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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, October 19, 1889, Image 3

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YOUR SpecialAttention _ IS INVITED TO OUR Handsome Stock OF CLOTHING Men, Youths and Boys. If you contemplate the purchase of ANY GARMENT IN TIIE Clothing Line We will make it to your interest to see us before buying. Our stock is New, Nobby, Stylish, Attractive and Cheap. AVE LEAD IN Gents’ Furnishing GOODS. By far the handsomest stock of Heines, Handkerchiefs, Cloves S Hosiery sic THE CITY. OUR LOVELY NEW NECKWEAR Just received is Simply Superb. Agents for the Celebrated CROMWELL HATS, Imported from London— j The STRICT STYLE, j J • ■ ■ i Tie Latest Shapes in Collars. | Elegant Stock of PIECE GOODS tor Suits and Pantaloons to order. Our store is open till 8 .o’clock ev ery evening. Will be glad to see you, day or night. Leaders of Styles and Low Prices. ! I 109 & HI-BROAD ST | THE DAILY TIMES-ENTERPRISE. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1881. SIGNAL SERVICE BUREAU R. Thomas Ifr 126 Broad Street. O. S. Bondurant Vounteer Observer Weather Bulletin for the 24 hours ending at^7 o’clock P. M., Oct. 18, 1889. TEMPBItATOnii. 7 a. m 2 p. 7 p. m Maximum for 24 hours 81 Minimum “ “ “ Rain-fall 00 Fair, stationary. When will it rain. And the circus is a coming. The sprinkling of Broad street re lieves the dusty situation very much The Savannah fast mail was about three hours late yesterday. Hon. Ben Russell, of Bainbridge, was in the city yesterday. Mrs. B. D. Ainsworth went over to Cairo yesterday to visit relatives. . The merchants of Thomasvillo are carrying magnificent stocks of goods. Quite a large delegation will go to Atlanta next Tuesday. To-day will decide whether Thom asville wants a competing line of railroad. Mr. Albert Riley and Mr. Jack Curtright have returned from Atlan ta. Mrs. Lizzie Jones returned yester day from a visit to friends in Savaiv nah. The average citizen cannot resist the temptation to stop and look at the circus pictures. 1 Talk up the Stock Breeders’ fair, the Confederate reunion, and that hig barbecue, on the 15th of November. Boarding houses are being over hauled and put in trim for the win ter^ business. . The sun should go down on a fin ished $50,000 subscription list for a new road. And we believe it will. Messrs. C. W. and D. M. Betton, of Tallahassee, Fla., were among the guests at the Whiddon yesterday. to drop Visitors continue Thomasville has a warm southern welcome for eacli and every one. Mrs. Mary Jane Everett, formerly of this place, but now a resident of Dallas, Tex., arrived yesterday to visit relatives in town and countv. The day upon which a new railroad from Thomasville to Augusta is as sured, real, estate in this town will bound forward an even million dol lars. Mark the prediction. The new pamphlet of the Mitchell house annouuccs that that hotel will open for guests, under the new man agement, January 4th. The date for the opening of the Pipey Woods has been fixed for December 4th, one month earlier. Mr. Charley Stark will put dowu a concrete pavement soon in front of his store. Then let the gap be filled in andjj|a continuous concietc pave ment show the entire length of the principal blocks on Broad street. On Thursday a splendid six mule team, sleek and fat. pulling seven bales of cotton, and driven by an old time darkey, passed through Board street. It looked like old times had come again. The team and cotton belonged to Mr. Hugh McIntyre. CURTRIGHT &c DANIEL -ARE SODE'AGENTS FOR- T’li.e CeleloiES-tecL JShcuox E£a/b©I Also the finest line of shoes to he found in the city. 108 BROAD STREET, .... THOMASVILLE, G-A A Georgia Clown. One ot the attractions at John Robinson’s circus will be the famous old clown, Mr. John Lowlow. He is a native of Savannah, but ran away with old John Robinson’s circus away back in the fifties. He is a born cir cus man. It is doubtful it he can re member when he could not turn a somersault. His great reputation, however, has come to him as an ini mitable humorist and clown, though, if his ago don’t forbid it, he cqn sus tain his claim to considerable fame as an acrobat. When John was a hoy he was the principal performer in a boy’s circus located on Liberty square, in Savannah. He took to sawdust and circus tights as naturally as a duck to water, and has made fame and fortune by following his in clinations. He is deserving of all the good things that have come to him. He was a poor, almost friendless boy, and through his own efforts, and in a business that has more temptations and trials than other callings has made life a success. —Ex. Mr. Lowlow will be here with Rob inson’s circus, on the 81st. He will probably remind Charley Cooper of the time when it was dangerous for chickens to roost too Jew in Yuma- craw. In those days John and Char ley could be tracked by the feathers. But both have drifted from Yama craw, Mr. Lowlow has attained fame and fortune, and Charley—always true to his white friends and the democratic party, has plied his voca tion in Thomasville ever since the A New Establishment. Mr. S. C. Gutherie, late of Bruns wick, has opened a fresh and salted fish depot, together with fresh oysters, eggs,&c., in Thomasville He is locat ed on Fletcher, between Broad and Crawford street. Mr. Gutherie un derstanris the business thoroughly, and will keep on hand, at all times, a good stock. Give him a call; he will treat you right. County Court. Two cases were before Judge Mitch ell in the .county court yesterday. Sam Price, horse bleaker, was tried for misdemeanor, striking and Idling a horse. The evidence was not suffi cient to convict him, and he was dis charged. George Brown was fined 814.25, including costs, for malicious mishebiof. Miss Kate Collins, at the Mitchell House block millinery store, is now receiving an elegant assortment of such goods as are usually kept in a millinery store, and will be pleased to see the ladies ot Thomasville and vi cinity and show them her stock. Mr. Malcolm Peacock, of McDon ald, was in the city yesterday. He will talk railroad to the people in his section. The first carload of fixtures for the new jail arrived yesterday morning from St. Louis. Miss Frederica Oakly, of Monticel- lo, passed through the city yesterday ca route to the exposition at Atlanta. Mr. G. W. Collins, of Mansfield, Ky., was at the Whiddon yesterday cn route to Cottondale, Fla., where he was called to atteud his son. who is there very ill. The may»r had a light docket yes terday morning. An unfortunate was fiued $10, for a plain drunk, while Lee Hardey plead guilty to a similar charge. Lee contributed $3 to the city's exchequer. A case wa3 dock eted against Tullo Quince for failing tn work the street, but he failed to appear to answer the charge. A bond was ordered taken for his appearance. Capt. Tom Lake, is at his home in Camilla, on the sick list. ’ Conductor Vason took out his train yesterday. Mr. Sam Fleisher has returned from the exposition. Contractors Eaves & Chase have the contract for the improvements be ing made on the Mason and Thomp son residences in East End. The “Cold Day” tioupe arrived on the belated fast mad. They are quar tered at the Stuart. Mr. C. Lewis, of Cairo, paid us a call yesterday. Mr. Lewis reports everything prospering in his section of country, which, by the way, is one of the best in the south. Some one dropped a lighted cigar through a crack in the depot platform yesterday, igniting the paper and other dry material underneath. A bucket ol water extinguished what, if it had not been discovered, might have proved a disasterous fire. A patient public will give Mr. Bondurant, who has charge of the weather, another chance to bring rain. If he' does not come to time pretty soon with n shower, tnere will proba bly be a vacancy in the Volunteer Signal and Weather Service Bureau. Don’t forget the big Stock Breeders Show, Confederate reunion and bar becue, on the 15th of November. Everybody invited. WHEN III BUY My new hat for this season, it must be in the latest style, wi h rich trimming, and elegantly finished; nothing shoddy about it. Am willing to pay well for it, but not for the reputation of the biggest stock and the finest goods, as some claim ” Thus talks a sensible buyer who is able to have what she wants. Another says: “Lillie and Julia and Eva must all have a new hat and baby a new cap. My! expenses will run up and income small! • I must really look about and get the best goods for low est price, where I trade without fear of being overcharged.” Any one who talks or thinks like tht3 is my customer. They are looking tor bargains in the njillinery line and they will naturally .incline to Lower Broad. WILL ARRIVE THIS WEEK. A nice new lot ladies underwear, all grades, styles and prices. This is be coming a popular department, because I sell these articles for less than they can be made at home. Millinery opens with a rushf 84 hats the past 4 days! This is a fair record to begin with. The goods and prices speak for themselves. Havn’t time lor a formal opening. Am open every day in the week. Glad to see you any time, and so thankful for a share of your trade. Call in. Mrs. Jennie Carroll, Lower Broad Milliner. LOOK HERE. MILLINERY. liss Kate Collins, MITCHELL HOUSE BLOCK, Judge Hansell and court steno grapher J, M. Dreyer, returned from Berrien court, yesterday morn ing. Mr. Dreyer put in nis first official work at the court, and we are glad to learn from Judge Hansell, that the young man acquitted himself well in his new and responsible posi tion. Mr. John S. Montgomery and Mr. Frank Hawkins, deserve the thanks of every man, woman and child in Thomasville, for thpir unselfish work in getting up subscriptions to the new railroad. They have shown tact, in dustry and a persistence inAhe work worthy of all commendation. We move that they be tendered a free ride on the first through train to Augusta, A number of delegates to the Mer cer Baptist Association, which has been in session at Big Creek church, returned to town yesterday afternoon, en route home, the association having adjourned. Mr. J. S. Mallard returned last night from Atlanta, accompanied by his niece, Miss Evelyn Mallard, who has been spending several mouths visiting friends there. Her young friends welcome her return. The Thomasville Guano Co. are now turning out the famous Home Compound Guano. As the season for sowing oats, and planting other fall crops, is now at hand, farmers will find the Home Compound equal to the best guano made, and cheaper than most of them. Patronize home industries. THOMASVILLE, GA., Is now receiving a most elegant assortment of all kinds of Millinery Goods, such as fire usually kept m a first-class establishment, consisting of HATS, BONNETS, PLUMES, Gl0VC3, Laces, Embroideries, Ribbons, Ac. In fact anything you would likely find in a millinery store. Dress-Making. Especial attention given to Dress-inaking in ail its branches. Call and examine goods nnd prices. oct10-tf PIANOS AND ORGANS W. S. Brown, the Jeweler, has se cured the agency for nil the first-class Pianos and Organs, which ho is selling at the lowest prices for cash or on long time. Those desiring to purcha«»will do well to learn his prices and terms. You can buy at Pickett’s Cash Store: 2 lb 8c can 3 lb “ at ioc can Early June Peas at 15c can Sugar Corn at ioc can Lima Beans at 15c can Succotash at 17c can Salmon at 163c can Sardines—imported at 15c can 2 lb cans Alligator Oysters t6jjc can 1 lb cans Alligator *• o8Jc can 1 lb cans Lunch Tongue 25c can 2 lb cans Corned Beet at 20c can 2 lb cans Eng. Lun. Meat 20c can Small cans Potted Ham 75c doz Cooper, Cox, or Nelson’s Gelatine 15c pkg Respectfully, tf M. P, Pickett. Winter CLOTHING! and our line ot Light MUST 60! Call and get OUR Prices before buy ing at WAIT FOR THE NEW YORK AND BALTIMORE CLOTHING HOUSE. They will open on or before Oct. 18th, with a full liuc of Clothing, Hats, Gent’s Furnishing Gjo<U, et<;., at advertising prices, on Jackson street, near broad. Look out for the big New York and Haltiinore Clothing House siuu. Thomasville, Ga., Oct. l.% *89. TAILORING. Thoro Is an end to all things, so the people say, but there Is no end to the splondld fitting clothing made at 81 Broad street. Cloaning and repairing done In the neatest manner. Givo mo * call. John Kenny. Bucklcu'a Arnica Halve. The Best Salve in the World for Cuts Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains Corns, and ail Skin Eruptions, and positive.}- cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guar anteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by S. J. Cassels, Drug Store. THE WEEKLY TAILAHASSEEAN —AND— LAND OF FLOWERS, COLLINS A SHINE, Editors A Proprietors. The Tallabasseean is published at the Cap itol of the stale, and is one of the leading weekly journals in middle Florida. Sub. scription $1 a year, in advance. Send tor sample copy. ANYBODY’S Cost Prices, and we will SAVE YOU MONET ■ Clothiorr andtfurnishers, 106 St., ^Thomasville, Oa