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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, September 27, 1889, Image 4

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, ■ ■ - Her Routine of Life While Serving Her Sentence. From the Poll Moll Gazette. Mrs. Maybrick—almost forgotton now—is doing Iter nine months of solitary confinement, and daily does an allotted task of needlework. Those who follow the wretched woman’s career, as it may he studied from time to time by the prison bulletins, will learn with interest that there is considerable thought as to dress in this prison, and as befits a Indy s es tablishment. Even in prison, accord ing to F. W. Ivobiuson, a variety <>! toilets is customary; There is the probation class, in which women for the first nine months wear a lilac cot ton skirt in summer, with a blouse bodice, a square of serge for the shoulders, a check blue and white apron, small white linen cap with goffered border, and a plain, uiitrim- med, coarse white sraw bonnet of what is termed [the “cottage shape,” and a very hideous shape, to our masculine mind, it appears to be. On Sundays white aprons and neckerchiefs are worn. In winter the lilac dress is replaced by a thick blue serge, with a neckerchief of the same material, and a thick fawn colored circular cape, is also allowed for the shoulders. In the second nine months the pris oner is a woman of the third cl as.-, and wears, in summer a plain cotton skirt with stripes, and a square of brown serge for the shoulders. .1 lie bonnet and linen cap remain the same in style, or distinguished as it may be for want of style, and white aprons and neckerchiefs again smarten up the women on the Sabbath. In win ter the third-class women wear brown serge dresses and fawn-colored caps. In the third nine months a female con vict becomes a woman of the second class, and is allowed the distinction of wearing a full blue cotton skirt with white spots, a blouse bodice of the same material and a square of green serge for the shoulders. In winter she wears a thick green seigc gown, the other details of the dress being the same as in the preceding class. In the fourth period of nine months she becomes a woman ot the first class, with little, if any, distinc tion from the second, and this remains till she is within nine months of the expiration of the sentence, when happy time far the female convict, with liberty so close at hand again— she is dubbed a woman of the special class. The two children of Mrs. Maybrick have by the consent of tlieir deceased fathers brothers ami of the Baroness von Roque, thei grnndunother, been adopted by ; lady and gentleman in London who arc in good circumstances and who will see to their maintenance and education. The children (hoy and girl) will assume the names of their foster parents, and thus it is imped in future life escapes the stain attach ing to the name of their mother. Arc von going away fora vacation! said one merchant to another. No, I am going to the stoic every day ; but I have made arrangements to take a rest. IIow ? I took my advertisement out of the paper.—Lynchburg N irginian. IF A BODY MEET A IlODT the result is a collision, whether “coming thro’ tho rve," nr not. Life is full of collis ions. Wo lire constantly colliding with some- body or something. If it isn't with our neighbors it is with some dread diseases that “knocks us off the track ” and perhaps dis ables us for life. Women especially it seems, have to bear the brunt of more collisions and afflictions than mankind. In all cases of nervousness, bearing-down sensations, ten derness, periodical pains, sick headache , con gestion, inflammation, or ulceration and all usses,” intlammat...... ■■female irregularities” and wui»uvppc-o. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription comes to the rescue of women ns no other medicino docs. It is the only medicine for women, sold by druggists, under a punitive guarantee, ItiunnflintIIrnva. that. it. will fflVfl facturers, that it will D — money paid for from tho satisfaction in every eutso, ui- uium.7 i'“ ,u it will be refunded. See yuarcmtcc on bottle- wrapper. Copyright, 1SS8, by World's pis. Med. ass’x. 9r. PIERCE’S PELLETS regulate and cleanse the liver, stomach and bowels, They are purely vegetable and per fectly harmless. One n Dowc. tfold by druggists. 23 cents a vial. MARVELOUS .. DISCOVERY. Onlv Ocntdnc oOicmory Trainiu*' l*our llnaU* I,! jt> m:d la one rending. Tdiii'l v/:»nilcriuit cured, livery child nud adn't areally benefitted. • Groat induconi*'3to to C »rr«spondonco C ProHpoct'in, ’ f nr. \y Advocate linn*. T Den in 11 mmiit7L,7V.r |.fv :; : S; W.-l'tn Minii 1 II..(i rccii!” 1 . i • squill-ion, t ho great-* Bjcnol* itfiph I—, ii It.,oditorof tho Christian A. V . itie’imvl I'roetor, tho> Scionttat, U\ \V. A-tor,.lodge Jfthwnn, 1*. A.'*L()ISE TTE» 2 « 7 Fifth Ayc.*W. Y. PASSENGER SCHEDULE FREIG[fT SERVICE In Effect Fee. 20, 1889, via Tiie IMILR04D. Sinvancc River Route to Florida. Standard Time same ns Macon city time. GOING SOUTH. | GOING NOBTU I.v Macon.'..’..... 1 0o pm;Lv Valdosta. ...5 15 am 1 Sofkcr A Wild Well st * llnadliJa * Pi noli urs * FJndlay. ‘ Vienna * Itlchwc * Cordolo * Arab! • Dakota... ‘ Ashburn ...G 07 pin ..« 20 pin ..G 2S pm ...G 40 pm >od...G 49 pm 7 22 pin \ 7 33 pin 7 47 pm 8 01 pm .8 17 1 3 pm 00 pm ..10 12 pm ..10 29 pm „io to r m .10.3.7 pm "...11 33 pm'Ar Macon • trains ai enser dope — ‘celved and dolivoro Mineola......r» 3G am Hah Ini'. 5 54 am Ox moor G 09 am Adel 6 4‘J am Sparks 6 57 am Laconto 7 09 am Eldorado 7 29 am Tlftou 7 59 am Chula 8 17 am Inaha 8 33 am Sycamore....*44 am Ashburn 8 52 am Dakota 9 08 am Arabi 9 22 am Wenona 9 30 am Cordele 9 47 am Richwood ..10 00 am Vienna 10 09 am Findlay 10 21 am Plnehurst ..10 29 am Unadilla....l» 42 am Elko 11 02 am Grovania ...1110 am Tlvola 11 31 am Kathlocn ...11 42 am Bonaire 1151 am Wollston....l2 05 pm Avondalo ...12 18 pm Sofkee 12 28 pm “ Eld.*ra<l " Lai ontc “ Sparks “ Adel “ Oxmooi “ II ah Ira “ Mincol Ar Vwidest Pnsseugi Union Pas Freight l Railroad Warehouses. Local freight trains leave Macon dally at G;<!0 a. m.,and arrlvo dally at 8:30 p. m. F.-r further Information apply to your sta tion agent or to A. O. KNAPP, Traffic Manager, Macon, Ga. ..12 45 pm ivo and depart from at Macon dally. * “ at Central - CARBONATBDJWITH- NATURAL GAS i Imported from the .Mineral Springs on the Rhine, many, on draught at Ger- "S. Tax and Registration NOTRE. I will lie at the fulluwiiq; iuiuu'.I w on days mimed hclow 1 >r collecting the Taxu for the -• ••• registering the l*m' 1 vul,rr '’ 0 county. Duncanville, Tucj-'lity, o,t. m. "Metcalfe, Wednesday. Oct. 2nd. Hast Glasgow, Thursday. Gel. di d. lloslou, Friday, Get. 1th. Ways. Monday, Oct. 7th. Murphys, Tuesday, Ocl. Mil. Ochlockonee, Wednesday, Get. idh. Spence, Thursday, Gel. loth. Cairo, Friday, Gel. 1 ith. . Will he at lay office in Tliutnusv.ll ing court week. 6 i’. s. ii i;i;tii, Tas Collect,ir and llegi? yiose of Mineral Water For the Liver and Kidneys, For sale at l. somemrs. J, s, Real Estate Agent, 31 thomasvillb, oa. Office «et (kid ii Calpepper’s Drug Store, 1 JBroail St I am now prepared tu buy or sell, lor other parties, all kinds oi town or country real estate, and have on my list a good assort ment ot both kinds. Strict and close atten tion to tbc liminess will be my aim, and I respectfully solicit a share of the business of tbs community. aug?8tf DRINK FRESH MEATS. We will open, Monday, April 1st, at the place lately occupied by Mr. 1*. II. Roue a fine stock of fresh meat*. Beef, Mutton and Fork. Our meats are from our own farms, fat, uicy and sweet. We will be glad to receive our patronage and will serve you with the cat meats at the lowest pos aible prices. * P P. Horn k Ha FlorfdadTrunkLine. Florida Central —AND— Peninsula Railroad. Formerly II»c F. R. & IN* C’O. Standard Time Used—June 2,1889. “3 j 7 | SOt'TllEBN DIVISIONT 500 P 1003 a T.v Feruandlna Ar 7 0J p 11 45 a Lv Jacksonville Ar G30 p 1127 a Lv Callahan Ar 8 30 p 12 42 p Lv Baldwin Ar . *►23 p 1 27 1* Ar Lawtoy Ar 11581. . . 9 55 p 142 p Ar fltarko Ar 11 28 a 3 30 a 10 30 . -2 27 I Ar Waldo Ar'lO52a 2 50a 11 20 a 302 r. Ar Hawlhorno Ar 10 23a 2 00a 1 10 a 4 29 p Ar Ocala Ar, 007 p 12 01 p 5 42 pAr Wildwood Ar 8l 0a 0 20p G10 J» Xr Leesburg Ar 7 33.. . — I'.iiti. it- Tavares Lv 710a 7 00p Orlando Lvl 5 45 a, 4 00 p 2 p Ar at 1 IPA DIVIS 30 1030 i 131 Lv .Jacksonville Ar GlOa Lv' Wildwood Ar 8 45p Ar Pauasoffkco Ar 800p Ar Sumtorvlllo Ar, 7 30p i Ar St. Catliorino Ar ! G40p Ar Lacoocheo Ar . GOOp r Dado City Ar | 5 45 p ' Ar Plant City Lv fOO'P 13 TceDAB KEY Div: 1 14 | 24 7 00 p 1143 a Lv Jacksonville Ar lMp 610 a G 00 ai 4 10 p Lv Waldo Aril035 p. 3 40p 5 10 a 4 53 P Ar Gainesville Ar 9 10 a, 2 30 p 10 15 i 5 42 > Ar Archer Lv 8 25 a 1215 p G 12 p Ar Bronson Ar 7 48 a, U |Ar Cedar Key Lvl 8 80 ai ~ y f 1~ I WF^TEUN DIVISION j 2 \ 10 7 00 p 8 05 p 10 40 p 11 58 p 1 04 a 4 10 a G 10 a 8 00 a 9 20 a 7 15 a 8 00 a 9 3G a 10 27 a 11 28 a 12 52 p 2 02 p 3 03 p 4 00 p Li Ar Baldwin .... — « Ar Lako City Ar! 108 p|ll 22 .. Ar LlvoOak Arl223pj 9 33a A r Madison Ar 1113 a 13 a Ar Mouticollo Lvlo30 a 5 25 a Ar Tallaliasseo Lv 9 50 a 3 20 a Quincy Lv 857 a 150 a River June. Lv 800 a; 12 05 a I 7 05 a i DR. M. M. T. HUCHINGSON, of Lake City, Fla., 30 Years in the Practice of Medicine, Offers his professional services to the citi zens of Thoruasville and surrounding coun try. Ollice, 2nd door over A. <J. Brown’s store, and A. 0. Brown’s residence on Daw son street. d&wGm Sept 17. DR. A. 13. COUCII, Modern - Pathology, - Hew • Remedies, DIRECT TREATMENT, Offers his professional services to the citi zens of Thonmsville and surrounding coun try. Office over Stcycrman's store, Broad street, Thonmsville, Ga. -:;-dAw l v W. C. SNODGRASS. B. F. IIAWKINS gNO]5URASS& IIAWKINS, Attovneys-at-Law. Ofllco. Formerly occupied by Enterprise of- ijl M Mcl-VOTSH, Physician &, Surgeon, Thonmsville, Georgia, jjy OFFICE over Stark’s, corner Broad and Fletcher Streets. JOE-L B. COYLE. DENTIST THOMASVILLE, GEORGIA. OFFICE. St., over l’ickctt's. g <}. McLendon, Attorney-at-Law, Thomasville, - - * Georgia. Prompt attcntion;| alllbusincss en trusted to him. Office—Over Watt’s store, corner, Broad and Jackson streets. J II. COYLE, I). D. S., Resident Dentist, Thomasville, - Georgia. Offers Ills services to th citizens of Thom* asvlllo and vicinity. Offico hours—From 9 a. m. to 1 p. m., and from2 to 5 p.ra. Office—On Jackson street. W. D. MITCHELL, K. G. MITCHELL. J^*ri'CHELL& MITCIIELL, Attorneys-at-Law, Tliumaaville, - - Goorflii. "w.Tikuce, m. d. Office, up-stairs. Cor nor of Broad and Fletcher streets, [aug T. S. DEKLE, M. I)., Office in Hayes Building. itosidonco-^orner Collogo avenue and Mag 1,2,7, H, 9.10,13,14 Dally. 02, and 03 Dally. 3 4, 23. 24, Dally, except Sunday. 3U Dally except Sunday. 31 Dally except Monday. GO Cl 8 45p-4 30a Lv jackaonvlllo ArS50a-G00 1005 p-GOO a Ar Feruandlna Lv 7 15 n-4 30 •5 and G dally, except Sunday. 00 nnd 01 Sundays only. 7 -is tt . in., Now Orleans Express. Hhortost ami quickest lino to all Middle nnd West Florida points, 1'cnsacola, Mobile and New Orleans. 7 :15 a. m. an 1 7:3U p. in. trains con nect 5irough to Thomasville, Montgomery, Nashville, St. Louis. Cincinnati. Chicago, and all point* North and West. Arrlvo at 2:15 p. in. ami 3.45 p. in. 11 -45 p. iu. Mall and Express for all points South, Galncsvlllo, Ocala, Leesburg, Tavores, Anopka, Orlando, Fanasoffkce (St. Catharine) Dade City, Plant City. Arrives at 1:50 p. m, 7 00 p. m. Local, connects through for all points South, Ocala. Gainesville, Leesburg, Tavares, Orlando, Tarpon Springs, Souther land, St. Petersburg, and Tampa. Arrives at 0:10 a. m, 11:43 a. m. Cumberland Route Express,con nects at Feruandlna with steamer City of Brunswick, dally, for Brunswick, Macon, At lanta Chattanooga, Loulsvlllo, Cincinnati at. Lnils ami Chicago. Arrlvos 1:30 p. ra. 4:30 p. m. Fernamllna Mall and Express, daily, connecting Tuesday and Friday with Sir st. Nicholas for Savannah nnd way land ings. Thursday with Mallory Steamers for New York. Arrives 8:50a. m. Sunday train leaves Jacksonville 8:45 a. m.. This new service glvos perfect connections at Baldwin for all points North and West, Via Callahan to all points North, East nnd Wost. Via Foruandlna, connecting with Str. Uty of Brunswick, for Brunswick, Macon, Atlanta nnd all points North and West. D. E. MAXWELL, A.O MAcDONELL, Gen. Manager, G. P. k T. A. N. S. PENNINGTON, Traffic Manager. j. W REID. Agent at ThomaHVille, Ga. TO THE NORTH 1ST ORTHWEST • —THE— L. & JST. LOUISVILLE k HASHYILLE RAILROAD —IS THE— SHOUT LINE, —WITH— THROUGH SLEEPING SARS, FROM ALBANY TO urAsnviiiLK, eyansyjjllk. HT. I-OLIH. And but one change to hOl'IHVILLE. lUNCINlKATI, CHICAGO. And other northern cities. Always ask for tickets via the Louisville Ac Nashville R. U. ■"For any information, write to “ C. P. ATMORK, Gen. Pass. Agt, Louisville, Ky. l’arties baying friends in the North should advise them to take this route to JThomai- ville dnrincr the cominct reason. BY FAR THE route; —TO— NEW YORK OR BOSTON —IS. VIA— SAVANNAH —AND TIIE— OCEANSTEAMSHIPLINE —OV TIIE— Central Railroad of Georgia. SUMMER EXCURSION TICKETS Now on sale at reduced rates, flood to . return until October 31st, 1389. Magnificent Steamers and elegant ser vice. Free from the heat and dust incident to ail-rail routes. If you arc sick the trip will invigorate and build you up. Go cast by sea nnd you'll never regret it. Passengers, before purchasing tickets via other routes, would do well to inquire first of the merits of the Route via Savannah. Further information may be had by apply ing to the Agent at your station, or to M. S. BELKNAP, W. F. S1IKLLMAN, General Manager. Traffic Manager E. T,CHARLTON. CLYDE BOSTICK, Gen. Pass. Agent. Trav. Pass, Agt.. Savannah Ga. GrleULevici Contractors & Builders THOMASVILLE, GA. Wo will bo glad to mako contracts for, or superintend, all classes of buildings, public or private, in either brick or wood. Will fur nish plans and specifications If required. If you want any building done call on us, and wo will submit estimates whether contract is awarded us or not. Wo will guarantee satis faction In all our work. Wo refer to tho many buildings erected by us in Tlioiaasvllle, and to all partios for whom wo have worked m riAtMinr at Otifl ilmtr from Broad. PRETTY Paying Farms For Sale, THE PEST Direct Route I FROM ALL PRINCIPAL POINTS IN THEfSOUTH TO CHICAGO AND THE NORTHWEST. wo through oxpreos trains dally, with Pull man Palaco Buffet Sleeping Cars by night, and Chair Cars by day, between Cin cinnati! and Chicago, Indianapo lis and Chicago, and also bo twoen Loulsvlllo And Chicago, whero close con nections are made for St. Paul, Fargo, Blsmark, Pol- , land, Omaha, Kansas City, San Francisco and points intermediate— £701? Fast Mail, Leaving Loulsvlllo, Dally except Sunday, at 7 -30 a. m. Cincinnati, Daily, except Suuday. at 7:45. Arriving at Chicago at 6:55. Tho most rapid service over attempted be tween tho Groat Commercial Cities on the Ohio River and Chicago. gfg-7 hrough Coupon Tickets, Baggngo chock ed to destination, and your safety and com fort provided for, aro among the points that have made tho MONON ROUTE Universally and dosorvodly popular. OIIN B.O.VRSON, Vlco-pros’t and Gon’l Mgr W. II.-McDOEL, Gen’l Traffic Manager, E. O. McCORMICK, Gon.l Passenger Agent. R. W. GLARING. Passengor and Freight Agt., 158 Broad St.. Thomasville Ga. Whiddon House (Opposlto Plney Woods Hotel.) THOMASVILLE, - GA E. B. Whiddon, Prop. This house, located In tho most desir able and central part of tho city, is new and compicto in ovory particular. Fur nished in tho most elegant manner and provided with nil conveniences of mod ern hotels. Tho menu is porfeet, and tho service rendered by trained andjpo- llto servants. Terms reasonable, and prices graded according to accommoda tions furnished. ■ Carriages from tho house meet all trains. declO-ly E. D. FUDGE, THOMASVILLE, GA., DEALER IN HARDWARE Stoves, Iron, N. S. Eaves, CONTRACTOR and BUILDER Thomasville, Georgia I will bo glad to raako contracts for tho construction of all classes of buildings, pub lic and private, In either brick or wood. I will guarantee in every instance to give satisfaction. Designs and plans drawn and careful estimates made. Ml Motto—Good, honest work at fair prices. If you want any building done call on me. I will submit estimates whether contract Is awarded mo or not. I refer to the many public buildings orocted by me in Thomasville and elsewhere, and all parties for wliom 1 have worked* Tin and Hollow Ware, Bis ii Spit! Ms otall kinds, anil [agent for King’s Powder Co. GEORGE FliARN, REAL ESTATE AGI\T, OFFICE IN MITCHELL HOUSE BLOCK, Citj and Coitirj Proper!) for Sale. IIOTJSKS Itli NTEI) And Taxes 1*4 Id. LOANS! NEGOTIATED. Brins nic a description oi your properly I will soli the Henry McLendon place, 3 miles out on the Mag nolia road to a good man on easy terms, at $2,5oo. This is the best small farm, all things considered, in the county. 7 acres in pears, other im- provementsmoderate. Open land for 2-horse farm, admirably "ad apted to fruit and vegetables, dairying* etc. Ill 1-2 acres, good water and neigli borhood; worth $5,ooo but will sell at $2,5oo. Also the Pittman- Thomas place, con sisting of 77 1-2 acres 2 1-2 miles from court house on right side of Magnolia road. No waste land, level and clay soil ; about half open land, balance in beautiful woods, good ten acre pear orchard, justbeginninLrto bear, small house,fine crops raised this year. Will throw in a good mule and one-liorse wagon, farming implements, etc., and plenty of feod and seed to raise next crop. Better worth $6ooo than most places about town for which that sum is charged, but can be bought at $3,ooo on easy terms. To a man who wants , little farm conve nient to Thomasville, on which lie can easi ly earn, a good living, I ' unreservedly and honestly recommend eitlier % of these places. Thomasville Variety WORKS. Reynolds, HavgravOifi: Davis, Prop’rs. Manufacturers and Dealers ROUGH & DR 1ED LUMBER. LATHES, PICKETS, SHINGLES, MOULDINGS, BRACKETS, SCROLL WORK, MANTLES, BALUSTERS* STAIR-RAILS Nowol Rosts, OFFICE, CHURCH & STORE, Furniture. STORE FRONTS. Wire Screen Doors and Windows, Sash, Doors nnd Blinds TO ORDER. STAIR BUILDING, AND INSIDE^ HARDWOOD FINISH A SPECIALTY. ^CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED. . 4 unfurnished rooms, up-stairs, new and elegant neighborhood, Dawson street, at $20.00 per month. No children wanted. • 5 room house on Washington st., near Broad st., at §15,00 per month, by the year, Large 7 room house 011 Madi son street, near center of town, at $20.00 per month. This is a desirable and cheap house. Upstuis of house on Calhoun street. Furnished house in East End, 5 rooms besides dining room and kitchen, at $50 per month. E. I Mallei, REAL ESTATE BROKER, Thomasville. S Georgia