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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, August 30, 1889, Image 2

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thejmiu thies-entebpriseJi ^ust TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. 'OHN TRIPr.ETT, • ■ - K-lilor. S. B. BURR, • Business Manager. FRIDAY, Al'liTST l««. Daily Times-Kstmii'iiisk i’ pul»lislis,l every morning (Momlny cxc-pH'il.) The WeeklyTimes-Enteiii-iiisk is publiiVd every Sutunlay iiiorainpr. Sena rtn.s Ha Daily Tnms-Kx-THHrnnm, W EK1.Y Kate snl.s" Daily Aiiyebtis ^jl'ninsient Rules. — $1.01 first insertion, nml .M) cel qnent insertion. One Square, one month, - - - I '• One Sqnitre, two months - - - - s O.e Square, three month - - * I- Or.,' Square, six months, - - - - One Square, ttvelYe moot ns, - - - Subject to change t»v .-;in ial nrnuq "inei (A. II. Illicit. IIlKtlnr.. tin linger The Senate has defeated the Brady guano hill. The strikers in London now mini- her 150,000. The Senate lias jias-sed a hill to sell the old capital in Atlanta, fixing the minimum price at $125,o(JD. The lease hill, as originally reported by the committee, has passed the House. Dr. Felton called the previous question. The vote stood I do to 10. The question now is, whether Na gle, who killed Terry, shall he tried in the slate or federal court. The states should guard, with jealous care, their rights in this direction. Prince Russell, of the tribe of Ben jamin, has returned To the new world. He brought ID pairs of laltlcsnake striped breeches with lijjn. They arc warranted not to bag at the knees. .Several gentlemen of Valdosta were registered at the Stuart yesterday. Among them were Messrs. .1. M. Wil kinson, J. R. Slater, W. 10. Thomas, Sam Clyatt and Sam Griffin. They were here on legal business. Mr. Ben Russell is now sole editor and proprietor of the Iiainbridge Dem ocrat. Mr. Russell has done yeo man service for his town in the years agonc. He ought to receive a hearty support at the hands ol the good jico pic of the ‘ Oak city.” Hon. James 10. Campbell has been nominated by the democrats of Ohio for governor. If it is in order, in Ohio, to mix politics with prayer, then every devout man in that State should pray that Campbell may dc- . feat bloody shirt Foraker. Ballots, however, would perhaps be more ef fective. The New York Evening Post makes a good bit at one of the brawlers in congress who is continually threaten ing the intervention ol the Federal government in the local allairs of the southern states. Referring to Mr. Boutclle’s complaint that the prohibi tion law of Maine is not enforced as it should be, it says : “When there is any difficulty about enforcing Federal laws down south, the Boutcllc school call for “the strong arm'of the Gov ernment,” and talk about “troops.” Why not have “the strong arm of the Government” of .Maine applied to Bangor, and the “troops” of the Commonwealth called into service'!” More Burning in Effigy. There was another ease of burning Federal officers in effigy last week. This occurred at Charlotte, X. C. Not only the postmaster of that city, but also the Federal superintendent of public buildings and the internal rcvcuue collector of western North Carolina, were thus figuratively burnt. But this case has not stirrcit up the wrath or even received the no lice of the republicans of the north. Even Colonel .Sheppard keeps his coat on ami refrains from threatening another invasion of the South. Reason why? The burning was done liy re publican negroes, and it was done (or two reasons—because they have not received their share of the Federal offices, and because of their charge and lielief that the 830,000 sent by chairman (Quay’s committee to buy votes in North Carolina had i ot been distributed among the negroes, but had gone into the jwckets of the white Republican bosses. The rule that “works both ways,” though pronounced a good one, is not in the Republican platform, and if it were there, it would he as shamelessly violated as many other platform pledges of that party.—Atlanta Jour- .nnl. \ IMPORTANT NEWS FOR COTTON PLANTERS. Instructions to hold Back Cotton A Batch of Thirty-Two New Postmasters -The Fastest Time Across the Atlan tic Bainbridge Burglarized A Fever Ship Coming Brunswick to Swim in Beer—Athens and Knoxville, Tennessee, to be Connected by Rail. Pi-: lilt I’.vnit. Mil, Aug. 2*.- I‘res ident Harrison made nearly thirty postmastership appointments to-day which will lie announced from Wash ington. Nt:w York, Aug. 23.—The steam ship City of Paris, which arrived this morning, has broken the record again, heating her own best time from (Queenstown by-3 hours and t‘-> min utes. The actual time (reckoning by Greenwich time) from (Queens town to Sandy Hook lightship was 5 days, ID hours and J* minutes. Ba in inn i h ; li, Ga., Aug. 2*.—The residences of W. A. Dickenson and M. W. Bates were burglarized Sun day' night. The thieves took from the first £5 in silver, a Waterbary and a silver watch, and Mr. Dicken son’s best trousers and coat. From the latter house they got 820 from Edwin Bates’ pocket. Washington*, Aug. 28.—The de partment of state has been advised l*y telegram from the consul of the l nit- cd States at Colon, that the steamer Adirondack has left that port for the United States with yellow fever- on hoard. The telegram does not state the port to which the vessel is destin ed. Bkfnswick, Ga., Aug. 28.—1’. II. Walters, proprietor of Walters’ brewery at Philadelphia, is here se lecting a site for a mammoth brewery soon to he erected. A stock compa ny is being formed with Mr. W alters as the principal shareholder. He heard of Brunswick and decided to locate and establish a brewery here and make Brunswick a distributing point for Georgia and Honda., Ga., Aug. 28.--News reached Athens to-day that, Judge W. B. Thomas had made all the ueccssa ry arrangements for finishing the Blue Ridge and Atlantic railroad t > Knoxville. Brown Bros., of Balti more are to he his hackers. They are also hacking the Georgia, Carolina and Northern. If completed, the! road will benefit a large section, and of especial interest to .-Athens. Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 28.—The national cotton committee of the alli ance held an important meeting here to-day and adopted the following res olutions: /Mini, That the national cotton cimmittec recommend that the tann ers of tlm south sell no cotton during the month of September, except what may he absolutely necessary to meet obligations which are past due. Rewired, That the national cotton committee instruct the president of each sub-alliance, wheel or union, or some person appointed by him, to meet the president and secretary of his county alliance on Sept. 28, at the county site, for the purpose of receiv ing instructions from the national cotton committee. ,‘>. Revived, That each state secre tary of every cotton state he charged with the duly ot placing these resolu tions immediately before the respect ive county presidents and charge all expenses of printing ami postage to the national alliance. •I. Rewired, That farmers he urged to take special care in'sheltcring their cotton from damaging weather. 5. Rewired, That every newspaper in the south in sympathy with the farmers is requested to publish these resolutions. R. J. Sledge, Chairman, ot Kyle, Tex.; A. T. Hatcher ot Grand Cane, La.; \V. R. Lacey of Wynona, Mbs.; S. D. Alexander of Charlotte, N. L. I’. Fcathcrstonc of Forrest City, Ark.; M. L. Donaldson of Greenville, S. C'.; W. S. Xorthcn of Sparta, Ga.; R. F. Kolb of Montgomery, Ala.; B. M. llord, secretary, Nashville, Tenn. A New Town. Lon«i Post), Ga., Aug. 28,—The Ocean Pond Improvement Company have just laid of! a pretty town on the Georgia Southern & Florida rjilrond, thirteen miles from Yaldosta, and christened il Lawrence, in honor of Lawrence Wiscnbakcr. One hun dred acres have been laid off in town lots. There are already in the little citv two churches, one school house, one turpentine still and two stores in course of el ection. Counterfeits. Our exchanges throughout the State arc culling attention to the fact lliat a large quantity of counterfeit silver quarters are being circulated. Therefore, look well at your money, and sec that you do not get any had. We should he glad for a large munbor id' our subscribers to make ail effort In pass the genuine on ns. i-t:i:sh unrips Arrii in:- in-!.'.' :it ruck liiiltom prices. a.c. nitow.v, ..M. ji The Jackson Sf. Groce Tax and Registration Notice. |ni;sr hound. I will he at the following named places on days named below for the purpose of collecting the State and County taxes for the year 1S89, and registering the legal voters of Thomas county: Duncanville, Monday. Sept. g. Mctcalle, Tucsd'.y, “ io. East Glasgow, Wednesday, “ n. Boston, Thursday, “ 12. Ways, I-'iiday, “ 13. Murphcy’s, .Monday, “ 16. Ochlockoncc, Tuesday, “ 17. Spence, Thursday, “ 19. Cairo. Friday, “ 20. 1’. S. IIf.eth, T. C. T. C. And Registrar. Three Lucky People in Philadelphia. Ten thousand dollars in new, crisp bank notes from the Louisiana State Lottery were paid to three lucky peo ple. One (>f the lucky ones, Mmc. J. P. Dccomier. of No. 52 N. Thirteenth St., held one fortieth of a ticket and got $5,000 in bank notes, and the other, No. 60,311, was held jointly by John Kleiber, a blacksmith, whose shop is at 1842 N. Tenth St., and Ludwig Wagner, who works for Otto Repp, a p-ctzcl baker, at 1719 Ner vine St. All parties are elated over their success. They each sent $1 to M. A. Dauphin, New Orleans, La.— Philadelphia (l‘a.) Item, July 6. Every third person you meet is troubled more or less with biliousness, and don’t know how to get rid of it. The causes arc easily recorded. Alack of sufficient exercise, eating loo much by persons of sedentary habits, indulg ence in too rich food, a sluggish torpid liver where the blood does not do its duly, and bile is allowed to accumu late; these cause the whites of the eye 10 turn yellow, the skin to look thick and coarse, and the complexion yellow or dark. These arc sure indications of biliousness Brown’s Iron Bitters is the remedy you want. It acts di rectly upon the blood, cleanses and purifies it, and sends it on its journey through the channels of the liver, giv ing to it activity and clearing out the bile. It will remove the yellow tinge from the eyes and the complexion, leaving the latter Ircsh and clear. SOETH GEORGIA COLLEGE, Opens Wednesday. September 4th. InfMsi il Facilities. Slririh Military. PASSENGER SCHEDULE FREIGHT SERVICE lx Effect Feb. 2(1, 1889, via The Killl.KO.tI). Stnrmieo River Route to Florida. Standard Time anine a.s Matron city time. GOING SOUTH. I GOING NORTH ..I 00 pniiT. ..1 10 pm ' ..4 30 r .4 411 • Softer • Avondale. • WellHlon .. • Jtoiialre.... • Kathleen.. • TlYold • Orovnnln... • Kike • ITnndllln.. 1 pfnchtirst. • Findlay ' Vienna.. ' lllchwot • Cordeln . 1 Weiion.n 1 A raid 1 Dakota.. 1 Ashburn S pin Valdosta. ...5 15 am M Incola 5 30 a in llnhira 5 r»4 am Ox moor 0 09 am Adel G 49 am Hparkn o 57 am ..5 47 pin ...c t»7 pm 20 pm, . 0 28 pm] ,..G 40 pm syoi • Chula 8 52 pm • Tlfton 9 10 pm • Eldorado 0 40 pm • Laconto 10 oo pm • Sparks 10 12 pm • Adel 10 20 pm 1 Oxmoor 10 40 pm 1 llnhira 10 55 pm Min vela 11 13 |i Laooijto 7 09 am Eldorado 7 29 am Tilton 7 59 am Chula 8 17 am Inalia 8 33 am Sycamore....8 44 am AHhburn 8 52 mu 49 pinl “ Dakota 9 08 am 22 pm| “ Arabl 9 22 am Wonona 9 30 am Cordele 9 47 am Klchwood ..10 00 am Vienna 10 09 am Findlay 10 21 oin I’lnehurst J0 29 am Unadllla... 10 42 am Elko 11 02 nm Grovnuia ...1110 am Tlvola 1131 am Kathleen ...11 42 am Bonalro 1151 am Woll8ton....l2 05 pm Avondale ...1218pm Sofkee 12 28 pm ..7 33 pm ,..7 47 pm! ..soi pm 1 ..8 17 pm] 25 pin Ar Valdosta.... 11 35 pm Ar Macon 12 43 p Pnssongor trains arrive and depart from Union Passenger depot at Macon dally. Freight received and dellverod at Central Railroad Warehouses. Local freight trains lcavo Macon dally at G :00 a. m., and arrivo dally at 8:30 p. in. For further information apply to your sta tion agent or to _ A.JJ. KNAPP, .SEED RYE. J. L. it W. A. rringlc can supply you with seed rye at $1.50 per bushel, (’all early, be fore supply is exhausted. 8-22dlw PIMPLESJO SCROFULAR. A Positive Cure for Every Skin, Scalp and Blood Disease except Ichthyosis. 'Morlnaln S Year*. Head, Avium and UrrnMt a Solid Sonli, Knelt covered with More*, llcnt Doctor* nnd Itledi* cine* fml. Cured by 1‘iilieurn Keinc- diea M a eoMt of §11.73. I have used the Cuticura Remedies with the best results. 1 have used two bottles of tho Cuticura Resolvent, three bottles of Cuticura and one cake of Cuticura soap, and am cured of terrible scalp and skin disease known as pso riasis. I had li for eight years. I would get better and worse at times. Sometimes my head would be a solid scab, anti was at the time 1 be gan the use of the Cuticura Remedies, My arms were coreied with scabs from my elbows to my shoulders, my breast was almost one sol id scab, and my back covered with sores vary ing in size from a penny to a dollar. I had doc. toml with all the best doctors with no relief, and used many different medicines without effect. My case was hereditary, and I bogan to think, incurable, but it began to heal from the first application of Cuticura. 11 ARCHER RUSSEL, Dcshlor, Ohio. Shin Di*cn*c 0 Years mr*d. . nm thankful to say that I have usod the Cu ticura Remedies for about eight mouths with great success, and consider myself entirely cured of salt slieum, from which 1 have suffered for six years. I tried a number of medicines and two of the best doctors in the country, but found nothing that wonld offeet a cure until I used your remedies. Tlic Wor*t t’nne of Wcrofulnr Cured. We have l*cn selling your Cuticura Remedies for vears, and have the first complaint yet to receive from a purchaser. One of the worst cases of Seroftilar I ever saw cured by the use ol five bottles of Cuticura Resolvent, Cuticura and Cuticura (’uticiiru ;ileinr«llc«. cCitrc overv rpccics of agonizing humiliating, itching burning, scaly, and pimply diseases ol the skin, scalp and blood, with loss of hair, from Dimples to scrofular, except possibly ich thyosis. Sold everywhere 25.; Resolvent, £1. Prepared by Drug and Chemical Co., Boston, Ma r£~scnd for “How to Cure Skin Diseases, 64 pages, 50 illustrations, and 100 testimonials. “im, addr :-li G. M. I.oVK.IuY, President. THREE MCE MARES Full SJEE. Two are extra line soldiers, as well ns good harness horses. One is very gentle. Will he sold cheap, and on easy terms if de sired. T. M. M. INlnsii. M. D, 8-21 lw Remember we sell you a whole hox of tobacco for $1.75. .Sound and all right. Call lor a box ol Tube. J. E. .v W. A. PRINGLE. 8-23-1 wd-w2w. Furniture, Carpets, Redding, Children’s Carriages, Wall Paper and Window Shades Straw mattings, lings, etc. The best style and lowest prices in the oily. CKo. W. FuRRKS, G-ll-wJt d’.t Masury Building' A lew barrels I etS rice left, at J. L. k W. A. PuiNiitB'i. 8-23-1 wd-w2w Twelve Months Support. GEORGIA—Colquitt County. Whereas, Mrs. Mary A. Hiers, widow of Chan. A. 1 tiers, has made application to me for set ting apart and award of 12 months’ Mipport for herself anti minor heirs, and the commissioners have been appointed and made their return to me; therefore, all parties arc hereby notified to allow eausc, If any they have, on or before the 1st Monday in October, 1889, why said return should not be made tlje award of this court. Given under my hand amt zeal of office this Aug. 20tll, 1889. HENRY GAY, Ordinal*. WANTED, 500 Gars Watermelons, 5000 Baskets of Early Fruits, Forjwhich I will pay highest market price in cash, or sell on commission, and I will pay a reward of $25 to the person shipping me the ear of the largest melons this season. This reward is over and above the market price of said car when received. A. 1\ RICKETS Wholesale Fruit ami Mors Dealer Cliatlanooga, Tenn. Reference: Peoples Rank and other hanks here; also K. G. Dun k Co., and the wholesale merchants of this city generally. nitirLKS, black Heads, red, rougn, cn; I I |f| and oily skin prevented by Cutiuura WEAK, PAINFUL. BACKS, Kidneys and t’terino Rains an Weaknesses, relieved in one minute I liwj tho Cuticura Anti-Pain Plaster. tl first and only pain killing plaster. Now, instai tancous, infallible. 25 cents. B.B- B. (Botanic Blood Balm.) Ifyofctry this remedy you will .-ay as many others have said, that it is the iikst blood purifier and tonic. Write Wood Balm Co., Atlanta, Ga., for hook of convincing testimony. J. P. Davis, Atlanta, Git. (West End), writes, "I consider that R- 15. R. has perma nently cured me of rheumatism and sciatica.” It. It. Siiultcr, Athens, Ga., says: 15. R. 15. cured me ol an ulcer that had resisted all other treatment. K. (J. Tinsley, Columbiana, Ala., writes : “My mother nnd sister Imd ulcerated sore throat and scrofula* 11. 15. 15. cured them.” Jacob F* Sponcler, Newnan, Ga., writes : 15. 15. 15. entirely cured me of rheumatism in my shoulders. I used six bottles. Chas. Reinhardt, No. 202b Fountain Street Baltimore, Md., writes : “I suffered with bleeding piles two years, and am glad to say that oie bottle of 15. 15. R. cured me.” J. J. Hardy, Toccoa, Ga., writes : H5.15.15. is a <|uick cure for catarrh. Three bottle cured me. I had been troubled several years,” A. Spink, Atlanta, Ga., says : One bottle of 15. 15.15. completely cured my child of eczema.” W. A. Pepper, Fredonia, Ala , writes : 15. 15. R. cured my^mothcr of ulcerated sore throat.” TAKE A REST. Excursion tickets at low rates will be sold to all summer resorts throughout the country by the Hast Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia iuiiway, commencing June 1st, good to return on or liefore October 31st. Fast train service with Pullman caw. 15. W. WUENN, Gen. Pass, and Ticket Ag Young Female College, Tlioma.svi 11 o, G a. Fall Session Begins Wednesday, September 4FI1, 1889. Kill I Collogiato foursc, nllurds every facility lor a thorough education. Loeation healthful, grounds extensive and attractive. Collegiate course, term of 20 weeks, - - - §15.00 Preparatory Department, 2D weeks. - - 10.00 Music, per mouth, ...... 4.50 Drawing, per month, - - - - - 3.00 Painting, “ “ 4.00 Hoard in College per mouth, .... 15.00 Tuition payable ont-Iialf in advance, balance at expiration of first quarter. JNO. E. BAKER,. aug23- I’resident. Headquarters tor Drugs! REID & CULPEPPER’S 120-122 Broad St., - Thomasville, Ga :School and Blank Books, Stationery,: Of every style. Pianos and Organs, Sheet Music, Etc. <j BEAR IN MIND > THAT THEY HAVE THE Handsomest and Best kept Drug Store I3ST GEORGIA, Where you can find fresh nnd pure drugs an 1 get prescriptions compounded tit nil hours, day or night, by competent Pharmacists. They use only Squihb's preparations in the prescription department nnd guarantee goods nml prices. REID A CULPEPPER, 120-122 Rrotul Nt CLOTHIUG Continued at Cost Until Sept. 15. We are pleased to announce that the heavy reductions wo have made in prices of our Clothing, Furnishing Goods and Hats, has enabled us to reduce our stock considerably. Doing anxious to dispose of it all before Fall season, wc will from now on inaugurate special reductions in various lines. •—LOOK I DRESS GOODS. TOWELS. Rtal Linen Chambries at 10 cents. Figured Clinllics at 0} cents. Fall dial lies, the latest style in Cot ton Goods, at 8 cents. All other Dress Goods in proportion. TABLE DAMASK. 100 dozen Towels ut 5 40 “ 10 30 " 121. 12 “ 15' 00 “ 20 47 “ 25 '2 pieces Turkey ltcd Damask at oOc. 1 “ “ ‘ “ « “10c. SI LOEs. Tho largest stock and best goods in the city for the money. HLEAOIIING. “ 50c. | Due case l- l Bleaching at OL cents. We also call your attention to our remnant counter, where bargains are numerous. We willlhe pleased to have all who wish anything in our line to call and get prices before buying elsewhere. Very Bespcetlully, L. Steyerman & Bro. Why is It People will continue to buy groceries on 110 days’ time, nnd thereby pay 15 per cent, more for them than they can buy them for for the spot cash. Don’t you know you are paying 15 per cent, on some account the merchant can’t collect? He has to charge those who do pay, enough to make good his losses in had accounts. It is perfectly legitimate and business-like, too! He has to live. But while it is perfectly right in him to charge you that way, it is very foolish in you to pay it, bccauso you can make that per cent, yourself by buying your goods for cash. I will take your order at regu lar prices, nnd then discount it 15 per cent, for the cash. Respectfully, M. P. Pickett. Hunt & Voorhees, 179 READE ST., N. Y., Commission Dealers Southern Fruit and Produce- Particular attention paid to the .Sjtle of peaches, j>ears anu melons. Sides reported daily and returns promptly made, Notice of Election. Tq the Qualified Voters of Tiiomasvillk: Iff g£Cor«]iGi^P with a resolution of Coun cil, i>nsse.l at n regular meeting on the loth of August, 18811, an election \v;u oriiccqul amt will be held on the twentieth t 20th) day of September, 1883, at the usual place of hold ing municipal elections, as preseriWd by an Act of tlie State Legislature, approved Sept. 21st, 1887, on the question of “Bonds” or “No Ronds.” The amount ot bonds to be issued will l>c Fifteen Thousand ($ir»,000) Dollars, for the purpose of purchasing land for park purposes, the balance, if any, to be applied to the extension of the water works of the town. The rate ol interest which the bonds are to bear will lx* live (5) per per annum, and payable semi-annually; tiic whole uinpqfU tp fie paid off in thirty years, which will ienuire Soycn JlujpJred and Fifty Dollars ($750.00) annually for thp interest, and Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) anr.unity to provide for payment of the principal. JOS. HANSKLL MERRILL, Mayor pro tern. Thomasville, Ga., Aug. 19, 1889. TAILORING. There is an end to nil things, ho tho people say, hut there Is no end to the splendid lilting clothing mado at 81 Broad street. Cleaning and repairing done In tho neatest manner. Givo mo g, Qqii. Jodn Kenny, IliicItleu’N Arnicn Halve. The Best Salve in the World lor Cuts Bruises, Sores, fleers, Suit Klieum, I’evcr Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains Corns, nnd all .Skin I:rn[itiuns, nnd positively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guar anteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price *J5 cents per hor. For sale by S, J. Cassels, Drug Store. INSURE AGAINST ACCIDENTS. Received of the Preferred Mutual Accident Association, of New York, Thirty-Two Dol lars for ten days’ disability, resulting from accident. 1 cheerfully recommend this Co. for prompt payment. . K. M. Smith, Cash r Rank of Thos’ville. Thomasville, Ga., Aug. 2, 1888. $.3,000 DEATH IIY ACCIDENT. .3.000 LOSS Ol' HANDS OR FEET, .3,000 laOSWOr II AND AND FOOT. 3,300 I.ON8 OF HAND OK FOOT. • ..300 1,088 OF HOTII EVEN. *,300 I’MItMAXENT,Total Disability 4i50I,O8.HOF ONE EVE. *4.3 per week, Temporary Total Dis ability. FOR FIFTY-TWO WEEKS. COSTS IN THIS ASSOCIATION, ONE DOLLAR PER MONTH, while other accident companies in the event of serious accidental injury stop tho paynurtt qf indemnity at the end of twenty-six week*, tho preferred Mutual coutiuups the same for lifty- twu week*;. 8-3-1 md T. X. HOPKINS, Aifeitf, Tlinniusy ille. Oil PIANOS ANl) ORGANS W. S. JJrown, the Jeweler, has 80- cured the agency for nil the Urnt-clans Pianos and Organs, which he is selling at the lowest prices for cash or on long time. Those desiring to purchnso will do well to learn his prices and terms. J£ x peri menl. You cannot afford to yutqe »ime in eyp*r ; irocnijug when your lungs are in danger. Consumption always seems, at first, only q cold. Do not permit any dealer to impose upon you with some imitation of Dr. King’s Sew Discovery for Consumptkn, Coughs and Cold*, hut he sure you get the genuine. Do. cause lie can make more profit he may tell you he has something just as good, or just the same. Don’t he deceived, but insist upon getting Dr. King's New Discovery, which is guaranteed to give relief in all Throat, Lung and Chest affections. Trial bottle free at S. J. Cassels’ Drug Store. Large bottles one dollar.