannah, Ga Direct Route! FROM ALL PRINCIPAL POINTS IN TIIE*TSO\JTH TO CHICAGO AND THE NORTHWEST. wo through express trains dally, with Pul? man Palace Buffet Sleeping Cars by night, and Chair Cars by day, between Cln- clnnattl and Chicago, Indianapo lis and Chicago, and also bo tween Louisville and Chicago, where close con nections are made for St. Paul, Fargo, Blsmark, Pul- land, Omaha, Kansas City, San Francisco and points intermediate— New Fast Mail, Leaving Louisville, Dallyexccpt Sunday, at 7 *30 a. ru. Clnclnnattl, Dally, except Sunday at 7:45. Arriving at Chicago at 6:55. Tho most rapid sorvice evor attempted bo- tween tho Great Commercial Cities on the Ohio River and Chicago. hrough Coupon Tickets, Baggago check ed to destination, and.your safety and com fort provided for, aro among tho points thaf have made the moiurora ROUTE! Universally and deservedly popular. OHN B.-CARSON, Vlco-pros’t and Gon’l Mgr W. H. McDOEL, Gen’l Traffic Manager, E. O. MCCORMICK, Gon.l Passenger Agent It. W. GLADING. Passenger and Freight Agt., 158 Broad St.. Thomasvllle Ga. N. S. Eaves, CONTRACTOR and BUILDER Thomasvllle, Georgia. 1 will be glad to make contracts foi the construction of all classes of bulldtugs, pub lic and private, in either brick or wood. I will guarantee In every instance to give satisfaction. Designs and plans drawn and caroftyl estimates made. ... My motto—-Good, honest work at fair prices. If you want any building 4®UP c$lj on me. I will submit estimates whether contract Is awarded me or not. I refer to the many public buildings erected by me in Thomasrllle and elsewhere, and all parties for whom X bate worked* W. D. SCOTT, Sheet Metal * * * Plumbing Worlcs. I have experienced workmen lu my employ and am prepared to do all kinds of sheet metal and plumbing work In the best possi ble manner. GALVANIZED IRON CORNICE, Architectur al and Ornamental Work In Iron, Zinc or Copper. SLATE and TIN HOOFING, Sheet Brass and Copper Work, Plumbing, Gas and Steam Fitting. HOTEL AND JOB WORK A SPECIALTY. I keop on hand a full stock of Bright and Booling Tin, Galvanized, Russia, Smoke- ttack and Plain Iron, Sheet Brass, Planished, 'liuned and Plain Coppers; Zinc, Solder, Spelter and Wire. My prices aro reasonable and those who contemplato having work done or purchasing anything In ray lino will find It to their In terest to con for with mo before placing their orders. Offlco and shop over Watt & Bro.’s, Broad St.. Thomasvlllo Ga. he HOME! Mr. Joseph M. JIrcycr offers his aerviccs to the public as a stenographer and type writer. All work promptly done and satis faction guaranteed. Apply to or address, JOSEPH M. DREYER, at Me ntyre A McIntyre’s office, Ilroad st TSTliiddon House (Opposite Plney Woods Hotel.) THOMASVILLE, - DA E. B. Whuldon, Prop. This house, located In tho most desir able and central part ol tho city, Is new and complcto in overy particular. F nlshod In tho most elegant munnerand provided with all conveniences, of mod ern hotels Tho menu is porlcct, and tho stSrvlce rendered by trained and po- lito servants. Terms reasonable, and prices graded according to accommoda tions furnishod. Carriages from tho houso meet all trains. declO-ly THOMASVILLE ABSTRACT CO. ABSTRACTS OF CONVEYANCES To City and Country Property, in Thoiuas county, furnished at sltorl notice. Special Prices to Real Estate Dealers! OFFICE:—With Arthur I’attcn, Attorn.') at Law, Masonic Building, 1G7 Broad St.. - - TiiosIasvillk, C a tinblM & LfiYict Contractors & Builders THOMASVILLE, UA. We will bo glad to mako ooutraet* for, or superintend, all classes of buildings, public or private, lu either brick or wood. Will fur nish plans aud speciflca’lons If required. If you want any building douo call on us, and we will submit estimates whether contract Is awarded us or not. We will guarantee satis faction lu all our work. Wo refor to tho many buildings erected by us In Thomasvlllo, and to all partios for whom wo have worked. Shop oa Fletcher st., 2nd door from Broad. Thomasvllle, Ga., April 3,1889. I will sell a lot 70 by 196 feet between Hayes and Calhoun St. for $250 to right party—$50 down and furnish capital to build the house aud TAKE PAY -IN- OFFER OPEN FOR ONE WEEK. Lands For Sale The 210 uci’oc of lttmi ill Thomas county, being parts of iota U1 and 78 in the 14th Dlst., and known ns tho Geo. W. Whitehurst place. Will soil for 81,000,—ono fourth, one third, or ono half cash, and the balanco In from ono to six years,—to suit purohascr, with interest at rato of eight per cent, per annum on deterred payments, payablo annually. For further particulars ad dress Wm. E Simmons, (aul-tf Atlanta. Ga. RESTAURANT AND Oyster Saloon. tii> hi lUpflie«, 03 Broatl at., onno.ite Mitchell House, for a meal or Oydtera in any shape. Rooms to let, also, and board reasonable by the day, week or month, tf E. M. MALLETTE, REAL ESTATE BROKER, Thomasville.IS Q-eor^ia