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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, July 10, 1889, Image 2

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THE DAILY TIMES-ENTERPRISE. JOHN TRIPLETT, - - - Editor. 8. B. BURR, - Business Manager. flit Daily TwK»-Eirraarai«a i« publlaW arerj meriting (Monday excepted.) The tVrexLT Esmriui i« published every Thursday morning. The Wikxly Time ii pnbliihed every Sat- nriny. SuescairTioN Ratcs. Biilt Tmis-EsTMrRisK, . W ibkly KxTE*r»iex, . . . Webilt Titcra $!> 00 . 1 00 Daily Rath. ,jrr»n*ie»t Rotes.—SOctr. per iqnere for the Bret insertion, and 40 eei ts for ea. o subse- qtient insertion. •ne Square, ene month, - One Square, two months •nr Square, three month l, •ao Sqnare, six months, - •ne Sqnare, twelTe months, • Subject to change by special arranf ement. H.M. mVMIt, Bnalwoee Manacer. HPECiAi. Miner. In order to insure pri mpt inserti* n, all advertisements, changes, locals, etc., should no handed in by noon hr'ore the day of pub lication $ 5 00 S 00 12 00 20 00 35 00 ■ CHINES* NOTH'*. Parties leaving Tbomisvilla for the sum mer eau have the TiJiHi-KsTsttrann sent to any address for 50 cents per month. Ad- droaars eai be changed as often as ii desired. WEDNESDAY, JULY 10, ISM. Our diplomats abroad arc kept busy—drawing and spending their salaries. Pleasant employment, this. A man may be a dandy and not a dude. Ard he may be a dude and not— Well, he can't be anything else. It is said that the American mosqui to has invaded England. '1 his bal ances the books of the sparrow trans action. If there is anything due Iront Mr. Bull, the mosquito will present his bill. __ What lias become of the corres pondence between Gov. Gordon and Gov. Taylor, in reference to the hip- pocket ltoodlurnsjwho had taken re fuge in Tennessee? It would doubtless be interesting reading. Lets have it. Germany is still threatening the pluckly little republic of Switzerland. Germany' ought to lie ashamed of herself. But we haven’t noticed any blushes on the hard cheek of Bis- mark. A big ball is on the tapis in Atlan- a, to celebrate the completion of the tew capitol. Every member of the egislature is expected to appear in . swallow tail coat and a freshly aundried shirt: neck ties arc optional. Tom Woolfolk has been taken back © Bibb county jail. Tom is sonic- hing of an elephant on Bibbs hands. Ter pocket book, at least, looks like in elephant had stepped on it, since the series of trials took place in Tom’s The great priz.e fight, fought in the tate of Mississippi, in violation of the aws of that state, was an outrage on he people of that commonwealth. If Massachusetts will persist in producing cruisers, let them ply their vocation n the land ol baked beans. Encourage Public Improvements. The danger that the pendulum will swing just a “lcetlc” too far, in the matter of railroad legislation, appears to be cropping out in Atlanta. Geor gia, while protecting her citizens against monopolies, whether they he railroads, trusts or combines of any kind, should not go to the extent, in the first case, of crippling railroad building. Give everybody a chance to build a railroad. Encourage their building. They arc the great devel opers of the day. Hostile legislation against any class, whether it he the riclt or the poor, big corporations or small ones; provided these corpora tions arc doing, or propose to do, a legitimate business, is a ruinous policy. Georgia, just now, is on the eve of the greatest development of her resources known in iter history, and any legisla tion which would drive capital front the state, would he suicidal. These enterprises, these capitalists, can lie given encouragement ami a fair show ing in Georgia, without endangering tho rights of the people. I he inter ests of railroads and people are not inimical; rather are they mutual. The people arc interested in new and com peting lines ol roads; and the roads arc interested in the prosperity of every citizen along their lines. If the people prosper the railroads prosper. Let justice be done till parties, people^ railroads and all corporations. The Boston Herald says that “if climate, accessibility and natural re sources count for any thing, the great central section of our southern coun try is destined to he the manufacturing center of the United States, this be ing only another form of saying, the future workshop of the world.'’ When Boston will get down front her stilts and talk this way, it would appear that the millennium is gradu ally dawning. The chief electrician of the Western Union complained at lack of courte sies extended by the matin gets of the iSullivau-Kilrain tight, and charged that these pugilistic gentlemen were trying to squeeze every dollar they could out of the public. The W. U. lias been engaged several years in the “squeezing” business, itself. A good deal of guessing is going on as to who is the real purchaser of the Dublin and Western Air Line, ic- ccntly bought in at public sale by Mr. B. A. Denmark. Mr. Denmark is persistently reticent. If Tanner, Forakcr, Chandler, In galls & Co., carry out their plans, two hundred and fifty millions of dollars, additional, will he required to pay the pension roll oi the country. Is there no way of lighting these vultures back from the public treasury? A Texan has made llte discovery that chewing tobacco is a preventive against consumption. Wonder it Lorillard hasn't put up this job through the wild western Texan? Every state in the south ought to iss a stringent law against prize fight- g. Here is a chance lor some mem- :r of the Georgia legislature to give illivan a blow, a blow which John L. innot return. And in this lies the fety of the Georgia legislator. Ben Butler has his cocked eye on inada. He advocates the absorption that territory and people. Canada ill .never consent to come into the nion—so long as Ben Butler lives. Itey may come in after Butlor gets it, Shrewd fellows, these same Ca- idians. Col. Buck will dispense the census tp in Georgia. Here’s a job for mebody in Thomts. Put in your •plication. It is sometime until the jrk begins, the 1st of June, 1889, it there is nothing like being on me—or ahead of time. A man who ■ts an office now lias to scuffle for it. nd there’s a heap of scuffling going i. The democrats are scuttling—on e outside. They will he scuffling to it back in ’92. Taken altogether ere is a lot of scuffling going on. The man who has just boen appoint ed governor of Wyoming is said by the chief justice of the supreme couit of the Tcritory to be guilty of fraud and perjury, and the judge seems to have made out bis case. But the governor is a good and consistent republican and can count on holding his office.— Telegraph. O, yes, ot course. The Question of School Books. From all over the state there going up complaints against the wrong done to parents by the system of com netting them to buy a certain series of hooks for their children. A great deal is being said concern ing trusts or combines, and justly, too, but the publishers of school hooks have escaped so lar; and yet, if there are more inlantous trusts in the coun try than those into which the aforesaid publishers have entered, it has failed to show itself. Whether willingly or otherwise, the school hoards in the various counties in the slate have fos tered these trusts by buying their hooks at about 200 per cent above what they should cost. No wonder the people are kicking, and if they grow so loud in their com plaints as to overthrow the system ol school hooks now in vogue, it will he a fine exemplification of the old adage that the voice of the people is the voice ot God. He Wants Them to Emigrate. Topeka, Ivans., July 8.—W. L. Edgelsott, a prominent tiegro politician of this State, is the prime mover in a scheme to induce the negroes of the South to emigrate to Oklahoma. He has organized an immigration company composed of some of the prominent colored men of this State, and he ex pects to have one himdred thousand colored people in Oklahoma by next July. He intends to go South him self shortly.” Now we may look for an Oklahoma craze among the negroes. The whites have been sold, and G'uflec is to he made the next victim. If the latter arc smart they will give the new terri tory n wide berth. They will never final a better place than the South. Strength to vigorously push ft busi ness, strength to study for u profession, strength to regulate 11 household, strength to do a day's labor without physical pain. Do you desire strength? It you tire broken down, have no energy, teel as it life was hardly worth living, you can be relieved and restored to ro bust health and strength by taking P,own’s Iron hitters, a sure euro for dyspepsia, malaria weakness and all dis eases requiring a true, reliable tonle. It arts tut the blood, nerves and muscles, and regulates every part of the system. Morll Win*. We desire to suy to our citizens, that for years we have been selling Dr. King’s New Discovery tor Consumption, Dr. King’s New Life I’ills, l.ueklcn’s Arnica Salve and Elec tric Hitters, and have never handled reme dies that sell as well, or that have given such universal satisfaction. We do not hesi tate to guarantee them cverytjmc* and we stand rcaily to refund the purchase price, if satisfactory results do not follow their use. These remedies have won their great popu larity purely on their merits. S, J. Cass els' Drug store THOMASVILLE Any attempt by the legislature to prohibit any foreign or state road, from competing when the Western anil At lantic is offered for lease, will he a mistake. Take tho bridles off and let the biggest bona fide bidder have the road, with the proper restrictions. Wannmaker is changing the color of the postage stamp from green to red, and he is, also, changing the color of the postal route agents from white to black. Wanamaker appears to be color blind. Four or five persons were killed outright on a railroad train, near Bir mingham, Ala., the other day. Bir mingham is determined to sustain its well earned reputation for lawless ness. The rental of the state road ought to be sufficient to put the common schools on a good tooting, and to lend a strong helping hand to the State University and the branch colleges. T’is said that Ferocious Forakcr is training for the presidency. From the manner in which lie is frothing and foaming at the mouth whenever the South is mentioned, tho chances are that he will go oil' in a fit of the rabies lie fore '92. The Southern Base Ball League is in the soup. Who will say, now, that the world is not growing better? Peace reigns in Samoa again. And. Uncle Sam had a good deal to do with bringing it obout. L. SCHMIDT, Proprietor. Headquarters fur pure mrhonalcd bever ages, fit wholesale ami retail. Best soda water with pure fruit juice flavors. Ice Cream Parlors Spec-hilly fitted up fur the iiceomnioihitioii uf the Ladies. On draught also, . the new Mexican beverage, “FRUI MIS.” Non-alcoholic, delicious, cooling, vitalizing. A NKUYK TONIC. This delightful bever age is not only the most palatable drink ever dispensed from the soda fountain, but is as well a perfect tonic and system vitalizes It improves the appetite, aids digestion and maintains the normal tone of healthy func tions. Its Properties: Prepared from the nutritious properties of pure fruit juices, coahined with the ex tract trom a small tropical plant found in lower Mexico, of which the medicinal prop erties arc invaluable, and its favir delicious. It Cannot lie Used to Excess. Not a foajuinggas drink,causing belching of wind and unpleasant effects after drink ing, No ethcral extracts or liquors, but a solid thirst-quenching, delicious drink; an extremely pleasant and efficient tonic, over which nine out of ten persons arc enMiusias tie with praise.. Everybody Likes It, Everybody Wants Ii, Everybody Drinks It. ‘■FRUI Ml/,' tin) lineal hoverage "in fthc wurll. DISPENSED I1Y Li. st iniinT, Proprietor Tbomasyiiie Bottling Works, Ink Deeply When you are con templating a pur chase of anything in our line, no matter how small may be the amount involved ACT WISELY By coming to look over our large and well selected stock of Clothing, Gents’ Fur nishing Goods, Hats, etc., that is hew and seasonable. Decide Quickly To buy of us. After seeing the prices and examining the qual ity of our goods you can’t resist them. It is impossible to do as well elsewhere. JNTO a be found. We get the choice of the best goods on the market, andbuy and sell them at Organized Jan. 1888. ZZ SEMI-ANNUAL STATEMENT OF THE CONDITION' OF THE BANK OF THOMASVILLE, THOMASVILLE. GrA., At Close of Business, June 29tli, 1889. KESOUITCES: Debts duo within the Rtate $20.1,665 61 Dobts due without the StatefExch'nge 23,016 84 Bonds 15,000 00 Furniture anti fixtures 3,782 23 Banking house 9,623 77 Expenses, taxes and salaries 3,334 67 cash: Bills !u vault I}.*®? 22 Sllvor lu vault 7,988 83 $282,655 85 Dobts in suit Debts not In suit Debts doubtlul None $226,611 45 283 75 , LIABILITIES; Caoltal stock $1 O.QoO 00 Surplus and undivided profits 2 «,'J97 44 Dlrlnends unpaid 7 00 Due banks and bankers 1,34a 15 Due Depositors. 130,103 27 Highest amount due, $9,000 00 Bills payable 27,030 09 Debts bed None Debts good $226,327 70 Dobts lost None A. P. WRIGHT, President. W. E. DAVIES, Yice-Prcsident. E. H. SMITH, Cashier. DIRECTORS 1 A. p. WRIGHT, T. 0. MITCHELL, J N. McKINNON. J. L. FINN, JAB. WATT, H, B. AINSWORTH, ROBT. THOMAS, Jr , F. N. LOHNSTEIN. A. A. OA8SADY, JOHN E. DONALDSON. JNO. T. METOALFtJ, W. E. DAVIES, ROBT. BEffRDEX, STATE OF GEORGIA—Thomas County. The subscribers personally before me, a Notary Public for said county, mako oath that tho foregoing Is a Just and true statoraont of the condition,of the Bank of Thotnasvlllo, Thomas- ville, Ga., at the close of business. Juno 29th, 1889, and moreover, that since tho last returns of this Bank, to the best of affiants’ knowledge and belief, It has not violated or evaded any obli gation imposed by law, either by Itself, Its officers or agents, unless the purchaso of negoti able paper at rates of discount higher than Interest allowed by law, may bo so construed. A. P. WRIGHT, President. E. M. SMITH, Cashlor. Sworn to and subscribed beforo me, this, 8th day of July, 1889. W. H. BIBB, N. P. & Ex-Officio J. P., Thomas Co. Ga. Headquarters lor Drugs! REID & CULPEPPER’S 120-122 Broad St., - Thomasville, Ga :School and Blank Books, Stationery,: Of every style. Pianos and Organs, Sheet Music, Etc. <1 BEAR IN MIND > -THAT THEY HAVE THE- Handsomest and Best kept Drug Store I3ST GEORGIA, Where you can fiiid fresh nnd pure drug3 and get prescriptions compounded at all hours, day or night, by competent Pharmacists. They use only Squibb’s preparations in the prescription department and guarantee goods and prices. REID A CULPEPPER, 130-132 Broad Sit. -A. T- L. STEYERMAN & BRO.’S. Two Causes o Xjsc-wiel,, At 31-2 Cents per Yard. REMEM BET?. THE PLACE: L. Steyerman & Bro.’s. One Case 4-4 Bleaching At 6 1-Sc. CLOTHING! CLOTHING! Our Bargains the talk of the town. Com petition completely baffled. ^CSr^Call and be convinced. L. STEYERMAN & BRO., 129JBUOAJ) HTKEF.T. THOM AS VILL K. Fife & Beverly MEIGS, - GEORGIA. — DEALERS IN General Merchandise -AND ALL KINDS OF- LOW. h cm Debd Upon It That our prices are the lowest, our as sortment the most complete, and our quality the highest. Dont fail to call on us. G. H. 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Sash, Doors and Blinds TO ORDER. STAIR BUILDING, AND INSIDE HARDWOOD FINISH A SPECIALTY.’ |@-CORRESPONDE.\CE SOLICITED.;