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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, September 22, 1889, Image 4

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By Request. THE MARRIAGE VOW. Speak it not lightly, ’tis « holy thing. A bond enduring- through long distant years, When joy o’er thine abode is hovering. Or when thine eyes are wet with hitter tears; Recorded by an angel’s pen on high, And must be questioned in eternity. Spfeak it not lightly, though the young and * gay May throng around thee then with tones of mirth; Let not the holy promise of that day, Fade like the* clouds that with the morn have birth; But ever bright and sacred, may it he Stored in the treasure cell of memory. Life will not be all sunshine; there will come Dark hours for nil. Oh! will you, when the night Of sorrow gathers thickly around your home, Love as you did in times when calm and bright Seemed the sure path you trod, untouched by cate, And deemed the future, like the present, fair? Should fortune frown on your defenseless head, Should storms o’ertake your bark on life’s dark sea, Fierce tempests rend the sail so gaily spread; When Hope, her syren strains sang joy ously, Will you look up through clouds your life o’ercasts, I And say: “Together we will hide the blast.” Age, with its silvery locks will conic steal ing on, And bring the tottering step, the furrowed cheek, The eye from which each lustrous gleam had gone, And pale the cheek with accents low and weak; Will you think upon your life’s gay prime, And smiling, bid love triumph o’er time? Speak it not lightly. Oh, beware, beware: Tis no vain promise, no unmeaning word. Lo, men and angels lisp the faith you swear, And by the high and holy One ’tis heard. Oh! then, kneel humbly at His altar now, And pray for strength to keep your mar- What Women Can Do. Bolton Times. , She can come to a conclusion with out the slightest trouble of reasoning on it, and no sane man can do that. Six of them can talk at once and get along first rate, and no two men can do that. She can safely stick fifty pins in her dress while he is getting one un der his thumb nail. She is cool as a cucumber in half a dozen tight dresses and skirts, while a man will sweat and fume and growl in one loose shirt. She can talk ns sweet as peaches and cream to the woman she hates, while two men would be punching each other’s head before they had ex changed ten words. She can throw a stoue with a curve that would be a fortune to a base ball pitcher. She can Eay “no” in such a low voice that it means “yes.” She can sharpen a lead pencil if you give her plenty of time and plen ty of pencils. She can dance all night in a pair of shoes two sizes too small for her, and enjoy every minute of the time. 8he can appreciate a kiss from her husband veventy-fivc years after the marriage ceremony is performed. She can go to church and afterward tell you what every woman in the congregation had on, and in some rare instances can give you some faint idea of what the text was. She can walk half the night with n colicky baby in her arms without once expressing the desire of murder ing the infant. She can do more in a minute than a man can do in an hour and do it better. _ She can drive a man crazy for "twenty-four hours, add then bring him to paradise in two seconds by simply tickling him under the chin, and there does not live that mortal son of Adam’s misery who can do it. The fool killer lias many methods of getting in his work, and if he chooses to induce his victims to jump off something or go over Niagara Falls he Bliould not be interfered with. —New York Herald. J. S. MONTGOMERY, Real Estate Agent, THOMASVILLE, GA. Office over Beil 1 Culpepper’s Dree Store," Broil St I am now prepared to buy or sell, for other portlet, all kinds of town or country real Wtote, and have on my list a good assort ment of both kinds. -Strict and close atten tion to the business will be my aim, and I rttpectfally solicit a share of the business of the community. augimf Foor, unfortunate Batrachian! In what a Bad plight ho must have been. Ami yet hit misfortune was one that often befalls singers. Many a once tuneful voice among those who belong to the “genus’homo ” Is utterly spoiled by “cold in the head," or on the lungs, or both combined. For the above mentioned “ croak er” wo are not awaro that any remedy was ever devised; but we rejoice to know that all human singers may keep their heads clear and throats in tune by the timely use of Dr. Sage’s Catarrh Remedy and Dr. Pierce’s Golden Med ical Discovery, both of which are sold by druggists. Dr. Sage’s Catarrh Remedy cures the worst cases of Catarrh in the Head, no matter of tively unequaled. It cures tho worst linger ing coughs and builds up the tlcsh and strength of those who have been reduced by wasting diseases. It is guaranteed to benefit or cure in all diseases for which it is recommended, if taken in time and given a fair trial, or money paid tor it refunded. Copyright, 1885, by WORLD’S Dis. Mkd. AsS’N. Dr. PIERCE’S PELLETS regulate and cleanse the liver, stomach and bowels. They art* purely vegetable and per fectly harmless. One a 1)ohc. Sold by druggists. 25 cents a vial. MARVELOUS DISCOVERY. Only Genuine System of Memory Training. Four Boohs Drai ned in one reading. Ulind wandering cured. Proppocttis, with ..tond* the world-..— .. , Daniel (ireenlenl Thompson, the great Paychi opist, J. m. Buckley, D.D., editor of the Chrutu. Advocat'. X. )' . Richard Proetor, the Sciential Hons. IV. \V. Astor, Judge 4.itaon, Judah P. Benjamin, And other*, uent post freo by Prof. A. JLOIdttTTB, 237 Firth Arc., N. Y. of Dr. Wm. A. Ilnm. - it In Mind Diseanefl. j, tho great Psychol, itorof the Christian lllli -CARBONATED WITH— NATURALGAS Imported from the Mineral Springs on the lthinc, Ger many, on draught at L. SCHMIDT’S. DBINK Glen Springs Mineral Water For the Liver and Kidneys. For sale at L. SCHMIDT’S. D!* COYLES PITCH WAS V\Vl etas «nn Preserves the -Tei \VJ / 1**% OittuN Gum*. • FRESH MEATS. We will open, Monday, April 1st, at the place lately occupied by Mr. P. II. Rone a fine stock of fresh meats. Reef, Mutton and Pork. Our meats are from our own farms, fat, uicy and sweet. We will be glad to receive our patronage and will serve you with the eit meats at the lowest possible prices. F. P. lionn k Rr PASSENGER SCHEDULE — AND — FREIGHT SERVICE In Effect Feb. 2G, 1889, via The PROFESSIONAL CARDS. KAII.KOAI). Sinvanec ltiver Route to Florida. Standard Time same as Macon city time. GOING SOUTH. | GOING NOuTH_ Lv Macon.........4 00 pm;Lv Valdosta. ...5 15 am •< Sofkee 4 19 pm “ Mineola 5 30 am Avondale ...4 30 pm ’• Hahlra 5 54 am Wellstou 4 41 pm| •• Oxmoor 0 09 ain • Bonaire 4 58 pm ‘ Kathleen 5 07 pm ' Tivola 5 1H pin • Grovanla 5 39 pm • F.lko 5 47 pm • Unndllla 0 07 pm • PineUurst...t» 20 I • Findlay G 281 Vic Rich Wood...G 49 pm “ Cordell* .7 ‘22 •* Wen on.a 7 33 pm " Arabl 7 47 pni “ Dakota 8 01 pm “ Ashburn 8 17 pm «• sycamoro...8 25 pm " I ualia 8 36 pm •« Chula 8 52 pm “ TJfton 9 10 pm •• Eldorado 9 40 pm •' Lai onto 10 00 pin “ Sparks 10 12 pm •• Adel 10 20 pm “ Oxmoor 10 40 j m " Hahlra 10 55 pm “ Mineola 1113 pm Ar Valdosta....11 33 pnt Adel 0 49 I Sparks G 57 am “ Laconte 7 09 am Eldorado 7 29 am “ Tifton 7 59 am “ Chula, 8 17 am ** Iuaha 8 33 am “ Sycamore....8 44 am “ Ashburn 8 52 am “ Dakota 9 08 am " Arabl 9 22 am “ Wenona 9 36 am “ Cordolo 9 47 ain “ Rich wood ..10 00 am “ Vienna 10 09 am “ Findlay 10 21 am “ PInehurst.,10 29 am “ Unndllla....10 42 am “ Elko 11 02 am " Grovauia...ll 10 am “ Tivola ..11 31 am '• Kathleen ...11 42 am “ Bonalro 1151 am “ Wellston....l2 05 pm " Avondale ...12 18pm *• Sofkee 12 28 pm Ar Macon 12 45 pra Passenger trains arrive and depart from Union Passenger depot at Macon dally. Freight receivod and delivered at Central Railroad Warehouses. Local freight trains leave Macon dally at 6:00 a. m.,aud nrrlvo dally at 8:30 p. m. For further Information apply to your sta tion agent’or to A.^O. KNAPP, Florida Central —AND— Peninsula Railroad. Formerly Ihc F. R. & N, Co. Standard Time Used—June 2,1889. DR. M. M. T. HUCNINGSON, of Lake Oity, Fla., 30 Years in the Practice of Medicine Offers his professional services to the citi zens of Thoinasrillc and surrounding coun try. Ollice, 2nd door over A. C. Brown’i store, and A. C. Brown's residence on Daw son street. d&wCm Sept 17. DR. A. B. COUCH, Modern - Pathology, - New - Remedies, DIRECT TREATMENT, Offers his professional services to the citi zens of Tiiomasville and surrounding coun try. Office over Steyerman’s store, Broad street. Tiiomasville, (Ja, O-l-dAwly W. C. SNODGRASS. B. F. HAWKINS <2txon<;i?ASS& uawkins, Attorneys-at-Law. Office. Formerly occuplod by Entorprlso of- ijl M.McI.VOTSH, Pliyxician «& Surgeon, Thomasville, Georgia. OFFICE over Stark’s, corner Broad and Fletcher Streets. •J-JR. JOEL B. COYLE. DEKTTIST THOMASVILLE, GEORGIA. OFFICE. Ilro.Kl:St., over. I'ickett'B. S. G. McLENDON, | 7 | SOUTIIKHX DIVISION 1 8 J 4 5 00 p 10 03 a 700 p 1143a G 30 p 1127 a 8 30 p 12 42 p 9 25 p 1 27 p 9 53 p 1 42 j* l0 30p 227 j- 1120 a 3 02*p 1 10 a 4 29 p 3 50 a 542 p 5 10 a GlOp GOO a GlOp 9 42 a 822 p Lv Fernandlna Ar Lv Jacksonville Ar Lv Callahan Lv Baldwin Ar Lawtoy Ar Htarko Ar Waldo Ar] Ar Hnwthorno Arj Ar Ocala Ar Wildwood Ar Ar Leesburg Ar 31 | 305p 8 30a 150p 6 10a 1 53 p 8 40 a 1242p 500a 1158 a 3 55 a 11 28a 3 30a 10 52a 1 2 50a 10 23 a 2 00a 907 p 12 01 p 8 C0 a 9 20 p 7 35 a 7 55 p 710 a 7 0(/p 545 a; 4 OQp 30 7 oOp . Lv Jacksonville Ar i fllOa 5 00 a """ Lv Wildwood Ar 1 845p 5 40a " Ar Pauasoffkeo Ar 800p G 10 a Ar Sumtervillo Art 1 730p 7 15 j ArSt. Catherine Ar, 640p 8 05 ni !Ar Lacoochee Ar | OOOp 8 50 n [t:- r Dade City Ar | 5 45p 1030 a ;Ar Plant City Lv 4OOp 23 13 l CEDAR KEY DIV. | 14 j 24 7 00 p 1145 a Lv Jacksonville Ar 150p 610 a 6 00aj 4 10pLv Waldo 510 a 4 53 p Ar Gainesville Ar 10 45 al 5 42 p Ar Aroher T ” 1 G V2 p Ar Bronson 1035 p 340p 9 40 a, 2 30 p 8 25 a 1215 p at nronBon Ar 7 48 a 1 iAr Cedar Key Lvl 8 30 aj | 1 | WESTERN DIVISION. 1 2 | 10 7 00 pi 7 15 aiLv Jacksonville Ar: 3 20 pi 2 45p S05p 8 00a Ar Baldwin Ar 235pJ 1 46p 10 40 pf 9 30a Ar Lake City Ar| 108p;ll 22a 1158 p 1027a A r Live Oak Ar l223pj 9 55a 104altl28aAr Madison ArlllSa 815a 4 10 a! 12 52p Ar Montlcello Lv'lo30a 5 25a 6 10 a 2 02 p| Ar Tallahassee Lv! 9 50 a 3 20 a 8 00 a 8 03 pi Ar <iuluoy Lv 857 a ( 160a 9 20 a 4 00 p A r Itlvcr June. Lv 8 00 a 12 05 a | 1 I 7 05 a 1 1.2,7, 8, 9,10,13,14 Dally. 62, and 63 Dally. 3,4, 23, 24, Dally, except Sunday. 30 Dally except Sunday. 31 Dally except 845p-430a Lv Jacksonville Ar850a-C00 1005p-G00a Ar Fernandlna Lv715a-4 30 5 and G dally, except Suudny. GO and Cl Sundays only. 7 :15 a. m., New Orleans Express. Shortest and quickest lino to all Middle and West Florida points, 1'cnsacola, Mobile and New Orleans. 7 :15 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. traluscon- nect iirough to Thomasvlllo, Montgomery, Nashville, St. Louis. Cincinnati. Chicago, und nil points North and West. Arrlvo at 2:45 p, m. and 3.45 p. m. 11:45 p. m. Mail and Express for all points South, Gainesville, Ocala, Leesburg, Tavotti Anopkn, Orlando, Panasoffkeo l«t. Catkarlnl Dade City, Plant City. Arrives at 1:50 p. m, 7:00 p. m. Local, connects through for all points South, Ocala, Oalnosvillc, Leesburg, Tavares, Orlando, Tarpon Springs, 8outhor* land, St. Petersburg, and Tampa. Arrives at 6:10 a. m, 11:43 a. m. Cumberland Route Express, con nects at Fernandlna with steamer City of Brunswick, daily, for Brunswick, Macon, At lanta, Chattanooga, Louisville, Cincinnati St. Louis and Chicago. Arrives 1:50 p. m. 4:30 p. m. Fernandlna Mall and Expross, daily, connecting Tuesday and Friday with 8tr. St. Nicholas for Savannah and way land ings. Thursday with Mallory Steamers for New York. Arrives 8:50a. m. Sunday train leaves Jacksonville 8:45 n. m. This new service gives perfect connections at Baldwin for all points North and West, Via Callahan to all points North, East and West. Via Fernandlna, connecting with Htr. City of Brunswick, for Brunswick, Macon, Atlanta and all points North and West. D. E. MAXWELL, A.O. MACDONELL, Gen. Manager, O. P. Si T. A. N. S. PENNINGTON, Traffic Manager. J. W REID. Agent at Thomasville. Ga. TO THE NORTH AND NORTHWEST —THE— l. & jst. LOUISVILLE & NASHVILLE RAILROAD, —IS THE— SHORT LI3STE, —WITH — THROUGH SLEEPING SABS, FROM ALBANY TO NAKUVII.I.B, j:v.\Nsvii.i.j:, HT. I.Ol’IN. Anil but one change to CHICAGO. And other northern cities. Always ask for tickets via the Louisville k Nashville R. It. For any information, write to C. P. ATMORE, Gen. Pass. Agt. Louisville, Ky. Parties haring friends in the North should advise them to take this route to Thomas- rillc during the coming season, Attorney-at-Law, Thomasville, - - - Georgia. Prompt attentionjlgivenI to allBbusincss en trusted to liim. , „ , . Office—Over Watt's store, coincrl llroad and Jackson streets. J II. COYLE, D. D. S., Resident Dentist, Thomasville, • Georgia. Offers his sorvlcosto th citizens of Thom asville and vicinity. Office hours—From 9 a, m. to 1 p. ra., and from2 to 5 p. ra. Offlco—Ou Jackson streot. W. D. MITCHELL, It. G. MITCHELL. J^ITCIIELL & MITCHELL, Attorneys-at-Law, Thomasville, • • Ooorgla. W. BRUCE, M. D. Office, up-stairs. Coiner of Broad and Fletcher streets, [aug 15-’85-3yl PJI S. DEKLE, M. D., Office in Hayes Building. Residence—Corner Collogo avenuo and Mag nolla street. Telephone communication, No. 23 for night BY FAR THE ROUTE —TO— NEW YOBS OK BOSTON —IS VIA— SAVANNAH —AND Tnii— I OCEANSTEAMSHIP:-: LINE n —OV THE— Central Railroad of Georgia, SUMMER EXCURSION TICKETS Now on sale at reduced rntes. Good to return until October Lllst, 188b. Magnificent Steamers and elegant ser vice. Free from the heat ami dust incident to ail-rail routes. If you arc sick the trip will invigorate and build you up. Go cast by sea and you’ll never regret it. Passengers, before purchasing tickets via other routes, would do well to inquire first of the merits of tho Route via Savannah. Further information may be had by apply ing to the Agent nt your station, or to M,S. BELKNAP, \V. F, S1IELLMAN, General Manager. Traffic Manager IE. T. CHARLTON, CLYDE BOSTICK, 'Gen. Pass. Agent. Trav. Pass. Agt., Savannah Ga, Men & Mel, Contractors & Builders TIIOMASVILLE, GA. Wo will bo glad to make contracts for, or suporlntcnd, all classes of buildings, public or nrlvato, In cither brick or wood. Will fur nish plans and specifications if required. If you want any building dono call on us, and we will submit estimates whether contract Is awarded us or not. Wo will guarantco satis faction in all our work. Wo refer to tho many buildings erected by us In ThoinasYlllo, and to all parties for whom wo hnvo worked, Shop on Fletcher st., 2nd door from Broad, Thomasville, Ga., April 3, 1889, * N. S. Eaves, CONTRACTOR and BUILDER Thomasvlllo, Georgia. I will be glad to mako contracts foi the construction of all classes of buildings, pub lic and private, in cither brick or wood. I will guarantee In every Instance to give satisfaction. Designs and plans drawn and careful estimates made. MY Motto—Good, honest work at fair prices. If you want any building dono call on me. 1 will submit estimates whother contract la awarded mo or hot. I refer to the many public buildings erected by mo In Thomasvlllb and elsewhere, and all parties for whom 1 have worked' ittunUt, Sit Albany A Chicago By. Co.IKK THE PEST AND MOST Direct Route! FROM ALL PRINCIPAL POINTS IN TIIEsSOUTH TO CHICAGO AND THE NORTHWEST. wo through express trains dally, with Pull man Pnlaco Buffet Sleeping Cars by night, and Chair Cars by day, betweon Clu- cinnnttl and Chicago, Indianapo lis and Chicago, and also bo tween Louisvlllo and Chicago, where close con nections aro made for St. Paul, Fargo, Blsmark, Pol- land, Omaha, Kansas City, San Francisco and points Intermediate— New Fast Mail, Leaving Louisville, Dally except Sunday, at 7 -30 a. m. Cincinnati, Dally, except Sunday at 7:45. Arriving at Chicago at 6:55. Tho most rapid service ever attempted be tween the Groat Commercial Cities on the Ohio River and Chicago, 83-9 hrough Coupon Tickets, Baggage check ed to destination, and your safety and com fort provided for, aro among the points that have made the Moivroitf route; Universally and dosorvodly popular. OHN B.CARSON, Vlce-pros’t and Gon’l Mgr W. H. McDOEL, Gon’l TraMc Manager, E. O. MCCORMICK, Gon.l Passenger Agent. r. W. GLADING, Passengor and Freight Agt., 158 Broad 8t.. Thomasville Go. WhiddorL House (Opposlto Plney Woods Hotel.) THOMASVILLE, - GA E. B. Whiddon, Prop. This house, located In the most desir able and central part of tho city, is new and complete in overy particular. Fur nished in tho most elogant manner and provided with all conveniences of mod ern hotels. The monu Is perfect, and tho servlco rendered by trained andfpo- lite servants. Terms reasonable, and prices graded according to accommoda tions furnished. Carriages from tho house meet all trains. declO-ly bTd. fudge, TIIOMASVILLE, GA., DEALER IN HARDWARE Stoves, Iron, Tin and Hollow Ware, of all kinds, and [agent for King’s Powder Co. GEORGE FEA.frN, REAL ESTATE AGl’tf, OFFICE IN MITCHELL HOUSE BLOCK. Cilj and Con’.irj Pjoperti for Sale. HOUSES RENTED And Taxes n Id. LOAM! NEGOTIATED. Bring me a description oi your property Tiiomasville Varietj. WORKS. Reynolds, Hargrave & Davis, Prop’rs. Manufacturers and Dealers IN * ROUGH & DB 1ED LUMBER. LATHES, PICKKTS, SHINGLES, MOULDINGS, BRACKETS, SCROLLWORK, MANTLES, BALUSTERS,* STAIR-RAILS Newel Posts, OFFICE, CHURCH & STORE, Furniture. STORE FRONTSj Wiro Screen Doors anil Windows, ’ Sash, Doors and Blinds TO ORDER. STAIR BUILDING, AND INSIDE^ HARDWOOD FINISH A SPECIALTY. (^CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED. PRETTY Paying Farms For Sale. I will sell the Henry McLendon place., 3 miles out on the Mag nolia road to a good man on easy terms, at $2,5oo. This is the best small farm, all things considered, in the county. 7 acres in pears, other im- provementsmoderate. Open land for 2-horse farm, admirably ad apted to fruit and vegetables, dairying etc. Ill 1-2 acres, good water and neigli borhood* worth $5,ooo but will sell at $2,5oo. Also the Pittman- Thomas place, con sisting of77 1-2 acres 2 1-2 miles from court house on right side of Magnolia road. No waste land, level and clay soil ; about half open land, balance in beautiful woods, good ten acre pearorchard, justbeginninsrto bear; small house,fine crops raised this year. Will throw in a good mule and one-horse wagon, farming implement etc., and plenty 0 f feod and see;^ t0 ra i se next cre^p Better worth ^0000 than most places about town for ^Vhich that sum is charged, but can be bought at S3,ooo on easy terms. To a man who wants a little farm conve nient to Thomasville, on which he can easi ly earn a good living, I unreservedly and honestly recommend either of these places. loss it Rent. 4 unfurnished rooms, up-stairs, new and elegant neighborhood, Dawson street, at $20.00 per month. No children wanted. 5 room house on Washington st., near Broad st., at $15,00 per month, by the year, Large 7 room house on Madi son street, near center of town, at $20.00 per month. This is a desirable and cheap house. Upstais of house on Calhoun street. Furnished house in East End, 5 rooms besides dining room and kitchen, at $50 per month. REAL ESTATE BROKER, Thomasville. S Georgia