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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, June 14, 1889, Image 2

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Parties leaving Tliomnsville for the sum mer ean hare the Times-Entkrprisk sent to any address for 50 cents per month. Ad dresses can be changed ns often ns is desired. FRIDAY, JI NK 14, 1881. The South is coming to the front. She is attracting capital, bone and sinew from the North and West. Melon men arc multiplying. Grow ers are more interested in multiplying the receipts. Let us foudly hope that absenteeism will be less conspicuous in the coming summer session of the legislature, than formerly. An exchange says there are only three things in life which are certain : death, taxes and an adjourned summer session of the Georgia legislature. There is a.dimly outlined rumor that B. Hurrison is thinking about enforcing the civil service law. Who’d ■ have thought it? Corporal Tanner is no relation to Dr. Tanner, who fasted forty days. This statement is made in behalf of Dr.Tgnger. Bhune will try and get up a “tliffi- kulty” with England about the Alai- kan seal fisheries. The Premier of State haB been in an anxious and per turbed state of mind for years about the British lion’s tail. He wants to twist it. Interest will center in the ex ercised of' the University com mencement at Athens, next week. It will be the most brilliant for years. In retufn for the statue of Liberty, presented to this country by Frnuce, and which now stands on Bedloe Island, at the entrance of the harbor of New York, a movement lias been started to present France with a statue of Washington, to be erected in Paris. The ladies of the United States have started the movement. And they will succeed. They always do. Congressman Barnes has returned home from Memphis. While in At lanta he was seen by a Journal re porter. Major Barnes said: "I do not think there will be an ex tra session. In the first place, I dou’t see any necessity for one. There is always this talk about an extra ses sion. It amounts to nothing. And then, I think the President, who is known to be a bitter partisan, will not call an extra session until the elections in the four new States are heard from and the Representatives and Senators selected can get to Washington. The Republicans will hardly organize Congress until they get all their forces on the ground. I don’t think there’ll be an extra session.” Mr. T. L. Gantt has purchased and assumed editorial control and man agement of the Banner-Watchman, Athens. “Larry” Gant is one of the best equipped newspaper men in the State. In some respects lie is without a rival. The entire guild will wel come him back to the told. May the future deal with him and bis gently, as it haB in the past. \ Connected by Telegraph. CoitiMcu:, Ga., June 11.—Broad- gauge iron has been laid on the Savan nah, Amcricus and Montgomery rail road from Abbeville to Amcricus with the exception of a few miles. A tele graph Wins has also been stretched between here and Americus on this line, reaching here to-day. Senator Morgan for Cleveland. Senator John T. Morgan, of Ala bama, is one of the ablest and most distinguished men from the South in Congress. His views are generally correct. Said he, to an interviewer in Montgomery : “I am not at all surprised, but highly gratified that Mr. Cleveland lias again expressed his well known views on the question of the tariff and other matters of government pol icy so successfully inaugurated and pursued under his administration. I look 1111011 Mr. Cleveland as ouejof the best informed and most conscien tious men in the United States. Ilis administration of the Government was one of integrity and great ability, and will compare favorably with that of any other which the country lias ever had. The government and the people arc certainly very much better for having had thc*l)cnefit and expe rience of his upright, honest, straight forward, splendid administration of public affairs for four years. Ilis honesty and uprightness were univer sally acknowledged, and the people fully appreciate the value of his great services. Mr. Cleveland is not a can didate for the Presidency. Personally he cares very little about it. But when the time comes to select a can didate for the Presidency to lead the Democratic party to victory, unless there is some great revolution of senti ment and change in the popular mind, the people will rise up in their might and name Mr. ('levcland. From the present outlook, Mr. Cleveland’s will be the only name mentioned in con nection with the Democratic nomina tion for the Presidency in 1802.” North Carolina Wet. Rai.eigh, N. C., June io— Local option elections were held to-day at the cities and towns of Raleigh, Golds boro, Mt. Olive, Fremont, Newton Grove, Hendersonville, Durham. U’ayneville and Washington and for all Cleveland county. Interest cen tered on the elections at Raleigh and Durham. At both places the prohi bitions were defeated—at Raleigh by a hundred and ninety-eight majority, and at Durham by seventy-five Golds boro gave the anti-prohibition ticket a hundred and seventy-nine majority The prohibitionists have received quite a reverse in this election and appear to have lost ground at many points. Charlotte, N. C., June io.—Re sults of the election at the principal towns are given below: Durham, which has been dry for the pait three years, went wet by a majority of sev enty-five. The election there was quiet, but both sides worked very hard Monroe, which has been dry also, for some years, has gone wet by one hun dred and twenty majority. T he entire County ot Cleveland voted on the question, and although no official re turns are yet in, the indications are that the county remains wet. Shelby, the county seat, which has been dry. gives twenty-five majority for the wet side. No more local option laws can be held in this state for the next two years. Later.—The election at Raleigh to day has resulted in a victory for the “wet” side by 98 majority. So far every town heard from is "wet.” Civil Service Examination. Washington, June i 1.—The local examining boards of the civil service commission will hold examinations for positions in the railway mail service at the following places on June 2cth : Mobile, Montgomery and Birmingham. Ala.,Chattanooga and Memphis.Tenn., also in Arkansas and Texas. The list of eligibles for positions in the service in these states is almost exhausted and those examinations will be held to re plenish them. Should any persons de sire to attend these examinations at any of these places and fail to receive an application blank before the time arrives, owing to short notice, they are advised that they can take the exami nation on condition that they fill out and forward an application blank to the commission immediately upon its receipt. Otherwise the examination will be canceled. Valdosta Real Estate. The Valdosta Savings and Invest ment Company, for which a charter granted by the judge ot the superior court at the last session in this county, was fully organized to-day by an ejec tion of the directors by the stockhold ers. The directors arc: R. V. Lane, D. C. Ashley, C. R. Pendleton, C, H. Paine, II. C- Briggs, B. IV'. Bentley and S. B. Godwin. The directors elected the following officers: 1). C. Ashley, president; J. S. Lamar, vice- president; A. H. Lane, Jr., secretary and treasurer, and J. R. Slater, attor ney. The company is capitalized at $100,000, and has lor its object the transaction of a general real estate business in Valdosta and Lowndes county. It is said that the presidential bee is buzzing in the bonnet of Mayor Grant, of New York. The Mayor will have to wait until Cleveland serves another term. They Mean Business. The directors of the Savannah, Americus and Montgomery Railroad Company mean business. They al ready have a line of railway in oper ation from Abbeville, Wilcox county, to Louvale, Stewart county. The line will be extended from Abbeville east to Savannah, ami from Louvale west to Montgomery. We do not believe that there is any doubt of these ex tensions being made. The company has perfected financial arrangements with the Baltimore Mercantile Trust Company, by which bonds to the amount ot 84,100,000 will be issued and sold. The mortgages which ena bles the issuance of these bonds has already been recorded. The bonds hear interest at the rate of (i per cent, payable semi-annually. Interest on the bonds commences July 1. These new bonds will take up the bonds of the old Americus, Preston & Lumpkin railroad,which :tmoiint|to 8000.000. The mortgages provides that the entire line fiom Savannah to Mont gomery shall he made a standard gauge road, each mile of which will he bonded lor 812,000. The preliminary survey for the western extension of the line from Louvale has already been made.— Enquirer Sun, Columbus. . Gen. George Sheridan was an ar dent Harrison man before the elec tion, and he made a number of spee ches for our blue-blooded and cold blooded President. It is doubtful if he would take the stump for him again. He said the other day: “Harrison is indifferent to public opinion. 1 believe lie made use of the expression that he was going to please himself, for it is just like him. It is characteristic of the man. He believes that when the Supreme Pow er undertook the making of the uni verse, at that time it was conjointly settled with the creation of the world that in the year 188!) there, should be such a person as Ben Harrison on earth and that he should he President of the United Jtates. Harrison isn’t thankful for anything or to anybody. Possibly lie may congratulate the Lord 011 having carried out his part of the contract to make Harrison Presi dent, but it’s doubtful. If he isn’t renominated he will simply say: ‘Well, it is the country’s misfortune.’ ” This has a genuine ring about it. Young man, do you own a home? If not, why not ? Lay aside a por tion of your salary each week or each month, and you will soon be able to purchase a home of vour own. This is good advice. Take it, young man. —Ex. Respectfully referred and dedicated to the young men of Thomns county and South Georgia. Senator Bailey, of Jefferson county, Fla., is taking time by the forelock: he lias announced himself ns a candi date for re-election at the next elec tion. He is the field cnrly. The early bird gobbleth up the worm. Mr, Ralph Elkins lives at Marion- villc, Mo., ar.d is a successful farmer He says that he has been a great suf ferer from impurities of the blood, which made his limbs stiff and gave him pain in the lunge; but that he took Swift’s Specific, and it soon relieved him entirely. We have sold Swift’s Specific for six years in quantity lots, and the goods have been entirely satisfactory, and without a complaint from a single cus tomer. Hutchinson A Elliot, Paris, Texas. Prickly lieat anil dialling are cured by free- lr nsinu-lloracinc Toilet Nursery Powder. Try it; you will be delighted. Mchae JIardrr, Tie masville; A; Ura-liord, Columbus: Drug and Seed Co., Au- us.a; F. Von Ove..,(,'b»rtcst'>B, Agents. Magnolia Hams 12c at Pickett’s Cash Grocery. THE JNVAUIl’S HOPE. Many seemingly incurable eases of blood poison, catarrh, scrofnlu and rbcuwif- tism have been cured bv D. II. H, (lint,,nip lllood Halm), made by the Blood Balm Go., Atlanta, Ga. Write to IJicm for book lilted with conrincing proof. £}, . It. ltaidcr, living seven miles from Athens, tla.. grites: “For several years I suffered witu running ulcers, which doctors treated and pronounced iheumb!?. ^ bottle of B. It. B. did me more good than ill the doctors. I kept on usiDg it and every ulcer healed.” It. t.'. Kinard A Son, Towaliga, Ga.. writes: “We induced agcigbbor to try B. 11. II. fur catarrh, which he tbo.g;,*. incurable, as it had resisted all treatment. It delighted him, and continuing its use, he was cured so.up^ and well. ’ it. M. t.ayson, pint Point, Ga., writes: “My wife bad scyofola fi years. She kept crowing worse. She lust her t)air and her skin broke out fearfully. Debility, emacia tion and no appetite followed. After physi cians and numerous advertised medicine* failed, I tried B. B. II., and her recovery was rapid and complete.” Oliver Sccor, Baltimore, Md., writes: “I sutf'erpd from weak back and rheumatism. B. it, B. has pfpyeu Jo be the only medicine that gave me relief,”' Fresh peaches every morning al Sampson's Jackson st. Fruit Store. WALL FAPEIt. Have Just rccieved a. large lot of wall paper, all grndoa, Pelting decorations etc. Geo. w . PoijnEs, Masury Building. A fine lot of pouches and bananas iuct re ceived at A. C- BROWN’S, li-12 2t The Jackson St. Grocer. JERSEY MILK. Parties desiring fresh, pure Jersey milk, from Jersey Farm, will be supplied, in any quantity, delivered, on application to, or by addressing JOHN CHASTAIN. April 10, 1880. AN ADMISSION OF ITS GOOD QUALITIES. An old line physician never recom mends a proprietory medicine till he knows of its good qualities and has proved them. A well known conser- vatoi of the health writes: “Allow me to offer you my experi ence with Calisaya Tonic. I have prescribed it in many eases of general debility with marked success. In fact, I treated a case of typhoid mala rial lever with no other anti-periodic tonic or stimulant. It has proved all you claim for it in my hands, and hns been perfectly satisfactory. Calisaya Tonic is sold by all drug gists at fifty cents and a dollar a bot tle. Lot of table linen al Pickett's and it will lie sold at from Lie to 50c per vard. about half what it cost in Now York. ~taTlorTn(l There is an end to all things, so the people sny, but there is no end to the splendid fitting clothing made at 81 Broad street. Cleaning and repairing done in tile neatest manner. Give mo • call John Kennt. KILL FLIES. Insect Powder Fly Paper. Cassei.s’ Pharmacy, 118 Broad street. More mattings received this week. New patterns in seamless—fancy. Geo. W. Foiibes Fresh Magnolia hams al 12)cents per pound, lor sale by 0 7 HI. T. J. Ball & Bito. Grocers. More of (hose shoes still left at Pickett’s and we need the money and will knock the bottom out of prices. A great many peoplo feel themselves gradually failing. They don’t know just wliat is the matter, but they sutler from a combination of Indescribable aches and pains, which each month seem to grow worse. The only suro remedy known that will counteract this feeling and re store perfect health is Brown’s Iron Bit ters. By rapid assimilation it purifies tlio blood, drives out disease, gives health and strongth to every portion reached by circulatory system,renews wasted tissues and restores robust liculth and strength. Piedmont Hotel, GAINESVILLE, GA. This elegantly’ furnished hotel is leased by Mrs. M. E. Stafford, late of Bristol "Hotel, Jacksonville, Fla. First class table. Come early and se cure rooms. Address, Mrs. M. E. Stafford, G-14-2t Gainesville, Ga. Jacob T. Bennett. Joseph W. Thorn. BENNETT & THORN, PE0DVCE Commission Merchants, No, 302 North Front St., Philadelphia, ■ Pa. G-14-2m WANTED! WANTED! .50,000 pounds of wool, tor which the highest market price will be paid. Be sure to get my prices before you sell. I. lev* & 00., wit Mitchell House Corner. I. LlUil i Ok COMMISSION RECEIVERS, ) OF ALL KINDS. Special attention to Melons, Strawberries, Pears, Oranges, Etc, Prompt sales accompanied by New York exchange remittance, Philadelphia, - - ■ ■ Pa, Mess, buuui A iio,<)' Ouitman, arc- agents for us in Quitmau, Boston, enisle/, Dixie, Tliomnsville and Monticcllo, and will take pleasure in answering any correspond ence. Heft?ences l-’gigp foau and Trust Go., 88ii, nth Avenue, Ne;y J'Ofk. Libel fpr Divorce. lulupF Green ) Superior Coorl, April term. ”h„rle, Green. I Mbsl for DiVofCP, ' Charles Green. it appearing to tile court that the defend ant, Charles Green, is not to be found in the county, and it further appearing that said defendant resides out of this .Stan-, it is Jhercfore ordered that service of ibis writ ho pLie hi’ Publication, ns required by law. ’ ‘■“UWk 1 certify that the above is a true abstjxuL from the minutes of said court. This April 8, 1880. J. W. GROOVER, Clerk Superior Court. Imfor4m TAKE A REST. Kxeurriou tickets at low rates will be Sold to all summer resorts throughout the coun try by the East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railway, commencing June 1st, good to return on or before October 31st. Fast train st rvice with Pullman cars. B. W. WRK.NX, Gen. Pass, and Ticket Agt. Few more pairs Old Ladies Bus kins and dices to be sacrificed at Pickett*.-. PIANOS AND ORGANS. W. S. Brown, the Jeweler, has s% cured the agency for all the first-class Pianos and Organs, which he is selling at the lowest prices for cash or on long time. Those desiring to purchase will do well to learn his prices and terms. Florida Central —AND- Peninsula Railroad. Formerly the F. R. A N, ('«. Standard Time Used—June 2,1889. | SOUTHERN DIVISION | 8 [ 4 500 p 1005 ft Lv Fernandina Ar 7 00 p 11 45 a Lv Jacksonville Ar G <10 p i 1 27 ft Ly Callahan Ar 8 30 p'l2 42 p Lv Baldwin Ar 0 25 p 127 p Ar Lawtey Ar 9 55 pj 142 p Ar Htarko Ar 10 30 pi 2 27 p Ar Waldo Ar 1120 a 302 p Ar Hawthorne Ar ‘ 10 a 4 29 p Ar Ocala 3 50ft 542 pAr 5 10 a 0 10 p Ar GO) ft 640 p Al* 9 42 n 8 22 p Ar 3 05 pj 8 30 a 150 pi G 10 a 153 p I G 40 a 1242pj 6 00a 9 30 a 10 25 aj 12 05 p | TAMPA DIVISION. | Lv Jacksonville Ar Lv Wildwood Ar Ar Pauasoffkoo Ar Ar Sumtervlllo Ar ; Ar St. Catherine Ar Ar Lacoochee Ar j» r Dado City Ar. Ar Plant City Lv 10 62 a 2 50 a 10 23al 2 00a 9 07 p 12 01 p 8 ( 0a 9 20 p 7 35 a 7 65 p 710 a 7 00 p Lv! 5 45 aj 4 00 p T~30 5 50 p 510p 4 30 p 300p , 2 15 p llOp ,11 45 p 400 p "23 I iaTT’CEDAR KEY DIV. f 14 |~24 7 00 p 1145 a Lv Jacksonville Ar 150 p 610 a G 00 al 4 10 p Lv Waldo Ar.10 35 p; 3 40 p 5 10 a| 4 53 p Ar Gainesvillo Ar 9 40 a 2 30 p 10 45 i 5 42 p Ar Archer Lv 8 25 a 1215 p Gl2p|Ar Bronson Ar 7 48 at |8 |Ar Cedar Key Lvl5 30a! 1 I WESTERN DIVISION | 2 | 10 7 ro p 7 15 arLv JacksonvillqAri 3 20 p r 2 45 p S 05 p 8 00aAr Baldwin Arj2 33 p| 146p 1040 p 11 58 p 1 04 4 10 G 10 ft 8 001 9 20 i 9 3G 10 27 11 28 12 52 p 2 02 p 3 03p 4 00 p Ar Lake City Ar|l08p ll22j A r Livo Oak Ar.12 23 pj 9 55 a Ar Madison Ar il 15 a] 8 15 a Ar Monllcello LviloSOaj 5 25 a Ar Tallahassee Lv 9 50 a 3 20 a Ar Quincy Lvj 857 a; 1 50 a A r Biver J unc. Lv 8 00 a 12 05 a 705a! 1,2, 7. 8, 9, 10,13,14 Dally. 62, and 63 Daily. 3,4, 23, 24, Daily, except Sunday. 30 Daily except Sunday. 31 Dally oxoept Monday, FERNANDINA AND 60 | G | JACKSONVILLE BKANCII | 5 | Cl 845p-430a Lv Jacksonville Ar850a-000 p 1005 p-G03 a Ar Fernandina Lv 715 a-4 30 p 5 and G dally, except Sunday. 60 and 61 Sundays only. J 7:15 a. ra., Now Orleans Express. Shortest and quickest lino to ull Middle and West Florida points, l'ousacola, Mobile and New Orloans. 7 :15 a. m. an 4 7:30 p. m. trains con nect through to Thomasvlllo, Montgomery, Nashville, St. Louis. Cincinnati. Chicago, and all points North and Wost. Arrivo at 2;45 p, m. and 3.43 p. m. 11:45 p. m. Mall and Express for all points South, Gainesville, Ocala. Leesburg, Taveres, Apopka, Orlando, PanasolTkeo (St. Catharine) Dade City, riant City. Arrives at 1:30 p. ni, 7 -.00 p. in. Local, connects through lor all points South, Ocala, Gainesville, Leesburg, Tavares, Orlando, Tarp m Springs, Souther land, St. Petersburg, and Tampa. Arrives at 6:10 a. m, 11:45 a. m. Cumberland Boute Exproas, con nects at Fernandina with stoamer City of Brunswick, dally, for Brunswick, Macon, At lanta, Chattanooga, Louisville, Cincinnati St. Louis and Chicago. Arrives 1:50 p. ra, 4:30 p. m. Fernandina Mall and Expross, dallv, connecting Tuesday and Friday with Str. St. Nicholas for Savannah and way land ings. Thursday with Mallory Stoamers for New York. Arrives 8:50a. in. Bunday train leavos Jacksonville 8:45 a. m. This now sorvlco gives perfect Connections at Baldwin for all points North and West, Via Callahan to all points North, East and West. Via Fornandina, connecting with Str. City of Brunswick, for Brunswick, Macon, Atlanta, and all points North and Wost. D. E. MAXWELL, A. O MACDONELL, Gen. Manager. G. P. h T. A. J. W REID. Agent at Thomasvllle, Ga. MISSOURI PACIFIC RAILWAY, The “Colorado Short Line,” runs solid through trains, equipped with Pullman Buf fet Sleeping Cars from St. Louis and Kan sas City without change, to Pueblo, Colo rado Springs and Denver, where direct con nection is made for all Rocky Mountain Re sorts. Solid trains from Memphis to St. Louis, via the Iron Mountain Route. Round trip tickets via this line arc on sale at all coupop ticket offices in the United States. For further information, Illustrated resort book ot 140 pages, trtfe, time tables, etc., call on or address II. £. Townsend, Gen. P. & T. Agt., St. Louis, Mo, GEORGE FEARN, REAL ESTATE AGIST, OFFjCK IH MITCHELL ROUSE BLOCK. City and Con Hry Proper!; for Saif. HOUSES RENTED And 'faxes l"* lit. NEGOTIATED, Bring me a description oi your properly Tjoutil Legislation. otiuc i. borcb)' ifircu that at the u|i proacliinj; session of the lcxislaturo I will in troduce a hill “To incorporate the town of Metcalfe, in Thomns county, deflne its limits and provide a government 'for the same.” A.T. MacINTYRK, Jr. Aiflijiijjsp’atpFB’ Notipe. (lEuUGU-TiiOUXS tlOUNTV: Ml persons having claims against the estate ot Sheldon Swift will present them to the Ob- dersened within tho next thirty days. May 23, 1883. It. B. JURDItE, Adm’r. When you are con templating a pur chase of anything’ in our line, no matter how small may be the amount involved ACT WISELY By poming to look over our large and well selected stock of Clothing, Gents’ Fur- nishing Goods, Hats, etc., that is new and seasonable. Decide Quickly To buy of us. After seeing the prices and examining flie qual ity of our goods you can’t resist them. It is impossible to do as well elsewhere. JNTO a be found. We get the choice of the best goods on the market, andbuy and sell them at You can hd Upon II That our prices are the lowest, our as sortment the most complete, and onv quality the highest. Dont fail to call on us. C. H, YOUNG & CO Clothiers sod Purnishcrd. 106.Broad St.