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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, July 20, 1889, Image 3

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ATTENTION, ALL! MIDSUMMER Preparatory to go ing North for our Fall stock we will offer for the next 3.0 da^s BARGAINS Please notice the following as a sample: 3 cases fast colors Muslin at 3 cts., for mer price 5 cts. 2 cases fast colors at 5 cts., former price 8 cents. 100 pieces fine Ginghams at 10 cts., former prices 12 1-2 and 15 cts. 20 pieces combina tion French ginghams at 15 c., former price 25. 15 pieces Scotch Zephyr Ginghams at 20 cents, former price 30 to -15 cents. Spill, V! Special cut in White Dress Goods (wash goods) a) prices which arc sure to make you buy. Everything in both stores at greatly reduced prices in order to make. plenty room for our heavy fall purchases. CLOTHING About 1500 suits clothing that must and shall be sold rc- ♦ gardless of price or profit. If you want good, genuine bar gains call and see us. Leaders of Styles and Low Prices. 109 & 111 BROAD ST ; ' ; ' ..... THE DAILY TIMES-ENTERPRISE. ALBERT WINTER, City Editor. SATURDAY, JULY 20, 1889 Local Schedule. Faftt mail for Savannah Ar... 9 25 a m “ “ “ “ Lv...12 40pm * “ from “ Ar... 1 31 p ' “ " for Chattahoochee Lr... 200 pm Train for Albany Ly... 9 30am “ from “ Ar... 6 20pm “ “ “ for Savannah Lv... 6 60pm Freight and ancom. from Wayc..Ar... 3 45 p m '• “ “ for “ Lr... 8 40am “ “ “ “ Chatt. Lv... 4 45pm “ ‘* *• . from Chatt. Ar... 7 15 a m “ “ “ for Albany Lv... 4 25pm ** “ •* from “ Ar... 7 65am THOMASVILLE AND MONTICKLLO. Freight aocoro. for Monticeilo Lv.. .8 45 a m “ “ from “ Ar...6 20p Fast mail for “ .. ..Lv.. .2 06 p in “ “ from “ ....Ar..l210p m SIGNAL SERVICE BUREAU AT R. Thomas Jr’s - 126 Broad Street. C. S. Bondurant Vounteer Observer Weather Bulletin for the 24 hours ending atJ7 o’clock P. M July 10, 1880. Temperature. 7 a. m , 78 2 p. m. 92 7 p. m 84 03 Maximum for 24 hours., Minimum Rainfall... Mr. E. C. Reese, of Atlanta, is in the city. We are having • mid-summer tem perature. Justice court was in ssssion yester- day. Thirty-three guests were registered at the Stuart yesterday. The water tower over-flowed yes terday afternoon. Mr. H. C. Spillman, of Baltimore, is at the Stuart. Mr. E. B. Williams, of Birming ham, is at. the'Stuart. The morning train from Savannah was five hours late yesterday. Mr. II. D. Twitty, of Valdosta, was a guest at the Stuart yesterday. Mr. A. \V. Darragh, of Memphis, was at the Whiddrm yesterday. Miss Codec McCollum, of Bain- bridge, is visiting friends in the city. Editor J; M. Glenn, of the Cairo record, was in the city yesterday. Mr. E. M. Mallettc went over to Buinbridge on business yesterday, The yard at the depot was full of trains yesterday. Every available switch was in use. Only a few eases were lreforc Ids honor, Mayor Hopkins, in the Police Court yesterday. Dr. McTyro remembered the Times-Entehpiuse office with some fine fruit yesterday. Assistant Superintendent Aveilhe, o( the S. F. & W. Ry. was in the city yesterday. Rev. N. B. Ousley, of Cairo, passed through the city yesterday en route to Albany. Luthci Thompson has been indis posed for several days. He was able to he out yesterday. The inside and front of the store occupied by B. D. Ainsworth, has been repainted. Mrs. J. L. Linton, daughter, and son, will return to-day from Marietta, where they have spending some time. Midsummer Ptifck has arrived, and is at the news stores. It is well gotten up. Mrs. C. W. Tidlock, accompanied by Miss Osborne, of Boston - , Mass,, were at the Stuart Thursday night. Mr. A. A. Btaswell was in town this week with some of the finest specimens of the Chinese cling stone peach we have seen this year. It’s all well enough to till a fellow to keep cool;” but how in the deuce are you going to do it, with the thermom eter dancing a hornpipe up in the nine ties? Architect Gunn has been laid up for repairs for a day or two. We were pleased to see him out again yester day. Things will move about the New Gulf again. Watermelons have touched that point in the market when a newspa per ntah can indulge in the luxury once a week. They now sell two for nicklc. The wind is thus "tempered to the shorn lamb.” Mr. G. W. Ferrell left yesterday morning for a trip to >Selma, Ala. He will also visit Mississippi before hit return. A Wreck. Information reached here this morning of a wreck which occurred on the S. F. & W. Ry., a few miles beyond Wnycross. The details are very meagre, as railroad people per sistently refuse to give the press any information touching accidents. It appears that a freight train had run in on a side track to allow a pas senger train to pass. The switchman left the switch open, when the passen ger train came thundering along and crashed into the freight train. The engines"and some of the cars were badly wreckad. The passengers were badly shaken up, but. none seriously hurt. One of-the firemen was killed and another badly hurt. Charley Andrews, well known here, was run ning the passenger engine, and had his arm broken and was otherwise injured. Died. CAMPBELL—Entered into rest July 14, 1880, at the residence of her mother, Mrs. Geo. T. Lewis, River Clift', McMinnville, Tenn., Mrs. Mary I,. Campiirli., widow of the late Jas. Vi’. Campbell. The funeral will take place on Tuesday morning, the loth inst., from Trinity Church, Nashville, on the arrival of the morning Chattanooga train. Services by the Rev. M. Cabell Martin. The above from the Evening Herald, Nashville, Tenn , will be read with both interest and sorrow, when the statement is made, that the deceased was a sister ot Mrs. R. Thomas, Jr. Mrs. Thomas is now, and has been, in Tennessee for some time. Our pear shippers were a little blue, yesterday, on receipt of the informa tion that a-car load of pears consigned to a house in New York by one of our largest growers, had not been re ceived; having been sent with Hill of lading and draft nttachcd. As the amount involved was about §00(1, it was calculated to make some one a little uneasy. The matter was settled, however, by allowing a rebate of 00 rents on each crate, it being claimed that the fruit was badly packed. Of coursj, the shipper could not help himself, and had to accept the loss of about §180. The man who claimed to he the father of the republican party is dead. ’Tis a pity he ever lived. Death was probably caused by the child turning out so badly. Mr. Jodie Wooten, formerly night operator hero, has au important po sition in the office at Brooklyn, N. Y. His friends here will ho glad to lenrn of his success. Judge McAllister, of Nashville, ought to resign and read law. And Gov. Bob Taylor ought to join the class. The Ala.,Ga., & Fla., R. R. Survey has been completed from Rich land—25 miles north of Cnthbert on the Columbus Southern to this city—the corps of engineers pitching their tents on the site of old Fort Hughes in this city on Satur day last. Here two lines have been run— one crossing tl e river at the right of way of the I>. C. k C. R. R. and the other just below S. F,& W* It. It wharf. The party is in charge of Capt. J. L. Cowan at present, until tiff arrival of Major Green, the Chief Engineer of the Road, and are now pushing energetically South to wards Quincy, Fla., their Southern terminu. The survey made from Cuthbcrt here is nearly upon the right of way of the B. k C. It. It.—crossing it in many places and at others running parallel to its road bed. It runs via Arlington and Colquit reaching this city at identically the same distance made by the B. C. k C. Out of the two lines Bainbridgc i3 ccitain to get one road—maybe two--who knows. Hurrah for the first built.—Bainbridgc Dem ocrat. What does Thomasville proposo to do, when thus being circumvented, surrounded and sapped by new lines of railroad ? She will wake up from her Rip Van Winkle sleep, some fine morning, to find herself high and dry, stranded and stuck in the slough of inaction. This is a hustling age. pole long enough to knock the persim mon, is’nt worth a cent—unless it is properly wielded. Col. Robert (1. Mitchell, of Tlioma.-ville, was over at the re-union. Col. Bob is one ot the purest patiiots and most lovable men in Georgia, and he ha3 friends over here world without end. Wc want to see him over here often. Bainbridgc Democrat. The alio re, compliment to “Rob” Mitchell, is a deserved tribute to a man whose whole life is rounded and hounded by generous impulses. And the country will call for him one of these days. lie should answer then, as he did when the bugle’s blast called him to (lie front, and battle: * “Here!” Select your pears when pulling them. This is good advice. TO ICE CONSUMERS. Alter this date I shall discontinue- the delivery of ice on Suudays. Customers are requested to supply themselves on Saturday, or send to b e house for it, if needed, on Sunday. W. S. KEEFER, 7 111 .‘It. Manager Latonia Ice Co. FOR RENT- I-'ive Room Cottage on Love street, near Warren street, at $12.50 per month until Nov. 1, 1880. Apply to E. M. Mallette. Mr. T. E. Langford, of Fort Myers, Flo., has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. George Beverly. He returned to South Florida yesterday. Jim Rckl says that the reason they did not kill any bear, was that the deer were so thick they couldn’t hit the bears. Mr. W. M. Smith is offering ten head ot valuable home raised horses for sale. They are just the horses for this section, well bred, tough and thoroughly acclimated. The horses will be sold at a bargain. Mr. Smith will abo sell a few acres of valuable land. Don’t miss these bargains. Three deputy United States mar shals have been killed recently in Okla homa. And now there is a yawning vacancy in Oklahoma. None but republicans need apply. Send Dudley out there. Maybe he would get killed. Dr. A. P. Taylor, surgeon ot the S. F. & W. Ry., was called to Waycross yesterday by telegraph, to attend some of the parties injured in the accident, noticed elsewhere, between Waycross and Savannah Thursday night. Mr. Jack Curtright, of Atlanta, for merly an active member of the Olive Club, in this city, is in town for a few days. Col. A. T. McIntyre, who has been up country for a few days, returned home last evening. Captain Fleming passed through the city yesterday- afternoon cn roiftc home. Mr. H. Wise and little daughter have returned Irom a trip to Rome. Mr. C. H. Williams has been elected Grand Guide of the Grand Lodge ot the American Legion of Honor. Mr. Joe Moore left yesterday lor a visit to Camilla. FOR SALE. Ten head of young horses and mares, from three to eight yctrs old; home-raised from the best breeds that have been brought to this county, ami most of them well broke. Included is the trotting stallion, Sam Jones, four years old (sire Revoke, dam Whirlwind), works well anywhere, double or single, and any woman or child can drive him that ran drive any horse. They will he sold. I doa’t. cxpcct -to get the value for any of them, so any party who wants good stock for any purpose, will find this probably the best opportunity that will he offered in this section soon. Also a few acres of land. W. M. SMITH, dtfcw Poverty Ihll Farm. Can show you fine selections, and give bottom prices on wall paper, window shades, mattings, picture and room mouldings, fur niture, sasli, doors, blinds. 7-20-Otd G. W. FERRILL. I want to rent a five-room cottage near place of business. It. L. HICKS. 7 20 It JUST ARIUVFD, Ballard’s fine flhurs—Pauline and Marabel, French candies. Fr;sh creamery butter; good Western Goshen at 20 cts. per pound. A. C. BROWN, •7 20-3td The Jackson St. Grocer. Don't fail (o fry a can of Kickeft’s Hoval Making Powders; guaranteed second to none in quality. I lb can* 25 cents. ~ TAILORING. There hi an end to all things, so the people say, but there is no end to tho , splendid fitting clothing made at 81 Broad street. Cleaning and repairing done in the neatest manner. Give me a call John Kenny. CATARRH CUlltil), health and sweet breath secured, by Shiloh’s Catarrh Remedy, Price 50 cents. Nasal Injector free .)HUSKY MILK. Parties desiring fresh, pure Jersey iuilk, from Jersey Farm, will be supplied, iu any quantity, delivered. <>n Application to, or by addressing JOHN CHASTAIN. The Fudg tel, is for rcr 0-10 house, below the Masury Ho . Apply to K. M. MALLETTE. TAKE A REST. UMioion tickets at low rates will be sold to all summer resorts throughout the country by the Hast Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railway, commencing June 1st, good to return on or before October 31st. • Fast train service with Pullman cars, #- lb W. WRKNN. Gen. Pass, and Ticket Ag Indian Territory. I have used Swift’s Specific lor a scrofulous affection and nervousflis- order resulting from blood poison, and pronounce it the very best medicine made. It “sure cured” me for which I am very grateful. John - I-Iu.nnicutt. Abvayi Recommend It, I have used Swift’s Specific in my family for years for various disorders incident to this climate, and it has always given prompt relief. I took it myself for a nervous disorder produced by indigestion that had troubled me for five years, and it gave me the long- sought relief. I induced a friend or mine to take it for a sore leg of ovcf twenty years standing, and it has cured him, \V. M, Ruti.edue Sulphur Springs, Tenn. New York dailies, Times, World. Tribune and Herald, Macon Telegraph and Atlanta and Savannah dailies, every day. Miss addie McClelland, Jackson Street. SACKS WANTED. Second hau l sacks—oat sacks—will he purchased on delivery at the Latonia Ice Factory. W. S. KEEFER, july 17-3t Manager. The Verdict (Jmtniniotift. W. D. Suit, Druggist, Bippus, Ind., testi fies: “I can recommend Electric Bitters as the very best remedy. Every bottle sold has given relief in every cas- 1 . One man took six bottles and was cured of rheuma tism of 10 years standing.” Abraham Hare, druggist, Bellvill. Ohio affirms: “The best selling medicine I have ever handled in my 20 years’ experiem e, is Electric Bitters.” Thousands oGothcrs have added their testi mony, so that the verdict is Unanimous that Electric Bitters do cure all diseases of the Liver, Kidneys or Blood. One dollar a bot tle at S. J. Cassel’s Drug store. The Railroad Accident* Which occur every day with such wonder ful loss to human life are sufficient cause for a man to stop and reflect on the fate of scores of his fellow-men, but a greater cause for his reflection is any danger to his own health. If he suffers from malarial poison he may reflect on the cure. Westmoreland's Calisaya Tonic is warranted to uproot malarial poison, ami when the blood has been purified it will leave the system strengthened to repulse the attacks which may come later. The wise investment of a dollar in a bottle of this valuable medicine may save a large doctors bill. .Sold by all druggists. Why suffer longer from dyspepsia, in digestion,'want of appetite, loss of strength, lack of energy, malarial intermittent fevers, etc.? Brown’s Iron Bitters never fail to cure these disesises. They act like a charm on the digestive organs, removing all dyspeptic symptoms, such as belching, heartburn, biliousness, etc. Remember it is the only iron preparation that will not blacken the teeth or give he; dache. CONVINCING PROOF. In many instances it has been proven that B. B. B. (Botanic Blood Balm) made by Blood Balm Co., Atlanta, Ga , will cure blood pois on in its worse phases, even when all other treatment fails. A. P. Brunson, Atlanta, writes: “Iliad 2 I running ulcers on one leg and «» on the other, and felt greatly prostrated. I believe I actually swallowed a barrel of medicine in vain efforts to cure the disease. With little hope I finally acted upon the urgent advice of a friend and got a bottle of B. IJ. B. J experienced a change, and my despondency was somewhat dispelled. I kept tiling it until I had taken sixteen bottles, nnd all the ulcers, rheumatism and all other ho-rors of blood poison have disappeared, and at last T am sound and well again,after an experience of twenty years of torture.” Robert Ward, Maxey, Ga., writes: “My disease was pronounced a tertiary form of blood poison. My face, head ami shoulders were u mass of corruption, and finally the disease began eating my skull hones. My hones ached; njy kidneys were deranged; I lost flesh, and life became a burden. All said I must die, hut nevertheless, when I lmd used ten bottles of B. B. B. I was pronounc ed well. Hundreds of sears can now he sc on me. I 1 ave now been well over twel months.” PRICES. C. H. Young & Co., Having n Large Stock of Light Weight COATS AND VESTS For .summer wear, are now offering them very low. Regardless of Cost, to close out, so as to make room for fall goods. Our stock of Furniture, Carpets, Bedding, Children’s Carriages, Wall Paper and Window ,Shades, Straw mattings, Rugs, etc. The best style and lowest prices in the city. . GEO. W. FORBES, 0-1 l-w2t dtf Masury Building* Itiiclileu’* Arnica Halve. The Best Salve in the World for Cuts Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains Corns, nnd all Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guar anteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by S, J. Cassels, Drug Store. A Woman * Discovery. ‘•Another wonderful discovery has been made and that too by a lady iu this county. Disease fastened its dutch upon her and for seven years she withstood its severest tests, hut her vital organs were undermined and death seemed imminent. For three months she coughed incessantly and could not sleep. She bought a bottle of Dr. King’s New Dis covery tor Consumption and was so much relieved on taking the lirst dose that sjie ulept all night and with one bottle has been miraculously cured. Her name is Mrs. Luther Lutz. Thus writes W. C. Hamrick iV Co., of Shelby, N. C.—Get a free trial bottle at S. J. Cassel’s drugstore. LOWER BROAD MILLINERY. When I moved to Lower Broad friends warned me that ray business would decrease. "It is too far from the business portion of the street, nnd out of the way for a millinery stand.” I determined that if first-class goods at lowest prices, with polite at tention to every one, had any merit, the people would come and my busi ness not suffer. The facts sustain me; my books show an increase this mouth over the same perioil iu July - , 1888. Low prices is the secret. People like to save money, and millinery buyers are satisfied that Lower Broad is not so far away, and the amount saved , on every dollar’s purchase ain- a compensates for about JO yards litional walk. Mr*. Jennie C’ari-oll, Lower Broad Milliner. is very large, first- class and of varied assortment. We shall be pleased to show our goods to all who will favor us with a call, and guarantee satisfaction. Our stock of FURNISHING-:-GOODS is always kept full and of tlie latest nov elties, as well as stan dard goods. Get GOOD GOODS -AT- LOW PRICES. Ciothierf and furnishers, 106 Broad St., Thomasville,' Ga.