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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, August 31, 1889, Image 4

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Things a Baby Can Do. Whal a baby can do is explained by “Five Talents of Woman,” a new work just^published. A baby can beat any alarm clock ever invented lor waking a family up in Ibe morning. Give it a clijncc and it can smash more dishes than the most industrious servant girl in the country. It can fall down oltcner and with less provocation than the most expert tumbler in the circus ring. It can make more genuine fuss over a simple brass pin than its mother would over a broken back. It can choke itself black in the face with greater ease than the most ac complished wretch that was ever cxc cuted. It can keep a family in a constant turmoil from morning till night and night till morning, without once vary ing its tune. It can be relied upon to sleep peace fully all day when its father is away at business, and cry persistently at night when he is particularly sleepy. It may be the naughtiest, dirtiest, ug liest, most fretful baby in all the world, but you can never make its mother believe it, and you bad better not try. It can be a charming and model infant when no one is around, but when visitors are present it can ex hibit more bad temper than both, of its parents together. It can brighten up a house better than all the furniture ever made; make sweeter music than the finest orchestra ever organized ; fill a larger place in its parents’ breasts than they knew they had, and when it goes away it can cause a greater vacancy and leave a greater blank than all the rest of the world put together. Livingston’s Announcement. From the Covington Star (his home paper. ) If the election of Colonel Living ston to the presidency of the State Fnrmers’|Alliancc without opposition, an organization t(pit now has 1110,000 members, don’t prove his great strength and popularity with the farmers of Georgia, we would like to know what would. It shows he has the largest following of any man in Georgia. Mr. Livingston lias never said, in so many words, that ho was a candi date for governor, hut his position as president of the State Alliance, places him so prominently before the people of the State, that a formal announce ment is wholly unnecessary. Being placed at the head of the most powerful organization without opposition, is sufficient of itself to put. him in the lead of all those who have been spoken of in connection with the race for governor. Chickamauga’s Pipe of Peace. Chattanooga, Tens., Aug. 2(5.— IV. J. Colburn, the chairman of the local committee having in charge the local arrangements ior the reunion of the Society of the Army of the Cum berland, which occurs here Sept. IS, 10 and 20, to-day received a reply from Gov. Gordon to a letter of invi tation to make the welcoming speech at the great barbecue to lie given on the battlefield of Chickamauga, Sept. 20th. Gov. Gordon accepts the invi tation, and will mak e the address. Geu. Roseerain has also notified the committee of hie acceptance of an in vitation to reply to Gov. Gordon on the part of the Army of the Cumber land. A gentleman, accompanied by his wife, called the other day at a Port- laud, Me., railway ticket office, amt asked for a ticket to his home, which he stated was Fort Vermillion. He was not surprised when told that the office did not have such a ticket, and contented himself with a ticket to Montreal, remarking, incidentally, that ho hardly' expected to lie ticketed through, since his home is 1,200 miles from any railroad station. Such a re markable distance from a railroad in these days oi quick transportation was surprising, nor was his next state ment any less so. It is 700 miles from his home to a post office. A newspaper published not more than two mouths before, is a great rarity in that far-away northern home. The recorder in Macon had a man arraigned before him for vagrancy the other day. These drones ought to re- edive attention everywhere in the State. ASLEEP ON THE TRACK. A little child, tired of play, had pillowed his head on a railroad track and fallen asleep. The train was almost upon him when a passing stranger rushed forward and saved him from a horrible death. Perhaps you are asleep on tho track, too. You are, if you are neglecting tho hacking cough, the hectic Hush, tho loss of appetite, growing weakness and lassitude, conscious of its npproaoh, must be taken in time, if it is to bo overcome. Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery lias cured thou sands of cases of this most fatal of maladies. If taken in time, and given a fair trial, it is gunrnnfeoil to Iw’/iefit or cure in every ease of Consumption, or money paid for it will be promptly refunded. For Weak Lungs. Spitting of Blood, Short ness of breath, bronchitis. Asthma, Severe Coughs, and kindred affections, it is an effi cient remedy. Copyright, 1SS8, by World's Pis. Med. Ass’N. REWARD offered for an , of Catarrh in v tin* Head, by tho proprietors of Dr. Sage’s Catarrh Remedy. Only uO cents. Sold by druggists everywhere. -CARBONATED WITH- NATURAL GAS Imported front the Miner;)] Springs on the lthine, Ger many, on draught at L. SCHMIDT’S. PASSENGER SCHEDULE PROFESSIONAL CARDS. DRINK Glen Springs Mineral Water For the Liver and Kidn For sale at L. SCHMIDT’S. MARVELOUS DISCOVERY. Only Genuine System of memory Trnininj, Four Hunky Learned in one reading. Mi ml wondering cured, livery child mid udutt greatly benefitteff. • Grout Inducements to Correspondence Classes Prrwpuetiis, with Opinion* of Dr. YVm. A. Ham. mood, ih«« vorld-f.vuod KpecialintTn Alind Diseases, Daniel Greenlee fTliompsou, the great PsrchoL ..gilt, J. dl. ItiieUtoy, D. D.. editor of tho Christian A•leae&t?, .V. )’. Ttiehjtrd J’rorlor* the Neisntiat, 11 oiim. \V. \V. A-tor, .1 tidgi'Gilrion, Judnh P. benjamin* m t usit»»«»;t fi-en by Prill’. A. LOl-sETTU, 237 Filth A*e., N. Y, — AND — FK LIGHT SERVICE In Enxrr Feu. 2fi, 1889. via The KAIUtOAD. Sinvattee Hirer Route to Florida. Standard Time same aa Macon city time. GOING SOUTH. GOING NORTH Sofkor 4 la pm Avondale ...4 30 pi Wei la toil I 41 pi „4 oo pmtLv Valdosta. ...5 15 am 1 Arab!.. 1 Dakota Ashbm 01 pm ..8 17 pm . 8 25 pm Mlnoola 5 30 am 1 Hahira 5 54 am 1 Ox moor 6 09 am “ Adel 6 49 am Sparks 6 57 am “ Laconte 7 09 am “ Eldorado 7 29 am “ Tlfton 7 59 am “ Chula 8 17 am “ Inaha 8 33 am “ Sycamore....8 44 am “ Aahburn 8 52 am “ Dakota 9 08 am “ Arabl 9 22 am “ Wenona 9 36 am “ Cordole 9 47 am “ ltlchwood ..10 00 am “ Vienna 10 09 am *• Findlay 10 21 am “ PinehurstJO 29 am “ Unadllla....lO 42 am “ Elko 11 02 am “ Grovaola.,.1110 am “ Tlvola 11 31 am *• Kathleen ...1142 am “ Bonalro 1151 am “ Wollston....l2 05pm “ Avondale ...12 18pm *• Sofkee 12 28 pm Ar Macon 12 45 pm JF1CENI3 MEATS. \\\* will cjien, Monday, April 1st, at tile place lately occupied by Mr. P. II. Rone line stock of fresh meats. IJccf, Mutton and Pork. Our meats are from our own farms, fat, icy and sweet. We will be glad to receive your patronage and will serve you with the eat meats at the lowest possible prices. F. P. Horn & Buo For further info ■ trains arrive and dopart from uifier depot at Macon daily, coivcdnnd delivered at Central ns leave Macon dally at , o daily at 8:30 p. m. latlon apply to your ata- A. C. KNAPP, Traffic Manager, Macon, Ga. Florida Trunk Line. Florida Central —AND— Peninsula Railroad. Formerly the F. It. & IV, Co. Standard Time Used—June 2,1889. TI1KUX PI VISION | 5 90 p 1005 a 7110 p II 45 ;i 6 30 p 11 27 a 8 ;W p 12 42 p 19 30 p 2 27 | Feruandlna Ar Jacksonville Ar Callahan Ar .Baldwin Ar Lawtcy Ar starko Ar Waldo Ar Hawthorno Ar Ocala Ar Wildwood Ar Leesburg Ar Tavares Lv Orlando Lv 305p 830a 1 50 ]>: 6 10 a 1 53 p 6 40 a 1242]) 5 00ft 1158 a 3 55ft 11 28 a 3 30 a 10 23 a 2 00 a 907 p 12 01 p 8 00a 9 20p 7 35 a 7 55 p 710 a 7 OOp 0 45 a, 4 00 p i.VMPA DIVI3 30 Lv Jacksonville Ar Lv. Wildwood Ar Vr Pauasoffkoo Ar Vr Sumtorvlllo Ar ArSt. Cathcrlno Ar Vr Lncoochoo Ar , r Dado City Ar Ar Plant City Lv 610 a 8 45 p 800 p 7 30 p 640p COO.p 1 5 45 p 4 00 p 7 00 p fi 00 a; 5 10 a 1 1:; i keydiv. | 14 | 24 1145 a Lv Jacksonville Ar 150p 610 a Waldo • Gaincsvlllo Ar * Archer Lv P .vr liionson Ar < a \\r Cedar Key Lvl 5 30 a| 1035 p; 3 40 p 9 40 a 230 p 8 25 a 1215 p 7 48 a ’.STERN DIVISION | 2 1 1U 7 <>o pi 7 15a Lv Jacksonville Ar; 3 20 p’ 2 45p 5 05 pi 8 oOni A r Baldwin Art 2 35 p! 1 46 p 10 40 pi 'JOOajAr Lake City Arj 108p 1122 a 11 5,3p 1027a A r Llvo Oak Ar;l223pj 9 55a 1 oi n 11 28 a A r Madison Ar 11 15 a j 8 15 a 4 10 a. 12 52p| Ar Moutioclio LvIoUOa. 5 25 a 6 K) a 2 02 i» Vr Tallaliassoo Lv! 9 50 a 3 20 a s 09 a UOJpiAr Quincy Lv! 857 a 150 a 9 20 a 4 0U p .V vllivcr June. Lv HIM) a 12 05 a I 1 | 705a t 1,2,7, 8,9. 10,13, 11 Daily. 62, and 63 Daily. 3, 4, 23, 21, Daily, except Sunday. •M Dully except Sunday. 31 Daily except Monday, ______ fi:k; | JACKS. I 61 s 15 ii-t :;o a I.v Jacksonville; Ar850a-C 00 1005 p-600 a Ar Fernandlna Lv 715 a-4 30 5 and 0 daily, except Sunday. CO'and 61 Sundays only. _ 7 :13 a. in., New Orleans Express. Shortest ami quickest lino to all Middlo and West Florida points, Pensacola, Mobllo and Now Orleans. 7:15 a. in. an l 7 :30 p. m. trains con* neet Oirougli to Thomasvillo, Montgomery, Nashville, Ht. Louis; Cincinnati. Chicago, and all points North and West. Arrive at 2:45 p. m. and 3.45 p. m. 11:43 p. m. Mall and Express for all points South, Gainesville, Ocala, Leesburg, Taveres, Apopka, Orlando, PanasolIUoo (St. Catharine) Dad«* City, Plant City. Arrives at 1:50 p. m, 7 ah) p. m. Local, connects through lor all points South, Ocala, Galucsvlllo, Leesburg, Tavares, Orlando, Tarpon Springs, Southor* land, St. Petersburg, and Tampa. Arrives at 6:10 a. m, 11:15 a. m. Cumberland Route Express, con nects at Fernandlna with steamer City of Brunswick, daily, for Brunswick, Macon, At lanta, Chattanooga, LouisvlUo, Cincinnati St. Lou la and Chicago. Arrives 1:50 p. m, 4:30 p. m. Fernandlna Mail and Express, daily, connecting Tuesday and Friday with Sir. St. Nicholas for Savannah and way land ings. Thursday with Mallory Steamers for New York. Arrives 8:50 a. m. Sunday train leaves Jacksonville 8:45 a. m. This new service gives perfect connections at Baldwin f<«r all points North and Weal, Via Callahan to all points North, East and West. Via Fernandlna, connecting with Ktr. City of Brunswick, for Brunswick, Macon, Atlanta and all points North and West. D. E. MAXWELL, A. O. MACDONELL, Gen. Manager, G. P. k T. A. N. S. PENNINGTON, Traffic Manager. W REID. Agent at Thomasvillo. Ga. TO THE NORTH NORTHWEST —THE— L. &c JNT. LOUISVILLE S MiSlUILLE MILROAD —IS THE— SFIOllT LIKE, —WITH — THROUGH SLEEPING SARS. W. C. SNODOBASS. 1). F. HAWKINS SNODGRASS & HAWKINS, Attorneys-at-Law. IJI M, Mel NOTS1-1, Physician A Surgeon, Thomaaville, Georgia. gyOFKICE over Htark’s, corner Broad and Fletcher Streets. J)R. JOEL B. COYLE. DENTIST THOMASVILLE, GEORGIA. OFFICE. broadlSt., over Pickett’s. s, McLENDON, Attorney-at-Law, Thoniasvllle, . - - - Georgia. Prompt attention given to all (business en trusted to him. Ofllcft—Over Watt’s storo, corner Broad and Jackson streets. J 11. COYLE, D. D. S., * Resident Dentist, Thbmasvlllo, - - * Georgia. Offors his sorvlcbsto th citizens of Thom Seville and vicinity. Offlco hours—From 9 a. in. to l p. ni., and from2 to 5p.ra. Offlco—On Jackson street. W. D. MITCHELL, K. G. MITCHELL J^ITCIIELL & MITCHELL, Attorneys-at-Law, Thomasvllle, • • Georgia, w. W. 11RUCK, M. D. Office, up-stairs. S. DEICLE, M. D., Office in Hayes Building. Rosldenco—Corner Collogo avenuo and Mag nolla streot. Telephone communication, No. 23 for night N. S. Eaves, CONTRACTOR and BUILDER Thomasvillo, Georgia. I will bo glad to make contracts foi the construction of all classes of buildings, pub lic and prlvato, In elthor brick or wood. I will gunrantoe In overy lnstanco to give satisfaction. Doslgns and plans drawn and careful estimates modo. My Motto—Good, honest work at fair prices. If you want any building Uouo call on mo. I will submit ostlmatos wliotr.or contract is awarded mo or not. I refor to the many public buildings oroctod by mo in rULM A LEAN V TtJ KAMIVI I.LI-'.. IVA.YSVIM.i:, NT, I.OIIN, Ami but one change to I.OITNYILLI’. CINCINNATI, CHICAGO. And other northern cities. Always ask for tickets via the Louisville & Nashville R. U, For any information, write td C. I\ ATMORK, Gen. Pass. Agt, Louisville, Ky. Parties haying friends in the North should advise them to take this route to Thomas- illc during the coining season. BY PAR THE ROUTES —TO— M m OR BOSTON —1S.VIA— SAVANNAH -.-AND THE— OCEAN STEAMSHIP:-: LINE —OK TflE— Central Railroad of Georgia. SUMMER EXCURSION TICKETS Now on snle at reduced rates, Good to return until October :s 1st, 1880. Magnificent Steamers and elegant ser vice. Free from the heat and dust incident to ail-rail routes. If you are sick the trip will invigorate and build you up. Go east by sea and you'll never regret it. Passengers, before purchasing tickets via other routes, would do well to inquire first of the merits of tho Route via Savannah. Further information may be had by apply ing to the Agent at your station, or to M. S. BELKNAP, W. F. SIIKLLMAX, General Manager. Traffic Manager E. T. CHARLTON, CLYDE BOSTICK, Gen. Pnss. Agent. Trav. Pass, Agt., Savannah Ga. Thomasville Variety WORKS. Reynolds, Hargrave & Davis, Prop’rs. Manufacturers and Dealers ROUGH & DEE LUMBER. ED LATHES, PICKETS, SHINGLES, MOULDINGS, BRACKETS, SCROLL WORK, MANTLES, BALUSTERS* STAIR-RAILS Newel Posts, OFFICE, ClIURVH <t- STORE, Furniture. STORE FRONTS. Wire Screen Doors and Windows, Saslb Doors and Blinds TO ORDER. STAIlt BUILDING, AND INSIDE HARDWOOD FINISH A SPECIALTY. -CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED.! munUylnr ilUny A Chicago Ry. (V. (fo* THE PEST Direct Route! FROM ALL PRINCIPAL TOINTS IN THEsSOUTH TO CHICAGO AND THE NORTHWEST. wo through express trains dally, with Puli mail Palace BuffetSloeplngCars by night, ami Chair Cars by day, between Cln- clnnattl and Chicago, Indianapo lis and Chicago, and also be; twoon Loulsvlllo and Chicago, whore close con nections aro made for St. Paul, Fargo, Bismark, Pol- Und, Omaha, Kansas City, San Francisco and points Intermediate— Netv Fast Mail, Leaving Louisville, Dallyoxcopt Sunday, at 7 *30 a. in. Cincinnati, Dally, except Sunday at 7:45. Arriving at Chicago at 0:53. The most rapid servlco over attempted tween tho Groat Commercial Cities on OhioRlvor and Chicago. hrough Coupon Tickets, Baggago check ed to destination, and your safety and com fort provided for, aro among tho points that have made the MONOItf ROUTS Universally and doservedly popular. OHN B.CARSON, VIco-proa’t and Gon’l M; W. II. MCDOEL, Gcn’l Traffic Manager, E. O. McCOItMICK, Gon.l Passonger Agont. R. W. GLADING. Passengor and Freight Agt., 158 Broad St.. Thomasvillo Ga. Whiddon House (Opposite PInoy Woods Hotel.) THOMAS VILLIO, - GA E. B. JVhiddon, Prop. Tills liouso, located In the most desir able and central part of tlio city, Is now and complete in every particular. Fur nished In the most elegant manner and provided with all conveniences of mod ern hotels. Tho menu is perfect, arid the stirvlco rendered by trained andfpo- lito servants. Terms reasonable, and prices graded according to accommoda tions furnished. .Carriages from the honso meet all trains. dcclO-Iy Fife & Beverly MEIGS, GEORGIA. —DEALERS IN- General Merchandise AND ALL KINDS OF Builders’ Supplies, Lumber, etc. •o prepared to furnish anyth! o Lumber Link, Wo mako a i Mouldings, Turned' Scroll Work. Tho mostolrborato designs will bo faithful ly and correctly exocutcd. Wo operato the best equipped mills, and carry tho largest Btock of so asoned lumber In Southern Goor gla. Parti )» wanting lumber wlllsavo monoy by consulting us beforo placing tlielr orders. FIFE k BEVERLY F0R-;-SALE. Monticello Hotel, at Monticello, Fla., on lot 200 feet, front ing- the Court House Square, running back 100 feet, containing 20 rooms. Price, §8,000, including* fur niture. Terms, half cash, balance easy, This property is a bargain for any one wishing a small ho tel, well located, in a flourishing town. THE PUBLIC Grlen&Mcl, Contractors & Builders THOMASVILLE, GA. Wo will bo x'lad to mako contracts for, or superintend,‘fill classes of buildings, public or private, In either brick or wood. Will fur nish plans ami specifications If required. If you want any building done call on us. and wo will submit estimates whether contract Is awarded us or not. Wo will guarantee satis faction in all our work. Wo refor to tho many buildings erected by us lu ThoiuasvHlo, and to all partlos for whom wo havo worked. Shop on Fletcher st., 2nd door from Broad. Thoniasvllle, Ga., April 3, 1889. B. D. FUDGE, THOMASVILLE, GA., DEALER IN HARDWARE Stoves, Iron, Tin and Hollow Ware, of all kinds, and 'agent for King’s Powder Co, GEORGE FEARN, REAL ESTATE AGI XT. OFFICE IH-M1TCHELL HOUSE BLOCK, Cilj and Comiry Proper!; for Sale. HOUSES RENTED And 'fnxcii 1’t Itk DOANS? NEGOTIATED. Bring me a description oi your property That I have open ed, at my office on Broad st., an ex change where land lords may find ten ants, and tenants may find landlords. I will undertake to rent any class of real estate, from a negro cabin to the Mitchell House, from an acre patch to a five thousand acre plantation, and to collect the rents. Parties who have vacant rooms or furnished rooms to let, should call and see me. All wishing any thing in that line can find what they want at my office. ELI M. MALLETTE. 4 unfurnished rooms, up-stairs, new and elegant neighborhood, Dawson street, at $20.00 per month. No children wanted. 5 room house on Washington st., near Broad st., at $15,00 per month, hv the year, Large 7 room house on Madi son street, near center of town, at $20.00 per month. This is a desirable and cheap house. Four room tenement, on Cal houn street, near Broad street, at $5 per month, Furnished rooms on Jack soil st., near business blocks. Upstais of house on Calhoun street. Unfurnished rooms in Bry ant house, on Jackson st., be yond railroad. Furnished house in East End, 5 looms besides dining room and kitchen, at $50 per month. E. I Miif. REAL ESTATE BROKER, Thomasvillo. Ciooi-’-ia