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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, June 22, 1889, Image 3

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If UK Yoill' iitlcntion is called to (lie elegant stock <>t’ Divss Goods, suitable for commencement. We had an especial eye on the selection of our commence ment Dresses, and have the nicest and largest stock to se lect from in this city. We are showing an elegant stock of White Dress Goods COMPRISING i: Dotted Swisses, Flak ad Fane; Mi, Embroidered Plouncings! All-over Embroideries, Swiss Edgings and Inscrtings, China and India Silks, Einc Fine French Challics, With White Dress Goods and Trim mings to match. WE HAVE ALSO - Tire NEWEST STYLES IN Ribbons and Sash Ribbons, The prettiest Fans ever Shown in Thomasvillc, The Rest Corsets, The daintiest Hdk’fs, The Latest in Gloves, The most Stylish l’arasols, T.&A.S. Kaliski’s Fine Shoes Please come and see us before making your purchases, and we will save you money. |Tlie Lenders of Styles* THE DAILY TIMES-ENTERPRISE. ALBERT WINTER, City Editor. SATURDAY JUNK 22, 1880 LoOal Schedule. mail for Savannah “ from “ 0 “ for Chattahoochee. Train for Albany Freight .1 Ar... 9 25 a r Lv.. .12 40 p r Ar... 1 31 p r Lv... 200 pr Lv... 9 30 a r Ar... 5 20p 1 Lv.. „ ft BOp r 3 45 p r , 8 40 a r 4 45 ,.r Lv Chatt. Lv.. » *• *• from Chatt. Ar... 7 15a • “ •• for Albany Lv... 4 25pr ‘ *• •* from “ Ar... 7 55 at THOMASV4LLE AN!) MONTICELLO. Freight accoro. for Montlcelio Lv...845 a r • •* from “ .... Ar.. .6 20 p r Fast mail for “ ....Lv...206p 11 •• from “ ... .Ar..12 10 p r Our mnrkct is well supplied with fruits and vegetables. Schmidt’s place on Jackson street is a very popular one with the young people. Thomasville should nurture and encourage her educational institu tions. Mr. John B. Everett, of Boston district, one of the solid farmers of the county, was in town yesterday. Sheriff Hurst’s task of street sprink ling is now a sinecure. The rains arc doing the work most effectually. John St. John, the handsome sorrel, owned by Mr. C. I’. Davis, of Iamo- nia, is at Mr. H. B. Ainsworth’s liv ery stable. Mr. Robert Marrow and sister, Miss Viola Marlow, of Quitman, arc visit ing the family of I)r. Watkins, at Sun Dale, near the city. Dr. E. L. McTyrc was in town yes terday. He i- cultivating a new variety of plum, which ripens in July and August, The fruit is of an excellent quality. Mr. T. E. Blackshear was showing a very fine specimen of prune plums on the streets yesterday. They re semble the peach and plum in appear ance and flavor. The number ol melon and railroad agents that arc looking alter consign ments and shipments along the melon belt is very large. The shippers cer tainly have ample opportunities to select houses and routes. * Messrs Snodgrass and Smith, of the Thomasville mills, are making crares for pears and oilier kinds of fruits and vegetables. They are made el pine, aTe light, and yet strong and servicea ble. It is the motto of the Times- Enterprise to patronize home indus tries, and if our pear shippers will fol low it, they will do well. Mr. John It. Singletary, of Cuifo, passed through the city yesterday on his way home from Athens. He has just finished a law course at the uni versity, and lie took a very fine stand in his class. Mr. Singletary enme home by way of Allantn, and went Jicforc Judge Marshal J. Clarke anil was ndmitted to the bar. He will locate at Cairo for the present. ^ »>« ■ Capt. C. I*. Davis, of Inmonia, writes the Floridian : "I sec by the papers that there is a move for a Mid dle Florida Fair. 1 think it would he a good idea to have a fair late this fall, and I will cheerfully give the use of the Fair Grounds, at Tallahassee, free of ch.irge, and do all I can towards making the Fair a success.—Floridian Help ’em work it up, Charley, Thomasvillc will be on hand with a good delegation. Will Not Drill Monday Night. The guards decided at their meeting Thursday that on account of com mencement at the South Georgia Cob lege, there would he no meeting on Monday night. Thursday alternoon will be the next meeting. Thomasvillc on the List. We notice that amonc the Georgia cities reporting collections on Memo rial Day to place head stones over the graves of the slate’s dead soldiers at Hollcywood cemetery, Richmond, the name ol Thomasvillc. The amount given by our people was $10,35. Dr. and Mrs. Bower-and Miss Hat- tic Winn, will leave this morning for an exteuded tour through the West and North West. They will visit Atlanta, Knoxville, Tenu., Tates, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and other points. The National Game. The Mouticello and Quincy base ball teams played a game at Monti- ccllo Thursday for the champion hat offered by Mr. Abe Simon, of MontU cello. The score stood 11 to 6 it? favor oi Mouticello. Wedding Bells ot Cordcle. Coudele, June 19,«— [Special.]— This morning at 5 o’clock liev. J. W. Domingos, who is here conducting a revival, left for Coney, about seven miles west of Cordele, to perform a marriage ceremony. The contracting parties were Miss Fauttic Tharpc of Cordele and Mr. T. J. Bottoms of Thomasville. Miss Tbarpe was at the home of her brother, W111. Tharpc. She is a general favorite in Cordele society. Mr. Bottoms is a lino busi ness man, and his many friends con gratulate him on his choice. What Grant Park Has Dono for Atlanta Col. L. P. Graut owned about 350, acres of land 011 the south side of At lanta. He estimates that it was worth about 8100 an ncrc. Ho gave the city 100 acres for a park. Five years afterward he sold the city forty acres for park addition for 815,000, which sum would have bought the 1-10 acres originally. His remaining 250 acres he could sell to-day lor 81,000 an acre, and much of it is worth five times as much. The park did it! The city has spent an average of 85,000 a year in improving the park. Its increased tax receipts from increased values has averaged 812,000 a year, and is now over 830,000 a year. The park did it. So thnt this splendid benefaction has cost nobody a cent. It made Air. Grant’s property originally worth 835,000, worth 8250,001), and lie was paid 815,000 in cash. The city has received in increased taxes from the immediate park vicinity two and a half times as much every year ns she sp:nt, and is now getting 830,000 a year in increased revenue and spend ing 87,500!—Constitution. Look in at Pickett’s and sec the greatest tergaius ever offered in Thomasville. Woman’s kid button shoe for ft.00. Men’s hand sewed shoes for 81.00. Pickett’s. Kluclilrn'n Arnira Nnlir. The Rest Salve in the Worhl lor Cuts, Enlists, Sores, Ulcers, Suit Itbeiim, Keyer Sores, Tetter, Cli.ij.pi-'d lintels, Chilblains Corns, and nil Skin Eruptions,and positively cures Riles, or no pay required. It is gtuir- anteed to give perlett satisfaction, or money refunded, i'riee 2a eents per Imix. Kur sale by S. J. Cossets, Drug Store. El lit KENT. Tilt fudge house, telow the Mir-ury Mo tel, is ho- 1 till. Apply In il.lli E. M. MALLKTTE. JMru riihher rings at Itwoe .V Eason's, in ly ipumtity. d-lP It lteid k Culpepper are keeping up with the procession, they have secured tile agency ol the famous Star Mineral Water, the iii'.est preparation known for dyspepsia. It is .guaranteed to cure. I *> tl Ml 1,nkii, (i.v. lim e hud weak Lillies nearly all my life, ■ hikcn cpiite a luimher of Expectorants without any aparent benefit. I am now us ing liiewer's Lung Restorer and lean safely 111 it is the only ftmedy from which I have ever derived any benefit. W. I,. Maiitix, JERSEY MILK. Parlies desiring fresh, pure Jersey milk, from Jersey Farm, will be supplied, in any quantity, delivered, on application to, or by addressing JOHN CHASTAIN. " April 10, lsso. Every mother, to euro eliufliig 11ml prickly heat, uses and recommends 11m- aclno, a superior and highly perfumed toilet powder. Try it. Me.ltieCt Mardre,Thoinasvllle; A. lira'lloril, Columbus; Alexander Drug and Seed Co., An us a; E. Von Ove:»,Charleston, Agents. Fresh pearlies every morning al Sampson s .Jackson st. Fruit Since. TAILORING. There Is an ond to all tilings, so I lie people say, but thorn is no end to tho splendid lltting clothing made at. 81 Broad street. Clcunhig and repairing dono 111 ttio neatest manner. Give 1110 a call John Kenny. - FOR RENT, The Kpi.-opul Rectory, on McLean Ave nue, I’o-■scs.-iou given ut once. Apply lo Rkv. C. I. LaRih-iik, tl. Flctc-hcrvillc. HOUSE FOB KENT. 50 feet long, near depot. Will make a good warehouse, work-shop or storage room. Kent $7.00 per month. Apply to Hash & McKinnon. Shoes, Hals, Leather ami such goods sold cheap at I’h-kclts lo make room for cheap groceries. Wagon llriehin, I’low Bridles, Wagon Lines, liame til rings, Flow Lines, Buggy Banks ami I lie like sold al a sacrifice al I’ickotl's Cash Store. Furniture, Carpels, Redding, Children's Carriages, Wall Paper and Window Shades, Straw mailings, Rugs, etc. The best styles and lowest prices in the city. GEO. W. FORRES, li-t l-vv'.’t d-l Miusury Rail,ling. CATARRH CURED, health and swee hn-ntli secured, by Kllilol's Catarrh Remedy Price 50 rents. Nasal I ijeelor free KILL FLIES. Insect I’owdcr Kl.v Caper. CaSSKLS’ Plt.VII.MACV, 118 Broad street. A CAREFUL TRAINING. As a rule the druggists nf the country are the most careful people. They do everything will, exactness timl never full to make a fidl confession before expressing so opinion. A prominent druggist writes: Ki.iikiiton, (i.v. Gentlemen -Please ship bv freight .wither cu.m of your incomparable Calisayii Tunic. It is tbe only preparation of tlie kind 1 have seen that fully bears out the promises made bv tbe seller. We guarantee it. Very truly yours, II. C. Envn sns. Druggist amt Physician. "Oh, my back!" is a common exclamation, acd expresses a world of misery and sober ing. It is singular this pain arises from such varinus’ca.iscs. Kidney disease, liver com plaint, wasting nffeefinns, colds,rheumatism, dyspepsia, and nervous debility are cfdef causes. When thus niimg seek prompt relief. It can lie found best in llrmvn’s Iron Kilters. It builds up from tlie foundation bv mnking the blood rieli and pure. Leading physicians and ministers use and recommend it. It lias cured many, and if you are suffer er, lr) it. Just received our lust shipment of Jelly Glasses. REESE k KASU.V ' THE INVALID'S HOPE. Many seemingly incurable cases of blood poison, catarrh, scrofula and rheumu tisin have been cured by R, R. R. (ltotanie lilood Ralm ), made by tlie ltlood Raitn Co., Atlanta, Ga. -Write to (hem for bonk Idled with convincing proof. G. AV. II. Raider, living seven miles from Athens,Ga., writes: "For several years 1 suffered with running ulcers, which doctors treated and pronounced incurable. A single bottle of R. it. R. did me more good than ail the doctors. I kept on using it and every ulcer heated." II. ('. Kinard k Son, Townliga, Ga.. writes: "We induced a neighbor to try R. It. It. for catarrh, which he thought incurable, as ii had resisted all treatment. It delighted him, and continuing its use, he was cured sound and well. 1 K. M. Lawson, East Point, Ga., writes: "My wife had scrofula la years. She kept growing worse. She Inst her hair and her skin broke out fearfully. Debility, tinuehi- tion and no appetite followed. After pin si- cians and numerous advertised medicines failed, I tried R. II. !!., and her recovei v was rapid and complete." Oliver Secor, Raltimure, Md., writes: "I suffered from weak hack and ilieumalism. It. It, 11. has proven lo he the only medicine that gave me relief.” Saw Mill for Sale A good 30-horse power Engine, ami taw- null complete, with si new Sweep-Make? Planer, 4 mules, log carts, wagons, etc., and 125 acres of fresh timber. Mill just put down, and within b miles of Tlio'nasvillc, is offered at a bargain because the owner has other business requiring his attention. Fur ther particulars on application at tin 1 Timks- KNTKRriMSK oflice, or to EVANS k McliKAN. WATCH. Stolen lrotn my room Tuesday night a double case.Elgin make,ink gold watch and vest chain. Movement numbcr329,093, ease number 30,927. Movement marked “Welch k Mitchell. Albany, Ga.” Outside case (name place) marked II. T. M. in mono gram, neatly done, requiring close observa tion to make the tfcree letters, though plain when known.. A reward will lie paid for recovery. H. T. Masii. Thomasville, Ga. June 19, 1889. It d w Obi Indies haircloth shoes, ctistmi. made, worth $2,00, sold «il Piekell * IV) *1.00, *l.r>o,* A Won ml liCgnl Opinion. F. Bni ii bridge Miniday Ksq. Km|., County Ally., Clay Tex., says: “Have used Klectric Hillers with most happy results. MV brother also was very low with malarial luver and jaundice, but was cured by timely use of this medieiiio. Am syfished Electric \ Bitters rnivtd his lilc.” Mr. D. I. Wilcoxtfon, of Horse Cave, Ky., adds n like testimony, saying. He positively believes lie Would have died, had it not been for Klectric Bitters. This great remedy w ill ward ol!. ns well as cure all malarial diseases, and for all kidney, Liver and stomach disorders stands muqualcd. Price 50 cents and $1.00. ►S. J. Casski.s. Big line of men’* shoes til. *1.00 al Pick’s. Two, No. I, (iood Horses fo B. A. BASS NOT A PIMPLE ON HIN NOW. Vtiul with Kxsenm. Ilnir all <■ Wrnlp covernl with eruption**,Tlioiiglil Mm hair M ould n*Vcr grow. «!urcd liy reiucdiCN. Hair uplendid "and not a pimple on him. I cannot Hay enough in praise of the Cuticti cnicdlcM. My hoy, who when one year »e, was ho bait witli eczema that ho h».st all I air. IlisHcalp wafll covered with eruptioi liieli tlio doctors said was scald head, a that iiis hair would novergrow again. Despa ng of a cure from physicians l began l)m t I Cuticura Remedies. and, am happy to h; w ith the most perfect success. Bis hair is in splendid and there is not a pimple on him. reeommond the Cuticura Remedies as flic tin peedy, economical, and sure cure for sllvn d ases of infants and children, and feel that < ry mother who lias an allHcted child w thank me for ho doing. Nrs. M K. NVOODSP.M, Norway. Al A I'crcr Wore Might Yearn Cured. I must extend to you tho thanks of turn «>f i Mistomers, who has boon cured by using Cut h a Remedies, of an old .Tore, caused by a lo pell of siekness or lever eight y.iars ago. I vasso bad ho was fearful he would have have Ids leg amputated, hut is happy to say ! >w entirely well,—sound as a dollar. I ests me to use his name, which Is II. Cason, merchant of this place. Severe Scale IH*en*r Cared, few weeks ago my wife siidered very mu« h n a cutaneous disease of the scalp, and re- •od no relief from tho various remedios she l until hIio tried Cuticura. The disease dromptly yielded to this treatmont, and in a short while she was entirely well. There Ins ' een no return or the disease and Cuticura inks \o. 1 in our estimation for diseases of the Calicara ltciucdie«. Are a positive cure for every form of skin alp. and blsod disciipcs, with loss of hair. Iron pimples to scrofular, except possibly itchtliyo I*. Solti everywliero. Price, Cuticura. 5«ie.; Soap 5.; Resolvent, $1. Prepared Ity tiro Potto; Drug and Chemical Co., Boston, Mass. ; ;.' .Scml for “How to Cure Skin Diseases,’ 01 pages, 50 illustrations, and 100 testimonials. baby’s pure. Absolutely EYEKY MUSCLE ACHED’ Sharp aches, Dull Pail ul weaknesses relieved ii u by the Cuticura Anti ter. The ilrst and only iie*tantaueou ing, strengtliening plaster. 25 cents, NOTICE. Notii'i: is hereby (jiveii llial all par- lies are prohibileil IVdiu liuuliny on our la nils around and near l.inloii lake. This includes all the land we own. A. T. Mt-lNTYiiE, Jit., 1!. .1. MelxTYItE. Mav 25, 188!). FtlK SALE. A nice,.new, a-rouni, with larye tot, barn, stable, etc; one ot tin: nicest little homes in Thomasville. Good neighborhood, good water and plenty of fresh air. Will sell cheap lor cash. Address l’. O. Box US, city. * 0-10-Ulw REID St CULPEPPER’S 120-122 Broad St., - Thomasville, Ga | :School and Blank Books, Stationery,: Of every style. Pianos and Organs, Sheet Music, Etc. <1 BEAR IN" MIN’D > -THAT THEY HAVE THE- Handsomest and Best kept Drug Store I NT GEORGIA, Where you unit lind Ircsli ami pure drugs ami get prescriptions compounded at nil hours, day or night, by competent Hinrruacists. They use only Hquibb’s preparations in the prescription department and guarantee goods ami prices. ItKlID A aiLPEPPER, 120-123 Broad St, T L. STEYEHMAN k BRO.’S. Two Cases o At 3 1-2 Cents pci* Yard. REMEM tdERL TRIE PLACE: L. Steyermaii & Bro.’s. One Case 4-4 Bleaching At 6 1-Sc. CLOTHINGS’! CLOTHING*! Our Bargains the talk of the town, petition completely baffled. '-'ll nnil l*o convinced. L. STEYERMAN & BRO., l££UllOAI» MTllKET. T1IOMA.SVILLK. THOMASVILLE Bottliaj Works, L. SCHMIDT, Proprietor. Ibqdqflliterx bu pure ’.arbonated bevur- nges, at wftidc. ale. and retail. Best soda water with pure fruit juice flavors. Ice Cream Parlors Specially lilted up lor I In- m eommodation of (lie Ladies. On draught also, the new Mexican “FRUX MX3.” Nmmil.-.dmlir, d.-lu imix, io.diug, vitalizing. A NERVE TUNIC, This delightful bt-vi-r- age is iiol mdy tin- most iiiilubibb- drink ftvi r <Ms|u 11-! . 1 ti'uiii the soda fmuibtin, Imt isas m-lhi |..-rl.-<-t tmiiniiid>-m vilnlizt-r. it iiupruvi-s I In- :i|>j»-tit<-, aids digudhni uinl liiitinuins the nunn.d tunc of li.-ultliv filuc- Its Properties: Prepared i’roin the u*itritioit.s propertie.; ol pure fmit juices, eon bined w ith the ex tract from a -mall tropical plant found in lower Mexico, «d which tlui medicinal prop erties are imaiiiable, and its lav >r delicious. It Cannot k Used to Excess. Not a foaming'gas drink,causing lielchiiig of wind and unpleasant effects after drink ing. No etheral extracts or liquors, hut a solid thirst-quenching', deli, ions drink: an extremely plea-ant and.efficient tonic, over which nine out often persons are eu’husias- tic with praise. EvurylioilV Likes It, Everybody Wants It, Everybody Drinks It. ■■FRIT Ml/.,’ ihutim-,1 bovi-rngo in the world. lilSI’ENSKU ItV Iz. SniMUT, Tlioiiiasvillc Bottling- Works. FKKNII n FITS. We w ill open, Monday, April 1st, at the place lately occupied by Mr. P. II. Bone a tine stock of fresh meats. Beef, Mutton and Pork. Uur meats are from our own farms, tat, juicy and sweet. We will-be glad*to receive your patronage and w ill serve yor. with the best meats at the lowest possible prices. • F. P. H>a.s k Bito Fife &Eeverly MEIGS, GEORGIA. — DKAI.KRH IN- General Merchandise -AND AU. KINDS OK- Builders’ Supplies, Lumber, etc. Wm mo pmpared to rurnlnh nnythlngwin ml in the Elmijlk We inakon Hpeclelt Mouldings, Turned Scroll Work. Thu nunil,nil'll..I-Iitn ilndKim will be ralthtul |y mid c-irro.-ily oxi-cuiwl. w« tb» ocMt equipped mills, and carry tho largest Htock of ho iHoncd liimtier In Southern Ooor gla. rartl is wanting lumber willsavo money oycoimufJiig us Iwforo placing their orders. FIFE k BEVERLT Commencement Exercises YOUNG FEMALE COLLEGE. Ilac-cahiiii'catf bci iihiii by iicv’.|[i.ll. Ilan-is, Golmnhiis, Ga., Sumlav, Jtiuo llith, 1(1 :'V) a. in. GILYDL’ATIVG KXEKCISK.S TtM'xilay, .linn: Istli, 8.00 p. m. AN M AI. CONCKUT, Wi-'ilm silay, .1 ii in: l'Jtli, S JK) p. ni. B. D. FUD&E, THOMASVILLE, GA., DKAI.EK IN- II yY II L^V AJREI Stoves, Iron, Tin and Hollow Ware,I fim if Siorlli Goofs of all kinds, ami agent lor King’s Powder Co. epllJ dum * New York dailies, Times, World. Tribnoe and Herald, Macon Telegraph and Atlanta and Savannah dailies, every oar. Miss AOBiK McClelland, Jxduoo StreeU