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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, August 13, 1889, Image 2

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THE DAILY TIMES-ENTEBPRISE. JOHN TKII’LETT, - • • Editor. S. B. Bl'RR, ■ Business Manager. TUESDAY, AftifST IS, 1«8!. flio Daily TiMKs-EvmmusK i> published every morniiif: (Monday rxc' pted.) The Wckkly Tniw-EsTKnrRisK is publisued ercry Sutunbiy niominp. SlIBSCIUPTlON IvATLS Daily Tim, . . W KKLY “ • • Another Ocean Palace Afloat, the Kansas City—A Resume of the Condition of the Cotton Crop—Georgia Stands at 91— The Blue qnd the Gray to Meet in Chattanooga--An Orphan Asylum Burned in Augusta—Corraling the Fighters in Mississippi. $5 00 . 1 00 e for the ii subsc- $ 5 00 - 8 00 12 00 . 20 00 ;i5 oo Daily Advertising Rates. ^Transient Kates.—$1.00 per squat first insertion, anti .'<0 certs for ea- quent insertion. One Square, one month, - - - One Square, two months - - - One Square, three month', - - * One Square, six months, - - - One Square, twelve months, - - - Subject to change by special arrant ement. H.B. Dl’KRi Biislnew Mnnngt r, fll AlXMS XOTK K. Parties leaving Thomnsville fur tho ^tu mor can have the Times-Kstkiumiisk sent to BUY address for 50 cents per month Ad- dresses can be changed as otten n> i. « lHr(l Napolean Donapartc, figures in a suit oyer a pair of breeches, in a jus tice’s court, in Savannah. The Bona- partes have come down in the w orld. The papers are full of Brown- Scquard’s elixir ot life. How failing, tottering humanity, shrinks back from decay, and catches, even at straws. Now let Gov. Seay make a requi sition on Georgia for the men who fought n duel in Alabama, on Sutur day. Gov. Gordon will no doubt surrender them. Ect the laws he enforced. They are now making water gas at Leeds, England, for 8 cents per 1,000 cubic feet. The time is coming, per haps, when to burn coal will be the grossest extravagance. The era cheap light is approaching, the day. Hasten A story is going the rounds of the press that Jesse James, the noted hair dit, is alive. This reminds us that WilkeS Booth, has not been discov ered alive lately. What’s the matter with the press? Wc tear it is dele rioating. A negro and white man have been having a “spate” over a 810 briudle orphan'cow in Macon. CufTcc got his cow. He insisted that the “buck ra” man should drive the brindlc brute to bis (the negro’s) domicil, but this point in the controversy was finally yielded. The 19tli of January, Gen. Lee’s birthday, is now a legal holiday in Georgia. Bill Chandler will probably object to Georgia Senators taking their scats, when that body meets again, basing his objections on the bill just parsed by tho legislature, making Lee’s birthday a legal holiday. The new state of Montana will give her governor 85,000 a year. This shows that Montana has a better ap preciation of the dignity of the gov ernorship and of her duty to sustain it than some of the older and richer statts. Wc arc glad to see that Mon- tona is to begin her career as a state with liberal ideas. Georgia, be it said to her shame, ranks among the most penurios states, in this respect. 0, Consistency! While northern republicans never miss an opportunity to force social equality on the south, they do not practice it at the north, by a jug full. The Augusta Chronicle gives the following incident, in illustration of the proposition: “The Rev. J. Francis Robinson, colored preacher of good character, has been visiting in the city of Auburn, N. Y. The day after hii arrival he wished to get shaved, and went to barber shop, but was refused attention He went in succession to several bar ber shops, but received the same treat ment at each. The Rev. K D. Penny, pastor of the Second Baptist church in Auburn, accompanied the Rev. Mr. Robinson to a number of shops, and offered the proprietors a dollar to shave his friend, but his co-operation was of no use. The trouble was that the Rev. Mr. Robinson has a black skin, and as one of the barbers said, “1 refused to shave him because it is against the rules ol the trade to shave a colored man.” And yet Auburn is a northern city and a republican town, which, at the last election, gave Gen. Harrison one thousand majority over President Cleveland. Chester, Pa , Aug. io.--'llic new iron steamship, Kansas City, built at Roaches yard for the New England and Savannah Steamship Company, was successfully launched to-day. I be vessel is 350 feet over all, 45 feet beam and 27 lect depth of hold. Her en gines arc triple expansion with 33 inch and 54 inch diameter and 54 inch stroke, supplied with steam by eight steel boilers. She has been constructed to make more than 101 knots per hour. Her passenger accommodations arc 110 first class and 120 secoyd class. When finished she will ply between New York and Savannah. Washington, Aug. 10.—’llie Au gust crop report ol the Department of Agriculture makes the condition oi cotton 89.8, nn advance of nearly two points during the month since 1880. This average has been exceeded but three times, in 1882, 1885 and 1887. The improvement is noted in five states. Two report the same condi tion, while Virginia, North Carolina Tennessee, and Mississippi show lower averages than a month ago. Bains have been frequent and general dur ing the month except in a portion of Texas, and in many districts has been excessive. The damage where re ported is attributed to the excess of moisture and the consequent inability to keep tho crops clean. Sonic fear is expressed of a too heavy growth of •talk rendering injury liable should dry weather set in. Tho averages of the condition by states arc Virginia, 01; North Caroli na, 80 ; South Carolina, 90 ; Georgia, 91; Florida, 95 ; Alabama, 95 ; Mis sissippi, 88 ; Louisiana, 92 ; Texas, 91 ; Arkansas, 93 ; Tennessee, 7S. The caterpillar and Loll worm arc Occasionally mentioned in Mississippi and Louisiana, and in several coun ties of Texas, but the damage from them as yet is small. Augusta, Ga., Aug. 11.—Tho Au gusta Orphan Asylum, a magnificent live story building, was almost entire ly destroyed by fire to day. The lire department fought nobly, but was I handicapped by a lack of water. The structure cost 8100,000, and was in sured for 800,000. All the children were gotten out safely. Two firemen were injured by the falling timbers. l’unvis, Miss., Aug. 11.— It is stat ed that indictments will bo found against Kilrain, Muldoon, Cleary, Johnston, Mitchell, Dennis Butler, the two Murphcys, bottle holders, Wakely,Stevenson and Barnett, aud officers will then be sent to bring them back for trial. The special term for the trial of tho parties who have already waived examination and are out on hail, will begin to morrow. Chattanooga, Aug. It).—Great preparations have nutile here for the entertainment of the Society of the Army of Cumberland which holds its next annual mcctiug in this city Sept ember 19, 20 and 21. Notice has al ready been received from the different brigades and divisions of the Army of the Cumberland to secure the at- teudcnce of many thousand veterans of the Union army. During the reunion thcChickamauga MemorialAssociation will he organized. This society has for its purpose the purchase aud preservation by the gov ernment of the Chicamauga battle field, and making a national park there. A temporary organization was last spring started in Washington, and in which participated a great number of veterans of the armies oi the North and South. At the meet ing there were pro:cut a number of senators and members of eongres The association has received charter frmu the state of Georgia which enables it to secure the land cm braced in the field by condemnation. Efforts are now being made' to se cure a large attendance of the South ern army and special rates have been secured over all the Southern rail roads ol one fare for the round trip - As the attcndeucc will lie very large it is suggested to those who expect to ho present that they had best at once communicate with W. S. Colburn, chairinau, at Chattanooga, who will take pleasure in reserving aceomodn- I lions for them during their stay in Chattanooga. This will be the first organization ever attempted of the veterans of both armies, and it is thought will do more than any other movement to cement the union. There is great enthusiasm in the movement in the South. Many of the lending men have given it their liearlv endorsement. Crack Your Whip. nek wants Harrison to send a rommittee to Atlanta, to enquire why he Buck- one of the henchmen of the repuiilieun party, should he hung Mister Harrison em^lind out the oau.-c without sending to At- antn. Federal appointees in the .South, a rule, have a bad odor about them. Mr. Lewis is no exception to the rule. He and Buck insulted the best people in Atlanta, and the best people in Atlanta saw them burned in effigy lbr the offense. Har rison will probably disperse the Geor gia legislature, relieve Gov. Gordon, and put the State under military rule. All right; we’ve been there before. CTack your whip. A Duel. The days of duelling are not over, it seems. Just at nightfall, across the Alabama line, Mr. J. D. Williamson of Rome, and Mr. 1’at Calhoun of At lanta, -/ought a duel on Saturday evening. Williams fired five shots and Mr. Calhoun one shot, at paces. Nobody bit. Williams must he a poor shot. The duel grew oui of reflections cast on Calhoun’ veracity by Williamson. Both arc prominent railroad men. Gov. Seay ought to send to Georgia for-the law breakers. :tl llie I’ittsgrove. X Mm.) .if .lie la I .1., e.iinp n 11 ■ i■ 1 i 11g kiii'ily toward 1 is Sl'l'imni B it,.)' nr l u 1,man win) wiair- pl ("l.lire'l fur Ilea V lie-v. Mr. M'Tai! 11 liariiiniiy \\ i111 tin time*. -News. This has, evidently, created a con siderable “bustle.” le v. Mr .McFarland. In a o ago he said that a a hustle or jewelry is not n. Il in evident that the 1 \'< theology is not in Cushions oi the present TAILORING. Them in an end to all things, so the people say, 'nil there is no end to the splendid IllUug, clothing made at bl Broad street. Cleaning and repairing done in the neatest manner. Give mo t call John Kenny. PIANOS A NO ORGANS \V. S. Brown, the Jeweler, has »e- (•iirod the agency for all the llrsl-eloss Pianos and Organs, which lie is selling at the lowest prions for cash or on long time. Those desiring to purchase will do well to learn his prices and terms. TAKE A RKST. Excursion tickets at low rates will he fold to all slimmer resorts throughout the ■on 11 try hy the Hast Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Bailway, commencing June 1st, good to return on or before October dlst. Fist train .-erviee with Pullman ears, B. W. WRENN, Gun. Pass, and Ticket Ag Furniture, Carpets, Bedding, Children's ininm-s, Wall Paper and Window Shades raw mattings, Bugs, etc. The best style, and lowest prices in the city. GEO. W. FOBBFS, C-l |.\v2t d I Alasury Building* Kniiav Her You III. Mrs. Pliodie Ghc-shy, Peterson, Clay Co., Iowa, tells the following remarkable story, flic truth of which is vouched for by the residents of the town : H am 7.2 years old, have been troubled with kidney complaint and lameness for many years; could not dress mv.-elf without help. New lam free from all pair, and soreness, and uni able to do all my own housework. I owe my thanks to Electric Bitters for having renewed my youth, and removed completely all disease and pain. 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My cash prices on millinery are so successful I have ordered a lot of no tions, bandy articles, needed every day. Read the list and save money. il.uK-riN i'Ask.— Feather, nickel frame, 1 pockets, 1 do/., hair pins, ns- fsorted sizes and styles, 5 cents. Hell everywhere at 10 cents. I N eegee cases -Folding, 5 papers and 15 large assorted, including Imd- n, 10 cents; regular juice 20 cents. Fi.omiiA Water— 0 oz. size, pure and refreshing, in demand this wcntli- 111 cents. You never paid lcs; than 25 cents. Hewing Mai tune Oh.—Rest, 1 oz size at 5 cents. Any other Louse town charges you In cents. Bay Rem—Best quality, 1 oz. bot tles at 10 e. Von pay 25 e. everywhere. CitociiET Needi.k Case—Leather, nickle frame, 2 pockets, has glove blit- toner, stillctto and ■! crochet hooks. 10 c., regular price 20 c. 11 am.mocks—Full size, complete, 75 cents, 95 cents, 81. Table cloths, doylies, towels, hand kerchiefs and lots of other things you need every day. Cannot quote prices of all here, but will save you money every time. Call and see me, I want your trade. Mrs. •Iniiiie FaiTolI, Lower Broad Milliner. INSURE AGAINST ACCIDENTS. Rumvnl of tho Brcfcrred Mutual Accident Association, of New York, Thiny-Two Dol lars for ten Mays’ disability, resulting from accident. . I cheerfully recommend this Co. for ptompt payment. E. M. Smith, Cash’r Bank of ThoVvillc. Thomasville, Ga., Aug. 2, itJtiS. S.YOOO DEATH HV At’ClDKNT. ’ ,1 <MM> 1.0NS OF II AN DM OK I IIKT, .1.000 I.O.NNOI II AND AND FOOT. >» r,HO I,OSS OF IIANl> OB FOOT. •V.,00 I.O.NSOF BOTH KYKM. • ;,00 1*1:1631.4 NENT,Total DKiibililr O-IO I.ONNOI ONH KYJK. ■jj pt-r iml(| Temporary Iota* III*- ability. FOB FIFTY-TWO WKICKS. OUSTS IN THIS ASSOCIATION, ONE DOLLAR PER MONTH, while other accident companies in the event of serious accidental injury stop the payment of indemnity at tin* end of twenty-six weeks, the I‘referred Mutual continues the same fur fifty T. X. 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My case was liemlitary, and-I W'di• think, incurable, but it began to heal from the „r 8 ta 1 .plleatlonotOi t ioiin.. i . ]!K r ; . 8]:i iicslilor, Ohio. Skin Dirtciirtc O Yours Knr <*«!. 1 mu thankful to say that I have used the f t;- tlctira Remedies foralJont eight months with great success, and consider mvselt entirely cured of salt sheuin, from which 1 havesuflered for six years. 1 tried a number oi medicines and two of tho best doctors in the country, but found nothing that would offcct a cure until i uaclyoufremcdioa. v ) i cci afi |Xi Morettc, Mo. The Worst 1,'iimo of Merofiilm* Cured. We have been selling your Cutienra Remedies' for years, and have the first complaint yet to receive from a purchaser. One ol the worst cases of .Serofular I ever saw cured b\ tin; use of five l»ottles of Cutienra Resolvent, (. utieura and t’uticura soap. , TAYLOR A TA\ LOu, Druggist, Frauklort, Kan. C'uticiirn Jllcmcdicrt. oCurc every rpecies of agonizing humiliating, itclting burning, scaly, and pimply diseases ol the skin, scalp ami bjood, with loss ol hair, from jdinplcs to send ular, except possibly ich- ^^ohl everywhere. 1’ricc, Cutienra, oc.: Soap, A } t . Resolvent, *1. Prepared by the Totter Drug ami Chemical Co., Boston, Mass. CTGSeiid f»»r*‘Howto Cure hkin Disease. 04 i)ages. 50 illustrations, and 10U testimonials, Sullivan & Kilrain. As Sullivan knocked out Kilrain in seventy-live rounds, L. St ey erim m & Bro. l’rojiose to knock out high prices in Clothing in the next twelve months. Wc offer clothing at present at prices that make other houses dread the name of Stoycrman and Bro. Owing to the large trade bestowed on us this spring, our Mr. Simoii Steyerman will leave for New York Monday to take advantage'of tlio market there. He will leave nothing undone as the CASH talks. 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