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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, August 06, 1889, Image 3

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A.LL! MIDSUMMER Preparatory to go ing North for our Fall stock we will offer for the next 30 days BARGAINS Please notice the following' as a sample: 3 cases fast colors Muslin at 3 cts.; for mer price 5 cts. 2 cases fast colors,at 5 cts., former^price 8 cents. 100 , pieces fine Ginghams at 10 cts., former prices 12 1-2 and 15 cts. 20 pieces combina tion French ginghams at 15 c., former price 25 15 pieces Scotch Zephyr Ginghams at 20 cents, former price 30 to 45 cents. SjBtial, Sid! Special cut in White Dress Goods (wash goods) at prices which are sure to make you buy. Everything in both stores at greatly reduced prices in order to make plenty room for our heavy fall purchases. CLOTHING About loOO suits clothing that must and shall be sold re gardless of price or protit. If you want good, genuine bar gains call and see us. H. Wolf! & Bro., Leaders of Styles and Low Prices.!! 109 & 111 BROAD ST THE DAILY TIMES-ENTERPRISE. ALBERT WINTER, City Editor. TUESDAY, AUGUST 0, 1880 Local Schedule. FHit mail for Savannah.* Ar... 9 25 a m •• “ “ “ Lv... 12 40 pm « “from « Ar... 131 p m “ “ for Chattahoochee Iat... 200 pin Train for Albany Lv... 9 30am “ from " Ar... 5 20pm “ “ “ for Savannah Lv... 6 50pm Freight and accoro. from Wayc..Ar... 3 45 p m “ “ “ for " *“ ““ from Ar... 7 55am T1I03IASVILLE AND MONTICE1XO. Freight accoro. for Monticello Lv.. .8 45 a m “ “ from “ ....Ar...6 20pm Fnstniailfor “ ....Lv.. .2 06 p m “ “ from “ . ....Ar..l210 p m SIGNAL SERVICE BUREAU R, Thomas JrY 126 Broad Street. O. S. Bondurant Vountoer Observer Weather Bulletin for the 24 hours ending at 7 o'clock P. M August 3, 1889. TEMPERATURE. 7 a. 79 2 p. ni - 88 7 p. 84 Maximum for 24 hours 91 Minimum “ “ “ 71 Rainfall 22 Notice. The regular monthly meeting of the General Benevolent Society, is hereby called to meet at the rooms of the Library, on Monday afternoon, at 5 o’clock. A full attendance is requested. Mits. S. L. Hayes, President. Miss Julia Stack, Secretary. The Vigilants were out on their monthly drill yesterday afternoon. Col. A. P. Wright left to day for ihe North. He will be absent some lime. Rev. E. H.’ McGehee was in town for a few hours yesterday afternoon. Mr. W.H.Griffin, one of Valdosta’s legal lights, was in town yesterday. Mrs. Nicholson and Mr. Tommie White returned (rom Cumberland Island yesterday. Sheriff D^n Bird of Monticello, was in town last night. Mr. Bird is one of Florida’s best sheriffs. Hon. A. T. McIntyre Jr., has intro duced a bill chartering the Thomas- ville and Suburban Railroad Co. Miss Hattie Winn did not return with Dr. and Mrs. Bower. She will remain out West some time yet. Mrs. Zclia S. Gresham, of Live Oak, Florida, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Jennie Carrol, on lower Broad St. The mail' should be promptly brought to the post office, upon the arrival of each mail train. This is not always done. Mr. Albert Hertz has returned from Tyler, Texas. He is satisfied with Thomasvillc now. All are glad to see him back agein. Miss Mary Jones will make her home in Thomasvillc in the future. Her many friends in Boston wish her a pleasant stay in that city.—Boston World. Mr. E. M. Mallctte has sold to Mr. Robt. Dckle two fine residence lots on corner Clay and Hanscll streets. Mr. Dckle will build immediately a hand some home on these valuable lots. Bainbridge and Decatur county were well represented in town yester day by Judge Bower, IIou. A. L. Hawes aud Hon. R. A. Connell. Judge Bower went on'to Savannah. Rev. W. J. Williams, pastor of the Baptist church, left yesterday afternoon for Duncanville, where he goes to assist Dr. Manning in a series of meetings at New Ochlockonee church. The meeting will continue during the week. A postal card, written in London, dated the 24th ult, from Mr. Clarence A. Lloyd, informs us that his European tour has been cut short by indisposi tion, and that lie would sail from Liv erpool next day, the 25th, lor the United States. Clarence has a host of friends here who wish him a pleas ant voyage home and a permanent re covery. Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Roberts, of Cambridge Manor, will leave for the North to day. They will be absent a couple ol months, perhaps. Upon their return, or as soon as the season opens, their popular house, will be opened for Northern guests. Their Thomasvillc Iriends. and this means every one, wish them a .pleasant out ing and a sale return to the land of the pines. An Important Health Question. As will be seen by reference to proceedings of the Board of Health that body reccommends a public sewer with which the Gull, Virginia House, Cambridge Manor, South Georgia College, and other public and* private buildings on •the West side of Broad st., may make connections. They might, also have included thp Stuart, as in that direc tion lies the natural drainage from that hotel. The jail will also be on that side of the dividing ridge and it, too, will have to have a sewer connec tion. A common sewer has been provided for the Piney Woods, Mitch ell, Masury, and other public and private houses on the East side of the town. Now let the town give the hotels and others, similar accommoda tions on the West side of Broad st. They are entitled to it. It is a physi cal impossibility to drain or sewer the West side ol Broad st., to the East side of the town. Nature has put a natural barrier in the way. The first section of the main sewer can be put in, and then, as in the care of the main sewer on the East, the work can be gradually done, so as to divide up the expense. Returned. Bob Evans, who has hecn spending the past seven weeks in New York, Chicago and other Northern and Western cities, returned home Sunday evening. He reports having had a most delightful time, but says it is quite warm up north, and he was glad to get back to the country air of Thomasville. Off for North Carolina. Mr. J. N. McKinnon and Master Johnny Bass, his grand son, left yes terday for Murphy, N. G'., where they will spend two weeks enjoying the cool mountain breezes and pure water of North Carolina. Dr. T. S. Hop kins and Hugh McIntyre are also at Murphy. Good Shooting. The Thomasville gun club had one of their regular weekly matches yes terday afternoon. There was some very fine shooting done—among others by Whiddon and Stark. Messrs Bal four and Cook surprised .themselves and the club by putting in a number of fine shots. The following is the score: First Match—Ten singles: G. Stark and Cooke tied lor first; Stark won; Whiddon 2nd. Second Match—Six singles: Starfr and Whiddon tied; Staike won; Cook and Livingston tied; Livingston won. Third Match—Ten singles: Stark rst; Cook and Whiddon tied for 2nd; Whiddon won; 3rd, Balfour and Var- nedoc tied; Varnedoe won. Sugar Falling. Ball Bros, offer sugar at reduced prices. See advertisement. Dr. and Mrs. Bower returned yes terday afternoon from an extended tour through the West.* They report a delightful trip. The Doctor looks ten years younger, and Mrs. Bower— well, she always looks young. Friends are pleased to see them at home, sweet home, again. An unusually largo congregation attended services at the Baptist church on Sunday night. And they heard a strong and able sermon from the pastor, Rev. Mr. Williams. Mr. James Hall, who was a delegate to the Horticultural convention in Griffin, reached home last evening. He is enthusiastic over the display of fruits. Jim says that he went to tell them what he “didn’t know about Iruit.” Mr. A S. Frank, of “Egypt,” enter- mined the guests of the Stuart last jvening with some fine singing; rattling 3ff songs in English, German* Chinese, md Arabic, with a fluency, and in a style which would make his fortune, Office Hoard Cocstt Commissioner*. \ Thomasville, Oa., Ang. 5, 1889. J Ronril met in regular session. Present: Hon. A. P. Wright, Chairman; Bullock, Mnllcttc anil Lily. Minutes read nml approved. Petition lor road signed E. Franklin, W. II. Blalock and others, granted. Bond petition signed G. I. It. Wilder and others, ordered.published. Beport of county physician ordered pub lished. Treasurer's monthly statement approved. Petition for private right of way by B. W. Donaldson, ordered published. Location for the new jaii postponed until 1st Monday in Sept. next. Hour for meeting of the County Commis sioners changed to meet at 10 a. m. on first M011 lay in each month. Judge Mitchell reports having paid $ 14.50 into county treasury during July. The following accounts were ordered paid: Judge Mitchell $83.33, L. B. Bou- cliellc $10, W. Hawthorn $10, B. Smith $6.25, Chas. (iar.dy $45.65, Jno. Spnir $70.45, J. A. Hurst $129.89, C. L, Ward $13, Kobt. Dckle $181.15, Mitchell * McIntyre $50.74, Judge Merrill $10, Beid k Culpepper $13.10, W. T. Ilurst $7.00, M W. Hammond $45, Wnlker, Evans Cogswell A Co. $28.25, J. J. Bagnn $11.52, W. W. Deklc $8.00, F. B. Mc- Itne $10-40. GEORGIA—Thomas County. To the Honorable County Commissioners of said State and county:—The undersigned, your petitioner, respectfully slioweth that he is a resident of said county in said State, that he is a farmer, cultivating lands lying on both sides of the track of the Savannah. Florida k Western railroad, situated about one mile nnd n half cast of the town of Cairo. Said railroad divides the cultivated lands, nnd your petitioner respectfully slioweth that most of said land that is in cultivation lays on the opposite side of said road from where lie resides; that all of his corn nnd nearly nil of his cotton is on the opposite side of the rond from where he resides, and that lis is iinnliic to get it across the truck of said railroad company without a crossing, and Hint lie is now without one. And your petitioner respectlully asks that you grant him an order lor a private right of way across the track of said company, as pro vided lor by the statute of said State which is pointed out in the code of said State bi sections 720, 721, 722, 723, 721 nnd 737, and your petitioner respectfully asks that snid private way be laid out, amt your petitioner will ever pray, etc. OF- Fall -AND- Winter CLOTHING! and our line of Light -AXD- New Opening for Somebody. Look at the Imperial Life Insur ance advertisement in this issue, and write for the agency to Mr. J. H. Reeves, Southern Manager, at Eufau- la, Ala. This is a good opening for some one wanting a good life insur ance agency. No Selection. It will be seen by reference to the official report of the Board of county commissioners, that they have not yet made a selection tor the jail site, which was set tor yesterday. Several of the Board being absent, and the matter being ot importance, and of long standing, the members present deemed it advisable to defer action until next meeting. Read the report of the board elsewhere. Rev. Mr. Williams of the Baptist church held the fort against satnn by himself on Sunday night. There wero no services at any Of the other churches. Street sprinkling is not necessary now-a-nights. A Cutting Affair. Two negro delivery wagon drivers, Sam Bunyan and Reuben Wiiiiams, got into a difficulty near the tesidencc of Mr. A. C. Brown’s on Dawson street yesterday morning. One of them, Sam Bunyan, who drives one of the Pringle Bro’s delivery wagons, cut Reuben, who drives Mr. A. C. Brown’s delivery wagon, with a razor. Mr. Brown, who happened to be near, separated the combatants, or the results might have been more serious. Dr. McIn tosh was called in and dressed Reu bens wounds. There was only one bad cut. Sam had slashed him across the breast, cutting to the ribs, right over the immediate region of the heart. Had the razor slipped in be tween the ribs, Williams would have undoubtedly been instantly killed. Bunyan was lodged in jail under a warrant charging him with an assault with intent to murder. He has, by this time, perhaps, had time to reflect pn his action. Clogged up. The new sewer being laid on Jack- son street was clogged up with clay by some carelessness in the hands leaving the end open, when the heavy rains of the past few days washed the clay in. An effort was being made last evening to wash the clay out, but it did not work satisfactorily, and it is a serious question, as to the best way to remedy the trouble. This is only an early illustration of the difficul ties in the way of a sewer laid 20 feet from the surface. Mon. Alfred Leon, a thorough bar ber, is now in charge of the barber shop at the Stuart. Being a French man he is polite as well as skillful in his profession. He was, lor years, in the Palmer house, Chicago, one of the finest in the United States. He is prepared to wait on permanent or transient customers, and guarantees satisfaction in every instance. Judge Hansell will go down to Mon- ticcllo this alternoon. Mr. S. G. McLendon returned Irom a short trip to Atlanta yesterday. “Boston is about sure of a canning factory for next season, and now an evaporator should be established.” The above from the World, shows that Boston is not asleep. A canning factory, and an evaporator would pay there—and they would pay in Thom asvillc. The report of the accident on the two story brick store-house in Boston the other day, appears to have been exaggerated. We learn that some misplaced timbers displaced a lot of freshly laid brick which fell on the roof of the adjoining building. Very little damage was done. Board of Health. Thomasville, Ga , Aug. isso. Special meeting Board of Health of the town of Tlmnnisville. Present: Dr. T. M. McIntosh, Win. Campbell and S. .1. ('assets. The following was adopted: Tiiat in view of the rapid construction of the Gull House, the increasing business at tlie depot of tile S. F. A W. Ity., the pres ence in that neighborhood of the Virginia House, Cambridge Manor, theMotitli Georgia College, anil other public buildings, we would respectfully recommend that tile town provide tlie sewerage necessary to meet the wants of these enterprises, which arc a great benefit to tlie public. We would further suggest to your honor able body that ns “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,'’ wc would urge your prompt Attention to this, in our opin ion, tlie most important matter connected with tlie health and general welfare of tlie town. Board adjourned subject to call. T. M. McIntosh, I’res. S. J. Cassels, Seet'y, Nl'UAR FAI.I.INU. IO pounds best Crnniilnlril Nuignr for $lnt T. J. It A 1.1, Ss (IRON. Go buy 50 or 100 lbs. of sugar from Pickett before it goes any higher. Remember Pickett sells you the best imported sardines at 15c. FOB SALE. Scraps of Song and Southern Scenes, by M. M. Folsom, for sale by J. A. Holloway, 7 26-tf. Jackson street. R. N. Donaldson. August 5, 1889. GKOKGIA—Thomas Cciwty: To the lion. Hoard of County Commission ers, Tlmnasvilh*, Gn.— Gentlemen—We the undersigned, circus of said county, respect fully ask and prty your honors to grant us an ordercontinuiug the public road lending from W. A. Barrett's mill, running a land line due north to the Mitehcll county line. Snid road is already open except one mile, and we will open that. Said rood is on good ground, only two branches to cross, and one of them is cause wayed now. We arc assured from citizens of Mitchell county, that if your honors will give us this order for said road, they will continue it on to Pelham, which will he a straight and good route from Cairo toPel- linin, a road of great utility to the public. Hoping your honors will grant us the order, we ever pray, etc. J. It. WiLLDBR, J. (J. McDowell, Aud others. We recommend the opening of said road. T. W. Brinson, B. II. Pope, Rond Comm’rs. Report for July, 1889, of Thomas County Poor House. Nine inmates—two white and seren col ored. Klee Giton, colored, recovered and discharged. Correct statement. C. L. Ward. Monthly report of C unity Physician for July, 188!*. Hon. Board County Commissioners — I have made weekly visits to jail and poor h^iHe during the month of July, and am glad to report them both in good sanitary condition. L. B. Boi ciielle. .Statement of Charles Gandy, County Treat* # . urer, for July, 1889. 1889 DR. June 29. To balance on hand $129.12 July I. To M’clits Nat. Bank..*. 9G4.89 July 31. To W. D. Mitchell 14.50 $1,108.51 ' cu By chain gang $ 64 46 “ jury 4 00 “ pauper 101 74 Aug. 5. To balance on hand $261.54 “ Jail 122 65 “ roads and bridges 391 79 “ Contingent 159 33 Aug 5. By balance on hand 261 54 $1,108 51 Board adjourned, A: P. Wright, Chairman. Redden Smith, Clerk. Gin House Insurance, —WITH— Ifansell 4& Merrill, Thomasville, Ga. dAwto octl-lc SITGAll FALLI1TG. IO pounds best Gran ulated Sugar for ^*1.00 at T. J. Ball «& Bros. WEIGHTS MUST 60! Call and get OL T R Prices before buy ing at UIlOBT’g Cost Frices, and we will SAVE YOU MONEY