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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, June 13, 1889, Image 4

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Is the Earth in Danger From the Drill. i l Prof. Joseph F. Jones answers, in a recent issue of the Popular Science Monthly, the question, “Is it safe to drill the earth tdo much?” The pro fessor assumes the earth to be a hol low sphere filled with a gaseous sub stance, called by us natural gas, and . *' he thinks that tapping these reser voirs Vill cause disastrous explosions, resulting from the lighted gas com ing in contact with that which is es caping. He compares the earth with a balloon floated and kept extended by the gas in the interior, which, if exhausted, will cause the crust to collapse, affect the motion of the earth in its orbit, cause it to lose it" place among the heavenly bodies, and fall to pieces. Auother wrter thinks that drilling should be prohibited by stringent Inws. He, too, thinks there is a possibility of an explosion, though from another cause. Should such a disaster occur, “the coun ry along the gas belt from Toledo through Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky will he ripped up to the depth of 1,200 feet or 1,500 feet, and flopped over like a pancake, leaving a chasm through which the waters of Lake Erie will come down, filling the Ohio and Mis sissippi valleys, and blotting them out forever.” Still another theorist has investi gated the gas wells with telephones and delicate thermometers, and he announces startling discoveries. He distinguished sounds like the boiling of rocks, and estimated that a mile * and one half or so beneath the Ohio and Indianna gas field the tempera ture of the earth is 3,500°. The scientist says an immense cav ity exists, and that here the gas is stored, that a mile below the bottom of the javity is amass of roaring, seething flames, which is gradually eating into the rock floor of the cav ern and thinning it. Eventually the flames will reach the gas and a terrific explosion will ensue. — Scientific American. J The Chicago Inter-Ocean gives a list of great earthquakes, floods and fires. First the earthquakes: In their chronological order they were as follows. December 5, 1456, at. Na pies, 40,000 persons were destroyed; December 26, 1531, at Lisbon, 30,- 000; July 2, in Japan, several cities and thousands of lives destroyed; July 35, 1626, at Naples, 70,000; April 6, 1667, at Ragusa, 5,000, during three months, 1667, at Schamaki, 80,000; in September, 1693, in Sicily, 100,000; in 1703, at Jeddo, 200,000; May and June 1715, at Algiers, 15,000; Novem ber 30,1731, at Pekin, 100,000; Oc tober 28, 1746, at Lima and Callao, 18,000; September 1754, at Grand Cairo, 40,000; June 7, 1755, at Ivash- an, Persia, 40,000; November 1, 1756, at Lisbon, 50,000; February 4, 1797, in the country lying 1 etween Santa Fo and Panama, 40,000; August 14, 1851, at Melfit, Italy, 14,000; Decern ber 16, 1857, at Calabria, 10,000; March 20, 1860, at Mendoza, South America, 7,000; August 13 and 15, 1868, in Peru and Ecuador, 25,000. Among most destructive inunda tions are those in April 17,1421, when the sea broke over Dort, drowning 100,000 people; in 1530, when Hol land was overwhelmed and 400,000 persons drowned, and in 1617, when 50,000 were drowned at Catalonia. There have been numerous floods in which as many as 1,000 persons were drowned, and those in which the loss of life was less are beyond record. Fires have been fatal to large mim bers at times, but have been more hurtful in work ing destitution upon masses than in the actual destruction of life. During the London fire of 1212 there were 3,000 lives lost, but that was through the drowning of the crowd driven into the water. The forest fires of October, 1871, burning in Michigan and Wisconsin were, per haps, the most destructive of life in history, 2,000 lives being lost. In the great Chicago fire of the same time there were hut 200 lives reported lost, though it was impossible to ascertain whether that was the maximum figure. Washington, June 11.—The President will leave Washington the latter part of this month for Deer Park, Md., where a cottage has been prepared for his reception. The length of his visit has not been settled. Brunswick, Ga., June 11.—There are only three days more until the encampment. Already both hotels on the island arc full, and more than 100 tents have been engaged by private families. ,V Paris, June 11,—Three hundred = i and fifty four thousand persons vis- 1 ited the exposition yesterday. Of this number 36,000 made the ascent of the Eiffel tower. Electric Bittera. This remedy is becoming so well known ^ *nd so popular as to need no special uien- : ji tlon. All who have used Eitctric Bitters ring llic same song of praise.—A purer mid- Icine does not exist and it is guaranteed to do all that is claimed. Klectne Bitters will cure all diseases of the Liver and Kidneys, > will remove Pitnplts, Boils, Salt Rheum and other affections caused by impure blood— Will dnre malarii from the system and pre vent as well ns cure all Maiuriul fevers— For cure of headache, constipation anil in digestion try Electric Hitters—Entire satis faction guaranteed, or money refunded. Price SO et*. and $1.00 |>er bottle at S. J. CASSEL’8 t. Drug Store. Rather Startling. Exchange. An artist employed . in decorating the properties of an old church in Bel gium, being refused payment in the lump, was asked for details, and sent in his hill as follows: Corrected the len commandments $5 12. Embelished Pontius Pilate and put a new libbon on It is bonnet $3 20. Put a new tail on the rooster of St Peter and mended his comb. $1.20- Re plumed and gilded the left wing f the Guardian Angel. $4 10. Washed the servant of the High Priest and put carmine on bis cheeks, $5.10. Renewed Heaven, adjusted two stars id cleaned the moon, $7 15. Renovated flames of Purgatory and restored souls, $3 07. Rewived the flames of hell, put a new tail on the devil, mended his left hoof and did several jobs for the damn ed 87.07. Re-bordercd the robe of Herod and re-adjusted Ins wig, S4.80. Cleaned the ears of Balaam’s ass and shod him, $3 02. Put ear-rings into the cars of Sarah, 2.04. Put a stone into David’s sling and enlarged the head of Goliah and ex tended his l»gs, 83-02. Decorated Noah’s ark. $3.00. Mended the shirt of the prodigal son and cleaned his ears, $4 00. Total, S55.92. l’LKNTY OF COTTON RAGGING. A recent publication, expressing apprehension that a sufficcnt quantity of cotton bagging could not be man ufactured in time to cover the crop and that the mills could not fifi the orders, drew from Hon. W. J. ^orth- en the following dispatch from Spar ta to-day: “There is no chance for the move against the jute trust to fail. The farmers are uniform and deter mined. They write me from all over the state that they will not use jute under any circumstances. We have made arrangements with mills in Georgia to manufacture all this state will need. Several mills tire at work, but all orders are distributed from West Point. The Birmingham meet ing made a little conflict in the man ner of ordering, and the farmers been at a loss as to how to get in their orders. I will have all this straight in a few days. You may be sure jute is dead in Georgia.” LONGFELLOW'S MAIDEN, who is landing, with reluctant feet. Where the brook and river moot. Womanhood and childhood licet 1 is a type of thousands of young girls who are emerging from the ehrysulis stage or their existence, as they enter upon their “teens. Nervous, excitable, irritable, stirred by strange, unknowable forces within them, each a mystery unto herself, our girls need the tenderest eare, the most, loving, patient oversight, and the aid of l)r. Pierce’s Favorite Prescription, to safely carry them through this critical period, during which, in too many lives, alas, are sown the seeds of dis tressing forms of diseases peculiar to the female sox. But this boon to womnnkind will prevent all Bueh diseases, or cure them if they have already seized a victim. Woman owes it to herself, to her family, and to her social station, to l>o well and strong. Ix?t her then not neglect the sure means of cure. “Favorite Prescription ” is a legitimate medi cine. carefully compounded by an experienced and skillful physician, and adapted to woman’s delicate organization. It is purely vegetable in its composition and perfectly harmless in its effects in any condition of the system. Sold by druggists; S1.U0, or six bottles for $5.00. Copyright, ISS8, by World's Dis. Mkd. Ass’n. WANTED, 500 Gars Watermelons, 5000 Baskets of Early Fruits, For which I will pity highest market price ill cash, or sell on commission, and I will pay a reward of $25 to the person shipping me the car of the largest melons this season. Tltis reward is over and above the market price of said ear when received. A. I’. RICKETS Wholesale Fruit ami Produce Dealer, eimUnnoogii, Teim. Reference: I’eople's Hank and other banks here; also U. II. Dun k (Jo., and the wholesale merchants of tiiis city generally. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. -By Shipping ycur- Green and'Dried FROITS,MELONS, VEGETABLES, Or any thing you may have, to us. We have a very large trade in the above articles, and can place your shipments to as good advant- ug ' as any house on the market. We invite correspondence from all parties haring any thing in our line to ship. • SUMMERS, MORRISON A CO., (’ommission Merchants, 174 South Water Street, Chicago, Illinois. Reference: Metropolitan Nat. Bank, daw MARVELOUS MEMORY DISCOVERY. Only Genuine System of Memory Training. Four Books Learned in one reading# Mind wandering cared. Every child and adult greatly benefltted. * Groat inducomouts to Correspondence Classes. £ftP>S'm'IJaeUlc^'iiVjiv»oro'fh?c]h5SteS /jcic'f.'i’x l'.. Kiclmril lAoetgr, the SdontiB. lion.. »V* " , A 7F ,,r ’•’"feltaEt;* JOdIl “ 1 • Bcajnailn.n'ctiaa.-rv .•I'.tpnjtfraobr b r.'*:t. , ’Lm^rTTE2!l7Fmh , A«.,N. Y. Dr, PIERCE’S PELLETS regulate and cleanse the liver, stomach and bowels. They are purely vegetable and per fectly hurraless. One a Dose. Sold by druggists. 25 cents a vial. Saw Mill for Sale A good 30-horse power Engine, ami saw mill complete, with a new Sweep-stakes Planer, 4 mules, log carts, wagons, etc., and 125 acres of fresh timber. Mill just put down, and-within o miles of Thomasville, is offered at a bargain because the owner has other busiuess requiring his attention. Fur ther particulars on application at the Timks- Esterphise oflice, or to EVANS k M. LEAN. Notice. An application will be made at the July session ot the legislature of Georgia, for a charter to construct a railroad from Thomas ville to some point or points on the Florida line between the Chattahoochee and With- lacoochee rivers, and from Thomasville through Colquitt and Worth counties and a part of Dooly county, to Cordele, and from Cordele to Augusta, Georgia. A. T. Me!NTYUK, Ju. Thomas vi lie Variety WORKS. Reynolds, Hargrave & Davis, Prop'rs. Manufacturers and Dealers ROUGH &> DRESSED LiLTMiBlCU. LATHES, PICKETS, SHINGLES, MOULDINGS, BRACKETS, SCROLL WORK, MANTLES. BALUSTERS* STAIR-RAILS Newel Posts, OFFICE, CHURCH & STORE, Furniture. B—<=— IN STORE IFRONTS.n Wire Screen Doors and Windows, Sash, Doors and Blinds | TO ORD Ell. STAIR BUILDING, and inside hardwood finish a SPECIALTY-! CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED. S S NO IK) ItASS. B. F. IIAWKINS NOIRiUASS Si IIAWKINS, . Attorneys-at-Law. Office. Formerly occupied by Enterprise of- ftco. m M Me I NTOSH, Physician «& Surgeon, Thomasville, Georgia, rr t^OFFICE over Stark’s, corner Broad and Fletcher Streets. •QR. JOEL B. COYLE DENTIST* THOMASVILLE, GEORGIA. OFFICE, Broad St., over Pickett's. The New Discover. You have heard your friends and neigh bors talking about it. You mat yourself he ouc ot the many who know from persona! ex perience just how good it is. it you Jtavc ever tried it you are one of its staunch friends, because the wonderful thing, about it is, that when once given a trial, Dr. King’s New Discovery ever after holds a place in the house. If you have never used it and should he atliicted with a cough, culd or aay Throat, Lung or Chest trouble, se cure a bottle at once and give it a fair trial. It is guaranteed every t'me, or money re funded. Trial bottles free at 8. J. Camil's Drugstore. MILLINERY. Long advertisements of “im mense stocks below cost," at tract attention, but it is the quiet work that tells. We haven’t as big lists in the pa per as some people, but what we say in the paper we confirm in the store. Let us attract your attention by bargains in Hats, Ribbons, Flowers, Plumes and all fash ionable head-wear. You can buy two hats from us for the price asked for one elsewhere. Is it not to your interest to save your money rather than waste it on high prices and big profits. Pic nic hats a specialty this week.* Mrs. Jennie C'arroll, Low Price Milliner, Lower Broad St. J. II. COYLE, I). 1). S., Resident Dentist, • - Georgia j ThomftHville, Offers his services to th citizens of Thom* asvllle and vicinity. Office hours—From 0 a. m. to 1 p. in., trad from2 to 5 p. in. Office—On Jackson streot. Mitchj.i.l. . G. Mitch ej l j^ITCIIELL Si .MITCHELL, Attorneys-at-Law Thomasvlllo, - • Georgia. B AXSELL & MEItKILr. Attorneys-at-Law and Insur* ance Agents. rhomasvllle, • Office—Over Watt’s store. Georgia 8. McLENDON, Attorney-at-Law, Thomasville, ... Georgia given to al i store, corner Promptatt ration trusted to him. Office—Ovfcr Watt Jackson stroots. wThhuce, m. d., Office, up-stairs. Got nor of Broad and Fletchor streets, [aug 15-’85-3y| T. Office in Hayes Building. Residence—Corner College avenue and Mag nolla street. Telepnono communication, No. 25 for night DEKLE, M. D., Tie Best and Most Pleasant Koute FROM THOMASVILLE NORTH GEORGIA -AND ALL l’.01NTb’- Worth & Northwest —is VIA the— Central EM Ofjtorgis. THROUGH SCHEDULES TO Augusta, Atlanta Gainesville,Ca AND TO ASHEVILLE, £TIin “LAND OF TIIE SKY.” THE SAVANNAH AND AUGUSTA ROUTE Passengers from Thomasville to Asheville havo a choice of two routes, over the Central, either via Albany, or via Savannah and Au gusta. Solid trains Thomasvlllo to Savannah at 12 50 mid-day, connect wltlyathrough Sleeping Cara via Central, for AugTlSta and Spartanburg, and gives passengers a daj- llght ride between Augusta and Asheville,the prettiest country In tho land, arriving Ashe ville at 7 p m—in time sor supper. ALBANY k ATLANTA ROUTE. Passongers from Thomasville to Attanta, Gainesville an*i Asheville via Albany should take the 9 30 a m train, which a. rivos Atlanta same evening; <7 alnesvillo OWara and Ashe ville, N. C., at 7 p m next day. Direct con nection la mado with tho W. k A. In Union Depot In Atlanta, and passengers for Mariet ta, Ga., loavlng Thomasville at 9 a m. ar rive at Marietta tho same night. For further information relative to tickets, ratep, schedules, etc., apply to F. M. Vandyke, Ticket Agt., Thomasville. Clyde Bostick, Tray. Pass. Agont, Savannah. E. T. CHARLTON, Gen. Pass. Agt. Savannah, Ga. STEoisviUa, Hrw llbanj A Chicago Ry. CoJtt* • 1 ■v * "• THE BEST —r AND MOST Direct Route! FROM ALL PRINCIPAL POINTS IN THE-.SOUTH TO CHICAGO AND THE NORTHWEST. wo through trains daily, with Pul? man Palace Buffet Bleeping Cars by night, • and Chair Cars by day, between Cin cinnati! and Chicago, Indianapo lis and Chicago, and also be tween Louisville and Chicago, where closo con nections aro mado for 8t. Paul, Fargo, BIsmark, Pol- land, Omaha, Kansas City, San Francisco and points Intermediate— New Fast Mail, Leaving Louisville, Dally oxcept Sunday, at 7 -30 a. m. Clncinnattl, Dally, except Sunday, at 7:45. Arriving at Chicago at 6:55. The most rapid sorvico ever attempted be tween tho Great Commercial Cities on the Ohio River and Chicago. *5-1 hrough Coupon Tlckots, Baggage check ed to destination, and your safety and com fort provided for, aro among the points that have made the MONOID ROUTES Universally and deservedly popular. OHN B.CARSON, Vlco-pros’t and Gen’l Mgr W. H. McDOEL, Gen’l Traffic Managor, E. O. MCCORMICK, Gen.l Passenger Agent R. W. GLADING. Passenger and Freight Agt., 158 Broad St.. Thomasville Ga. W. D. SCOTT, Sheet Metal * * * Plumbing Works. I have experienced workmen In my employ and am preparod to do till kinds of sheet metal and plumbing work in the best possi ble manner. GALVANIZED IRON ColtNlCE, Architectur al and Ornamental Work in Iron, Zinc or Copper. SLATE and TIN ROOFING, Sheot Brass and Copper Work, Plumbing, Gas and Steam Fitting. HOTEL ANI) JOB WORK A SPECIALTY. I keop on hand a full stock of Bright and Roollug Tin, Galvanized, Russia, 8moko- ttack and Plain Iron, Shoot Brass, Planished, Tinned and Plain Coppers; Zinc, Bolder, Spoltcr and Wire. My prices aro roasonablo and those who contemplate having work done or purchasing anything In my lino will find it to tholr In terest to confer with mo before placing their orders. Office and shop over Watt k Bro.’s, Broad St.. Thomasvlllo Ga. N. S. Eaves, CONTRACTOR anti BUILDER Thomasville, Georgia. ) 1 will bo glad to make contracts foi the construction of all classes of buildings, pub lic and private, in either brick or wood. I will guarantee In every instance to glvo satisfaction. Designs and plans drawn and careful estimates made. ... My motto—Oood, honest work at fair prices. If you want any building done call on me. I will submit estimates whether contract is awarded me or not. I refer to the many public buildings erected by me In Thomasville and elsewhere, and all parties (or whom I have worked' H un ran. Mr. Joseph M. Drcyer offers his services to the public as a stenographer and type writer. All work promptly done and satis faction guaranteed. Apply to or address, JOSEPH M. DREYER, at Me nf.yre & McIntyre’s office, Broad at Whiddon House (Opposite Plnoy Woods Hotel.) THOMASVILLE, - GA E.B. Whiddon, Prop. This liouso, located In tho most desir able und central part of tho city, Is now and complolo in overy particular. Fur nished in tho most elegant manner and provided with all conveniences of mod ern hotels The menu is portcct, and tho sorvico rendered by trained and po lite servants. Terms reasonable, and prices graded according to accommoda tions furnished. Carriages from tho house moot all trains. . dcclO-ly GrlBi & Lfifict Contractors & Builders THOMASVILLE, GA. Wo will bo glad to make contracts for, or superintend, all classes of buildings, public or private, in either brick or wood. Will fur nish plans and spoolflcai lens If required. If you want any building done call on us, and wo will submit estimates whether contract Is awarded us or not. Wo will guarantoo satis faction in all our work. Wo refer to tho many buildings erected by us In Thomasville, and to all parties for whom wo havo worked. Shop on FJotcher st., 2nd door from Broad. Thomasville, Ga., April 3,1889. Lands For Sale m TCRII8 Tho 210 acres of land in Thomas county, being parts of lots Cl and 78 In ho 14th Dlst., and known ns the Geo. W. Whitehurst place. Villi sell for $1,0 00,—one fourth, ono third, or one half cash, and the balanco in from ono to six years,—to suit purchaser, with intprest at rate of eight per cent, per annum on deferred payments, payable annually. fFor, further particulars ad dress Wm. E Simmons, |anl-tf Atlanta, Ga The Elmwood Marietta, Ga. This new and beautiful hotel, elegantly furnished, ELECTRIC BELLS, MS, First class in all of its appointments, has been leased by M. G. Whitlock, former own or and proprietor of the late “WHITLOCK HOUSE,” ilia table and service will satisfy the most fastidious. His beds arc delightful. Terms reasonable. Address, M. G. WHITLOCK. Marietta, Gk, HOME I HOME, SWEET BOB, is No FI I will sell a lot 70 by 196 feet between Hayes and St. for $250 to right party—$50 down and furnish capital to build the house and TAKE BAY -IN- ts OFFER OPEN FOR ONE WEEK. E. M. MALLETTE REAL ESTATE BROKER, ThomasviUe.l S S&eor^ia