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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, August 30, 1889, Image 3

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& PROFITS 1 dipt Iff! Boom IS WHAT WE WANT AND Boom WE MUST HAVE! Our buyer, Mr. C. Wolff, is now in New York, where lie will spend about 6 weeks looking- up tjie new est and most desirable goods on the market for our fall and win ter trade. No Fains, Time or Money will be spared to ob tain the very latest importations in Dress Goods Novelties. This department, as every one knows, is our “hobby,” and we confidently promise to show the ladies of Thomasvillc the most elegant fabrics ever placed on sale in this city. No department of our busi ness shall be neglected, but each one tilled with everything that is New! Nobby! Stylish! Bo wc advise yhu to wait and sec our stock before making any purchase whatever of fall and win or goods. The ex treme novelties arc just com ing into the Eastern markets, and our buyer will get them. You are invite.l to come an<l buy what you want in .Summer Materials almost At Your Own Price. As we are determined not to pack up auy summer stock at all, provided LOW PRICES j will move what we have left. You will positively save money • laying of us nil the dry ^oods you j heed during tiic remainder of “the . heated term. 1 ’ Favor us with a call. I Very respectfully, H. Wolff & Bro., Leaders of Styles and Low Prices, j 109 Sc 111 BROAD ST CURTRIGKETT & DANIEL Are now receiving a large and elegant assortment of the celebrated Zeigler and Reed’s fine Ladies Shoes. J. S. Turner’s, Stacy Adams’ and Bannister’s Men Shoes. Boys’ and Misses’ School Shoes a Specialty. Sign of tlie Bier Boot. “Ono of tho Poor.” Mr. Editor:—I am a poor man, THE DAILY TIMES-ENTERPRISE. ALBERT WINTER, City Editor. FRIDAY, AUGUST ii 10, 1889. SIGNAL SERVICE BUREAU II. Thomas Jr's-126 Broad Street. C- S. Bondurant Vounteor Observer Weather bulletin for the 24 hours ending at 7 o’clock P. M August 29, 1889. Tkmpkratirk. 7 a. in 71 2 p. in M 7 p. Maximum for 24 hours pO Minimum “ '* “ **8 Rain-fall Local Schedule. Fast mail for Savannah Ar... 9 25 a in “ I.r.. .12 40 p m ‘ “ from “ Ar... 1 31 p in “ “ for Chattahoochee I.v... 200j>in Train for Albany Lv... 9 SO am “ from “ Ar... 520pm “ “ “ forSarannali Lv... 0 50pm Freight and acoom. from Wayc..Ar... 3 45 p in •• “ “ for “ Lv... 8 40 am *• “ “ “ Chatt. Lv... 4 45 p m o »• •• from Chatt. Ar... 7 15 a in •» “ “ for Albany Lvf... 4 25pm “ “ •» from “ Ar... 7 55am THOMASVILLE AND MONTICKLLO. Freight accom. for Monticcllo Lv...8 45a in “ “ from “ ....Ar...6 20p m Fast mail for “ ....LV...2 0G pin “ “ from “ ....Ar..l210 p in Miss Mnfa Williams has returned fiorn a visit to friends in Cairo. Alderman Whiddon was so much improved ns to be up yesterday. Real estate will move in and around Thomasville the coining season—if the town secures a park. - Mr. IT. Wolff and family moved into their handsome new residence in Fletchervillc yesterday. Sheriff Ilurst, Sandy Prcvntt, and others, went out to Elwcll Lake on a seining party, yesterday. Mr. F. W. Godwin, of Albany, a clerk in the Mayo House of that city, is iu the city for a few days... The many friends of Mr. Hugh J, McIntyre, arc pleased to sec him at home again. He has been rusticating iu the mountains of North Carolina. Mr. Thomas E. lllackshcar will leave this morning on his trip through the west, with a delegation of Georgia farmers. Park Paragraphs. The humblest citizen of the town is interested. What helps one, helps all. A syndicate of gentlemen are ready to take the park at a big advance over what it is offered the town lor, if the offer is rejected. Park means progress; no park means retrogression. No improvements will he made on the park, until the tax payers cf the town arc ready to have them made. The pine trees arc our magnets. Let them be destroyed and Thomas ville loses one ot her principal attrac tions. Let each voter calculate what amount of taxes he would have to pay if the bonds are issued. Eor instance, a man who pays on $500 would have to pay thirty-one and a quarter cents per annum. Towns, like individuals,should never allow a good trade to lapse. Parties who haven’t registered, and arc not legal voters, have no right to complain at not beingallowed to vote. They would have the same right to complain about not being allowed to vote for mayor and aldermen. Northern investments, brought here by the park and other attractions, pay $1,178 per year of the city’s taxes. This would more than pay the entire amount, annually, to cover the interest and sinking fund necessary to redeem the bonds. And it is un questionably true that every one ol these investors are in favor of the park. They have invested and builded homes here because of the park. All the literature sent out, booming Thomasvillc as a winter resort, portray Paradise park in glowing colors. Shall it he wiped out ? have no horse, and have to walk. I go out to the park grounds occasion ally and I find plenty of company there—but not of the rich people—as they seem to like driving around the town and country. It is a very pleas ant place for the poor people and the children, crowds ol them going there offen, and I do want it kept for us who cannot afford carriages, and so I think do many who arc in my fix. One ok tiie Poor. A Corn Freak. Mr. Joshua Carroll brings us some thing of a curiosity in the shape of corn. It is five distinct and separate ears growing together from the base of one ear, the centre stem—about 9 inches long—is a perfect ear, and is surrounded by five other smaller ones, averaging 5 to 0 inches in length, and fully grained, except where they join or are contact with the middle ear. If Mr. Carroll could produce this species as a crop and introduce it into general use he would be a great benefactor to his race. Kindergarten School. Miss Mary Iiarncs, assisted by her sister, Miss Laura Barites, will open her kindergarten and primary school on September 10th. This school has attained deserved popularity with our people, aud all who have patronized it arc well pleased. The Misses Barnes have been North and West the. past throe months, where they have attend ed the. very best schools of advanced instruction in their line, and come back prepared to impart their acquire ments to their pupils. See the nn- uouncemcnt elsewhere. To the Friends of Education. Mv Kindergarten mid Primary school will open on Monday, Sept. 10, 1889. With the assistance of Miss Laura iiarncs, who will devote morc.of her time to the work, I wish to make my school FIRST CLASS in every particular. To furnish the material I will need, which will include that used in Automatic-Drawing, Clay Modeling and coloring, also slate and lead pencils, I fiml it necessary to make my tuition $0.00 lor the term. * Yours very respectfully, 30-ot MARY F. BAR.VMS. Maryland Exposition, BALTIMORE, Md. III! .September Till, mil and lull, the K. F. .Is W. Iiy. will si'll ruuii'l trip ta ken to lJal- tiinore, .Mil., for rcl7.H0, limited to .Sept. 20tlr F. M. Van DYKE, I’, k T. A. W. M. luvinsox, (i. F. A.. Jacksonville, Fla. J. S. MONTGOMERY,- Real Estate Agent, THOMASVILLE, GA. Office over Ikiil i Culpepper's Urn? Store, Broa<l SI, I am now prepared to buy or sell, lor other parties, all kinds of town or country real estate, and have oil my list a good assort ment of both kinds. Strict and close atten tion to the business will be my aim, and I respectfully solicit a share of the business of the community. aiigUHtf Lower - Broad - Millinery. Just received, another lot of Hair Pin cases, 1 poekels, 1 doz. pins, as sorted, o cents. Sold out first lot in two days. Needle cases, folding, 5 papers and 15 assorted, 10 cents. Come quick; they will go with a rush. .Sewing machine oil, 1 ounce size, 5 cents. Tilts goes too. NOW FOR SOMETHING ELSE. Hon. Beu Russell, of Bninbridgc, passed through the city yesterday en route to Atlanta. He will accompa ny the farmers on their trip out West. A party of gentlemen, piscatorially inclined, including two lawyers and a leading druggist, went out to the county line bridge on the Ochiocko- nee, yesterday, to try their luck fish ing. To-day they will entertain their friends by narrating how many big fish they—didn’t catch. Caroline Davis, Jim Davis and Florence Count, were tried in the County Court yesterday morning, fur stealing a ring from a lady residing in East End. Caroline Davis plead guilty to larceny trum the house, and was fined P13. The others were dis ci) urged. Mr. Islmm Daniel, of the firm of Curtright, Daniel & Co., dealers iu shoes, hats and umbrellas, returned front New York, Philadelphia and Boston, where lie has purchased a splendid stock of goods. He bought an immense stock, the most complete ever brought to Thonmsvjlle, and hit; bought it right —that Is, they are going to sell lots of goods and he con* tent with small profits. The Thomas ville member of the firm says he is receiving them every day, aud assures the people they ape ( ‘Cu(r)tright" for the trade. A Hustrcr. Mr. Ilorroeks, who purchased the property front Hon. 8. G. McLendon on Wedhcsbay at noon, had hands at work yesterday pi-pyuiug clearing away, preparatory to building his resi dence. He has his plans ready, and was hiring brick masons yesterday, and other workmen, to go at once to work. He will soqii he under bis •'own vino and tig tree" in Thomas county. By the way, lie wants la borers and mechanics, and if there arc any idle ones about they cat) get work. Mr. Horrocks is a builder and con tractor himself, aud from indications, is a “hustler.” Wc e.j'c glad jo have his sort settle among iis, Let There be Light- llroatl street was ablajc again la«i night with the electric lights. In addi tion to the two arc lights, the drug stores of Messrs. Reid & Culpepper, and Hicks A* Peacock, and the Pearl Saloon, were brilliantly lighted. Crowds were out admiring the lights. It is said that every question has two sides, hut really, it seems there is but one side to the park question. In all new cities that have sprung up like magic, being built to order, ample provision is made for parks. If wc owe anything to posterity, wc owe it a city park. Posterity will ex pect it, and willing and amply able to pay their part of it. In fact, posterity would he willing to pay all the debt, so fortunate woulii they be in the trade. The idea is to secure the park now, when it is possible. It can lie im proved in the years to conic. There is no loss in buying it. There is am ple time to improve it in. The park bonds arc redeemable at any time after ten years, and the sinking fund need not he idle m the city’s treasury for 30 years, as “Broad Street” seems to fear. The sinking fund can be safely invested in bonds which will pay a good interest, The eyes of all the friends of Thom- asville are now turned upon her, to see how her people will vote on the park question. Many will not care to cast theii destiny in a city of so cramp ed and slovenly ideas as to declare against all the beauty, health and utili ty of public parks. No city that has a park of auy kind would part with it for any amount of money. Many cities would gladly pay millions of dollars now to get that which a lew years ago a few thousands would hjyp t>pu§h,t,~ The poor will pay least for the park, many of them nothing. The poor will profit most by the park. The rich have large gardens and lawns and carriages and horse; r>nd time ta drive into the country and through nature's open parks, but the poor live in crowd ed tenements with cramped yards, where they must spend their leisure hours. No, parks are paid for by the rich, and arc their benedic tions upon the poor. If appeal must, be made to the poor, let them now vote tbe money of the rich to pay for a blessing to them and their children lorever- When you .briug your cotton in and sell it, the first thing you ought to do, is to call 011 the editor and pay you arrarages for the P'f-T: a pointed pointer, apd is meant for you, if you arc not credited ahead. Ochiockonee Items. IVY JACK 1*1.ANE. We lmd a good rain last Sunday, after a drought of several weeks. Miss Ida I’ittman, of Thomasvillc, is teaching school at “Centre,” near Mr. William White’s. There is said to he quite a number of cases of mumps in tho neighbor hood of Mr. W. Iv. Singletary. Miss Susie Brown, of Thomasville, spent Sunday and Monday with rela tives in this vicinity. Prof. II. A. Murray has a flourishing school at the Stnnnl.uul school-house. Ho is one of the best teachers in this section and worthy tho patronage lie is receiving. Miss Emma Perry returned last week frdnt a visit to Cordclc. Mr. Jintmic Pittman is now with Mr. J. E. McMillan, Mr. J. E. Stephens has given up tho position of R. R. agent at Camilla, and is in charge of tho agency at this place ngain. Mr. Stephens and family were gladly welcomed hack as citizens of Ochlockoneo. Mr. W. A. Thompson lias the posi tion of telegraph operator at Camilla. John says—of course everbody knows John —that that new house will soon be ready, and— aud-^well, you can guess M t’uc balance for the jime being. Particulars later. The first hale o 1 ' new cotton for this market was brought iu by Mr. Lang ley, and nicely covered with cotton bagging. Not a yard of juto is being sold jn this place, and we arc pleased to sso our farmers standing up for their rights and against trusts, etc. Mr. Byron Collier had a very ser ious accident to befall him on but Saturday at the trip ho,«*> of Collier Bro*, (jo was attending to the pack ing of cotton in the press, which is run by steam, aud by some means the press was suddenly started ill such q manner as to throw him iu the gear ing of the press, receiving several se vere wounds on his head aud other portions of his body. ! — — 24 IlQurn Longer. Tho remnant 8f canned goods will he closed out ItECi AltDI.KSS (IF COST in the next JI hours of daylight—a word to t'je wise is sufficient. \. V. UltfWN. 30-21 JTie Jacktou St. Grocer. Ladies’ handkerchiefs, new style, linen lawn, very sheer, hem-stitched, •1 tucks, i!J eta.; never sold for less than hO cts. Another lot, all over em broidered lawn, licm-stitched, J tucks, nobby, 31 cts. Linen doylies, white linen, fringed, 7 cts. You pay 121 cts. everywhere. Now lot of Indies’ underwent*, robes, skirts, chemises, aprons, etc. Haven’t room to quote prices, hut will sell at sinprisingly low lijjpres, (ar less than it costs to buy material and make up these articles. Will leave for New York and Baltimore in two weeks to .select fall and winter stock. Will lie glad to attend to any special commission from my friends aud patrons. Mrs. Jennie Carroll, Lower Broad Milliner. HEALTH WORTH MURK THAN MONEY ! Hinted term is still on us! 1 Purify your homes ! ' ' I have iu -tori'. PLATTS CHLORIDES, CIILOlt. I.IME, COPI’ERAS, &e S. J. CaSSKI.S, ■S 22 dlw its itroad Street Gin House Insurance, —with— IE tinsel I *V Merrill, ThomasviUo, Ga. J.tivto Ol'tl-lc A condition of weakness of l»»|y and mind which results from many disorders of '.lie system finds its lust nod surest rulief iu Brown's Iron Bitters. As it eiirich.-s and strengthens the Blood so the siomach, liver and kidneys receive power to perform their duties, and tin' depressing influences from a diseased and disturbed condition of these organs are removed. CATARRH CURED, health and sweet br.ath secured, by Shilol’sCatarrh Remedv. I’riee .VI cents. Nasal Injector Iren Citation. > 1. bounty, administrate) ... Ilicrs,<lcceaft9;i, rms made application tom m order t»» »ull the real estate belonging to **taic. These are, therefore, to cite nut Honish all nml singular the parties intcre. .0 show cause before me, by the 1st Momla Ictober, if any they Lave, why satdapplie. should not he granted. Liven tinder my hand and seal ot uUke, Atu?, lilith, 18KJL HENRY CIAY, Ordina A Sound lirgnl Opinion. K. Uainhridgc Munday Kstp, Cot;«iy., Atiy., Clay Co., Tex. says : “llavt} used Fivetrir Bitters with most happy xwttU*. My brother also was very low with Malarial Fever and Jaundice, hut \va; cured by timely use of this medicine. Am satisfied Electric Bitters ia,*d my life.” Mr. D. I. Wile ixson. of Horse Cave, Ky.» adds a like testimony, saving: lie nwstivclv believes he would have died, dad it’not been lor Electric Bitters, Tin, gnv.', -a ill ward olf, as well as eg.v .11 Malarial Diseases, aud for alt Ki't* ncy, Liver and Stomach Disordcrsstnuds tin- egualed. Price V)c. and one dollar at S. J. Cassels' Drug Store, are daily receiving Fall AND Winter CLOTHING! and our line of Light Medium WEIGHTS - MUST 60! Call and get OUR Prices before buy ing at ANYBODY’S Cost Prices, andjwe will SAVE YOU MONEY Clothiers- and Furnishers, ' 100 Broad St., ThomasviUo, Oft*