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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, July 06, 1889, Image 2

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THE DAILY TIMES-ENTF.RPRISE. JOHN TRIPLETT, - - - Editor. S. B. BURR, - Business Manager. •fh« Daily Times-Kntkm'Risic ii publish'd every morning (Monday cxc'ptfd.) The Weekly Extekeeise is published every Thursday morning. The Weekly Times is published erery Sat urday. SrsscairTiox Rates. Daily Tims-Ekteepbise, .... $5 00 W :ekly Exterprise, 1 00 Weeily Times, 1 00 Daily Advertis no Rates jl'ransieat Rates.—fiOctr. per square for the first insertion, and 40 cei ts for ea h subse quent insertion. One Square, one month, - ... $ 5 00 One Square, two months ... - 8 00 One Square, threa month i, ... 1200 •he Square, six months, - - - - 20 00 Sue Square, twelra mentis, - - - 35 00 Subjcet to change by soeeinl arranjement. H. I, ■CRH, Rnalnoaa .IlnnnRer, EIPKCI.V1. a (STICK. In order to iasnre pri mpt inserth n, all adfertisenieits, changes, locals, etc., should oe handed in by noon be "ore the day nl pub lication WI'KIIIEIS NOTICE. Parties leasing Thomasrille for I he S' mer pan hare the Times-Ksterprise sent to any address for 50 cents per month. Ad dresses can be changed as often as is desired SATURDAY, JUl.f 88!. The American colon}' in Paris cel ebrated the 4th in grand style. It will be several days before the legislature gets down to solid work. Harrison orated at Woodstock, Yt., on the 4th. A big rain took the starch out of several speakers on the occasion. Conventions to form state coinstitu tions met on the 4th, in the new States of North and South Dakotah, Wash ington and Montana. Maj. J. F. Hhnson is at the head of a manufacturing company with 8130,- 000, the proposed object of which is to erect a cotton factory in Cordele. The Blue grass wears the blue rib bon again. Proctor Knott beat Spo kane, the famous Montana horse, four lengths, in a race at Chicago on the 4th. The first bill introduced in the leg islature was to change the code. There now! Wc expected it, howev er. Poor old code. The best lawyer in Georgia don’t understand it now. Johnstown, Pa. has had another flood. But it was not very disastrous. A number of dead bodies were ex posed by the flood, All were beyond recognition. Fort Worth, Texas, anti vicinity, was overflowed by a deluge of water on the 4th. Several lives were lost. Dispatches put the loss of crops, buildings, &c., at two millions of dol lars. What right has slugger Sullivan and bully Kilrain, to invade a South ern state, and violate the law? We hope the strong hand of the law will be laid on these bull dogs of the ring. Prizo fighting is a most brutal sport. The west Florida annexation •ehemc is still being worked. A big mass meeting, to discuss the question, was held at Chipley on the 4th There were opinions and counter opin ions. A man fainted during the meeting. This broke up the pow wow, and Florida is still intact. Georgia’s new capitol was formally turned over to the State ou the 4th, by the building committee. Capt. Evan P. Howell, of the capitol com mission, delivered an address formally tendering the building. Governor Gordon accepted the building in be half of the State. The Persian minister has got his back up about criticisms in the Amer ican newspapers ou the shah, and re signed. The shah, has made a hoc of himself, and his minister at Washing ton has made a fool of himself. „ The New York World makes some very practical suggestions in relation to the movement of the higher educa tion ot women. It says: “Education is a preparation for life, and in just so far as a woman's life dif fers Irom a man’s in its circumstances she has different educational needs. Education is good m the degree in which it fits the pupil to discharge well the duties that will probably fall to his or her lot, and measured by that test the training of our boys is far from good, while that of our girls—those o them at least who receive the ‘higher education’—is nitibly bad. A Pretty Big Family. Another fourth of July has conic and gone; and another wrinkle has been added to "Uncle Sams” brow. But the old gentleman appears to carry his age quite well. Although well advanced in the second century of hi? existence, lie would be a tough customer to tackle. He stands well among tliejnations. Crowned beads make obeisance to him. Ilis family is numerous, and every memljer of it is perfectly devoted .to him. It was found necessary, a few years ago, for him to spank some of liis southern progeny—in order to maintain family discipline;—but the children have gotten over their spell of pouting, and everything is lovely again. It was a pretty severe ease of discipline, how ever. If the old gentlman will see to it that the Northern wing of the family shinnies on their own side in the future, there will be no more family jars. “Miss Columbia’’ and “Uncle Sam.’’ Miss “Columbia,” fresh and smiling, as she was at sweet sixteen, entered on the one hundred and fourteenth year of her age, day bclore yesterday. There are no wrinkles on her fair brow, and her form is plump and full, while her eye shines as bright as it did half a century ago. In lacl Miss Columbia is a well preserved old maid. She may be a little coy, now and then, but never coquettish. The latter would make her ridiculous, and Miss Colum bia is never ridiculous. She might tolerate, but she would never encour age a flirtation. A kind of platonic affection exists between her and “Un cle Sam.” The old genlleman,though now well advanced in years, is quite spry, and his devotion to Miss Colum bia is quite marked on occasions Your Uncle Sam is [arming on quite an extensive scale, but his agricultural pursuits do not unfit him for the per formance of those gentle amenities and attentions to the fair sex, which is dis tinctively an American trait. We wish both Miss Columbia and Uncle Sam well. They are an interesting pair. In fact, it would be difficult to find two more interesting and popular characters. May they live to sec a thousand fourths of July —and still be young. The Georgia “watermillion” is get ting in its work. W’c notice that cases ol colic and cholera morbus are num erous at the north. Druggists and doctors wear a smile a yard wide. Mr. Blaine intends to visit Tennes see next fall, hut announces thus far in advance that the only.object of his visit will be “business.” One trouble with Mr. Blaine is that lie lias too much business. lie gets it badly mixed with bis politics aud the discharge of bis official duties. The Little Rock railroad and the Peruvian guano scheme were “business” in the Blaine vocabulary. it is unfortunate that the panic in the shirt marker in Atlanta, when these garments dropped down to four cents a piece, occurred a day or two before the legislature met. These gentlemen could have liaid in enough linen to have lasted through a prolonged ses ston. And the question of clean shirts, toward the heel of the session, is a very important one —with some members. It is a wonder that the LcConte pear has held up as well as it has,when considering tlic tact, that at the open ing of every shipping season,—or rather before the opening—parties v/ill per sist in sending forward green culls, blown, perhaps, from the tree. A dealer at the north who sells his cus tomer some of these pears, certainly cannot expect to sell him again. And the customer will tell his neighbor to let the LeConte severely alone. The 'KgjU. Jacksonville, grows pa triotic as well as poetic. Listen ; "Fling out the starry ensign red; iu immortelles cmvreath it 1 The hoy in blue, and cx-confcd, c: ,, i all shake hands beneath it.” Then haul[down the bloody shirt; send Foraker to the ycai; make Tan-, ner strike the dirt, and pull Bill Chandler’s car, kick Dudley out, and sound the gong lor honest men to rally, and then you’ll see it won’t bo long, ’til from hiO top and valley, will come a million voices strong— saying: “Let us have peace.” The Georgia weeklies will be on the half shell tills week. The fourth of July does not come twice a year. .Some one has written a work en titled, “The Woman of the Future.” It is the present woman who will mo nopolize the attention of the masculine gender. The present woman can largely discount the woman of the future. Dealing in futures in cotton may do very well, hut when the man of to-day is asked to take stock iu the “woman of the future” lie will flatly tell you that lie will do no such thing. But he will unhesitatingly strain his galluses to the point of breaking of! the buttons, for the girl of the period. He prefers, on general principles, pos session to pursuit. And yet sages tell us that there is more pleasure in pur suit than in possession. But it is mighty hard to convince some fellows that this proposition is true, when a sweetheart is in the ease. It is a noticeable fact, that while B. Harrison shrinks from inviting “Blocks of Five” Dudley, to sliovo his shanks under the white house maliog- ony, yet whenever there is any par ticularly dirty work to do, Dudley is appealed to. And doing dirty work lias become so congenial to Dudley, that he swallows the slights, and dives down, to the very bottom of the pool of political rascality, and revels in the dirty work cut out for him by Harrison, Quay and others. He is, indeed, a pliant and willing tool. Let us hope, fondly hope, that the next generation will not duplicate Dudley. Rosenthal, the spurious check man who has been swindling melon grow ers, was arrested on Thursday in Atlanta, just as he was boarding an Air Line train for the North. The sheriff of Brooks county lias wired the chief of police to hold “Rosy” until lie gets there. Rosenthal says lie is afraid they will mob him in Brooks- General Lawton lias reached home from Vienna. He says lie is glad to be in (leorgia again. General Lawton made a most creditable representative abroad. Little Bobby—“Ma, will I go to heaven when I die?” Mother—“If you arc a good boy you will.” “Will you go, too?” “I hope so, Bobby.” “And will pa?” “Yes, we will all he there some time.” (Bobby didn’t seem altogether satisfied, hut after some thought lie said:) “I don’t see how I’m going to have much fun.” A Grand Stand Collapses. Kansas City, July 4.—A special from Guthrie, Oklahoma, says a grand stand, from which 1,000 people were witnessing an exhibition of fire-works at Oklahoma City this evening, col lapsed,Jaml seventy-five men seriously injured. Dr. Green, besides being rmfait in physic and surgery, is skilled in wag gishness. For example, he recom mends Dr. Sessions, who wants some postholes dug, to buy the town well and saw it up into post holes.|Hc is the man who went to the ice factory, bought a piece of ice with a hole in it, and ut terly mystified the ice man by dc manding that the weight of the hole be deducted from the price of the piece. The ice man wonted to know how in the thunder he was to ascertain how much the hole weighed.—Eustis Lake Region. Mother—“Jahnnic, why arc you crying ? I’m only going to be away a week, aud your papa will he home with you.” “No, he won’t; he’s going to Rome.” “Going to Rome ? Why, child, what do you mean ? “I heard him say that ho would make Rome howl when you loft.” “Oh, indeed? Well, I won’t leave you, Johnnie.” An Editor’a Experience. Major Sidney Herbert, a well known journalist in agricultural circles, writes April i Sth, 1889: Some five years ago I wrote a letter stating that Swift's Spe cific had cured me of severe rheuma tism. Since that time I have had no return of the rheumatic troubles, al though frequently exposed to the influ ences that caused former attacks. Sev eral of my friends had a similar expe rience, and are firm in the conviction that S. S. S. brought a permanent cure. The searching power of this medicine is shown in the fact that it developed a scrofulous taint that was conspicuous in my blood over thirty years ago, and has removed the last trace of it. I have also tested S. S. 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Headquarters for pure carbonated bever ages, at wholesale* and retail, best soda water with pure fruit juice flavors. Ice Gream Parlors Specially fitted up for the accommodation of the Ladies. On draught also, the new Mexican everage, “FRUI MIZ.” Non-alcoholic, delicious, cooling, vitalizing. A NERVE TONIC. This delightful bever age is not only the most palatable drink ever dispensed from the soda fountain, but Isas well a perfect tonic and system vitalizer. It improves the appetite, aids digestion and maintains the normal touc of healthy func tions. Its Properties: Prepared from the nutritious properties of pure fruit juices, combined with the ex tract from a small tropical plant found in lower Mexico, ot which the medicinal prop erties are invaluable, and its favor delicious. It Cannot Be Used to Excess. Not a foaming gas drink, causing belching of wind and unpleasant effects after drink ing. No ethcral extracts or liquors, hut a solid thirst-quenching, delicious drink; an extremely pleasant and efficient tonic, over which nine out often persons arc CQ’husios- tie with praise. Everybody Likes It, Everybody Wants It, Everybody Drinks It. “FRUI MIZ,” the finest beverage Jin the world. DISPENSED BV L. SCHMIDT, Proprietor Thomasville Bottling Works, GEORGE FEARN, SEAL ISTAT8 AC1\T, OFFICE IN MITCHELL HOUSE BLOCK. City and Coaitrj Propcrti for Salt. MOUSE S~RE (SITED Aud 'faxes l‘< Id. EEOANS NEGOTIATED. Bring me a description oi yourprotjper 23 10 22 70 17 40 23 00 30 '.10 30 Oft I I 05 40 50 haw Excursion Rates —FROM— THOMASVILLE. Passengkr Dp’t & F. & W. Ry„ j Thomasville, Ga., Is. June, 1889. j Alexander, N, C $22 70 All Healing Springs, X. 0 Asheville, N. C Anniston, Ala Black Mountain, X.C Big Tunnel, Va Blue Ridge, Va Cumberland Falls, Ky Flat Rock, N. C 22 50 French Lick Springs, 1ml., via Mont gomery 30 75 Gainesville, Ga Hendersonville, N. C.» Hickory, N. C Hot Springs, Va Lola, Gn 15 00 Luray Caverns 35 85 Marietta, Ga 13 30 Marion, X. C 24 95 Mount Airy, Ga 10 30 Newport News, Va 37 30 Niagara Falls, N. Y. via Cincinnati... 45 55 Norfolk, Va 37 30 Old Point Comfort, Va. via A. C. L.... 39 30 Powder Springs, Ga 13 45 Roanoke, Va 30 00 Spartanburg, S. C 20 70 Tate Springs (Morristown) 11 00 Tallulah Falls, Ga 17 25 Toccoa, Ga 16 05 Tryon, N. C 21 55 Walhalln, S. C. 18 So Warm Springs, Ga 12 70 West Baden Springs, lud., via Mont gomery 36 75 White Sulphur Springs, Ga 15 25 White Sulphur Springs, West Va 34 50 Tickets on sale June 1st to September 30th, 1880. Good to return not later than Octo ber 31st, 1880. The above named points are only a few ot the Summer resorts to which tickets are issued. Should parties desire information in re- ? ard to places not mined in the above list, will cheerfully give it to them.' F. M. Van DYKE, Passenger & Ticket Agent, Thomasville, G< W. P. IIARDEE, Gen. Passenger Agent, Savaunah, Ga. HARVELOUS MEMORY DISCOVERY. Only Genuine Syotem of Memory Training* Four Book* Learned in one reading. Mind wandering enred. Every child and ndnlt arcntly bcneflttcd* * Groat inducements to l!orre*pond»nc* Closets. Prospectus, with opintnni or Ilr. Win* A. Hnm« B ond, the worlil-Liu» *«l ►'.pocialiatTn Mum! Diseases, iinlcl I Jrecnlen f'i'liomtinnn, the great Psrchol. ocuit, J. M. Buckley, ft. I>.« editor of the Christian Adxxxxit'.S. ) . Richard Praetors tho SciontW, IIoiih. tv. W. Awtor, Jndac <itt*wn, Judah F. Benjamin, and (itU*n», iwnt pmt free by M _ Frol*. A. JLOISCTTE, 937 Fifth Avc., N. Y. WESLEYAN FEMALE COLLEGE, MACON, GA. Fifty-second annual session begins Octo ber 2d, 1889. Unsurpassed for health, safety t comfort, and advantages in Literature, Music and Art. Special rates to clubs. Address jun25-3mw W. C. BASS, Pres^